East 39th Street Commercial Corridor Plan by Chris Devins


Street Commercial Corridor Plan is a comprehensive commercial real estate development plan that envisions the future of the East 39th Street Commercial
Corridor and the surrounding 2 mile trade area in Chicago, based on current demographic, real estate market, zoning, land use, political and commercial business data. For more visit Chris Devins Creative on the web. https;//chrisdevinscreative.com


Street faces serious competition

from 35th street to the north and

from 43rd street, both within 39th

Street’s half mile trade area. This

left a question to be answered: with

viable commercial corridors on both

sides of East 39th, what role should it

play in Bronzeville’s overall economic


Out of this analysis came some recommendations:

1. Concentrate development efforts

on the six blocks between Federal

and King Drive. Development along

this stretch will thus be anchored

by the coming Metropolis Development

at State Street which includes

a 60,000 square ft. Roundy’s Grocery

Store and residential, and could draw

from the high ADT along 90/94. The

west end of the corridor is already

anchored by the new Dollar General

Store at 39th and Langley and retail/

service resurgence should occur

there as the 3200 units of Oakwood

Shores are completed. Completion

of the units will also solve the vacant

lot problem at that end.

2. Re-establish 39th as THE local

retail and services destination/neighborhood

center by encouraging development

of businesses that provide

the daily necessities of life such as a

dry cleaners, a barbershop, a nail salon,

a coffee shop, a local bookstore

and others. A sustainable urban

form offers people a wide range of

land uses and businesses within a

reasonable walking distance 2 .

Figure 1 East 39th Street Commercial Corridor Source: Google Maps

3. With a significant number of retail

options within its half-mile trade

area, 39th Street should mix in restaurants

to attract visits to the cor-

2 Farr, Douglas. Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with

Nature. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2008. Print.