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John Carter teaches sociology at the University of Teesside. He has a longstanding involvement in radical politics and campaigning, including animal rights and the recent anti-capitalist mobilizations. Dave Morland teaches sociology and philosophy at the University of Teesside. He has campaigned on issues such as the poll tax, the miners’ strike, nuclear arms and anti-capitalism. Cover design:Alan Rutherford New Clarion Press 5 Church Row Gretton Cheltenham GL54 5HG England Anti-Capitalist Britain is a collection of accessible and informative essays on the emerging anti-capitalist movement in the UK.Through accounts of recent anti-capitalist protests and organizations, often by those involved, the book considers the current state of radical politics in the UK. Its underlying theme is the emerging relationship between Marxist and other radical organizations and the disparate anti-globalization, anti-capitalist and direct action groups fronting campaigns against institutions such as the World Trade Organization and the G8.The study argues that there has been a shift towards anarchism on the British left and elsewhere.While it has a primarily domestic focus, the book also considers British anti-capitalism in an international context. It therefore includes contributions from authors whose focus is beyond the domestic and who participate in wider campaigns. New Clarion Press ANTI-CAPITALIST BRITAIN AND DAVE MORLAND ISBN 1-873797-44-3 9 781873 797440

EDITED BY JOHN CARTER ANTI-CAPITALIST BRITAIN EDITED BY JOHN CARTER AND DAVE MORLAND Anti-Capitalist Britain is an account of the state of left and radical politics in the UK, delivered through a study of recent anti-capitalist protests and movements.The book is a collaborative project involving writers from various universities in the UK and recent participants in anti-capitalist actions. The introduction examines the origins of the current protest movement and its re-emergence from the ‘Victory of the West’ and the free market. Caroline Lucas and Colin Hines then critique the dominant neoliberal version of globalization from a green and localist perspective.This analysis is complemented by the work of Molly Scott Cato, who explores positive and sustainable alternatives to capitalism and the free market.Amir Saeed also takes the new geopolitics as his starting point, examining the difficulties created for Asian Britons after 9/11 and the subsequent ‘War on Terror’. Other contributors consider the different forms of protest and activism in current anti-capitalist and green politics. John Carter and Dave Morland’s overview of the UK anti-capitalist scene detects an emerging shift towards a more libertarian mode of struggle. One source of this is set out in Derek Wall’s account of the Russian theorist Mikhail Bakhtin, whose theories loom large in the ongoing Carnival against Capitalism. Jon Purkis focuses on the role of anticonsumerist campaigns, finding echoes of radical movements from the English Civil War period. Paul Taylor examines the creative ways in which electronic ‘hacktivists’ have undermined corporations and the powerful. How all this diversity and seeming fragmentation produces a functioning ‘movement’ is the concern of Alex Plows, who explores the way in which groupings, communities and individuals have supported each other through fluid activist networks.The book concludes with a vibrant account of the Anti-G8 mobilization in Genoa, written by one of the participants.

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