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Alan Rutherford: design and artwork

John Carter teaches sociology at the University

of Teesside. He has a longstanding involvement in

radical politics and campaigning, including animal

rights and the recent anti-capitalist mobilizations.

Dave Morland teaches sociology and philosophy

at the University of Teesside. He has campaigned

on issues such as the poll tax, the miners’ strike,

nuclear arms and anti-capitalism.

Cover design:Alan Rutherford

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Anti-Capitalist Britain is a collection of accessible and

informative essays on the emerging anti-capitalist movement in

the UK.Through accounts of recent anti-capitalist protests and

organizations, often by those involved, the book considers the

current state of radical politics in the UK. Its underlying theme is

the emerging relationship between Marxist and other radical

organizations and the disparate anti-globalization, anti-capitalist

and direct action groups fronting campaigns against institutions

such as the World Trade Organization and the G8.The study

argues that there has been a shift towards anarchism on the

British left and elsewhere.While it has a primarily domestic focus,

the book also considers British anti-capitalism in an international

context. It therefore includes contributions from authors whose

focus is beyond the domestic and who participate in wider


New Clarion Press


ISBN 1-873797-44-3

9 781873 797440

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