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Hand Over Fist Press: publisher, book & graphic designer

Alan Rutherford BA(Hons)

Formerly a director at Free Range Book Design &

Production Ltd, and prior to that, manager of the

production department at Thoemmes Press ... he

has had over 25 years of experience in publishing

... and now is open to offers.

His degree is in Publishing and Visual Studies,

gained at Oxford Polytechnic in 1987.

Established traits and tastes separated by semicolons:

book design; capable; graphic design;

laugh-out-loud-mad; typography & typesetting;

socialist; big heart; illustration; musico;

photographer; book pre-press project management;

can be a very nice man; publisher; writer; clicketyclick


As Hand Over Fist Press he published ‘Sheep in the

Road’ an online ‘left-leaning’ magazine. He has

also published several books and maintains a keen

interest in graphic design.

BLOG: occasional writings


email: alanrutherford1@mac.com

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