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HAND OVER FIST PRESS presents SHEEP IN THE ROAD Sheep in the Road, as a project, is/was an online magazine of writing, photography, cartoons and odd assemblages of ideas, rants and reviews ... eminating from a socialist and thoughtful core. The magazine existed from October 2015 until May 2017, thank you to all contributors who have left it ‘sparkling in a sea of dross’ (anon.)

All issues available as a book-like pdf to view/read free at SHEEP IN THE ROAD Issue 13 SHEEP IN THE ROAD Issue 12 SHEEP IN THE ROAD Issue 11 SHEEP IN THE ROAD Issue 10 SHEEP IN THE ROAD Issue 9 July-August 2016 mid-June 2016 June 2016 May 2016 April 2016 SHEEP IN THE ROAD Issue 8 SHEEP IN THE ROAD issue 7 SHEEP IN THE ROAD issue 6 SHEEP IN THE ROAD issue 5 SHEEP IN THE ROAD issue 4 March 2016 February: 2016 January: 2016 Xmas: 2015 December: 2015 Contributors included: Brian Rutherford, Rudi Thoemmes, Joe Jenkins, Robert Arnott, Cam Rutherford, Steve Ashley, Lizzie Boyle, Chris Dillow, Chris Hoare, Joanna Rutherford, West Midland Hunt Saboteurs, Chris Bessant, Craig Atkinson, Martin Taylor, Martin Mitchell ... A pleasure to produce ... thank you for the experience.

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