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Churchfields Junior School News

May 2017


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Churchfields Junior School News May 2017


Dear Parents/Carers

As always this has been quite a busy

month with the SAT tests and the

many events in school.

It was great to see the performance

given by our Year 5’s who have been

studying Ancient Egypt as part of

their curriculum. We decided to do

things slightly differently with the

children performing in the middle of

the Hall. The musical and dramatic

performance was spectacular as were

the costumes. Equally impressive was

the work done by the children which

formed an exhibition in each of the

classrooms. We are always trying to

think of interesting and creative ways

of presenting the children’s work as

well as offering you the opportunity

of seeing your child perform. Many

parents were very complimentary

about the way in which we organised

the hall into a oval and placing

parents in class order, enabling the

children to perform in front of

parents, thus minimising the number

of rows required and maximising

parental opportunities to see their

child perform.

We were fortunate to be offered a

unique opportunity for our orchestra

to play with Woodford County Girls

High School's orchestra in our school

hall. Thanks to Mr Mitchell, Miss

Garcia and Miss Hasler, the Head of

Music at Woodford County High Girls

school. The orchestra played

superbly and were excellent. Both

orchestras played like professionals.

It was a real pleasure to listen to

them and to receive so many

compliments. If you would like to

hear the orchestra please find a video

of the performance under Music

Videos under the learning tab on our


Children have participated in

numerous visits including Kew

Gardens, Media Day, Fairlop High

Ropes, Mile End Climbing Wall, the

Natural History and Victoria and

Albert museums. Please be aware

that additional security checks and

road works can sometimes delay us

especially if we are travelling by

coach. Your patience is very much


At the Redbridge Recorder Festival

our pupils performed with great

fluency. If your child would like to be

involved in the next recorder concert

encourage them to attend the

recorder club every Friday, all pupils

are welcome. Congratulations to Ava

and her team in Year 5 for organising

a fabulous cake sale, raising £42.53

for the school. We look forward next

half term to our residential visit to

Rhos-Y-Gwaliau in Snowdonia.

The children have also been

entertained by a visit from ”Spider

Man” who came to the school to

promote a Clean Air project

sponsored by the Mayor of London.

The project has been carried out in

partnership with Churchfields Infants'

School and Woodbridge High School.

Children from 5S and the Eco

Committee have been testing the air

quality around our schools. Alarmingly

the children found over legal limits of

air quality in all areas around

roads. Only four areas away from

roads met legal requirements. These

results will be shared with the Mayor

and will be used to highlight the real

dangers to children created by air

pollution in all areas of London.

Congratulations to Miss Shah, Miss

Cooper and all the staff for running

such a successful project and to all

the winners of the poster


Last month I was pleased to give you

news of the computers that we have

received following support from St

Mary’s Church. Thanks to Cannon

Tarrant and members of the church

community we have over 60 high

performing computers that have been

donated to the school. We will be

installing these over the half term


During the break we will also be

putting the finishing touches to the

décor in our library. The library now

reflects the work that all the children

have been doing on the Churchfields

Reading Express. Our research tells us

that the children are reading more

books than ever in different genres.

Please find time to read with your

children. It supports their education

and learning in all areas and has a

marked impact on their progress.

We look forward to hosting Sports Day

on June 9th and to meeting you

there. Refreshments will be availa

courtesy of the PTA. We hope that

you will all be able to attend and/or

purchase raffle tickets for the PTA

Summer Fete on June 10th. Thanks to

everyone who has donated sweets.

There is still time to donate. The

more money we make the more we

can provide for your children.

We are always optimistic about the

weather and look forward to enjoying

some sunshine. Please ensure you

put sunscreen on children before

school and send them in with a hat

and sun glasses/shade in hot


We wish you all a very happy half

term break.

Churchfields Junior School News May 2017

On the 3rd and 4th May, Year 4

visited the Jewish Museum of

London, to support their Judaism

topic. Filled with excellent

educational activities, Children had

first hand experience in handling,

Jewish artefacts and exploring their

significance. Furthermore, pupils

took part in an intriguing handwriting

workshop, where they were taught

how the Torah was made and were

given the opportunity to write in

Hebrew using traditional methods.

We would like to thank all parents,

who came on the trip, as without your

help, we would not be able to take

part in these wonderful opportunities.

Tristan - 4WK

My highlight of the day was exploring

and investigating the museum. It was

really great to see Jewish artefacts in

real life, in particular I

enjoyed learning more

about the Mezuzah.

Pelumi- 4WK

I really enjoyed this trip, especially

learning about how the Torah is

made. We got to write in Hebrew,

using a feather quill, which was was

quite different to the normal

handwriting pens we use in school!

Also when writing in Hebrew

you have to take out all the

vowels in your name.

I like to help my little

sister by teaching

her how to add.

- Mark (3W)

I like to ask others what they

like to do, and play

games that they


- Layla (3B)

I take care of others in my

class by playing with my

friends and making sure

that no one ever feels left


- Lillie (3D)

Complimenting other people on

their wonderful qualities. I also

like encouraging people in my

class to do their best

work, and give them

advice on how they

can improve.

- Lucie (3H)

Year 3 loved having the ducklings and enjoyed taking care of them.

This got us thinking about all the things we do to take care of others.

When someone seems upset, I like

to talk to them about it and try to

be a good listener. I them try to

cheer them up by telling them

a joke or giving them advice

- Arthur (3B)

When my brother is nervous

about something, I encourage

him and give him big hugs to

make him feel like he can do it!

- Wade (3D)

I like to be helpful at home

by helping my mum cook. I

also like to make

people happy by

making them laugh.

- Karimah (3D)

I like to surprise people with

things they would like, like making

my mum breakfast on

Mother's Day. I also like

sharing with others.

- Ritisha (3W)

Churchfields Junior School News May 2017

We're a home to stag beetles!

On Monday 8th May, Year 6 had the first

day of SATS so for a reward we had a

chance to get involved with an amazing

Eco-Workshop. The workshop was to

tell us all about recycling and the

environment and we did lots of exiting

activities. During this time, we did two

activities.The first activity was creating

bug hotels out of water bottles and

d e c o r a t i n g t h e m w i t h re c y c l e d

materials. For our final activity we went

out onto the school field and went on a

bug hunt. For the bug hunt we were in

groups of five and had a bag filled with

equipment to help us. During our

encounters many of us found lots of

stag beetles which we were so pleased

to find! Stag beetles are a rare sight and

shows that we have the perfect living

ground for many animals and insects.

The reason being they are so important

is because they are endangered.

During our encounters many of us found lots of stag

beetles which we were so pleased to find! Stag beetles

are a rare sight and shows that we have the perfect

living ground for many animals and insects. The reason

being they are so important is because there is a big

decline of numbers, in many parts of England they are

nearly extinct; their numbers are so low that Londoners

have been asked to report their sightings. Stag beetles

are so important because they play a huge role in the

cycle of decay; eating and breaking down dead wood

so that it nourishes the soil. The work shop was so

wonderful and we were so thankful to have that


By Josie 6C

Churchfields Junior School News May 2017

Digital Leaders Online Video Conference

"The Digital Leaders created an

amazing poster and presentation

on Internet Safety. They spoke

very clearly and had all the key

information to keep their friends

safe whilst online. Job well done

to this incredible group of young


PC Kimberley Gakhal,

Redbridge Youth Engagement Officer

When it comes to all things technologyrelated,

the Digital Leaders at our school stand

out as some of the most informed, mature and

capable children in our community.

So it was no surprise when, for the

second year running, they were

invited to take part in an Online

Safety Video Conference with the

Metropolitan Police.

On Friday 25th April, five of

our eager Digital Leaders sat down

in front of the video conference

camera and shared their knowledge

with the police.

"I loved being able to

talk to the police and

answer questions from



Year 5 Digital Leader

After giving a five minute presentation, they were

then quizzed by the police and answered

challenging questions on the spot without

areas of Online Safety.

hesitation and full of confidence!

The session was hosted by

PC Gakhal, a Redbridge Youth

Engagement Officer, and PCSO

Alan Winston, who works as part of

the Wanstead Neighbourhood

Policing Team. Both officers were

hugely impressed by our talented

pupils, especially as all five eagerly

answered questions covering all

Kudiwa, Bradley, Jacob, Azara and Kate

were given the task of explaining the risks

involved with sharing images online and how to

react if an image of themselves became public.

Online Safety is an important part of

Churchfields Junior School's computing

curriculum and is taught in all year groups. Look

out for next month's Online Safety update!

Be safe - don't

Don't meet

Don't open

Only trust

Tell an adult if

share personal

people you don't






from strangers.


worries you.

Churchfields Junior School News May 2017

Year 3 School Trip to Kew Gardens

With summer approaching and the sun

shining, Year 3 have taken learning outside of the

classroom this term! All four classes travelled

across London and spent a fun and educational

day at the beautiful Kew Gardens.

3W and 3D visited the gardens on Tuesday

23rd and 3H and 3B on Thursday 25th May. For

both days, Year 3 took the sunshine with them

and were treated to a bright, sunny day of

exploration, sketching and discovery.

After eating their lunch in the sunshine,

some of our adventurers then climbed inside the

giant Hive, experiencing life as a worker bee.

Others bravely tackled the Treetop Walkway,

looking down upon the trees in the gardens.

The Year 3 teachers would like to thank the

wonderful parents who came along as helpers -

without your assistance this fantastic trip would

not have been possible.

As part of their Science topic learning

about plants, Year 3 explored the sweltering Palm

House, discovering cocoa plants, sugar cane and

palms from around the world. They then moved

on to their sketching workshop, where they

studied the unusual varieties of cacti housed in

the Princess of Wales Conservatory. With their

sketching done, our curious Year 3s then met

piranhas (their seed eating cousins only - phew!),

Venus flytraps, turtles, lizards and and even a very

shy blowfish.

The whole day was a fun-filled experience

full of learning, sunshine and wonder.

Churchfields Junior School News May 2017


As group winners Churchfields Football Team had to play against the 3 other

group winners to find out who were the overall champions of Redbridge.

Victory was a must as this would guarantee a place in the league final. With

abysmal playing conditions, deluged by battering rain, nothing was going to

stop the squad from producing some fantastic football. Although it did take

some time for the boys to adapt to the size of the pitch and fully use the

width. The score stood as 2 - at half-time against St Anthony's Primary

School. Playing with determination, control and skill the team produced some

great football in the second half and Churchfields came out much deserved

winners with a 7-2 victory. Squad: Turner-Withington, Milne, Kay, William, K

Kilinc, T Kilinc, Massingham, McNally, Thomas-Dace and Adjei-Fordjour.



Ensure your child has a PE kit in school every day for Sports Day practises.

Sports Days will be held on Friday 9th June Year 3 and 4 from 9:30am and Year 5 and 6 from 1:15pm.

We hope every child can take part, but in order to take part, children will need:

· a Churchfields coloured PE t-shirt (available from School Uniform Direct at a cost of £4 via their website

or order forms in the school office) and NOT any other types with logos and/or print on them,

· a pair of plain black trainers or plimsolls and socks,

· and plain navy blue shorts.

Parents are welcome to spectate on the field. Please enter via the field gate and collect a leaflet. The PTA

hope to serve drinks to the children after each race.

Please make Sports Day a positive experience for everyone. We hope to end with a

parade back to class to help create a celebratory atmosphere. Miss Brown and Mrs

Bradley have spent hours and hours after a full day’s teaching workload to organise the

Sports Day events and ensure each child has at least 2 events. If you have any issues

on the day please speak to Ms Doxon and Mrs Thomas at the scoring table.

Churchfields Junior School News

May 2017


JUNE 2017

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Children back

6C Media Day

Athletics Competition

General Election

Sports Days

to school

9:30 Year 6 Woodbridge

Meeting for Staff &


school closed

9:30 Year 3 & Year 4

1:15 Year 5 and Year 6


12-4pm Summer Fayre






5Ed visit Victoria and

Albert Museum

Cricket Competition

Year 6 Citizenship

Activity Day

Book Fair

Book Fair

Book Fair

Science Fair for STEM

project group

Training Day - School

closed for pupils


Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

6R & 6C residential trip






Book Fair

Book Fair

Golf Competition

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

6R & 6C residential trip

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

6R & 6C residential trip

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

6R & 6C residential trip

6R & 6C residential trip

6R & 6C residential trip



5S visit V&A Museum

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

6M & 6A residential trip






Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

Rhos-y-Gwaliau Year 6

group 2 residential trip

group 2 residential trip

group 2 residential trip

group 2 residential trip

group 2 residential trip

6R Media Day

6R Media Day

Churchfields Junior School News

May 2017


JULY 2017

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5Ed Mosque visit

5S Mosque visit

5K Mosque visit

5Ea Mosque visit

2pm Upper School

Y6 rehearse at

Y6 Transition Day at

Y6 rehearse at

choir rehearsal for

Woodbridge High

Woodbridge High

Woodbridge High

Royal Festival Hall

London Youth Games

Year 6 prom

School Nurse

Drop-in Service

10 11 12

Y5 Taster Day at

13 14

Reports to parents

Woodbridge High

7pm Y6 Production at

Woodbridge High


Upper School Choir

rehearsal at

Stratford Circus




20 21

Open Evening

Upper School perform

at the Royal Festival


St Mary's Church Y6

transition to secondary

school workshops

Last day of school






Summer holidays

Summer holidays

Summer holidays

Summer holidays

Summer holidays

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