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June 2017




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Not Sun City Anthem?

By: Dan Roberts / Publisher

Dear Evan: I read your article

and noticed that when you

listed all the Sun City communities

where you have entertainment shows, you did not

include Sun City Anthem. How come?

The reader was one of many that asked this question regarding our

numerous Vegas Voice shows around town. The answer is quite simple,

but unfortunate.

The reason is due to the way we are treated by the SCA management

and its Board of Directors.

The Vegas Voice is committed to bring “Strip” shows and great

performers to all “Age-Qualified Communities.” Our goal is to provide

extraordinary professional entertainment right to your clubhouse – at

more than reasonable prices and without any hassle - like hotel resort

fees, drink minimums, parking charges, driving at night, etc.

Our entertainment editor, Evan Davis, has done an incredible job

putting together top-notch, fantastic shows. Say what you want about The

Vegas Voice, but no one ever left our “Twilight Affairs” show without a


The other “Sun City” communities (including Siena) get it and we

have fantastic relationships with them. We all share a common goal –

providing enjoyment for seniors.

Absurdly, Sun City Anthem requires us to jump through so many hoops

(especially our free Guardianship and Elder Empowerment seminars) it

just isn't worth the fight. It reinforces the cliché that no good deed

goes unpunished.

We have been bullied into hiring security guards, forced to obtain insane

liability insurance coverages, hounded for non-existent Workman's

Comp insurance, and for something beyond stupid - required to spend

time running to and from City Hall to prove that a local business license

is not required.

Wait there’s more. All entertainers are now required to sign waiver(s) of

liability forms and, to add insult to injury - must present and file a picture

ID (“Your papers, please”).

No other community does that. In fact, the other “Sun Cities” cannot

do enough to work with us.

As for Sun City Anthem residents? Have no concerns; The Vegas Voice

will now have wonderful FREE events and seminars at Buckman’s


As for shows? We suggest that you go down the road to Sun City

MacDonald Ranch. It’s “Welcome Mat” is always out.



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June 2017


Presentation Is



n our house hangs a small oil painting

by my Dad, Victor Czerkas.*

Crystal Czerkas-


My Dad literally painted hundreds of paintings, but this

one is quite different. At first glance, it looks like a Dutch

city scene, but a closer examination reveals Montmartre,

with its red windmill atop the famous Parisian nightclub,

the Moulin Rouge. It’s not exactly a miniature but at 7”

x 9”, it’s little. The surprising thing is its frame is quite

a bit larger at 15” x 17”. You would think the painting

would be lost in a frame that’s almost twice its size. But

it works because the area around the painting is filled

with four wide mats. One of them is actually padded like

a piece of upholstery, and the others are wood carvings.

Because the inner mats are in graduated sizes, they look

like frames within a frame. Amazingly this technique

does not overwhelm

the painting.

Instead the

dainty oil painting

is enhanced

by it’s elaborate


and any viewer

intuitively senses

that, regardless

of its size, this

is an important


There’s also

another bonus

to this framing

technique. If the

painting had been framed to fit its actual size, it would

have been so small it would have been lost on almost any

wall. The only other sensible alternative would have been

to group it with several miscellaneous items into a wall

arrangement, where it would have been a piece of the pie.

But in its expanded framing, the small painting commands

attention, is large enough to adapt to almost any setting,

and hangs in a place of honor in my home. Yes, even in

the art world, presentation really is everything!

*The painting shown here is by Crystal’s Dad, the

award winning artist Victor Czerkas, the only known

private student of the great Russian impressionist,

Nicolai Fechin. If you have any questions about framing or

my Dad’s artworks, please email me at

Want more info....?

Call 702/463-0966

Volume 14, Issue 4

Marty Allen

Adrea Barrera

John Bielun

Yvonne Cloutier

Dianne Davis

Chuck Dean

Jan Fair

Linda Gomez

Ali Guggenheim

Dan Hyde

Mike Landry

BJ Killeen

Kathy Manney

Kyo Mitchell

Mary Richard

Crystal Sarbacker

Victoria Seaman

Jim Valkenburg

Beverly Washburn

Devon Wickens

Vicki Wentz

James White

A Police Intervention

By: Dan Roberts / Publisher

You’re damn right you better call the

police!” And with that clever retort it was

“try me, I dare you” time.

Regular readers are well-aware of my very special relationship with

The Vegas Voice political editor Rana Goodman. During the past few

years that she has been my PILL (partner in love & life) I have written

about her various medial ailments and conditions.

One of my jobs is to make sure that Rana takes her morning drugs

and advise when it’s time to reorder. A situation came up last month

which should serve as a wake-up call to all that you cannot rely on

anyone except yourself (or your mate) when it comes to your health.

My Ladylove was running out of her Januvia medication which she

now takes daily to control her diabetes. She called the pharmacy and

her doctor for the routine renewal and waited…and waited …and


After the third day without the medication, she mentioned the

circumstances and the apparent lack of communication between her

physician’s office and the pharmacy. The pharmacy (after you were

finally able to get them on the phone) claimed it requested the

renewal from the doctor a few times (so what do you want from us?

they asked in perfect “CYA” mode) without success.

Naturally, the medical office (after you were finally able to get

them on the phone) stated that they never received any request and, to

set Rana off, alleged there was no record of her contacting them either.

With her frustration and (sugar blood count) rising by the hour, my

Rana handed me the telephone to speak with the doctor’s office. And

then the real conversation began.

The young lady (and at our age, they’re all young) smugly stated

that the doctor will get to it when he gets the chance. “No, that’s not

going to happen” I assured her.

I cheerfully informed the assistant that the renewal prescription will

either be received by the pharmacy within 20 minutes or she would

have the pleasure of my company at the doctor’s office within 30.

She nastily inquired if I was going to cause a “ruckus?” “Absolutely

not” I promised, “it would be more like holy hell.”

She then threatened to call the police.

As Rana rolled her eyes and walked away, I neither raised my voice

nor used certain 4-letter words. However, my “New York attitude” was

in combat mode.

“Darling” I calmly stated, “you’re either going to send the

prescription now or call the police. But I assure you, that either way,

I’m going to get that prescription.

“And if I receive it while the cops are there, I guarantee you’re

going to have a lot more explaining to do to the doctor, insurance

company, various lawyers, government bureaucrats, and the

police. Think about all that extra paperwork. I sure hope you receive

overtime pay.”

Miracle of miracles, the pharmacy received the prescription exactly

8 minutes later.

“Who’s the gladiator now?” I exclaimed as my Rana picked up the

pills. Instead of bowing down in gratitude and thanking me (like I

really believed that that was going to happen) she just shot me her


I’m pleased to report that her blood count has stabilized, although

I’m still not sure if she would have bailed me out. But I might find out

real soon – her other drugs need renewals next week.

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June 2017


Anne Baxter

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

decided this time to write about my

I experience working on a show called

"Zane Gray Theatre." It was hosted each week

by Dick Powell.

Each episode began with the firing of a gun and the words: "From out

of the west, Dick Powell's Zane Gray Theatre." I had worked with Powell

before on Four Star Playhouse so he was instrumental in my being cast

in this show.

This particular show occurred in the 1950's. It was an episode called

"Star Over Texas" and starred Anne Baxter.

That's me in the photo with her which was taken on the set. She was a

lovely lady with a beautiful smile.

As I mentioned, I had worked with Dick Powell earlier and although I

didn't have any scenes with him, he was still on the set, so it was wonderful

to see him again.

Working with Anne Baxter was also a delight. She was just as sweet as

I hoped she would be.

Most of you will remember her from her famous role in "All About

Eve," which she co-starred with Bette Davis. She had already won an

Oscar for her supporting role in “The Razors Edge" in 1947.

Often times in the movie business, a particular star will be set to play a

role, and then something will happen and they will be replaced. Such was

There’s a Note for That

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

the case with "All About Eve."

Jeanne Crain was supposed to

play Eve, but had to be replaced

when she discovered she was

pregnant. Bette Davis replaced

Claudette Colbert when she injured

her back and was unable to film.

In 1951 both actresses were

nominated for “Best Actress”

however, the studio wanted Baxter

to agree to being nominated for

Best Supporting Actress. The studio

was afraid that each star would cancel each other out with the voters.

Anne Baxter refused and the studio’s concerns were right. Judy Holiday

won that year for "Born Yesterday."

It was an honor and a thrill for me to work with such an accomplished


Until next time, remember: Blessed are those who can give without

remembering and take without forgetting.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@ Check out her awesome, new website: www.



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If they stopped making post-it notes, my

life would come to a screeching halt. I

make sure there are little pads everywhere, or my life will be utter


I think of things, write them immediately and move on. Kitchen,

bathrooms, in front of the TV, desk, etc. All have stickies to tell me what

to do.

note and you do the wrong thing?

TV throws ideas at you, but the next day you can’t recall what movie I’ve advanced from refrigerator notes to stickies. Unfortunately, the


you wanted to see or the 800 number for that non-stick wonder pan. Have fridge has too many magnets of things that are too cute to take down.

no fear, there’s a note for that!

There’s no room for more.

There are even goofy songs about post-it notes on You-Tube. Who I can stick a note to the cart in the grocery store right over the face


of the guy staring at me from the child seat. And stick it on my old desk

I was once a very accomplished multi-tasker and could keep track of telephone reminding me to call someone. And on the pile of bills to be

all my business and personal obligations. Birthdays, anniversaries and paid when I think of it.


dates flashed in my head whenever needed. Now there are small little tugs They invent flying cars, home smart systems and all sorts of things

telling me something is due, but I can’t recall it clearly, so I figure that these days. But for us humans, simplicity and low stress works best. If I


will just resolve itself later.

have my little yellow note, I will accomplish all my tasks, add checkmarks,

Some people don’t know the value of a post-it note. They use their throw the note away and relax.

phones for all reminders. Since I’m not too skilled at my phone, I still Make note of that!

need the note.

Adrea Nairne-Barrera’s writing focus these days are on

It’s reliable and not subject to power outages, battery failures or observations, celebrations and complaints about life in the 1960s

technological complications. And what if the phone autocorrects your to being in your 60’s. You can contact her at: sixties2sixty@

8 June 2017

STCI 139923 Fmc My Generation June VEGAS VOICE AD

Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must have a Boarding Pass and valid ID. Must be 50 years of age or older. Movie matinees before 6pm. Complete details at Rewards Centers. Sign up for Station Casino’s MyGeneration today!








By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

Already June. Can you believe it?

2017 is half over and The Vegas Voice is

in full bloom with our entertainment schedule. Let

me tell you what’s in store for you, in case you want to go out seven nights

a week.

On weekends - Frankie Scinta at the Plaza Hotel Downtown; Pia

Zadora and Sonny Charles at Piero’s; performers in the round bar at

the Rampart Casino, to Wes Winters and Vanessa LeGrand in the

Grandview Lounge at the South Point.

Jazz at places like the Golden Tiki in China Town on Thursday nights.

Monday nights at the Artifice in the downtown arts district, Sante Fe and

the Fat City Horns at the Palms, and The German American Club - to

mention just a few. Of course, The Dispensary on the weekends for some

great straight ahead jazz.

If you’re looking to spend some time on “The Strip”, stop in at the

Lounge in the Paris Hotel and catch Treasure Guffy, These Guys

World Wide and many other groups that will have you up and dancing,

or just sit back and enjoy, without a cover or minimum.

How about some Motown and R&B with Gregg Austin at Texas Station

on Fridays, or the Cabo Lounge at Fiesta Rancho on the weekends? Get

out and see Clint Holmes or Frankie Moreno at the Golden Nugget or

head over to the Smith Center to see shows, plays, musicals and concerts.


Summer Shows Heating Up!

June 2017

We will have our Vegas Voice

Twilight Affair shows at the

Silverton in September, October,

November and December.

Plus, a very special concert on

Sunday, August 20 th at 3 pm.

It will be “The Summer of

Love” a 50-year celebration

hosted by Mark Giovi and

Genevieve Dew. With a

scheduled list of performers

- Sonny Charles, Frankie

Scinta, Travis Cloer

(Frankie Vali from Jersey

Boys), Chadwick Johnson,

Jonathan Karrant, and

many more!

Sonny Charles will be appearing

at our “Summer of Love” concert

These great, wonderful entertainers will be performing songs from

1967. For those of you who are too young to remember, 1967 was called

The Summer of Love. I’ll have more on the concert next month.

And you say there’s nothing to do tonight!

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at:

“As Time Goes By”

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments


i s

one of the world's greatest

love songs. "You must

remember this, a kiss is

just a kiss, a sigh is just a


This song, both words

and music, was written by

Tin Pan Alley songwriter

Herman Hupfeld. It was

not written for the 1942

movie Casablanca, but for

a 1931 Broadway musical

Everybody's Welcome.

The song was used again

in a play by Burnett and Allison called Everybody Comes to Rick's

which was the basis for Casablanca.

Sammy Fain, noted for his compositions such as, Love Is a Many

Splendored Thing, and Gone with the Wind soundtrack wrote all

of the music for Casablanca, but used Hupfeld's As Time Goes By,

excluding its introduction, which had a different melody.

Steiner didn't want to use Hupfeld's song, but rather his own song.

However due to Ingrid Bergman's hair concerns, they could not reshoot

that scene in which As Time Goes By had already been done.

Steiner then used Hupfeld’s song as a recurring theme in Casablanca.

Hupfeld is rarely acknowledged for this great accomplishment,

even though he wrote both lyrics and melody. He was born (1894)

and died (1951) in Montclair, New Jersey, never married and lived

most of his non-performing life with his mother, a church organist.

Showing signs of giftedness, he was sent to study violin in Germany

at age 9. He returned to the U.S to serve in World War I and entertained

at camps and hospitals during WWII.

Hupfeld was known as a composer who could write a song for

a specific scene in a Broadway show. Ironically, he never wrote a

complete Broadway score.

He was also an entertainer. He sang and played the piano in Goopy

Geer and Down the Old Back Road, with Victor Young and His


Some of his other best known songs are: Let's Put Out the Lights

and Go to Sleep and Calinda. The world however will always

remember his music “As time goes by."

By the way, the pianist in Casablanca, was Arthur "Dooley" Wilson.

Did you know that in his performance in Casablanca, he didn't play

a note of music on the gutted piano? Dooley fingered the keyboard

while watching a pianist on side stage.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She reports about

music on Alive! You can contact her at www.



June 2017

Marty’s Top Ten

By: Marty Allen / Hello Dere


. Definition of falsies:

“Extra Padded Attractions.”

2. Why Americans love

football: It takes four quarters to

finish a fifth.

3. A man brings his boss home for dinner and a woman meets

them at the front door. The boss asks, “Is that your wife?” The man

replied: “Would I hire a maid that ugly?”

4. When married women keep talking about the pill, I’m not sure

if they mean birth control or their husbands.

5. I know a guy whose girlfriend has one red eye and one green

eye. He doesn’t know whether to stop or go with her.

6. I know another guys who painted the right side of his car yellow

and the left side red. He knows it doesn’t look good, but in case of

an accident, you should hear the witnesses contradict each other!

7. Marriage is like a long banquet - with the dessert served first.

8. I have a friend who spent so much money on a girl over a twoyear

period that he finally married her for his money!

9. My other friend's marriage broke up when he told his dog

to fetch his slippers and the dog went next door to his neighbor's


10. The irony in life is that by the time you have money to burn,

the fire has gone out.

Bonus: The senior citizen's doctor told him he could go anytime.

That made him happy because he hadn't gone in three days!

For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on

and off stage singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

You Gotta Laugh

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

For Father’s Day: While having their

dinner together, a little girl looked up

at her father and asked, "Daddy, you're the

boss in our family, right?" The father was very pleased to hear it

and confidently replied, "Yes my little princess."

The girl then continued, "That's because mommy put you in charge,


The Painted Seat: A man decides to take the opportunity

to paint the wooden toilet seat while his wife is away.

The wife comes home sooner than expected, sits and gets the seat stuck

to her rear. She is understandably distraught about this and asks her

husband to drive her to the doctor.

She puts on a large overcoat so as to cover the stuck seat, and they go.

When they get to the doctor's, the husband lifts his wife's coat to show

their predicament.

The man asks: "Doctor, have you ever seen anything like this before?"

"Well, yes," the doctor replied. "But never framed." A big Bill Blurb

thank you to reader Renee Riendeau

Ralph & Edna: Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental

hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming

pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end.

He sank to the bottom of the pool. Edna promptly jumped in to save

him. She swam to the bottom and pulled him out.

When the Hospital Director became aware of Edna's heroic

act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the

hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable.

When she went to tell Edna, she said, “Edna: I have good news and

bad news. The good news is you're being discharged, since you

were able to rationally respond to a crisis by saving the life of the

person. I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness.

“The bad news however, is Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his

belt right after you saved him. I am so sorry, but he's dead.”

Edna replied, “He didn't hang himself, I put him there to dry. When

can I go home?”

Last words: Mary goes up to Father O'Grady after his Sunday

morning service, and she's in tears. He says: "So what's bothering you,


She says, "Oh, Father, I've got terrible news. My husband passed away

last night."

The priest replies, "Oh, Mary, that's terrible. Tell me, did he have any

last requests?"

She says, "That he did, Father." The priest asks, "What did he ask, Mary? "

She says: “He said, ‘Please Mary, put down that damn gun.’”

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at:


Impressionists and Impersonators

By: Rich Natole / Voices of a Generation

Impressionists in Las Vegas have always

been a main stay.

The art of mimicry is a very unique and is a

special club. There are not very many of us out there who have this skill


That's because you have to be born with this gift. Of course, like any

other talent, it must be polished and perfected.

People often ask me what the difference is between an Impressionist

and an Impersonator? The Impersonator usually does one or two people,

actually becoming the person for the entire show.

The Impressionist is more of a quick sketch artist. Often moving in and

out of dozens of characters using only a prop or two to enhance the bit.

To appreciate a great impressionist, close your eyes while watching

parts of the show. This will really allow you to hear how close the voices


When I was teenager watching the pros, I studied the great entertainers

like Rich Little. He would go in and out of characters, one right after

another. He was truly the master of his art form. I learned so much by

watching him.

The Miracle League

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

The softie with the tough sounding

nickname melts every Saturday when

he pushes kids in wheelchairs around the

bases at Miracle League. Having been born into opportunity, Tony

“Bag of Donuts” Salamone made the most of it, helping grow the

family’s successful Jersey concrete business for 35 years.

He chucked it all and headed to Vegas five years ago with his wife, who

he refers to as Pineapple. “We didn’t relocate; we started over.”

After losing a young son, Salamone became a pay-it-forward guy,

committing spare time to organizations dedicated to special needs

people; in Jersey, it was Camp Can Do and the Special Olympics. Here,

Miracle League hooked him.

During two 8-week cool-weather sessions, 16 teams of special needs

players meet in head-to-head competition on a specially built, rubberized

ball field - dugouts, bleachers, the whole nine yards, in winner-take-all

competition. Their first game in 2009, a tie game that made both sides

winners, cast the die.

Since then, all games have ended in ties. In 2009, Dodger’s star pitcher

Clayton Kershaw failed to record an out in his 2-inning stint. At the Spring

Home Run Derby, Jose Canseco scored far down the placement list.

The ballplayers choose their bats not by weight or length, but by color.

There are no outs; innings end after everyone has batted. Miracle Leaguers

of all ages (currently 4 to over 60) run the bases strapped into wheelchairs

and steadied on walkers with the help of their “Buddy Consultant.”

Caesar’s Entertainment, in cooperation with comedy-juggler Jeff

Last month I had the honor of having him as our guest on our

Vegas Voice “Celebrity Interview” TV/Podcast show held at the Humana

Neighborhood Center in Green Valley.

It was so much fun talking and doing voices with Mr. Little. What

impressed me the most was that he really still loves this craft. The passion

he has for his work is wonderful to see.

I see that in so many other performers as well and I feel the same

way. I love being a performer. I guess I've always had the George Burns

philosophy: I would rather struggle in show business than be a success at

something I don't care about.

I tell my kids to find your gifts and work hard to use them. I believe that

you'll always be happier if you do that. As the saying goes - do something

you truly love and you'll never work a day in your life.

Rich Natole is a comic/impressionist headlining entertainer & host

of The Vegas Voice Television/Podcast Show. For more information

visit: You can also contact Rich at: rich@

Miracle Dreamer Deenaa with Tony Salamone

Civillico’s Win-Win Entertainment non-profit has reached out to stock

the outfield with local celebrities. Lori Legacy, the Iowa housewife in

“Menopause the Musical” often fills the Buddy role.

Lead singer Vinny of “The Bronx Wanderers” is a fixture in left field.

“America’s Got Talent” finalist, Murray Sawchuck, award winning

magician at Planet Hollywood observed, “These kids love life,” adding “it

was an honor and pleasure to see these awesome kids.”

Salamone, a founding member of the casino and entertainment

marketing firm Vegas Dream Pleasers, summed up his motivation for

participation, “We are only as good as the good that we do.”

Miracle League:




Entertainment Editor

8885 W. Charleston,

Suite 140,

Las Vegas, NV 89117




Summerlin Henderson

12:00-1:00pm 11:00-1:00pm


Evan Davis

JUNE 14 ,



TV Host

Rich Natole

JUNE 20,

Pebble Market Place Shopping Center

1000 N Green Valley Pkwy Suite 720,

Henderson, NV 89074

For reserve seating stop by in advance, or call your local neighborhood center












June 2017


By: Charlie Christy / Executive Director

- Ms. Senior Nevada

Our photo this month

is a proclamation

from the Secretary of State to our reigning

Queen Terri MacTaggart.

Ms Senior Nevada is now in our 32nd year as a

state certified non-profit. As part of our service, we

provide shows and entertainment to assisted living

centers, medical groups and continue to raise

money to help find a cure for Alzheimer and arthritis.

We also support Meals on Wheels and are currently planning our

summer outing to Austin and Eureka, Nevada. The rural areas do not

have some of the advantages we enjoy here and they are always so

grateful for our help to their senior population.

We print the tickets and send them to the senior center. They sell them

and keep 100% of the proceeds.

We have the privilege of entertaining in a historic building with

“most” of the town attending. We even pay our own expenses, including

gas and lodging.

We get a fantastic welcome and have a wonderful time. If you’ve

never been to central Nevada and or visited the renovated Opera House

in Eureka, or the quaint little homes and churches in Austin, it is a trip

worth taking.

Want to join us? Give us a call: 702/809-5881.


A Great Cause

June 2017

Letting Go of the Wheel

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

There already are numerous articles that

discuss making the hard decision of

when to stop driving, so I’m not going to jump down that rabbit


No doubt it’s a serious and gut-wrenching choice, but for those who

are dreading that moment, please don’t. There are so many alternatives

today, that sometimes letting go can be a positive instead of a negative


The worst part about not driving your own car is that you can’t pick up

and go at a moment’s notice. That might have been the case five years

ago, but that’s not true anymore.

I’m sure you’ve heard of driver services like Uber and Lyft. Personal

drivers and their cars will come to you 24/7.

It’s as simple as opening up an app on your smartphone and putting in

the address where you want to go. You can choose the type of ride - shared,

single driver, or even a luxury car and see the estimated charge.

You also can track the driver as the vehicle makes its way to you,

including a time estimate in minutes. You can see a picture of the driver’s

face, the type of car, and the license plate number as well.

I’ve used both services numerous times, to and from the airport, to

run errands (they will wait for you) and even pick up friends for a night

out. All drivers are required to be insured, and you can rate the driver’s

customer service after each ride.

In addition, because everything is done through a pre-registered credit

card, no money exchanges hands, so you’re in and out of the car quickly.

Other positives to non-car ownership include no car or insurance

payments, no maintenance bills, no parking fees, and more. If the cost

of car riding is your argument, the savings on car ownership more than

makes up for it.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea, try it once. You’ll see how easy it

is, and you might make a few new friends on the way!

BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at

The Vegas Voice Presents

A groovy tribute to the songs of the ‘60s

Sunday, Aug.20th,

3 - 5pm, Doors at 2

Be sure to wear some

flowers in your hair!



Hosted by

Mark Giovi/Genevieve Dew

For tickets and


more info call

Evan Davis




3333 Blue Diamond Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89139

Proceeds to benefit the Nevada Guardianship Association and The Las Vegas Show Biz Network


IQ... What Does It Really Mean?

By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice

In my never-ending quest to verify that I have

at least minimal intelligence, I’ve decided

to take a “Pocket IQ Test” that a friend gave me.

I’m not sure, but I’m pretty certain she gave me this because she’s

taken the test herself and wants to compare our intelligence grades.

I don’t intend to do this unless, of course, she tells me her score

first...and I did better. The only people I intend to share this with,

even if, say, I flunked, are you, my faithful readers, who couldn’t

possibly think any less of me.

First thing it says is that the test is designed to measure the general

intelligence level of adults and children age 9 and over. This is a

relief because I know I have more brainpower than a 9-year-old...

especially a 9-year-old boy.

Grandson, Georgie, a typical 9-year-old boy, recently and brilliantly

figured out how to climb to the roof of his Dad’s storage shed, using

a combination of chairs, plastic crates, ropes and tree branches. I

could do that.

But, being a tad more astute, or simply being a female, I would also

have planned a way to get back down. Georgie did not. Case closed.

The test advises that I will be given 45 minutes to answer 60

questions, which is 3/4 of a minute per question, which is skimpy,

it seems to me. “Answer all the questions, even if you must guess.

Guessing has been considered in the scoring.” Now, maybe I’m

cynical, but nobody believes that.

I’m already having a problem with the first sample question: “Boat

is to water as aeroplane is to: Sun, Ground, Water, Sky, Tree.” I mean,

obviously, it’s Sky, but the more important question is, why are we

spelling airplane a-e-r-o-p-l-a-n-e?

This is America, people! We don’t spell airplane that way, any more

than we put that little line across the bottom of a 7 because we are not

French! And, vive la difference!

Second sample question:

“Which one does not belong:

Dog, Car, Cat, Horse, Fish.”

Please, it’s Car - the others are

all animals.

BUT, one could also,

theoretically, make a case for

Fish. Why? Because all

the others have four

legs/tires, right?

Clearly not a simple,

straightforward answer

here, and I’m beginning

to doubt the efficacy of

this IQ test. (See how I

slipped “efficacy” in there?

And, where on this test does

outstanding vocabulary

gives you extra points?

Nowhere. Kind of perfunctory

don’t you think?)

So, here we go. Question No. 1: “What number does not belong? 1,

3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13.” 10…duh.

Question 2: “Which one is least like the others? Bear, Snake, Bull,

Tiger, Dog.” They plainly want the answer to be Snake - the others

have legs.

But, again, there is a case to be made for Dog. Why couldn’t the

other four be “things that scare the crap out of you”? Just sayin’...

Question 3: Well, now my timer’s all off because of the unmistakable

ambivalence of their questions. I guess I’d better start over. Not that

it’s my fault.

I’ll let you know how it goes…maybe.

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at

Colonial Williamsburg lies in what is

known as the Hampton Roads region in

southeastern Virginia. Its gardens demonstrate

horticultural practices from the 1700s and are

known for being inviting; although neither fancy nor fussy.

Prior to the American Revolution, Williamsburg was the center of

political events in Virginia and received a royal charter as a city in

1722. The homes are stately restored 18 th -century houses whose early

residents took part in the sequence of events characterizing America’s

fight for independence.

Besides the beautifully restored buildings, Colonial Williamsburg

is remarkable for its neat English plotted garden paths. Paths with

cultivated calm and charm lead to tranquil green areas, orderly

flower beds, fenced pastures and trimmed hedges. The vast shade

trees cool, while still allowing rays of sun to filter through.

In places, pathways are beaten hard from years of use, giving a

unique weave of art and agriculture. Williamsburg herb gardens once

supplied 18 th -century apothecaries. Some of the medicines colonial

apothecaries used are often recommended today.

Scattered everywhere are attractive splashes of garden color

and, with the combined efforts of historians and horticulturists,

historically accurate native plants, along with exotics that tolerate

Virginia’s hot humid summers, have been combined to create an

appearance that brings people back year after year.

Visiting Williamsburg offers a capsular glimpse of the Revolutionary

era. Before entering some homes and gardens, you must duck arches

in order to peer inside and imagine life as it was for early settlers.

Williamsburg offers educational gardening programs that draw

garden clubs from around the country for recurring visits to examine

and study the plants and their arrangement. At Christmas, residents

make adornments using plant materials considered by many the

most beautiful and anticipated natural decorations in the country.

Whether you

are interested

in planning

your own

colonial garden,

researching native

plants, visiting the

colonial nursery,

or taking a

walking tour, it’s a

sure thing you will

enjoy Colonial



Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World


June 2017

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.




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More Safety Advice

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Destinations

If it's too good to be true, it is usually

too good to be true.” We have all heard

this before. This is absolutely the case in the

travel business.

I cannot tell you how many times when we tell potential customers the

price of the vacation they're planning, they will tell us that they saw it

online, or read an ad that they can get the same exact cruise, hotel, airline

ticket much cheaper.

Recently when we gave a round trip airfare price from New York to

Rome for $800, the customer said, "I saw it on line for $300.” I can tell

you that in my 30 years in the travel business I have never sold a round

trip New York to Rome ticket for $300.

Why do I tell you this story? Because, there are no secrets in the travel

business. No one, and I mean no one, has prices that are hundreds or

thousands of dollars lower than anyone else.

That's not to say you shouldn't be a savvy travel shopper. Prices for

airline tickets do go up and down, as do hotel room rates and cruise fares.

But not thousands of dollars. When you see a price that just doesn't

make sense, walk away. It’s a scam.

For example, that cruise fare for a seven-night cruise for $199 usually

includes a three to four-hour time sharing presentation. Las Vegas is

famous for these promotions and my relatives recently sat through such

a "hard sell" pitch for what they thought was a great vacation price.

Jan. 7-14, 2018

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise,

from Miami

Cozumel, Isla Roatan, Belize & Grand Cayman

Inside Cabin $600 pp, / Ocean View $660 pp,

Balcony $990 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and

includes the cruise and all port charges, taxes and fees. Airfare

to Florida is additional

Turns out the vacation price they paid was not "such a deal." They also

lost one full day of their vacation being “urged” to buy a time sharing


The aforementioned $300 round trip air fare from New York to Rome?

In all likelihood, it probably did not include all the taxes and security fees

associated with the price of the ticket.

But that's how the online travel sellers pull you in. Always get the full

price - including taxes and fees.

Here's the best advice I can give you when buying your vacation. Pay

with a credit card. If the company you're dealing with does not accept

credit cards, walk (no, run) away.

Payment by check or cash only is a big, red flag that you might be

getting scammed. After all, how "easy" (read: hard) is it to get a refund

when you paid by check or cash?

I've often written about not leaving your brain at home when you go

on vacation. These few tips should help you plan your vacation with full


Mix and Match

Jan. 14-27, 2018

13 Night Panama Canal

Cruise from Miami to LA

Carnival Splendor

Cartagena, Columbia; Panama Canal Transit;

Punta Arenas, Costa Rica; Puerto Quetzal,

Guatemala; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Inside Cabin $1,716 pp,

Ocean View, $2,016 pp,

Balcony $2,665 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability

and includes the cruise and all port charges, taxes and

fees. Airfare to Florida and back from Los Angeles to

Las Vegas is additional



Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com

Cruise with the Phat Pack

7 night Mexican Riviera

Jan. 27- Feb. 3, 2018 “Bus to the Boat”

Featuring TWO Special Private

Performances and Cocktail Party

The Phat Pack

Bruce Ewing • Kevan Patriquin

Randal Keith • Philip Fortenberry

(Musical Director)

This extraordinary group of artists met while performing

in “PHANTOM: The Las Vegas Spectacular” and

together formed their own highly-acclaimed spectacle

that continues to thrill audiences everywhere:


Destinations: Cabo San Lucas,

Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta

Inside Cabin $ 869 pp,

Ocean View $ 999 pp,

Balcony $1,169 pp

Price based on double occupancy, subject to availability and includes

the cruise, all port charges, taxes and fees and Round Trip Bus Transportation

from Las Vegas to the pier in Long Beach, CA.



Email: Fairtravel@Aol.Com


June 2017


Summerlin Rotary Club


June 2017

Summerlin Rotary Club accepting the top

performance “District Governor’s Bell Award”

The Summerlin Rotary Club earned the

2017 top performance award in its category

during the recent annual conference sponsored

by Rotary District 5300, which is comprised of

65 Rotary clubs located throughout Southern

Nevada and Southern California. Additionally,

Summerlin Rotary Club earned distinguished

awards for community and youth projects, and

six other avenues of Rotary service, along with

earning the top member growth award, inducting

13 Rotarians into the club since July 2016.

Comprised of community leaders and professionals,

Summerlin Rotary Club has achieved over 20 years of

remarkable dedication directly focused on improving

lives of citizens and targeted on youth leadership

opportunities and development. The club meets on the

1 st and 3 rd Tuesdays of each month at 7:10 am at TPC

Summerlin, 1700 Village Center Circle, 89134.

We the People Essay

TBy: Carol Tank, Literacy Chair

he Southern Hills Republican Women’s Club

celebrated its 5 th annual: “We the People”

essay contest with the Burkholder Middle School

Community.This year’s theme was “Memorializing

Our Nation’s History.” Students were asked to

choose a U.S. monument, memorial, event or

iconic symbol and become its “voice” by explaining

its history and significance. The awards:

Gold: Breanna Hatch: “The Vietnam Memorial.”

Silver: Adonis Pettiford: “African Burial Ground




Paul Castillo,

O l i v i a




L u i z a


Mr. Birtolo, Breanna

Hatch & Mrs. Tank


Pehrson and

Lacey Wayne.



At Las Ventanas, every piece of your rewarding retirement is already in place. With activities,

programs, and events designed to focus on the four key areas of a healthy lifestyle: social,

intellectual, physical, and spiritual, Las Ventanas is one of only 12 communities in the

U.S. to receive a Successful Aging accreditation by Masterpiece Living.


Call today to schedule your appointment 702.832.3351

10401 West Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89135 |



Why Saying It Isn’t Enough

By: Robert Telles / Accolade Law

Whatever the reason for the failure to do a written plan, a

person will often verbally tell their loved ones their wishes

for property after death expecting for all to heed the wishes.

Families, even close ones, can be torn apart by this.

An often-occurring scenario: a parent tells her children that one child

should get her home. Perhaps the child helped the parent or the parent

thought the child was in serious need.

Still, in many cases I’ve seen, the other siblings refuse to honor those

wishes and instead sell the home from under the one sibling so the money

can be split. This tragically tears a family apart and there is nothing that

can be done after.

Plan your own estate and protect your family.

Rob Telles is the founder of Accolade Law, a law firm that serves

clients in guardianship, estate planning and probate. His office can

be reached at (702) 337-3000.

Sleepless Nights

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

Picture for a moment a sleepless night

– painful stomach cramps, diarrhea,

headache and a constant sense of selfworthlessness.

Sounds like it may be cancer,

irritable bowel syndrome, sleep apnea or migraines, right?

Wrong. It’s hunger!

Following up from my column of two months ago, there are over 7,800

seniors, many right in your own backyard, who are living this nightmare

daily. This is a travesty and the problem continues to grow.

This is a call to action and the solution is simple – contribute at

whatever level you’re comfortable with to and

follow the prompts.

I can assure you, the money you donate will give a hungry senior a

good night’s sleep; something we take for granted, as opposed to those

who experience the tragedy of going hungry regularly.

There is nothing more dehumanizing than experiencing or witnessing

a hungry senior. Act now! You’ll sleep better knowing you made a

difference to a senior in need.

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He served as Chair of the City of Henderson’s Senior

Advisory Commission. He can be reached at:

June 2017

Nevada Assembly Bill 299

By: Victoria Seaman / Victoria’s Corner

Nevada’s legislature is considering a

measure (Assembly Bill 299) that

would require the Legislative Committee

on Senior Citizens, Veterans and Adults with Special Needs to

conduct a study on the training standards for individuals who

are providing care in facilities for individuals who have special


This includes senior homes that offer specialized options for individuals

who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, among other special services.

This is an excellent piece of legislation that is tasked with assessing

the needs of individuals in these facilities and ensure that our state’s

regulations are current with the latest mechanisms available to provide

top quality care to those in need.

The public has an interest in ensuring that these businesses operate

with transparency and deliver on the services they’re promising. Untrained

individuals should not be administering medical care or performing

tasks beyond their level of professional competence.

It is unfair to the worker and to the patient, who has a legitimate

expectation that the person performing any medical care is properly


At the same time, it is also important to recognize that over burdening

care facilities with regulations will make a smaller portion of the workforce

eligible for these jobs. Further, regulations usually come with increased

costs, and that may mean that fewer families have fewer options for how

to care for loved ones who need special care.

That’s not to say that people without special training do not make

meaningful contributions to their work. The vast majority of workers

in specialized care facilities, trained or untrained, show up to work with

good intentions and wanting to deliver the best care.

Nevadans, especially those who are more vulnerable, deserve the best

from their state. To the extent that the government and care facilities

have access to new technology or procedures that make old regulations

not useful, they deserve the freedom to operate within standards for that

new technology.

AB 299 passed the Assembly unanimously and is now in the Senate.

I encourage you to call your State Senator to let them know that you

support this important piece of legislation.

Victoria Seaman is a former Nevada Assemblywoman,

businesswoman and currently a Realtor in Las Vegas. You can

contact Victoria at:

Guardianship Reforms Bills Almost There!

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

We are edging very close to the finish line

with several different guardianship bills

which are all moving successfully through the

Nevada Legislature. Just a few more steps to go before we can let out a

huge sigh and do our “happy dance.”

A big thank you shout-out goes to Senator Becky Harris, Assemblyman

Michael Sprinkle, Assemblyman Steven Yeager, Senators Nicole

Cannizzaro, Aaron Ford, Pat Spearman, Joyce Woodhouse, Julia Ratti,

Kelvin Atkinson, Yvanna Cancela, Mo Denis, Patricia Farley, Mark

Manendo, David Parks, and Tick Segerblom for their sponsorship of

these various guardianship bills.

We also want to thank Barbara Buckley of the Legal Aid Center. Without

her help, the “Bill of Rights” for people in guardianship would not exist.

Kudos also must go to Ms. Buckley and Supreme Court Justice James

Hardesty for their help and testimony in favor of our guardianship bills.

It is (almost) becoming routine for Publisher Dan and I to go up to

Carson City and testify before the various Legislature Committees. I must

admit, it is quite a thrill to be recognized and privileged to speak in front

of the various elected officials.

Last month, we were both before the Senate Finance Committee

alongside Senator Harris advocating for the “official” guardianship

nomination form (SB 229) as well as the use of the “Lockbox”

The Right Choice for Henderson

on June 13, 2017

protections. A special thank you to Gail Anderson from the Secretary of

State’s office for taking the time to testify on behalf of our nominated

guardian bill.

Amid all the “nail biting” over these bills, more dreadful news came

out regarding the “Poster Child for Guardianship Reform” April Parks,

when a man who purchased a storage unit at auction (which just

happened to have belonged to Ms. Parks) opened it and found dozens of

cases containing labeled urns with the cremated ashes of many of her

wards. Authorities are trying to notify families so they may be returned.

Hopefully we can report on all the potential good news in next month’s

edition. Keep your fingers crossed!

Carrie has over 20 years of service to the

Henderson community. She brings to the City

Council grassroots experience that has

enabled her to succeed with common

sense and a passion for her community.

Carrie will always put you, Henderson Residents, FIRST!

Carrie is about working for the community and the common good for all of us.

If you have any questions please call me at 702-306-3302 or email me

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Carrie Cox


Miracle-Ear - The Hearing Solution


earing loss is the third leading chronic health

condition among Americans, after arthritis and

high blood pressure. Today, over 36 million Americans

experience some degree of hearing loss.

We know that hearing loss lowers the

quality of life for individuals

at any age. When

hearing loss goes


it can lead

to social


and strained


For over 70

years, Miracle-Ear, The

Plymouth Minnesota-based

Company, has specialized in designing

and manufacturing customizable hearing solutions

that feature discreet, comfortable products designed to

meet each individual’s hearing loss needs.

Miracle-Ear boasts the largest and only nationwide

network of hearing care centers. Miracle-Ear offers

free hearing tests at 1,200 locations across the United

States giving our customers access to unparalleled


June 2017

service across the nation.

Miracle-Ear has been servicing the Las Vegas Valley

for over 30 years as a trusted resource for hearing

health care, offering state of the art technology and

outstanding customer service at six

convenient locations.

Choosing a hearing

aid is an important

decision, but

it does not

have to be

a difficult

decision. Not

only do we offer

the highest quality

hearing aids available,

we offer outstanding

personalized service as well. Customer

satisfaction is our number one priority.

We are sure you will agree that Miracle-Ear is the one

to trust for all your needs. That is because at Miracle-

Ear, we don’t just sell hearing aids, we offer hearing

solutions. We look forward to gaining customers for

life and building a strong presence in the Las Vegas


Homeowners Insurance - Part I

By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

Often called the least read best seller in

America, a Homeowner’s Insurance

policy exists on virtually every home in the

country. It stands to reason that you should understand it.

All homeowner’s policies have the same basic elements. In Part I, I will

detail the basic coverage categories and next month will explain some of

the extras that can or should be included in your policy.

Homeowners policies generally have coverages A, B, C, D, E, and F as

defined below:

Coverage A – Dwelling. This is coverage for your home. Insurance

companies require that it be the amount to replace your home after a loss

– it is NOT the market value but what it would cost to rebuild all or part

of your home in a timely manner.

Coverage B – Other Structures. This amount is typically 10% of

Coverage A. You can increase this amount if you have, for example, a

casita that would cost more than $20,000 to rebuild.

Coverage C – Personal Property. Your contents. The standard

home policy includes 50% of Coverage A, but most preferred policies

include 70%. Some contents are limited and we’ll talk about that next

month. CAUTION: You want to make sure you have replacement coverage

on your contents.

Coverage D – Loss of Use (or Additional Living Expense). This is

typically 20% of Coverage A and will pay the additional cost for you to

live elsewhere after a loss until your home is ready for occupancy. Some

companies do not give a dollar amount but, rather, state “actual loss

sustained” or “up to 12 months.”

Coverage E – Personal Liability. All home policies come standard

with $100,000, but for a few dollars you should increase this to either

$300,000 or $500,000. This is WORLD WIDE coverage for you and your

resident family.

Coverage F – Medical Payments to others. The standard amount

is $1,000, but you can usually raise this to $5,000. This is designed to pay

the other party for minor injuries sustained on your property.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance

executive. He and his wife owned and operated their own

insurance agency for over 16 years. His primary purpose is to

give out real information that can be used to make intelligent

insurance decisions.

Breaking through Medicare

Insurance expert hosts community service events

to provide answers to Medicare questions.

Is Obama Care out and Trump Care in? How will the new

insurance regulations affect my Medicare plan?

Those are just a couple of the questions that are asked

when Rick Bronstein answers his phone at GreenSky

Insurance Services. Bronstein is an independent insurance

agent with nearly 40 years of experience, and his specialty is

understanding all of the intricate nuances of Medicare.

As a community service, Bronstein has decided to hit the

road and answer questions about Medicare and medigap

insurance for anyone in the Las Vegas Valley.

What is better than free advice? How about free advice with

a free cup of coffee and a snack?

Starting June 13 through July 24, Bronstein will be available

on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 9:30 am until 11:30 am at

the Great Harvest Bread Co. ® in the Siena Town Center

shopping center (corner of West Tropicana and Hualapai).

Bronstein invites Valley residents to sit down with him in a

casual conversation about Medicare while enjoying a cup of

coffee and one of Great Harvest’s delicious breakfast breads

and pastries.

Did you know that Nevada, like most states, offers ten

different types of supplemental insurance plans (A through N)

with different levels of standardized benefits and coverage?

Wading through the written documentation for each of these

plans can be a daunting task. However, by asking questions

about your specific needs, Bronstein can help you take the

guesswork out of choosing the right plan.

Bronstein can explain, in easy to understand terms, how

Medicare Part A and Part B works, and give you the tools to

decide if you need to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan,

also known as Medicare Part C.

As an independent agent, Bronstein works with United

Healthcare (AARP), Humana, Cigna, and other leading

insurance providers and can tell you how each company works

so that you are better be able to choose what’s right for you.

If you don’t care for coffee or pastry, you can call Rick

Bronstein at 702-479-1971, and he will be happy to speak with

you at your convenience.


Richard (Rick) Bronstein


Call Rick today, or meet him at a FREE

“Medicare Answers & Coffee” event:

June 13 & 27, 9:30a-11:30a

Great Harvest Bread Co.

10180 W Tropicana (at Hualapai)

FREE insurance review FREE competitive quotes

FREE answers FREE service

FREE consultation FREE peace of mind • 800-550-0155


“On and On” album hit #4 in Jazz Charts

Voted one of the top rising

Jazz Vocalists in NYC

Jazz & Song Stylist




8 pm


For the Good of the Game

By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever

Did you know that the USGA has a great

program membership program that

you can join for as little as $10?

Here is sample of what you receive with your membership: a member’s

only US Open hat with ball marker, a rules book, a bag tag engraved with

your name and a host of other benefits. I’ve been a member for many

years and look forward to my new US Open hat each year when I renew

my membership.

The hat in embroidered with the words “2017 US Open Erin Hills” on

the front which is the site of this year’s

US Open and on the back: “USGA

Member.” To join, visit membership@

This is a great deal and is for a good

cause - to promote and preserve the

spirit of the game. For those who were

not aware of this fantastic program,

log on to the website and “get ‘er

done.” You will not be disappointed.

See you on the links!

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a member

of both the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club and Winterwood Men’s

Group. He can be reached at:

Quantum Healing

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

The Bible states that change can happen

in the "blink of an eye." However, the

majority of humanity believes that change is

tied to time.

It's not! Rather, it is in the eye (mindset) of the beholder.

Quantum healing is the connective link that scientists have been

looking for since the 1900s with quantum physics. They were able to

configure thought mathematically but, there was no real paradigm

that explained what this all meant, until now.

Today, scientists are able to prove how quantum healing actually

spans the connection between science, religion and spirituality.

Though, there is no agreed upon language, it explains the minds'

connection to some instances that we would otherwise label as


That is not to say that miracles don't exist. They do! But when

it comes to healing and manifesting different realities, fact is, that

change begins with the mind.

One of the examples shared by quantum physicist and author

Cynthia Larson, tells of a young friend that broke her leg jumping

from rock to rock. The x-rays confirmed the break.

Sent home to heal for two months, the woman was concerned

she would lose her new job. But, days after changing the theta wave

space, her leg began itching from within. And two days later, there

was no sign of ever having a leg break.

The core of the matter is this: If your intention is rooted in love

and you learn to direct that energy, you can project it wherever

you want. When others come into contact with it, they feel it and

interesting things begin to happen, even retroactively.

In Pema Chodron's words, "We are all a blink of an eye away from


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For people suffering from some

form of chronic pain—especially

neuropathy (nerve damage that

causes pain, weakness, numbness,

or tingling), spine, and joint pain—

the ability to complete work responsibilities or

have an active lifestyle can be severely compromised.

Invasive surgery and/or the use of steroidal and

pain management medications can have their own harmful

side effects.

When asked what he thinks is most important in pain

management treatment going forward, Robert H. Odell, MD, PhD,

Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Neuropathy and Pain Centers

of America, answers without hesitation: “Our practical working

principle is to successfully treat patients without the need for surgery

and without masking over their pain with medication. While some

people can be quite stable on their prescribed medication, we want

to go to the source of the problem and foster natural healing that

sustains resolution of chronic pain.”

Las Vegas Healthcare Profiles

Harnessing Your

Body’s Energy to

Promote Healing

Understanding the complex physics

and chemistry of the body leads to

more effective, sustainable pain relief.

see excellent results in a significant number

of patients with peripheral neuropathy

[80-85 percent success rate], neck, joint,

and back pain using our Combined

Electromechanical Treatment [CET],” says

Dr. Odell.

CET uses two well-established procedures:

a nerve block performed with a local anesthetic

and Electronic Signal Treatment (EST) delivered by a

sophisticated electroanalgesia device. The in-office procedure is a

safe and cost-effective way to reawaken nerves, reduce inflammation

that is causing pain, improve circulation, and stimulate healing.

“This is an elegant, energy-based, bioengineered technology

designed to get the body back into balance and heal. For our patients,

it means a return to the lifestyle they once enjoyed,” emphasizes

Dr. Odell.



Symphony Park

June 2017

SucceSS with cet

Dr. Odell, a Stanford University-trained interventional pain

management physician with a PhD in biomedical engineering, says

that a significant step in that direction has been developed and is in

practice at his clinic. Beginning the process, Dr. Odell’s clinic in Las

Vegas uses Neural-Scan neurodiagnostic testing, a noninvasive and

painless procedure that tests the nerve pathways with small amounts

of electrical current in several nerve points to determine the source

of the pain.

Dr. Odell then utilizes energy-based medicine that works in

accordance with the natural circuitry of the nervous system. “We

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approach to resolving it.


Forward March!

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

Do you remember those long marches?

Man, I do. There was nothing worse

than trying to catch your breath as you

crested another hill loaded down with a full field pack.

It made you wanna fall out and quit. When I was a drill sergeant at

Fort Ord, California I had to make every long march that my trainees did.

I stayed in good shape, but doing it over and over with every training

platoon put a sour taste in my mouth for walking. Being in the infantry

can make you hate walking forever.

However, perhaps we should re-think how we feel about it - because

walking might not be so bad after all. In fact, some doctors are actually

prescribing exercise over pills these days. (Wonder what the huge drug

companies think about that?)

So what does walking do for you? To begin with, it benefits healthy

brain activity, along with heart, lungs, skin and overall metabolism.

A University of Pittsburgh study of adults 65 and older found that those

with a walking pace of one meter per second lived longer. So for increased

survival for us older vets, we need to pick up the pace, get in step, and

sound off counting cadence if you have to.

Even as little as 10 minutes of brisk walking can help. Then push it to

15, and then go for 20. Start slow, but just start.

Here’s a plan (from an old Drill Sergeant) to help you develop a good


Get the right gear. Choose shoes with proper arch support, a firm heel,

and thick flexible soles to cushion your feet to absorb any shock.

Choose your course carefully. If you’re walking outdoors and the

weather gets bad, don’t use it as an excuse. Consider walking in a

shopping mall.

Warm up. Walk slowly for 5 to 10 minutes to warm up your muscles

and prepare your body for exercise. Then at the end, cool down by walking

slowly for five to 10 minutes to help your muscles cool down.

Stretching is an important aspect of exercise. After you cool down,

gently stretch your muscles.

There’s nothing quite like putting a little more bounce in your step -

and now you can do it for you, instead of Uncle Sam.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.


June 2017

Getting Ready for a Vegas Summer

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

Where did the spring go? For those of us

that live in Vegas where the summers are

gruelingly warm, the beautiful spring weather is

sadly fleeting. And so the time has come to break out our more airy,

comfortable wardrobe!

As we pull out last summer's clothes, hopefully the last 5 pounds

of any winter weight we’re still carrying allow for them to be as

comfortable as we remember! If not and you are looking to add a few

things, bright colored jersey dresses are a longtime favorite for me!

They’re soft, cool and easy to wash. As a side bonus, they’re easy to

pack for quick weekends out of the heat!

We also need to take a good look at the parts of our bodies we were

able to hide over the winter and neglect a bit, like our legs and arms.

They ultimately make more of an appearance during summer and a

little TLC is in order!

A decent exfoliation is the perfect place to start followed by a good

layer of a go-to moisturizer. My new favorite is Smoothie Star Body Milk

by Soap & Glory, available at Ulta.

It’s not pricey and smells so good you’ll want to eat it! The same

routine can be used on your arms and throwing in a sugar or salt scrub

is a nice treat too!

Next, to get you going with a little splash of color, Jergens Natural

Glow is always a quick and inexpensive route. Or for a little splurge, try

Laura Mercier’s Body Bronzer.

For our face, a nice powdered bronzer can instantly give that sunkissed

look. Whatever you choose for a splash of color, just stay out of

the sun!

Most important, don't forget the sunscreen. So many areas that have

been covered up the last few months are more susceptible to burning.

You can put it in a nice pump bottle next to your hand cream, so it's

easy to use and right in sight.

Last, drink lots of water! You need to replenish what the heat takes

and your skin and body will thank you for it. Meanwhile, stay cool and

enjoy your summer in this great desert oasis!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at or

through her website

Regale Harris is the Manager of Volunteer Services and

Community Liaison for Kindred. She welcomes all questions and

inquiries and can be reached at:

Honoring Veterans

By: Regale Harris / Your Kindred Team

The public, including veterans and their

families were invited to participate in a

free event honoring all veterans last month

at the Nevada Veterans Memorial, located at the Sawyer Office

Building. Participants were invited to walk around and enjoy the

visit to the War Memorial.

The event featured the Junior ROTC from Paseo Verde High School

color guard, poignant remarks from the



of Veterans

Services and the

presentation of a

token to veterans

to commemorate

their service.

Veterans from assisted living facilities including Atria-Sunlake, Aegis

Memory Care, Merrill Gardens at Green Valley Ranch and Desert View of

Las Vegas were proudly represented.

Kindred Hospice Las Vegas is a proud member of We Honor Veterans,

a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

and the Veterans Administration, which is designed to empower hospice

professionals to meet the unique needs of terminally ill veterans.

To learn more about Kindred Hospice Las Vegas, call 702.262.7535 or



Moms & Dentistry

By: James J. White, D.D.S. / Your Dentist

Since our thoughts were with our moms

last month (and of course, should be

with us every day), let’s turn our discussion

to oral health for mothers. This topic may not resonate with you

but what about your young, adult children …or grandchildren?

Oral health and preventive dental work for pregnant women is

important to avoid gum disease and oral infections. The American

Pregnancy Association stated preventive dental cleaning and annual

exams during pregnancy are recommended and safe.

Let’s focus on a few of the most common topics pertaining to oral

health during pregnancy.

In a recent article by the Delta Dental Plans Association, it answered

questions about dental care during pregnancy concerning X-rays,

anesthesia, differences in oral health, and dental benefits. Here’s what

they reported:

X-rays: If necessary, X-rays are safest during the second trimester.

The Mayo Clinic stated it is “highly unlikely that a diagnostic X-ray

would harm a developing baby.” Though the dentist and dental hygienist

will usually ask, let them know you are pregnant.

Anesthesia: It is safe to have dental treatment that requires local

anesthesia according to a 2015 study by the American Dental Association.

This is significant because sometimes pregnant women will postpone

dental procedures even though they are in pain or the issue is affecting

their health.

Oral health: Sensitive gums can affect pregnant women due to

hormone levels.

Some women

develop pregnancy

gingivitis, the


of the gums and

surrounding tissues

caused by an increased

level of hormones.

Look for redness,

swelling, tenderness

and bleeding, and

brush twice daily

and floss daily,

while keeping close

attention to your


Dental benefits: Check your benefits plan. Some plans included

additional benefits for pregnant women such as extra cleanings to help

prevent pregnancy gingivitis.

For additional information, in Delta Dental’s Oral Health Library, you

will find articles about the safety of dental care during pregnancy, oral

health during pregnancy and infant oral health. Always share your

questions and concerns with your dentist. If I can help you in any of your

oral health needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As always, keep smiling.

$29 99



without Silverton

Rewards Club card


“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”


astering the art/science of dentistry takes

experience, extensive post-graduate education,

and a passion for the art of dentistry.

We offer:

• Implants

• Cosmetic crowns/bridges

• Turbyfill dentures

• Bridges on implants to replace dentures with

permanent teeth (what a concept!)

• Restorative care

• Experienced registered dental hygienists

• TMJ problems

• A full service office

Today’s senior dentistry is amazing!

CALL for a complimentary consultation.

Learn more about Dr. White at:

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Actual patient

James J. White DDS

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Chilled Dungeness Crab Legs & Shrimp Cocktail,

Seafood Enchilada, Steamed Mussels, Ahi-Tuna Poke,

Lobster Tacos, Pork Belly Cracklings, Wok Fried Clams,

Lobster Newburg, Grilled Tuna, Green Papaya Salad,

Assorted Sushi and Much More!




Summer is Here!

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

It’s here! Summer has arrived! And with

it comes the thoughts of easy, nutritious


It’s better to make dishes without all that fuss and bother, yet delicious

and fun! I found an easy, yummy recipe to make below and will help to

fill you up. Preparation will take a little time, but well worth it! Add a side

salad to this dish and you have a great meal.

GINGER STIR-FRY CHICKEN (Makes 4 servings, Prep time 30 minutes)

3 tbsp. coconut oil 1 cup onion, sliced

1 cup bell pepper, sliced 1 cup carrots, peeled and sliced

2 cups broccoli (cut into florets) 2 tbsp. fresh ginger, peeled & grated

3 tbsp. minced garlic 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast (cut into strips)

2 tbsp. soy sauce 1 tbsp. Siracha (optional)

Heat coconut oil in wok or skillet on medium heat. Add onion, bell

pepper, carrots, broccoli, ginger to skillet and cook for 8 minutes, stirring

occasionally. Move vegetables to side and add chicken and garlic.

Allow chicken to brown on both sides before adding it to vegetables. Add

sauces and cook for additional 8 minutes or until chicken is thoroughly


Per serving: Calories 330, Fat 13.6g, Carbs 14.8g, Protein 30g.

I find so many delicious recipes online (Food Network, All Recipes,

Tasty, and so many others too numerous to mention). One of my favorite

TV shows is Food Network but be aware of those sugar and carb loaded


I use chicken in many of my dishes as it is so compatible to varying

dishes. Baked, stir fry, slow cooker -whatever you can to utilize the

versatility of chicken is helpful.

Boneless chicken breasts can be pounded out and placed into freezer

bags. You can then take them out of the freezer for a quick meal. Just

bread them and either fry or bake them up.

Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first

runner-up for Ms. Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer.

Mary can be reached at


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June 2017

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Your Immune System

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

Most people are aware of the importance

of their immune system.

If your immune system is weak, you are more

susceptible to viruses, bacteria and fungi. If your immune system is

strong and healthy, this increases the likelihood that you stay healthy.

The importance of the immune system however goes far beyond this.

The immune system actually helps set up the environment around the

cells so that the body can communicate and coordinate its vast network

of functions as a cohesive whole.

A little known fact is that the body produces approximately six times

as many immune cells per day than are found in the body at any one

time. What is happening here is that the body breaks down the immune

cells constantly and uses them in the space between your blood vessels

and cells to set up an environment that can efficiently and effectively

communicate with all other cells and tissues in the body.

Stress can decrease immune function. The number of immune cells

produced actually decreases with stress.

If this happens, the body's ability to maintain the correct environment

around the cells may also decrease and the body as a whole cannot

communicate as it should. As an analogy, this is like an orchestra where

all the musicians do not know when they should be playing, or even

possibly what song they are supposed to play.

This lack of coordinated function can lead to a domino effect where

various tissues and organs function less efficiently and the body develops

a serious problem.

This information seems to be a little known fact in our country. It came

from German scientists and has been known in Europe for decades.

It was also known in Asia where various herbal remedies were used

to stimulate the immune system and increase the number of immune

cells produced for this reason. Ginseng is one herb that is capable of

stimulating the production of immune cells and keeping the body

working as a coordinated whole.

This may be one of the reasons it was so highly prized as a medicinal

substance throughout time. The take home message: Keep your stress low

and your immune system healthy.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or



June 2017



June 2017

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