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Friday 31 st August 2012

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New Challenges, New Faces!

The pendulums are being reset – and

IFA 2012 sets the pace!

Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai

President and CEO,

Sony Corporation

In a year of restructuring

and turmoil for many of the

industry’s top manufacturing

companies, the world’s eyes

are turned towards IFA 2012

to discover new policies and

roadmaps. The heart of the

show beats with the product

innovations that are set to

inspire consumers, drive

new growth and power the

market in the year’s prime


With the industry’s new

leaders (such as Sony’s Kazuo

Hirai - pictured left) coming

to grips with unique new

challenges, the “product

rethink” is more than ever

an essential ingredient in

the battle for market share

and profits. Researchers

thus expect the 2012

world market for consumer

electronics to grow by 1,100

Nomadic Lifestyle!

In our special feature today,

we indulge you in the

new “nomadic lifestyle”,

with a close look at the


and the

newest devices

conceived to

make our lives

easier, more

pleasant, or just

plain fun, when

we’re out of

the home. Let

“(...) the 2012

world market

for consumer

electronics to

grow by 1,100

billion dollars,

an increase of

2 percent.”

billion dollars, an increase of

2 percent. IFA is the year’s

leading event, with orders

in 2011 totalling more than

3.7 billion euros.

Read our report on the official IFA

opening press conference, from

page 6.

go of the ties and tethers

and set your imagination

free! — From page 19


06 > NEWS

13 > conference & events preview

14 > exclusive Interviews

19 > special feature

nomadic lifestyle


37 > Green Page

41 > Trade News

42 > The Diary of Miss IFA

43 > Where to Go in Berlin

trade news

Mark Slater


Category Director,


“Have a good plan of what you’re

going to be doing every day, bring a

good pair of shoes because you’ll be

doing a lot of walking…”

See page 41




Senior Vice-president,

General Manager,

Europe Business Center,

TCL Multimedia


"We are in a somewhat luxurious

position in the sense that we are

continuously experiencing two-digit

growth." See page 34



Governing Mayor

of Berlin

“It seems that Berlin is changing much

more than any other big city in Europe.”

See page 43

Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA




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Let the Show Begin

IFA 2012 opens its doors to a world hungry

for innovation

Product innovations drive IFA growth, market

trends remain positive, and the event opens to

a wide-ranging list of entertainment events and

supporting programme.

Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman

of the Supervisory Board

of gfu, opened a packed

IFA press conference with

words of encouragement in

a tough economic climate:

“Despite the difficult market

situation, the early signs

are that IFA 2012 will be a

success,” he said. Dr Hecker

summarised the global CE

marketplace, citing overall

growth of 2%, double that

in Germany, a stable market

in Europe, and for the first

time, a higher turnover in

Asia than in Western Europe.

“Only innovative products

can generate growth today

and in the future,” he said,

and the numbers for 2012

reinforced that point. While

unit growth for standard

TVs is 2%, smart TVs are

up by 48%, 3D TVs by

100%, tablets by 68%, and

smartphones by over 60%.

Online distribution is not

a threat for specialised

dealers,” he said. “All

innovations that capture

the spirit of the time include

the Internet,” he said. And

e-commerce represents

an additional distribution

channel. “In many cases,

search for information

takes place online before

a purchase,” he said. “For

example in Germany, 30%

of customers look for

information online, but they

buy only after consulting

at the classic retail store.

But only 3% of customers

who shop online collect

information at a classic store

before they buy.”

The TV experience is

changing, meanwhile, not

only through connectivity

but also as a result of the use

of second screens.

“Tablets and smartphones

are generating higher

demand for TV content,”

he said. “The use of second

screens makes TV social

and interactive. The new TV

experience creates a culture

of content recommendation

via social media.”

But the merging of traditional

broadcast services and new

Internet-based services

necessitates extended rules

for neutrality of networks

and platforms, transparency

of search engines, and data

security. “While on the one

hand we see the new recordbreaking

figures for IFA 2012,

other hand we have to adapt

to the fact that everything in

our market and environment

is changing rapidly,”

Dr Hecker said. “New services

will bring new players

into the market, creating

additional competition.

Recent developments ask for

launching the right product

at the right time. That is

essential for a company’s

market position.”

IFA statistics released at

the start of the opening

press conference showed

overall growth for the

show. Exhibition space

now totals 142,200 sq m,

a 1.4% increase on 2011

— a record-breaking year.

IFA 2012 is hosting 1,439

exhibitors. IFA is something

Dr Rainer Hecker

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu

like a unique melting pot of

innovation,” Dr Hecker said.

“We are a little bit proud

of what has been created

here as a result of enormous

effort over many years.”



products can

generate growth

today and in

the future”

Photo archive IFA 2011



Household Appliances

Add Value at IFA

Industry leader promises sustained

growth through efficiency innovations

Dr Reinhard Zinkann,

Chairman of the Household

Appliances Division, ZVEI

(the German Electrical and

Electronic Manufacturers'

Association) told the

audience at the opening

press conference that the

home appliance market rose

almost 8% globally in 2011



have been

the driving

force behind

the global


on the back of sustained

Asian demand. With home

appliances forming a core

part of IFA for five years, Dr

Zinkann promised that an

increased focus on lifecycle

sustainability will continue to

make the sector an essential

component of IFA into the

future. Resource efficiency,

especially in terms of energy

and water usage, has

become both a “challenge

and an opportunity” for

the home appliance sector,

said Dr Zinkann. More than

50% of major household

appliances in Western

Europe are now rated a

super-efficient energy class

A+++ or A++, and this fastgrowing

segment promises

continued growth. “This is

a striking example of the

progress made so far,” he

said. The “cradle-to-grave”

Dr Reinhard


Chairman of the





lifecycle of white goods

needs also to improve

through more sustainable

production, especially in

terms of recyclability, said Dr

Zinkann. But consumers will

demand high performance

in addition to efficiency,

he added. “Energy savings

alone do not sell.”

“The public debate about

resource efficiency is

also about durability”,

Dr Zinkann said. A

Managing Partner at German

appliance maker Miele – his

grandfather co-founded the

company – Dr Zinkann also

defended the sector against

claims that contemporary

white goods have a shorter

lifespan than in the past.

“This is definitely not the

case,” he said, explaining

that the average primary use

time of a washing machine

stands at 12 years.

With $178 billion worth of

major household appliances

sold in 2011, Dr Zinkann said

that growth in Asia and Latin

America has compensated

for flat sales across Europe

and the US. “Emerging

markets have been the

driving force behind the

global growth… domestic

appliances are not perceived

as luxuries any more but

as indispensible household

items.” Dr Zinkann predicts

that global sales trends

in the sector will, in line

with broader economic

pressures, be subdued for

the rest of 2012. “Yet, I

remain positive,” he said,

adding that home appliance

exhibitors at IFA will show

off innovations that offer

ongoing growth potential.

The opening press

conference was closed

in an upbeat manner

by Messe Berlin COO,

Dr Christian Göke – see

our exclusive interview,

page 9

Not to Be Missed EVENTS at IFA

IFA DisplaySearch Business Conference:

This event (on Monday Sept. 3 rd ) will explore

the trends in tablets, smart phones, and

smart TVs while examining the many ways

to enhance TV-viewing experiences through

companion screens.

• For technical enthusiasts visiting IFA and for

journalists, experts and decision-makers from

the industry and trade Hall 11.1 is a mustsee

stop on their tour of the fair: this is where

IFA TecWatch displays the technologies

and applications for the markets of today

and tomorrow. One of the highlights at IFA

TecWatch is a special show featuring the

E-Haus, a model of a fully networked home


• Media policy and network policy issues have

become firmly established topics at IFA. The

International Media Conference Berlin,

medienwoche@IFA and medienpolitik@

IFA target visitors to IFA and delegates at the

International Media Conference alike and span

a bridge between the consumer electronics

industry, the media industry and media politics.

• Under the heading of Future 3.0 the

TEDxBerlin Conference will provide an

overview of the various developments in the

digital society. Speakers will present their

ideas for a society of the future, whether

they are feasible, and the opportunities

and risks involved with innovative forms of


IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012



Mirror Of The Industry

Dr Göke welcomes market boost at

the right time and place

Dr. Christian Göke

Chief Operating Officer of

Messe Berlin


and more


are focusing

on IFA to


their new

products to

the market.”

Dr. Christian Göke,

Chief Operating

Officer of Messe Berlin,

used the opening press

conference to stress

IFA’s role as a global

industry barometer...

[ Interview by Richard Barnes ]

IFA reflects industry trends

and the economy and

provides an important

boost for the markets. It

takes place at just the right

time of year for the industry

and the trade to prepare

for peak business around

Christmas. More and more

exhibitors are focusing on

IFA to introduce their new

products to the market.

How do you see the

current situation in


Europe is not a

homogeneous market. It’s

a common market on the

one hand but, on the other

hand, there are still 27

countries and at least 35

languages. Yes, there is a

crisis in some of the smaller

countries, especially

Greece, Portugal and,

now Spain, but the larger

countries, such as France

and Germany, are still

doing well. As a result, the

overall GDP development

in the first quarter of 2012

is a plus of 2.3% or 2.4%.

What does that mean

for IFA? Europe is still our

home market and still the

larger part of our exhibitors

is situated in Europe. Asia

is a growth market, and

America is divided between

north and south, so the

good news for us is that

Europe is stable.

Out of all the new

technology here at IFA,

what excites you the


There are 10,000 new

products and I can’t tell

you which will be the

most attractive one. But

of course the new 4K

and 8K TV technologies

are simply breathtaking.

If you have the chance to

look at these incredibly

bright, sharp pictures, it’s

just amazing. OLED will

give you a completely new

perspective on how slim

a TV can possibly be. On

the household-appliance

front, there are tons and

tons of new products to

make your life easier in the

kitchen. The innovation

here is as least as fast and

as breathtaking as in the

consumer-electronics field.

What are the biggest

challenges of a show like


Handling the countless

stakeholders involved. A

trade show is an attempt

to bring together people,

to keep them on the

same track and to enable

communication between

stakeholders — of which

there are hundreds at a

show of this size.

What does Berlin bring

to IFA?

From a logistic standpoint,

Berlin is perfect. There’s

a tremendous variety of

hotels at affordable prices,

and the city is so full of

history that everybody is

tempted to stay here longer

than is actually required for


IFA is the most successful

show of its kind. What’s

the key to its success?

At the end of the day, it’s

because we are completely

focused on trade visitors

— especially international

trade visitors. We have put

all our energy and effort

into attracting them to IFA,

because we truly believe

that you can only run this

kind of show if it is as

international as it can be.

Conze Reveals


Dyson’s 2012 press

conference today will see

new CEO Max Conze,

who took over the role

in February, make his IFA


In the past two years, 250

new engineers have joined

Dyson’s HQ in the UK and,

this year, the company is

looking for at least another

150 bright new minds. This

growing team of engineers

is working on technology

that is five or 10 years

away from being ready for

market — and, with £1.5m

(€1.98m) invested in R&D

every year, that technology

is improving by the day.

“We are still young and

we have a lot left to

achieve. So to meet our

ambitions, we need more

people,” Conze told IFA


IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012




to Connectivity

and Beyond

Panasonic Corporation

unveiled its range of

advanced digital audio-visual

products at IFA on Tuesday.

It also showed a range of

home appliances for the first

time in Berlin.

A theme of the Panasonic

exhibition area this year is

the Smart And Eco Lifestyle.

At the Concept Zone,

located at the centre of the

Panasonic area, the company

is showing how a wide

range of products covering

all aspects of everyday life,

from audiovisual equipment

to home appliances, can be

linked together.

Panasonic Europe's

Chairman and CEO Laurent

Abadie, demonstrated how

anything from the microwave

Laurent Abadie: “We can build a

CO2-free, smart lifestyle”

to the air conditioning in the

home can be controlled from

a smartphone. In the Digital

AV zone, the company

is showing its latest AV

technologies, including its

Smart Viera televisions,

which offer a range of

functions via connectivity

with smartphones and


Demonstrating the

company’s Slide And Share

technology, Fabien Roth,

Director Television Group,

Panasonic Consumer

Marketing Europe, used the

company’s WiFi-compatible

Lumix digital camera to

send a picture to an iPad,

then on to a Smart Viera

TV, which in turn sent the

picture back to a Panasonic

Eluga smartphone. Roth

also demonstrated the live

streaming of a broadcast

on Eurosport — a partner

of Panasonic — to an iPad,

connected wirelessly, via an

app to the Smart Viera TV.

The broad range of Panasonic

home appliances on display

includes refrigerators that

claim to “offer the industry's

best energy-saving

performance”, washer/

dryers, kitchen devices, and

beauty-care and grooming


Hall 5.2

Stand 101

New Vision for Sony

Multiple products showcased at IFA

Kaz Hirai addressed a packed Sony stand for his first ever major international conference

[ By Neil Crossley ]

Sony Corporation has

launched a new product

offensive that reflects its

strategic focus on three

key areas – mobile, digital

imaging and gaming.

Speaking at Sony Europe’s

press conference at

IFA, Kazuo Hirai, Sony

Corporation’s new President

and Chief Executive Officer,

said the company has been

forced to confront difficult

realities and make harsh

business decisions.

“This is an extraordinary

company going through

extraordinary times,” he

said. “We must look at

ourselves honestly and

hold true to the values

and purpose of Sony. The

products I unveil today

will show Sony’s longstanding

ambition to

deliver what customers

value… a simpler, easier,

more entertaining and userfriendly


These products include

three new handsets, the

Sony Experia, T, V and J. The

Xperia T (or TX as it will be

known in some territories) is

the high-end entertainment

model. The new Xperia

brand encompasses a

tablet, the Xperia Tablet S,

a folded design featuring

a 10-inch screen, a 1,280

x 800 IPS display and

powered by a quad-core

Tegra 3 processor.

Other new products include

an 84-inch Bravia TV, which

Hirai promised would

offer an experience “so

immersive that you simply

want to touch everything

in front of you”. This

boasts the CineAlta F65

and 4K cinema projection

system. This autumn, Sony

Computer Entertainment is

due to launch Wonderbook,

creating a multi-dimensional

world using PlayStation

Eye and augmented

reality technology. The

first Wonderbook title

will be Wonderbook:

Book of Spells, created

in collaboration with JK


“Individual Sony products

will entice and inspire

people,” said Hirai. “But

what‘s also important is

that by connecting and

combining hardware,

network services and

applications, we will provide

a truly remarkable and

compelling experience.”

See also our feature

interview - page 14.

Hall 4.2

Stand 101

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012



Siemens Does Your

Thinking for You

Some 160 years ago, Werner von Siemens made “Progress in the service of

mankind” his fledgling company’s guiding principle.

It is a philosophy that has

served the German power

brand well — but, as its

IFA 2012 product lineup

demonstrates, it could

perhaps be updated to

read, “Intelligent design,

performance and precision

in the service of mankind”.

Not to mention gorgeous


Speaking at the first press

conference of IFA 2012,

Siemens-Electrogate CEO

Roland Hagenbucher said:

“Our domestic appliances

are not only objects of

prestige but, thanks to

their design, innovation,

intelligent technology

and, above all, energy

efficiency, they also give a

clear statement about their

owner. Like televisions,

sculptures or paintings,

they have become

symbols of personality

and lifestyle.”

Among the smart

appliance that “think

along with their users

to make complex



natural and fun part of life”

are a range of full-surface

induction ceramic cooktops

that automatically detect

the position of pans; the

new Topline series of builtin

refrigerators that prolong

freshness and smart storage;

super-fast dishwashers that

can clean 13 place settings

with six litres of water; and

washing machines that can

determine exactly how much

detergent a wash needs and

dispense it automatically.

Siemens is also

demonstrating its vision

of the future on new-look

31,000 sq m stand. The

‘House of Innovations’

shows how mobile apps,

smart grids and augmented

reality are coming together

to create the networked

home of tomorrow.

Siemens’ Roland Hagenbucher: technology that “enriches lives”

Miele Talks Senses

and Sustainability

Fragrant laundry, wine stored to perfection,

coffee brewed to barista standard… When Miele

promises to “inspire all the senses” at IFA 2012, it

is telling it like it is.

This year’s highlights include

the world premiere of the

Miele fragrance dryer, which

claims to be as gentle on

the environment as it is on

laundry. Customers can

chose from three fragrance

flacons — Cocoon, Aqua

and Nature — which are

clipped into the dryer door.

Each flacon lasts for around

50 cycles, impregnating the

garments for up to four


Also premiering in Berlin

are Miele’s new wineconditioning

systems. The

elegant, freestanding units

provide the optimal storage

conditions for wine, including

a constant temperature and

an odour- and vibration-free


The German domesticappliance

giant, whose

sales outside of Germany

now account for 70% of its

turnover, is also unveiling

a new countertop coffee

machine this week. The CM

5200 Silver Edition looks as

good as its product tastes.

Key features include onetouch

delivery of cappuccino

or latte macchiato, the option

of preparing two coffee

specialities simultaneously,

and automatic cleaning.

Hall 5.2

Stand 101

Hall 5.2

Stand 101

Keeping it fresh:

Miele’s new fragrance dryer

Grape expectations: the Miele wineconditioning

unit makes its market debut


Conference & Events Preview

IFA 2012 International Keynotes



President -

Seiko Epson Corporation



President, HSA Foundation

and Corporate Fellow, AMD

Bracken P.




“Becoming Indispensable in a

Changing World"

(Challenges facing a technology company)

31 st August - 10:30 a.m.

In his keynote address, Epson president Minoru

Usui looks at the challenges facing technology

companies in a rapidly changing world. He

discusses the roots of Japanese technology, and

how the core beliefs underpinning technology

companies have been shaken by recent events.

Usui goes on to explain how his experience as

an engineer has shaped his philosophy as a

corporate executive. He will finish by describing

his efforts to change Epson while remaining

true to the company’s values, and his vision of

implementing a new technological revolution.

The speech will give an insight into the thinking

of a Japanese CEO, and will offer hints as how

technology can be refined and used for the

benefit of society.

“The Next Era of Computing


31 st August - 3:00 p.m.

The computing industry thrives on change.

Innovation brings about the next era in

electronics from smartphones to smart TVs.

While some think the industry is moving too

fast, others say it’s too slow. Phil Rogers, HSA

Foundation president and AMD corporate

fellow will present on the near and distant

future of computing made possible by the HSA


This keynote will showcase innovative

technology demos that give attendees a sneak

peek of the future of computing, highlighting

how consumers will interact with their electronic

devices in the not-so-distant future.

“Living for Music”

1 st September, 10:30 a.m.

A love of music used to mean a large collection

of vinyl records and regular attendance of

festivals and concerts. Those days are not

forgotten, but technology is transforming how

a music lover lives for music today. It’s digital,

it’s portable, it’s always on, it’s discoverable and

serendipitous, it’s high quality, it’s part of life

itself from morning to night.

Logitech, with its decades-long heritage in

music and expertise in creating innovative audio

products, has a unique perspective on what

living for music means, today and tomorrow.

Join Bracken Darrell, Logitech President, to learn




Corporate President,

Acer Inc.



Founder and CEO,

Monster, Inc.


Exhibitors, trade visitors, press and VIPs


15 min. prior to start

VIPs and Press: 30 min. prior to start

“Paradigm Shifts in the ICT Trend”

2 nd September, 10:30 a.m.

As data and voice converge into single devices,

all information becomes available in a mobile

format. Will information and communication

technologies clash or work in harmony?

Founded in 1976, Acer ranks among the world's

top five branded PC vendors. In 2000, Acer

spun-off its manufacturing operation to focus

its resources on developing technologically

advanced, user-friendly solutions. The decision

to support the sales of its product lines through

specific marketing activities that best utilise

distribution channels, has allowed Acer to

achieve excellent results worldwide.

"The Comeback of Great Sound

in the Mobile World"

2 nd September, 3 p.m.

Noel will "explore the future of great sound"

in his address, with a focus on what has been

missing in music reproduction – and how new

technologies and innovations are bringing back

truly great audio for today’s mobile listeners,

providing a dramatically heightened experience.

Noel literally redefined the high-performance

headphone category in recent years when he

engineered and tuned the Beats by Dr. Dre

headphone sound, and he will discuss how that

project has set the stage for even more innovation

in personal audio. He will also discuss how the

worlds of fashion and high-performance audio

are merging, helping usher in a new generation

of headphones geared for every type of lifestyle

that allow people to express their personal taste

in brand new ways.


International Keynote Area, hall 6.3


Patricia Schwan

Tel. +49 30 3038 2066


Shuttle Service

A shuttle bus service guarantees comfortable transfer

from Entrance South / International Trade Visitor

Reception Area (foyer between hall 1.1 and 2.1) to

the International Keynote Area.


You can find the further information about the IFA

2012 International Keynotes on:

< International Keynotes IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012


Visionary Interview

Kaz Hirai

Kazuo (“Kaz”) Hirai, born

1960, was named as

President and CEO of Sony

Corporation in April 2012.

After beginning his career

with what is now Sony

Music Entertainment in

Japan in the late 80’s, then

heading up the company’s

American operation, Hirai

was credited with playing

a fundamental role in the

success of the PlayStation

in the US market. After

several senior roles in Sony

Computer Entertainment’s

corporate executive group,

he became the Chairman

of the group in September

2011. On 1st February

2012, Sony announced

that Hirai had been

appointed as President and

CEO, effective 1st April,

becoming the successor

to Howard Stringer, the

then sitting president and

CEO of Sony Corporation.

He was appointed to

the board at an annual

shareholders’ meeting on

27th June, 2012.

The New Sony

Exclusive interview: the five-point plan the

new CEO is implementing to re-make Sony

Kazuo Hirai

President & CEO,

Sony Corporartion

“(...) we just

need to make

sure that, as

I mentioned,

we are

focussed on

where Sony

has a distinct



or product


or a


of both.”

In Japan, 2012 has been a year of upheaval in the senior management of the country’s electronics

giants, within a scenario of landslide losses due to the great Eastern Japanese earthquake and

tsunami, the disastrous flooding in Thailand and the local currency valued at new highs, making

overseas sales a titanic task.

The management change that set most tongues wagging, but that had been long anticipated, was

at Sony Corporation, where long-time CEO and President, Sir Howard Stringer, passed on the reins

to a dynamic and motivated 51-year-old “Kaz” Hirai. The “very international” Japanese leader

is credited (among other things) with the massive success of the PlayStation in the USA. In this

exclusive interview with IFA International, we asked Hirai-san to explain, in global terms, what will

change under his direction…

[ Interview by Richard Barnes ]

There are several things

we need to do better,

with the aim of focusing

our business. We really

need to execute with a lot

more speed, which means

faster decision-making

and implementation, and

getting the entire company

on board with this focus,

speed and execution. We

already announced five

main points of action at our

corporate strategy meeting

in April.

First of all, we need to

strengthen our core

business, which we have

identified as being digital

imaging, mobile, and

gaming. The digital imaging

space includes everything

from our image sensor

business all the way to our

Cyber-shot, Handycam

down to our professional

imaging products… that

whole value chain.

Secondly, the mobile

space is going to be very

important to us, including

tablets, smartphones, and

obviously PCs.

And the third area of product

focus is video gaming and

network services. We need

to make sure that most

business decisions we


Visionary Interview

make going forward aim to

strengthen these three core

businesses. In addition to

this, we need to turn around

the TV business… and we

are making a renewed effort

in expanding our business in

emerging markets.

Another key point is the

creation of new businesses.

It’s important to expand our

medical space and further

our innovation in the R&D


And the fifth point I would

raise is really to make sure

we are totally focussed,

which means we need

to realign our business

portfolio and ensure we are

optimising our resources.

All Japanese companies

have been in for a

financial hammering in

the past couple of years...

as similar challenges are

looming for companies

like Sharp and Panasonic.

What will be the secret to

turning around Japan’s

tech economy?

Of course I can’t speak

for other companies, but

what I have been telling my

managers and employees

is that there is really no

“secret recipe” for this, and

we just need to make sure

that we are focussed on

where Sony has a distinct

technological advantage or

product advantage… or a

combination of both. We

have to make investments

in those specific spaces in

order to have that edge

over our competitors. The

other important area is to

improve upon the product

portfolio we already have,

with better quality in terms

of picture and audio, and

faster processing speed.

But while all those things

are good, at the same time,

I think we also need to try

to be innovative and create

products that really change

consumer behaviour,

as the PlayStation and

the Walkman did many

years ago. We need to

be aggressive in bringing

innovations to market.

You have spoken in

interviews earlier this

year about the urgent

need for restructuring,

and you spoke of “delayering”.

How are your

plans going, and how

far will they have to go

in order to make Sony

profitable again?

We have put a new

management team into

place, and we ensured

that the span of control

is as efficient as possible

with each of the senior

management people I have

in place. At the same time,

we have already done a lot

of restructuring in terms

“It’s a


of defence

and offence

that is going

to turn the TV

business into


of changing our business

portfolio, which is part of

de-layering as well. Let

me give you just a couple

of examples. One is the

dissolution of the joint

venture with Samsung – at

S-LCD – manufacturing LCD

panels. We have also exited

the JV with Sharp, again

for the manufacturing

of LCD panels. We have

announced the divestiture

of our chemical business.

These are examples of the

de-layering and optimising

of our business portfolio,

making sure that we are

focussed on the core

businesses and not in each

and every potential market


What are your plans or

ambitions for Sony’s TV

business, and what do

you see as being the next

big trends?

I have publically spoken

about turning our TV

business back to profitability

by the end of the fiscal year

2013. I have outlined some

of the steps through which

we will get to that. And

without getting into a lot

of detail, it is a matter of

making sure we leave no

stone unturned as far as

our costs are concerned,

which includes everything

from components, all the

way down to logistics and

engineering costs. Those

are defensive moves, but

at the same time, we need

to be offensive as well in

ensuring that even in this

commoditized LCD space,

we continue to bring to

consumers product that is

differentiated in terms of

picture and audio quality,

and the kinds of services

you can access, all the

way down to aesthetic

design. It’s a combination

of defence and offence

that is going to turn the TV

business into profitability. It

is a huge order, but at this

point, we have a roadmap

in place, and at least as

of the first quarter of this

fiscal year that started in

April, I am happy to say

we are ahead of where we

had planned to be on that


Is R&D more important


It absolutely is, and it’s

part of Sony’s DNA. I have

realigned and changed the

R&D organisation, putting

a new management in

place to better align the

R&D goals and objectives

with the product goals

and objectives. This again

needs to be aligned with

the core businesses that I

described. In the past, the

R&D folks were, in a good

way, doing a lot of different

R&D activities outside of

our core businesses, and my

mandate has been to ensure

that for the next years, the

R&D is laser-focused on the

core businesses that help

differentiate Sony.

Design has always been

important for Sony. What

trends are happening


Good question. Over the

years, Sony has always been

at the forefront of industrial

design (ID) aspects of many

products, and we keep

pushing the envelope as

far as ID is concerned. But

as is also the case for a

number of other players,

it’s all about developing the

“total user experience”.

This includes the look and

feel of products at retail,

including the design of

merchandising. How does

the box look? What do

consumers see when they

first open the box? It goes

all the way down to when

you switch a device on for

the first time, what does

the user interface look like,

and how does it add to the

overall experience? How

does the design integrate

with the network services

we provide through those

devices? It’s more about a

user experience rather than

just looking at something

from just an industrial

design perspective.

How important is IFA

Berlin as a "shop-front"

for Sony?

It is a very important event

for Sony, and I also think

for the industry as well,

given the kind of exposure

and coverage it gets and

obviously it has one of the

largest numbers of visitors

of the global CE events.

It’s so very important for

us in terms of getting the

message out about our

strategy and products. We

also get a lot of business

done thanks to discussions

with dealers from Europe,

and even Japan and North

America. Another thing that

is very unique compared to

many other shows is that it

is also open to the general

public and for us, this is

an important mechanism

for getting feedback in

real time for some of the

announcements we make

and some of the products

we display, and that’s quite

helpful, because reactions

can sometimes be different

from the consumers as

opposed to our retail


Hall 4.2

Stand 101

Sony Develops

“Exmor RS,”

Claimed as the

World's First

Stacked CMOS

Image Sensor…

As part of its rekindled

push into the digital

imaging sphere, Sony

Corporation has announced

the commercialisation

of “Exmor RS,” what the

company claims is the

world's first CMOS image

sensor incorporating a

unique, newly-developed

‘stacked structure.’

Shipments will commence

in October. Sony is

introducing three models

of the Exmor RS for

use in smartphones

and tablets, combining

excellent image quality

and advanced functionality

with compact size. Sony

will also launch three

corresponding imaging

modules incorporating

these sensors.

Going forward, Sony says it

will continue to evolve its

digital imaging products,

while aggressively pursuing

the further development

and expansion of its core

“Exmor RS” stacked CMOS

image sensor technologies

and line-up, in order to

deliver increasingly diverse

and user-friendly image

capturing experiences. IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012


Exclusive Interview

Ichiro Kitao

Director, DSC Business

Unit, AVC Networks

Company - Panasonic

Corporation. Ichiro Kitao

was appointed as Director

of DSC Business Unit, AVC

Networks Company in

January 2010. He joined

Panasonic in 1986 and was

engaged in overseas sales

& marketing business in

Video Division. He moved

to DSC Development

Center, precursor of DSC

Business Unit, in October

2002, and took charge

of product planning of

digital still camera and

as a core member stared

Lumix business. He served

as Group Manager of

DSC product planning

from February 2008 to

December 2009.



Panasonic Corporation

is a worldwide leader

in the development

and manufacture of

electronic products in

three business fields,

consumer, components

& devices, and solutions.

Based in Osaka, Japan,

the company recorded

consolidated net sales of

about 72 billion Euros for

the year ended March 31,

2012. Panasonic’s stock

is listed on the Tokyo,

Osaka, Nagoya and New

York (NYSE:PC) Stock


The company has the

vision of becoming the

No. 1 Green Innovation

Company in the Electronics

Industry by the 100th year

of its founding in 2018.

For more information

on Panasonic, its brand

and commitment to

sustainability, visit the

company's website at



I Want My DSLM!

Trends in digital camera business lean towards

mirrorless single lens category

With a slogan “Innovative solutions for a smarter lifestyle”, Panasonic is developing a smart

synergy between its consumer products, electronic business, energy business and the eco area of

their business including home appliances. The approach is that instead of developing standalone

products, the company can provide a complete solution with a combination of products that aim

to make a contribution to peoples' lives. The Lumix camera range is part of this concept, while at

the same time evolving towards the higher-end Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) segment. We

asked Ichiro Kitao, Director of DSC Business Unit, AVC Networks Company how he sees this segment

growing in the next years.

[ Interview by Richard Barnes ]

This is a key market for

growth because in the

compact fixed lens segment

demand is declining,

especially in advanced

markets such as the United

States, Europe and Japan.

On the other hand

for the system camera

(with interchangeable

components), the market

is growing steadily even

in this tough economic

situation. So this is of course

a key category in which to

establish our Lumix range

as a leading camera brand.

The mirror-less market is

now up to almost 50%

of the System camera

market. Do you think

there is going to be one

day when there will no

more mirrors in cameras?

In Japan, 55% of the cameras

we sell are mirror-less. On

a global level, we expect

the mirror-less category to

overtake the DSLR segment

in 3 to 5 years.

You have announced

several new cameras in this

range this summer. What

are the main areas

of development in

these system


The quality of the lens is

important for a system

camera, as it is vital for

the quality of the picture,

so along with our optical

partners, we have developed

excellent technologies to

process the high quality

image that comes from the

“On a global

level, we

expect the


category to

overtake the

DSLR segment

in 3 to 5


top tier lenses we use. So

alongside the lens quality, we

feel that the usability of the

camera is a very important

aspect, as are such factors as

an excellent auto focus and

optimal graphics for the user


For the new ranges

released, there

are also several

new lenses

coming out.

Can you explain

what is different

about them?

There are three new lenses

being released this year and

two of them are very fast

F2.8 lenses, they are very

high performance lenses

even for professionals, but

they are very compact and

lightweight and together

with the new G5 camera,

you can carry them in a tiny


Ichiro Kitao

Director of DSC Business Unit,

AVC Networks Company, Panasonic

High performance lenses are

one of our main priorities

at the moment, so last year

for example we introduced

the Panasonic/Leica 25

1.4 Summilux lens. On the

other hand, we also have a

range of budget lenses that

are compact and also high

quality, and these are our

new 45 and 50 lenses.


Exclusive Interview

So for example if we look

at the new Lumix GX 12-

35mm fast zoom lens

released this year, what is

the target buyer?

High range amateurs and

professionals. It is ideal

for the high-end amateur

who wants to have a

good quality lens. For

nature photography this

is quite important. Sports

photographers also need

higher shutter speeds in

long zoom, so this lens is

also ideal for the sports


I see that a lot of

tourists are now carrying

expensive cameras. Is this

a niche or a trend?

Globally, the trend is going

towards system cameras

with interchangeable

lenses, this is a fast growing

segment of the market. The

market for Digital Single

Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras

is shrinking, and there is

a definite trend for better

and better picture quality,

so the interchangeable high

quality lenses are exactly

what people are looking for.

They give a great narrow

depth of field enabling you

to shoot great pictures.

How difficult has it been

to lower the aperture

ratio on these types of

lenses? Normally you

would need a very ‘fat’

lens, but these new lenses

are very compact...

One important factor is the

sensor size that we use.

With a full-frame sensor, the

lens itself would have to be

bigger. We are also using

many aspherical lenses and

this helps minimize the size.

Of the cameras you have

released this year, is

there a priority for the

European market?

In the system category, it is

definitely the G5. But in the

compact camera segment

it is the FZ200. It is a fixed

lens camera, so the lens is

not interchangeable, but it

is an F2.8 lens with a 24x

zoom, so it has powerful

optics. Among the fixed lens

segment it is the FZ200 that

is the most interesting.

Are you providing support

for retailers to help them

retail these new cameras

as an up sell?

Yes, this is one of our key

elements. To train the

dealers, we need to convince

them about the product

range so that they are

confident when explaining

the benefits to their

customers. Dealer training is

very important for us, so we

visit key retailers for this, and

also invite dealers to special

events. Our approach to

the type of training that we

provide varies from country

to country, but training for

dealers and retailers is most

definitely a major focus.

How will camera

technology evolve and

how will people be using

cameras five years from


In the initial stage of

digital camera evolution,

the camera was a kind of

peripheral of the computer.

So starting with the VGA

(eds: Video Graphics Array)

size, as the amount of

data increased, initially 2-3

million pixels, people began

to see the digital camera as

a replacement for the film

camera. So with the increase

in quality of the digital

camera and the convenience

of not having to develop

film, photography quickly

migrated from film to digital

cameras. The compact size

of digital cameras also made

them more convenient to

use. Now, the smart phone

is having a drastic impact

on photography through

its ability to connect with

social networks. This helps

to create a much wider

interest in photography

and as people realise the

limitations in quality of

smart phone photography,

they start looking at better

quality digital cameras.

This is helping to rapidly

expand the market and the

mirror-less system camera is

an ideal solution for them.

Wi-Fi connectivity

seems to be important

these days. What

other innovations are


Nowadays, there are

many components that

have connectivity with the

Internet; not only

cameras, but

smart TVs and

even home

appliances. So

what matters

most for

new camera

technology is

what kind of

new usage we can

provide in relation to

interconnectivity with

other devices. Today,

young people have lots of

smart phone applications,

so app-driven functionality is

very important.

“(...) along

with our


partners, we

have developed



to process the

high quality

image that

comes from

the top tier

lenses we use


The Lumix app for example

has photo re-modelling

capabilities and remote

control of the camera

including the ability to steer

the camera at a distance

and change the zoom and

shutter speed. Users can

also browse the content

of the camera via their

smartphone and share its

content directly.

Hall 5.2

Stand 101


Panasonic IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012






Mobile Devices


Personal Sound


IFA’s iZone

Sharp Rise In Nomadic


Infrastructure challenged by 10 billion connected devices




The summer of 2012 has seen

significant growth in online sport

viewing. Meanwhile, tablet and

smartphone demand will push 2012

touch-screen revenues to $16bn,

with 69% of users using their

tablets to read the news.

According to a recent study by Gartner,

people have begun to use media tablets for

daily personal activities, such as checking

email (81% of respondents),

reading the news (69%),

checking the weather

forecast (63%), social

networking (62%)

and gaming


Tablet sales in Q2 grew more than 80%

year on year to reach 24 million units,

according to Futuresource Consulting’s

Tablet Tracking report. Futuresource

Consulting also predicts that the tablet

market will reach approximately 120 million

units by the end of 2012. The long-term

prospects for the tablet industry are also positive,

with strong growth expected until 2016. This will

be driven by a widening array of mobile content for

tablets, including

apps, declining

prices and product

replacement, as

consumers look

to update and


“The rapid adoption of media tablets is

substantively changing how consumers

access, create and share content,” said

Carolina Milanesi, Research Vice-President at

Gartner. ”The survey found that more than

50% of media-tablet owners prefer to read

news, magazines and books on screen, rather

than on paper. On average, one in three

respondents used their media tablets to read

a book, compared with 13% for mobile PCs,

and 7% for mobile phones.”

According to Interxion, increasingly techsavvy

consumers placed unprecedented

demands on London’s IT infrastructure

this summer. Nationally, one of the biggest

contributors to the internet surge was the

BBC, which provided live coverage from

multiple sporting events. The footage,

streamed to computers across the UK, helped

to generate in excess

of a terabit (1 trillion

bits) per second of

traffic at peak times.

In related news, total

touch-screen module

revenue will nearly

double in the coming

six years, reaching

$31.9bn by 2018,

according to NPD


2012 Touch

Panel Market Analysis. Growth is being

driven by increased demand for devices such

as iPads and other tablets, smartphones, and

the emerging notebook PC designs. Tablets

are expected to be the growth driver for the

mobile PC market over the next few years.

npD DisplaySearch also predicts that tablet

shipments will surpass notebook shipments

in 2016. Overall mobile PC shipments are

expected to grow from 347 million units in

2012 to over 809 million by 2017.

For the smaller mobile screen, smartphones

will generate $20bn in aftermarket accessory

revenues in 2012, accounting for more

than half of the $36bn that all aftermarket

handset accessories will produce. By 2017,

smartphone accessories will grow to $38bn

in revenues.

Global OEM connected car-system penetration is expected to increase

from 11.4% in 2012 to 60.1% in 2017. While penetration in the US and

Western Europe will exceed 80% by 2017,

developing regions will also see strong




increases in telematics penetration in new

vehicles, largely driven by Brazil and Russia.

Dominique Bonte, ABI Research’s Vice-

President and Practice, Navigation,

Telematics and M2M, said: “In-car

connectivity is quickly transforming the automotive industry, enabling passive

and active safety and security, and offering infotainment and connectedlifestyle

services to consumers… However, the two main issues the

automotive industry continues to face are cost and lack of awareness.”

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012




Smartphones Command 40% Growth

Numerous factors drive significant market change

The global smartphone market continues to witness significant growth, reaching almost 500 million units sold in 2011 and on

track to grow more than 40% in 2012, says David Sidebottom, Senior Consultant, Digital Media, Futuresource Consulting.

Many underlying factors have

contributed to smartphone

market growth, including

the consumer’s desire to

always be connected, the

emergence of sub $150

devices combined with highend

flagship devices, strong

operator and manufacturer

marketing campaigns and

continuous improvement

in the range and quality of

content and apps. Personal

penetration is expected to

reach one in every two people

in many developed markets,

fuelled by the increasing

importance of the device’s

role in consumers’ everyday

lives. Lower-priced devices,

predominantly powered by

Android operating systems,

are driving growth in the

youth segment and are

crucial in the development

of emerging markets, which

should account for 20% of

total smartphone sales in


Futuresource forecasts for

this year predict that over

65% of all smartphones

sold in emerging markets

will be new sales, with

the remainder being

replacement and upgrade.

The total installed base of

mobile handsets, which

includes smartphones and

standard feature handsets,

grew to more than 1.5

billion units in 2011, with

handsets expected to

top 1.6 billion in 2012.

Despite an overwhelming

surge in smartphone sales

and a gradual decline in

uptake, standard feature

“65% of all


sold in


markets will

be new sales”

handsets still account for

over 50% of all handsets.

By 2016, these devices will

account for over a third of

the total handset market.

The UK has established

itself as the leading global

market for smartphones

in terms of penetration,

with Futuresource forecasts

indicating penetration of

70% in 2012. Heavy operator

and retail promotions, a wide

availability and range of

devices, higher technology

and gadget adoption have

contributed heavily to this

healthy market landscape.

High uptake amongst the

youth sector has also been

important, with social

networking seen as an

important driver.

In Germany, demand for lowend

devices remains strong

and SIM-only and SIMfree

markets are growing

in significance. Doubledigit

smartphone growth is

expected through to 2015,

with penetration on track

to exceed 50% in the latter

half of 2012. Economic

uncertainty and shifts to

longer contract lengths are

putting a barrier on sales

across other markets in

western Europe, particularly

in Italy and Spain. Despite

this, smartphone sales in

Italy are expected to grow

by over 30% in 2012, due

the country’s strong mobile

culture. Moving forwards,

some manufacturers

are ultilising quad core

processors in devices to

differentiate products.

Others are developing the

increasingly popular larger

screen smartphones known

as ‘phablets’ as the tablet

market continues to grow.

% Personal Penetration, 2011 @ 2012 Futuresource Consulting Ltd



Smartphone Ownership: selected world markets








UK USA Denmark Western




France Spain Germany Japan Italy China India


Special Feature

Hama Activity Pods – the Sporty

Nomad’s View of the World

Nowadays, even the smallest

compact cameras have built-in

video functions, but just as with

larger models, recording with

a handheld camera rarely turns

out well. A small tripod is always

helpful, but it’s a must-have if you

want to film from a motorcycle, car

or bicycle. With the Activity Pod

line, Hama is introducing five new

tripods to meet these requirements.

The Activity Pod TB 6 and Activity

Pod TF 14 are especially designed

for attaching cameras to the pipes

The new Blaupunkt radio range is

intended to meet every budget and

expectation, with a special emphasis

on introductory models and midrange

vehicles including standardised

DIN connectors and face plates for

the most common car models.

The Melbourne 120, London 120

and Helsinki 220 BT, are designed for

music files from mass storage devices

and MP3 players, and feature an

auxiliary input, a USB port, as well as

an SD card reader on the Melbourne

120. They also support standard

music playback formats such as

and handlebars of mountain bikes

or motorbikes, and are compatible

with cameras with ¼-inch standard

threads. They feature a corkcoated

quick-release plate with a

4-point locking system so that you

can quickly and easily remove your

camera from the tripod when the

ride is over. Both models allow the

user to tilt and rotate the cameras,

and the TF 14 tripod has a flexible

swan neck for even more camera

positioning options.

» HALL 10.2 / STAND 101

London Calling

The London 120

WMA or MP3.

The Helsinki 220 BT also features

Bluetooth and with an existing

connection to a cell phone,

smartphone or – on the Helsinki 220

and BT London 120 models – to an

iPhone, enables hands-free operation

via an internal microphone and

the car speakers. Function keys are

reduced to the absolute essentials

and intuitively arranged, meaning

that the driver's concentration is

always on the road.

» HALL 3.2 / STAND 114

A Touch Of Class

The Bazoo brand’s USP is

colourful designs and unusual

decorative elements. The new

Universal Sleeves are made from

genuine suede, which results in

soft cases that offer a special

tactile experience. The emphasis

is not solely on the design, but

on the handling and safety of

your mobile phone. Thanks to the

EasyRelease feature with

automatic retraction

and holding

magnets, the


is easy to

remove, but is

safely held in the

case, with the soft

lining protecting against

scratches. Bazoo sleeves

The Activity Pod TB 6

are made by hand and the suede

is tanned without toxic and

chemical additives. The sleeves

are available in seven fashionable

colours including black, grey,

violet, green, red, and orange.

» HALL 3.2 / STAND 138

Bazoo’s suede sleeves


Pioneer has developed a

novel system for bikes,

called ‘Potter Navi’. As

it's name suggests, the

device is designed to aid

the cyclist in ‘pottering’

around. The device has

a speed indicator and is

able to tell you how many

calories you are burning

and your heart rate. It

carries a broad range of

PIO's and includes weather

forecasts, news and sports

updates, thanks to a

communication module.

» HALL 1.2 / STAND 144

Pioneer’s Potter PND

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012




Sound Quality

Driving Audio

Boom Says


The audio segment is

particularly interesting

at the moment, a

point highlighted by

GfK’s Juergen Boyny,

Global Director for GfK

Consumer Electronics GfK

Retail and Technology.

“People have thousands

of titles on their

smartphones, MP3

players and PCs, and

in some cases on an

entertainment server or

in the cloud,” said Boyny.

“But now they want to

listen to that music in

the living room, and they

want excellent quality.

So the challenge is to

provide the same level

of access with a much

better sound quality than

you would get from a

portable device.”

Boyny added that there is

a move towards docking

and streaming. “But

in quite an advanced

form and with excellent

sound quality,” he said.

“Companies such as BMW

are already providing this

sort of service, and there

is Apple’s Airplay, but

the driving factor is that

people are once again

interested in listening to

music of a much higher


First To The Finish

From street sounds to sports,

Sennheiser unveils new lines

Sennheiser has announced that DJ

legend Bob Sinclair has been chosen

as its first global endorser, for the

new Amperior headphones, part of its

lifestyle range.

Sinclair said he has used Sennheiser

headphones since the start of his

career at 18. “I want people on the

streets to experience with the Amperior

what I myself experience when I DJ

when I produce, when I listen to the

music that I not only make, but that

inspires me,” said Sinclair. “Sennheiser

creates a professional quality of sound

for every day, and is the best in the


The Amperior headphones are based

on Sennheiser’s HD 25 DJ headphones,

and come in silver or blue aluminium

finish. They are among a raft of

new products being showcased by

Sennheiser at IFA 2012.

These products include the new ear

canal headset CX 890i, which feature a

glass-like finish with metal detailing to

create a distinctive, minimalistic style.

Sennheiser has also launched the MX

985 and the CX 985 earphones, which

feature metal sculpted components.

IFA 2012 also sees the launch of

two new headphone amplifiers, the

digital HDVD 800 and the analogue

HDVA 600. These offer a balanced

sound image, maximum precision

and impressive spatiality. The HDVD

800 features an extra high-quality

Burr-Brown digital/analogue converter

that converts digital audio data into

analogue signals with a resolution

of 24 bits and a sampling rate of up

to 192 kHz. This enables the HDVD

800 to transmit the entire frequency

spectrum of high-end audio sources

without any loss of frequencies.

Sennheiser has also turned its attention

towards the sports market, partnering

with Adidas to launch a new earphone

series. Five models have been designed

and tested by professional athletes.

The new earphones – the PX 685i,

PMX 685i, MX 685, OCX 685i and

CX 685 – promise premium sound,

excellent fit and a high resistance

against external influences such as

water, sweat or cold.

“We were especially delighted with

the positive feedback regarding the

sound performance,” said Daniel

Chee, Product Manager at Sennheiser

Consumer Electronics.

”Many athletes complimented the

earphone’s clear sound and bass


» HALL 1.2 / STAND 127

Sennheiser has

partnered with

Adidas to produce

sports headphones

such as the

PMX 685i




new HDVD 800




Special Feature

The Starck Choice

Parrot’s designer headphones packed with innovation

Hearing it for Zik: Designer Phillipe Starck (left) and Parrot’s Henri Seydoux listen

[ by Mark Dezzani ]

Intended as the

ultimate headphones

for smartphone users,

Zik by Parrot are styled

by design guru Philippe


Pioneer’s Steez range of

products is the company’s

first-ever line of “serious

dance gear”.

Built to inspire dancers,

DJs and anyone involved

with urban street-dance

culture, the range includes

headphones and three music

players — the Crew, the Duo

and the Solo. Steez offers a

number of USPs, including

features for training,

rehearsing and competing

The man behind the

technology, Henri Seydoux,

CEO and Founder of

Parrot, says that the Zik

headphones are crammed

with features for a total

listening experience. "For

Pioneer’s Steez Offers

all the Right Moves

in dance competitions.

By combining high-powered

audio performance with

an exclusive dance EQ, the

range delivers everything

the modern, proactive music

fan could ask for. Features

include the ability to slow

the music down in order

to learn moves — and,

of course, speeded up to

provide an extreme test for

any dancer.

The players are also intended

the first time, a headset

brings all of the features

expected by smartphone

users — noise-cancellation

technology, Bluetooth and

cable for when the battery is

empty, intuitive ergonomics

with a touch panel and

sensors, and powerful DSP

algorithms to make the

sound very natural."

One of the design features

incorporated by Starck is

the touch sensitive panel on

the side of the headphones

that enable control of the

music with a deft touch

of the hand. "It makes

the design more elegant

without the need for knobs

or buttons," Starck says.

On his working relationship

with Starck, Seydoux adds:

to be used in dance battles,

with Steez acting as the

emcee, adding voice prompts

and countdown. Users can

also set a cue point in order

to return to a specific place

in a song, or use 8-beat

skip to go forwards or

backwards by eight counts

to create custom loops.

Steez can also intensify the

rhythm, allowing dancers to

punctuate their moves.

» HALL 1.2 / STAND 144

rehearsing and competing The players are also intended » HALL 1.2 / STAND 144

"We are old friends and

have worked together for a

long time. It took us three

years to develop the Zik.

Philippe is very patient —

he completely redesigned

the headset three times."

Unique audio features

include ‘spatialisation’

and a concert-hall effect.

"Spatialisation gives the

impression that the sound

is coming from in front of

you, like when you listen

to a band on stage. The

concert-hall effect gives the

acoustic feel of a jazz club

or an opera hall," Seydoux

says. Commenting on his

expectations for the Zik

at IFA, he adds: "I hope

people will appreciate what

we do in digital acoustics.

We believe there is room

for creativity in designing

headsets and speakers

using chips with hundred of


» HALL 1.2 / STAND 127

The Steez Duo: compact, rugged and original

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012




The Sound of 50 Cent

Quality is everything in the 21 st century

headphone wars

SMS Audio is a premier audio headphone and accessories brand, dedicated to improving the way people experience music. The

company aims to bring the highest calibre of sound, comfort and fashion to every product. Brian Nohe, President and Partner,

explains why SMS is not just another celebrity endorsement vehicle…

We are different because

this company is owned by

a world-famous musician,

50 Cent, who wanted to

create the best possible

listening experience instead

of just lending his name to

a manufacturer. Hence the

name SMS, which stands

for Studio Mastered Sound.

This is a guarantee of

superior sound quality.

What are you introducing

at IFA?

We are introducing our new

Street by 50 On-Ear Wired

Headphones and the new

Street by 50 DJ Style Wired

Headphones. Of course,

this is our first European

show and we are looking

forward to connecting with

our current and potential


How do the headphones

differ from competing

products in the same


Better sound quality and

superior components,

including our own

technology and Kleer

Wireless Audio Technology.

Plus, we have the

considerable advantage

of 50 Cent backing all

promotion activities, which

is great marketing support

for buyers and retailers.

What are your main

objectives in terms of

projections of volume

of orders and new

distribution partners?

The products launched in

the USA in January, and we

started the global launch

of the brand in April. Since

then, we have experienced

tremendous success and we

are now expanding further

in Europe and the Middle

East. Both regions are

extremely well represented

at IFA, so the event is the

natural place to see and be


» HALL 15 / STAND 133

50 Cent & Brian Nohe, President and Partner,

SMS Audio

“We are


because this


is owned

by a worldfamous


– 50 Cent –

who wanted

to create the

best possible



TDK’s 3 Speaker Boombox


TDK Life on Record brings the original

music-culture icon back to life in its 3

Speaker Boombox. Combining dynamic

sound performance, premium surfaces

and features, the system allows users to

customise their favourite sounds. A 6-inch

subwoofer driver and two 6-inch coaxial

drivers deliver full-range sound with a bold,

retro look. An innovative equalizer gives

the music a visual heartbeat, while touchsensitive

buttons offer simple and intuitive

control. Inputs include USB, 3.5mm and auxiliary ports that

connect an iPod, iPhone, smartphone or USB flash drive. Guitars

and microphones also plug straight in.

» HALL 17 / STAND 117 » HALL 16 / STAND 201


Special Feature

Spreading the Word

The Kobo Touch e-reader

— any place, any time, any device

Kobo comes to IFA with its award-winning Kobo Touch, the sleek, chic,

customisable e-reader that is revolutionising the consumer experience.

Mr Todd Humphrey, Kobo’s Executive Vice-President of Business

Development, runs through the Kobo Touch’s USPs…

Our open-platform vision

has enabled us to bring

e-reading to virtually any

smartphone, tablet or

desktop computer. We

believe that, when you buy

an ebook, it is yours and

that you should be able to

read it any time, any place

and on any device you


The Kobo Touch device

offers readers a natural

no-glare responsive e-ink

touch screen that is

lightweight and easy to

travel with. It comes in four

colour varieties with Kobo’s

signature soft-quilted back.

Customers can also engage

with Kobo’s application

Reading Life, which is

an industry-first social

e-reading experience that

enables Kobo customers to

earn awards simply for time

spent reading. Through

Kobo Pulse and Facebook,

readers can also share

their favourite passages via

social media and chat with

other fans within the book


Kobo has top-ranked

e-reading applications for

iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry,

Android, Windows and Mac

OS, and is the e-reading

application of choice for

the leading tablet OEMs.

Where is Kobo Touch


It’s new to many markets

in Europe, including Italy,

where we’ve recently

launched with our partner

Mondadori. But it’s now

available in Germany,

France, the UK, the

Netherlands, the US,

Canada, Australia, New

Zealand, Japan, Austria,

Switzerland and Japan,

along with Kobo’s free

e-reading applications,

which are available

anywhere in the world.

Can you give us any

facts and


Within the

first two

weeks of

Todd Humphrey

Kobo’s Todd Humphrey: “one

of the largest e-reading

catalogues in the world”

launching in Japan, we sold

more than 100,000 Kobo

Touch e-readers. With Italy

coming on board, and Spain

and Brazil planned this year,

we expect to replicate this

success around the world.

We represent 60 languages

in our growing catalogue

of over three million ebook

titles — one of the largest

e-reading catalogues in the


» HALL 15 / STAND 133

Yifang’s Surprise for

the Era of Touch Screen

Yifang Digital of China

comes to IFA as one of the

leading developers and

suppliers of Android Tablets

worldwide. They continue

to offer well designed

consumer electronics

products including a highly

innovative digital pen and

media tablets, all developed

by its team of more than

500 R&D engineers and

programmers. Sales

Director Kenny Hua tells

IFA International what the

company will be showing at

IFA 2012…

What are you introducing

at IFA?

Yifang´s wide portfolio of

over 60 worldwide patents

covering ultrasonic digital

pen technology and other

product lines lets them

offer a variety of devices

and products in line with

this year’s market trends.

Touch8, a smart peripheral,

is designed for Windows OS

8 which works with all PC

touch screens. CloudMemo

is a smart pen that enables

handwritten notes to be

auto-synced with the cloud

(and the XN303i model, a

digital pen with Bluetooth to

Kenny Hua

Sales Director Yifang Digital

sync the users’ handwriting

notes to iPhone, iPad,

Android phones, Androidbased

tablet, Blackberry, and

PCs. Yifang introduces the

e-Schoolbag product series

- combining an Android

tablet with a digital pen

- which has proved to be

very popular already. We are

also introducing many new

models of Android-based

tablets including a model

with a Qualcomm solution

for 3G and has a dual-core


» HALL 17 / STAND 121


A pressing question for iPad users

who want to use their device in

wet situations is how to protect it?

Hama has produced a solution for

anyone who wants to use an iPad

in the pool, the ocean, or the ski

slope — or even in the shower. The

waterproof silicone case has multiple

sealing flaps to protect all three iPad

generations in up to 10 metres of

water. The back of the cover has a

handle that can be adjusted to the

size of your hand using a hook and

loop fastener.

» HALL 10.2 / STAND 101

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012


Special Feature

Mobile Goes Back to Basics

emporia telecom offers elegant, minimal and

functional mobile devices for older users

Having staked its reputation on intuitive, user-friendly, convenient and

quality mobile phone designs, award-winning emporia telecom promises

more back-to-basics mobile phone innovation, says CEO and owner Eveline


This year we are not only

introducing our latest

easy-to-use mobile phone

generation but also new

services solutions from

our emergency services

partners, which – combined

with our products – provide

GPS-tracked rescue services

and general support

through dispatch centres.

We are also proud to

introduce our innovative

web-based platform called

emporia4care, our new user

interface with easy-to-use

functions and configuration

options. emporia4care

allows the user, family or a

service provider to access

the GPS localisation or

maintain different emporia

products by using remote

servicing. Emporia4care

helps seniors to stay

connected with family and


How does it differ from

competing products in

the same category?

In line with our commitment

to ‘simplify your

communication’, emporia

product development places

particular value on quality,

user-friendliness, service

and design. Therefore,

every product offers

outstanding user comfort

and embodies the emporia

policy of providing simple

telephony for everyone

without stigmatising the


What are your key

objectives at IFA?

We are looking forward to

interesting conversations

with distribution partners as

well as with our customers.

IFA offers a broad variety

of valuable and inspiring

contacts on an international

level. Above all, we enjoy

the direct link to our

customers to discuss new

developments and current

requests, gaining important

feedback from our target


» HALL 9 / STAND 309

“Every product

offers outstanding

user comfort and

embodies the

emporia policy of

providing simple


Odoyo Mixes i-form with i-function

The arrival of tablet devices

has not only revolutionised

communications, but it

has also created an entire

ecosystem of support

services and accessories.

ODOYO’s Aircoat offers a stylish and functional iPad case

One company that has

made this area its own is

ODOYO, which began life

in 2003 as a manufacturer

of MP3 devices before

diversifying into Apple

accessories. Nine

years on, it is one of the

market leaders in cases,

skins, chargers and other

accessories for the iconic

US brand.

Fast turnaround speed is

one of ODOYO’s strengths.

In terms of delivery, its

designs can pass through

the manufacturing process

to point-of-sale within three


Long Shen, ODOYO's

Managing Director, said the

company’s ability to bring

product to market promptly

is especially crucial for

the Apple market, where

product life cycles can be

short. "We work hand in

hand with our partners,"

Long Shen added. "And

we collaborate in three key

areas: speed of response,

style, and research and


ODOYO is also committed to

standout design. Its design

teams in the US and Japan

have been responsible for

creating numerous stylish

and functional product

lines, such as the Aircoat

iPad case.

But design is also about



want protection for their

devices and they also

want convenience and

cutting-edge design,” Long

Shen said. "We combine

functionality with lifestyle."

Since the launch of the iPad

two year’s ago, ODOYO

has established itself as an

Apple-affiliated brand, with

a strong retail presence at

the Apple Store, with Apple

re-sellers and at other highstreet

outlets in markets

across the globe.

» HALL 16 / STAND 204


Pioneer Europe has unveiled the 2012 AppRadio,

its newest smartphone-powered in-vehicle audio

system. Pioneer’s SPH-DA100 contains all the

features of the original AppRadio, but is compatible

with Android smartphones equipped with either the

Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) or a micro HDMI

connection. This expansion means the SPH-DA100

supports both of the most popular smartphone

platforms and provides a solution for integrating

these devices safely and easily into vehicles.

» HALL 1.2 / STAND 144

Pioneer’s new SPH-DA100 AppRadio

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012






Halls Plan








Hall 14.1



Hall 14.1 - Stand 308


Hall 15.1 - Stand 132

Hall 15.1



Special Feature

iZone Offers One-Stop

i-shop for Accessories

© Navjack

Launched at IFA in 2010, the iZone is

exclusively for companies — large and

small — that manufacture accessories for

iPhone, iPods and iPads.

The iZone, which was the first marketing

platform in Europe dedicated exclusively to

iPhone and iPad accessories, immediately

attracted exhibitors from Europe, Asia

and the US. It has successfully showcased

products from the rapidly expanding world

of Macs, iPhones, apps, networked devices

and accessories.

In its first two years, most of the iZone’s

exhibitors were newcomers to IFA and were

extremely satisfied, reporting excellent

business. Once again this year, producers

of software and applications, distributors

and manufacturers of accessories will be

offering their solutions to the booming

iTech market.

IFA has successfully integrated the latest

trends from the world of i-products and

e-media,” says Jens Heithecker, Executive

Director of IFA.

“Every aspect of the IFA iZone has been

carefully planned to provide an attractive

display for the general public and for trade

visitors. The keen demand for this new

concept by companies from Europe, Asia

and the US confirms its effectiveness.”

» HALL 14.1 / 15.1 / 16

The IFA iZone: dedicated

to iPhone, iPod and iPad


Clever with Accessories

Navjack takes its ‘sculpted essentials’

into Europe

Alongside its accessories for Apple

products, Navjack is introducing new

product lines for Samsung and HTC devices

in 2012. Navjack President Jack Chen tells

IFA International what we can expect to

see from the Taiwanese manufacturer…

We are dedicated to offering accessories for

Apple, Samsung and HTC products. Our brand

spirit can be summed up as ‘sculpted essentials’.

We believe every material contains a sculpture,

and that our task is merely to discover its essence.

How is the mobile accessories sector


Our advantage is offering distinctive protective

cases, such as the Vellum and Matrix series, and

other 3C accessories, such as the Corium series

of external speakers, power banks and headset

dust caps. We are driven to keep designing ever

more unique cases and accessories.

What geographical areas are the most

interesting for you at the moment?

Navjack’s business has developed well in the

Middle East and Russia. Our main objective at

IFA is to find suitable partners with whom to

extend and develop our presence across the

entire European market.

» HALL 15.1 / STAND 111


Elgato has unveiled the EyeTV Mobile, a redesigned,

smaller model of its DVB-T TV Tuner designed to fit

the iPad’s and iPhone’s dock connector. It is also

debuting EyeTV Micro, an ultra-compact DVB-T

TV Tuner for Android smartphones and tablets.

Also on display at this year’s IFA is the Game

Capture HD, Elgato's simple and stylish solution for

recording and sharing PlayStation or Xbox gameplay

using a Mac or PC. Features include innovative

hardware design, a powerful H.264 encoder and

software tailored to gamers’ needs, making it easier

to record, edit and share gameplay videos than ever


» HALL 15.1 / STAND 111

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012



Special Feature









The global demand for

smartphones continues

unabated, in spite of the

continued difficult economic

climate prevailing in many

countries. According to

GfK, more than 650 million

smartphones have been

sold, representing an

increase of around 50%

year-on-year. This growth

has disadvantaged feature


In many west European

countries, significantly

more smartphones than

feature phones are already

being sold, and so for

manufacturers, this means

that a range of attractive

smartphones is an absolute

must. On the other

hand, if manufacturers

position themselves in the

dwindling feature phone

market where the profit

margins are also lower,

they will come to a dead

end sooner or later.

Particularly in the case

of the more expensive

mobiles, consumers are

almost exclusively buying

smartphones. This means

that smartphones costing

in excess of €150 now

account for at least 80% of

global mobile phone sales.

Conversely, in the emerging

economies and developing

countries, more feature

phones are still being

sold at present. However,

the share attributable to

smartphones is growing at

a significantly faster rate,

since on the one hand,

purchasing power in these

countries is rising and on

the other, there tends to be

a burgeoning middle class.

New Jackets Required

Artwizz focuses on new

iPhone 4/4S colourlines

Founded in 2004, Berlin-based Artwizz has become

a popular brand for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac

accessories, both in Germany and throughout Europe.

Artwizz General Manager Michael Eden tells IFA

International how it happened…

We always aim to make highquality,

user-friendly, stylish

products, and I believe that’s

why Artwizz accessories are

highly regarded by customers

worldwide. Artwizz fuses new

ideas and modern technology

into innovative accessories for

Apple devices and other smart

phones. And, in line, with the

rise in popularity of all types

of smartphones, the variety

and range of our products has


You are one of only a few

companies based in Berlin

to be present at IFA. Tell us

more about the background

of Artwizz…

When I started to

work for Artwizz

in 2004, the

company was

basically only a

name and a logo.

I remember very

well the first time I

saw the iPod Mini

around that time.

I immediately

knew I had

stumbled on a

great opportunity

for Artwizz. And I

was right — I very

quickly started to

love my work.

The Artwizz AluClip

What are key products for


Our main focus for this year’s IFA

is our colourline for the iPhone

4/4S — the SeeJacket Clip Light,

the Leather Pouch Nubuck and

the Artwizz AluClip. Generally

speaking, people simply want

more colours.

What are Artwizz’s USPs?

High-quality materials, userfriendly

products and good

post-sales support are the

most important things for us.

Sustainability is a big part

of your message. Why?

I think that’s the only way to

guarantee the future of the


How do you

anticipate new

Apple products?

That must be

pretty difficult…

The best way to be

prepared is simply

to think the same

way Apple does.

You have to ask:

“What would

Apple want to

create and what

are they able to


» HALL 15.1 / STAND 119





The Wireless Qi Charging

Mat and Charging Sleeves for

iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy

S II conform to the Qi Wireless

Charging Specification, a wireless

technology standard that has been

adopted by many manufacturers

to allow for wireless charging with

Qi-compatible electronic devices.

Users simply insert the iPhone 4

or Samsung Galaxy S II into

the respective Charging

Sleeve, place the phone

onto the Charging Mat,

and the phone will charge

automatically and wirelessly.

No external cables,

connectors or docking is

required and the iPad 2 can

still be used while charging.

The Wireless Charging Set for iPad 2 » HALL 17 / STAND 103


Mophie, a developer of solutions that allow consumers

to do more with their mobile devices, is debuting its

action sports camera, Outride, a combination app and

hardware that puts the power to record and share

tricks, tracks, rides, and epic moments in the hands

of action sports enthusiasts, using only their iPhone.

Outride eliminates the need for dedicated video or

camera devices by harnessing the existing features of

the iPhone and adding the hardware and software for

all-in-one filming, editing and sharing. Outride hardware

is waterproof and impact resistant, incorporates a wideangle

lens and comes bundled with a variety of custom mounts

to capture action shots in the surf, snow, dirt or concrete.

» HALL 15.1 / STAND 137



IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012


spotlight on



Dragon Tales

Close-up on top exhibitors from China

China is attracting more and more attention as it flexes its industrial muscle in the international arena.

IFA is of course an ideal platform to study this evolution.

A visit to the home appliance

zone allows one to measure

the advances being made

by Chinese manufacturers

in competition with the

European majors such as

BSH, AEG Electrolux or

Miele who continue to be

the uncontestable leaders

in the field. This being the

case, the ambitions of Haier

in this sector are by no

means ambiguous.

In the field of television,

TCL and Thomson (also

manufactured by TCL) are

making a solid push into

the European scene and are

causing the market to sit up

and pay attention. To this

end, TCL now benefits from

full vertical integration since

the opening of its China

Star LCD fab (Gen 8.5) near

Shenzhen late last year.

Also at IFA, the special

awards ceremony for

Chinese household

appliance manufacturers

will spotlight key players

– and will be fully covered

in our Monday edition. PC

Manufacturer Lenovo has

proven that despite tough

economic times, it’s still

possible to turn a profit,

increasing net income year

on year in financial Q1 by

35 percent. Don’t miss

our report on their news

conference – and latest

products – also in our

Monday (day 4) edition.

In the mobile field, TCL has

re-invented the Alcatel One

Touch brand and is in the

process of creating a new

power base in Europe, while

for its part, Huawei this

year is present at IFA with

a vastly expanded range of

consumer products.

Huawei Powers with New Products at IFA

The Chinese ICT giant is no

stranger to blazing trails

in new territory. If one

goes back in time to the

beginning of Huawei, its

background was actually

in localisation. “When

people think of China they

think of one big country,

and that everyone is the

same there,” says Lars-

Christian Weisswange -

Vice President, EU Terminal

- Huawei Device Co. “But

actually China is more like

the European Union than

like the US, because you

have many dialects and

many different cultures


3D Laptop with screen

there. Huawei started their

business on the network

side by going into China

and localising products and

services for the regional

operators. Because that was

so successful, Huawei could

go into the metropolitan

areas; so once this could

be mastered in China, there

was no reason it could not

be successful in the rest of

the world. We are strongly

pushing this localisation

approach throughout our


Weisswange has been

involved in the mobile

industry since 1995,

working for

a major


then O2


t h e i r

smartphone portfolio),

then working on brand

establishment for Samsung

and HTC (where he

was strongly involved in

building up the HTC brand

in Europe), completely from

scratch. He then moved

to Huawei in 2011, and

is tasked with taking the

brand to the top three

within a few years.

This “very” European

professional is one of a

number that are creating

a new kind of synergy

with Chinese “mother

companies”, ensuring

an intelligent flow of

information back to R&D in

order that products match

with consumer demand.

Huawei is set to take

advantage of a new

operator scenario in Europe

that will favour increased

handset value. “Even in a

strongly subsidised market

like the UK, Germany, and

to some extent France, the

behaviour of the operators

is changing,” says


“We now

have, in

France, for

example, the 19,99 euro

contract from Free, which

has upset the market

considerably. German

operators have picked up on

the same price mark as well

now, and that obviously

leads to questions as to

if and how they continue

their subsidy for devices. If

the subsidy for devices is

reduced, then obviously for

us it is easier to explain our

value proposition.”

For Huawei, IFA is a key

moment of the year. They

have announced 6 major

new products this year –

four new Ascend series

smartphones, crossing all

manner of uses, and two

new tablets – the MediaPad

7 Lite (a new entry level

model) and the MediaPad

10 FHD (Full HD).

Hall 9

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Lars-Christian Weisswange

Vice President,

EU Terminal - Huawei Device Co.


China is

more like the


Union than

like the US,

because you

have many


and many




IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012


spotlight on



TCL Corporation

releases a 26-inch

intelligent cloud

product named the


THE iCE SCREEN creates

a new form of consumer

electronic products and

redefines the intelligent

cloud and digital

screens, according to

TCL Corporation. The iCE

SCREEN is the fruition of

a successful collaboration

between TCL Corporation

and leading Chinese

integrated internet service

provider Tencent.

iCE SCREEN is the first

large-screen mobile

intelligent cloud product in

the world, TCL claims. With

four core applications – a

large portable screen, a

high-speed video player,

a stylish music and photo

album and high-definition

video communications

— the product offers

consumers “the ultimate

3C (communication,

computer and consumer

electronics) experience”.

Installed in iCE SCREEN is

an independent operating

system, which enables

internet connectivity,

offering users audiovisual,

music, photo album, game,

communications and many

other major intelligent

cloud applications. It is also

equipped with a portable

power source and features

a slim design, for easy

movement and storage. The

iCE SCREEN offers a highquality

screen, and cloud

resources and portability.

[ Interview by Richard Barnes ]

How is the TCL TV brand

evolving in Europe?

We are progressively

introducing the brand

throughout Europe. It is

currently in six countries

and it is developing rather

well. We positioned this as

an entry-level brand with a

full range of screen sizes.

And we made a strategic

decision to offer only LED

solutions with this range.

How are you positioning

the TCL and Thomson

brands in Europe?

The challenge we have

— which is also an

advantage — is that we

have two brands and two

positionings. Thomson is

a well-established brand,

while we offer TCL as an

entry-level brand. If you

consider the consumers

that we are targeting, for

Thomson we are more

aiming at well-established

families and, let’s say, midto-higher

income levels. And

with TCL we are targeting

younger populations —

the 25-35 age group.

And also, to sustain our

positioning, we are offering

coloured solutions. We

have launched a range of

customised models whereby

you can select the colour

that you want to match

your interiors. And we have

launched some models with

easy-to-use remote controls.

We are taking two different

tracks for the two brands;

we are also helping our

distributors to position the

two brands on the shelf.

Thomson, the European

TV brand you licensed

some years ago, seems

to be making a big come

back at the moment. Can

you tell us more?

We are in a somewhat

luxurious position in

the sense that we are

continuously experiencing

two-digit growth. I think the


TCL Beats Downturn and

Enjoys Growth

Technology and two-level branding are keys

to TCL’s success

TCL’s Senior Vicepresident,


Didier Juin talks to

IFA International

editor-in-chief about

the company’s new

products, its branding

strategy and the

importance of IFA to

both …

Didier Juin

Senior Vice-president, General Manager, Europe

Business Center at TCL Multimedia Technology

breakthrough for us came

in the second half of last

year when we were able

to position large screens at

competitive prices. We have

been able, for example, to

position the 55-inch model

just below the magic price

of €1000. We have also

been introducing a large

number of new designs and

the latest state-of-the art

technology. All our largescreen

models are LED, so

that’s a breakthrough in

terms of positioning for the

large-screen market. We

have also launched models in

white, which has been quite

a success, and we are glad to

see that our key competitors

have done the same. So that

has indeed brought us to the

Nº3 brand in Spain, one of

the Top 5 in France and in a

number of markets we have

grown at a two-digit pace —

which is news that we enjoy,

but which also motivates us

to work harder and bring a

new range of models that

we will also present at IFA.

What will be your key

products on show at IFA


We are showing our new

range of smart TVs with a

package of features offering

connectivity to consumers.

We are also introducing our

new large-screen LED model,

and a new smart TV range

by which you can receive

content as well as watch

television. These models

can also be connected to all

kinds of equipment.

How important is IFA

for you as a platform to

promote your brands and


IFA is a key event for us. It’s

a unique opportunity on

the one hand to show our

products to end-users and

consumers, and to meet our

distributors. We really pay a

lot of attention to ensure that

we promote our products in

the most optimal way, and

that we display our product in

the most attractive manner. It

is a unique opportunity and

we are definitely committed

to participate at IFA for the

long term. We are always

at the same location at IFA,

which also is a strong sign

that we are here for the long


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spotlight on



The Value of Branding

Haier builds brand status in Europe – expanding

to new markets

Olivier Faucon

Olivier Faucon has a

strong international

marketing experience in

Europe and Asia over 13

years. Faucon began as

a marketing consultant

in 1996 with the TNS

Group and was promoted

to Director of Studies at

TNS Sofres in Paris. In

2006 he became Director

of Marketing for JC

Decaux in China before

being appointed as Haier

Europe's Marketing and

Communications Director.

“Haier is

a global

brand with

an excellent

knowledge and


base that we

adapt to local

tastes and


Hall 3.1

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Haier's brand awareness in Europe has doubled over the past two years. Olivier Faucon, Marketing

and Communications Director, Haier Europe explains the key trends in Haier's development in


[ Interview by Richard Barnes ]

We officially opened a new

office in Brussels serving the

Benelux countries in June

this year, although it has

been in effective operation

since the beginning of 2012.

We have also established

a new operating base in

Warsaw, Poland to serve

Eastern Europe. It is our first

office in Eastern Europe and

will be officially launched in

October. So in addition to

our core markets in Europe;

Germany, Italy, France, UK

and Spain, we are developing

and expanding into new

markets. In addition to our

geographic growth we have

also been launching new

products and we now have

an even more comprehensive

product portfolio. In March

2012, we launched our

Home Solutions business

including air conditioning,

solar systems, heat pumps

and water & energy

treatment solutions for new

constructions and home

renovations. We have been

developing our Research &

Development centres, and

in September we launch our

newest R&D centre in Lyon,

France. In our traditional

ranges of washing, cooling

and TV product lines we

have extended our washing

product range with new

7kg, 8kg and 9kg capacities

and we have introduced a

range of drying machines.

So we have improved and

diversified our range to cater

for the different needs of our


What have you been

doing to increase brand


We have doubled our brand

awareness in Europe in the

past two years. We have

achieved this by building our

brand platform and brand

strategy through several

communication channels,

the most strategic being

digital. Following IFA last year,

we launched new websites in

all of our European markets

in September and October

2011. Prior to that, in April

2011 we launched Facebook

pages in five countries

with special content for

our Facebook community,

insights about what we do

and competitions. We have

had 30,000 'Likes' from

throughout Europe, so it

has been quite successful.

As part of our strategy to

increase our online visibility

we have launched our

own YouTube Channels

and in June we launched a

sponsorship partnership with and its

pan-European partner sites

to promote our new washing

machine ranges with Anti-

Bacterial Treatment (ABT), an

innovation that we launched

at IFA last year. It has been

very successful in that

90% of female consumers

surveyed say that this is of

interest to them. We have

also placed advertising in

soccer stadiums and since

2011 we have run TV

advertising and sponsorship

campaigns. We sponsor

weather forecasts on French

TV, cooking programmes on

Belgian TV and we will be

extending TV sponsorship to

Italy and Germany soon.

What, would you say are

Haier's key values and

how do they relate to the

public in Europe?

Haier's key values in Europe

are the same as our global

values of quality, innovation

and design. Back in the mid

80’s, our CEO implemented

our quality strategy by

publicly destroying defective

models. Our quality

standards have been set

high ever since. In relation

to consumers for example,

we are launching a new

generation of fridges this

year with induction motors

that are guaranteed for 12

years. This is a good example

of how we apply our R&D.

In terms of innovation, we

always try to bring added

value to all of our product

ranges. For example, the

Anti-Bacterial Treatment in

our washing machines and

with our fridge range, the

MyZone multi-zone cooling

concept where you can set

different temperatures for

different compartments

and areas in the fridge. We

place a big emphasis on the

design of our products and

to matching the design for

the European market and

lifestyles. For example, there

is more open plan living in

Europe and the fridge is at

the centre of the kitchen, so

it needs to look good with

elegant design features and

a good aesthetic. We offer

our fridges in three colours,

Olivier Faucon

Marketing and

Communications Director,

Haier Europe

white, red and black. Our

dishwashers feature a glass

design to create a harmony

with our fridges. We keep a

keen eye on new trends and

consumer desires.

How important is IFA

as part of your global

marketing push, and


IFA is one of the most

important fairs for white and

brown goods in the world.

Other shows in the US and

Asia are important regionally,

but IFA is important both

for Europe and the rest of

the world. It is a vital event

at which to meet strategic

partners and to understand

new trends. IFA is also an

excellent window in which

to showcase our new


IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012



Top brand manufacturers trust

in BRITA Water Technology

BRITA filtered drinking water

has a lot of advantages:

freshly filtered and cooled

it is the perfect thirstquencher.

The natural and

intense aroma also refines

the taste of coffee and

tea. Additionally, BRITA

water filter cartridges stand

for optimum machine

protection in terms of

reducing calcified deposits,

resulting in a longer machine

service life as well as lower

energy consumption. Top

brand manufacturers of

various small and major

domestic appliances offer

the advantages of BRITA

filtered water by integrating

the water filtration system

in products such as coffee

machines, espresso

Our partners at IFA

machines, electric water

kettles, fridge freezers with

integrated water filtration

and water dispensers.

BRITA’s partners include

premium brands like Bosch,

Cloer, Morphy Richards,

Philips Saeco, Philips Senseo,

Russell Hobbs, Samsung,

Siemens and W.I.K.. They

all trust in the decades of

experience that BRITA has. As

the inventor and worldwide

expert of water filters, BRITA

offers a high-end product,

as well as extensive expertise

in integrating water

filtration systems in electrical

household appliances.

Manufacturers can also

profit from BRITA’s global

distribution network and

joint marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, partner

companies benefit from

BRITA’s international brand


For more information see:

Hall 3.1 / Booth 101 Hall 1.1/ Booth 206 Hall 6.1 / Booth 106

Hall 22 Hall 3.1 / Booth 104 Hall 5.1 Hall 1.1 / Booth 101 Hall 1.1 / Booth 205


Green Page



Together with Öko-

Institut, Utopia and

Saturn are labeling

highly recommended

products in, initially,

four categories as

Recommended by Utopia


The EcoTopTen product

lists - upon which the

recommendations are

based - regularly identify

best-priced, high-quality

products that deliver

a good environmental

performance. The

selection of products

- which is made up

of the most highly

recommended appliances

from the washing and

dishwashing machines,


and coffee machine

categories, will soon

be expanded to include

products from other

categories. In addition,

Saturn will be expanding

this campaign to include

the 147 bricks-and-mortar

Saturn stores in Germany,

where the corresponding

products in the stores will

also be identified by the

Recommended by Utopia


Recommended products that

have made it onto the EcoTopTen

product lists can be easily

identifi ed on

Shopping with an

Easy Conscience

Saturn adopts “EcoTopTen” concept

from Utopia and Öko-Institut

The consumer electronics chain Saturn and Utopia, Germany’s leading

Internet platform for sustainable consumption, have created an initiative for

recommending particularly energy-efficient electrical and electronic products.

The aim of the Saturn

and Utopia initiative is to

increase the proportion of

environmentally friendly

appliances and devices in

households by providing

customers with appropriate

information. Since its launch

in June, the most highly

recommended washing

machines, refrigerator/

freezers, dishwashers and

coffee machines in Saturn’s

online shop, that are

also listed on the current

EcoTopTen product lists

issued by Öko-Institut,

feature a specially designed

'Recommended by Utopia'

logo. Saturn plans to add

recommendations for other

product categories and also

use the logo at its brickand-mortar


Saturn’s concept is to offer

its customers a wide range

of appliances and devices

in every product category.

Depending on individual

preferences, customers

will find both entry-level

models and high-end

products at discounted

prices. Customers who are

particular about selecting

energy-efficient products

when shopping will now

have an easier time finding

the appropriate device.

Recommended products

that have made it onto the

EcoTopTen product lists

can be identified on www. at a glance. The

aim is to make it as easy as

possible for customers to

make a decision in favour

of an energy-saving device,

and to persuade other

customers that energyefficient

products offer

significant savings potential

over the medium term.

“We recognise that as

retailers of electrical

appliances and electronic

devices, we can make a

significant contribution

towards helping energysaving

devices become

the norm in German

households,” says Klaus-

Guido Jungwirth, Managing

Director of Saturn

Management. “We have

significantly increased the

number of energy-efficient

products in our stores over

the past few years and

carried out a wide variety

of campaigns focusing

on energy efficiency. We

also place great value

on the customer-friendly

display of these products

and competent advice.

Our collaboration with

Utopia and Öko-Institut

provides customers

with the assurance that

they are being given a

recommendation from an

independent body. We see

that as a great advantage

and something that

provides our customers

with a very good decisionmaking

aid. We are sure

that this will enable us to

persuade an even greater

number of customers of

the value of these energysaving

products. We also

hope that this collaboration

with Utopia will allow us

to get to know better and

understand the needs and

desires of our customers,

for whom sustainability is

especially important.”

Dr. Meike Gebhard, CEO

of Utopia AG, also sees

this campaign as an

opportunity to encourage

buying decisions in favour

of resource-conserving

products by networking

with the retail sector. “We

Klaus-Guido Jungwirth

Managing Director of Saturn


Dr. Meike Gebhard

CEO, Utopia AG

are very pleased that, with

Saturn, we were able to gain

a major retailing partner

who is incorporating

the EcoTopTen in all its

communications with

customers. Developing,

manufacturing and buying

energy-efficient appliances

and devices must be

worthwhile for all those

involved. Although the

number of energy-efficient

products has increased

significantly, these

appliances and devices

must now find their way

into every household.”

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012



Trade News

Focus on The Future

Local growth and global expansion are key to

Euronics’ strategy

Euronics International is Europe’s largest electrical buying group and its second-largest consumer

electronics retailer. Group President Hans Carpels is therefore in an excellent position to provide an

overview of the European market...

[ Interview by Gary Smith ]

We felt the impact of

economic downturn in

several countries including

Spain, Portugal, Greece and

to a lesser extent Italy. It was

clear that the CE market was

affected in several countries.

But this was also due to

a drastic expansion of the

market in 2010 in the leadup

to the analogue switchoff.

Thanks to Central

Eastern Europe and Eastern

Europe performing better,

we were able to compensate

to some extent.

Which regions continue

to be strong and why do

you think this is so?

We are seeing good results

in the Czech Republic,

Hungary, Ukraine and

Russia. Germany is also

doing quite well, likewise

Belgium. The reason why

the Eastern countries are

doing well is clear: they

were hit enormously in

the 2008-2010 period and

recovered in 2011. We hope

that the same will happen in

the Western countries soon,

but the predictions are not

great. Consumer confidence

in Germany is, against all

odds, rather positive and the

performance of our DACHcountries

is also benefitting

from it.

In terms of product

categories, where are

the ‘sweet spots’ for you,

and what are the more

difficult categories?

A CE category that we very

much believe in is Smart TV,

and for sure tablets in IT,

smartphones in telecomms,

built-in in MDA.

What is your strategy for


We will focus on local

growth and have therefore

identified ten elements for

encouraging it at our last

meeting In London. It is

more or less a guideline for

our organisations locally

in order to keep ahead of

competition. Alongside that,

Euronics International will

also focus on international


Is your distribution/

purchasing strategy

changing in any way? If

so, how?

Our distribution strategy

is focused on added value

sales and this will only be

corroborated in the coming

years, because we believe

that Euronics retailers can

make a difference for


Each year, Euronics has

a major presence at IFA.

What value does this

bring you?

It offers major exposure to

the consumers who identify

Euronics with innovations

and new technology. The

booth is also the pivotal

point for Euronics retailers

during their visit to the fair.

It’s where they exchange

ideas with colleagues. The

large attendance of Euronics

retailers at the fair and on

the booth is really a sign

that the efforts of Euronics

are valued and appreciated

by our members.

“Our distribution

strategy is focused

on added value


Hans Carpels

Group President

of Euronics






IN 2012

With a consolidated

turnover of €16.2bn in

2011 — a year-on-year

increase of 7.1% — the

white-goods and CE

buying group has become

the top seller in Europe.

Amid falling prices and

sales in Western Europe,

Euronics has implemented

a successful development

strategy, which has made

it the leader in terms

of retail outlets (more

than 11,000 stores) and

dealerships (6,000). It has

a widespread presence

throughout the continent

and, with its recent

expansion into Poland,

now operates in 31

countries, 25 of which are

European Union members.

Group President Hans

Carpels has set the

ambitious objective of

raising turnover to €20bn

by 2015, based on an

in-depth knowledge of

the market sector, and

an efficient and well-coordinated



As European consumers

are increasingly polarised

between the high- and

low-end markets,

Euronics has satisfied

the increasing demand

for entry-level products

at competitive prices, as

well as for expensive,

high-tech items.

As it has consolidated

its dominant position in

the market, Euronics has

been able to establish

privileged relationships

with electronics and

white-goods producers,

which it has translated

into international

agreements, exclusive

distribution deals,

market segmentation

programmes and

innovative development


IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012


Trade News

A Strategic Must

Dixons IT buyer gives insights into a

successful visit at IFA

Mark Slater, Computing Category Director at UK retail chain Dixons sees

plenty of reasons to be present in Berlin each year. His biggest challenge is

in coping with the size of the show.

IFA is so big, it’s a question

of how best to navigate the

show and ensure that we

spot the key trends and new

products! We stay for three

days, which is short, but we

“Because IFA

is so big it’s

a question

of how best

to navigate

the show and

ensure that

we spot the

key trends

and new


How would you

describe IFA to a

colleague who

has never been?

It really brings together all

the key manufacturers and

all our partners, which makes

it a really efficient way to

spend our time. Plus the time

of year is perfect in terms of

spotting things that might be

important the following year,

and often what we see and

hear about while we’re there

genuinely inform some of

our big decisions by helping

us to spot emerging macro

pack it with as much as we

possibly can. So I’ll have a

couple of days of four or five

meetings per day with our

key partners, and they can

last for anything up to two

hours. But it is important

to just go round and see

people on their stands as

well. Plus I always visit the

showcase area where all the

‘best of the best’ products

are displayed.

What are the biggest

trends that you’re seeing

this year judging by what

is selling Dixons’ shops?

Mobile devices, and beyond

that there is a big move

towards convergence. The

underlying trend here is

that multi-function devices

such as smartphones are

perceived as cannibalising

other product areas,

especially among singlefunction

devices. But they

are also creating whole new

areas of opportunity such

as apps and accessories.

How important is

sustainability to your


We don’t actively promote

any ‘green’ message but

it’s clear that our customers

are more aware of things

trends, which helps us with

our planning cycle. Plus we

are seeing all manner of new

products and the evolution

of existing trends, which

again is very useful back in

Britain in terms of developing

marketing elements such as

the online experience for

new products, and even rearranging

the shops to get the

best out of new lines. This year

we have 16 people attending,

and when we get back, each

product category director

will be making a presentation

to management about what

they have seen and how it will

impact on strategy.

Dixons’ Mark


“a big move towards


like recycling opportunities.

We’re very proud of our

trade-in and recycling

initiatives, much of which

is done in-house and which

cover a wide range of


Does a product having

won an EISA award

resonate with your


We currently don’t include

it in customer-facing

promotion, but we are

increasingly looking at

how we might use various

industry awards, including

EISA, in marketing products.

What is your secret to a

successful visit to IFA?

Have a good plan of what

you’re going to be doing

every day, bring a good pair

of shoes because you’ll be

doing a lot of walking, and

don’t pick up too many



The Austrian Viewpoint:

Consumers in small markets

have specific wants and needs

Conrad Electronics

Ralph Schallmeiner

Category Manager, Entertainment


Smaller European countries such as Austria often

have markedly different market dynamics when

compared to their larger neighbours. Ralph

Schallmeiner, Category Manager, Entertainment

Electronics, Conrad Electronics will be back at

IFA this year to better understand trends. He says

Austrian consumers have specific wants and needs...

How does Austria differ as a market?

Ultimately, it’s the customer who decides what sells. Despite

the fact that Smart TVs are selling well in many other territories,

in Austria it’s not really the case. Technology is not the most

important thing to Austrians, usability is more important.

If a colleague asked you to describe IFA, what would

you say?

Two words, big and important! It’s the main CE trade fair for

Europe and increasingly it is replacing other smaller events that

I used to attend. It’s very important to be there because you

can pick up on the big trends, and even if they don’t necessarily

automatically apply to Austria, you do need to be aware of them.

How long do you usually spend at IFA?

Last year, I only came for two days and frankly it just was not

enough, because there’s so much to see. So this year I’ll be

around for four days. For the first two days I have one meeting

per hour, then for the last two, I’ll be going round checking out

products, looking for new potential partners and trends.

What are you seeing as being the biggest trends?

Last year, most people thought it would be tablet PCs, but frankly

it wasn’t huge here in Austria. But we do think that this could be

a good year for 3D TVs, because customers are asking for them.

LG’s passive 3D technology, which people like because they know

it from the cinema, is selling very well right now. We are very

connected to what our customers want. In effect, they tell us

what the trends are. I also think that smartphones and cloud

storage also look set to be big this year.

What is the secret of a successful IFA?

Before you go there, listen to what your customers are saying.

Then when you get to IFA, use that in discussions and see how

your partners react, and what might be possible.

IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012



The curtain rises on Europe’s Consumer Lifestyle event of the year


A big Berlin hello to all the readers of

IFA International. It’s great to be back at IFA

— and extremely exciting to be surrounded by

so many fantastic products, interesting people

and amazing exhibition areas. Over the next six

days, I’ll be covering a lot of kilometers, meeting

hundreds of people and introducing countless

events. When I have a free minute, I’ll also be

writing my diary, so here we go with chapter


This is the stage

where the Messe

Berlin’s top

management gave

their opening

presentations in the

run-up to the official

opening of IFA 2012

It’s Tuesday lunchtime — and it’s the IFA opening press conference. Here I am with Jens Heithecker,

IFA Director, Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu, Me, Dr Christian Göke, Chief

Operating Officer of Messe Berlin, and Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Chairman of the Household Appliances

Division, ZVEI

Here I am watching Dr Göke give his

opening presentation, sitting alongside

several top IFA, gfu and ZVEI personalities

At IFA-Afterhour with Dr. Klaus Mittelbach, CEO, ZVEI; Hans-Joachim Kamp,

Vice President, ZVEI; Ingolf Jakobi, CEO, ZVEH; Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Thies, CEO,

VDE|DKE (l.t.r.)

I guess you knew this already but there’s no harm in

spelling it out — the truth is that I love IFA!




to goin



Culturally diverse and outward-looking, it seems Berlin has it all. IFA International spoke to Klaus Wowereit, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, about his

connection with the city, its changing perception in the public eye and its continuing attraction for cultural industries. Mayor Wowereit was comfortably

re-elected last September for a new mandate. Many people equate him in this sense with the city. We asked him why he thinks this is so...

The city and I are a good match. I think Berlin

is a fascinating place, and it’s fun to govern

this city. It’s open-minded, outward-looking

and ready for change, always on the move.

You are a great supporter of culture.

What cultural highlights might visitors

to IFA be able to take in while they are

staying here?

A number of really wonderful exhibitions are

being shown in Berlin right now. For instance,

I would recommend the 3D panorama of

Pergamum at Museum Island, the Diane Arbus

exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, the

many events marking Berlin’s 775th birthday,

or the Friederisiko exhibition in Potsdam in

honour of the 300 th birthday of Frederick the


What would you describe as being the

"face of Berlin"? How would you best

describe the city today?

Berlin is a wonderful place to live, one of the

most creative and culturally vibrant places in

Europe. It is a city with a human face, much

appreciated for its outward-looking and

liberal atmosphere. It is a city one can love,

and love living in.

How do you feel the public's perception of

Berlin is changing with time?

Even 20 years after the fall of the Wall and

reunification, the city is not yet “finished”:

construction cranes still dot the Berlin skyline.

It seems that Berlin is changing much more

than any other big city in Europe. The city is

once again a happening place, drawing a host

of international designers, writers, architects,

musicians and visual artists, some just to visit,

many to stay. Adjectives used usually include

A Word from Berlin’s Mayor

Berlin, a city of rapid creative and industrial expansion,

is a good match for this year’s IFA

Klaus Wowereit

the Governing Mayor of Berlin

“hip”, “sexy”, “cool”. These terms are hard to

define, but a good description of an attitude

towards life.

IFA being the "tech show", how do you feel

this event fits into Berlin, and how important

is it for the city?

Berlin’s appeal to creative minds is still strong.

Many artists, fashion designers and filmmakers

come to Berlin. Their influence has an impact on

the city, moving it forward. Creative industries

such as film and media, fashion, design and

With its mix of


technologies and

traditional sectors

in the process of


Berlin’s industrial

landscape offers ideal

conditions for new or

relocating companies.

music have become crucial businesses for Berlin.

Another reason why Berlin and IFA are such a

good match is that Berlin is one of Germany’s

leading industrial locations, especially in

innovative sectors.

More than 105,000 people are currently

employed in manufacturing in Berlin. With its mix

of forward-looking technologies and traditional

sectors in the process of modernisation, Berlin’s

industrial landscape offers ideal conditions for

new or relocating companies and suppliers

seeking contacts with sunrise industries. IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012



to goin







Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1

Tel: +49 (0)30 258989-0






Tiegarden 2 2

6 11

8 4


1 7 12

3 3


Kreuzberg 4



Metro: S+U Potsdamer Platz

U2, S2, S1, S25






Unter den Linden 52

Tel: +49 30 20058968


Metro: S+U Brandenburger Tor

U 55 S2, S1


Leipziger Platz 7






Metro: S+ U Potsdamer Platz

U2, S2, S1, S25




Schützenstr. 5

Tel: +49.30.201 654 96

Metro: U Kochstraße U6


Olympischer Platz 3

Tel: +49 (0)30 20634 952

Metro: S + U Olympiastadium

S9 S75 U2











2 Alexanderplatz

3 Zoologischer Garten 4 Checkpoint Charlie 5 Ostbahnhof 6 Brandenburg Gate

7 TV Tower

8 Museum of Photography 9 KaDeWe

10 Müggelsee

11 Berliner Dom 12 East-Side-Gallery






CAB City

Apartments Berlin

Feel like you’re at home in the

CAB city Apartments! These

apartments, fully equipped

with kitchens, bathrooms,

and WiFi, offer a calm and

beautiful place to stay in

this fast-paced city. The

apartments are near S-Bahnstation

Beusselstraße and are

thus perfectly placed in order

to go get rapidly to the IFA


Visit them on Facebook CAB

City Apartments Berlin.

CAB City Apartments


Waldstraße 25

10551 Berlin

Metro: S Beusselstraße

S41 S42

CAB City Apartments Berlin offer

a calm and beautiful place to

stay in Berlin

lunch, afternoon tea or dinner

at Berlin Moscow, open from

11:30 am to 11 pm. There is

also a stylish bar right next to

the restaurant with cocktail

specials and a cigarette-lounge

that completes the fine Russian

and German dinners that will

be served.

Unter den Linden 52

10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 20058968

Metro: S+U Brandenburger


U55 S1 S2

Amy Winehouse, The Prodigy,

Miuccia Prada, Drew Barrymore,

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and

Quentin Tarrantino file in and


The Q!-bar is cosy and inviting.

You will most probably get the

chance to see a famous face

as VIP’s enjoy the privacy and

the strict photo and filming

prohibition in the Q!

Knesebeckstrasse 67

10623 Belin

Tel: +49 30 8100 660

Metro: U Uhlandstraße U1

U9, S Savignyplatz S5 S75



He owns a Michelin star, four and a half Schlemmer Atlas cooking spoons,

17 Gault Millau points, four diamonds and five toques. And what does

this mean? Matthias Diether’s cooking meets the taste of the hip crowd

and adept connoisseurs alike. His distinguished ideas are oriented on the

products, which is why they have straightforward names such as “Dove –

Beetroot – Candied nuts”. Why don’t you try them yourself?


Berlin Moscow

The exclusive concept Berlin

Moscow combines German

and Russian lifestyle and is

becoming the new hot spot on

Berlin’s historic promenade.

The restaurant is centrally

located and offers a 1,500

square meter floor space with

elegant design and modern

structures combining the best

of both cultures. You can enjoy

The Famous Hotel Q


Since the opening of the

hotel Q!, the bar is not only

for hotel-guests but also for

owners of a membership-card.

This exclusivity turned the Q!

into one of Berlin’s hot-spots!

The style is futuristic on the one

hand yet retro, so you kind of

get an early James-Bond-moviefeeling.

At night, entrance

is for “members and hotel

guests only” and everybody

seems to want to be part of it.

This is not all too astonishing,

considering that celebrities like


The Cascade Club

The Cascade Club - stunning

and beautiful in Berlin City-

West, facing the Theater Des

Westens and just steps from

the Kranzler Eck. After entering

an open and elegant lounge

offering delicious drinks in a

comfortable atmosphere, the

Cascade Club invites everyone

to the LED-lit dance floor. This

club opens its doors every Friday

and Saturday and gives you the

possibility to party all night long

in an amazing location.

Reservations are possible by telephone or online. The “first floor”

is open daily during IFA from 6.30 p.m. until 11.00 p.m.

Budapester Str. 45 • 10787 Berlin • Tél. +49 (0)30 25 02-10 20

The Berlin Moscow

combines German and

Russian lifestyle

The Cascade club invites

everyone to the LED-lit

dance floor' IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012



to goin


The club is also perfect for

business parties for up to 500


Cascade Club

Fasanenstrasse 81

10623 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 31 80 09-40

Metro: S/U

Zoologischer Garten

U2 U9 S9 S75 S5



& Shopping

The KaDeWe –

Timeless and Classy

for more than a


The KaDeWe lives up to the

expectations of anyone looking

for a department store that

has it all. Much like Harrod’s

in London or the Galeries

Lafayette in Paris, the KaDeWe

is one of Germany’s most

important and well-known

department stores and offers

treasures from numerous

nations – from the newest

fashions in Paris to the exotic

fruits of the South Seas.

The KaDeWe, committed to

delivering modern shopping

culture at its highest level for

both ‘Berliner’ and international

guests, is an important

landmark of the German

capital. On eight floors and

with a sales area of 60,000 m²,

IFA guests can discover terrific

variety of brands.

Located next to the luxury

boulevard Kurfürstendamm and

near the IFA fairgrounds, the

KaDeWe offers three Fashion

floors, its inimitable Beauty-

World, many home-accessories,

home entertainment and the

legendary 6 th floor for “Fine


Shop until you drop

at the KaDeWe

Kaufhaus des Westens


Tauentzienstaße 21-24

10789 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 21 21 0

Metro: Wittenbergplatz

U1 U2 U3

Museums &


Madame Tussauds

– Come face-to-face

with some of the

world’s most famous


Madame Tussauds Berlin is

your chance to experience the

real glamour and elegance

of Berlin and the world of

celebrity. Meet and interact

with the people that shaped

German history and culture,

learn about their achievements

through hands-on exhibits

and immersive sets. Feel like

a celebrity yourself as you

mingle with A-list elite, sports

champions, music legends

and icons of the silver screen

Interact with the world's most famous figures

at Madame Tussauds Berlin

on your star studded journey

through the Madame Tussauds

Berlin experience.

What will you be doing

during your visit to Madame

Tussauds? Delivering a speech

to the nation alongside

Merkel? Taking an IQ test with

Einstein, or playing on court

with Boris Becker? Will you

be taking to the stage with

musical megastars or hanging

out with J-Lo and George

Clooney at an A-List celebrity


Do all these things and much,

much more as you interact

with the world’s most famous

figures at Madame Tussauds

Berlin. Save 25% of the

entrance fee with your IFA-


Madame Tussauds Berlin

Unter den Linden 74

10117 Berlin

Metro: S+U

Brandenburger Tor

U 55 S1 S2

Dali – The exhibition

at Potsdamer Platz

On the 5 th February 2009, the

new cultural highlight “Dalí –

The exhibition at Potsdamer

Platz” opened its doors right in

the pulsating heart of Berlin.

Dalí – The exhibition

at Potsdamer Platz

Thus, the work of one of

the most sophisticated and

contradictory artists of the

modern age, Salvador Dalí, is

brought to the general public

in a permanent museum

exhibition. The museum, with

over 450 exhibits from private

collections from around the

world, under the direction

of the curator and executive

director Carsten Kollmeier,

offers the most comprehensive

insight into Dali’s eclectic work

in the heart of the cultural


Dalí Berlin


Leipziger Platz 7, 10117


Tel: +49 30 20 67 35 860

Metro: S+ U Potsdamer Platz

U2 S1 S2 S25



Available Everywhere...







IFA International

The official international daily of IFA Berlin

Follow us @ifa_int_berlin IFA International • 2012

Hall 15.1 - Stand 119

Hall 15.1 - Stand 109

Hall 14.1 - Stand 206

Hall 12.1 - Stand 111

Hall 12 - Stand 105

Hall 13 - Stand 100 Hall 12 - Stand 108

Hall 15.1 - Stand 137


Hall 9 & 7.2C - Stand 101

Hall 1.2 - Stand 107

Hall 1.2 - Stand 144

Hall 8.1 - Stand 214

Hall 9 - Stand 112

Hall 1.2 - Stand 114

Hall 1.2 - Stand 132

Hall 7.1C - Stand 108

Hall 15.1 - Stand 111 Hall 15.1 - Stand 113

Hall 17 - Stand 121

Hall 17 - Stand 102

Hall 14.1 - Stand 205

Hall 15.1 - Stand 128

Hall 3.2 - Stand 134

Hall 3.1- Stand 103

Hall 21 - Stand 104

Hall 6.2 - Stand 201

Hall 5.2 - Stand 101

Hall 3.2 - Stand 125

Hall 25 - Stand 150

Hall 25 - Stand 150

Hall 25 - Stand 150

Hall 4.1 - Stand 209

Hall 8.1 - Stand 212

Hall 10.1 - Stand 113

Hall 7.1A - Stand 101

Hall 21 - Stand 101

Hall 4.1 - Stand 206

Hall 2.1/4.1 - Stand 101

Hall 1.1 - Stand 201

Hall 8.1 - Stand 208

Hall 8.2 - Stand 101

Hall 3.1 - Stand 102

IFA International • 2012

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