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Tuesday 6 th September 2011

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Going to Press!

IFA reinforces its global position as the "Ultimate

Information Source” for media

Dinesh Paliwal

CEO, Harman

IFA continues this year

to underline its leading

position when it comes to

gaining media attention.

With an increase in the

number of pre-registered

international media from

1,453 in 2010 to 1,680

this year, exhibitors are not

only here for the show,

but to a high degree, for

the global press coverage.

Companies such as Harman

International (CEO Dinesh

Paliwal pictured left)

are demonstrating their

dedication to innovation

at IFA, using the show

as their “media launch

platform”. Harman is part

of a renewed movement

towards high quality audio.

They are also responsible

for such advances as the

Entune system, blending

advanced automotive

The iZone @ IFA

The ecosystem growing

around iPads, iPhones,

iPods and other

mobile entertainment

devices, is becoming an

extraordinarily interesting

market for retailers. Last

year, IFA innovated by

creating a forum for those

marketing these highly

lucrative and often highly

innovative products: the

iZone. This year, the iZone

takes on new dimensions,

navigation with connectivity

and entertainment features

of the latest generations of

smart phones. Main target:

the press. And for that, IFA is

the obvious choice. Harman

launched their biggest-ever

advertising campaign for

the JBL brand with a press

screening at their stand at

IFA, resulting in a double-hit

effect! Read page 37

IFA continues

this year to

underline its

leading position

when it comes to

gaining media


with an unprecedented

variety of products, and a

plethora of new players in

the market, here to show

their wares. We take a

tour of the zone – from

page 21.

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for purchasing

television and video

products for the

French supermarket

giant Carrefour

"I spend two or three hours with

each supplier, so we have between

12 and 20 appointments during our

three-day visit to IFA." See page 43




President & CEO,

Sharp Electronics


"From our tenth-generation LCD panel

factory in Japan we have a competitive

advantage in the field of over-60-inch


See page 7



General Manager

EMEA of Digital

Products and

Services, Toshiba

"The Integral Imaging concept we

use to deliver glasses free 3D was

developed in the early 20 th century

by the physicist and Nobel laureate

Gabriel Lippmann." See page 13


Euronics Is Back On Track

European consumer electronics sector has ‘noticeably

recovered’ according to Euronics

Klaus Lahrmann

Managing Director of Euronics International

As reported at the company’s

IFA press conference,

Euronics International,

Europe's largest buying

group for the CE market,

achieved a sales volume of

e15.1bn in 2010. With an

increase of more than 7%

compared with 2009, the

international purchasing and

marketing co-operative is

back on the path to growth.

"The European market for

consumer electronics has

noticeably recovered in

the past two years. Even

so, we are still seeing

considerable differences in

individual markets,” said

Klaus Lahrmann, Managing

Director of Euronics

International. “Euronics

experienced positive

market developments in

the previous financial year,

especially in Germany, Russia

and the Ukraine. In contrast,

the group had to accept

substantial losses in Spain,

Poland and Croatia. Euronics

International is represented

in 29 European countries

at approximately 11,000

locations and thus reaches

over 600 million consumers.

"The European market for

Hans Carpels

President of Euronics

consumer electronics and

home appliances continues

to be characterised by

intense competition, with

high pressure on prices and

Euronics International is

represented in 29 European

countries at approximately 11,000

locations and thus reaches over

600 million consumers.

margins. From an industry

and retailer perspective, the

current precarious position

in the global financial

markets is also contributing

to the intensification of

competition.” Lahrmann

added: "However, I

am certain that with a

comprehensive brand

campaign and new sales

concepts on a European

level, we are now providing

the answer to the challenges

of the market. The future

of the Euronics retail trade

lies in a strong brand with

successful, high-quality

marketing on a Europe-wide

scale, and consequently we

are adhering to our goal of

achieving sales of e20bn

by 2015." Thanks to the

affiliation with new Ukrainian

partner Foxtrot Home

Appliances in September

2010, Euronics achieved an

important milestone in its

strategy for Eastern Europe.

"The membership of Foxtrot

is an important signal for our

Eastern European members,”

said Hans Carpels, President

of Euronics. “As the leading

retailer, Foxtrot currently

represents a market share

of 21% in the Ukraine and

33% in Moldova, with

243 locations in total. The

membership of Foxtrot will

produce numerous bestpractice

examples for other

Eastern European countries

that have similar local market

structures and similar trends

in consumer behaviour.”

The group believes that

another requirement for

continued growth in the

European market is the

rigorous expansion of its

added-value strategy. "With

a new selective sales concept

and flexible marketing

opportunities for high-quality

CE products, which take into

account the different market

requirements, we will

strengthen the position of

our members in a sustainable

manner over the next few

months,” Lahrmann said.

Euronics members of every

size are therefore able

to offer their customers

clear added value. "The

complexity of the products

is growing, driven by

digitalisation, innovation and

convergence. The Euronics

retail trade must prove its

high-quality advisory skills

– in the future, a successful

and sustained approach to

consumers will result from

skilled dovetailing of the

topics of products, consumer

advice and service. We are

creating the prerequisites for

this across Europe."

Hall 23

Stand 102

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IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011



German Court

Bans sales of

samsunG Galaxy

taB 7.7

samsung electronics

has stopped promoting

its new media tablet

at Ifa after a court in

Dusseldorf ordered the

company to halt sales of

the Galaxy tab 7.7 last

friday. the Galaxy 7.7

was premiered at this

year’s show, along with

5.3-inch Galaxy note,

with which samsung

hopes to create a

new product category

positioned between

smartphones and tablets.

samsung and apple

have been disputing

a range of patents

relevant to smartphones

and tablets since april.

Court decisions have

twice forced samsung to

delay the launch of its

tablet in australia. the

Korean manufacturer

initially stated that the

lawsuit was not legally

problematic, but apple is

now also mounting legal

battles in the us as well

as europe, south Korea

and australia. samsung

has counter-sued, arguing

that apple infringed

several wireless patents

held by samsung.

one Demo at a time

the Head monster’s formula for

growing an accessories business

noel lee

"Head Monster"

While many companies

search for ways to add

value, Monster consistently

turns adding value into a

lucrative art. But how?

“One demo at a time,” said

Noel Lee, known as the Head

Monster. In other words, it’s

not enough to add valuable

features: you have to show

the benefits to the public.

When Lee started in the

audio cable business,

there was no Internet, no

blogging, no YouTube: “You

had to stand in front of

buyers and demo and demo

and demo…”

He added: “If you want to

sell high performance to the

public, you still have to show

high performance.” Lee is

the man who’s a retail legend

for convincing the public

to pay more than twice as

much for their audio cables.

That led to the creation of

the value-added accessory

industry. More recently, the

Head Monster took the

cheap ‘ear bud’ and created

a market for $150 fashion

headphones using celebrity

involvement. Monster now

owns 52% of the over-$100

headphone market in the US

and 26% of the over-e130

market in Europe. Lee still

believes strongly in demoing

— and proved it by

taking an IFA press audience

through a demo to illustrate

each and every Monster

product launching at IFA.

Monster also used the press

conference to announce a

partnership — the Diesel

Noise Division — with the

Italian fashion house Diesel.

Diesel’s Worldwide Licensing

Director, Andrea Giacomelli,

said: “We watched as fashion

and technology came

together — for example, in

categories like spectacles.

We wanted to do something

different with technology

and then we met Monster.

Our two companies both

have a passionate founder

who started a company in

the same year, 1978. Diesel

founder Renzo Rosso, like

Noel Lee in cables, took

“(…) it’s not

enough to

add valuable


you have

to show the

benefits to

the public.”

denim fabric, added value

and started selling it at twice

the price.”

Having finished his

explanation to the

electronics press and

Monster staff, Giacomelli

brought on stage the first

product — the Diesel Vektr,

an edgy, fashionable pair

of headphones. Then the

Head Monster, of course,

convinced Giacomelli to

adorn himself with the

Vektr headphones — and

once more Noel Lee had his


Hall 3.2

Stand 133

one-stop Household Brand shop

Tefal Actifry


Heritage household brands

including Tefal, Moulinex,

Rowenta and Krups are

exhibiting together under

the Groupe SEB banner in a

dealers’ lounge at IFA’s South


“We are presenting the

latest innovations from

these core brands,” said SEB

Trade Marketing Manager

Udo van Bergen. “Included

among the exhibits are the

AE 9000 series of Krups

coffee machines. On these

appliances, the jet that froths

the milk is cleaned with water

at 70 degrees every time it

is used — and every tenth

time, the action is repeated

but with a rinsing agent.”

After an interval of eight

years, Moulinex is once again

available on the German

market, and the popular

Moulinette chopper is now

back in the stores. Also being

showcased on the Groupe

SEB stand is Tefal’s new and

economical ActiFry fryer,

which uses just one spoonful

of oil to prepare fresh French

fries from 1.5 kilograms of


In the vacuum-cleaner sector,

appliances such as Rowenta’s

Silence Force Extreme, with

a noise level of only 63 dB,

are expected to

prove popular

in Germany

and Austria.

“They are

among the





in the



Van Bergen


Entrance South,

Outdoor Space 101



The Power Behind Portability

Philips is launching a new range of batteries,

chargers and flashlights

In Hall 22 in private display rooms, Philips is showing its dealers a total refresh

of its battery and charger range, and a new range of LED flashlights. Both

ranges will become available in October 2011.

In a world where devices are

king, the battery is literally

the power behind the

throne. Along with a range

of primary and rechargeable

battery products to fit all

the different devices in use

today, Philips adds chargers

for mobile phones, MP3

players, laptops and


The proliferation of

devices, with each category

reflecting different power

requirements and different

usages, makes shopping

for batteries more than a

question of

whether the battery size is

a fit. Based on research that

shows customers find the

typical display of batteries

confusing, Philips designed

both packaging and the

displays to make it easy

for the shopper to find the

right product, to match the

battery to the type of device.

The Philips approach in

these accessories echoes

the corporate theme of

‘sense and simplicity’ that

the company has made

famous. The clear and


consumer advice





displays solves




“Which battery should I


Philips also shines some

light to help the consumer

buy flashlights. As the

world’s number one lighting

company, Philips built

its latest LED technology

into an extensive range of

flashlights. That packaging

and display, as in batteries

and chargers, also shows

the major benefits and

performance indicators

for quick-comparison


Philips is one of the world’s

top brands and it carefully

leverages its brand in

providing a full complement

of retail displays and POP

merchandising to help

store sell-out by converting

puzzled shoppers into

happy buyers.

Hall 22

Stand 101

“The Philips approach in

these accessories echoes the

corporate theme of ‘sense

and simplicity’”

Philips brings its instore

support, with shopper

navigation and effective shelf

communications, to the batteries,

chargers & fl ashlights category

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Exclusive Interview

The Sharp End Of The Market

Super-size, high-definition screens are a key target for the

Osaka-based TV manufacturer

President and CEO

of Sharp Electronics


Hiroshi Sasaoka

Interview by Richard Barnes

Sharp kicked off its

IFA presence this year

with a stand themed

on its sponsorship of

UEFA 2012, an event

that is set to breathe

new life into TV sales.

We asked President

and CEO of Sharp

Electronics (Europe)

Hiroshi Sasaoka what

his company’s message

to the world is here at


Our message is very, very

simple. By utilising the

advantage of our panel of

production facility in Japan,

we are now globally trying

to expand, particularly the

big screen size TVs. From our

tenth-generation LCD panel

factory in Japan we have a

competitive advantage in the

field of over-60-inch screens.

With this understanding

we started our big screen

campaign in the US in April.

Sharp’s value-share in the

US has jumped from around

3% to over 9%. It’s a great

success story. The same

strategy was implemented

in China in July onwards,

and the results have been

above expectations. In the

European market, we were

told by many stakeholders

that there would be less

demand for big screen sizes.

But with narrow-bezel design

and better technologies,

even 60-inch is becoming a

more affordable screen size

in European homes. So that’s

why this year we want to

concentrate on big-screen

LCD TVs. There are great

opportunities for consumers

to enjoy exciting sports

events like the Euro 2012 on

a big screen. Our promotion

for this began in April and

will continue through to

March next year. Our goal is

to move a large number of

big screen TVs.

So it is a myth that

Europeans don’t want big


Demand for TVs over 55

inches in Europe is now

exceeding two million units

per year. This is still a small

number, but sales of this

category of product have

been growing by more

than 30% annually. Many

manufacturers are now

providing over 55-inch LCD

TVs, so the price is becoming

affordable for many people.

In volume, it is expected

that this year, despite the

tough conditions, European

demand in this sector will

rise by a good margin. I

believe if we can provide an

exceptional product at an

affordable price, there will be

good demand for big screen

sizes in Europe. From two

million I believe volume will

rise to two-point-five million

in 2012. Consequently, there

is a big opportunity for Sharp

to leverage the advantage of

its huge panel capacity.

From 2012, we plan to

introduce super-high-vision

displays with 2K x 4K, and 4K

x 8K products. Full HD is not

the ultimate. In particular,

with the 2K x 4K, we can upconvert

a Full-HD signal to

double the definition of the

images. So users can enjoy

a crisper, clearer image. A

beautiful image like this is

best seen on a big screen.

This adds value to the LCD

TV offer for the consumer. So

there are two key messages:

bigger screens and higherresolution


How will you be pushing

this into the market?

It’s a tough market, not only

for manufacturers, but also

for distribution and dealers.

Our business partners are

also looking for new valueadded

product. They say

that the TV market is not

growing value-wise, but if

we bring a unique product,

they can make some profit

out of their business. Large

screen size – high definition

– is a very simple message

for the consumer, because

just seeing it, they can

understand it. The 60-inch

TV will be the same price as

a 52-inch TV was last year, or

a 42-inch two years ago. This

will encourage demand for

big-screen products.

Hall 18

Stand 102

“From our tenth-generation

LCD panel factory in Japan

we have a competitive

advantage in the field of

over-60-inch screens.”

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Exclusive Interview



Richard Bullwinkle is

the Chief Evangelist

for Rovi Corporation, a

creator of entertainment

recommendation and

discovery technologies

like TotalGuide, and

producers of massive

amounts of metadata for

movies, television and

music. Before that he

worked on bleeding-edge

technologies at TiVo, Rio

Audio and Mediabolic.


Delivering content

globally is a major

challenge according to

Richard Bullwinkle: “The

borders and boundaries

of digital content are

mystifying and not a

single content owner has

granted a global license.

This is the environment

that made Americans

yearn for access to the

Spotify music service

(which they eventually

got) and, similarly, for

Europeans to crave Netflix

(which they’ll likely

get), but neither service

is available globally

today. And for a device

manufacturer looking

to deliver a consistently

good entertainment

experience globally is a

bit intimidating.

For this reason, the digital

ecosystem is showing an

interesting trend. Though

many start-ups offer very

compelling services for

connected devices, almost

none can deliver them on

a global basis. Big-name

CE manufacturers are now

seeking global service

providers that can deliver

multi-regional software

and services for their

devices. This provides an

interesting consolidation

effect. The global

companies who provide

content and services to

the CE manufacturers

have to partner with,

or purchase, smaller

companies to cover every

geography. You might call

this the aggregation of


Entertainment Enabler

Delivering a consistently good entertainment

experience on an international basis

A year ago Rovi Corporation announced that

it was buying Sonic Solutions. Chief Evangelist

Richard Bullwinkle tells IFA International about the

thinking behind the acquisition and its benefits...

Interview by Richard Barnes

Our aim is to be a leading

enabler of the entire

entertainment ecosystem

— from content creation,

through discovery, delivery,

and enjoyment. We saw

Sonic Solutions as giving us

several new capabilities. For

example,with the acquisition

of Sonic Solutions we

gained the RoxioNow digital

supply chain (now known

as the Rovi Entertainment

Store), a white-label store

which powers digital

entertainment services such

as Best Buy's CinemaNow,

the Warner Entertainment

store, and MediaMarkt

in Germany. The Rovi

Entertainment Store gives

Rovi a strong solution for

content delivery that helps

our customers continue to

participate in the digital

entertainment value chain

and extend their brand and

services into consumers'


Rovi just introduced DivX

Plus Streaming. Could

you tell us more about


DivX technology is prolific

today, having shipped on

half a billion consumer

electronics devices.

Consumers, especially in

Europe, are very familiar

with DivX technology as

something that enables

them to easily download,

transfer, and enjoy high

quality movies across

an extensive, multimanufacturer


of devices. In the case of

DivX Plus Streaming, we

are delivering all the great

things consumers loved

about a DivX download -

high visual quality, viewing

flexibility, and content

features - with over-the-top


However DivX Plus

Streaming moves forward

to offer consumers an

experience similar to

entertainment on Blu-ray

Disc with resolutions up to

1080p, sub-titles, multiaudio

tracks, and trickplay

features like smooth

fast forward and rewind

all streamed instantly to a

connected device.

What trends do you see

in the year ahead?

Right now we see connected

TVs really taking off in

the US thanks, in part, to

excellent work by retailers

who have trained their staff

well. People come in to the

store thinking they’re going

to buy a TV, then they get

a demonstration of a set

that can instantly stream

Netflix or CinemaNow or

Blockbuster, and consumers

get it right away. The idea

of ordering content with

the remote is very attractive

and we expect that trend

to continue next in Europe,

especially in the UK where

consumers are very clued

into smart TVs, so when

the retail sector there gets

sophisticated about selling

this to their customers,

we expect to see rapid


Hall 25

Stand 146

“Our aim is to be

a leading enabler

of the entire


ecosystem — from

content creation,

through discovery,

delivery, and


Richard Bullwinkle

Chief Evangelist

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Exclusive Interview

Entering the Age of Content

Philips Television works to increase the viewer experience

Robert Smits

Manager of Philips Television

Interview by Bob Snyder

As the TV market grows

increasingly featurecentric

and competitive,

Robert Smits, CEO of

Philips Television, talks

about the industry’s


Picture quality has been a

key driver for TV and this will

continue. Now that televisions

are connected, this will also

be one of the biggest drivers

for innovation and ‘new usecases’

for televisions. The days

when content only came from

broadcasters are over. But the

desire to experience content

in the best possible way, 2D

or 3D, with the best possible

picture quality, hasn’t changed.

I believe the combination of

picture quality with smart-TV

usage will lead to innovation.

We strongly believe this will

increase the experience of

enjoying content. Think about

a soccer game, which you can

enjoy together with a friend

who isn’t actually in the room

through a combination of

social-media platforms and

‘normal’ TV.

But if content choice becomes

virtually unlimited, searching

for this content becomes a

real challenge for the user.

Enjoying multiple types of

content in combination with

each other and innovation in

user interaction will both be

critical parameters for TVs in

the future.

What will be Philips’ key

selling points over the next


Since TVs take a prominent

place in the living room,

design will continue to be

a key decision criterion for

consumers. Philips has been

at the forefront new design

innovations in the past — like

the use of materials such as

glass and real metal.

This year we are launching a

special DesignLine range, for

consumers who are looking for

high-performance televisions

that blends into and even

enhance their interiors. For

example, DesignLine’s Edge

LED TV is designed to be

appreciated from all angles

— it resembles a floating

picture frame. The lightness

of DesignLine’s form is further

enhanced through Philips’


Hall 22

Stand 101

Mamoru Yoshida

Senior Vice-President, AVC Networks Company Director,

Display Network Products Business Group Executive Officer, Panasonic

Making Connections

Viera Connect demonstrates Panasonic’s

commitment to smart TV

In an increasingly crowded and competitive TV landscape, Panasonic believes that

smart TV will provide new opportunities for brand and product differentiation.

Mamoru Yoshida, Senior Vice-President, AVC Networks Company Director, Display

Network Products Business Group Executive Officer, explains the thinking behind

the Viera Connect…

Interview by Richard Barnes

In April, we launched the

Viera Connect in the US and

Europe. We regard connected

TVs as a huge opportunity

for Panasonic, because they

are so much more than just

a receiver. They are multifunction

terminals, which

means there is the possibility to

carry out a lot of development

and innovation around them.

Currently, around 30% of our

TVs have connectivity, but we

intend that figure to grow to

around 70% by 2012, including

in the less expensive sets. Smart

TVs will become increasingly

important for Panasonic, so it

is crucial that we communicate

the value of the Viera Connect

to all our customers.

What is Panasonic’s strategy

regarding smart TV?

Panasonic’s TV division is

facing a challenging and

increasingly competitive global

marketplace. In response, we

are changing our strategy quite

dramatically. As a result of the

current economic situation,

which remains changeable,

there is no single correct

strategy. However, we always

stay true to the principle

that lies at the core of our

company — which is that our

primary role is to improve our

customers’ lives by providing

better products and services.

Television used to bring about

a happy family life. Panasonic

will bring new and even more

exciting television experiences

to create a new visual culture

by providing new values such

as smart TV and 3D. We will

also realize our Digital Hearth

to lead people to enjoy greater

happiness together in their

living rooms.

Hall 5.2

Stand 101

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Exclusive Interview

marcO perinO

as General manager

emea of the Digital

products Division, marco

perino’s role is to oversee

and implement strategies

aimed at growing

Toshiba's presence in the

emea region via a range

of consumer products,

including mobile pc,

TV, tablets, audio and

video solutions, externalstorage

peripherals and


perino, who began his

career with Toshiba in

2001, is responsible for

driving Toshiba’s product

and business strategy in

the region, while working

in close co-operation

with the company’s

headquarters in Japan.

prior to joining Toshiba,

he held international

management and sales

positions at psion

computers in London and

Digicom in milan.



physicist and inventor

Jonas Ferdinand

Gabriel Lippmann

won a nobel prize in

physics for his method

of reproducing colours

photographically, based

on the phenomenon

of interference. The

interference phenomenon

in optics occurs as a result

of the wave propagation

of light. Lippmann made

use of this effect by

projecting an image on

to a special photographic

plate capable of

recording detail smaller

than the wavelengths

of visible light. The

light passed through

the glass into a nearly

transparent emulsion

of microscopically small

silver halide grains on the

back. a mirror of liquid

mercury in contact with

the emulsion produced

the interference effect.

Off With Their Specs

Toshiba’s integral imaging is a new

take on an existing concept

marco perino

General Manager EMEA of Digital Products and Services, Toshiba

Toshiba has been working hard on developing glasses-free 3D technology.

Marco Perino, General Manager EMEA of Digital Products and Services,

explains the background to the integral imaging concept…

Interview by Richard Barnes

The Integral Imaging concept

we use to deliver glassesfree

3D was developed in

the early 20th century by the

physicist and Nobel laureate

Gabriel Lippmann.

To perceive a 3D impression,

the left and the right eye

need to see different images

with different parallaxes. The

human brain superimposes

those two images to turn

the information into a 3D

picture. Until now, 3D TVs

have required the viewer to

wear special glasses with

integrated filters to separate

the information for the left

and right eye. However,

an alternative solution to

providing the two eyes with

different information already

existed: the integral imaging


But, although it had

been understood for

more than a century,

nobody had succeeded in

making integral imaging

commercially available.

Toshiba’s engineers made

the breakthrough and, in

December 2010, the first

3D glasses-free TVs went on

sale in Japan.

Why are you investing

so much effort into this

particular technology?

Our research shows that the

most common reason for not

buying a 3D TV is the need

to wear glasses. Sixty-eight

per cent of our research

group described glasses as

‘annoying’, so there’s a clear

demand. And we are not

limiting this technology to

TVs — Toshiba is preparing

to launch a full range of

glasses-free 3D products

from TVs and laptops to

all-in-one computers and


How close are you to

getting these glasses-free

3D products to market?

Several products have

already been shipped — the

Qosmio F750 3D laptop for

example — and more will be

on sale by the end of 2011,

such as the ZL2 family of

40-inch-plus TVs. Our highend

glasses-free 3D products

are largely targeted at

technology enthusiasts and

early adopters. Nevertheless,

we believe that, by the end

of 2012, some of these

products will have reached

the mass market.

What’s new from Toshiba

at IFA?

We are launching 16

products from across our

TV, PC and multimedia

ranges, including two new

3D-TV products: the Toshiba

glasses-free 3D TV 55ZL2

and the Toshiba 3D TV RL838

and TL838/868 ranges.

The 55ZL2 is the world’s first

large-screen, glasses-free

3D TV, while the RL and TL

sets deliver home-network

integration, web access and

3D TV at a reasonable price.

We are also launching

two new Blu-ray players

— the BDX1250KE and

BDX2250KE offer Full-HD

Blu-ray playback, while the

BDX2250KE also supports

video and photo web


The Toshiba Tablet AT200

is a new ultra-thin 25.7cm

(10.1 inch) tablet that is

only 7.7mm thick. And a

very exciting launch for the

company is the Qosmio

DX730, which is a complete

entertainment hub providing

high-end audio, video and

computing performance.

In the multimedia area,

we are expanding the

Camileo X series with the

X200 and X400 Full HD

digital camcorders, as well

as the mini Camileo Clip

— an extremely small and

lightweight digital action

camcorder with Full HD


Hall 21

Stand 101

“Our research

shows that the

most common

reason for

not buying a

3D TV is the

need to wear


IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011



Did You Hear That?

Great sounds joins great images in Element

Electronic’s home-entertainment systems

Flat TVs are becoming

a commodity item in

many stores, but a major

drawback is very often the

sound quality, as speakers

get smaller and screens

get thinner.

Element Electronics comes

to IFA for the first time

to introduce its products

to the world market. On

show at its stand is a

high-design set featuring

fully integrated 2.1 sound

system with proprietary

Harman Kardon JBL

technology. The sound

system built into the TV

is, according to Mike

O’Shaughnessy, Element

Electronics’ President and

CEO, the

equivalent to “having an

HTIB solution plugged

into the TV”.

He adds: “Consumers

want out-of-the-box

convenience, where they

buy the TV, take it out of

the box, plug it in and

enjoy a full experience.”

Soon to be released is

the stunning Element/

JBL 2012 ID (pictured),

whose design

has been

refined still


Watch this space…

Hall 26

Stand 705


Exclusive Interview

Element’s mother

company, Shenyang

TongFang Multimedia

Technology Company

is owned by Shenyang

university, and is situated

in ShenYang National

High and New District,

close to Shenyang

university town, 18

kilometres from ShenYang

international airport.

Element’s credo is the

delivery of products with

superior quality and

outstanding reliability,

without compromise.

Element products are

accompanied with a

two year constructor


Element electronics

has a “passion for

the environment”

and encourages all its

customers to recycle their

used consumer electronic


TongFang possessed

wide-covered, wellestablished

sales and

service networks; It has

set up 27 sales branches

and offices, 1500 shops

and more than 1000

service centres across

China. Overseas business

has mainly focused

until now on OEM and

ODM products, however

recent years have seen

significant success in the

USA and Europe with

the Element brand and

Seiki brand. Exportation

of TVs covers more than

20 countries and regions

around the world such as

the USA, UK, Germany,

Australia, Russia,

Singapore and Hong


All the Right Elements

THTF’s new electronics company makes IFA debut

American marketing overtones and Chinese

manufacturing oomph make THTF’s Element

Electronics — on show for the first time at IFA

2011 — an interesting company to follow. Element

President and CEO, Mike O’Shaughnessy, gives IFA

International the inside line…

Interview by Richard Barnes

Element electronics is a US

brand that was launched

five years ago. Our business

is aimed at large retailers

in the US. About two years

ago, Element partnered

with TongFang Global in

China and, through that

partnership, we merged this

year into one entity. Element

is now one of the brands

that make up TongFang


We have global ambitions

and attending IFA is out

first step in that direction.

Coming to IFA is our first

opportunity to introduce

ourselves, acquaint ourselves

with new customers, and

introduce our brand and

value proposition.

So your aim is to introduce

the brand to Europe…

Yes, that’s correct. First

and foremost, we have

appointed Gary Pinson,

who spent 16 years with the

Dixons group, as our General

Manager for Europe. He’s

based in the UK and he’s

is putting together the

infrastructure to serve this

marketplace. Our strategy

will be to introduce the

brand to retailers in Western

Europe, Eastern Europe and

India, among other places.

It’s an investment over time.

Introducing a new brand is

not an easy thing. We have

a strategy of introducing

our brand as a strong value

proposition, but we are also

patient in terms of letting

the buyers get to know

us. Frankly, what we will

be doing is taking the lead

from the retailers. We don’t

pretend to know everything.

For me as an American, and

for my business colleagues

from Asia, this is a different

kind of market and it has

to be treated as the unique

gathering of marketplaces

that it is.

Will you be selling direct

to retailers or through

channel partners?

Both. We have had a lot

of success at IFA and there

is a tremendous amount

of interest in what we

are doing. I can’t reveal

the confidential nature of

some of the discussions we

have had, but there are a

number of customers who

will start to do business with

us in 2012, if not sooner,

on a direct basis. We will,

however, also be working

with distributors where


Winning team: TongFang Global’s President TH Lam (left), Element

Electronic’s President & CEO Mike O’Shaughnessy and TongFang

Global’s GM Mickey Cho

Tell us more about your

globalisation strategy…

Our business strategy

is called GL: Global

Localisation. We aim to

bring the Elements brand

to a broad global market.

Already in the US, we are

present in such retail chains

as Walmart, Target, Best

Buy and Costco. Europe is

the next step. Over the past

months we have built up

our service foundations —

including a call centre, and

service and repair centres

— for customers across

Europe. We want to bring

user-friendly, human-related

products on to the market.

People tend to label

Elements as an American

brand name and a Chinese

manufacturer. But if you ask

what our goal is for Europe,

it’s to be just a brand —

a brand that represents

great quality products with

features that consumers

want at a value price point.

We are going to be a global

brand. That’s why we are


Elements is an established

brand in the US and an

established factory in China,

so it’s time for us to stretch

our wings a bit. When we

think about Samsung, we

don’t think about them

being a Korean brand any

more — we just think about

great products. That’s what

we want Element to be: a

brand that is recognised for

great products at a good


Hall 26

Stand 705

Mike O’Shaughnessy

Element President and CEO

“Our goal for

Europe is to be

just a brand –

a brand that

represents great

quality products

with features

that consumers

want at a value

price point”

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Market & Technology Trends

Consumers Keep Taking The Tablets

Market Is ‘A Perfect Storm Of Technologies And Unmet Needs’

Paul Semenza

Senior Vice President of Analyst Services at DisplaySearch

The global mobile

communications market

is currently in a period of

transition from standard

mobile phones to multimedia

devices, which make

accessing the internet

easy and appealing.

Consequently, it is important

that manufacturers position

themselves as innovative

smartphone providers to

avoid being trapped in the

stagnant, declining, feature

phones market. In the first

half of 2011, the number of

smartphones sold noticeably

increased in Western

industrialised countries and

Asia in particular. The share of

overall sales of these devices

in South-East Asia and China

(including Taiwan and Hong

Kong) already stands at 22%

and 29% respectively. As a

result of lower purchasing

power and the focus of



on vocal transmission, the

share of sales attributable to

smartphones in emerging

and developing states is

lower, at less than 10% in

India and below 15% in sub-

Saharan African countries.

The majority of sales in these

regions are still generated by

feature phones.

Despite restrained consumer

sentiment in the Eurozone,

the European mobile phone

market has developed

positively, which is primarily

attributable to the rising

popularity of smartphones.

In the first six months

of the year, sales of

mobile phones in

Europe increased by 4%.

Smartphones, in particular,

experienced a real boom, with

a 79% rise in the number

Tablet devices will experience

a “phenomenal” growth in

2011, with over 50 million

units shipped by year end,

according to Paul Semenza,

Senior Vice President

of Analyst Services at


Speaking at the 2011 IFA

DisplaySearch Business

Conference yesterday,

Semenza said: “Any time

you have a new product

category, that’s a fairly highpriced

device. And when it

heads towards 250 million

units in a decade, that’s quite

impressive. But that’s the type

of outlook we’re seeing for


Semenza said DisplaySearch’s

forecast would have been

even higher: “In our view,

2011 would have been

more of a mix of Apple

versus everybody else, but

it’s turning out that it’s still

really an iPad market this

of devices sold, and were

therefore able to compensate

for the 15% sales decline

of feature phones, which

are mobile phones that

have proprietary operating

systems. Currently, more

than one in three mobile

phones sold in Europe

are smartphones,

and this is set




year. It’s been a real struggle

for everyone trying get into

the market, first in terms of

getting the right features

to compete with the iPad,

but also in terms of retail

distribution and educating

potential customers. These

have turned out to be very

big challenges.”

Semenza described the

success of tablets as “the

perfect storm

of technologies

and unmet


Turning his

attention to

TV, Semenza

said that

revenues would

remain stable


2012 before falling. China will

lead the TV market in 2011

and beyond, with growth

slowing to approximately

7% annually. Asia Pacific

“It’s still

really an

iPad market

this year”

would see the fastest growth

in flat panels over the next

five years, he added, as India


Semenza’s presentation was

followed by the first session

of the day, Understanding

The Tablet Supply Chain,

presented by David Hsieh,

DisplaySearch’s Vice President

of Greater China Market.

Hsieh said that convenience

is the key factor

when it comes

to tablet usage,

with tablets

becoming “a

solution rather

than a device”.

The market is

saying that it

will pay as much

for a tablet as it

would a 42-inch TV, he said,

adding that there is a strong

tendency for people to watch

TV content on tablets.

The Future For Mobile Is Smart

The mobile communications market has been experiencing a global upswing. Smartphones in particular are appealing to even more

consumers. This year, it is anticipated that around 400 million smartphones will be sold around the world. Above all, in Western

industrialised nations, this boom is occurring at the expense of ‘feature phones’, which do not offer

the diverse range of smartphone functions. These are among the latest GfK Retail and Technology

findings prepared for IFA 2011.

“Currently, more

than one in three

mobile phones

sold in Europe

are smartphones,

and this is set to

increase further”


made in


Regional Spotlight

new Solutions to new Challenges

Korean manufacturers adapt to a new global scenario

By Gérard Lefebvre - President, Cleverdis

Gérard lefebvre

Gérard lefebvre has held

positions of director

and Chairman with a

number of companies in

the display and digital

Peripherals Industry. He

is recognised world-wide

by industry leaders for his

work in fostering efficient

communication between

top trade professionals and

vendors. Gérard currently

heads Cleverdis, which he

founded in 1997. Gérard

is graduated from ecole

Superieure de Commerce

de Paris (eSCP-eaP 1977)

with a specialisation in

International finance.

SanG-Hown Jeon

Sang-Hwon Jeon is

current Ceo & President

of the Korea electronics

association. He previously

served as director General

for electronics & IT

Industries of the Ministry

of Knowledge economy

and also served as director

General for technical

innovation assessment of

Ministry of Science and


Mr. Jeon received his

master degree in Public

administration from

Seoul national University

Graduate School of Public

administration and his Ph.

d. in Public administration

from Sungkyunkwan


South Korea has always

had the ability to adapt

in challenging economic

times its enterprises even

maintaining growth in

the face of a downturn.

We all remember the end

of 1997, less than one year

after the country became

the 29th member of the

OECD, when Korea was

hit with a major financial

crisis. We all remember, too,

the spectacular failure of

Daewoo in July 1999, the

third-biggest Chaebol of

this era. Then there were

the rigorous measures put

into place by the Korean

government, which, with

the aid of the IMF, brought

KEA aims to strengthen

the competitiveness of

the Korean electronics

industries by advising

government policymaking

and supporting

appropriate legislation. The

association was founded

in 1976 and our remit is to

respond to our members'

various and diverse needs

through Korea’s industrial

infrastructure, collaborating

with entities such as the

Patent CEO Forum, the

Korean Institute of Plant

Engineering & Construction,

the Digital Broadcasting

Industry Council, the

Electronic Medical Industry

Council, the Electronics

Industry Environmental

Management Council and

the RosettaNet Global


spectacular results. The

restructuring of enterprises

throughout the country

also proved to be effective,

leading to the remarkable

expansion of Korea’s

electronics giants.

So what are these Korean

companies going to have to

face in the next ten years?

It’s curious how history often

turns things upside down, as

it has in the case of Korea’s

Consumer Electronics and

Home Appliances industries,

for example.

In the period 2000-2010,

Korean enterprises —

in particular Samsung

and LG — went beyond

simply challenging their

Korea is facing new

challenges from China,

which is now introducing

higher quality branded

products on to the market

in direct competition with

Korean and Japanese

companies. How are you

helping your members to

counter this threat?

It’s a complex situation,

because global companies

and Chinese companies

are co-operating, while at

the same time competing.

The Korean government

is well aware that Korea's

electronics industry acts as

a kind of buffer between

China and the developed

countries, and it has

consequently put in place

policies aimed at supporting

Korea's IT industry, including

strategies for inter-industrial


rival Japanese companies,

becoming leading world

players. Through the

spectacular improvement

of their products, design,

brand image and marketing,

they took market share from

the big Japanese players,

and fast became market

leaders. Today they find

themselves in a less stable

situation, rattled by major

Chinese manufacturers

who have the same driving

enthusiasm to take market

share. Meanwhile, March’s

catastrophic events have

unleashed a powerful

response from Japan’s

leading companies, driving

them to focus on their

traditional values and core

competencies to become

still stronger and more


We have no doubt that, in

the face of this turbulent

situation, Korea’s major

manufacturers will find

ways of mobilising their

formidable assets and

strengths so as not to let

themselves be overwhelmed

— as they themselves

overwhelmed the Japanese

during their ascension.

Difficult times such as these

can work in favour of the

most ambitious, shifting the

power balance among the

major players and changing

the market ranking.

Competitive, Co-operative and Convergent

Kea positions Korea’s electronics industry for a global future

Sang-Hwon Jeon has played a key role in the success story that is Korea’s

electronics industry. The CEO and President of the Korea Electronics Association

(KEA) previously served as Director General for Electronics and IT Industries at the

Ministry of Economy and Director General for Technical Innovation and Assessment

at the Ministry of Science and Technology. Here, Jeon explains the role of the Korea

Electronics Association (KEA)…

Interview by Richard Barnes

What are your goals for

the coming year?

A Korean government

report entitled IT

Industry Vision

2020, has laid

out several policy

agendas: to

turn our prime

industries into

global leaders; to

strengthen the

dynamism of the

IT industry; to

turn promising

industries into

future prime

industries; and

to transform the

software industry

into a core

engine. KEA will

also continue to support

small and medium-sized

enterprises to grow as

global enterprises.

“KEA aims to

strengthen the


of the Korean



Sang-Hwon Jeon

The CEO and President of the

Korea Electronics Association (KEA)

Hall 28

Stand 526, 526A, 510

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


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Regional Spotlight

Korean Innovations Inspire at IFA

From sonic backpacks to slow juicers, Korean

companies bring a wealth of creativity to Berlin


The Korea - EU Free Trade

Agreement (FTA) took effect

on 1st July 2011.

Thanks to the agreement,

exporters will save €1.6

billion annually from not

paying import duties.

Overall, this is the most

ambitious tariff elimination

achieved in any of the EU's

bilateral trade agreements.

Currently, EU exporters of

consumer electronics and

household appliances, from

television sets to computers

or microwave ovens,

mobile phones or telecom

equipment, are obliged

to duplicate cumbersome

and expensive testing and

certification procedures

in order to sell in South

Korea. Under the FTA,

South Korea will generally

recognise European

certificates and test results.

Therefore no duplicative

tests or certification will be



South Korea was designated

a priority FTA partner in

the Global Europe trade

policy strategy of 2006.

Global Europe argued

that a comprehensive and

ambitious FTA with South

Korea, aiming at the highest

possible degree of trade

liberalisation including

far-reaching liberalisation

of services and investment,

was clearly in the interests

of both sides. On 16

September 2010 the Council

approved the FTA and the

Agreement was officially

signed on 6 October 2010 in

the margin of the EU-South

Korea Summit in Brussels.

It has provisionally been

applied since 1 July 2011.

By Richard Barnes

While many high-tech

Korean companies have

found a home with

the Korea Electronics

Association in the Korea

Pavilion (hall 28) this

year, that is by no means

the extent of their

influence at the show.

Aside from big hitters


Coway, Korean products

are also present in the

home appliance and


halls, as well as being

scattered throughout

the iZone.

In terms of household goods,

Windoro’s robotic window

cleaner uses root technology

to solve a difficult problem

– how to clean the outside

of high windows. It has

a navigation and control

module on the inside and

a cleaning module on the


Inside the home, the Hurom

slow juicer gently presses out

the juice using a patented

system, retaining more of the

nutritious enzymes, vitamins

and flavours.

Honestech, meanwhile,

allows users to take their TV

with them wherever they

go, on their laptop, tablet

or phone. By connecting the

TV to the nScreen TVBOX,

users can then watch TV in

h.264 codec quality, and

even change channels,

wherever they are. Also, for

The SIV Isaw

outdoor types, there is the

Creanovative Sonic Walk

System. This backpack,

which can also hold a

hydration pack, has speakers

on the shoulder straps, which

connect to a music player

and allow cyclists and other

sports people to listen to

music safely while practising

their pastime.

For those with a passion for

watersports or extreme sports

meanwhile, DiCaPac and SIV

have each produced a video

camera to record sporting

exploits. The SIV Isaw is

a small camera module

enclosed in a case that is

waterproof up to a depth

of 10 metres. Chargeable

by USB, this full HD camera

comes with mounts for

cycling, snowboarding

and scuba-diving. DiCaPac

produces waterproof cases

for all sizes of cameras, music

players, phones, camcorders

and tablets.

Back in the living room,

Minevox is showing the TViX

XROID, an Android-based

smart multimedia player. It

brings apps and a full web

browser to older televisions,

supporting multi-tasking and

filesharing through an easyto-use


Diasonic has presented

a range of lamps with

integrated iPod and iPhone

docks in the base. These

lamps have a range of

available light settings and a

USB 2.0 port with which to

connect a computer.

Technonia has a range

of products for tablets

and phones, but the most

unusual is the Tabmate

Bluetooth hands-free and

keyboard for tablets. With

a transparent OLED display,

the device, which resembles

a games console controller,

can be used to take calls and

control tablets from up to

10 metres away. The small

keyboard allows users to

type almost anywhere.

And 3DOne has produced

USB glasses-free 3D monitors

from seven- to 19-inches

in size, anticipating quick

growth in this portion of the


Prinics has showcased a

printer-dock, which the

company says makes printing

iPhone photos convenient

and simple. The neat unit

prints at 300dpi using a dye

sublimation transfer process,

and also charges the iPhone

while it prints.

Ppyple, also in the iZone,

has a range of dashboard

charging cradles for iPhones,

iPod Touches and iPads,

which also place the device

at an easy-viewing angle.



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Regional Spotlight

A Sense for Wellbeing

Woongjin Coway’s minimal eco-designs create maximum


Woongjin Coway’s innovative and stylish wellbeing products, which include

the electronic bidet and a sophisticated range of air and water purifiers, are

becoming increasingly popular around the world. Woongjin Coway's CEO

Joon-Kee Hong explains what sets them apart…

Joon-Kee Hong

CEO Woongjin Coway

Interview by Richard Barnes

We initially started targeting

Europe five years ago, and

the campaign was going

very well until 2008, when

sales slowed due to the

economic downturn. But

interest in our products has

really started to grow again

in the last 12 months, with

our JuicePresso juicer in

particular selling very well in

several European markets.

We are very proud of

the JuicePresso, which

minimises the destruction of

nutrients and antioxidants,

while offering more flavour

— aspects that we highlight

to consumers. We have also

mounted a comprehensive

media campaign, including

print ads and an extensive,

updated website.

What are your key

products at IFA?

This year, we are focusing

on our water purifiers with

reverse-osmosis filters,

and our range of air filters

featuring three- and fourstep

filtration processes. We

specialise in the elimination

of bacteria and viruses

across all our wellness

products. In addition, we

are also very proud of our

design philosophy, which I

would describe as ‘uniquely


Another unique Coway

concept is that our water

purifiers kill any bacteria that

might start to grow inside

the purifier’s water-storage

tank every three days.

Features such as these

are why we prefer to call

our wellness goods green,

because they don’t really

belong to the white- or

brown-goods categories.

Hall 3.1

Stand 105

“We are very

proud of

our design


which I would

describe as



Designed to be Different

Imagination meets design in Moneual’s award-winning

wellness and IT products.

Known for its design-conscious and pioneering approach, Moneual was founded by Harold Park who,

after 13 years at Samsung, decided to set up his own company — with impressive results…

IFA International's Bettina Badon (centre) with Moneual's management

When I was at Samsung,

I realised that everybody

could use their imagination

to achieve something

different, which is why

I started this company

— to be innovative and

create beautiful, functional

devices. For me, design is

the most important thing in

any product.

What are you focusing on

at IFA?

Now that our products are

selling well in Korea and

the US, we are focusing on

developing the European

market, so we are talking to

the retail channels in Berlin.

With retailers, my strategy is

a win-win situation because,

if you are the only winner,

you are never going to grow.

We try to create added

value, we co-operate on

promotions around products

and, if the situation merits

it, we are happy to take a

smaller profit so that the

retailer benefits.

What sorts of features are

included in your robotic


On the home-appliance

side, we are currently

making an intelligent, and

super-slim robotic vacuum

cleaner, which forms part of

our next-generation healthcare

range. Our latest

model has a wireless motion

controller, voice alerts, voice

recognition and a slim 8 cm

design. This enables it to

go everywhere, especially

under furniture, where the

Shadow Active mode alerts

the machine to increase

suction because it’s in an

unlit and therefore probably

dusty space. The robotic

vacuum cleaner is also ideal

for elderly people who live

alone because, if they fall

and hurt themselves, they

can command the robot

to dial their family or the

emergency services for


Hall 8.1

Stand 207

“For me, design

is the most

important thing

in any product”

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


The iZone

Up Close and iPersonal

Ozaki expands range of creative peripherals for Apple

If Apple iPods and

iPads have created an

ecosystem, then Taipei’s

Ozaki is surely one of the

most colourful creatures

living within it.

The Taiwanese company’s

aim is to turn tools into

toys. Entirely designed and

masterminded by CEO

Freeman Liu, Ozaki makes a

range of creative peripherals

for Apple devices. Its logo is

designed to suggest creative

potential and to express

its philosophy of playful

creativity, individuality and


“We are about high

technology, but also about

the good life,” said Myra

Chiang, Vice General

Manager of Ozaki’s Global

Market Department. “The

iPad is beautiful, but we

make things personal.

Different designs, different

personalities — we make a


The company’s stand-out

product at IFA is the iCare,

which represents its first

foray into software. The

app, for iPhone and iPad,

controls a remote video

camera, cutely housed in its

own 360-degree surveillance

tower. It is intended, as the

name suggests, to help

people keep an eye on

precious things — a baby, an

elderly relative, pets, plants or

possessions. When activated,

the iDevice becomes a

remote screen, transmitting

pictures through wireless or

3G networks. By swiping

left, right, up or down,

the viewer can control the

camera’s angle.

Also on display is the iPill, a

pill-shaped microphone that

activates the iPod Touch’s

latent recording function.

A set of Bluetooth iPad

speakers attach magnetically

to the back of the tablet,

greatly improving the sound

quality and acting as a stand.

The company, which has

won iF and Red Dot awards

for its designs, has more than

20 distributors in Europe.

Hall 15.1

Stand 114

Ozaki President and Apple

fanatic Freeman Liu



Touchscreen protection technology for iPhone and iPad takes

a giant leap forward thanks to Pro-Mat Technology LLC

John Hodges, Vice-President; C.K. To, President; Peter Huang, Regional Sales Manager

Pro-Mat, which is part

of American firm AEE

Technology LLC of Boston

USA, has introduced a new,


mirror film coating that

is both decorative, and

protective of touchscreens

on smartphone and tablet

devices. The ‘Sleek-Pro’

product series is made

from this new film, and

is designed with both

aesthetic and technical

qualities in mind.

With ‘Sleek-Pro’,

consumers can choose

between three ‘Magic

Colouring’ mirror film

protectors, each of which

changes hue depending

on the distance and angle

from which it is viewed.

When the iPhone or iPad

is switched off, the screen

acts as a mirror – fun, and

useful for checking makeup

and other things.

Yet when the iPhone is

turned on, the coating has

brilliant optical properties,

displaying the screen

perfectly. And with the

‘Sleek-Pro’, there is

no loss of touchscreen

sensitivity. It is scratchproof

and also prevents smudges

and fingerprints. What’s

more, while many inferior

products and previous

generations of mirror

film protectors inhibited

electromagnetic waves,

leading to up to a

40-decibel loss of sound,

the ‘Sleek-Pro’ lets 99%

of the radio waves through.

It’s all thanks to the

company’s new nano

multilayering technology

with optically engineered

PET film coating, which

provides anti-scratch, antifingerprint


and self-gel application.

When the screen is on it

lets light through from the

backlight of the device;

when the screen is off it

reflects the front light,

giving the mirror effect.

Unlike previous mirrored

screen protectors, where

metallisation problems

affected performance, the

‘Sleek-Pro’ does not lose

its mirroring effect.

Pro-Mat also makes cases

for iPhone protection using

‘Magic Coat’ technology,

which have rigid decorative

finishes that do not inhibit

radio waves under any

conditions. This is another

example of form following

function, proving the

company’s slogan: ‘Beyond


The ‘Sleek-Pro’ is just

the latest example of Pro-

Mat harnessing AEE’s

world-leading innovations

in flexible material

technologies by precision

coating. The ‘Sleek-Pro’

film is manufactured at

the company’s Taiwan

facility, where all stages

of the process are

undertaken entirely under

the company’s control,

providing outstanding

quality and reliability of


Pro-Mat is also at IFA to

look for distributors that

share its vision of driving

the touchscreen-covering

sector away from the

low-quality products that

predominate. It believes that

by educating consumers

about the benefits of hightech

products, it will create

an opportunity to lead

in a new market – one of

discerning consumers who

want high-performance

protection for their valuable


Crocfol Display, a ‘Sleek-

Pro’ distributor for


territories in Europe, will

start selling the ‘Sleek-

Pro’ in October. “You

can get cheaper products,

but they’re not anti-scratch

or anti-fingerprints,”

said Kurt Weiss, Crocfol

Display’s General Sales

Director. Weiss added: “All

the reviews we see say

the products are excellent.

This does come at a higher

price, but consumers think

the quality is worth it.”

“We are ready to deliver our

products and to work with

high-quality distributors

who see the opportunity

to grow the market for

technologically advanced

screen protectors,” said C.K.

To, President of Pro-Mat.

“They must understand

that we’re selling real

technological advantages,

and be ready to promote a

quality product.”

Pro-Mat is focusing on

finding high-quality

distributors for European

and North American

markets. John Hodges,

Vice-President, Business

Development at Pro-Mat

said: “Users are realising

that an expensive device

deserves a high-quality

screen protector.”

Pro-Mat has its own

warehousing and

distribution networks in the

EU and North America, and

local operations to support

distributors, and ensure

that stock is readily available

to meet their needs.

Hall 15.1

Stand 115

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


The iZone

New Company Is On The Case

NavJack is providing products some of the

world’s largest electronics companies

By Max Leonard

Taipei-based Jack

Chen, President of

NavJack, came up

with his company

name when doing

OEM work for a

satellite navigation

device manufacturer.

He started the firm in 2008,

having been in the OEM

game for more than 20

years, making everything

from casing to full devices for

some of the world’s largest

electronics manufacturers.

The iPod was a device he

knew well, so he turned to

making accessories for it,

then the iPhone and now,

new at IFA, the iPad 2.

“We were known for using

different materials, and

putting them together,”

he added. “We use all our

techniques, experience and

equipment to make these


NavJack’s products are

available in plastic, artificial

and real leather as well as

fibreglass. More unusually,

he also uses alloy-look

plastic, horsehair, aluminium

alloy inlaid with carbon fibre

and a new, soft and pliable

fibreglass that he says has

not been used before.

A particularly shiny version

of the iPad2 case was even

given away to celebrity

attendees at the Oscars and

the Grammy Awards.

Hall 15.1

Stand 105

Jack Chen

President of NavJack

The Joy Factory


The Joy Factory present two great accessory

lines for tablets and smartphones.

The Klick is an iPad

stand that is literally

revolutionary! It spins 360°

and tilts forwards and

backwards. It comes in two

versions, the Klick deskstand

and the Klick free

stand. In addition there is

a handy Klick wall-mount.

Practical and fun it helps

reduce the risk of neck

and shoulder pain from

excessive hand-holding.

The BubbleShield are

cool waterproof protective

sleeves for iPad1,2 and

3 and other tablets. A

version for iPhones and

other smartphones is also

available. These uniquely

designed transparent

sleeves allow total

operability of the device

whilst in the sleeve and

the double zippers ensure

that water stays out, lab

tested to IPX5 certification.

The BubbleShield are sold

in multi-packs and are reusable,

disposable and

environmentally friendly.

Hall 16

Stand 207


Tel: +1 (949) 216 8888


The iZone

Sales In The Bag

Fashion meets functionality in

Golla’s 2011 range

Golla’s 2011 bag

collection features ontrend

colours — green,

pink, red, turquoise

and gray — and several

stylish new models.

The new collection includes

a vertical slim laptop bag

with top handles and a

shoulder strap, and cabin

and messenger laptop

Italian case and bag specialist

Tucano has been making

products for computers for

the last 20 years, recently

branching out into a new

line of Technogel-based

computer stands called

FreskoGel. “By increasing

the height between the

computer and the surface

it is standing on, it helps

to ventilate it, and it also

offers ideal stability,” Tucano

Export Sales executive,

Elisabetta Caldarola, said.

“Other recent product

launches include two lines

of iPad cases called Magical

which comes in the same

10 colours as the iPad 2 and

Cornice which has a fold-out

cover. Currently the Magical

range offers a choice of

five rich and adventurous

colours, and thanks to the

excellent reception we have

Golla’s 2011 bag collection: inspired by fashion, lifestyle and


bags, which offer generous

storage space and builtin

protection for laptops.

Golla’s laptop sleeves and

slim covers, meanwhile,

are designed for tablets,

netbooks and laptops from

10.2 inches up to 17.3

inches. The company has

also extended its range of

bags for cameras by adding

a new extra-small model for

compact digital cameras.

To Accessorize Your


had in the market, we are

currently developing more

in the same spirit.” Tucano

products are distributed

globally with Europe,

the US, Canada, China,

Australia and Russia — the

strongest markets. “We are

also present in some South

The camera bag S is for

mirrorless compact cameras,

while the M and L versions

have been designed for

semi-professional SLR and

DSLR cameras.

“With their unique design,

colours and prints, our bags

stand out from the crowd,”

said Carolin Winter, Golla’s

Trade Marketing Manager.

“They combine fashion and

functionality with attention

to detail, durability and

excellent quality. As a result,

Golla’s products are now

turning heads in more than

100 countries.”

Winter added: “For Golla, IFA

is an excellent platform from

which to launch our new

collection in an inspiring,

dynamic environment. Every

year, we meet our existing

and potential customers, as

well as the media, here in


Hall 12

Stand 108

American territories as well

as North and South Africa.”

Alongside FreskoGel bags

and protective cases, Tucano

also makes headphones,

cables, chargers and

portable speakers.

Hall 14 - Stand 204

Hall 15.1 - Stand 150

Tucano stand in the iZone

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA

PREVIEW EDITION Monday 29 th August 2011

Hall 23/102

Hall 3.2 / 134

Hall 3.1 / 103

Hall 25/162

Hall 21./101

Hall 6.2/211

This year’s vintage of IFA

(the 51 st edition) appears, “Orders signed

according to its organisers,

to be heading for new on the floor

highs in terms not only

of exhibitors, but also are expected

international trade visitors

and media. Already in

April, Messe Berlin Chief to exceed

Operating Officer, Dr

Christian Göke announced several billion

that space for exhibitors

had been totally sold out. euros”

Plans are under way for

new permanent halls to

house “premium” brands,

and while this will require journalists, it also is expected

several years’ construction, that their numbers will

in the meantime, temporary again grow this year. Orders

“soft” halls have been signed “on the floor” are

erected in open areas. again expected to amount

Following increased demand to several billion euros.

by trade professionals and Read page 4

A Festival of Innovations!

IFA 2011 brings a mind-boggling

choice of new products to market

In this preview edition of seen for the first time in

IFA International, we take the German capital.

a look at the broad range

See page 20

of new and innovative Get your first glance in the

products “revealed” by top following pages!

manufacturers in IFA’s preshow

media events. From

tablets to 3D TVs, new

smartphones, cameras

and home appliances…

"The battle of the 3D TVs" there are countless new

is on – at IFA 2011 designs and ideas to be

See page 21


04 > NEWS














CEO, HiFi Video


"IFA is the most important exhibition

of the consumer electronics industry

at the moment." See page 41




CEO Bosch

und Siemens

Hausgeräte GmbH

"We simply can't get such extensive

and direct feedback about our new and

upcoming products anywhere else."



Vice-President of

Epson’s European

Marketing Division

"IFA is a big opportunity, because a lot

of the people we sell to, both channel

and end customers, visit the event."


High-level keynotes at

IFA this year include

Masaaki Osumi –

Executive Officer,

Corporate Senior Vice

President, President &

CEO Digital Products &

Services Company,

Toshiba Corporation.

S e his exclusive interview in

this sue – page 16.

Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA

Friday 2 nd September 2011

Hall 23/102

Hall 3.2 / 134

Hall 3.1 / 103

Hall 25/162

Hall 21./101

Hall 6.2/211


03 > NEWS

14 > MarkEt aNd tEchNical trENdS

15 > ViSioNary iNtErViEWS

19 > MadE iN EuropE

21 > thE yEar of thE tablEt

IFA 2011 opens its gates

with reports of unprecedented

success amid

33 > elibrary

“All the key

31 > NotEbookS & NEtbookS

volatile local and global performance 35 > rEfrigEratioN tEchNologiES

markets. In the official

39 > SuStaiNablE dEVElopMENt

opening press conference indicators are


by Dr Christian Göke,

41 > tradE NEWS

Chief Operating Officer,

Messe Berlin, Dr Reinhard higher than

43 > thE diary of MiSS ifa

44 > WhErE to go iN bErliN

Zinkann, Chairman of the

ZVEI Electrical Appliances last year.”

trade news

Product Division and Dr

Rainer Hecker, Chairman of


the Supervisory Board of gfu key performance indicators


all gave a similar message: are higher than last year.”


IFA’s ever-increasing With a record number of


success as the world’s 1441 exhibitors, media are

most important Consumer swarming the event, with

Lifestyle trade show is due pre-registered international "For each retailer who believes in his

to the clear fact that it is a press numbers growing or her future, IFA is a must."

solid key market driver for from 1,453 in 2010 to See page 41

global markets.

1,680 in 2011.

“It’s the best IFA ever!”,

exclaimed Dr Göke. “All the Read page 3






2011 is the year that the for tablets, notebooks

market for media tablets and e-readers and the "Consumers are in the driver’s seat for

has really begun to boom. exciting new arrivals at growth" See page 15

According to various IFA. Read page 21

analysts, sales of these

devices globally are set to


be upwards of 50-million


units this year, spurred on


by the arrival of a number


new, innovative



devices in Q3 and Q4. In

this issue, we take an indepth

look at the market

a major trend in our industry…" See

"Energy efficiency is and will remain

page 20

Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA

DAY 2 WEEK-END EDITION Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011

Hall 23/102

Hall 3.2 / 134

Hall 3.1 / 103

Hall 25/162

Hall 21./101

Hall 6.2/211


03 > NEWS




Smart here, smart there…

27 > LIFE IN 3D

everywhere one looks at IFA 2011 will be 32 > IN-CAR TECHNOLOGIES

this year, the same message


comes home: IFA 2011 is the the best IFA 40 > SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

“smart” place to be! IFA’s


official hook this year of “Get in history 42 > TRADE NEWS

in Touch” thus makes even

more sense, as Consumer its roadmap for the future. 44 > THE DIARY OF MISS IFA

Electronics and Home And as the show officially 45 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN

Appliance products become got under way yesterday,

increasingly intelligent and thought leadership was the


talk to each other. The order of the day with two


aim of IFA in educating spectacular keynotes – by


trade professionals and Masaaki Osumi, CEOs of

the buying public about Toshiba Digital Products


these new unique selling and Services Company –

expert AG


points thus takes on new and Keith McLoughlin, CEO

importance and meaning. of Electrolux. The world’s

"Our aim here in Berlin is to

The two pre-show press premier event of its kind

reinforce our contacts with suppliers

days posted “standingroom-only”,

as media prediction of Messe Berlin order to maintain a correct and clear

certainly is living up to the and gather market intelligence in

overall strategy" See page 43

flocked to get new insight COO Dr Christian Göke that

into the direction being it would be the “best IFA in

taken by the industry and History”. Read page 4 VISIONARIES



Executive Officer,

Corporate Senior Vice-

President, President and

CEO of Digital Products

3D is no longer a brand and content is arriving…

& Services Company,

Toshiba Corporation

new technology, meaning the future is bright.

"Toshiba is moving forwards by

the manufacturers Read all about it from page 27. deepening its engagement in energy

have had the time to

management and smart communities"

See page 3

develop product based

on customer feedback.

Li Dong

Keith Trends are towards lighter,


McLoughlin, cheaper glasses, or better

still… no glasses at all!

Chairman and Chief


Executive Officer,

What works when it

and CEO,

TCL Corporation

comes to convincing the


buying public to reach into

gives dynamic

"For Chinese companies, espacially in

their pockets? In short,

Keynote at IFA

the manufacturing business, going global

technologies are evolving

is an inevitable choice if you want a

sustainable growth." See page 16

Hall 23/102

Hall 3.2 / 134

Hall 3.1 / 103

Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA

Hall 25/162

DAY 4 EDITION Monday 5 th September 2011

Hall 21./101

Hall 6.2/211


03 > NEWS

07 > ExcluSivE iNtErviEW

13 > MadE iN taiWaN

19 > thE SMart hoME

With a number of major

23 > thE World of appS

manufacturers restructuring “IFA has proven

27 > coNNEctEd tv

and reorganising, IFA has

been the perfect platform for yet again to be 37 > appliaNcE iNNovatioNS

these companies to explain

41 > SuStaiNablE dEvElopMENt

their new organisations and the world forum iNitiativES

the new values they bring

43 > tradE NEWS

to the market during these for thought 44 > thE diary of MiSS ifa

turbulent times.

A perfect case at hand

45 > WhErE to Go iN bErliN

is LG Electronics Home leadership”

Entertainment Company,

trade news

whose President and CEO, to plot their purchasing


Havis Kwon (pictured left), roadmaps based on clear


has been present at the and solid information.

show to support his teams An example is the



and explain his strategy DisplaySearch Business

in fine detail (see also Conference at IFA, getting

interview page 7).

under way today, which

"IFA has become much more

The 2011 edition of IFA gives attendees an in-depth significant to us since the integration

has proven yet again to insight into Tablets, TVs and of the household sector in 2008."

be the world forum for the Home Video Ecosystem. See page 43

thought leadership in the The event will be crucial for

Consumer Electronics and trade visitors wanting to

Home Appliance industries. understand the Tablet and


As the show where global TV supply chain, market


leaders from all major dynamics and technologies


manufacturers gather, key being shown at this year’s


buying groups are able IFA exhibition.


Connected Life!

"Funai President Ebine Yasuhito tells

IFA International why the current

With the catch-cry at

market is loaded with opportunity

IFA of “Get in Touch”,

rather than uncertainty..."

See page 31

a key trend for many of

the exhibitors is “Getting


SMART”. Devices and even


Havis Kwon homes are getting smarter

Chief Executive

President & CEO, and more connected. In


this issue, we take a closer

Messe Berlin GmbH

LG Electronics

Home Entertainment look at the smart home,


smart TVs, and the world

"Berlin: 20 million visItors can’t be

of apps. Read page 29


See page 45

The iZone

Invisible Shield Heal Thyself

Best year yet for ZAGG at IFA

After buying iFrogz in June of

this year, ZAGG is continuing

to have a busy year at

IFA, according to Sales &

Marketing Manager, Eastern

Europe, Paul Lancaster, with

around 30 dealers per day

visiting the stand. “It looks

like it’s shaping up to be our

best year at IFA, and it’s clear

that having a bigger stand

has worked,” he said.

ZAGG’s biggest selling

product is the Invisible Shield

with well over 60 million

units sold and distribution in

200+ countries. “it’s made

from a porous material that

was developed to protect

the rotor blades of Apache

helicopters operating in

the desert,” Lancaster said.

“It’s a self-healing nano

memory technology which

means that if you scratch

it, it heals itself. Plus it’s

porous, so when you put it

on the screen the bubbles


ZAGG’s latest hit product

is the Folio iPad case and

keyboard. “It was launched

last month and the reviews

have been amazing,”

Lancaster said. “And the

iFrogz range of products

is also going very well. The

reason behind the acquisition

was that we make products

for professionals, whereas

“it’s clear

that having a

bigger stand

has worked”

iFrogz’ broad range is aimed

firmly at the youth market.

The Toxix headphones come

in a wide range of colours

and retail at a mere €20, and

despite the very reasonable

price, offer excellent sound

quality. On top of that, the

company makes a really

comprehensive range of

different kinds of cases and

ear-buds in vibrant colours.”

Hall 15.1

Stand 134

Paul Lancaster and Nadia Touhami of ZAGG

IFA International Special Features

Tomorrow's issue 6 will take a look at the dynamic

and highly competitive digital camera market, the

latest video recorders and what is new in digital photo

frames. Consumer comfort and the latest products in

the health and well-being segment are also featured,

alongside My Beautiful Laundry looking at the latest

washing machines. Finally, mounting solutions move

out of the shadows to centre stage in our exhaustive

look at new TV accessories and every kind of wallmounting


In case you missed it:

Preview - Trends in Consumer Electronics and Home


Day 1 – The Year of the Tablet / Notebooks and

Netbooks / Refrigeration / Made in Europe

Day2/3 – Life in 3D / In-Car Technologies / New

cooking technologies / Made in China

Day 4 – The World of Apps / Innovative home

appliances / Smart Home / Made in Taiwan

Day 5 – The iZone / Mobile Entertainment / Sound

Ideas / Made in Korea / New Visual Technologies /

Dishwashing Made Easy

My Journey, My CHOIIX

For the smart life, never

be without power on the

move. The Power Fort

series eliminates the need

for messy adapters and

cords when travelling

and provide a convenient

emergency back-up power

source for smartphones to

tablets. All models come

with a full first charge and

are convenient to use.

The Wave is an attractive

and practical foldable

universal tablet stand.

Made in durable aluminum

this stylish stand is set to

become a design classic

and is compatible with

iPad, iPad2, Xoom, Flyer

and most tablet PCs. It is

slim and folds away for

convenience and supports

tablets in portrait and

landscape orientations

with an adjustable viewing



Choiix, part of the Cooler

Master Group


Hall 16

Stand 208


IFA 2011: Sold Out!

Put on your 3D spex for the event of the year!

IFA set to beat all records!


Right Show, Right Time!

A solid platform in a challenging climate

Year of the Tablet


Get in Touch!

The world gets smarter – at IFA 2011

Life in 3D


New Challenge, New Organisation!

IFA – the platform for major players to explain

reorganisation and new strategies



Find IFA International,

the official international daily of IFA Berlin,

at your hotel, at the showgrounds,

and online at

Follow us on IFA International • 2011

Hall 12 - Stand 103

Hall 3.2 - Stand 134

Hall 3.1- Stand 103


Hall 9 - Stand 321

Hall 27 - Stand 740

Hall 1.2 - Stand 110

Hall 1.2 - Stand 132

Hall 15.1 - Stand 134

Hall 26 - Stand 705

Hall 27 - Stand 700 & 705

Hall 27 - Stand 720

Hall 1.2 - Stand 103

Hall 1.2 - Stand 144

20 mm

Hall 23 - Stand 102

Hall 3.2 - Stand 132

Hall 25 - Stand 162 Hall 7.2B - Stand 103

Hall 25 - Stand 143

Hall 6.2 - Stand 201

Hall 11.1 - Stand 14

Hall 5.2 - Stand 101

Hall 22 - Stand 101

Hall 3.2 - Stand 135

Hall 18 - Stand 102

Hall 21 - Stand 104

Hall 21 - Stand 101

Hall 6.2 - Stand 211

Hall 8.2 - Stand 101

Hall 3.1 - Stand 102

Hall 25 - Stand 138

Hall 16 - Stand 202

Hall 7.1A - Stand 101

Hall 3.1 - Stand 105

Hall 10.1 - Stand 107

Hall 1.1 - Stand 201

32 mm

Hall 2.1 - Stand 101

Hall 8.1 - Stand 207

Hall 14.1 - Stand 204

Hall 15.1 - Stand 150

Hall 17 - Stand 121

Hall 13 - Stand 100

Hall 4.1 - Stand 206

Hall 7.1B - Stand 106



Hall 17 - Stand 126

Hall 15.1 - Stand 153

Hall 15.1 - Stand 114

Hall X19 - Stand 215

Hall 1.1 - Stand 101

IFA International • 2011

Mobile Entertainment

Fun On The Move

IFA reflects the growing sophistication of the

mobile market

As more and more consumers are enjoying their media on the move, so

companies are striving to make the mobile experience more pleasurable.

IFA International surveyed some of the innovative mobile products on show

in Berlin

Smartphone that’S

tWice aS GooD

Wear Your 3D Wherever

You Want

What if you could have a 3D

widescreen in front of your

eyes at will? This product is

guaranteed to change your

point of view about 3D.

Vuzix brings to IFA its

Wrap 1200 Video Eyewear

wearable widescreen 3D

display. The sunglassstyle

Wrap 1200 with its

16:9 widescreen 75-inch

display (as seen from three

metres) offers the largest

display experience in the

video eyewear industry.

Consumers can watch a

movie, catch up on missed

TV shows, or explore video

podcasts. The Wrap 1200

supports 2D and 3D content

at home and on the go.

Its AccuTilt technology

allows users to adjust the

glasses by up to 15 degrees

up or down to get the best

fit, and viewing angle.

Vuzix is not new to video

eyewear: this American

company draws on its

technology from military

and industrial applications.

Hall 1.2

Stand 142

The Viewsonic

V350 smartphone

combines the

popularity of Dual

Sim with Android 2.2

performance. Dual

Sim is popular in

Europe, particularly

for international

travellers to take

advantage of

different tariffs in

other countries

without swapping

SIMs or taking

multiple devices.

With Google Market

certification, the

user can access

more than 200,000


The 3D-enabled

V350 features GPS/

AGPS and gravity

sensor functions to

enable navigation and

location finding. Driven by a

Qualcomm processor, it has

512MB memory, a Micro SD

card slot, and 3D GUI.

Viewsonic’s V350 smartphone

Hall 17

Stand 106

Wrap 1200 Video Eyewear

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


New Visual Technologies

Gone Today, Here Tomorrow

OLEDs will be back when the technology and price is right

By Bob Raikes, Meko

For the professional

analysts and press

that attend shows like

IFA, it's often what's

not shown that’s as

interesting as what is.

This year, the question might

be: where have all the OLEDs

gone? Of course, there

are OLEDs in new phones

and tablets but, unlike in

previous years, the likes of

Samsung, LG and Sony are

not displaying OLED TVs

on their stands. Why? First,

the TV business is having a

hard time. Although the setmakers

are supplying the

best TVs ever at amazingly

low prices, they are not

selling enough to make a

profit. So at IFA, they want

consumers to see today's

products, not tomorrow's.

Don't delay your purchase

is the message. The second

factor is that active-matrix

OLEDs have proved very

hard to make in large sizes.

Problems include how to

make the high-performance

transistors needed to drive

the OLEDs, how to seal the

displays against oxygen and

water, and how to create

the RGB patterns that make

up the display matrix.

AMOLEDs up to 15 inches

can be made using ‘shadow

mask vapour deposition',

but this process doesn't work

at larger sizes. Suggestions

for alternatives include laserinduced

thermal imaging

(LITI), inkjet printing and

nozzle printing. However,

there is no agreement

among the companies trying

to develop the technology.

This is in sharp contrast to

the LCD industry, where

everybody uses a very similar

production process, resulting

in much lower development


Another approach is to use

white OLED material and a

filter to produce different

colours. Unfortunately,

this increases the power

consumption dramatically,

while adding cost and

complication to the overall

device structure. This

method has, however, been

used to make larger OLEDs

by Sony and LG.

A third factor as to why

there are no OLED TVs at

IFA 2011 is that there are

simply not enough factories

of enough scale to make

large TV panels. Samsung

is building a 'generation

5.5' factory — scheduled

to open at the end of 2012

— to make panels up to 55

inches, but these are likely

to be expensive. Samsung is

also hoping to build a 'G8'

factory to compete with

LCDs on price.

So my prediction is that

there will be OLED TVs

on show at IFA 2012, but

at prices that will lead to

what my American friends

call 'sticker shock' — you

want the product, but you

gasp at the price tag. And I

wouldn’t be surprised to see

a gorgeous-looking 55-inch

OLED TV from a brand with

a fruit-shaped logo…

The huge investments

needed and the technical

challenges mean that it’s

likely to be many years

before most of us could

afford an OLED TV. So the

LCD-makers are right: buy a

fantastic LCD TV now, then

upgrade in five or six years

to OLED.

Bob Raikes:

principal of


market result



“I wouldn’t be

surprised to

see a gorgeouslooking


OLED TV from

a brand with

a fruit-shaped



New Visual Technologies

A Smaller, Brighter Future

Hand-held projectors become lighter and

more efficient

Christian Thevot

Head of PR for DLP Products, Europe,

Texas Instruments DLP

Currently, the two most

popular DLP [digital light

processing] categories are

the notebook companion

projector and the

embedded product. The

former is a device the size

of a cell phone that can

be connected to a laptop

and used for business

presentations by people on

the move.

In the embedded-product

area, there are a lot of

sub-categories, such as

a pico in a cell phone,

for which manufacturers

including Samsung and

network operators such

as NTT DOCOMO have

already started developing

prototypes. There are also

digital stills cameras and

video cameras with an

integrated pico. I think

it’s entirely reasonable to

say that, over the coming

months and years, we are

going to see more and

more products featuring


How did DLP-based picos

come about?

We found a way to shrink

the Texas Instruments’ DLP

technology, which is a chip

that produces the images

you typically see in the

cinema and in about 50%

of home projectors. It is

now possible to make this

chip small enough to be put

in a projector that you can

fit in your pocket.

There are several other

pico technologies

on market. What

distinguishes Texas

Instruments’ DLP?

We come from the cinema

market, so our first aim is

optimum picture quality,

because this is essential

in that environment. As a

result, all sizes of our DLP

chip offer the same high

optical standards. The other

important thing, especially

in a portable device, is

the power efficiency of

the chip. What we offer

manufacturers is either

a chip that offers high

brightness but will work for

only one hour, or a slightly

larger chip that is less

luminous but lasts for three


Texas Instruments DLP

seems to be moving

towards supporting

other manufacturing

companies. Is that


Yes. We see the job of Texas

Instruments DLP as being to

focus on our technology, so

“A smaller chip

means lower

cost for both




In the last year, picos, or hand-held projectors, have become increasingly

popular around the world. Christian Thevot, Texas Instruments DLP’s Head

of PR for DLP Products, Europe, talks to IFA International about this growing

market and where the technology is headed…

that we are one ingredient

of a great product. For

example, Acer has produced

the C110, which is a pico

that works with only one

cable by using a USB cable

for both power and input.

It’s a unique device that is

also very easy to use. It is in

innovations like this that we

see the future.

For the uninitiated, how

would you define a pico


Technologically, we define it

as any projector below 500

lumens. But for consumers,

the definition is that it can

be used on the go and

that it can easily fit into a

briefcase or your pocket.

What is the roadmap for

DLP products over the

next couple of years?

We have just introduced

a new HD chip called the

Wide XGA, which allows

projections in 720p. We

are also working on pixel

shrinking, which allows

us to put more pixels on a

smaller chip. And a smaller

chip means lower cost for

both manufacturers and


Hall 7.2A

Stand 102




FPR technology aims to

popularise mainstream use

of 3D TVs

LG Display is showcasing its 3D TVs using filmpatterned

retarder (FPR, polarised glasses type)

3D panels at IFA 2011.

“Whereas first generation

shutter glass technology

introduced us to the

possibility of 3D TV, next

generation FPR makes 3D

practical for mainstream

use,” said LG Display CEO

Mr Kwon Young Soo.

“FPR will effectively allow

manufacturers to create

an incredible quality 3D TV

experience that is healthy,

convenient and affordable

– all factors that hindered

the popularity of first

generation 3D products.”

Thanks to this new

technology, LG Display

expects 3D TVs to capture

over 10% of the global LCD

TV market in 2011, which

will be a total of 220m sets

including both 3D and 2D

TVs. With FPR 3D panels,

LG aims to obtain more

LG Display glasses

than 70% share of the 3D

TV LCD market in 2011,

which would be between

15m and 20m units.

LG Display claims that its

FPR ensures long hours of

comfortable viewing, due

to the use of lightweight

polarised glasses that emit

no electromagnetic waves.

FPR clip-on shades are also

available for those who

wear prescription glasses,

alleviating the need for

wearing two sets of glasses

with SG displays. Finally,

whereas SG glasses restrict

flexible head movement,

which cause the glasses

to go dark, FPR reportedly

allows users more options

for movement, without

losing the 3D picture.

Hall 11.2

Stand 101

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011



New Visual Technologies

TV Gets Up To Speed With Tablets


has launched a new

home entertainment

platform designed

to improve the

consumer’s experience

of connected TV.

The company’s

fourth generation of


consumer home

entertainment products

is based on the multicore

ARM Cortex A9 chip.

The company claims the

chip is 20-30% more

energy-efficient than its

predecessor, offers excellent

3D application handling,

and excellent quality and

customisation potential. It

builds on STMicroelectronics’

Faroudja technology, which it

acquired and has developed.

In this new version, it has

improved and extended

its audio capabilities to

help compensate for the

poor speaker design, and

consequent bad audio

performance, of many flatscreen


The new platform is being

offered both to makers of

set-top boxes and to TV

manufacturers who are

integrating the technology

into their products. A

recent Display Search report

predicted that by 2013,

more than 38% of new flatpanel

TVs will be connected

to the Internet through a TVbased


Luigi Mantellassi, Vice-

President of the company’s

Home Entertainment

and Displays Group, said

that the company has

the wherewithal to offer

its users a hand: “We do

produce reference designs,

especially for early adopters.

The level of expertise we

have in-house is very high,

but we rely on our partners

to make the products.”

One of the chip’s main

advantages is that it extends

the potential for convergence

and interoperability

between TVs, tablets and

other screens. In the past,

TV’s processing power has

been significantly inferior to

that of other devices. This

chip, Mantellassi says, has

an equal or higher level of

performance than the most

advanced tablets currently

on sale. “In the move to

multi-screen, having a

platform which has such

interoperability is a strong

requirement,” he added.

Mantellassi’s pleased

STMicroelectronics is at

IFA, both to showcase

STMicroelectronics products

and to examine the market.

IFA is a unique opportunity

to see what happens next.

We see confirmation of

some of the requirements

we’ve anticipated, which is

great,” he said. “We need

to understand what trends

are gaining. It’s a race of


Hall 9

Stand 112

Luigi Mantellassi

Vice-President of the company’s

Home Entertainment and Displays

Group: “We need to understand

what trends are gaining”

Raising the bar on

Android Gaming

The NVIDIA Tegra processor

powers devices including the

Motorola Atrix, LG Optimus

2X, Samsung Galaxy R,

ASUS Transformer, Acer

Iconia A500 and Samsung

Galaxy Tab 10.1, as well as

new tablets from Sony and

Lenovo. Next generation

GeForce GPU installed in the

NVIDIA Tegra 2 is tailored to

meet the growing demands

of current and future mobile

use cases. Tegra 2 includes

a high performance GPU

architecture that has several

unique optimizations

that not only

deliver near

console quality graphics and

performance, but also ultralow

power consumption.

Because of its desktop

GPU roots, the hardware

pipeline of the GeForce

GPU is optimized and

prepared to handle the

performance requirements

of mobile games featuring

PC and console quality

graphics features. NVIDIA

works closely with leading

game developers to bring a


gaming experience to mobile

devices and several game

titles such as Backbreaker

THD, Galaxy on Fire 2

THD, Riptide GP, Fruit Ninja

THD, Monster Madness,

Dungeon Defenders First

Wave Deluxe HD, Sprinkle

and more for users of Tegrapowered

mobile devices.

NVIDIA continues to work

with developers to raise the

bar on Android gaming and

bring even more exciting PC

and console class games to

mobile devices.

Hall 15.1

Stand 110

The NVIDIA Tegra processor

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Sound Ideas




IFA listens in to tomo

Magnat, the Rhine-based speaker

specialist, is in Berlin with new

speakers, soundbars with wireless

subs and fully active systems.

On display is the full Quantum 800

range, characterised by an extremely

precise playback and an elegant, slim

appearance in the Bauhaus style.

Equipped with the genes of Magnat's

flagship Quantum 1000 series, it includes

fibreglass-coated tweeters, elaborate

acoustic 24dB crossovers and die-cast

aluminium bass and mid-range speakers,

all of which have been developed to

ensure controlled dynamic behaviour.

Aesthetically speaking, the high-quality

surfaces impress. The Palisander version

features veneers that are coated with

a transparent piano lacquer, while the

other designs include a high-gloss blackand-white


The series consists of floor-standing

speakers, shelf speakers, a centre

speaker and a new high-performance

subwoofer, the Magnat Omega 250


With its front panels and metal

grilles Magnat's Vector 200 bears a

resemblance to Magnat's Quantum 500

series. Technically speaking, however,

everything is new. The bass mid-range

cones, manufactured from coated

cellulose, sit in fibre-reinforced baskets,

while the artificial-silk dome tweeter

sets acoustic accents in the upper


Hall 1.2

Stand 132



JVC’s new UX-VJ5/UX-VJ3

speaker-dock system comprises

a slim, vertical centre unit and

a pair of speakers that can

connect and charge iPad and

iPhone or iPod side by side. The

sleek centre unit features a CD

player, USB and PC inputs and

an FM/AM tuner. It also

By Gary Smith

The world of sound is being changed fundamentally by the arrival

of systems that employ sophisticated algorithms to produce a truly

immersive 3D experience, alongside ever more sophisticated multiinput

docks that connect wirelessly to the TV and to mobile devices.

IFA International's Gary Smith looks at the coolest products and

the hottest trends

has two secret docks

behind a simple design,

providing the user with

a smart place for holding

iPads, iPhones and iPods.

While playing back

movies, the surround-sound

effect makes the scene come

alive. Users can even rotate the

dock and position the iPhone or

iPod horizontally.

The system includes a video

output for

connecting your devices to a

larger screen, as well as an audio

input for other sources. The UX-

VJ series comes in seven colours:

white, black, brown and violet

for UX-VJ5 and white, pink and

green for UX-VJ3. However, not

all colours are available in all


Hall 5.2

Stand 103

JVC UX-VJ5: available

in black, white, brown

and violet


Sound Ideas

It Out

rrow’s world of sound


Shape My Sound is a

new and profound sound

experience from Arkamys

— and IFA delegates can

experience it for themselves

by visiting the Arkamys

stand and creating their

own TV sound environment.

The Arkamy system

makes the user part of

a personalised audio

experience by controlling

each component of the

sound with an advanced

touch-screen interface.

The interactive and

simple-to-handle TV audio

solution allows visitors to

create effects such as a

personal football-stadium

atmosphere while watching

a match, or experience the

world of audio immersion

when enjoying a movie by

choosing their preferred

surround sound.

Hall 1.2

Stand 150



The Loewe SoundVision audio

system sets new standards in both

sound and minimalist design. The

all-in-one, completely independently

sound system is, of course, networkcompatible

and can be integrated

seamlessly into a home-entertainment

system. The newly developed user

interface ensures simple control and

the utmost convenience, either via the

7.5-inch Multi Touch display or at a

distance via the Loewe Assist remote


The SoundVision is packed with

sophisticated technology, including

a new user-friendly interface, which

is simple to use and

allows countless


options. Six builtin

speakers, two of

which are integrated subwoofers,

guarantee optimal audio enjoyment.

The SoundVision can be connected

to the Loewe home-entertainment

system or to the home network via

LAN, WLAN or Powerline, permitting

users to access music files saved on

the network.

Recommendations for new songs can

also be received via AUPEO, while the

integrated music-recognition service

Gracenote can answer questions

about the title or artist of a given piece

of music. It is also possible to send

music directly from a mobile phone to

the Loewe SoundVision via Bluetooth.

Similarly, music can

also be sent from the

Loewe SoundVision to

compatible Bluetooth


Loewe’s SoundVision

Hall 6.2

Stand 201

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Sound Ideas


It has been 15 years

since the launch of

Pioneer’s first CDJ deck,

which led to the CDJ-

1000 series. And now

it’s time for something

completely new — the

CDJ-2000, Pioneer’s

new professional

player for the digital


The CDJ-2000 can play

music from multiple

sources, including CD, DVD,

USB storage devices and SD

memory cards. It also comes

with the rekordbox music

database management

software beloved of DJs.

Rekordbox allows DJs to

prepare better before their

performance. It also opens

a door to tools such as Hot

Cue Banks and Quantize,

for perfectly synced loops

every time. DJs can export

data to a USB or SD device,

giving themselves access to

vast libraries of music files.

No need to burn CDs —

simply take your USB device

to the club, plug it into the

CDJ and play.

Through the Pro DJ Link,

music files and databases

on a single USB or SD

device can be shared

simultaneously by up to

four players connected via

LAN (local area network)

cable. In addition, the data

history of each DJ set is

automatically saved and

can be made into a playlist

that can be loaded back

into rekordbox.

Another key facet of

the CDJ-2000 is its

advanced HID (human



The chip

behind sonic

motion’s 3D


Sonic emotion, a

leading provider of 3D

sound for consumer

electronics, is taking

audio entertainment

to previously unheard

dimensions with the

launch of new 3D sound

products in collaboration

with top brands.

Pioneer’s next generation CDJ-2000

interface device) and MIDI

capabilities for the native

control of DVS (digital vinyl

systems) via USB. The player

also achieves Pioneer’s

highest sound quality to

date through an improved

3D audio devices

integrating sonic

emotion’s technology

can be heard at the

company’s stand in Hall


“We are delighted

to give IFA visitors a

chance to experience 3D

sound and know what

to expect when seeing

products using sonic

emotion technologies,”

said Andy Macaluso,

sonic emotion’s Director

of Sales and Marketing.

audio-output circuit, a

new audiophile-pleasing

Wolfson DAC processor

and a built-in 24-bit/48kHz

sound card.

Hall 1.2

Stand 144

Available on a sound

chip, sonic emotion’s

3D sound technology is

capable of converting

stereo content into 3D

sound from a single

device. Based on

wavefield synthesis, the

company’s technologies

create an evenly

balanced soundfield

in any listening area,

regardless of its


Hall 1.2

Stand 103



The form of the

Geneva Sound XS — a

small, portable audio

system that delivers a

rich hi-fi sound — was

inspired by the classic

travel clock. Designed

for a travelling

lifestyle, it comes in

a leather clamshell

case that flips open

to reveal speakers,

amplifiers, radio and

alarm clock.

The case is available in

Geneva’s trademark red,

white or black finishes.

The compact yet powerful

system consists of a

digital amplifier and

stereo speakers that play

mid- and high-range

frequencies with absolute

accuracy, and a woofer

capable of producing

a robust bass response

below 80Hz. Other

notable features include

an integrated digital

FM tuner and stereo

Bluetooth playback.

Music streams wirelessly

to the Geneva XS from

any Bluetooth-enabled

device. Other audio

sources can be connected

via the included 3.5mm

line-in cable.

Hall 15.1

Stand 154

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Sound Ideas



Harman International

Industries has just

announced the

availability of the

JBL MS Series of

component speakers

and subwoofers — a

collection of audio

upgrades that will make

even trips to the grocery

store a memorable

music experience.

The JBL MS Series is

designed to provide various

configuration options,

creating a car audio sound

system that can be tailored to

fit the acoustic needs of any

vehicle. MS Series subwoofers

Pro-audio and

European music

distribution specialist

Sound Service present

two new products

for the European

market at IFA. The

H2n from Japanese

manufacturer Zoom

is an innovative new

generation portable

handy recorder.

Designed for film,

broadcast, journalism

and musicians, the unit

contains five microphone

capsules with four

recording modes. In

addition to channel

surround, 4 channel

surround and X/Y stings,

this is the first portable

to incorporate a Mid-Side

recording mode used for

enhanced ambiance in

film and broad.

Harman’s Dinesh Paliwal:

“excellence of sound quality”

feature peak power ratings

of 320W to 1,800W, multiple

wiring options, dual voicecoil

designs and dual 2-ohm

or 4-ohm models.

“The JBL MS Series

component speakers offer

the same excellence of sound

quality in the car that we bring

to movie theatres and living




Hall 15.1

Stand 129

“By adjusting the levels on

the two side microphones

you can change the width

of the stereo field,” said

Simon Gussek, Sound

Service Product and Sales

Manager for Keyboards

and Recording. “The

H2n records in WAV and

MP3 formats and has an

onboard editing facility

and a data recovery

function with a new large

display and dedicated

function buttons.”

Samson’s Meteor Mic

is another new product

launched in Europe by

Sound Service for location

recording. Designed

especially for computer

recording it has a 25mm

diaphragm condenser

with a smooth flat

frequency response (20Hz-

20kHz) and practical foldback


H2n Sound Service

Meteor Mic

Sound Service

rooms,” said Dinesh Paliwall,

CEO of Harman.

MS component speakers

feature lightweight

fibreglass-laminate woofer

cones for smooth frequency

response, titanium inverteddome

tweeters for distinct

high-frequency (HF) sound,

and outboard crossovers

to maximise system power

handling. The outboard

crossovers also include

Danish company

Libratone has added

distinctive colour and

Scandinavian design to

the growing ranks of

speakers that connect

wirelessly with iTunes

through Apple’s

AirPlay protocol.

The logical next step after

Apple’s AirPlay base unit,

which allows streaming

from computer to hi-fi via

a wireless network, AirPlay

speakers stream music

from any iDevice or iTunesequipped

computer (Mac

or PC), without the need for

extraneous wires. Libratone

Live, the company’s new

one-piece speaker unit, can

also be controlled through

an iPhone app.

This wireless capability is

married to five amplifiers,

digital signal processing

tweeter level adjustments to

fine-tune system response.

The MS subwoofers feature

rigid polypropylene cones

with stitched tri-laminate

surrounds and vented

polepieces, and are optimised

for sealed and vented

enclosures. Both the speakers

and the subs are built with

vented, cast-aluminium

baskets that dissipate heat

to play louder and longer

without power compression.

At IFA, Harman has also

announced a new advertising

and marketing campaign for

its JBL brand, which will run

under the strapline ‘Hear

the Truth’. The campaign

features international artists,

including Maroon 5, listening

to their own music with JBL



Exhibition Space



and a 150W output.

FullRoom technology

means the tweeters and

mid-range drivers disperse

the sound in a 360-degree

arc, bouncing the sound

off the walls to create a

spacious ‘live’ sound and

eliminating dead spots.

“Our relationship to music

has changed,” said Jens

Mosgaard, Libratone’s

Chief Technical Officer.

“With Libratone Live,

we want to provide the

listener with an easy way

of soundtracking his or her

life without compromising

on the quality of sound.”

Complementing the audio

properties are the speakers’

unconventional look.

Available in five colours, the

units are finished off with

chrome and cashmere.

Hall 15.1

Stand 127

Libratone Live:


design meets

quality sound



The Clarity-HD Model

One HD multimedia

speaker monitor

comes with a built-in

high-powered digital

amplifier and iPod


Specifically designed for

high-resolution playback

in the digital realm, it

includes advanced 6.5-

inch bass drivers with

four-layer voice coils for a

deep, extended, low-end

response and proprietary

soft-dome tweeters for

“smooth articulate highs

with superior inner detail".

The Clarity-HD Model One

began shipping worldwide

in mid July with all the

advanced connectivity

options needed to satisfy

today's ahead-of-the-curve

digital-audio consumer.

Available in several colours,

it can be set up easily in

just seconds and provides

room-filling sound right

out of the box.

Head Monster Noel Lee

said: "We named our new

Clarity-HD speaker system

the Model One for the

simple reason that it's the

first of its kind to combine

such a powerful audiophilegrade

performance with

total user simplicity

and all the connectivity

features demanded by

today's consumer. The

way we listen to music has

changed. We no longer

build our family rooms

around a stack of gear in

the centre of the room,

and we don't want the

intrusion of huge speakers

and other components.

And thanks to portable,

digital music players like

the iPod, we now keep

vast music collections in

our pocket.”

He added: “The Model

One delivers the kind of

big sound you wouldn't

expect from a bookshelf

speaker and, with the iPod

at the heart of the system,

you can listen to all your

favourite music in higher


Hall 3.2

Stand 133


Sound Ideas

DiNesh C.Paliwal

is Chairman, President and

Chief executive Officer

of harman international –

a leading provider of

premium audio and

infotainment systems for

the automotive, consumer

and professional markets.

Before joining harman,

Dinesh was President

of global power and

automation technology

leader aBB Group. During

his 22 years with aBB,

he was instrumental in

the company’s dramatic

turnaround from 2002–


in addition to the harman

board, Dinesh serves as a

member of the Trilateral

Commission, which fosters

closer co-operation among

the Us, europe and Japan.

in 2010, Paliwal was

named Metro New York

entrepreneur of the Year

by ernst and Young, and

received the indian

american achiever award

by the Global Organisation

of People of indian Origin


The DiGiTal


harman is well known as

an innovative company

with new products and

concepts being introduced

constantly. This year at

iFa will see yet more of

the company’s forward

thinking on display, said

harman CeO Dinesh Paliwal:

“The digital revolution is

clearly creating convergence

between consumer devices

in the office, at home, and

in the car. Consumers no

longer view their living room,

workplace, and personal

devices as separate domains,

but as one, seamless

content ecosystem. They

want simplicity, seamless

portability and sound

integration that fits their

busy lifestyle. and they

want it from a trusted

provider with brand equity.

This is fast becoming a

fundamental expectation

of modern consumers

everywhere, and is fuelling

a demand for integrated

lifestyle solutions. with

our proprietary knowledge

of the car’s electronic

infrastructure and our

powerful brands, harman is

one of the few companies

that finds itself in the sweet

spot of this trend. at iFa this

year, we are introducing new

products such as the new

JBl OnBeat Xtreme docking

station which can wirelessly

connect to your iPad via

Bluetooth and deliver

astonishing sound to movies,

music, gaming — even video

calls — from an iPad.”

Doers, Not Dreamers

Interview by Gary Smith

Last year, Dinesh

Paliwal, CEO of

Harman International,

was named as the

Entrepreneur Of The

Year by Ernst and

Young. He explains his

business philosophy to

IFA International ...

A true entrepreneur is a

doer, not a dreamer. You

have to move quickly and

decisively, and be quick to

react to the market and

to your customers. I also

think that entrepreneurship

and innovation go handin-hand.

At Harman, we

are constantly searching

for and nurturing small

but innovative ideas, and

we move quickly to seize

market opportunities.

Dinesh Paliwal

Chairman, President and Chief Executive

But we also balance this

approach with a healthy

dose of stubbornness about

our bigger vision and view

for the long term.

Your last quarterly report

showed good results,

with a rise of 122% in

operating income. What

is behind this?

Our business is divided

into three main areas:

consumer and lifestyle audio

products; professional audio

products; and automotive

infotainment products. This

last one is our major revenue

generator, generating

over $13bn in business.

An increasing amount

of our wins are coming

from the new scalable

infotainment platform

that we’ve introduced to

automakers, which allows

them to choose from a

number of pre-integrated

options, like navigation,

internet connectivity, and

multimedia support, for

their specific offering. This

saves automakers money

and time in the development

stage, and lets them get to

market faster. VW Group

and Chrysler Fiat Group are

among the first customers

using the platform. Of

course, we also continue

to supply premium highend

infotainment systems

for customers like Audi,

Daimler, BMW, and many


Tell us more about your

involvement with Toyota,

and the growing market

for in-car infotainment.

The new Entune system

compliments Harman’s

long-standing relationship

in providing premium audio

systems from our JBL brand

to Toyota. The Entune

system blends advanced

automotive navigation

with the connectivity and

entertainment features of

the latest-generation smart

mobile phones. Drivers can

make hands-free phone calls,

control music from a variety

of sources, and interact

with the navigation system

— all by using simple voice

commands. An advanced

text-to-speech function can

also read incoming SMS text

messages verbally to the


Harman has lodged 200

new patents in the past

year. How important

is R&D in giving you a

competitive advantage?

I often describe myself

as being paranoid

about innovation, and

am constantly thinking

about ways to speed new

product introduction,

improve product lifecycle

management, and feed

the innovation pipeline.

Our current focus is on

identifying differentiating

technologies in three core

areas: connectivity, green

technologies, and safety.

We have over 2500 active

patents, and over 1000

patents pending, and we

actively encourage our

engineers to bring forward


How important is IFA

as part of your overall

marketing plan?

We are proud to be part

of the IFA environment

and believe it’s a perfect

launch pad for many of

our product initiatives and

market announcements.

This year, we are unveiling

the premiere of the biggest

marketing and advertising

campaign we’ve done for

the JBL brand in more than

a decade. Our television

commercial got its first

press screening here on our

stand at IFA, so we are very


Officer of Harman International Indoor Ground 100

Stand Funktum

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011


Dishwashing Made Easy

Celebrating 50 Years Of

Home Help

AEG has offered a 50-month

guarantee for its new

ProClean Favorit50 models,

to celebrate the dishwasher

line’s 50 th birthday.

Washing dishes by hand was

the most unpopular chore

in Germany in the 1960s

according to a German

Institute for Marketing

Research report in 1965.

Only 125,000 households

had one, but today that has

risen to more than 27 million.

AEG presented its first


On Top

After 25


Celebrating 25 years of the Miele cutlery tray

fully automatic dishwasher

at the autumn trade fair

in Cologne in 1961. The

Favorit could hold up to 100

dishes, and was taken to

the sink on four rollers. The

top-loading dishwasher was

then connected to a tap and

filled with water. The AEG

Favorit took 1 1/2 hours and

consumed 35 litres of water

for one cleaning cycle.

The new ProClean Favorit50

offers more space and an

interior that allows for very

flexible loading. It also has

Miele has celebrated the

25 th anniversary of its thirdlevel

cutlery tray with two

new dishwashers featuring

its new, patented 3D cutlery


The 3D cutlery tray is located

at the top of the dishwasher,

as the original third-level

tray has been since 1987.

new spray technology and

a dual-rotation satellitespraying

arm, to rinse grime

out of hard-to-reach places.

A modern AEG ProClean

Öko Favorit only takes 30

minutes to complete its

quick wash programme

and uses 9.8 litres of water.

An A++ energy efficiency

dishwasher like the AEG

Favorit 65022 only uses 2.27

litres of water per person.

Hall 25

Stand 137

It features height, width

and depth adjustment,

to allow numerous ways

of arranging cutlery to be

cleaned. It means that tall

and awkward items, such as

long-stemmed wine glasses,

can easily be accommodated

on the level below.

The Edition 3D is A++ rated

for energy efficiency, while

the Edition 3D Eco is A+++

rated, and uses as little as

0.83kWh of electricity and

seven litres of water.

Small But

Perfectly Formed

Clear views and easy loading

are two strengths of the

GIC63140AX compact

dishwasher, claims Gorenje.

The two baskets can be fully

pulled out of the machine,

using a drawer system for

easy loading. The user also

gets a good view of what’s

inside the machine when


Attached to the bottom

of the racks is a moveable

tray, which prevents water

dripping on to furniture

The GIC63140AX compact dishwasher

or the floor below. The

touch screen provides easy

access to the five pre-set


The machine, which is 45cm

tall, and A-rated for energy,

can clean up to six place

settings at once, and only

uses eight litres of water.

It complements the other

appliances in the Gorenje

compact range, and is being

pitched at small families,

elderly couples and single


Hall 1.1

Stand 201

Both models feature

AutoOpen drying, which

opens the door at the end

of the cycle. This helps the

contents dry and cool down

more quickly, saving energy

and keeping the dishwasher

interior more hygienic.

Hall 2.1

Stand 101

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011



Cleaning the dishes is getting greener

"Since 2001 Miss IFA supports the global awareness

of the leading consumer electronics trade show IFA.

Emerged as a virtual character, this young woman

with bright red hair is since 2005 a real and

worldwide known representative of the IFA with high

recognition value."

Dirk Koslowski, IFA Senior Executive Manager.

Companies are making great efforts to show people what is happening inside their


Dishwasher interiors are becoming very sophisticated with every imaginable

kind of rack for every size and shape

Today, the spotlight of IFA

International is on the world

of dishwashers. Here, is just

a little taste of some of the

products to be found at the


The amazing thing is that dishwashers these days use up to 68%

less water and electricity to do the same job….how green is that?

IFA International on

Scan me!

You Tube




Spokesman for Electronic

Partner’s Managing Directors


Director, Corporate

Division For Promoting

Energy Solution

Business Panasonic


Dr Rainer

Chairman of the

Supervisory Board,





N°04 / September 2011 - March 2012

Sustainable Development Initiatives



Greenpeace has

congratulated the

electronics industry on

making progress with the

many technical hurdles it

has been facing. But a new

report based on findings

from a June 2010 survey

of 21 leading electronics

companies, also shows

that the industry hasn't

finished finding green

solutions just yet. Findings

of the report include:

There have been

significant reductions

in the use of hazardous

chemicals. More products

than ever before are

PVC-free and BFR-free.

The use of phthalates,

as well as beryllium

and antimony and their

associated compounds, are

being eliminated in every

product category. Although

the previous survey

showed that the use of

RoHS exemptions could

be drastically reduced,

we have yet to see this

progress in the industry.

Exceeding energy

efficiency standards.

Almost all products meet

or exceed the current

Energy Star standards

established by the US EPA.

Electronics companies

seem to put much more

effort in improving the

energy efficiency of their

products rather than

assessing thoroughly (and

reducing) the ‘embedded

energy’ – that is, the

energy spent during the

production of each


Read more on @





Dr Jörg Ehmer


Devel pment


The Professional Buyers’ Reference



speCial iFa 2011

Keeping Up

With ConsUmers’





Following The Customer’s Lead

"Specialist retail concept" by EP: helps clients

save on electricity bills

ElectronicPartner (EP:) is one of the top five electronics chains with over 5,000 semi-independent

retailers all over Europe. Already at IFA 2010, EP: presented a ‘specialist retail concept’ or cuttingedge

technology including a consulting service for saving energy. Dr. Jörg Ehmer, Spokesman for the

Managing Directors of EP:, says the concept is being broadly welcomed by the public.

Consumers are increasingly

asking about issues

like energy and water

consumption. We respond

not only by offering

particularly energy-efficient

appliances, but also by

providing our members with

in-depth training on these

subjects. In co-operation

with the industry, we offer

further training specifically

aimed at promoting

specialist knowledge of

issues like sustainability and

Dr Jörg Ehmer

Spokesman for ElectronicPartner’s

Managing Directors

the environment. We are

currently testing how our

customers in MEDIAMAX

stores respond to staff

who, acting as energy

consultants at the POS,

actively help them to find

the most energy-efficient

products. We support this

by using brochures to help

our members to advise and

inform their customers. We

also contribute towards

consumer awareness on our

website at


Energy efficient products

are at the heart of your

offering. Why is this so

important to EP:?

Our leitmotif is ‘We are not

happy until our customers

are’. Since many of our

customers have a highly

developed ecological

conscience and place great

emphasis on environmentfriendly

technology, we are

happy to satisfy their wishes.

Moreover, this matches our

own aim of organising our

own business activities as

sustainably as possible.

How will intelligent

domestic appliances help

us save money and help

the environment?

Examples of intelligent

household appliances are

dishwashers or washing

machines that can measure

the level of soiling using

the velocity of water flow.

They use only as much

detergent as necessary and

automatically cut back on the

supply of water. This enables

the minimum of resources

to be used, which is not just

cheaper, but also kinder to

the environment. We rely

on innovative technologies

that help to protect the

environment in other areas,

too. For example, we are

the first marketing partner

for Ecoline cables from

Hama, produced without

using PVC, softeners, lead

or halogen. Instead, the

cables are made entirely of

pollutant-free thermoplastic

elastomer (TEP) and are fully


You are co-operating

with the Friends of the

Earth group and the

eco-institute in their

"energy efficiency now"

campaign. Can you tell us


As a company, we bear

responsibility for how we

treat the environment. Our

aims are to analyse and

optimise our own conduct,

and to raise awareness of

the issue of sustainability in

our branch of industry. To

this purpose, we co-operate

with various different

partners with the aim of

raising consciousness to the

greatest possible extent.

Are you happy about

the new eco labelling in


A political framework must

be created within which a

uniform course of action can

develop. Such a framework

has been missing until now.

This is one of the reasons

why it is so important for us

to act proactively now. And

we welcome every step in

this direction.

Eco labelling makes sense

primarily if it is understood

and accepted by consumers.

This requirement must be

satisfied before greater efforts

are made to disseminate it.

But it is also very important

to ensure that sustainability

does not degenerate into

a mere marketing label.

Sustainability involves more

than being kind to resources.

There remains plenty of

potential for improvement in

trade and industry.

Hall 2.2

Stand 127

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011



Trade News

The First Choice

IFA: "One stop shop" for retailers


Sustainability is key to convincing customers to

make new purchases says the Board member

of Media-Saturn-Holding Polska

Carrefour’s Guillaume Lignot

Guillaume Lignot

is responsible for

purchasing television

and video products

for the French

hypermarket giant

Carrefour. He tells

Richard Barnes why IFA

is the crucial industry

event of the season…

IFA is perfectly targeted to

my profession. It’s a good

way to see all the products

available in one category in

one place at one time. IFA

also gives you a really good

overview of all the suppliers,

not only the ones you are

already working with, but

also those that are available

throughout Europe.

How many appointments

do you normally have at

the show?

I spend two or three hours

with each supplier, so we

have between 12 and 20

appointments during our

three-day visit to IFA. We like

to keep some flexibility, so

we can fit in meetings with

suppliers with whom we

don’t have an appointment


How are green issues

affecting your buying


It’s something we are taking

into account, but it’s not

distribution that’s taking the

lead in this area — it’s the

manufacturers. Of course,

we are interested in green

products, because the end

users are more and more

aware of the environment.

Consumers now know that,

in TV sets, it’s possible to

save energy for both the

planet and themselves.

What are you looking for

at IFA 2011?

We always keep an eye on

interesting flat-TV design,

because it’s the most visible

thing. The second aspect is

new technology, including

3D and smart TV.

How important is IFA for


It’s crucial. I normally go

to three shows — IFA, the

Hong Kong fair and the CES

— but if someone told me

I could only go to one, I’d

choose IFA. It’s nearer, of

course, but we also have

more time here to discuss

business with more people.

Most of the sales managers

and category managers

are at IFA, so the level of

communication tends to be

deeper than at the other


The date of IFA is also

important, being at the

end of summer. We are

more inclined to do sellup

towards the end of the

year, so this is when we

want to see more flagship

products, or products with

more sophisticated design.

That enables us to push

higher prices during the

second half of the year and

especially for the Christmas


Do you come here to sign


Not necessarily, although

we do sign some deals

directly. We are a centralised

group, so we come to IFA

to get a good overview

of the market and, once

we have seen where the

industry’s headed, to plan

our strategy for the end

of the year. So IFA is more

like a market survey — a

IFA is


targeted to my


It’s a good

way to see all

the products

available in

one category

in one place at

one time ”

way of understanding what

the strategies are for the

second half for the industry

in each country. It helps

you make up your mind.

I was previously in charge

of co-ordinating all our

European buyers and, in

this respect, IFA was always

a good opportunity to meet

colleagues from Spain, Italy,

Belgium, Turkey and so on.

What is your impression

of IFA International?

I’m quite interested in the

industry research from,

for example, GfK, that

gives you an overview of

markets in Europe. And I

like the coverage of the

‘not to miss’ new products,

because it’s a good way to

ensure that you don’t leave

IFA without having seen

those innovations.



Marcin Rosati

Member of the Board

What is your reason for coming to IFA?

This is my 10th IFA and my main reason

for coming here is to keep updated on

technical trends, designs and the strengths

of particular producers. How they present

themselves is a measure of their general

performance and if they have an impressive

stand they must be doing well.

How long do you stay and how many

appointments do you have?

I arrive Friday morning and stay until

Tuesday and make 2 or 3 appointments

each day. I used to come for just 1 or 2

days, but with the addition of the Home

Appliances section four years ago, now

I have to come for four days to cover


How has sustainable development been

affecting your buying decision?

The economic downturn has made energy

efficiency more important and sustainability

is key to convincing consumers to make

new purchases. With TV and Home

Appliance penetration at over 100% in

European households, we need to convince

consumers that with energy saving devices

they can recover their investment in 3-5


What new innovations are you purchasing

at the moment?

I have been looking very closely at the

prospects for the tablet and smartphones

market. It is very interesting to see how the

producers are responding to what Apple

does. I have been interested by Sony's

new tablets, along with Samsung's Galaxy

range and other brands new tablets.

How important are IFA and IFA International

for you?

IFA is an absolutely must be at event. What

is good is that it has the entire range of

CE and HA goods and IFA International is a

useful resource for highlighting the trends. I

take every issues of IFA International home

with me to catch up with anything that I

might have missed at the show.

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011










The world’s leading

travel trade show,

ITB is held in Berlin

in March. With nearly

170,000 visitors, more

than 11,000 exhibitors

from 180 countries

and 160,000 sq.m in

exhibition space, ITB

Berlin enjoys worldwide

media recognition and

offers comprehensive

support for all marketing

questions exhibitors

might have. ITB Berlin

is organized by an

experienced exhibition

management company–

namely the same Messe

Berlin that we know from


Klaus Laepple

President of BTW, is also the

Chairman of the Advisory Board

of ITB

World Champion Travellers,

Germans Are Equally Good Hosts

IFA International chats with Klaus

Laepple, President of BTW, the

Federal Association of the German

Tourism Industry.

Mobility and travel play an important role

in Germany. For years, the Germans have

been world champions in travel. Germany

itself also is a destination for guests

from home and abroad and becoming

increasingly popular. In addition, in

Germany each year, more than 150

million business trips are recorded.

People want to be mobile, traveling to

learn, meet friends and business partners

and meet new people and cultures.

The goal of the Federation of German

Tourism Industry (BTW) and its members

is to make this possible.

About 40 of the largest companies and

organizations from all sectors of the

tourism industry in Germany are behind

the BTW. Their sectors of influence range

from air, road and rail traffic to hotel

and catering to tourism marketing – and

include private transportation and private

tourism as well as the business travel


Klaus Laepple

President of BTW

Since its founding in 1995, BTW is

the association serving the common,

overarching interests and needs of the

tourism industry. The tourism industry

represents more than 8% of the German


You underlined how important

Berlin is for events such as IFA. What

makes Berlin such a good setting for

the world’s top consumer electronics


Berlin is a magnet for professional

exhibitions and you probably recognize

many of the famous events held here in

addition to IFA Berlin. We say “Berlin is

In.” Berlin is, of course, an attractive city,

a world class city. It’s geographically well

located. The cost is affordable, and, in

fact, very attractive when compared to

many other cities.

Traffic is very good when compared to

elsewhere. And on 3 June 2012, our new

airport, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport

will open.

We’re very happy for everyone to come

to Berlin. We hope in addition to the time

spent at IFA that everyone takes an extra

day or two or three to see what Berlin is

all about.

We’re very proud of IFA (and our other

great trade shows) and I think that the

decision to hold IFA each and every year

has been the right one.







In the heart of the city

The Azimut Hotel

Kurfürstendamm, located

in the metropolitan heart

of Berlin’s western district

is only a few steps from the

Gedaechtniskirche and the

legendary Café Kranzler.

The day starts in our firstfloor

breakfast room,

whose oversized windows

look out onto the lively

Kurfürstendamm shopping

street. The hotel makes its

guests feel at home in one of

the 130 modern guest rooms,

each one with Cable TV and

free WIFI, specially designed for

guest comfort. Catch the last

opportunity to visit the Queen

musical We Will Rock You and

receive a VIP gift bag - while

stocks last! More information

of AZIMUT Hotels and the

musical package can be found


AZIMUT Hotel Berlin

Joachimstaler Strasse 39-40

D - 10623 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0) 30 889 110

Metro :

U Kurfürstendamm U1

S Zoologischer Garten S3 S75 S5


Reach for the sky

The solar sky lounge &

restaurant is situated close

to the Potsdamer Platz, right

in the heart of Berlin. This

classic rooftop location is on

the 16th and 17th floors of

the apartment building across

from Anhalter Bahnhof train

station. The venue is a melting

pot for creative people from

Berlin – and from just about

any imaginable place on earth,

especially during IFA.

Stresemannstrasse 76

10963 Berlin - Germany

Phone: +49 (0)163.7652 700

Metro :

S Anhalter Bahnhof S1 S2

Visit a Legend in the City:

the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

Come and take a look at

the new and modernized

Hard Rock Cafe, right on the

Ku’damm - Berlin’s famous

shopping street- with its

stunning wraparound balcony

and breathtaking views to the

Memorial Church. Enjoy the

delicious American specialties,

such as homemade Hickory-

Smoked Bar-B-Que Ribs,

tasty salads, or the Legendary

Burgers. Sit amongst the

star memorabilia with one of

Hard Rock’s classic cocktails

and view all your favorite

videos. Also, the Hard Rock

Cafe in Berlin has live music

on Thursday evenings and DJs

on Fridays. A place not to be

missed on your next trip to


Hard Rock Cafe

Kurfürstendamm 224,

10719 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0) 3088 4620

Metro :

U1 - Uhlandstr.

U1/U9 - Kurfürstendamm


At the famous Hotel Q! bar

At night, the Hotel Q!, bar is for

members and hotel guests only,

and everybody seems to want to

be part of it. This is not surprising

considering that celebrities like

The Prodigy, Miuccia Prada, Drew

Barrymore, Brad Pitt, Angelina

Jolie and Quentin Tarrantino

frequent the place.

In the lounge area, the guests

can choose to get spoiled by the

fantastic cuisine with dishes as

extraordinary as the hotel itself,

ranging from Asian to South

IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011





American to European. But this

privilege is not only for the rich

and famous. Owner Wolfgang

Loock knows exactly that a

good night out needs a mixture

of guests. How to become a

member? Send an email to bar@ and cross your

fingers! If your application is

attractive and intriguing, the

club-committee might choose

you for the membership-card.

Once you got this far, you can

get in any time, including 3

guests, plus invitations to all

exclusive Q!-events.

Knesebeckstraße 67

10623 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0) 30 8100 660


U Uhlandstrasse U1 U9

S Savignyplatz S3 S5 S75

Museums &


Collection Scharf-

Gerstenberg at the Stüler


The Collection Scharf-

Gerstenberg can be found in

the eastern Stüler building

and in the Marstall (stables

wing) opposite Charlottenburg

Palace. The Collection Scharf-

Gerstenberg currently features

works by the Surrealists

and their forerunners. The

spectrum of artists ranges

from Piranesi, Goya and Redon

to Dalí, Magritte, Max Ernst

and Dubuffet. The history

of surrealist art is displayed

in more than 250 works,

and surrealism, a movement

seeking to renew art whose

principles were proclaimed in

a manifesto by André Breton

in the Paris of 1924, is at the

centre of the collection.

The earliest works in the

collection include Piranesi's

illustrations of fantastical

dungeon architecture as well

as the nightmarish ghostly

figures in Goya's etchings.

French Symbolism of the late

19th century is represented

by paintings of Odilon Redon

and Gustave Moreau, as is its

German counterpart in the

form of graphic cycles of Max


nearly all get2Partners you

and a companion will only

need to present one card to

qualify yourselves for some

classic 2for1 offers-a saving of


Mühlenfeldstr. 2

13467 Berlin,

Phone: +49 (0) 30 4380 980



Berliner Konzertveranstaltungen

Grosse Orangerie im Schloss


Spandauer Damm 22-24


The Sky’s the limit

The Puro Sky Lounge combines

the culture and luxury of Berlin

on three floors, offering the

perfect stage for any kind of

event. Whether it’s an exclusive

party, a huge business event or

an amazing dinner – everything

Classical Concerts in

Charlottenburg every

Friday and Saturday

Stuler Building

Schloßstraße 70 - 14059 Berlin

Metro: S Westend S46

U Richard-Wagner-Platz U7

Visit Berlin

Get an advantage

get a get2Card

Dressed in period costumes,

the members of the Berlin

Palace Orchestra at the Grand

Orangery of Charlottenburg

Palace take the audience back

to the courtly world of Prussian

kings. Concert-goers get to

hear musical masterworks of

the Baroque and classical eras

by candlelight, from a programme

that includes Baroque

and classical masterpieces by

J.S. Bach, Händel and Mozart

as well as work composed by

Gluck, Hasse and Quantz. The

Berlin Palace Orchestra and its

vocalists interpret these musical

masterpieces with a distinguished

musical touch to create

an unforgettable experience

is possible and guests are

sure to have an unforgettable

evening or night! From all

floors you have a stunning view

over Berlin’s famous

Puro Sky Lounge Berlin

Tauentzienstr. 11

10789 Berlin

Tel. 49 (0) 30-26367875


U Kurfürstendamm U1 U9

The get2Card is Berlin’s most

popular advantage card. It

encourages you to discover

Berlin with a companion as

well as making it easy on

your wallet thanks to over

380 partners and 550 special

offers. In the categories Travel

& See, Experience Culture,

Drinks & Food, Exploring

Nightlife, Watching Movies,

Fascinating Sports, Being

Beautiful and get2Shopping,

there is everything that

makes Berlin so special. With


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