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moveIT 2 powered by Goyello – The Cloud Issue

The second issue of moveIT provides experts’ insights on the benefits and threats related to the cloud, success stories of delivered cloud-based projects and interviews with industry gurus. Goyello is an international IT strategy consulting and software development company. We deliver what we promise: innovative, top quality solutions, on time and within budget. Goyello - Quality Software Solutions - Delivered With Care -

Stay impartial Our staff

Stay impartial Our staff is under enormous pressure to take the right certification decisions. We have to be impartial and assure that we take high-quality decisions, independent of internal and external pressure from stakeholders and customers, who might try to influence our strict decisions. It helps that everybody really believes in our mission. FLOCERT staff know how important it is to take impartial decisions because even one single exception might put at risk the reputation of the Fairtrade movement. better performance, scalability and everything I would like to have. They are the specialists; we cannot organize this at a similar level ourselves. Using a cloud service, we can start small and grow by demand. Reaching out on the farm level In 2009, we numbered around a hundred people and we had around two thousand customers. Now we manage four thousand customers with a similar number of staff. Technology has enabled us to improve communication with our customers and made it easier for our analysts to manage their cases. Currently, we hope that technology will help us in reaching out on the farm and/or household level because it is simply too expensive to visit everybody in person. A new core system: Fairtrace With Fairtrace we want to address the trend to move our certification scheme from being compliance centric towards certifying the performance of a supply chain as well as the related impact. We want to verify the impact organizations have by taking part in the Fairtrade program. Therefore we need to connect the full supply chain, if possible in real almost time, to link origin with the market. This enables us to show the participant’s contribution to the impact made. Fairtrace encourages organizations to confirm business transactions with a virtual handshake. Through these confirmations, we map the supply chain. This stimulates communication and collaboration across the supply chain. And thanks to the confirmation of transactions, Fairtrace supports the compliance verification as well. Future innovations There are several big trends like Data as a Service, the Internet of Things, or Blockchain. For us, every tool that makes information more accessible might be of relevance, especially in auditing. Just take a look at a simple example like geocoding. This is already dramatically transforming certification work because in the past it was very difficult to locate the producer organizations and to verify if the land size was accurate. A technology like Blockchain is an interesting way forward when thinking about increasing transaction and payment transparency in the future. We welcome everything that supports us in having a positive impact on the development of the producers.” The Cloud 12 MOVE IT We chose the cloud mostly for business continuity reasons. I believe that a provider like Microsoft, or any other cloud provider, will offer better security, FRANK BRINKSCHNEIDER Technical Services Director

CLIENT SINCE 2016 MAXIMIZING THE VALUE OF SALVAGED GOODS ON AN ONLINE AUCTION PLATFORM This year, Michael Hajdasinski, together with his co-founder VenturesOne, launched a B2B online auction platform for the re-sale of damaged or secondary goods such as rice, oil and transformers. As a lawyer specializing in Trade and Transport Law, he recognized that global sellers and buyers had insufficient access to the trade in these goods. MICHAEL HAJDASINSKI Saltrex Saltrex provides a secure, simple, independent and compliant online B2B auction platform for all parties with an interest in secondary or distressed commodities and cargoes. By joining Saltrex, buyers and sellers benefit from its global network and presence in the international trading, shipping, and insurance community. Michael:“The online auction platform provides a safe, transparent and appropriate solution for insurers and their policyholders, property experts, shipping companies and retailers who regularly confront damage and residue in container transport, storage and bulk commodities, etc. We connect these groups of buyers and sellers from all over the world, giving local parties access to a global market. The platform had to meet stringent technical and security specifications. The requirements are to construct a new custom, scalable platform, written in a universal programming language. Security was another extremely important consideration, particularly regarding compliance with the requisite standards on the storage of sensitive data. The cloud was an obvious choice. Indeed, it would have been delusional to imagine that we could improve on Microsoft or Amazon. So, with a long list of requirements and my storyboard in hand, I approached Goyello. I received three alternative solutions and a clear and unambiguous explanation (being a self-confessed digital illiterate) of their preference, something that you don’t usually expect from developers. The biggest challenge was to integrate two external systems with nonuniform data. The result is a high-end, secure, compliant environment that offers buyers and sellers optimal trading safety. The secure escrow* environment, for example, provides a safe and easy payment method. Buyers and sellers are additionally subject to an automated compliance check before they are permitted to participate in an auction. This is partly facilitated by the databases of consultancy firm Dun & Bradstreet. A mobile app is also linked, enabling users to receive real-time updates on the goods that they’re interested in. International insurers and insurance brokers have already shown their interest in the new platform. Our expectation is that it will become the go-to platform for the transparent and efficient trade of damaged and secondary goods. The first ‘real’ live auction took place mid-May 2017.” *Financial escrow is a blocked bank account that is held by a neutral, financially trustworthy third party known as an escrow agent. The escrow agent only pays out money from the blocked bank account once there is an agreement between the buyer and the seller about the finalization of a transaction. #moveITgoyello

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