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moveIT 2 powered by Goyello – The Cloud Issue

The second issue of moveIT provides experts’ insights on the benefits and threats related to the cloud, success stories of delivered cloud-based projects and interviews with industry gurus. Goyello is an international IT strategy consulting and software development company. We deliver what we promise: innovative, top quality solutions, on time and within budget. Goyello - Quality Software Solutions - Delivered With Care -


CONSULTING AT TEN QUESTIONS FOR M 1 2 3 4 5 WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THE CONSULTING TEAM IN THE PROJECTS GOYELLO RUNS FOR CLIENTS? Goyello’s proposal consists of four main parts: consulting, design, delivery and maintenance. The Consulting unit helps to come up with and shape the initial ideas so they are further defined and form a possible foundation for a solution. We are then also responsible for designing how the solution could work, giving an opportunity to validate the overall direction prior to delivery. WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES YOU FACE WHEN APPROACHING CLIENTS FOR THE FIRST TIME? One of the initial challenges is checking the client’s understanding of Agile and their willingness to co-operate in an Agile way. Most likely not everything is defined up-front; we might concentrate on what is essential for the solution to be useful to achieve the goals defined. If we get over this hurdle, we are on the best path to work smoothly together. WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT IMPLICATIONS FOR THE CLIENT WHEN ADVISING THEM TO GO TO THE CLOUD? If a customer does not have at least some infrastructure already in place, disclosing that there might be limited internal competency available, it immediately rings a bell. One of the cloud’s main advantages is cost efficiency, especially when you calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Apart from that, huge volatility in expected traffic or dispersion of end-users over the globe are the next hints that this kind of solution is favourable. WHO IS IN GENERAL THINKING ABOUT USING THE CLOUD, THE CLIENT OR YOU? It is both, but we still see the need to shed some additional light on cloud computing, including business models and associated costs. WHAT ARGUMENTS DO YOU USE TO DISPEL THEIR DOUBTS? No one can guarantee 100% security on an internet-based system. Nevertheless, we believe that major cloud service providers can most often do a lot more about security than individual companies. Outages happen at these providers as well, but, in general, their up-time KPIs are very high. And we must remember that public cloud is not the only solution: the concept of a hybrid, linking public cloud services with the company’s internal resources is envisaged to be the preferred choice for the years to come. 14 MOVE IT

GOYELLO ATEUSZ LINDA 6 7 8 9 10 WHAT ARE YOUR CLIENTS’ MOST COMMON CONCERNS AS REGARDS THE CLOUD? Most concerns revolve around security and storage of data a third-party cloud service provider will be in possession of company’s sensitive data. The availability of core systems will depend on, again, the external provider, not to mention that your own staff will need internet connectivity for access. IF YOUR CLIENTS ASK ABOUT END USER BENEFITS FROM ACCESS TO CLOUD-BASED SOLUTIONS, WHICH DO YOU USUALLY MENTION? Elasticity of service. First of all, scalability to the traffic and, secondly, availability, which should exceed what a company could deliver on its own. For instance, in a recent project on managing domestic services, the cloud was a must, due to the number of bills to be downloaded and processed. Whereas, when dealing with a dispersed end-user base in managing supply chains, the cloud provided the needed availability virtually worldwide. HOW TO BALANCE THE BENEFITS OF STANDARDIZATION IN THE CLOUD WITH THE UNIQUE NEEDS OF EVERY BUSINESS? The current cloud offering has multiple levels, including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). As a result, a company might use cloud infrastructure, build their own software using cloud framework platforms, or make use of software delivered via the cloud. I think every business should be able to fulfil its unique needs. DO YOU THINK EVERY COMPANY WILL HAVE TO SWITCH TO THE CLOUD SOONER OR LATER? It seems that cloud services are reaching a plateau of productivity and cannot be ignored anymore. Cloud services are still growing and, for instance, cloud providers now offer an increasing number of interesting services like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Nevertheless, in some situations, for example, purely internal workflow solutions, going to the cloud might not be needed that fast. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT IN THE UPCOMING YEARS TO SHARE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CLOUD SERVICES WITH CLIENTS YOU ARE GOING TO WORK FOR? As mentioned, since the cloud offering is growing, it is important to stay up-todate and recommend appropriate pieces. Did you know, for instance, that bot-like conversations are available today through the cloud? All in all, it is our job to bring all options to the table and offer advice, so that our clients can make the best decisions possible. MATEUSZ LINDA Mateusz Linda is Head of Consulting at Goyello, with almost 10 years experience in linking business and IT in international markets. Prior to joining Goyello, Mateusz served in various product and solution management positions at Sanoma Learning, where he was vice president of product management in one of the companies. Specializing in digital strategy, he is interested in uncovering problems and finetuning technology to solve them in a way that is well-structured and easily comprehensible by the beneficiaries. At Goyello, he manages a team of Business Analysts and UX Designers, working across a number of industries, including production, trade, logistics and insurance. Besides work, he is a proud father of two and tries to keep fit through sports like tennis and running. #moveITgoyello

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