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moveIT 2 powered by Goyello – The Cloud Issue

The second issue of moveIT provides experts’ insights on the benefits and threats related to the cloud, success stories of delivered cloud-based projects and interviews with industry gurus. Goyello is an international IT strategy consulting and software development company. We deliver what we promise: innovative, top quality solutions, on time and within budget. Goyello - Quality Software Solutions - Delivered With Care -


MEET THE TEAM 6 KATARZYNA SZEMRO Editor-in-Chief MARION VAN OEVEREN Concept and Group Editor EWA PIÓRKO Senior Editor RONALD BINKOFSKI AND PETER HORSTEN “INNOVATION WILL COME ESPECIALLY WHEN WE DON’T EXPECT IT” / page 6 PUBLISHER Goyello Group B.V. AGNIESZKA SIERACKA Video, Photographs NATALIA WOŁOSZYN News, Infographic, Cartoon MARTYNA SOBIECKA Graphic Designer PAULINA MARWIŃSKA Editor EDITORIAL ADDRESS Al. Grunwaldzka 472, 80309 Gdańsk, T: +48 58 732 77 71, E: Move IT magazine is distributed, without charge to those interested in the activities of Goyello. Permission, in most cases freely granted, to reproduce, either in part or in whole, to otherwise edit or disseminate content, should be sought from the editors. CONTENTS Foreword Peter Horsten The cloud needs a human touch / 3 Infographic Cloud Basics / 4 In conversation with Microsoft’s Ronald Binkofski / 6 Frank Brinkschneider Transparency and traceability in Fairtrade / 10 Michael Hajdasinski Maximizing the value of salvaged goods / 13 Consulting at Goyello 10 questions for Mateusz Linda / 14 Monica de Wit Cloud security strategy, a collective responsibility / 16 IT careers great jobs combined with passion / 18 Menno Lanting Oil Tankers and Speedboats / 20 Goyello experts about current IT trends / 22 Katarzyna Szemro: Developing for an active life / 24 Short Goyello News / 25 John van Vroenhoven Think big, think Cloud / 26 Nick Schils Find more billable time in your company / 27 Goyello Care is our priority / 28 Cartoon ‘Return of the Geek’ / 30 Be better informed: get more information about the cloud / 32 2 MOVE IT

WELCOME THE CLOUD NEEDS A HUMAN TOUCH Dear Reader, This magazine is all based around digital cloud solution that enable new innovations. Despite the new opportunities they offer, they are a cause for concern as well. How reliable are cloud providers? What about data security? Are the right people on board? These concerns are relevant and should be addressed, but even more important is to ask yourself whether you can still ignore the cloud. Services that are now available thanks to the cloud offer new market entrants the chance of disrupting existing markets. Do you want to be disrupted or be disruptive? The cloud is a rather technological concept. It is server capacity made available as a service. It differs from traditional models because online services are being developed and provided on top of it, based on monthly subscription models, as Software as a Service (SaaS). Switching from offering traditional license-based models, this might cause temporary revenue loss, which results in insecurity and hesitation. In an interview with Ronald Binkofski, General Manager, CEE Multicountry CIS, we talked about their confidence in moving to the cloud. Across this magazine, you will read how some of our clients profit from the cloud and how it supports them in securing the availability of their services worldwide. Frank Brinkschneider of FLOCERT describes how technology helps them assure worldwide fairness and how it enables them to ultimately reach out to multiple tens of thousands of producers worldwide. The decision to make use of online services is increasingly made by the users themselves. Often the IT-department is not even aware of it. This introduces additional security risks. Business and IT will have to align to make sure that data security and integrity remains guaranteed. Monica de Wit, management consultant specializing in cyber security and business continuity shares her advice on this topic. Technological innovations are scary for some, while others recognize the opportunities. How will your organisation, your colleagues react? Are they willing and able to be flexible as a speedboat? Or will they remain as conservative as an oil tanker? We discussed these concepts with Menno Lanting, the writer of the management book Oil Tankers and Speedboats. Hopefully, this move IT issue clearly shows that it’s not the right technology, but the human effort and corporate culture that will make the difference when using the technology well. Companies with the right technological innovation, who manage to please their end-users by making their life easier and giving more fun, are tomorrow’s winners. We love to support you in realizing that goal! PETER HORSTEN Co-Founder Goyello / Managing Director #moveITgoyello

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