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moveIT 2 powered by Goyello – The Cloud Issue

The second issue of moveIT provides experts’ insights on the benefits and threats related to the cloud, success stories of delivered cloud-based projects and interviews with industry gurus. Goyello is an international IT strategy consulting and software development company. We deliver what we promise: innovative, top quality solutions, on time and within budget. Goyello - Quality Software Solutions - Delivered With Care -


CLIENT SINCE 2007 RUNNING A GLOBAL TRAVEL WEBSHOP? THINK BIG, THINK CLOUD JOHN VAN VROENHOVEN Founder and director of Touracti Touracti offers international tours and attractions. It’s a dynamic and complex pricing business. Webmerce is chosen to be the e-commerce shop because it can be customized. Goyello uses Azure to offer helpful services, with high SLA, constant availability, high performance, and no downtime. Reliability and scalability are the core of the business of Touracti. 26 MOVE IT John Van Vroenhoven, founder and director of Touracti said, “To run a global webshop you have to think big.” The webshop offers more than 1800 tours and attractions around the world. “With e-commerce, beyond the language barrier, you have a global presence and because of the geographical location of our offices in Curaçao and the Netherlands, we serve three continents, Latin and North America and Europe. We arrange the tickets for holidays and city breaks; we are the final link in the travel industry. Our ambition is to operate at a level higher than that of our competitors Expedia and to maintain a 10 for customer satisfaction.” John: “ There is no perfect solution for a webshop in the tour industry. Our product and booking process is so complex that it requires a customized solution. I know what Goyello can do, as I have been working with them for 10 years. Goyello provides the technical design and implementation, while we focus on the concept and strategy. The development process was definitely not easy and had many challenges. Some requests seemed logical to me but were difficult to implement. For this, you need a great amount of contact and mutual trust. I try to use external suppliers as much as possible so I can focus fully on my business “ I think that the cloud is the best solution for 80% of companies that require a server and work on the more fun aspects of my work. There was no doubt in my mind about going over to the cloud, because of the problems I had with the former hosting party. My previous server was in the Netherlands and due to technical server maintenance, this was sometimes unavailable for 1 to 2 hours. This was a major problem with regards to the different time zones of our customers. We are available 24/7 now and our customers are not affected at all. I’m a fan of the cloud! The cloud is a great solution that allows you to scale up your capacity when needed. You do not have to buy additional servers during seasonal peaks. The flexibility is high! The security is also better. It does not involve any physical or human interaction. With this, there is a high level of continuity, no downtime, timely updates and high speed. But ultimately the performance of the web store is the most important, I focus my business on it. As soon as I notice that something is not working properly, I discuss it with Goyello and it is resolved.” “

FIND MORE BILLABLE TIME IN YOUR COMPANY We wanted to devise a solution that would make people think, “Gosh, why haven’t we had this before?” CLIENT SINCE 2015 After years of software consultancy and product management, Nick Schils discovered the enormous problems related to time tracking. He founded TIQ to offer a solution. Goyello helped him achieve that goal. Nick: “Our aim, when working on TIQ, was to make time tracking as automated and straightforward that it could be done in just a few minutes a day. The idea behind TIQ was connected to a common problem many employees face. They have to track time they devote to various activities during the day. However, they find that filling out a timesheet is a troublesome task. In addition, the majority of software they have to use is not user friendly and it puts the managers’ convenience first. We wanted to address these problems and devise a solution that employees would simply like to use, a solution that would be developed to meet their needs in the first place. A solution that would make people think, “Gosh, why haven’t we had this before?” That’s how TIQ was born. “ “ TIQ is an app that automates time tracking by capturing your activities from the software you use to get your work done. For example, it will track your time spent on documents, email conversations or phone calls, even if you forget to track them yourself. You need just a few minutes a day to validate what TIQ has captured for you. As a result, your time is much more productive than before. TIQ is cloud based, which makes it much more convenient for end users. At TIQ, we don’t think time tracking is something you have to do when you are sitting behind your desk at the end of the day. You may want to do it at home or when travelling by public transport. With a cloud-based app, you can track your time wherever and whenever you want. Also, it easier to be in sync, no matter if you are using the desktop version or the mobile application. I’m happy Goyello helped us develop TIQ. Our cooperation started seven years ago on a different project, where we had a lot of good experience with the team from Poland. When we started TIQ, I was looking forward to extending our core team with the expertise of the Goyello team.” NICK SCHILS Founder & CEO TIQ TIQ is an automated time tracking app for legal professionals. It helps employees track time they spend on their everyday tasks. It automatically creates an overview of the time an employee has spent on separate documents, emails, meetings and other activities. In 2016 TIQ was announced one of fifteen most disruptive companies in the UK. #moveITgoyello

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