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moveIT 2 powered by Goyello – The Cloud Issue

The second issue of moveIT provides experts’ insights on the benefits and threats related to the cloud, success stories of delivered cloud-based projects and interviews with industry gurus. Goyello is an international IT strategy consulting and software development company. We deliver what we promise: innovative, top quality solutions, on time and within budget. Goyello - Quality Software Solutions - Delivered With Care -


CARE IS OUR “ Anika and I are a team whose aim is to support our colleagues and clients on a day-to-day basis and ensure a friendly work environment so that they can concentrate on their tasks. We take care of a number of aspects, from providing a comfortable workplace, food and kitchen supplies, to organizing company parties and client visits. We often say that our job is like being on the front line in a battle, we have to constantly analyse information, pay attention to details and be ready for dynamic change. However, people are always our top priority. So whatever we do we want to be 100% sure that our actions let them spend their time in the office in a happier and more productive way. One of my favourite tasks is providing gifts for members of the team. Who doesn’t like shopping, anyway? There are numerous events we celebrate at Goyello: birthdays, weddings, work anniversaries, babies being born and much more. I am so glad when someone gets a present they are really happy with. What is important is that Peter is also involved he writes the cards himself and gives the gifts to people. KATARZYNA WOJTOWICZ - Senior Office Assistant “ “ For me, care means an individual approach to my colleagues and clients. There are 100 people at Goyello, but I do my best to remember their names and to develop relations with everyone. When talking to people, I always pay attention to the details that let me make their work more pleasant and comfortable. As a result, people feel we really care about them. One of the tasks I like best is organizing English courses at the office. This year, at several people’s request I started a new group whose members study for a professional exam. When I see how much they are engaged, motivated and eager to learn, I am convinced they will do well. And I am happy that thanks to my small contribution their needs have been addressed. I am also very much keen on organizing large events. The one I particularly recall is last year’s Poland vs. The Netherlands football match to which we invited clients and colleagues. In my opinion, it was a one-of-a-kind experience. Sharing your emotions with the team that was really awesome! ANIKA OSMÓLSKA - Office Assistant “ 28 MOVE IT

PRIORITY Poland vs Holland football match June 2016 THE MONEY BOX STORY Our colleagues’ private parcels are often delivered to the office. Before Christmas Kasia and I were busy all day long calling people and asking to collect their orders. “Gosh, let’s do something about it!” we thought. Knowing that this will continue anyway, we decided to make something positive out of this situation. From that day anyone collecting their private parcel from the reception was encouraged to put a coin to a money box. We decided to give the money to charity. When the management heard about the idea, they offered to double the amount we would gather. In this way, we contributed to a sick boy’s trip to Legoland. It was his dream come true. Summer Party June 2016 Christmas Party December 2016 Relay race for Tricity companies September 2016 #moveITgoyello

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