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SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE! By Virs Rana It appears we currently live in a time of significant transition. Socio-political, scientific, and spiritual strongholds are continuously confronted by interrogatory assaults and disruptions. While status quo dynamics are struggling to hold their ground, skepticism abounds: What are the facts? How are they derived? And for what purpose are they promulgated? The first question deals with truth, the second with process, and the third with motive. One cannot know the answer to the first, unless both process and motive are understood. For millennia past, the only one of these questions extensively solicited with answers was the first, which was disseminated in the forms of dictates, laws, and commandments, with little or no verification by ruling authorities. But traditions have slowly been eroded by false gods and false prophets, posing as heads of state, religion, and science. The masses, the rabble, the people, the common human, the collateral damage have become too educated and too informed to continue to be sheeple. The deterioration and decay of facades are revealing the many guises of corruption. And no matter the trappings and glitter of image, the excrementalism of incompetence and deception are exposed not as ‘mistaken’ and ‘misspoken’, but as betrayal and lie. Beware of words that are granted meanings to suit the situation. Legalese and doublespeak are forms of forgery to excuse and diminish the severity and unlawfulness of crimes. Somewhere, sometime it became unmannered to press authorities for answers. Their position must be respected and protected at all costs, because in pressing them, we would have to press ourselves, which would be too awkward and too painful a reckoning for any formalized politeness. This hypocrisy is acceptable, as a buffer against truth and duty; two words that have been given such latitudes of meaning that accountability has been reduced to relativity in all situations, in order to dismiss those responsible for their transgressions against the very principles they have sworn to uphold, further reducing the word principle to quaint antiquity. Questions are not enough. We have been taught for too many generations that we are civilized, that we must speak and act toward one another with a modicum of respect, which should be accorded all who participate in this perverse deception. Why? The socalled authorities are the very corruptors of these principles of freedom. And they are everywhere; they are pervasive. They are members of our city councils, our county supervisors, our state representatives, our United States Congress. They are from the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, our President of the United States. They are our teachers, our priests, our imams, our rabbis, our pastors, our scientists. They live off our labor, and our money, and they pass laws to prevent us from taking legal action 16

against them. They are shown favoritism and shielded against any consequences of their illegal actions, where you, a simple member of the masses would be vilified and incarcerated. But the authorities are merely figureheads, privileged in name and legal tender only, due to a diluted and polluted system. In most cases, they are less intelligent than those whom they refer to as the masses, and the rabble. Some may be glib and ingratiating to evoke sympathy and respect, which they often get, but, in truth, they are pawns of their own insecurity and denial. They even betray each other to sustain their untenable status. They make you the same promises, over and over, on the same issues, the issues that never change, because the promises are empty; but we forget, and forgive them, because we make empty promises to ourselves, and we will not stand and deliver. No, questions are not enough. We must raise our standards of responsibility to ourselves and to one another. We must cultivate our self-respect and our freedom in relationship to principles that those before us have called virtues, not in reactions to fear and anger, which in turn, motivate the masses toward alienation and apathy: that fear and anger used to manipulate others by force, through the threat of war and scarcity, that fear and anger so corrosive to community and good will, only temporarily suspended in times of tragedy, that fear and anger that have been the dominant emotional states on this planet, far too long, which lead many to believe it’s human nature, a bit premature, since we are still in the process of discovering what that nature is. But we are preoccupied. So we fail to address and to sustain community action, relinquishing this power to the maintenance of individual image and status. What you think of you is predicated on what others think of you, within this grand deception. Those in true service are noted for having a special calling and a special compassion that we would like to emulate, but just don’t have the time for. After all, who are you without participating in those worshipped values, and achieving success against all odds? Did you ever think why there are so many odds? Are they real? Who or what creates them? No, questions are not enough. Answers can be projected, but never understood, until they are first lived: A revolution within? A realization that production is not about things or statistics, but about what we need to understand, not to live life in false comfort and security, but in the process of seeing, beyond what we’ve allowed ourselves to become programmed to see? Mirrors often present a shadow image. What do we see, when we are reflected in the eyes of others? We know, but we choose not to act on that knowledge, for it would jeopardize all that we fought to believe in that made us a believer, a self-worshipper of gods created to be idolized, rather than in service to the Truth we refuse to acknowledge, in the birdsong, behind the mask of our deception… …Must give us pause…That last phrase, although poetically fit, may sound a little too froo-froo for the more sober and fiercely linear thinkers, because oblique metaphors have no meaning in their reality: You’re born; you (pretend to) live; then you die. Thusly, any patronizing concern for the welfare of others ain’t worth spit, no matter your bull-chitchat perseverating. Author bio: Orphaned at birth, Virs Rana was raised by Chrysalisian Monks in the Carpathian Mountains, where he studied ancient languages. Since leaving the monastery, he began writing a journal and decided to share his experiences in stories. He holds a degree as a MOG (Master of Organic Geometry) 17

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