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The Donald DOLLAR by Matt Kolbet As you surely remember from elementary school history class, George Washington, besides harboring a loathing for cherry trees, served as the first president of the United States, thus securing his position on the one-dollar bill. Such staid currency remains in constant use for mocking tips to bigoted waiters (you spent all your pennies sardonically last summer at the neighbor’s alt. right garage sale/fruit punch stand), charity to Salvation Army bell ringers, and desperately scribbling your phone number in lumberjack-themed strip clubs. That founding father would be most proud when Aspen told you she’d call and sort-of meant it, though she forgot later after someone threw up their pancakes on her. Or was it Bambi? Either way, General Washington knows something about fallen wood. The final president of our country, Donald Trump, deserves his own currency. The revolution he spearheaded was less about creating a new country or good governance, and he may never have held a blade more sizable than a knife, but he cut into bookmaker’s margins, and giving people the axe inspired his reality show before we were forced to join in. Washington spent the Christmas of 1776 crossing the Delaware to fight the Hessians in Trenton. When Trump went to New Jersey in 2016 he helped defeat Chris Christie. Rather than a single (which would be incongruous with Trump’s style in marriages or bankruptcies) the Donald Dollar will actually represent negative money, an additional debt (more in line with the current direction of the country). When spending it, customers will demonstrate their loyalty and willingness to sacrifice to make American something else again—you can’t be sure what, and you’re uncertain you want to know because it would force you to reevaluate not only your relationships, but career choices, pets (axolotls seemed cooler when the guy on the side of the road talked about them), and even the crush you had on your elementary school history teacher, Mrs. Forrest. Example: The Walmart you frequent most often sells a 36 pack of Coors Banquet for 24.99. The yellow cans have become your go-to beverage now that you can’t find Schlitz there. Not coincidentally, you triangulated the store’s prime location based on proximity to your parole officer, divorce lawyer and favorite strip joint. When you stop in Friday night, for every Donald Dollar you spend, you increase tidy corporate profits, which inevitably trickle down to or from CEOs. It also gives sufficient suds so you have a good time sitting at home watching your aquarium. Best of all, for a limited time the new administration is giving out Donald Dollars for free. This is in lieu of blood offerings, and we should be grateful. Collecting them will give you something to do while you re-read Julio Cortázar, waiting for the axolotl to trade places with you and take over your Twitter account to call out other salamanders from Mexico. Or perhaps kill you. Though you won’t undergo a metamorphosis, think of it as regeneration. Find Mrs. Forrest again. Ask her if she’s ever thought of becoming somebody’s second wife. Author bio: Matt Kolbet teaches and writes in Oregon 18

DRONE DRAMA: Music for the Dead By Cecelia Chapman, Sean Derrick, and Jeff Crouch Description: “Drone Drama: Music for the Dead” is a video that addresses being human in the age of the drone. The eleven chapter, seventeen minute video, from the album by Berlin based, American composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt was filmed in 2016, and a chapter edited and submitted to an online site each month. Chapter 11. 'If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing,’ submitted to Clockwise Cat, considers change in consciousness as the path to social and cultural change. It was filmed at the NODAPL Berkeley Indigenous Day 2016. FULL VIDEO: CHAPTER 11: CHATPER STILLS AND TEXT: “Drone Drama” was filmed on the San Francisco Peninsula, with all the contradictions inherent in a hyper-evolving, militaristic society: income disparity, environmental catastrophe, epic cultural upheaval. Notorious for being the evermorphing home to military defense contracting corporations, the San Francisco Peninsula bio-tech industry is known as Silicon Valley. Previously it was the Vietnam War industry home base, and before that, the greatest World War II shipbuilding industry in the world. I used Sean’s titles and his subtle drone tracks to direct the video. Each chapter is filmed in a specifically selected site, from orchid farm, to prison, to underneath the dystopic San Francisco freeways, to Oracle headquarters. Sean and I have never met in person but we collaborated on two earlier videos. I also conferred with my ten year collaborator, Jeff Crouch in Texas, about philosophy. I have never met Jeff in person either, so this video is very much a collaboration across space and time. My other ten year collaborator, performer Christa Hunter, is in Chapter 1. “Drone Drama” just had its premiere in Cologne, Germany, and was selected for the Italian Magmart Video Festival 10. 19

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