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DRONE DRAMA Artist bios:

DRONE DRAMA Artist bios: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is the Berlin-based American sound artist and composer of “Drone Drama.” Sean performs throughout Europe in risk-taking performances. He is co-founder of Hortus Conclusus Records and can be found at Cecelia Chapman filmed and edited “Drone Drama” and is an American visual artist living in California. She has more than eighty short new media videos that examine how we live and think: Her collaborators include performers, sound artists and artists she meets online or draws from her personal life. She has collaborated for eleven years with Jeff Crouch, a Texas internet artist, who continues to provide philosophic and logistic inspiration and advice on scores of projects. Google him. 20

Nineteen Ways GLOBALLY INTEGRATED CAPITALISM HAS FATALLY FAILED America By Edwin L. Young, PhD 1. Democracy, especially US democracy, is a sham and a criminalist, political, governing system as, in fact, about a dozen of the earth’s richest and most powerful humans ultimately control who runs for offices, how campaigns are conducted, who gets elected,, and what agendas get enforced. This globally controlling group sets the agendas for all nations while their rulership remains hidden, undisputed, and omnipotent. 2. Massive movement of the earth’s human populations toward complete urbanization for the sake of becoming capitalist corporation’s exploited slave class while those who have been forced to come to live in huge urban areas find them turning into huge crime, poverty, and disease causing ghettos, or virtual, huge prisons of slave encampments. 3. Justice System: Corporation Illegality Is Exempt from Prosecution 4. Business ventures fail (or die) if they do not make a profit. On the other hand, if they persist in making a profit, many other forms of life will become diseased and die. On the whole, if most of these businesses succeed in making profits, all life on the planet will gradually become extinct. 5. Food Production and Delivery Systems Attract Customers to Disease Inducing Foods Worldwide while US Health Care workers prescribe unnecessary big corporate pharmaceutical medications and treatments that prevent the body's use of its natural ability to fight disease and to self-heal and healthy diets are not promoted among the poor and unwary 6. Consumer Protection laws are ineffective in combating Honest Advertising Systems that would attack the overwhelmingly effective Major TV channels that sell the populace on health destructive foods and practices. Illnesses related to these corporate owned TV channels’ programs are booming in the US. 7. Water Sources Are Being Polluted and Water Delivery Systems Polluted and Are Unavailable in Remote Regions of the World 8. Natural Resources Protection Ineffective in Stopping Exploitation of Backward Peoples and Is Not Guarding Against Their Dwindling Supply 9. Environment Protection Is Ineffective in Guarding Against Deadly Chemicals 21

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