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Polluting Earth, Air,

Polluting Earth, Air, Water, and Large Water Bodies 10. Transportation Industries Refusing to Allow Environment Friendly Alternative Fuels while Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal are Polluting and Despoiling and centrally and universally causing the eventual extinction of all life on earth. 11. Animal and Plant Species Protection Agencies Are Ineffective in Preventing Extinctions and Human Unfriendly GMOs Taking Over by Huge Food Related Corporations Who are also Running Small Organic Farmers out of Business 12. Employment Compensation to laid off workers is now becoming unavailable to many of them. At the same time, there is a massive increase in Part-time Workers who receive no unemployment compensation or benefits when they are forced out of work by modernized Automation and Mechanization. 13. Public Education is controlled by State Officials and Local Wealthy Board Members, all of whom enforce Corporate Friendly and Populace Unfriendly Teaching Materials and Content and construct untold numbers of Public Education Buildings and Systems while Elitist Offspring have Elitist Controlled and Elitist Favoring Curricula. The under classes of the populace as a whole continue with their Preschools, First through Twelve, College, Graduate, and Professional Schools that Corporations Tailor for Mass Teaching Systems that will result in humanity becoming divided into one superior and several inferior dominated, exploited, and unwitting levels of tracks of slave classes. 14. Banking and Finance Systems and Zero Interest on Loans to Huge Corporations while huge Corporations send nontaxable trillions to overseas safehavens 15. Major TV Channels provide childish, odd, and horrific Programs to US and World Masses that Perpetuate their Infantalization (and their ignorance of US destructive imperialistic programs) of Adults in the US and in foreign nations as well. 16. The Internet could and does provide alternative news and information programs. Nevertheless, the Populace is Hooked into major TV Channels that provide misinformation, avoid corporate unfriendly information, blackout news about US imperialistic programs that foment civil wars in underdeveloped nations, and independently reported stories about US arms industries selling weapons to both sides in these fomented civil wars, US privately funds ignorant foreign troops and US mercenary troops assassinate foreign heads of state unfriendly to or disobedient to the US 22

17. During World War II, some major industrialist sent money and war related machines to aid Hitler’s war efforts, Henry Ford was one of them. Toward the end of World War II, the US brought renowned German scientists and engineers to the US to work on the US space and missile programs- Werner Von Braun was principal among them. 18. The many religions of the world keep the unknowing and ignorant of the world pacified and preoccupied with their superstitious rituals and their other worldly belief systems that are irrelevant to how they are being exploited and enslaved. These religions keep the ignorant masses from becoming aware of the coming crisis to the earth with its impending global life extinction. All the while the elites of earth are designing and planning their escape to another, safe planet somewhere else in our vast universe. 19. As all of these interconnected aspects and processes of our world silently and irrevocably continue to succeed, that is to say make profits in a world where there is no force capable of either stopping them altogether or of fundamentally altering their essentially, globally, undetectably, and cumulatively eventuality of producing an extinction of all life on our planet. ! 23

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