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happy to have them as an

happy to have them as an underclass, as a cushion to stop us from falling further down the social ladder. Our kids went to either well resourced public schools with fully elected school boards and shiny new facilities or else we sent our children to pristine private schools that offered the best of everything for a price. But now the chickens have come home to roost. Because this same model is being applied to our government. Now it is we who will lose our voices. It will be our services that are stripped away as an unnecessary cost savings. We will lose our healthcare. We will lose our environment. It will be our democracy suspended to make way for the more efficient means of government – fascism and autocracy. Who has time to listen to the people? Much easier to just decide what should be done. And we can justify it with our business model. No more voters and representatives. Now we will be businessmen and consumers. Nothing will stand in the way of the corporate class enriching themselves at public expense. They will be merely providing the rest of us with the goods and services of government, the bits that trickle down on our heads like rain or urine. That is what Trump is attempting. He is turning the United States into a banana republic – even installing his relatives and children in top leadership positions. Our government now resembles the corridors of power in Baghdad under Saddam Hussein with henchmen Uday and Qusay in tow. The question is this: will we allow it? Will we continue to allow it? Will we stand for it as the administration installs Trump loyalty officers in every federal office? Will we say nothing as nepotism and greed become the most prized attributes of governance? Will we remain silent as our public schools continue to be raided, sacked and burned? Because the answer to those questions is the answer to so much more. Are we on the cusp of revolution or is history merely repeating itself? Editor’s note: This essay is reprinted with permission from 26


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