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FEATURED FEMME: Chani Zwibel Author bio: Chani Zwibel is a graduate of Agnes Scott College, a poet, wife and dogmom who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but now dwells in Marietta, Georgia. She enjoys writing poetry after nature walks and daydreaming. Recent Publications include Sage Woman Worlds of Faerie Issue 91(April 2017), W.I.S.H (Walking Is Still Honest) Press March 10, 2017, Dissident Voice Feb 12, 2017, Provoke Journal, January 2017, Mused Bella Online Literary Review Winter 2016 Vol 10 Issue 4, Catwise Clock (Clockwise Cat) Issue 35 Winter 2016, Sage Woman Roots and Wings Issue 89 (April 2016) Author’s statement: I let my imagination wander, in silence, in nature, and go wherever it takes me. So many portals to other worlds exist. They hide in the knot-holes of old trees and whisper from dusty shelves of old libraries. Dreaming is all-important, whether in waking or in sleep. I keep a notebook with me at all times, because inspiration often strikes unbidden, tiny worlds shimmer in the dew drops on moss, and beckon me with secrets to be revealed. Editor’s note: As we told Chani Zwibel, our Issue 37 Featured Femme, these pieces below contain “some lovely phrasing, some edgy humor, some jolting imagery.” We were thrilled when she submitted poems to us for consideration, and immediately seized on the opportunity to feature her. The first few pieces we enjoy for their witty glimpse into some sort of surrealist suburbia, while the rest of the poems summon our attention with their nuanced commentary on this, our own sordid world, as well as with their unusual perspective on nature and enticing elements of fantasy. WEST Dear Sir, on behalf of my client, it is my sad duty to inform you: Seeking a way out, the wayfarer flees wedlock. A hex strikes a blow: wench becomes werewolf. It’s wet on the whaleboat and wet on the wharf. Sinking into despair, 29

she wears welts as small ornaments, bits of baleen cracking as she breaks her corset, crazy intoxicated by benign tumor of glowing moon. Respectfully, The Law Offices of Weasele, Foxe, and Wolfe BEST Attention Residents of Blue-Green Streams Neighborhood: Thank you, Without revealing names, it should be noted Last week during a wedding reception in the park, The chief attendant of the groom and the chief attendant of the bride behaved unseemly, got besotted, sullied their honor, and were found in a bestial state of frenzy behind Beta Shelter. They couldn’t stay modest, but snuck berry wine behind park benches, wearing Bermuda shorts and giggling. We implore the community to do better. We cannot take a besom broom to clear away such sins. We ask you keep your revels between yourselves and try not to be revealed in public, or we will have to ban beverages at all events. Between betrothals and barbeques, beware. Twice a year we bid goodbye to charms. The Neighborhood Committee for Highest Quality LEST You libertines forget: Leviathan seeks levitation, laurel crowns are reserved for victors, and an offense against your sovereign burns like lesions. Learn lavender can perfume a 30

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