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Night settles in the six

Night settles in the six pm of eternity, no daylight savings for the damned. AFTER A RAIN Tell me again how candlelight, dusk dark rooms, guardian dog, heavy door, and brass door knob collect the sound and feel of hollow wet throb inside down spouts. Blue shutters cloak windows looking out to wet slick stone stairs, wet pebble path, wet water garden bridge, bent nail submerged. Raindrops gloss luminescent green ivy. In the pond two fish are parallel bars of gold. Sting of thirsty mosquitoes on my bare arm as I walk and hear a single bird call. 33

Artwork by Marcia Arrieta Artist bio: Marcia Arrieta’s work appears in Fourteen Hills, Of/with, Wicked Alice, Moss Trill, Eratio, Posit, Catch & Release, Melusine, Web Conjunctions, and Great Weather for Media, among others. The author of two poetry books: archipelago counterpoint (BlazeVOX 2015) and triskelion, tiger moth, tangram, thyme (Otoliths 2011), she edits and publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal. 126

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