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Unshed By Sheikha A. I

Unshed By Sheikha A. I have been swallowing landays, their echoing screeching refracting macabre. And then I chewed upon the black waters of justice; clandestine writings – as if it wasn’t enough to drown under excessive layers of humility, that the written word needed to suffer the veil – but the veil is no vice. Nor is it cumbersome. Poetry has always been the secrets of a mad mind; psychobabble clothed in obsequiousness. But landays do not abash. Once the word is released, there is no fleeing – only incarceration. But, there is glory in the tinkering of society’s empaths – they defend them landays with quills made from the same trees that died suffering their weaponry – unshed unshelled unconfessed democracy. Author bio: Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. Her work appears in over 90 literary venues, both print and online, including several anthologies by different presses. More about her can be accessed on her blog 36

Temple By David Mac this temple warm air writing amorous words on the back of a fish (swim) writing on shadows and ghosts (fade) who believes in life is a UFO (zoom) but when will I be loved? ask that and know that you really are dying 37

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