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Kelly 2 By R. Bremner In

Kelly 2 By R. Bremner In the psychedelic sea, Alice Long is still my favorite girlfriend, so I’m going to wave at 200 South La Brea, where you take me for rides. The girl with the Joey Ramone tattoo may have pretty little angel eyes, but she dreams of dark darkness and breaks the news that is so fine to the “in” crowd who don’t call my name when I’m feeling rubber biscuits. When will I be your man? When you’re no good and wear swinging blue jeans and have no action on mocking bird hill. You make me feel like that’s not the way to Bogart me on my best days in the fraternity of man. Mission bells rang on tomorrow’s yesterday for the wild Irish roses who were fanatics waving their freak flag and driving Cadillacs into Southern culture on the skids. The bullet proof lovers ate some grass roots and bad seeds which gave them self-defeating blues and Juliette seizures. The tremor dolls went to crown court to tell the frogman he ain’t got no home. Vanity found that every night brings a new surprise, so she decided that she’d better run on moving sidewalks to the reverberations. (Bill Kelly is a disc jockey at radio Station WFMU.) Author bio: R. Bremner has evolved through metrical, Beat, surrealism, universalism, and metrical again to his current obsession with absurdism. 48

what happens follows logically by Tara Roder to be honest it’s the kind of place where moth wings beat fervently against your face. where you call me sugar and i recoil. judge judy is deus ex machina, dropping accusations of indolence like they’re going out of style. there are synonyms for usually. also wasps’ nests. a strange predilection for 50s crooners. this lady said her sister was a female doogie howser but we didn’t really believe her. (someone somewhere is thinking about my frame, my wrists.) by the river i contemplate water rats and solemnly summon melanie klein to interpret the color of cars. then the florist’s nephew arrives with a delivery—a box of hilariously unintended consequences. Author bio: Tara Roeder is the author of two chapbooks, Maritime and (all the things you're not). Her work has appeared in venues including The Bombay Gin, Hobart, Otoliths, DOGZPLOT, and MonkeyBicycle. She's an Associate Professor of Writing Studies in New York City. 49

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