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(2) Draw a line so as to

(2) Draw a line so as to match the city with the state, province or country they are in. You must match them perfectly to get a point. New York City Indiana Oklahoma City New Jersey Jersey City Virginia Indianapolis Kansas Iowa City Iowa Kansas City Quebec Mexico City New York Quebec City Mexico Virginia Beach Oklahoma (3) If you are a K-Mart employee, and you hear this message- “Attention K-Mart Shoppers!” This message means that- (a) The store is closing; (b) Someone left their headlights on; (c) There is a psychotic gunman in the store; (d) A sale is about to begin; (e) A child is lost; (f) None of the above; (g) All of the above. (4) Fahrenheit and Celsius are- (a) Two ships that fought each other during the Civil War; (b) The names of Apple’s and Samsung’s new cell phones; (c) The last names of two ten-year-olds that have been offered football scholarships to the University of Alabama; (d) Two different ways to determine temperature; (e) None of the above; (f) All of the above. (5) “The Cloud” refers to- (a) The first song on Prince’s “Purple Rain” album; (b) What happens to your computer screen after years of use; (c) A weather phenomenon; (d) A data storage system; (e) What happens to your eyes after 9.5 hours of starring at your screen; (f) None of the above; (g) All of the above. (6) “Big Lots” is- (a) The name of a county park in Milwaukee; (b) An exclusive suburban development, just south of Dallas; (c) A discount chain store; (d) The new home of the Cleveland Cavaliers; (e) None of the above; (f) All of the above. (7) Buffalo Chicken Wings were first served in- (a) Chicago; (b) Los Angeles; 8

(c) Buffalo; (d) Memphis; (e) New York; (f) None of the above (8) If you are driving “a mile a minute,” how far will you have driven after one hour? (a) Thirty miles; (b) Sixty miles; (c) It depends on the time zone; (d) Nobody in their right mind drives that slow; (e) It depends on how many stops you make; (f) None of the above; (g) All of the above. (9) Who is pictured on the three dollar ($3.00) bill? (a) John Adams; (b) Harriet Tubman; (c) Robert E. Lee; (d) John F. Kennedy; (e) Ronald Reagan; (f) All of them- it rotates; (g) None of the above. (10) A Broadway play is- (a) The last play of an NFL game; (b) Football plays run only by the New York Jets and New York Giants; (c) A place in Times Square where children can play; (d) What con-artists do to get you to buy knock-off goods; (e) A show that only rich people can afford to see; (f) None of the above; (g) All of the above. THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS Each question- if answered correctly- is worth one (1) point. For question # 2, the cities much be matched perfectly with their respective state, province or country in order to get a point. The correct answers are: # 1- b # 2- Matching a city with its state, province or country- New York City with New York Oklahoma City with Oklahoma Jersey City with New Jersey Indianapolis with Indiana Iowa City with Iowa Kansas City with Kansas Mexico City with Mexico Quebec City with Quebec Virginia Beach with Virginia 9

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