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jesus love me by Jenean

jesus love me by Jenean Gilstrap wednesday’s child is full of woe or so it’s said ‘n that’s been my cross to bear but sometimes it seem like i got me a twin jesus loves me you know them twins the ones what live inside the you of you ‘n this’un live deep down inside the me of me like she even wear my own skin this i know ‘n she do all them terrible thangs goin’ to them bars for a dance ‘n a drink then i git the blame ‘n that’s a downright dirty shame cause i ain’t neva’ even had no sloe gin for the bible ‘n she go outside ‘n play in the back seat’a them cadillacs but she ain’t doin’ nothin’ them men ain’t doin’ havin’ a little fun lookin’ for love in all them wrong places tells me so sometime i can’t even tell where she begin ‘n i end 79

or i end ‘n she begin this twin’a mine but come daylight it come to be crystal clear i be her and she be me little ones to him belong now i’ll tell you ‘bout me i been scooped up throwed down rolled over ‘n started all over agin can’t keep up for keepin’ down in the devil’s den they are weak so i’m tryin’ to rid myself of all them sins ‘n my evil twin ‘n i went on down to the first baptist church holy bible in my hand but they told me go ‘n be born agin but he is strong now i didn’t wanna be borned another single time cause they ain’t no tellin’ what i might find deep down inside the me of me this time why they might be two more twins yes jesus loves me so i set myself down ‘n had a little talk just me ‘n my evil twin ‘n it seem that ole path of the straight ‘n narrow just ain’t our cuppa tea so we gonna’ party till i don’t know when 80

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