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the NON


game changers


The enCurve Difference

• enCurve is the latest non-surgical way to eliminate fat

permanently and gently re-contour the body

The enCurve Difference:

This body-sculpting device permanently eliminates fat cells

• Advanced

using radiofrequency

smart features for

(RF) technology




to treat

& comfort.

the entire abdomen and waistline

• All simultaneously indications - includes for a both more natural result and full coverage,

abdominal as well as and treating multi adapters the thighs treating and upper arms

• entire Non-invasive, abdomen and non-touch waistline. treatment with no or little

• Targets discomfort adipocytes and while no downtime protecting

surrounding tissue.

F/22, enCurve monopolar RF

For more information 5 sessions; or to 10 find weeks FU


your nearest stockist,

visit No


F/22, enCurve (1 monopolar TX/WK, 5TX RF total)

5 sessions; Monopolar 10 weeks (2 FUTX/WK, 5TX total)


enCurve (1 TX/WK, 5TX total)

Minimal Sta ff Requirements

Monopolar (2 TX/WK, 5TX total)

Great Results





Courtesy of Hyun Jun Park. MD. South Korea

Courtesy of Hyun Jun Park. MD. South Korea


22 •


22 •



Distributed by Advanced Cosmeceuticals Medical

38 Automotive Drive Wangara WA 6065 | T: 08 9409 5433 | 1800 242 011

| NSW | VIC | QLD | WA | SA |


The non-invasive, gentle body

sculpting treatment to eliminate

fat cells and create great curves

A new era of luxury skincare

Combining the best of nature and science

to create beautiful skin

Transforms your skin

the very first time you use it

Visit to view the full product range or call 02 8544 8008


The proven Regen Lab PRP system concentrates powerful growth factors,

contained in your own blood, to be used for reinjection to promote tissue


Regen Lab PRP accelerates and increases tissue regeneration by stimulating

production of collagen and new blood vessels; stem cell migration, differentiation

and proliferation; and production of nutrients, antioxidants and the other components

of the extracellular matrix.











and Wounds




12 Editor’s letter

14 Beauty insider

118 Ed’s Faves

cover stories

20 3 makeup looks trending now

28 Instagram vs reality – are

you living life through a filter?

40 Rescue remedies for

problem skin

51 The non-surgical

game changers

66 Is beauty just a

supplement away?


28 A filtered life

The unreal reality of Instagram

40 The problem solvers

Problem-solving secrets for

complexion perfection

48 The stats behind the most

popular cosmetic procedures

66 Is beauty just a

supplement away?

The vitamins and minerals

you need for clear skin and

healthy hair

70 Xenoestrogens

What are they and why you

need to avoid them

84 10 steps to reclaim your energy

110 Message in a bottle

We delve into the history and

language of perfume

16 Pop art

Neon makeup is having a

moment. Let your face be

your art!

20 What’s your makeup


Three makeup looks and the

products to create them

90 Sport-proof your makeup

The next big thing is active wear

for your face

96 Beauty on the fly

Travel beautifully with our smart

girls’ guide to packing

104 Bedtime stories

Our favourite products to help

you enter the dreamtime


100 Our new hairstyle crush: the

half-up half-down


116 Oh, baby!

The mother of all baby-friendly

bath and skin products



72 Get your glow on!

The real-life filter for beautifully

hydrated and luminous skin

74 When only the best will do

Introducing L’unico, a new

high-end skincare range

76 Winter skin solutions

82 The beauty revolution

Dermal fillers meet skincare in this

new and innovative skincare line

52 Lose fat and rediscover your


Stubborn fat? There’s a

solution for that

54 Rejuvenation from the

inside out

Platelet-rich plasma is a

treatment with virtually

endless possibilities

62 Re-boot your skin

How to rejuvenate your skin

without looking worked on


32 Get framed

Wake up with an amazing set of

arches with eyebrow tattooing

34 Let’s talk about lips

We take a look at the buzz behind

big beautiful pouts

36 Open your eyes without surgery

There’s now an easy way to create

the look of an eyelift without

going under the knife

38 The non-surgical facelift

Face and neck tightening without

the downtime

body & wellness

51 The no-sweat solution to

weight loss

58 The Big ‘O’

Can’t get no satisfaction? We

talk orgasms and sexual health

64 Laser hair removal re-imagined

92 Yoga alchemy

122 Are you up to the challenge?

Can you change your lifestyle in

only 21 days? We check out the

Zone 21 Fitness Challenge

Read the



version at

Body Balance

Dr John Flynn


Dr John Flynn

skin clinic

Reshaping can create


the look you want

skin clinic

Breast augmentation can

enhance the natural size

and shape of your breasts

Refi nement in Cosmetic Surgery

With breast augmentation, your natural form can be

enhanced and complemented. This results in a balanced

and symmetrical effect that suits your individual body type

and achieves a feminine silhouette.

Liposuction to Shape and Contour

With liposuction, Dr John Flynn can reshape and contour

your form to achieve balance between your body’s

proportions. Areas such as the abdomen and inner and

outer thighs respond particularly well to this procedure.




Dr John Flynn

M.B., B.S., Dip. R.A.C.O.G., F.R.A.C.G.P.

Dip. P. Dermatology., F.A.C.C.S.

Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery

Certifi ed by the American Board of Laser Surgery

Dr John Flynn has over 20 years of experience as

a medical practitioner on the Gold Coast

AD Flynn.indd 1




20/4/09 9:01:39 AM

AD Flynn.indd 1

For more information or to make an

appointment call Cosmedic and Skin Clinic

07 5588 4777

Southport | Gold Coast

Level 2, Pivotal Point

50 Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215 |

Dr John Flynn

cosmedic& skin clinic

Dr John Flynn

20/4/09 9:01:39 AM

From the


It’s already that time of the year again when it’s getting darker and

colder by the day. And this is the time most of us find it difficult to

stick to those healthy eating and exercise regimes we put in place

after the holiday blowout. Well, no need to be swayed from your goals

because even though reaching for your favourite foods may soothe

your winter blues, we’ll show you how to reclaim your energy, the

healthy way, in our article on page 84.

It’s also that season when our skin is crying out for moisture. On page 76 we

kick off our winter beauty school session with some go-to skin solutions for a

healthy, hydrated and glowing complexion this winter – no filter needed!

Almost everyone is guilty of being over-enthusiastic with their Instagram posts,

but while it’s fun to create a picturesque online presence, there’s no denying that

the perception of the ‘perfect’ life online can cause us to be swept up into a spiral

of fake reality. So maybe it’s time to stop and smell the roses and take a look at the

truth behind Instagram in our article, ‘A filtered life’ (page 28).

There’s no doubt that social media platforms have influenced the everincreasing

popularity of cosmetic procedures. If your newsfeed is anything like

mine, it’s full of beautiful big lips and sleek, contoured bodies. So turn to page 48

and hazard a guess at which procedures are hot (or not) in our cosmetic surgery

trends feature. While there are some old favourites there are some surprising new

entries on the list.

As always, our beauty pages are packed full of tried and tested products and lots

of new and shiny makeup must-haves. Whether you stick to the basics or aren’t

afraid of experimenting, we take a look at the top makeup personalities to take

you from day to night (page 20). We also showcase some of the latest fragrances

to hit the shelves and take a lesson in the art of perfumery. To top (knot) it off,

on page 100 we bring you the tips and tools for this season’s new head-turning

hairstyle and you’ll be surprised what’s making a comeback!

Visit us online at where you can download your free

digital edition of this issue. You’ll also find a heap of great beauty tips and tricks,

Australia’s largest practitioner and product directory, and weekly articles on

beauty, cosmetic surgery, lifestyle and fitness.

Issue 76

May-July 2017


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Aimée Rodrigues


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Beauty insider



Giving your eyebrows a ‘just fell

off a bird’ feel is totally trending.

Finnish makeup artist Stella

Sironen intended the look to

be a joke, but the beauty world

has immediately jumped on the

#featherbrows bandwagon. So,

yay or nay?



Inform, RRP $34.99)

In this new book, Kate Marie,

along with co-authors Prof

Merlin Thomas and Dr John

Flynn, bring together years

of experience and scientific

research in diet and nutrition,

skin ageing, hormones, skincare

and cosmetic enhancement,

giving you a definitive guide to

achieving greater skin health

through diet and lifestyle as

well as evidence-based skin

rejuvenation technologies.



Say goodbye to double chins

forever because a new and

exciting injectable treatment is

now offering permanent results

for a smoother chin and neck in

a quick, no-downtime treatment.


Have we gone barking mad?

There’s a growing number of pet

owners who want to give their dogs

special cosmetic modification.

While some procedures are for

health purposes, it’s reported

treatments range from anti-wrinkle

injections to testicular implants, or

‘neuticles’, to help neutered pets

regain their masculinity. Hopefully

this is one “fad” that has barked

up the wrong tree.




While we can slow down the signs

of ageing, we can’t prevent it. Or

can we? A revolutionary new pill

that reverses ageing could be

on the shelves as soon as 2020.

The game-changing pill has also

caught the attention of NASA as

they hope to defend Mars-bound

astronauts against the effects of

radiation. Where do we sign up?



This hair trend takes prettiness

to a whole new level.

Holographic hair has taken

beauty inspiration from all

things magical. Seattle-based

Ross Michaels Salon kicked off

the trend which has since taken

Instagram by storm.




beauty 24/7

Sydney’s premier cosmetic

tattooing and skin clinic, offering

natural-looking treatments in:

• feather eyebrow tattooing

• lip tattooing

• eyeliner tattooing

• medical tattooing

• skin needling

• skin peels

• IPL treatments

When it comes to cosmetic tattooing, we

are the experts’ expert. With more than

25 years of experience, we offer beautiful,

natural-looking results so you can look your

best all day, everyday.




Founder & MD SPCP,






Bella Building, Shop 4/239

Great North Rd, Five Dock, Sydney

located in Cosmedic Professionals


02 9712 4133










1. Zoeva Sweet Glamour

Blush Palette, $25, 2. ELES

Baked Blush in Tulip, $37,

3. Napoleon Perdis Total Bae

Blush It! In Cheeky, $29,

4. Sisley Paris PhytoBlush

Twist in Fushia, $80,

5. Napoleon Perdis Color

Disc in Pink Slink, $29,

6. Napoleon Perdis Total Bae

Matte It! in Live for Pink, $19,

7. Napoleon Perdis Total Bae

Own It! Mascara in Electric,

$29, 8. Revlon PhotoReady

Eye Art, $21.95, 9. Katy Perry

for Covergirl Katy Kat Eye

Mascara in Perry Blue, $18.95,

10. Revlon Super Length

Mascara, $21.95.






“Colours are great for selfexpression

but to avoid looking

too OTT it’s best to keep your

cheeks and lips a little more subtle

and let your eyes do the talking.

To add just a splash of colour

try using blue, green or purple

eyeshadow as an eyeliner. Keep

it subtle by applying with a small

domed brush on the top lash line

and lashings of black mascara.

“If you’re feeling a little more

adventurous keep your bright

eyeshadow colour on the lid only

and blend using a more neutral

shade or bronzer for a seamless

finish. This allows you to show

off your pop of colour in a more

modern way.”

– Napoleon Perdis



7. 8. 9.






Using the latest technologies, our team of experts

is committed to help you achieve natural-looking

results in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Come in and experience the Skin Renu difference.

Our comprehensive treatment menu includes:

world-class wrinkle reduction and

lip enhancement

laser skin rejuvenation

CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction

Thermage non-surgical face lifting

medical peels

clinic-only premium skincare

Call us to book a complimentary consultation

02 9555 9506

16B Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney

I feel beautiful when

I’m at peace with myself.

When I’m serene, when I’m

a good person, when I’ve

been considerate of others.

Elle Macpherson






Are you a classic

beauty, an Instafamous

babe or a cosmetics

queen setting the

trends? Here’s what

your go-to makeup

?look says about you.

Let’s get personal. What’s your

go-to makeup look you can

never leave the house without?

Are you a lip-lining fanatic? Or a bold

brow aficionado? Or perhaps you’re

all about contouring? Whatever your

staple trend, there’s no denying that

your makeup look reveals more about

you than you may think!

We’ve hauled the products needed

to create three of the most common

makeup personalities.








As much as we love to talk

about (and try) the latest and

greatest makeup trends, we’ll

never forget about those classic,

tried-and-true looks. Whether it’s

the classic smoky eye, the freshfaced

beauty, the red lip or the

bold eyeliner, these are the timeless

makeup looks that are feminine,

polished and radiate confidence – it’s

a look we just can’t quit.

For a timeless face, start this look off

with a good quality primer. This will

ensure a perfect, fresh base and will

keep your makeup in place. For a

flawless complexion try a foundation

with a smooth, dewy finish. This look

is finished off perfectly with a rouge

lip colour.

“To stop lipstick from bleeding, line

your lips last. Begin by applying your

favourite lipstick over the entire lip.

Next, line lips using a sharpened lip

pencil. This will help keep the lip edge

looking crisp and prevent your lipstick

from smudging,” says makeup guru

Napoleon Perdis.

“When applying a bold lipstick or

lip liner, a trick I use is to look in the

mirror and smile. This ensures the edges

of the lip are smooth and tight allowing

a crisp edge,” he explains.




1. Physicians Formula Eye

Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting

Eyeliner + Serum, $21.95.

High-tech formula enhances

the appearance of lashes

while providing the instant

definition of a liquid eyeliner

2. GloMinerals Eye Shadow Trio

in Copper Sheen, $45. With a

base tone, contouring shade and

highlighting colour, these earthy

highly pigmented shades are a

staple in every girl’s beauty kit.

3. Mavala Nail Colour Cream in

Singapore, $9. Exude confidence

and style with this bold, slick red.








10. Napoleon Perdis Matte Eye

Ink, $32. This versatile liquid liner

has a matte and budge-proof

finish for perfectly defined eyes.

11. Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte

Tilbury Brow Lift, $45. Shape,

lift and shade with this 3-in-1

brow tool.

12. Colorescience Pressed

Foundation Natural Finish

SPF 20, $69.50. Barely there

formula gives skin a smooth,

natural finish to even out skin

tone. Buildable coverage for a

flawless complexion.

4. Napoleon Perdis DeVine

Goddess Lipstick in Aphrodite,

$38. This classic long-lasting red

will never go out of style.

5. MaxFactor Ageless Elixir

Miracle 2 in 1 Foundation and

Serum, $32.95. Soft-focus spheres

work to diffuse light across the

skin and blur the edges of fine

lines and wrinkles.

6. Dermalogica Hydrablur

Primer, $70. A primer that fuses

skin treatment and makeup

technology to optimise skin

health. Creates a blurring effect

on skin imperfections and flawless

canvas for makeup application.

7. Revlon ColorStay 24 Hr,

$34.95. Long-wearing foundation

designed with a time-release

technology to help minimise

touch-ups for 24 hours.

8. MODELROCK Liquid to Matte

Lipstick in Rock Out Red, $23.

Long lasting, featherweight,

yet highly pigmented liquid

to matte lipstick.

9. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye

Pen, $25.95. Create any look –

from soft to dramatic – with this

no-mess, precise liquid eyeliner.











13. Colorescience Beauty On

The Go Palette, $79.20.

Multi-use palette in classic

shades to bronze, contour,

conceal and enhance.

14. Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Gloss

in Rouge, $65. Creamy, highshine

gloss in an incredibly longwearing

and irresistible red.

15. ELES RetexturCreme Face

Primer SPF 20, $88. For flawless

makeup, use this as a protective

base. Keeps skin nourished and

hydrated and makeup looks

fresh for longer.

16. endota spa Lengthening

Mineral Mascara, $30. Achieve

maximum volume and length

in one stroke with this flake-free

long-lasting mascara.

17. Napoleon Perdis Colour

Disc in Blushing Bride, $29.

An eye-brightening shadow

with a hint of shimmer for an

iridescent finish.

18. endota spa Perfecting

Primer, $40. Pearlescent finish

that smooths over imperfections

and makes makeup application

a breeze. 23



You are an Instagram beauty

fiend. You’ve taken note of all the

standout swatches, 60-second

videos and you’re all over the Kylie lip

kits like no one’s business. You are a

selfie queen and your staple makeup look

is all about a flawless base, perfect bold

brows, neutral eyeshadow, lit cheekbones

and perfectly lined, soft-hued lips.

Everything. On. Fleek.

Strobe on, friend, strobe on.

Nail this look by starting with a flawless

foundation base, applying concealer to

cover any dark spots under the eyes.

Contour and highlight your features,

before perfecting your brows by filling and

shaping. The look is all in the perfectly matte

lips (don’t be afraid to line outside your

natural lip line).

“Make your pencil eyeliner stay put all day

long and avoid ‘raccoon-eyes’ by setting

with a small amount of eyeshadow. After

liner application, pat and press a dark matte

eyeshadow in a similar shade on top using a

small angled brush. The eyeshadow sets the

pencil and ensures a budge-proof result,”

says Perdis.








1. Pearl Drops Instant Natural

White – Charcoal Innovation,

$11.99. Purple tooth polish

that instantly brightens

teeth and lifts stains, with

long-term whitening for

your best selfie yet.

2. Napoleon Perdis Wand-er

Brow, $29. Achieve brow

perfection with this precision

gel that defines and shapes

brows and sets them in place.





9. endota spa Instant Brows, $32.

Define and colour brows in one

swipe – contains fibres and gel to

create a thicker, fuller shape.

10. Napoleon Perdis Total Bae

Matte It! in Nude Addict, $19.

Creamy, colour-rich and kissproof

for all-day sexy lips.

11. MODELROCK Liquid to

Matte Lipstick in Born This

Way, $23. The ultimate beigepink

lip colour.


Ultimate Wrinkle Filler, $106.

Hexapeptides help fill in

wrinkles and smooth

away fine lines for instantly

visible results.

4. Revlon Photoready

Perfecting Primer, $29.95.

Start with the perfect

canvas with this soft, creamy

textured primer that smooths

and softens the skin.

5. Skindinavia The Makeup

Finishing Spray, $14.

The formulation works

as a makeup thermostat,

never letting makeup melt

or dry out.

6. Mavala Nail Colour

Cream in Basel, $8.50. This

warm taupe beige is both

timeless and contemporary. A

seriously divine colour that’s

also great for your nails too.












12. Charlotte Tilbury Feline

Flick, $49. Inspired by Japanese

calligraphy, this is an intense, finetipped

pen for fluid, clean lines

with no feathering or transfer.

13. Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Gloss

in Nude, $65. Creamy, glossy

and a true pink-beige, this divine

lacquer for your lips will enhance

your pout all day long.

14. Sisley Paris So Intense

Eyeliner, $78. Delivers intense

black colour with a matte finish

that won’t rub or flake off.

15. ELES Moisture Crème

Lipstick in Natural, $36.

Hyaluronic acid spheres fill in

deficits in the lip to plump lips

while providing rich colour and a

burst of hydration.

16. Revlon Colorstay Browmaker,

$25.95. Shape, fill and highlight

brows with this powder palette.

7. GloMinerals Cream Glaze

Crayon in Mimosa, $30.

Pucker up for the ultimate

selfie with this subtle splash

of coral for the ultimate sexy,

kissable lips.


17. Garbo & Kelly Instagirl

Powder and Cream Contour

Palette, $70. Convenient beauty

meets Hollywood screen siren

in this all-you-need powder and

cream contour kit.

8. Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner

Crayon, $23.95. Add drama

and definition to your eyes

with this long-wear eyeliner

that glides on effortlessly.

18. PÜR Cosmetics Love Your

Selfie 2 Face Palette, $62.

Everything you need for the

perfect close-up. No need for

filters, these shades will take you

from day to night in one place. 25




Perfectly chiselled features and

beyond-bold eyes, this look is

all about expressing yourself.

From intense and experimental

makeup colours and textures, to

spidery long lashes and bright lips,

you’re never one to be a wallflower.

A little drama never hurt anyone!




Make your eyes pop with a daring eyeshadow shade,

adding a bold flick of eyeliner along the upper lash

and a pair of false lashes. Contour and highlight before

sweeping blush on your cheeks. Finish with a swipe

of bright lipstick.

Napoleon Perdis says it’s all in the colour

combinations. “Expand your makeup look by mixing

up your lipstick finish. Apply eyeshadows onto your

lipstick in either a matching or similar shade. This will not

only set your lipstick but also allows for endless colour

combinations. I adore a combination of red lipstick with

hot pink eye shadow,” he says.






1. Revlon PhotoReady Primer,

Shadow and Sparkle in Eclectic,

$25.95. Create a unique look with

this bold and captivating palette.

2. GloMinerals Royal Lip Crayon

in Regal Ruby, $30. Add definition

to your lips with this bombshell

colour that keeps lips hydrated

and kissable.


3. Mavala Nail Colour Cream in

Sao Paulo, $8.50. Modern and

complex, this blue-grey nail varnish

is glossy and long lasting.



4. Napoleon Perdis Color Disc in

Lucky Clover, $29. Give eyes a boost

with this pigment-rich, head-turning

clover green. The perfect shade to

make your eyes pop!

5. Napoleon Perdis Color Disc

in Angel Dust, $29. This delicate

champagne gold pearl is a beautiful

show-stopping shade. Mix and

match or wear alone for a simple,

yet angelic look.



6. Napoleon Perdis Color Disc in

High-voltage Violet, $29. Make a

statement with this ultimate colour

surge. Wear alone or mixed for

endless colour possibilities.

7. Sisley Paris Phyto-Eye Twist in

Black Diamond, $55. A twist pencil,

this intense eyeshadow is longlasting

and waterproof for a smoky

eye look that just won’t quit.

8. Katy Perry for Covergirl Katy

Kate Matte Lipstick in Perry Panther,

$17.95. Roar in this daring headturning

shade of pure dark. Demimatte

formula for a velvet finish.


9. ELES Superwear Gel Liner, $31.

Long live the eye pencil! Intense

one-stroke colour that’s easy to

apply, smudge-proof, long-lasting. 27
















whether you’re an avid shutterbug

or not, there’s no denying that

we now live in a selfie-obsessed

climate and, as a result, it’s essentially

becoming harder and harder to

find reality.

With more than 300 million active

users on Instagram, who share on average

70 million photos a day, in the six years

since its launch we’ve shared over four times

more photos than there are human beings on

earth. Yep, wow. Easy to consume, fun to design,

Instagram is universal in language and it’s not going

anywhere anytime soon.

Instagram has become a key source of

communication – we can connect with friends and

like-minded people on a whole new level and convey

who we aspire to be and by whom we are inspired.

Whether it’s learning new makeup tricks, watching

workout guides, drooling over good food, indulging in

boutique online shopping or soaking up some design

inspo, Instagram has become an important and

multifaceted tool in today’s popular culture.

While digital media has lots to commend itself,

it has also inevitably changed the way we share our

day-to-day life, likes and dislikes, what are we doing,

eating, holidaying, etc. With its countless filters,

story-making options and collages, the trend of visuals

is essentially replacing text (the Egyptians were onto

something). But the danger is that Instagram can also

give a false perception of an often-unattainable life

and a distorted image of what’s perceived as ‘normal’.

From high fashion-worthy images, carefully edited

holiday pictures and selfies, sometimes it’s hard to

know where reality begins and where it ends. Day-today

life is all about framing a good shot – and filtering

the life out of it before posting it to the world.

Everyone looks better on social media. And that’s

the problem. The filtered life is inexplicably perfect

and it has many people dangerously stuck in a virtual

world of doubt and self-consciousness.

Feature 29



to disconnect

Are you living life

through a filter? Here

are a few things you

should try:


People watching

There is something wonderful about

just quietly being somewhere and

watching the world go by its business.

Taste savour your food instead of

snapping it; enjoy your surroundings

instead of checking in.


Looking up

Ever walked in to oncoming foot

traffic? Or a telegraph pole? Don’t

pretend you haven’t; we’re all guilty.

Put your phone away and go to the

source. Look up and take in what’s

going on in the world around you – it’s a

pretty awesome place.



A tech curfew is a very credible thing.

Not only will it give you a chance to

sleep better but it will also give your

over-screened eyes and brain a rest.

jealous much?

While studies of Instagram’s effects

on our emotional states are limited,

studies of Facebook have shown

that the passive consumption of

our friends’ feeds and our own

social media posts can correlate

with feelings of loneliness and

even depression.

In a joint research study conducted

at the Technical University of

Darmstadt and the Humboldt

University of Berlin in Germany,

led by Prof Peter Buxmann and

Dr Hanna Krasnova, Facebook

members were surveyed regarding

their feelings after using the platform.

“You get more explicit and implicit

cues of people being happy, rich

and successful from a photo than

from a status update,” says Dr

Krasnova. “A photo can very

powerfully provoke immediate social

comparison, and that can trigger

feelings of inferiority, [whereas] you

don’t envy a news story.”

Krasnova’s research has led her to

define what she calls an ‘envy spiral’.

“If you see beautiful photos of your

friend on Instagram,” she says, “one

way to compensate is to self-present

with even better photos, and then

your friend sees your photos and

posts even better photos, and so

on. Self-promotion triggers more

self-promotion, and the world on

social media gets further and further

from reality.”

While an envy spiral can unravel

just as easily on Facebook or Twitter,

Instagram is a test to your sense

of time. In an article on,

Catalina Toma of the Department

of Communication Arts at the

University of Wisconsin-Madison in

the US says, “You spend so much time

creating flattering, idealised images

of yourself, sorting through hundreds

of images for that one perfect picture,

but you don’t necessarily grasp that

everybody else is spending a lot of

time doing the same thing.”



Forty-nine percent of surgeons

reported patients wanting to stay

relevant and vital at work. In

more recent times social media has

become a huge instigator, with

42% of surgeons reporting patients

seeking cosmetic procedures to

look better in selfies, Instagram,

Snapchat, Facebook Live and other

social channels.

The most requested procedures

were tailored to specific lifestyle

concerns. Eyelid procedures to look

less tired were reported as a rising

trend by 62 percent of members, as

well as patients seeking cosmetic

procedures due to dissatisfaction

with their profile (49%) and

patients requesting more prominent

cheekbones (46%).

The top


profiles *

(after Instagram

itself, of course!)

Selena Gomez –


Ariana Grande –


Taylor Swift –


Beyonce –


Kim Kardashian –


* as at 21 April, 2017

After spending lots of time

curating and filtering images, we

spend even more time staring at

other people’s carefully curated and

filtered images, assuming they didn’t

spend much time on them. And the

more you do that, Toma says, “the

more distorted your perception is

that their lives are happier and more

meaningful than yours.”

Social media

& plastic surgery

According to the American Academy

of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive

Surgery members, two of the top

drivers for cosmetic procedures are

the desire to remain competitive

in the workforce and the impact of

social media.

Keeping it in


Photos and social media can be

an amazing tool to help preserve

memories and share aspects of

our lives with the world. Not only

can we share our lives with family

and friends near and far but we

can also connect with celebrities

and those who inspire us on

unprecedented levels.

Social media platforms like

Instagram can essentially be seen as a

form of escapism – everyone aspires

to be a better version of themselves

and Instagram is just putting it in

front of us. Just take a look at the

hashtag #goals.

What becomes important is

keeping it in check and knowing that

these pretty pictures don’t always

portray reality. What makes us all

beautiful is our uniqueness, so don’t

try to be anyone else. You can aspire

to be a better version of yourself,

but be comfortable and confident in

your own skin.

Don’t forget to switch off once in

a while and experience life through

your own eyes, not filtered ones. CBM 31



Eyebrows looking a little

worse for wear? wake up

eveyrday with a set

of amazing arches with

eyebrow tattooing.

There’s no denying that eyebrows have

evolved. From barely there brows of

the ‘90s to the voluptuous eyebrows

of recent years, not to mention the

whimsical rainbow and sparkling

glitter brows currently on trend (yep,

it’s a thing!), your brows can seriously

transform your look.

Full brows not only look amazing but are also perceived

as a sign of youth. A thick rectangular ridge lifts the brow,

much like a good anti-wrinkle injection treatment.

However, more often than not maintaining your face

framers isn’t an easy task – especially if there’s not much

to maintain. If you have gaps in your eyebrows due to

scarring or over-plucking, alopecia, thinning brows or




trending in


Dark, heavy, pronounced brows,

tapering very slightly at the end – think

Kim Kardashian.

Brush-stroke brows – a rounder look,

with no noticeable peak, as seen on

Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, Sophia

Vergara and Miranda Kerr.

Full, intense brows – following the style

made famous by models

Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins.

just barely there little sluggers, reshaping your brows

everyday can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

The answer? Look no further than the queen of

cosmetic tattooing, Sydney-based beauty guru Rita

Porreca. Founder of Sydney Permanent Makeup

Centre, Porreca is renowned for her artistry in cosmetic

tattooing, including her creation of beautiful,

defined eyebrows, taking brows to new heights of

sophistication and beauty.

There are a variety of different methods to achieve

the perfect long-lasting eyebrows, such as feathering,

shading, hair strokes, soft tap and blading

“Blading, soft tap and featuring all refer to a similar

method for eyebrow tattooing, performed with a hand

tool,” she explains. “Using a thin blade, a pattern is

applied to the brows and ink is applied over the top to

create a very natural look.”

Porreca takes a combined approach to achieve best-inclass

results for her clients, blending the blading method

with the permanent machine method to achieve a

long-lasting, natural look. “That way you can achieve

the natural, softer look of blading while enjoying the

longevity of the machine method,” she says.

Also a sought-after trainer for cosmetic tattooists,

Porreca stresses that consumers must do their research

and find an experienced tattooist that knows how to

incorporate many different techniques for a naturallooking

result. “The aim is always to create beautiful,

long-lasting brows,” she says.

“Results can last years in some cases, so it’s important

to get it right the first time and create a shape and

colour definition that’s perfect for you,” she says.

“An experienced cosmetic tattooist should know the

different methods for brow tattooing, and be able to tailor

their approach according to your individual look and

personal preferences.”

Eyebrow tattoos generally last from to two to four

years, with touch-up treatments every two years to

maintain results.

While trends come and go, there’s no doubt that

well-groomed eyebrows are something that will never go

out of style. CBM

Where did

‘Eyebrows On Fleek’

come from?

When Kim K posted a photo of her bleached

brows with the hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek back in

2014, the beauty world went nuts.

Like #BrowGameStrong, the phrase has taken over

social media. But what exactly does it mean?

Fleek – which is a variation of “flick,” a word well known to

makeup-lovers – is when eyebrows are perfectly groomed,

filled and shaped. In essence, “brows on point” and

“brows on fleek” are the same thing.







Where to get it

Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre, Five Dock NSW

Ph 02 9712 4133 33

Let’s talk about lips

It’s no secret that the popularity of lip augmentation

procedures has exploded in recent years. We take a look

at the buzz behind big beautiful pouts. words by erin docherty

t’s one of the most

overwhelmingly popular

cosmetic procedures and it’s

not slowing down anytime

soon. Yep, you guessed it:

lip augmentation.

Full, sensual lips have long

been considered an aesthetic ideal.

However, thanks to selfies,

big lips are “trending” like

never before. Many point the finger

at photo-sharing apps and popular

Internet celebs, models and bloggers.

It’s been said that there is one lip

augmentation procedure in the US

every 20 seconds.

“In 2017, people are much more

aware of treatments such as lip

augmentation; they’re relatively

affordable and accessible to everyone,

not just celebrities,” says Sylvia Down,

Practice Manager at Skin Renu laser

and skin rejuvenation clinic.

“Social media, ‘it’ girls, supermodels

and bloggers present an open forum

for individuals to see what’s available,”

she says. “Beautiful full lips are now

available to those not naturally

blessed with a longed-for pout.”

As we grow older, our lips tend

to lose volume. Most people have

the procedure to achieve plumper

lips, which is mostly associated

with youth. The ageing process is a

natural process in which cells begin

to renew themselves more slowly.

Environmental effects, pollution, sun

exposure, stress and smoking can all

speed up and exacerbate the natural

ageing process. Lip enhancement can

help reverse this process and bring

back (or create) that perfect pout.

So, what kind of lip look is

actually trending? Are people

requesting the full style Kylie Jenner

lip? Or are they opting for a more

natural enhancement? Sylvia

says that generally a fuller lip

with more natural appearance is

the favoured look.

“Younger women will often want

lips similar to models or celebrities

they admire regardless of whether or

not it would suit them,” warns Sylvia.

“However, taking the time to explain

how the procedure will be customised

for their own natural lip and features

helps patients make a decision that

won’t result in a disproportionate lip

augmentation. Most women want

their partners, friends and family to

react to them with ‘you look lovely’,

not ‘what have you done?!”’


E nhancement

What does a

typical procedure


Lip augmentation can be anything

that enhances your lips, but the use

of dermal fillers and injecting your

own fat into their lips are the top

procedures (with dermal fillers by far

being the most popular).

“Patients see a doctor in the clinic,

as dermal fillers are a Schedule 4

product (meaning it’s a prescriptiononly

medicine),” Sylvia explains.

“On arrival, patients are given a

the injection but a local topical

anaesthetic can also be applied


The dermal filler is injected via a

fine needle or cannula to give the

discussed desired effect; the treatment

is complete within a few minutes.

In terms of longevity of results, it

generally depends on which dermal

filler is used; your metabolism and

lifestyle can also impact on the

longevity of the filler. “On average

one can expect between 4-8 months,

but each person is different and the

amounts used varies.”



celeb lips

1. Kylie Jenner

2. Jennifer Lawrence

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Rhianna

5. Scarlett Johansson

consent form to read, which

outlines the procedure, its risks and

potential side effects. The patient

is asked to sign the consent only if

it is clear to them, or to wait and

ask the doctor if they do not

understand or if they have any

questions or concerns regarding the

consent and the treatment.”

“The doctor explains the procedure

and the patient’s suitability is

assessed, any questions the patient

has are answered and only then is the

patient treated, by either the doctor

or a registered nurse.”

Most dermal fillers have a local

anaesthetic in their formulation to

make them more comfortable during

Sylvia’s final tips? “See someone

experienced and go in with realistic

expectations – remember, Gigi

Hadid’s lips may not suit your face.

Ask questions and remember: more

does not always mean better,” she

stresses. “What suits your friend may

not suit you.”

“In my opinion, price is what you

pay and value is what you get, so

cheaper doesn’t automatically mean

better. Find an experienced injector

who takes time to consult with you

and answer your questions before

treatment. A follow-up appointment

two weeks later when the dermal

filler has settled and the swelling has

subsided is always a good idea.” CBM



Skin Renu Laser &

Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Balmain, Sydney

Ph 02 9555 9506 35




any surgery









Heavy or hooded eyelids?

Sagging skin around your

eyes? An eyelift isn’t your

only option. Say hello to Lids By

Design – the new completely

non-invasive way to create wider,

brighter, more youthful-looking eyes.

Gaining a loyal following in the

US and now in Australia, Lids By

Design is a simple yet ingenious

beauty solution to lift the eyelids and

transform your appearance.

The effects of ageing cause collagen

and elasticity around our eyes to

diminish, resulting in excess skin in

the natural fold of the lid. Heavy,

hooded lids can be bothersome in

more ways than one. In the past there

was a significant lack of options for

people who didn’t want to undergo

surgery – until Lids By Design.

Made of medical-grade quality

tape and designed for both men and

women, Lids By Design is applied to

the eyelid, hiding the excess skin in

the natural fold of the lid.

A safe, non-invasive solution,

Lids By Design is an easy and effective

way to temporarily conceal issues

such as sagging skin, asymmetrical

eyes, and heavy lids that can disturb

your vision.

For those who are on the fence

about deciding whether or not to go

under the knife, it’s also a clever way

to get a sneak preview of how you will

likely look following a procedure.

Lids By Design is comfortable,

breathable and virtually invisible

and can be worn either alone or

under makeup.

If you have excess skin over

your eyelid, whether it’s just starting

to become noticeable or an issue that

has existed for years, Lids By Design

could be an option for you. Suitable

for both male and females, the strips

are designed for one-time use and are

quick and easy to apply (once you get

the hang of it).

Part of your regular skincare and

makeup regimen, you can simply

apply a strip to your eyelid each

morning and dispose of them before

you go to bed.

Lids By Design Lift allows you

to brighten your eyes and take

years off your appearance – simply,

quickly with minimal effort

required. CBM




AFTER immediate application of Lids By Design

AFTER immediate application of Lids By Design

AFTER immediate application of Lids By Design



Lids By Design is distributed

in Australia by Bella Aesthetics.


to purchase online or call

02 9398 2755. RRP $69.95 for

80 strips (40 days’ wear). 37




Ultraformer III is the latest non-surgical technology

on our radar, offering face and neck tightening

with no downtime. Words by Erin Docherty


our skin is the largest organ

of your body and it plays a

big role in the way others

perceive your attractiveness and

healthiness, so why not keep it

looking its best?

Just as you work to keep your

body fit and trim, your skin needs a

helping hand too, especially when the

signs of ageing take their toll.

To keep your skin looking young

and healthy, sunscreen, exercise and

nutritional eating is key. However, to

help with damage already done, there

are now many different avenues you can

take to lessen an ageing appearance.

One of the newest and most advanced

technologies in the non-surgical

enhancement space is Ultraformer III

– a quick, non-invasive approach that

tightens skin on the face and neck.

“Ultraformer III ticks all the boxes:

great results, no downtime, and minimal

side effects and discomfort,” says WA

cosmetic doctor Dr Serene Lim.

With more than 10 million

treatments performed worldwide, it goes

without saying Ultraformer III is a firm

favourite among patients and doctors

alike. Completely customisable, it offers

natural-looking improvement and can

postpone the need for surgical face

tightening procedures.

“We all lose collagen at a rate of

5-10% a year after the age of 25 or so.

Stimulating the body’s own regenerative

process early on, before it reaches the

point of no return, can potentially

negate the need for facelift surgery

when performed correctly in the right

patient,” says NSW cosmetic doctor

Dr Danae Lim.



What is

Ultraformer III

and what are the


Distributed by Cryomed, Ultraformer

III uses a form of energy called Micro

and Macro-Focused Ultrasound

energy (MMFU) to heat tissues and

tighten skin.

At certain depths the collagen is

heated and the surrounding tissues are

activated to produce new collagen.

At more superficial levels there is

the added advantage of brightening

and improving skin texture due to a

process where the re-organisation of

collagen fibres occur.

“Ultraformer III leads the way in

anti-ageing, stimulating the body’s

own collagen production by heating

deep tissue planes specifically to

tighten up the SMAS, or facelift

layer. It addresses the cause of skin

laxity and not just the symptoms,”

says Dr Danae Lim.

“We use the Ultraformer III in

our TightSkin program,” says VIC

cosmetic dermatologist Dr Michael

Rich. “It works extremely well to

lift facial tissue, is a very comfortable

walk-in walk-out treatment, and

requires very few treatments for

great results. Newer devices like

the Ultraformer III have really

improved clinical outcomes for

skin tightening.”

Ultraformer III has a range of

amazing benefits that make it a highly

accessible and tailored treatment for

a variety of individual skin concerns

and skin types.

It is commonly used to lift the brow

and forehead, the under-eye area,

cheeks, mid-face, jaw line and neck.

With the addition of the new MF2

cartridge, treatment areas are almost

limitless and previously ‘hard-toreach’

areas like around the eyes, lines

above the upper lip or enlarged pores

on the nose can be treated with ease.

“Even clients who have had

eyelid surgery say their eyelids are

lifted further and, more importantly,

the texture of their eyelid skin is

improved after the MF2,” says Dr

Serene Lim.

“As the forehead is not a flat

surface, the slim MF2 cartridge can

be manoeuvred to treat the area more

precisely, improving the skin texture

and lifting the eyes (like a brow lift)

as the connective tissue is restored.”

Not only does it address wrinkles

but it also lifts the skin and improves

texture, tone and pore size. Dr Serene

it’s a gamechanger.


necks, eyes

and jaw

lines can be

treated nonsurgically

with no


Lim has undergone an Ultraformer

MF2 treatment on her own eyelids

and is impressed with the results.

“Droopy eyelids run in my family.

I was determined not to go down

the surgical path and that spurred

me to research alternatives. The

Ultraformer III MF2 has lifted my

eyelids after just one treatment. I’m

very happy with the results!” she says.

“The Ultraformer III with the

MF2 is a game changer in cosmetic

enhancement – sagging necks,

eyes and jaw lines can be treated

non-surgically with no downtime.

Every layer of the skin can be

treated separately so treatment is

tailored according to the individual’s

requirements,” says Dr Serene Lim.

In the past, treatment of darker

skin types such as Asian skin could

lead to the risk of post inflammatory

hyperpigmentation (PIH), which is

notoriously difficult to fade.

“When treating Asian skin it is

important to note that due to the

risks of PIH, energy-based devices

should be used with caution,” says

Dr Danae Lim. “The skin needs

to be prepped appropriately with

active ingredients to improve cell

turnover for patients who have

never had any medical-grade

treatments previously.”

“Ultraformer is non-invasive, with

no skin penetration and therefore

no risk of hyperpigmentation or

scarring if performed correctly.

Radiofrequency devices, on the other

hand, typically cannot deliver energy

to deep layers without penetrating

the skin. With the Ultraformer III

ultrasound technology, the deeper

levels are targeted with virtually

no side effects, bar some slight

tenderness/swelling post treatment,”

explains Dr Danae Lim.

Generally one treatment is

sufficient, with re-treatment every

18-24 months. Skin starts to look

brighter in as little as three weeks,

with further improvements and skin

tightening results visible from around

six weeks onwards as new collagen is

formed. CBM



To find a practitioner near you, visit 39






We share our problem-solving secrets,

fave products and good-to-know tips

for complexion perfection.

Words by Erin Docherty



e’ve all been there. You wake up

to find your skin in some kind of

revolt and don’t know how to fix it.

While we may never be completely

protected against the bad guys such

as blemishes, under-eye circles, brown

spots and redness, thanks to the wide

range of ace products on the market, we

can come close.

We bring you our expert tips to tackle

tricky skincare woes, as well as the products

you need to engage in your beauty battle.

Ready. Aim. Fire! 41




You have a big event coming up

and a massive pimple has decided

to be your plus one. So not cool.

However, thanks to the beauty gods

there are a some excellent blemishspecific

products out there to help

us mere mortals tackle those tricky

pimple problems.

Out, damned


Acne-fighting salicylic acid-based

products pack a real punch when it

comes to pimple-zapping goodness.

Bacteria-fighting benzoyl peroxide is

another hero ingredient to look out

for in a good spot treatment.

Apply during the day to help clear

up your skin and keep it that way.

At night, dry that bad boy out

and apply a sulfur-containing spot

treatment, which will dry out the

offending spot.

In the words of “Dr Pimple

Popper” (aka dermatologist and

Instagram sensation Dr Sandra Lee),

know when you pop and know

when you stop. With more than

two million followers on Instagram,

Dr Pimple Popper is the woman

behind those gross but fascinating

pimple-popping videos.

Dr Lee recommends not popping

your pimples in order to prevent

redness and scarring, but since

we all know we’re going to do it

anyway, she says that if you have to

pop, use a tool or a sterilised pen.

She uses a comedone extractor,

a stainless steel tool to remove

blackheads and reduce swollen

blemishes with less trauma (not to

mention by germy fingers).

Once you’ve popped your pimple,

it is essential to keep the area clean.

“I usually try to dry it up a little bit

with a topical acne spot treatment

with a little benzoyl peroxide or an

antibiotic in it,” says Dr Lee. “You

want something that’s antibacterial

and anti-inflammatory, so it helps to

decrease redness.”

And then you leave it alone! The

less you touch it, the more it will calm

down and be less likely to spread to

other areas of the face.









Napoleon Perdis Total Bae

- Hide It! Uh-huh Honey, $29

Oxygenetix Oxygenating

Foundation, $85



Emergency pimple crisis?

Crush up an aspirin and

add a drop of water to it to

create a paste. This helps

minimise any inflammation.

Another hot tip is to

squeeze some whitening

eye drops directly on the

culprit to help take the

redness out. Be careful to

ensure the eye dropper

does not make contact with

your skin – no one wants

an eye infection! Most

importantly, relax. It will

heal. Promise.







1. Arbonne Clear Future

Exfoliating Blemish Pads,

$62, 2. Bobbi Brown

Remedies Skin Clarifier

Pore & Oil Control, $66,

3. Dermalogica Clear

Start Breakout Clearing

Emergency Spot Fix, $26,

4. Medik8 Blemish Control

Pads, $46.95, 5. Aspect

Gold Stop Spot, $15.40,

6. Ultraceuticals Ultra

Clear Spot Treatment, $35,

7. Trilogy Blemish Control

Gel, $20.95, 8. asap Clear

Complexion Gel, $50,

9. Jurlique Blemish Cream,

$32, 10. Arbonne Clear

Future Intensive Blemish

Calming Lotion, $41,

11. Skinstitut Glycolic

Scrub 14%, $45, 12. SUKIN

Detoxifying Clay Masque,

$15.95, 13. First Aid

Beauty (FAB) Skin Rescue

Deep Cleanser with Red

Clay, $42.



12. 43




If you’ve spent your fair share of time in the sun,

freckles and other forms of pigmentation will

rear their ugly heads. Dark spots are the result of

an increase in the production of melanin, due to

prolonged exposure to the sun. This leads to patchy

pigmentation and brownish spots on uncovered

parts of the skin.

Get even!

While laser and skin brightening procedures

are a surefi re way of fi ghting the uphill battle

of pigmentation, there are some key skincare

ingredients that can help you gets great results.

Research has shown that a high concentration of

Vitamin C can signifi cantly improve brown spots

and, combined with a skin-lightener that contains

hydroquinone, you can see results that are even

more dramatic. Koji acid is another commonly

used ingredient in treating pigmentation as it

provides a natural skin lightening treatment with

little irritation.

If there’s one thing you can do, it’s this: wear

sunscreen! Daily. Not only does it help prevent

potentially fatal skin cancer but it also protects

your skin from harmful UV rays – the culprit

behind most brown spots. According to a recent

Austrian study, when photos of women were

modifi ed to enhance uneven skin tone, the same

women were judged as older and less attractive

than when they had more abundant (and deeper)

wrinkles. Bottom line: brown spots can make you

look older so, keep your skin spot-free and don’t

skip the SPF!




1. Sisley Paris Intensive Dark Spot Corrector, $175

2. Essano Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, $35

3. SUKIN Detoxifying Facial Scrub, $12.95

4. Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin Salve Restoring Treatment, $66





is fi ckle and can be hard to tackle. If your face

looks red or fl ushed, it can be due to a variety of things

such as alcohol, your lifestyle, your genes or simply your

skincare regimen. There are several ways to help correct

and calm skin redness for a complexion more even in

colour and tone. Read on!


Be sure to use facial skincare products that do not

contain irritating ingredients; look for fragrance-free

and hypoallergenic. Skin irritation can lead directly to

infl ammation and redness.

Common ingredients found in facial products that can

irritate your skin include fragrances, alcohol, lavender

and linalool. The name of the game is ‘gentle’, so avoid

scrubbing and any abrasive cleansing tools. Look for

calming serums with antioxidant-rich plant extracts to

keep dryness at bay and help diminish skin redness and

infl ammation.

Remember, the sun can be a big player in facial

redness so make sure you always use a SPF15 or greater

titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to protect your skin.




1. Medik8 Redness Corrector, $134

2. Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin

Relief Calming Algae Complex, $66



A great way to immediately calm facial redness

is with a DIY oatmeal mask, which helps soothe

itching and redness of the skin.

Oatmeal has a moisturising effect on the

skin, but also absorbs oil and can be beneficial

for acne. It’s been shown to have moisturising,

soothing, protective and anti-inflammatory

properties and a low potential for irritation and

very low chance of allergies. Win!

Mix a couple of teaspoons of 100% pure oatmeal

with enough water to make a mask. Apply it to your

skin and let it dry for 10 minutes, then rinse off.

Green tea is also a great natural antiinflammatory,

and will help bring down the redness

and calm puffiness. Boil water, and steep 4-6

teabags for 5 minutes. Then soak a washcloth in

the tea and rest the cloth on your face once cool. 45





out skin


3. 4.


Whether it’s been a big night on the town, a

sleepless night, or skin that is just totally stressed

out, we all know the feels.

Dark eye bags are thanks to tiny broken

capillaries, which can show through as dark

patches. There are a variety of factors that

can make them appear more prominent, so

taking a holistic approach will make them a

thing of the past.

While lack of sleep could be the culprit to

those dark circles, feeling stressed out, having

allergies or irritation from rubbing your eyes

could also be a factor.

Banish dark circles by making sure you get

enough sleep, don’t rub your eyes (the under-eye

is so delicate) and remember to wear sunglasses

for UVA/UVB protection.

Also, make sure you are getting enough iron

(red meat, leafy greens, nuts and seeds). If you

have low iron in your blood, haemoglobin

(which carries oxygen) can break down more

easily, causing the thin skin below the eyes to

appear dark or bruised.

Lastly, try and lower those stress levels! When

you’re stressed, more blood is directed to your

main organs, leaving you with a drained and

discoloured appearance. This also makes dark

circles more noticeable. What’s more is that

stress can cause the fragile capillaries around the

eyes to break or leak blood, resulting in that dark

purple tinge.




1. Medik8 Dark Circles, $89

2. Dr. LeWinn’s Instant Beauty

Radiance Booster, $49.95

3. Sisley Paris Botanical D-Tox, $270

4. Mesoesetetic Anti-Stress Face Mask, $98

5. Benefit The Porefessional Primer, $53

6. Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask, $55

7. Société Clinical Skincare Rejuvenating Peptide

Gel Mask, $130



You’ve got an event on and you only want to take

one bag, not three. We need those dark circles to

get packing straight away, so here’s what to do:

Apply haemorrhoid cream under your eyes. Why?

The primary ingredient used in haemorrhoid

treatment cream is phenylephrine, which acts to

restrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. A peasized

amount is all you need! Gently apply it with

your fingertip.




You wake up and you have alligator-like skin and

you don’t know what the heck you’ve done wrong.

You haven’t changed your skin routine, didn’t

eat anything weird, it hasn’t changed seasons

overnight… so what gives?.

Skin that is lacking moisture usually appears dull

and dehydrated – and scaly, fl aky skin can be really

hard to cover up. It can feel tight, rough and scaly.

Luckily there are some super-simple ways to keep your

complexion hydrated from the inside out so you can

wake up with healthy, naturally glowing skin every

day. Take that, dryness!

For starters, slabbing a tub of cream all over your

face ain’t gonna help. What your skin needs are

water-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid that

ensure water is kept in your skin for longer. This

skin-loving ingredient is a sure way to provide intense

all-day hydration.

When your skin is screaming for moisture, try a

hydrating mask on top of your serum, which will

create a barrier and force the moisturising ingredients

in your serum to penetrate the skin.

Exfoliation is also a key step in making sure

your skin absorbs all the hydrators you’re applying.

Exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells from the

top layer of the skin and ensure the ingredients can

get to work and do their job.

And lastly, make sure you get into that H 2

O like it’s

nobody’s business. The recommended eight glasses of

water will help keep your skin healthy and plump.


Napoleon Perdis Collagen Hydrogel Face Mask, $15

Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin Moisture Solution – Intense

Rehydration Compound, $66

Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel, $45


Need a quick fix for dry, flaky skin? Splash some warm water on

your face and gently exfoliate for about a minute. DIY exfoliator by

combining raw honey with Greek yoghurt, and add a few teaspoons

of chia seas (depending on how much exfoliation you need).

If you have a little bit of time on your hands, go for an all-over raw

honey mask for 10 minutes. Hellooo, gorgeous! 47

F eature


behind the most popular



New data fresh from the US reveals record numbers in

aesthetic procedures, plus some surprising new entries.

Words by Erin Docherty

Cosmetic surgery continues

its to be a booming business,

with recent statistics from

the US showing that Americans

spend more than US$15 billion on

aesthetic procedures.

This is the largest amount spent on

cosmetic surgery since the American

Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

(ASAPS) began its Cosmetic Surgery

National Data Bank in 1997.

Although there is no definitive

data about cosmetic surgery data

in Australia, we typically follow

American statistics to provide an

insight into emerging and changing

trends on our own shores.

According to the latest 2016

statistics from the US, surgical

procedures account for 56% and

non-surgical for 44%.

Of note is the surge in fat transfer

to the breast (up 41% since 2015),

labiaplasty (up 23%), buttock lifts

(up 21%), fat transfer to the face

(up 17%) and breast implant removal

(up 13%).

most popular

surgical procedures

Liposuction remains the most

popular surgical procedure for the

fourth year running. According to

Dr John Flynn from Cosmedic &

Skin Clinic in Southport, QLD,

there are a number of reasons

contributing to the procedure’s

popularity. “Liposuction techniques

have significantly advanced over the

past several years, thus minimising

potential risks and problems,” he

says. “I believe doctors performing

liposuction are also better trained and

therefore yielding better results.”

Despite its stronghold at the top,

Dr Flynn cautions that prospective

patients should view liposuction

as more of a contouring procedure,

rather than a weight loss alternative.


Feature 49

F eature

Breast augmentation remained

somewhat steady, coming in as the

second-most popular procedure with

a marginal increase of 1.5% compared

with last year’s figures. “In terms of

breast augmentation, what we have

noticed is a change in size. Patients

are now happy to choose smaller sized

implants. The days of big, oversized

breast implants are very much

behind us,” says Dr Flynn.

The number of women who no

longer want their implants and

choose to have them surgically

removed has increased by 13.4%,

while breast lifts have risen by 8.4%.

“Removal of breast implants for

this reason has not been common

in my practice. It is valuable to

consider that it is common for older

patients to require a breast lift down

the line. So for those older patients

who have had breast implants

in the past, a higher proportion

of breast lifts are performed in

combination with implant removal.

Of course, breast removal and

replacement is a common procedure

for complications,” says Dr Flynn.

most popular nonsurgical


Non-surgical procedures saw

the most significant increases in

photorejuvenation skin treatments

(up 36% on last year), non-surgical

skin tightening (up 12%) and

botulinum toxin injections (up 8%).

Botulinum toxin injections

surpassed the 4.5 million mark for

the number of procedures performed.

Together with dermal fillers, the two

procedures have maintained the #1

and #2 spots for most popular nonsurgical

procedures for eight years

running. Overall, injectables saw a

10% increase in 2016.

Photorejuvenation wiped

microdermabrasion off the list of top

5 non-surgical procedures, and laser/

IPL hair reduction decreased by 8.9%.

“Pigmentation and sun-damaged

skin are common skin concerns,

particularly in a climate like

Australia’s, and a non-surgical

approach to improving the tone,

texture and appearance of the skin

is certainly a growing trend here as

well,” says Dr Flynn.

As cosmetic

procedures have

become increasingly

finessed, PAtients

are presented with

more personalised

options. in other

words, there’s

something for


These less drastic procedures

promise shorter recovery times and

fewer risks, however Dr Flynn stresses

that patients must have realistic

expectations of results.

“Non-invasive procedures can’t

achieve the same results as invasive

procedures such as a facelift. While

the complexity and downtime are

reduced, so too does the end result

and longevity of the result.”

What do these stats

mean for us?

So, why the continual rise in

cosmetic procedures? And how do

these stats compare to Australia?

The numbers have been steadily

increasing year-over-year for a

variety of reasons. People now want

to remain competitive in a youthcentric

workforce and younger

generations are recognising the value

in preventative anti-ageing care.

Dr Flynn says, “Australia has a

healthy economy and an overall

reasonable disposable income.

For the younger age group, social

media is a prominent influencer. Lip

fillers, breast implant surgery and

liposculpting are popular among this


“For the most part, however, it’s

the older age group who have the

disposable income to invest in

enhancing themselves. One of most

commonly performed procedures in

my practice is blepharoplasty of

the lower and upper eyelids.

Excess skin obstructing the eye

or overhanging/hooding eyelids

goes hand in hand with the ageing

process and sun exposure.”

As cosmetic procedures have

become increasingly advanced

and finessed, prospective

patients are presented with more

personalised options in both the

surgical and non-surgical categories.

In other words, there’s something

for everyone.

“Something that drives this is

awareness that cosmetic procedures

can be performed with less downtime,

less risk and with natural-looking

outcomes,” says Dr Flynn.

Whether it’s with a needle, knife

or energy-based device, the prognosis

of cosmetic enhancement looks

decidedly healthy. CBM




Dr John Flynn

Cosmedic & Skin Clinic, Southport, Qld

Ph 1300 88 13 88







weight loss

Some serious advancements in technology now offer

permanent fat reduction with no downtime or surgery.

It can be challenging to pound

the pavement or hit the gym

when the mercury drops and

mugs of hot chocolate and plates

of pasta beckon. To help your

weight stay on track this winter,

and to give sensible eating

and regular exercise a little

helping hand, you may be

interested in the non-sweat

way to trim down.

Living in the 21st century

is a wonderful thing –

there’s the internet, pretty

much everything Apple

and The Bachelor, to name

but a few highlights. And

now there’s non-surgical

permanent fat reduction.

Over the past couple of

decades liposuction surgery

has risen to become the

most popular cosmetic

procedure. But not

everyone needs or is

willing to undergo surgery

to remove excess fat and

reshape the body.

Some serious

advancements in the field

of fat reduction now offer

non-surgical procedures

that can achieve noticeable

results with no downtime,

no surgery and minimal (if

any) discomfort.

This type of procedure doesn’t

require any anaesthesia and is

performed in your doctor’s clinic.

There is normally zero downtime,

only some mild discomfort and

results are permanent if you

maintain your weight.

Best candidates are people with

small to localised fat deposits

(think muffin top or some extra

belly fat), but not for larger scale

fat reduction.

There are several fat-reduction

devices on the market and all

use some form of energy – be

it radiofrequency, ultrasound,

freezing temperatures or

hyperthermic laser – to target and

destroy selected fat cells while

leaving surrounding tissues and

skin unaffected.

Cooltech (which uses

fat-freezing technology),

SculpSure (using laser

technology to destroy up to 24

percent of fat in the treated

area) and enCurve (a more

gentle, yet just as effective,

way to reduce fat cells using

radiofrequency energy) are

our top picks in this space.

Temporary side effects

may include swelling and

redness immediately after

treatment, which should

subside within a few hours

to a few days. Results can be

seen around four to six weeks

after treatment as the body

naturally metabolises the

destroyed fat.

Generally, a series of

treatments per area achieves

noticeable, measurable results,

although some patients note

a significant circumferential

reduction in the area after the

first treatment.

There’s no doubt that these

no-surgery, no-downtime

body shaping procedures are a

huge leap forward for the industry

and represent the beginning

of a booming new area of body

enhancement. CBM 51


fat &




Stubborn fat that won’t budge?

There’s a solution for that.

From the jelly belly to the muffin

top to the bingo wings, there

are some areas of fat that just

won’t budge – no matter how much

diet and exercise you do.

Now, there’s an easier way to get

rid of fat and re-contour the body,

without the dreaded downtime

associated with surgery. It’s called

enCurve and it permanently kills your

fat, so you can get ready to flaunt a

smoother, sleeker and trimmer body

all year round.

How does it work?

enCurve is a body-sculpting device,

which targets and permanently

kills fat cells using non-contact

radiofrequency (RF) technology.

Using a special frequency

(27.12MHz), enCurve selectively

targets and gently heats fat cells to an

optimal temperature, leading to the

fat cells’ death. The body’s natural

removal process then takes over,

permanently removing the damaged

cells. This process is called natural

apoptosis and it results in a sleeker

body contour in the treatment area.

A 27.12MHz frequency is the

magic number for permanent fat

cell death because it is more highly

absorbed by the fat cell. These cells

are more responsive than the cells in

the epidermis, dermis or muscles and



leaves them unaffected, making this

frequency ideal for body contouring.

enCurve is a highly versatile

treatment that can be tailored to fi t

a variety of body types and contours.

It consists of two different applicators

that can be positioned over the

abdomen and fl anks at the same time,

effectively treating two areas at once.

The breakthrough fat reduction

device also features a unique system

called Personalized Impedance

Synchronization Application

(PISA), whereby every treatment is

completely personalised in order to

deliver the best clinical outcome.


Treatment with enCurve is

generally quite quick and lasts

between 30 to 60 minutes,

involving minimal discomfort and

generally no downtime.

The applicator is positioned over

your abdomen and fl anks at the same

time, and you will feel gentle warmth

as the energy penetrates and it begins

to heat your epidermis and dermis.

Unlike other non-invasive fat

reduction devices, enCurve is never

in direct contact with the skin, so

no heat is transferred directly to

the epidermis.

enCurve has the ability to target

two areas at once. Not only can it

be used on the abdomen and fl anks

but it can also simultaneously target

stubborn fat on the upper arms,

thighs or buttocks.

The treatment is comfortable,

convenient and the majority of

patients report minimal discomfort,

with most only experiencing a

slight warming sensation on

their skin.

After the treatment you may

experience a little redness, however

this usually disappears within

12-24 hours. Apart from this, there is

generally no downtime and enCurve

treatment has minimal side effects,

so you may immediately return to

your daily activities.



The percentage of fat cells reduced

depends on the amount of fat cells

originally present. In terms of

circumferential reduction, it ranges

from 2cm to 18cm, with the average

being 5cm.

The number of sessions required

depends on your individual body

contours and your overall treatment

goals. Generally four to six treatments



Drink plenty of water, at least two

litres a day starting three days

before treatment. Continue this

several days after the treatment

as well, as it assists in helping your

body flush out the fat cells.

are recommended once a week for

best results, however you’ll begin to

see results after the second session.

Your doctor will recommend a

treatment course that is right for

you and will discuss the number

of treatments required to produce

optimal fat blasting results.

While people with a lower BMI

and small pockets of stubborn fat will

still see a reduction after treatment

with enCurve, the most dramatic

results and greatest circumference loss

will be seen in patients with a higher




To find a practitioner in your area head to or call

1800 242 011 for more details. 53












E nhancement

If you have an area of stubborn fat

that won’t budge, or if you want

to get rid of unwanted cellulite,

truSculpt fat and cellulite reduction is

a quick ‘no-fuss’ treatment that could

be the solution for you.

Completely non-invasive, truSculpt

is the latest technology in fat and

cellulite reduction. Distributed in

Australia by Cutera, truSculpt has

recently been approved in the US by

the FDA for permanent fat reduction.

“When I was first introduced to the

truSculpt device I was really hesitant

to give it a go. There are so many fat

removal devices on the market and

the before and after pictures I had

seen for truSculpt seemed far too good

to be true,” says Practice Manager

Samantha Reeve from SKIIN in

Melbourne. “I decided that the

only way I was going to comfortably

recommend these treatments to my

patients was if I could trust that the

treatments work, so I decided to

treat an area of my own stubborn fat.

Let’s just say I have performed a lot

of treatments for many happy clients

since my truSculpt trial!”



truSculpt effectively reduces stubborn

deposits of fat located anywhere

on the body and multiple areas

can be treated in a single session.

It is completely versatile and can

be tailored to meet the needs of

individual concerns.

“truSculpt is ideal for the treatment

of small, stubborn pockets of fat –

especially those that tend to remain,

even with strict diet and exercise.

Saddlebags, love handles, tummies

and thigh gaps are just a few examples

of areas that we have successfully

treated with truSculpt,” says Reeve.

truSculpt is a simple and

comfortable way to deeply heat tissue

and melt fat. It is an energy-based

device that uses radio frequency (RF),

which is transmitted through the

skin’s surface to selectively target and

kill stubborn fat cells. This reduces

bulging fat pockets and results in

slimmer, tighter skin.

Once these fat cells die, they will

not grow back. They will be naturally

metabolised and excreted by the body.

“The main point of difference is

in the adjunctive skin tightening

and almost completely discomfortfree

treatments. It is also able to be

used on all skin types, light or dark,”

explains Reeves.

In a study in Lasers in Surgery and

Medicine by Sugawara et al, it was

found that truSculpt was effective in

fat reduction and tightening of the

lower face without complications,

discomfort or downtime, with

patients experiencing an obvious

difference after weekly treatments

over the course of five weeks.

The results were still maintained

two months after the treatments

and it was noted that patients were

highly satisfied with the fat reduction

and tightening effect.



truSculpt is an incredibly simple

procedure that involves very minimal

discomfort or risks. Once the area

has been cleansed and the applicator

pad has been attached to your

treatment area, the handpiece is

held in contact with your skin for

four-minute pulse durations. The

total procedure generally involves

the application of 16 pulses that can

cover one of two areas and the entire

treatment will last about one hour.

“I generally treat one to two areas

at a time. Although there is no real

limit to the amount of areas that can

be treated in one sitting,” says Reeve.

truSculpt is a comfortable

procedure and does not require any

anaesthetics or gel. Unlike some

other systems, with truSculpt there is

no pinching, no hot spots and no risk

of under treated/untreated areas.

You will usually experience a

gentle warming sensation on the

treatment site (the fat needs to be

heated to 46 degrees). However

this will only last for each pulse

duration (4 minutes) before the

handpiece is moved to another

treatment area. What’s more,

the temperature can be adjusted

depending on your comfort level.

“Other than the skin being

slightly pink post procedure, there

is no downtime with truSculpt

treatments,” says Reeves.


Visible results can usually be seen in

as little as four weeks, with maximum

results taking up to 12 weeks.

The number of treatments varies

depending on the areas you wish

to have treated and your desired

results. “For best results, I normally

recommend between two and four

treatments spaced four to six weeks

apart,” says Reeves.

“My typical patients are healthy

individuals who have stubborn

pockets of fat remaining in areas

despite their best efforts with diet

and exercise. I also commonly see

post-partum women who still have a

small amount of persistent tummy fat

and loose skin post pregnancy,” she

explains. “It’s really important that

patients have a normal BMI in order

to achieve the best possible results

from this treatment, as this device is

not designed for weight loss.” CBM



To find a practitioner in your area,

head to























9 771833 383011

ISSN 1834-383X


the NON


game changers


Cover_76_final.indd 2

3/05/2017 9:32 am

Bella Media launches CosBeauty

Australia’s dedicated glossy to all things beauty.

Face any camera with confidence. Before your next

close-up, boost your skin’s appearance with Laser Genesis.

Laser Genesis delivers micro-pulses of laser energy to

improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and

diminish the signs of aging such as facial redness and brown

spots. The result is a glowing, #cameraready complexion.





1800 288 372 •

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth McRae, M.D., F.A.C.P.

©2015. Cutera, Inc. All rights reserved.




From turning back the

clock on ageing to

helping with sexual

dysfunction, Regen PRP is

a treatment with virtually

endless possibilities.

Words by erin docherty




a tion 55


are you after a fresher, more youthful complexion? Less lines

and wrinkles? Or perhaps you just want to improve the

quality and texture of your skin? Platelet-rich plasma

(PRP) by RegenLab provides the complete package.

The biostimulating treatment also extends well

beyond skin rejuvenation. The tissue-repairing effects

and the growth factors released by PRP regenerate

tissue like no other. It has widespread application in

orthopaedics and sports medicine, and now in hair

restoration and gynaecology, among many other

fields. What’s more, a growing body of literature

supports its ability to help tissues heal after

certain types of surgery.

RegenLab are world market leaders for a

reason. Not only was the company the first

to market PRP in Australia but its PRP

therapy is also backed by a series of

clinical data, published in 112

publications, including its effects on

skin tissue for cosmetic use. RegenLab

PRP stands out as the proven system

for optimal results.

So, what

is PRP and

how does

it work?

Never heard of Platelet Rich

Plasma? The term ‘PRP’ is used

to describe blood plasma with a

high concentration of platelets.

Platelets in the blood play a key

role in the body’s natural woundhealing

response. The role of PRP

in skin rejuvenation, either

standalone or in conjunction

with procedures such as laser

and injectables, is gaining a loyal

following for its ability to rejuvenate

and smooth the skin (it’s a big hit

with the celebs – just Google it!)

As we age, we lose collagen and

elastin in our skin. While there is

a range of treatment modalities out

there, Regen PRP is a little different.

It actively regenerates skin tissue

and texture from the first treatment,

achieving the best outcomes for

repair and regeneration.

Regen PRP treatments work on all

three layers of the skin – epidermal,

dermal and subdermal – so skin

appears fresher and younger with

improved quality and texture.

Clinical studies have shown

significant improvement in skin

sagging/firmness, as well as a

plumpness and radiance to the skin.



Regen PRP can work in several

ways, depending on the application

and the target area. Dr Ksenija Šelih

Martinec is a gynaecologist from

Slovenia and renowned international

speaker. She recently presented at

the 15th Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing

Medicine World Congress (AMWC)

in Monaco, where aesthetic

professionals from around the world

discussed the use of PRP for skin

rejuvenation, vaginal dryness and

erectile dysfunction.

“I have been using RegenLab PRP

for about seven years in the field of

aesthetic medicine. With RegenLab

kits, we produce high quality PRP.

There are no foreign materials used

and we don’t see any negative side

effects – we essentially just help the

body to regenerate,” explains Dr

Martinec. “About four years ago I also

started to use PRP in gynaecology and

patients have been very impressed

with the results.”

The use of PRP in gynaecology is

a new indication and Dr Martinec

is one of its pioneers. The main

indications for PRP in gynaecology

range from improvement in female

sexual dysfunction, stress urinary

incontinence and vaginal dryness to

providing post-partum rehabilitation

and rejuvenation of the labia.

“These indications are very

common and can significantly affect

a women’s life, lower her selfesteem

and negatively influence her

femininity. Until now, we did not

have any adequate treatments for

these types of concerns.”

“With RegenLab PRP we try to

prolong quality of life in one of the

most important aspects of a woman’s

life – her intimacy. The pelvic part of

the female body is the most delicate,

and is affected by ageing, hormonal

Childbirth and menopause can

result in stress urinary incontinence,

sexual dysfunction and vaginal

dryness. Helping women to treat

these problems can really change

their lives

changes and trauma. There are

periods in a woman’s life such as

childbirth and menopause that

greatly affects muscles, connective

tissue and nerves. This can result

in problems such as stress urinary

incontinence, sexual dysfunction

and vaginal dryness. Helping women

to treat these problems can really

change their lives.”

“I have had great feedback and

find that my patients are very happy

after their PRP treatment.

Improvement is usually noticed

in about three weeks, with a series

of two to three treatments generally

required for optimal results

(depending on the case). The

results usually last around 18 months,

after which a maintenance treatment

can be performed.


does PRP



A PRP treatment usually takes

around 40 minutes in total. First up,

the practitioner will harvest your

own blood growth factors (which

your body uses to heal damaged tissue).

Two small vials of your

blood are taken and placed in the

specialised Regen PRP machine

that separates the platelets from

the blood. This is then put in a

syringe and re-injected into the

target areas in small amounts using

a very thin needle.

The whole process involves

minimal discomfort. Any swelling

or bruising after the procedure will

usually disappear overnight. For skin

treatments, any bruising disappears

after a few days.

“Regenerative medicine is a new

way of thinking. Trying to help

the body to heal itself is a very

exciting process and I feel like I

am doing something really good

for my patients,” concludes Dr

Martinec. CBM



To find a practitioner in your area,

visit 57



Can’t get no

satisfaction? We

talk orgasms and

sexual health with


Dr Oseka Onuma.

Words by Erin Docherty

Orgasms are as much a part of women’s health

as daily vitamins, and with nearly half the

female population experiencing some sort of

problem with their sex life, it’s time to get to know what’s

happening under the covers.

It’s widely accepted these days for a woman to have antiwrinkle

injections to erase wrinkles, or surgery to refine her

nose or enlarge her breasts. Likewise, more women than

ever are concerned with the appearance of their genitals or

lack of sexual gratification.

Despite this, there continues to be a lot of negative

talk in mainstream media about the rising popularity of

the so-called ‘designer vagina’. Indeed, the vast majority

of vaginal rejuvenation patients are motivated by painful

intercourse, discomfort doing everyday activities and

sexual dysfunction.

“Whilst there are significant advances taking place in

the understanding and treatment of female pelvic floor

and sexual dysfunction, discrimination of women, by

both men and women, lay people and medical, remains a

significant issue,” says Adelaide gynaecologist and pelvic

reconstructive surgeon Dr Oseka Onuma. “This continues

to surprise me every working day when I listen to patients

and medical colleagues, but I cannot understand why

changes in attitude are so slow.”






Orgasms can relieve pain

Up to 30% of women have trouble

reaching orgasm

Condom use doesn’t affect

orgasm quality

Orgasm gets better with age

A woman’s sexual self-esteem

can affect the quality of

her orgasms

There is such thing as an orgasm

“gap” – women orgasm less

than men (sometimes it happens,

sometimes it doesn’t!)

In rare cases, orgasm can happen

without genital stimulation

For most women, it takes at least 20

minutes of sexual activity to climax

Am I normal?

If you’ve ever had trouble climaxing, you’re not alone.

It’s been reported that a whopping 43% of women have

some sort of problem with their sex lives. Female sexual

dysfunction (anything that interferes with a woman’s

sexual satisfaction) is so common that the very idea that it

is a medical disorder has come under attack.

Many women never have orgasms during intercourse

and some also cannot have them through masturbation.

“Women, much more than men, are answerable to their

hormonal, emotional and social circumstances in the

achievement of orgasm. That means that for many women

to achieve orgasm, their hormonal and emotional health

must be optimal, their social circumstance allows them to

be relaxed and there needs to be appropriate stimulation of

the organ(s) that facilitate orgasm,” says Dr Onuma.

“Women can enhance their orgasms by making sure that

they are healthy, physically fit, emotionally well-balanced

with a hormonal status that is in equilibrium. They also

need the right social circumstances when attempting to

achieve orgasm with or without a partner.”

However, Dr Onuma says that some women will

never be able to achieve orgasm even if all the parameters

above appear to be ‘normal’ and optimised. There is no

clear reason.

“Anorgasmia is the medical term used to describe this and

it is defined as a psychiatric disorder. Unfortunately, there is

no psychiatric treatment that appears to consistently benefit

women in this group, although some women may respond to

psychological counselling,” says Dr Onuma.

“It may be that these women simply represent a group

of ‘normal’ women. Within this group, there will be some

who obtain no pleasure at all through sexual activity and

those who do achieve great pleasure without achieving

orgasm. Should these women really be considered to be

‘abnormal’? I think not.”

Why can’t I orgasm?

With the effects of childbirth and age, many women can

suffer from problems with their genitalia that can make

them feel very self-conscious and unhappy, often affecting

relationships with sexual partners.

The kinds of problems are as varied as the women who

suffer from them. “Female sexual dysfunction is complex

and can be a result of hormonal, psychological, psychiatric,

physical, neurological, environmental and social causes,”

says Dr Onuma.

“Often, some of these causes co-exist. One factor

can result in another; for example, painful intercourse 59

The Australian Centre for Female

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation


(dyspareunia) may result in a fear of intercourse

resulting in psychological sequelae. Hormonal changes

of menopause can result in loss of libido or physical

alterations that can result in difficult or painful

intercourse,” he says.

Other causes can relate to scar tissue or tears at the

entrance of the vagina, prolapse of the walls of the vagina,

prolapse of the uterus, endometriosis or elongated labia

minora tissues (which can cause irritation and discomfort).

In addition, loose or weak vaginal muscles, mainly caused

through the muscles stretching during childbirth, can

cause problems for some women and their sexual partners

during intercourse.

Another problem may be female stress urinary

incontinence, caused predominantly by an improperly

functioning urethra.

But for many women with sexual dysfunction, the issue

is psychological, not physical. Although we all know

there is no ‘perfect’ way for a vagina to look, being shy or

embarrassed by your genital appearance can often result

in the avoidance of intimacy or lack of orgasm. “Most

commonly this is the woman’s own perception resulting

from a perceived change or long-standing issue. Much less

commonly, this results from adverse comments from an

intimate partner,” says Dr Onuma.

Empowering women through

knowlege, choice and access to

world class care

Dr Oseka



Gynaecologist & Pelvic

Reconstructive Surgeon

BSc. (Hons), MJur., CCST,




4 Robe Terrace, Medindie SA 5081

08 8344 6085

Facsimile 08 8344 6087


What are the options?

Because female sexual dysfunction has many possible

symptoms and causes, treatment varies. It’s important for

women to communicate their concerns and understand

their body and its normal sexual response. Also, a woman’s

goals for her sex life are important in determining

treatment and evaluating progress.

“Surgery for female sexual dysfunction should only be

contemplated when a physical cause for that dysfunction

has been clearly identified,” stresses Dr Onuma.

There is a range of surgical and non-surgical options

available that can address and hopefully resolve these

problems. For example both surgical or laser reduction

labioplasty can sculpt the elongated or unequal labial

minora as desired. The vulvar structures (including

the labia minora, labia majora, mons pubis, perineum,

entrance to the vagina and hymen) can be surgically

enhanced, both functionally and aesthetically.

Non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation can effectively

enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength and control. For

example a non-surgical treatment can be used to treat

prolapse and/or relaxation of the vaginal walls, which

results in dyspareunia or reduced sensation.

“Female sexual dysfunction is complex and does not

always imply abnormality. Affected women should seek

help – women should never accept that it’s “just part of

being a woman”,’ Dr Onuma concludes. CBM

The instant

eyelid lift


America is

now available

in Australia

• Dermatologist Tested • Medical Grade • Hypoallergenic • Latex Free

LIDS BY DESIGN ® is a non-surgical

correcting strip, available in different sizes,

to instantly lift eyelids and widen eyes, hiding

the excess skin in the natural fold of the lid.

Virtually invisible, quick and easy to apply, they

last all day and makeup can be applied over

the top. They are ideal for:

• Loose sagging skin hanging over lashes

• Asymmetrical lids

• Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid

• Enlarging the appearance of the eyes



To purchase or to become a stockist:


Distributed by

email or call

02 9398 2755 AESTHETICS


your skin






There’s a lot of buzz

around regenerative

medicine these

days, and for good

reason. Regenerative

medicine is

becoming the new

way to improve

the look of your skin by using your

own blood. Platelet Rich Plasma

(PRP) is one such procedure and

is becoming increasingly sought

after due to its plumping and agedefying


EmCyte Pure PRP is one of the

key players in PRP systems, using

your own cells to improve skin

texture, clarity, lines and wrinkles.

It provides a ‘natural’ alternative to

anti-ageing and has become a huge

hit for those wanting to improve their

appearance without looking done.

“This gradual method gives the

patient a more natural approach to

rejuvenation, allowing them to

look refreshed naturally, not

artifi cially,” says cosmetic doctor

Dr Abbas Al-Taiff from Westmead

Aesthetic Palace in Sydney.

If you’re looking for a minimalfuss

minimal-downtime rejuvenation

treatment with exceptional results,

EmCyte PRP could be for you.



PRP is all about stimulating tissue

regeneration that exists within the skin

and concentrating the elements of your

blood that will trigger this regeneration.

“It’s important to understand that

PRP is not a muscle relaxant to help

minimise the appearance of wrinkles,

nor a fi lling substance to add volume

to the tissues,” explains Dr Al-Taiff.

“Rather, it is an autologous treatment

that uses your own blood plasma to

improve the appearance of ageing.”

First, the practitioner will take a

sample of your blood before it is

placed in a centrifuge which separates

different components in the blood.

What’s left is high-quality platelet

rich plasma, monocytes (a type of

white blood cell) and other powerful

regenerative nutrients. “This PRP

will be re-injected into the tissue

area of concern and acts gradually to

regenerate it from within,” he says.

“The EmCyte system’s results and

the success rate are highly remarkable



in regeneration and rejuvenation of

the target tissues. Platelets, when

activated, release multiple growth

factors and cytokines, which play a

major role in tissue regeneration.”

After an EmCyte PRP skin

rejuvenation treatment, you’ll begin

to see a noticeable difference in your

skin texture and tone within about

three weeks, which gradually keeps

improving. Skin regains its clarity,

with a reduction in fine lines and

wrinkles and an overall younger and

healthier appearance. Results usually

last for about 12 months.

The treatment involves minimal

downtime, although some temporary

bruising at injection sites is normal.

In general, Dr Al-Taiff recommends

three sessions with six monthly

maintenance sessions.

He stresses that research and

education into the type of PRP

treatment you are going to receive is

critical to obtaining optimal results:

“Ensure your doctor is appropriately

skilled and experienced in the

procedure and that they are using

a reputable PRP system, such as

EmCyte PRP. I have been performing

PRP therapy for a long time now, and

I have found EmCyte delivers more

successful fi nal results.”

While no two procedures are the

same, Dr Al-Taiff emphasises that to

obtain the best results in any cosmetic

treatment, multiple factors come into

play. “The outcome of PRP depends

on the expertise of your practitioner,

the PRP system used to separate the

PRP, the platelets count and your

individual health. Accordingly, the

results are variable in timeframe and

degree of improvement.”

improve the appearance of stretch

marks and scarring. It is also used for a

wide range of various other modalities

including hair restoration, vaginal

rejuvenation and the targeting of

infl ammation from sporting injuries.

Dr Abbas Al-Taiff is a pioneer in the

use of PRP to treat different skin, hair

and sexual health problems. He was the

fi rst Australian doctor to use PRP to

manage alopecia Totalis (full hair loss

of the scalp), and he has many years

experience using PRP to treat thinning

hair in both men and women.

He is the creator of the PRP treatment

protocols ‘Virgin Me’ vulvo-vaginal

rejuvenation and ‘Erect Me’ erectile

dysfunction, and has developed his own

proprietary scoring system for measuring

improvements from PRP. CBM



To find an EmCyte PRP

practitioner in your area, visit


Dr Abbas Al-Taiff

Westmead 02 9687 Skin & 3666 Hair Clinic

12 Caroline Street Westmead NSW 2145

Ph: (02) 96873666

Fax: (02) 96873688

AFTER EmCyte PRP treatment by Dr Al-Taiff



Platelets heal wounds on many parts

of the body so EmCyte PRP can be

used in many ways. In addition to

treating wrinkles and skin laxity in

the face, neck, décolletage, back

of hands and under the eyes, it can


AFTER EmCyte PRP treatment by Dr Al-Taiff 63

Hair removal





Motus AX is a breakthrough

new laser treatment

revolutionising hair removal.

words by erin docherty

Finally, there’s an Alexandrite laser hair removal

system for all skin types: the Motus AX. This is

a huge point of difference in the permanent hair

reduction world. Alexandrite laser is widely regarded

as the gold standard wavelength for laser hair removal

because of how well it is absorbed by melanin in the

hair, but in the past treating darker skin types has

meant increased risk of damage to the skin.

Developed by DEKA and distributed in Australia

by High Tech Laser, the new Motus AX Alexandrite

laser system is built on four fundamental concepts:

effectiveness, speed, safety and simplicity.

We take a closer look into the buzz behind this

stellar new treatment promising fewer and faster

treatments with unparalleled results.


Spotlight on Motus AX

If you’re sick of shaving your legs

every morning only to find you

have to do it all again the next day,

or have previously tried permanent

hair reduction with limited results,

the Motus AX laser might be just

the ticket for you.

Motus AX is developed with the

unique Moveo technology to deliver

highly effective and comfortable hair

removal without requiring the use of

cryogen cooling gas, which is known

to be environmentally unfriendly.

It uses one wavelength (755nm) to

target, heat and damage the stem cell

that produces the hair in the hair

follicle. This wavelength is the most

effective at treating both fine and

light hair, as well as darker hair.

Unlike other hair removal

systems, Motus AX has the unique

ability to deliver a greater amount

of energy to the hair follicle, using

a handpiece that is constantly in

contact with the skin.

So, what does this mean? Well,

with other Alexandrite lasers you get

a very large loss of energy through

reflection, which can result in the

loss of more than 30% of the laser

energy. This means these lasers need

to use higher energy pulses, and

thus higher pain, to achieve the

result. What Motus AX has done is

pretty much eliminate that loss of

energy, increasing energy absorption

up to 40% compared with different

Alexandrite lasers. Motus AX can

use less energy in the laser pulse but

have more treatment effect on the

hair follicle.

The laser also uses an innovative

constant movement technique with

lots of small laser pulses fired over an

area of the skin for a set time. The

repeated passes of the handpiece over

small areas cause gradual accumulation

of heat in the hair, until it reaches

the threshold for hair removal in a

way that is totally comfortable with

It delivers



and quick hair

removal for all

skin types and

hair colours

minimal risk of side effects like

skin burning or discolouring.

Motus AX has evolved laser

hair removal technology in the

sense that it delivers an effective,

comfortable and quick hair removal

treatment for all skin types, right

up to skin type six.

Motus AX has a range of innovative

handpieces, making it easy to tailor

individualised treatments to all parts

of the body, on all hair colours and all

skin types.

What does the

procedure involve?

First, the practitioner applies a gel to

the treatment area, before placing the

handpiece on your skin, using simple

circular or linear movements across

the targeted area.

The sensation is typically no more

than a prickle in the skin, so you

no longer have to worry about that

‘flick of the rubber band’ sensation.

It’s quick (it can treat 10cm2 area

in approximately 25 seconds!) and

you will probably undergo fewer

treatments for the whole course of

the hair removal treatment. Win!

There is generally no downtime

and results are long lasting. Even after

just the first treatment the difference

starts to become clearly visible.

So, if you’ve previously been a poor

candidate for laser hair reduction or

have been put off by the associated

discomfort, the Motus AX offers a

breakthrough solution. cbm


facts about

body hair

Hair can grow anywhere

on your body except the

palms, soles of your feet and

mucous membranes such as

eyelids and lips.

With the exception of bone

marrow, your hair is the fastest

growing tissue on your body.

On average, blonde people have

the most hair follicles.

The purpose of eyebrow hair is

to prevent sweat and oils from

running into your eyes.

Body hair has a lifespan of six

months whereas the hair on your

head has a lifespan of five years.

Body hair has muscle cells in it,

which enables it to stand on end.

The average person sheds about

100-150 hairs per day.

Hypertrichosis is the name for

extremely excessive hair growth

on any part of the body.

Each strand of hair can support

up to 100 grams in weight.



To find a Motus AX

treatment in your area,

visit 65




only a



Learn which vitamins and

minerals you need for clear skin,

healthy hair and a radiant attitude.

Words by AimÉe Rodrigues



If you aren’t getting adequate amounts of the all-important vitamins and

minerals in your diet, beauty may very well only be a supplement away. The

question is: With the hundreds of vitamin tablets, capsules, special apothecary

mixtures and herbs lining the shelves of doctors’ clinics, pharmacies and

retailers, how on earth are we meant to know which ones are the best for

beautiful hair, nails and skin?

While many people have been taking vitamin supplements for years to help

maintain a balanced diet, fewer people are aware of the benefi ts vitamins can

provide in the maintenance and improvement of the skin.

Experts have known for some time that vitamins affect the skin. A lack of

vitamins, for example, can make the skin appear lifeless, dry, blotchy or oily.

As a result, skincare companies invest millions of dollars on research and

development to incorporate vitamins into their products.

There are a few no-brainers for more healthy skin when looking into

the vitamins and supplements arena. These include Vitamins A, E and C,

antioxidants, selenium and the B vitamins, especially B3 and B5. If your skin

has a tendency to break out before or after your period, zinc is effective for

wound healing, tissue regeneration and hormone regulation. Vitamin B6 can

also be helpful for balancing hormones.

Essential fatty oils, such as fi sh oil, fl axseed oil, linseed oil and those found in

avocado, nuts and seeds, are also excellent for keeping your skin looking fresh

and radiant. If you don’t eat enough of these foods, supplement your diet with

fi sh-oil capsules.

These oils have anti-infl ammatory properties, which are good for the skin.

Some people think oil will worsen their skin condition, however this is not

the case. These ‘good oils’ have a lot of benefi cial properties, including

regulating the skin’s natural oil barrier (critical in keeping skin clear and

hydrated), as well as having anti-infl ammatory properties for problematic skin.

For stronger nails and hair, look to silica and biotin. It’s widely known for

its ability to improve weak or damaged hair and nails. As an added bonus, silica

is also great for your skin as it helps promote new collagen to form.

While adequate sleep, a balanced diet and nutritional supplements will

greatly benefi t your complexion, just as important is ensuring your topical

skincare is vitamin-enriched. Be sure to look out for the anti-ageing and

skin-regulating essentials: Vitamin A, B, C and E. 67


Vitamins to look for

in your skincare

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is critical in the maintenance of

healthy skin. A serious lack or excess intake of

Vitamin A is likely to result in dry, rough skin.

Synthetic Vitamin A-like compounds, such

as retinol, have been clinically shown to

reduce many visible signs of skin ageing,

especially fine lines and wrinkles. Medical

research has also documented that the use of

retinol on the skin can create new collagen

deposition, greater proliferation of new blood

vessels and capillary formation.

Improvements have also been observed with

regard to skin smoothness, evening of skin tone

and overall skin rejuvenation. Retinol plays a

prominent role in conditioning the skin prior to

many cosmetic procedures such as facial surgery,

CO 2

laser resurfacing and chemical peels.

Retinol has also been proven to be a potent

tool in treating acne by preventing the cells that

line the follicular canal from sticking together

and creating the solid impactions that block

the follicle, thereby addressing the underlying

mechanisms that contribute to acne.

If there’s just one anti-ageing product you

invest in, let it be a Vitamin-A derivative.

Vitamin B

Vitamins B-3 (niacin) and B-5 (pantothenic

acid) have become popular additions to skincare

products because of their ability to assist in

retaining moisture, evening out skin tone and

improving a variety of skin concerns such as

redness, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Vitamin B-3 is a relatively new ingredient

in the skincare market but has demonstrated

great results, offering a milder alternative to acid

exfoliators like glycolic and salicylic acid, which

can be too harsh for certain skin types. Of note,

it helps to inhibit the transfer of pigment to

skin cells and thereby reduce the appearance of

pigmentation and age spots.

B-5 is a more commonly used vitamin in

skincare and is widely recognised for its ability in

maintaining tissue hydration levels and helping

to soothe, heal and regenerate the skin’s barrier.

It’s also good for those with sensitive skin.

Vitamin C

Also known by its chemical name ascorbic

acid, Vitamin C has been doted on by many in

the skincare industry as a miracle cure for fine

lines and wrinkles. And, while this may be a slight

overstatement, there is no doubt that Vitamin C

can benefit the skin topically in a variety of ways.

Firstly, Vitamin C has proven effectiveness

as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are a critical

natural defence against ‘free radicals’, or unstable

molecules that age the skin as a result of pollution,

smoking and sun exposure.

Topical Vitamin C can protect the skin from

UV damage caused by prolonged sun exposure

by reducing the amount of free radical formation.

Despite its ability to help protect against skin

damage and reduce discolouration, Vitamin C

products should still be used in conjunction with,

not in place of, a good sunscreen.

Another benefit of Vitamin C is its ability to

enhance synthesis of collagen and elastin, which

help skin maintain its plumpness and firmness.

Research also suggests that Vitamin C may help to

inhibit facial hair growth, acne and the formation

of melanin build-up (pigmentation), which can

cause dark spots on the skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an oldie but a goodie in skincare. It’s

known for its soothing and moisturising properties

and also anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. It

has antioxidant properties and can help prevent

free radical damage as well as improve skin softness

and smoothness while providing modest photo

(sun) protection.


The benefits



Antioxidant is a word we’ve all become familiar

with in relation to ageing, good nutrition and

longevity. Antioxidants are compounds or

substances that protect the body against an overload

of oxidants, better known as free radicals.

Free radicals form from natural processes within

the body such as oxidation, when oxygen

is metabolised. Other sources such as smoking,

sunlight and pollution also cause the formation

of free radicals.

Free radicals cause damage and destruction to cell

walls and organic structures. An overload of free

radicals has been linked to many degenerative and

age-related illnesses such as heart and liver disease,

deterioration of the eye lens, inflammation of the

joints, damage to nerve cells in the brain and the

formation of cancers. Antioxidants neutralise the

free radicals and, in doing so, protect the body.

Antioxidants exist as vitamins, minerals and

other compounds in foods. Vitamins A, C and E,

and the minerals copper, zinc and selenium are

antioxidants. Good sources found in the food we

eat include a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables,

whole grains, lean meats and dairy products.

Ensuring a daily intake of antioxidants will help

the body to ‘mop up’ or neutralise free radicals,

thus reducing the risk of degenerative diseases, as

well as visual signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles

and loss of skin elasticity.

Antioxidants help keep skin firm by boosting

collagen and protecting elastic tissue from free

radicals. In addition to a balanced diet, it may

also be beneficial to apply skincare containing

antioxidants directly onto the skin. However,

for antioxidants to penetrate into the dermis

they should be delivered in the correct form for

absorption – such as l-ascorbic acid for Vitamin C

and alpha tocopherol for Vitamin E. All products

based on derivatives of vitamins need proper

delivery systems to be effective.

Antioxidants in skincare can certainly help

improve the form and function of your skin, but the

best thing you can do for your complexion is protect

it from the sun at all times. CBM 69



they are

& why

we need

to avoid


The impact of


ingredients on

our health. Words

by Terri Vinson


DipEd.), founder and

cosmetic chemist at

Synergie Skin.

There is mounting concern

over the use of xenoestrogens

in our environment and

the long-term effects on natural

hormone balance.

Xenoestrogens are simply hormone

disruptors. They are foreign

oestrogen ‘mimickers’ that increase

the oestrogen load in our bodies

and can disrupt hormone activity.

Oestrogen is a natural hormone

produced by men and women and

is constantly regulated by the

body, signalling different types

of cells and organs to perform

specific functions.

Studies suggest that xenoestrogens,

or synthetic oestrogens, enter our

bloodstream and cells and ‘fool’

our bodies into accepting the

chemicals as our natural biological

oestrogen. This can potentially

block or bind the natural oestrogen

hormone receptors.

When xenoestrogens enter the

body, they increase the total

amount of circulating oestrogen

resulting in a phenomenon called,

‘oestrogen dominance’.

Medical research has linked

xenoestrogens with a range of serious

human health concerns and can

influence the following functions:

immunity; bone development;

blood clotting; reproduction;

reproductive development in babies

and adolescents of both sexes;

development of organs such as the

uterus and the breasts.

Once they enter the bloodstream,

xenoestrogens are not biodegradable

and are readily stored in our fat cells.

These hormone disruptors can

be found in more than 50,000

commonly used chemicals and

are present in soil, water, air, store

purchased foods, personal care and

household products.



Xenoestrogens in

personal care products


oestrogen is

linked to such

conditions as

Breast, prostate and

testicular cancer


Male and female infertility


Early onset puberty


Compromised neurological



Aggravated menopausal


Paraben preservatives

(Examples include methyl paraben,

ethyl paraben and propylparaben.)

Numerous studies have linked paraben

preservatives to oestrogen-mimicking

activity on living cells. There are now

many more preservative choices available

to formulators who wish to avoid adding

paraben preservatives to their products.


(Examples include dibutyl phthalate,

dimethyl phthalate and diethyl

phthalate.) Phthalates are solvents and

fragrance fixatives to make the scent last

longer. They are also used in hairsprays

to promote flexibility and movement

in hair.

Phthalates are often not listed on

labels as manufacturers are only required

to list: ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’, and not the

individual constituents of a fragrance.

Dibutyl phthalate is currently banned

in the EU. There have been findings

that excess exposure to phthalates during

pregnancy is linked to male infertility and

ADHD in children. Synergie does not use

phthalates or artificial fragrances and is

only formulated with essential oils.

Soy-based products

Soy is an oestrogenic ingredient which

can influence hormonal levels. Whilst

soy is not dangerous to the unborn

child, if you are prone to melasma

(large dark pigmented patches on the

face), soy products (including lecithin

and textured vegetable protein) may

worsen this condition during pregnancy.

Chemical sunscreens

In addition to its effects on humans as

hormone disruptors, the use of chemical

sunscreens (aka ‘organic sunscreens’)

by swimmers on our beaches has been

linked directly with environmental issues

and the sterility and the death of our

beautiful coral reefs.

Whilst any sunscreen is better than

none, opt for natural mineral sun

protection with zinc oxide giving broad

spectrum protection. It is wise to avoid the

following chemical-absorbing sunscreen

ingredients that have xenoestrogen

activity: Oxybenzone; Benzophenone;

Homosalate; 4-methyl-benzylidene

camphor; and Octalmethoxycinnamate.

A recent study looked at a population

of women in Iran. The findings indicate

direct correlation with xenoestrogen

exposure and the incidence of pre and

postmenopausal breast cancer. Results

showed that the onset of breast cancer

in Iranian women tends to be about a

decade earlier compared to Western and

North American societies. It was found

that Iranian women generally have higher

levels of exposure to plastics, petroleum

refining and other environmental

xenoestrogens. Furthermore, the closer

they lived to facilities and refineries that

produced these xenoestrogens, the higher

and earlier the incidence of breast cancer.

The skin is our largest and most highly

absorbent organ. It is highly vulnerable to

the impact of our external environment

and this includes personal care products.

The average woman absorbs over two

kilograms per year of chemicals from

skincare and cosmetic products and many

of these ingredients contain hormone

disruptors that have a questionable impact

on the human body.

This article is not intended to incite

fear and not every individual will be

directly impacted by oestrogen mimickers.

I do believe, however, that long term and

repeated exposure to xenoestrogens should

be avoided and consumers must be aware

of safer options. When given the choice,

I recommend choosing the ‘clean science’

in skincare and avoiding questionable

ingredients such as hormonal disruptors

which may negatively impact our cells,

tissues and organs. CBM 71

Get your

Recently launched in

Australia, the Beauty

Booster treatment is

like a real-life filter,

delivering beautifully

hydrated, luminous

and rejuvenated skin.


glow on!


Struggling with dull, dry skin and

noticing new lines and wrinkles?

Say hello to your new friend, the

Beauty Booster treatment.

The Beauty Booster treatment

involves precise micro-injections of a

hydrator evenly spread over your face.

This hydrator consists of a unique

patented formula of effective natural

components (amino acids, antioxidants,

minerals and vitamins). The unique

combination stimulates ongoing

collagen production, regenerating and

nourishing the skin.

The Beauty Booster treatments

have a plumping effect on the skin,

improving elasticity and hydration,

making the skin noticeably radiant and

glowing. The difference with Beauty

Booster than, say, dermal fillers is that

it is first and foremost a skin treatment,

actually treating the skin in order to

improve its look and feel.

It is a versatile anti-ageing allrounder

that can be used on the

face, lower eyelid, forehead, neck,

décolletage and hands to achieve

firmer, tighter, more hydrated skin.

how Beauty

Booster works

Hyaluronic acid molecules play a major

role in repairing skin, giving a smooth

and fresh appearance by preserving its

elasticity, firmness and hydration.

However, with age the quantity of

HA begins to diminish and by the time

you hit 40 to 50, you will already have

lost half of it. The result? Hollowing of

the cheeks, wrinkles and a change in

the shape and contours of your face.

This is where the Beauty Booster

comes in. Designed to replenish dry and

ageing skin, this treatment works to

plump the contours of your face, while

improving crepiness and fine lines.

The patented formula of amino

acids, antioxidants, vitamins and

minerals nourishes and treats the skin,

stimulating the natural production of

more collagen and elastin, essentially

assisting in restructuring the skin.

These ingredients also have the ability

to assist in dermal restructuring,

allowing skin redensification and skin

cell regeneration.

The treatment is quick, precise

and effective, taking around 30

minutes. After just one Beauty Booster

treatment lost hydration and nutrients

to the skin are replenished, resulting in

more youthful, glowing skin and fewer

creases. Three treatments spaced two to

four weeks apart are recommended for

best outcomes.

The results are subtle and natural

looking, with visibly lighter, smoother

and softer skin that appears to glow

from within. Results should remain for

at least 12 months, with some top-up

treatment as required.

You may have bruising and

blotchiness after treatment, which will

usually settle after four days and can

be camouflaged by suitable makeup.

Downtime is reduced after each

subsequent treatment due to the dermis

being repaired.

Beauty Booster re-thinks the treatment

of skin. The superior results makes it

a highly advantageous treatment to

anyone who wants to improve the look

and texture of their skin. CBM



The Beauty Booster treatment

is available in selected clinics.


or call 1800 633 830. 73












Whether it’s French




or haute couture

fashion, you can

never beat quality.

While most of us think nothing of spending

money on a night out or a killer new pair of

heels, our skincare can often take a back seat.

But trust us, quality skincare is one of the best

investments you can make. Where do you start?

L’unico luxury skincare.

L’unico is a powerful new best-in-class

range that delivers what it promises:

noticeably smoother, more hydrated and

more beautiful skin.

Developed by Australian company L’unico

Laboratory, each luxury product has been

individually formulated with concentrated

active ingredients and European and

American engineered peptides to deliver

highly effective, anti-ageing results.





With L’unico, your skincare

investment is worth every cent.

It’s a comprehensive, meticulously

formulated new range that

really works.

L’unico products blend

concentrated ingredients into

powerful biological formulas.

Each product instantly absorbs

into your skin to help protect,

rebuild the skin and address the

signs of skin ageing such as lines,

wrinkles and sagging. They are also

incredibly luxurious to use.

Lunico’s difference is in its unique

ingredients and highly customised

formulations. Users have reported a

noticeable improvement in skin

tone and texture from day one of

use, describing their skin as appearing

more hydrated and luminescent,

with a healthy glow.

L’unico uses nano-sized ingredients

that are handcrafted to allow for

100% penetration and instant

absorption. The range also uses

advanced variations of peptides to

act as a signal to skin cells to make

new collagen, improve wrinkles and

fi rmness and reduce pigmentation.

All products have an aqueous base

with a minimal use of 0.1% of natural

oils or plant extract, which allows the

formula to be instantly absorbed into

the deeper layers of the skin.



For enquiries, call 02 8544 8008,

email or





Youth Essence Day Cream

This everyday staple is formulated

to deliver optimal skin moisture

levels, with added benefits of

improved skin tone, elasticity and

density. It also helps mitigate the

damaging effects of UV exposure.

RRP $240 (50ml)

Regenerative Neuropeptide

Night Formula

Containing micro-encapsulated

retinol (Vitamin A), this night

cream helps reverse chronological

skin ageing markers, reducing

expression wrinkles, boosting

keratin, protein and collagen

while helping to minimise photo

damage. RRP $340 (50ml)

High Potency 30%

Vitamin C Serum

A highly stable form of Vitamin

C, this anti-ageing serum

has superior absorption and

skin penetration. It enhances

collagen and elastin synthesis

(both necessary to restore loss

of hydration and density) and

encourages antioxidant activity

to help provide UV protection.

RRP $160 (30ml), $100 (15ml)

Facial Cosmeceutical Cleanser

This gentle cleanser is formulated

with fortifying actives, including

Vitamins A, C and E, to nourish

and rejuvenate the skin while

cleansing. RRP $70 (250ml)

Facial Protective Toner

A non-drying protective toner that

helps restore the skin’s natural pH

balance. It works to reduce pore

size and improve skin firmness and

hydration. RRP $80 (250ml)

Neuropeptide Firming

Eye Therapy

This nourishing eye serum

decreases puffiness around the

eye area while helping to improve

skin elasticity. The innovative

nanosized hydrolysed elastin,

combined with the benefits of

peptides, helps to restore and

correct the delicate skin around

the eyes. RRP $160 (30ml)

Intensive Hydrating Mask

With instant moisturising and

hydrating effects, this mask

provides a radiant glow as

it delivers rich nutrients and

antioxidant protection. It helps

reduce surface imperfections such

as fine lines, enlarged pores and

discolouration, while the emollient

benefits help to increase skin

elasticity. RRP $150 (250g)

Phyto Fruit AHA Micro Peels

This at-home peel, which comes in

levels for fair, olive and dark skin,

uses individual-use pads soaked

in fruit acids to gently exfoliate

the outermost dead layer of the

skin, exposing new skin with fewer

imperfections and diminishing

the look of fine lines. Performed

once a week, this non-irritating

peel treatment is an attractive

alternative to prescription topical

or more aggressive in-clinic skin

procedures. RRP $90 (118ml)

L’unico Essential Beauty Pack

The perfect anti-ageing starter

kit, it contains a full size of each of

L’unico’s four best-selling products

– Youth Essence Day Cream,

Regenerative Neuropeptide Night

Formula, Neuropeptide Firming

Eye Therapy and High Potency

30% Vitamin C Serum. RRP $350 75

S kin



Winter is the season for richer skincare products

that will repair, replenish and rejuvenate dry and

aggravated skin – think of it as comfort food for

your face. Words by Aimee Rodrigues

Despite what our compadres overseas may think,

Australia is a country for all seasons. And my

personal barometer says we most definitely

do have a winter, with frozen toes and soup cravings

indicating the bottom has dropped out of the mercury.

The further evidence lays in my skin, subject to the

parching effects of dry wind and indoor heating that nix

even the best efforts to put my best face forward. Winter

demands a special skincare regimen to combat the cool.



ions 77


Barrier is the word of the season. In healthy

skin the top layer (epidermis) has a seal

around the cells to trap moisture, known

as a barrier function. Dryness, cold and

sensitising products wreak havoc on this

natural function, so you need products

to bolster your skin’s defences. Using or

adding a richer cream or oil into your routine

will help to nourish and nurture your skin

back to health.

6. Skinstitut Repair Balm,

$45. This intense recovery

balm works like a charm on

dry, cracked and extremely

sensitive skin.

7. Synergie Skin Vitamin B

Serum, $110. An essential

serum to rejuvenate and

strengthen skin while

providing hydration and

fading pigmentation.

1. Medik8 Hydr8 Night, $129.

This rich yet fast-absorbing

restorative night moisturiser

contains superior anti-ageing

actives including resveratrol for

cell longevity and renewal.

2. SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid

Restore 2:4:2, $183. Refills cellular

lipids to help support natural skin

repair and nourishment. This antiageing

treatment helps restore

fullness, resurface texture and

promote radiance.

3. Obagi Hydrate Luxe Moisture-

Rich Cream, $79.95. Specifically

formulated for overnight

moisturisation, this intensely

hydrating cream is rich in

peptides to promote skin renewal

and improve skin firmness and

fine lines.

4. asap Soothing Gel, $ 49.

From the first application, skin is

less red, skin temperature and

inflammation is reduced, and

skin becomes stronger and more

resilient to further sensitivity.











8. DNA Renewal Restoring

Mask, $89. Scientifically proven

ingredients to immediately

renew dull lacklustre skin.

DNA Repair Enzymes deeply

penetrate the skin to boost

cellular renewal.

9. Sisley Paris Restorative

Facial Cream, $210. Dubbed

the “emergency skin cream”,

it calms, revitalises and brings

immediate comfort to the

skin. Is touted to increase

skin hydration by 58% just 90

minutes after application and

by 77% after three weeks’ use.

10. L’occitane Shea Butter

Ultra Rich Comforting Cream

(50ml), $56. With a 25%

concentration of shea butter,

this comforting cream restores

moisture to dry skin.

11. L’occitane Shea Butter

Cleansing Oil, $ 31. This

cleansing oil lifts impurities and

removes makeup (including

waterproof), in a silky texture

that contains five percent shea

oil to nourish and hydrate skin.

5. Germaine de Capuccini

Royal Jelly Pro-Resilience Royal

Cream, $85. A comfort cream for

dry and very dry skin, this rescue

remedy for compromised skin

helps to repair damage to the

barrier function.



12. Napoleon Perdis

Anti-Pollution Refining Skin-

Fusion Milk Toning Essence,

$49. Offers protection from

environmental aggressors

and promotes radiance while

refining and toning the skin.




Winter can wreak havoc on your skin’s pH balance so don’t

assume the products that maintained the status quo over the

humid summer will cut the mustard in winter.

Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, blemish-prone or

combination, re-evaluate what you’re working with. Regular

exfoliation, balancing and purifying masks and hydrating

moisturisers are essential.

Get religious with your eye cream at night and lip balm during

the day, and up the ante with daily body hydration. It’s all about

putting back what your skin’s giving out, so replenish supplies!

13. asap Super B Complex,

$95. Combines the highest

percentage of niacinamide on

the market plus cross-linked

hyaluronic acid to rehydrate skin.

14. Scout Cosmetics Nourish

& Hydrate Moisture Defence

Crème, $45. An ultra-nourishing

moisturiser that harnesses the

natural power of white tea and

pomegranate to help stimulate

collagen production.

15. Jurlique Moisture

Replenishing Mask, $80. Using a

combination of precious oils and

natural clay, this creamy mask

moisturises and de-stresses skin.

16. endota spa Intense Moisture

Mask, $40. Hydrating face

treatment that works to prevent

the signs of ageing and replenish

moisture loss. Leave on overnight

for a more intensive treatment.

17. Thalgo Source Marine Ultra

Hydra-Marine Mask, $79. Infused

with hyaluronic acid, this mask

smooths, hydrates and plumps

skin in five minutes.

18. SK-II R.N.A Power Radical

New Age Essence, $180.

Improves skin texture, radiance,

firmness and resilience. A healthy

dose of moisture that leaves skin

silky soft and hydrated.

14. 15. 16.











19. Thalgo Cold Cream Marine

Nutri-Soothing Cream, $64.

Replenishes, soothes and

repairs dry and sensitive skin

for guaranteed comfort for up

to 24 hours.

20. June Jacobs Papaya

Purifying Enzyme Masque, $96.

Clarifying masque containing the

highly effective papaya natural

fruit enzyme, papain. Removes

impurities and improves tone

and elasticity of the skin.

21. Napoleon Perdis

Auto Pilot Overnight Lip Balm,

$29. With beeswax and Vitamin

E, this powerhouse balm

protects and moisturises dry

lips while you sleep.

22. Ella Baché Intensive

Extreme Regeneration Mask,

$78. Hydrate, plump, smooth,

soften and protect the skin with

this antioxidant-infused mask

that gives the appearance of an

instant lift.

23. Trilogy Rosapene Night

Cream, $46.95. Works overnight

with the skin’s own natural

processes of regeneration so

you can wake up with a brighter,

fresher complexion.

24. Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Antioxidant+, $35.95. Combines

the benefits of Trilogy’s awardwinning

Certified Organic

Rosehip Oil with red berry super

antioxidants to deliver intensive

nourishment to skin.

25. Bioeffect Daytime Rich for

Dry Skin, $95. Enriched with

cellular activators to boost

cell renewal for a smoother and

more fortified complexion. 79


Winter is the season for richer beauty products that will protect, calm

and soothe skin as well as protect against the elements – think of it as

comfort food for your face.

Blood and lymph fluid naturally nourish your skin but in cooler

weather blood flows less freely, so give your skin extra protection and

nourishment to repair skin cells and combat ageing effects.

Don’t drop sun protection from your routine and carry a luxurious

hand cream in your handbag. Use regenerating day moisturisers and

night creams, massaging the skin in a light circular motion to improve

circulation and keep the skin’s outer layer active and healthy.

26. Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15

Serum, $45. This corrective

treatment assists with skin

regeneration and renewal and

is infused with copper, minerals,

peptides and antioxidants for

skin support.

27. 28.


27. Paula’s Choice Resist C15

Super Booster, $60. With 15%

stabilised Vitamin C as well

as Vitamin E, ferulic acid and

peptides, it helps to reverse

the visible signs of ageing and

stimulate collagen production.

28. L’unico Laboratory High

Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum,

$100. This serum, containing

an impressive 30% Vitamin C

potency, has superior absorption

and skin penetration to enhance

collagen and elastin synthesis

(both necessary to restore loss

of hydration and density) and

encourage antioxidant activity.

29. Obagi Professional-C Serum

20%, $99.95. This concentrated

Vitamin C serum uses stabilised

L-ascorbic acid that immediately

absorbs into skin to retain

moisture, help minimise the

appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles and to lighten and

brighten the skin.


33. 34.




30. PCA Skin C-Quench Antioxidant

Serum, $110. An exceptional Vitamin

C serum, this hydrates, brightens and

nourishes the skin, as well as binding water

to the skin for all-day comfort.

31. SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, $214. Bestseller

CE Ferulic has won multiple awards

and has an A-List following. Contains 15%

pure L-ascorbic acid, 1% alpha tocopherol

and ferulic acid, a plant-based antioxidant.

32. mesoestetic Stem Cell Active Growth

Factor, $140. A revolutionary cosmetic

treatment designed to help protect

existing skin cells by stimulating the skin’s

natural self-repair processes.

33. Aspect Retinol Brulee, $129. Smooth

the look of fine lines and wrinkles,

pigmented, dull and deflated skin with this

unique, stable formula of Vitamin A.

34. Scout Cosmetics Cell Renewal

Peptide Serum, $50. Select anti-ageing and

antioxidant ingredients designed to renew

your skin and leave it feeling fresher, more

hydrated and revived.






Avoid hot baths and long showers.

They strip essential oils and moisture

from your skin.





35. Jurlique Nutri-Define

Rejuvenating Overnight Cream,

$130. Deeply replenishing blend of

botanical oils and natural liposomal

technology to strengthen and

hydrate skin.

36. Medik8 r-Retinoate, $298.

r-Retinoate is clinically proven to be

more effective than retinol without

the irritation and can be applied

during the day, as well as at night,

without loss of results.

37. Teoxane Cosmeceuticals

Advanced Filler, $130. This is a true

breakthrough in skincare – it uses the

same technology as the company’s

dermal filler range to restructure skin.

38. Dr. LeWinn’s Nourish & Renew

Day Cream Moisturiser, $74.95. Part

of the new-look Private Formula

range, this rich cream is formulated

with Vitamin A, collagen and vitamins

to help combat the signs of ageing

and dehydrated skin.


Avoid products with strong fragrance,

colour, astringents or high alcohol

content which can irritate your skin.


Don’t forget to exfoliate! Skin renews

itself more effectively when it’s free of

dead cells.


Apply a moisturiser straight after a

shower when your skin is still slightly

damp. This traps the water in the

upper layers and reduces dryness

and itching.


Drink eight glasses of water a day and

eat lots of omega 3-rich fish containing

fatty acids, which contribute to a

healthy heart and brain and moist skin. 81











The Teoxane Cosmeceuticals range

is available in selected clinics or

online at

or call 1800 633 830








Prep Cleansing Solution



the new and


skincare line that

is reinventing

the approach

to the daily

treatment of various skin conditions,

including both pre- and posttreatment


While cosmeceuticals aren’t

anything new, the Teoxane difference

is in its brand-new ingredient (more

on that later).

With a host of unique benefi ts, the

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals skincare

range is ideal for use before and after

cosmetic rejuvenation procedures to

help prep, hydrate and protect

skin, and to assist in maintaining

a youthful appearance. The impressive

product line is clinically proven to

help restore volume, hydrate the

skin and reduce the common signs

of ageing.

Offering a high concentration of

active ingredients, it effectively allows

products to penetrate deeper into

the skin, where collagen, elastin and

cellular activity takes place.

This can lead to more noticeable

visible changes to the skin than

conventional cosmetic products

and lead to longer-term benefi ts to

the skin.



The new product line features the same

composition used in the Swiss-based

company’s dermal-fi ller injectables –

so it’s basically like a dermal fi ller in

a bottle. It is formulated with a new

patented ingredient called resilient

hyaluronic acid (RHA), which hydrates

and protects the skin while reducing

the common signs of ageing.

The RHA works to form a moisturerich

protective barrier. The RHA

builds a “mesh” that traps in moisture

and allows active ingredients to

gradually be released. This means

the skin can receive continuous

nourishment, day and night. This

“hydration net” helps skin to function

at optimal levels and promote

re-densifi cation of the skin layers.

As the RHA is gradually absorbed

by the skin, it goes to work alongside

a range of antioxidants, vitamins,

minerals and amino acids to help blur

out the signs of ageing and reduce fi ne

lines and age spots, smooth skin tone

and texture, and enhance volume.

Another key ingredient is NovHyal,

which is formulated to rejuvenate

the skin and improves its ability

to block environmental pollutants

and stresses. NovHyal promotes the

production of the body’s own essential

building blocks of the skin and

support structures.


Regenerative Skin



Ultra Comfort Soothing Balm


Vitamin C Skin Perfector



Anti-Wrinkle Cream for

normal-combination & dry skin



Pro-Structure Complexion

Perfecting Cream


RHA Advanced Eye Contour

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

The results? Beautifully softer,

smoother skin that not only looks

noticeably radiant but also younger

and healthier.

Battered by stress, excess sun

exposure, pollution, smoking,

repeated dieting and hormonal

disorders, our skin can end up

looking exhausted, dull, uneven

and prematurely aged. Teoxane

Cosmeceuticals is a breakthrough

weapon in skincare, boasting a

range of benefi ts in a comprehensive

product line to help reactivate

skin health and perfect the

complexion. CBM 83






Feeling continually

exhausted should not

be accepted as part and

parcel of modern-day living.

Words by Aimée Rodrigues


Feature 85


Eating healthily and still feeling tired?

Getting adequate sleep but can’t

function without your morning coffee

fix or afternoon sugar hit?

Unfortunately it’s a common

problem for many Australians and

additional reliance on caffeine

and sugar is a dangerous blanket

solution which further aggravates the

downward spiral of exhaustion, says

Sydney-based naturopath Victoria O’Sullivan.

“If you eat healthily and feel tired, you may find you suffer

from associated symptoms such as bloating, constipation,

diarrhoea and bad breath. A major cause of these symptoms

is a poorly functioning digestive system. Poor digestion and

absorption of nutrients can leave you lacking energy as your

body becomes deficient in energy-producing B vitamins and

minerals such as magnesium and iron.”

Victoria is passionate about sourcing the root of the problem

of tiredness and treating it accordingly. If there’s a problem

there’s a solution, and the healthiest option involves natural

treatment, she says.



How long has it been since you’ve had a

check-up with your doctor? A standard

blood test may reveal deficiencies in key

vitamins and minerals such as iron and B12.

Symptoms of these include exhaustion,

cold hands and feet, dizziness and shortness

of breath. “These deficiencies can have a

negative spiralling effect: when we are tired

we crave more sugar and don’t feel like

exercising, making us even more tired – and



the pattern continues,” Victoria says.



Often allergies will make you feel tired

without you even knowing it. Allergic

reactions are brought on by a variety of

factors – environmental, food and drink

– but mostly they are brought on by an

overactive immune system. Identify the

triggers of the allergies and limit contact.

Or if you suspect you have an allergy, visit

your doctor or naturopath for testing.





Our digestive system is like an ecosystem; if there is

a build-up of bad micro-organisms we’re unlikely to

be absorbing the full nutrients and energy from our

meals. Some simple ways to restore balance are to

chew food properly to ensure breakdown and

maximum absorption.

Eat foods rich in good bacteria like natural yoghurt,

miso, sauerkraut and kim chee, and take probiotics,

digestive enzyme supplements or apple cider vinegar in

water in the mornings.



When we are dehydrated our blood

becomes sticky and thick, which affects the

transportation of oxygen around our bodies, in

turn impacting the vital oxygen transport to

our brains and affecting our mental alertness.

Sticky blood also puts greater stress on our heart,

making it work harder. We will likely crave

more sugar and stimulants to give us the energy

we lack. We need roughly 0.33ml of water per

1kg of body weight. That’s around 2.15 litres per


day for a 65kg person.



Adrenal exhaustion may occur as a result of

chronic stress. “We often associate stress with

things like loss, moving house and financial

pressure,” says Victoria. “In reality, stress comes

from all areas of our lives. Dragging ourselves

out of bed in the morning and lacking stamina

are classic symptoms of stress, but more subtle

symptoms can include difficulty in completing

tasks and craving sugar or salt.”

The limbic system in our brain is responsible

for telling us if we are we under threat or if

we need a stress response. The good news is

that it can be trained. Often our perception of

events can greatly affect our stress response. By

developing positive attitudes we can go a long

way to reduce stress and gain more energy. 87






Have the lights out by 10pm and

get eight hours of undisturbed sleep.

“Disturbed sleep results in tiredness,

and while we may be able to push

through, the more tired we get the

more we will crave caffeine, starchy

and sugary foods. Unfortunately from

here it is almost inevitable that the

weight will creep on,” Victoria says.





Do you fi nd yourself falling asleep

at your desk in the afternoon or

unable to concentrate? You may have

unstable blood sugar levels. Take a

look at what you’ve eaten during

the morning and chances are you

haven’t had enough to eat or have

relied on too much sugar. Although

sugar can easily satisfy cravings

and re-energise, it diminishes

quickly, leaving you stuck on a

blood-sugar roller coaster.





If you don’t exercise, start. Getting

the blood pumping around the body

will get the oxygen moving. This can

be difficult when we have digestive

issues, but exercise helps digestion,

even if it’s a gentle walk. Our muscles

are packed with mitochondria, which

are the energy powerhouses of our

cells. Building lean muscle will help

with energy production – and will

also keep us younger!




Often we are in a state of stress

without being aware of it.

“Adrenalin, one of our stress

hormones, can put us in a state

of constant hyper-stimulation and

can trigger feelings of anxiety and

panic, making it difficult to maintain

a relaxed composure,” Victoria

says. Calming practices such as

meditation, yoga and breathing

exercises calm the stress response,

in turn helping the flow of energy.




Many of us eat on the go and miss key

vitamins and minerals. Supplements,

in particular B-vitamins and minerals

such as zinc, iron and magnesium, help

to replace the missing nutrients and

sources of energy that many of us lack

in our diets. If you are struggling with

low energy on a daily basis, your body

may be giving you a clue that it’s time

to assess your health and lifestyle. CBM 89




The next big thing is active

wear for your face

Who says you can’t look flawless while

working out? Rock the gym with primers,

waterproof mascara, tinted lip balms, BB

creams and breathable foundations that

don’t come with a side of skin guilt.

The aim of sports-luxe makeup is for it

to look minimal, not mask-like. Start with a

primer to smooth out uneven tone and help

keep sweat and shine at bay. “Not to prime

is a crime, especially when it comes to

sweat-proofing your look,” says Napoleon

Perdis. “Look for primers that mattify the

skin as this means you can avoid a heavy

makeup look with excessive touch ups.”

Keep foundation to a minimum – BB

and CC creams are great at multi-tasking,

combining skincare benefits with a hint of

tint. For the eyes, keep it sweat-resistant.

Smudge-proof gel eyeliners and waterproof

mascaras will have you looking strong and

sexy without the panda eyes.

Who says you don’t have to look prepped

and polished while you workout? CBM

1. MaxFactor False Lash Effect, $24.95.

For full lashes that won’t sweat off, this

waterproof mascara creates a false lash

effect without stickiness or clumping.

2. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream

SPF30, $59. Beauty boosting balm that

combines an HD foundation, anti-ageing

moisturiser and 30+ sunscreen.

1. 2.





3. Revlon Kiss Balm, $8. Hydrating natural fruit

oils in a sheer juicy colour with SPF 20.

4. Lycogel Breathable Camouflage, $98. Ultimate

breathable foundation that can be layered

to camouflage a whole host of skin gripes (it

can even be used on post laser and eczemaand

blemish-prone skin). What’s more, this

foundation is actually good for your skin and

contains a complex of 12 active ingredients that

work together to deliver oxygen, moisture and

nutrients to your skin.



5. asap CC Cream, $55. Combining a moisturiser,

natural mineral tint and SPF15 to instantly even

skin tone and diminish redness without the

heaviness of a traditional foundation.

6. asap Pure Mineral Makeup SPF15, $45. A

buildable natural mineral foundation ideal for

gym or outdoors, this breathable coverage

contains hyaluronic acid microspheres to help

increase hydration and ‘fill in’ fine lines.


7. Physicians Formula BB All-in-1 Beauty

Balm Foundation, $25.95. Super blendable and

lightweight BB and foundation hybrid that will

last well beyond your workout.






8. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Tinted Lip Balm

in Tulip, $29. Moisturises, hydrates and protects

lips while adding a hint of colour and sheen.

9. ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30, $52.

Camouflaging enough to be worn alone, this

is truly a multi-tasking wonder product that

acts as a sunscreen, moisturiser, primer, tinted

foundation and anti-ageing serum.

10. Revlon Photoready BB Cream, $25. This

beauty balm hydrates like a moisturiser, smooths

like a primer, covers like a foundation and blurs

like a concealer. #winning

11. Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner, $26.95.

Restore and revitalise skin and cool down after

an intensive workout.


12. Napoleon Perdis Personal Trainer Serum

Foundation, $69. All the skin benefits of a

skincare serum in a foundation – with buildable

coverage and light-reflecting pigments for an

ultra-natural look.

13. Youngblood CC Perfecting Primer, $54.

Look fine and feel flawless with this peptideenriched

CC cream – lightweight coverage with

a satin-matte finish that stays put. 91





Awaken your mind, enliven your spirit and

release negativity with the graceful and

empowering art of yoga.

Words by Fern Olivia


oga is so much more than a physical practice. The physical poses

serve as a catalyst to clear out the stagnation in our bodies and minds

and enable us to tap into our own inner healers, essentially becoming

an alchemist on our yoga mats.

There is a science behind yoga. Yoga works on the nervous and

glandular systems via various technologies of pranayama (breathwork), asana

(movement), mantra (chanting), mudra (hand placement) and meditation –

with each style of yoga putting different degrees of emphasis on each of

these aspects.

Our culture is shifting. Instead of a boot camp mentality, we are becoming

more interested in becoming introspective and receptive, and becoming

our own warriors rather than marching in a line to the beat of someone

else’s drum.

This change of pace and the demand for inward-looking practices means

that many of us are gravitating towards yoga styles which work on the level of

the mind, not just the physical body.

In some way we are all asleep and need to awaken to our true selves. Yoga can

serve to remove mental and emotional blockages and scrape the subconscious

mind clean, all in the timeframe of a 90-minute class, ultimately bringing us to

a deeper spiritual awareness. 93


Types ofyoga

The modern yoga ‘market’ can be

bewildering at best. Today there is

a vast array of teachings, teachers,

and styles – each entailing a different

experience and benefits.


A style of partner yoga that involves

one person as the base and another

person ‘flying’ in various poses

balanced on the base’s feet. A

challenging physical practice

that blends elements of yoga

and acrobatics.

are usually slower paced and more

accessible to beginners than vinyasa/

flow style classes.


Physically this style of yoga is quite

different to other types. The exercises,

called kriyas, typically involve fast,

repetitive motions sustained for several

minutes, held in particular positions or

angles. Breath of fire (quick, forceful

exhalations through the nose) is done

in many of the poses. Mantra and

chanting is also strongly emphasised.


A physically challenging style of

yoga involving a prescribed sequence

of sun salutations, followed by

standing, balancing, seated, twisting

and reclining poses. More advanced

Ashtanga practices include bandhas

(internal locks) and drishti (focused

gaze). Ashtanga is the precursor for

most vigorous styles of hatha yoga,

including its most commonly taught

derivatives, Power Yoga and Vinyasa.


Headed by controversial Indian

teacher Bikram Choudhury, it involves

a prescribed series of 26 poses, each

practiced twice in a row, in a room

heated to over 100°F (38°C).


The term Hatha Yoga technically

encompasses all of the lineages listed

here. However, when you see a class

labelled Hatha it typically means that

each pose is held for several breaths

versus flowing more quickly from

one pose to the next. Hatha classes


In this style, the poses are all done

lying on the floor in various positions

using lots of bolsters, blankets and

blocks to enable the practitioner to

relax completely and stay in the pose

for several minutes.

Thyroid Yoga

A new style of yoga utilising sequences

and postures targeted at restoring

thyroid function and balancing

hormones. Focusing on energetics –

using conscious self-expression and

intuitive wisdom to heal physical

and emotional blockages, bringing

forth a state of hormonal balance and

sustained wellbeing. Strong influences

from Kundalini yoga, integrative

medicine and holistic nutrition.


One of the most ubiquitous styles of

modern yoga, Vinyasa involves flowing

from one pose to the next with fluidity.

Similar to Ashtanga, only it does not

always involve the same sequence of

poses in each class.


This style is all about letting go,

releasing effort and surrendering

muscular tension. It seeks to deepen

flexibility of the fascia, tendons and

ligaments as opposed to just the

muscles. Most yin poses are performed

lying on the floor. Yin poses are held

for up to 10 minutes each.



Spotlight on Kundalini

My favoured style of yoga to practice, and the one that has

touched me deeply and changed my life in palpable ways, is

Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful practice, brought

to the West and taught by Yogi Bhajan to strengthen the

mind and intuitive capabilities. The word “kundalini” literally

means awareness and manifesting the hidden potential of

that awareness.

In the yogic tradition, kundalini energy is portrayed as a

coiled serpent lying dormant at the base of the spine. To raise

the kundalini, we awaken and enliven this creative energy,

expand our awareness and tap our infinite potential.

Typically, a Kundalini yoga class begins with rapid movements

of cat/cow to warm up the spine and activate the movement of

cerebrospinal fluid, and then breath of fire – rapid breath in and

out of the nose to stimulate the deep release of stagnation and

toxicity in the emotional and physical body. Depending on the

kriya (sequence), you may experience meditations where your

arms are lifted or in a particular mudra (hand placement) for an

extended period of time, or asana such as camel bends, leg lifts

and push-ups, jumping jacks, or shaking and dancing to loosen

anger, doubt and fear.

Kundalini yoga wakes you up, literally. It activates your pineal

gland, our connection to our higher guidance. Through specific

breathing exercises and mantra, you can literally reprogram your

subconscious patterns and replace insecurities and fear with

strength and security.

Kundalini yoga activates and regulates the thyroid, known

as “The Master Gland” and “The Beauty Gland,” the butterflyshaped

gland at the base of the neck. The thyroid regulates

many of your body’s major functions such as metabolism,

hormones and energy levels – and also plays a key role in the

health of your hair, skin, nails and sex drive. CBM

Yoga Master


Fern Olivia is bringing her

renowned teaching of yoga to

Australia this June.

Master Classes

(Open to Public)

Saturday, 17 June 9:30am – 5pm

Sunday, 18 June 9:30am – 5pm

Teacher Training

Friday, 23 June 6pm – 9:30pm

Saturday, 24 June 9:30am – 5pm

Sunday, 25 June 9:30am – 5pm


Loft & Earth

1st Floor, 70 Bronte Road

Bondi Junction, Sydney

Learn more at

About the author

Fern Olivia, thyroid expert and master teacher, trained in Biomedical

Engineering and Integrative Nutrition, is a renowned teacher and

speaker on the power of integrative medicine and intuitive self-healing.

Fern has created Thyroid Yoga ® , a unique method of integrative

medicine and yogic wisdom to provide balance and support to the entire

glandular system. She’s on her way from Los Angeles to Australia this

June for an incredible training experience and public classes open to all. 95


f ly on


travel beautifully with our smart girls’

guide to packing your beauty kit.

Words by AimÉe Rodrigues

While it might be fun and enormously rewarding,

when it comes to the beauty stakes, globetrotting

can be less than flattering. Have you ever arrived

at your destination after a flight and your hair

is either standing on end or stuck to your scalp?

Your eyes look like red bulbs and your skin feels

dryer than the Sahara? Not anymore.

We have sourced the perfect products that

allow you to travel like celebrities and flight attendants, who seem to effortlessly

disembark looking like they just stepped out of a Benefit beauty bar.

In a similar manner to the age-old holiday shoe dilemma, it’s very hard to know

what you’re actually going to use on a trip, be it a weekend away or overseas jaunt.

Ideally, if you’re chasing sunshine and good weather, lots of sun care products and

minimal makeup will suffice, but most of us decide to err on the side of caution

and throw everything into the bag just in case.

When it comes to packing your beauty kit for a trip away, it’s the small things

that count. And by that we mean travel size. CBM


Beauty 97




1. asap Skin Essentials Pack, $135.

This travel pack has it all: cleanser,

exfoliating facial scrub, gentle

cleansing gel, moisturising daily

defence SPF50+, soothing gel,

hydrating lip balm+ SPF15 and a super

soft and durable deluxe facial cloth.

2. Medik8 Ageing Starter Kit, $69.90.

Who says you can’t address the signs

of ageing while on holiday? This starter

kit contains travel-sized gentleCleanse;

Hydr8 B5; CE-Tetra; Hydr8 Day 360 with

SPF15; and Retinol 3TR.

3. Biology Bare Essentials Travel Kit,

$50. Pamper yourself every step of your

journey with this 5-product kit featuring

the essentials for beautiful feeling and

smelling skin and hair.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Quick ‘N’ Easy

Makeup, $100. Dubbed the 5-minute

makeup revolution, this is the ultimate

grab ‘n’ go makeup pack for creating a

smoky Bond-girl eye and pucker-up lips.



5. Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform

Collection, $39.95. This hair and body

pack is your ultimate travel companion.

In a stylish case, hair will be luminous

and resilient no matter where you are.

6. Mesoestetic Hydra-vital Factor

K, $129. Ultra-moisturising complex

based on a mixture of amino acids

and bio-salts particularly indicated to

help return smoothness and elasticity

to dry skin. Keep it handy for a quick

hydration injection for parched skin.









11. June Jacobs Papaya Purifying

Enzyme Masque, $26. Specially

packaged for beauty on the go, these

travel-friendly masks will hydrate and

nourish dry and stressed skin.

9. 10.


12. Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask,

$160. Perfect after a long flight, this eye

mask visibly reduces dark circles and

reduces fine lines and puffiness.


13. Sisley Paris Floral Spray Mist,

$120. Ideal for travelling to refresh and

revitalise the skin. Active ingredients

include softening cornflower, soothing

orange blossom, purifying witchhazel

and refreshing rose.

7. SkinCeuticals Hydra Balm,

$27.80. Multi-functional ointment

ideal for treating the symptoms

associated with severely dry and

sensitive skin while improving

overall hydration.

8. Thalgo Cold Cream Marine

Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream,

$29. Soften and protect your

hands from the ravages of plane

travel with this rich hand cream

for dry and very dry hands.

9. Synergie Skin Enviroshield,

$89. An anti-pollution spritz

to protect against the harmful

effects of airborne pollutants

and infrared damage.

Helps protect and detoxify

skin, chelate heavy metals

and shield the skin from

airborne particles present in

environmental pollution.

10. Bio-Oil, $14.95. Get onboard

with the travel-sized Bio-Oil

(60ml), the ultimate

multi-purpose skincare item.


13. 14.





14. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot

Moisture Mist, $25. Boost skin’s

moisture levels while cooling the

complexion and refreshing makeup.

15. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Lip

Service, $32. Conditions and repairs the

lips with Vitamin E, providing protecting

and nourishing benefits.

16. SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence, $75.

This refreshing mist penetrates through

makeup to lock in moisture and hydrate


17. MoroccanOil Dry Shampoo –

Dark Tones (65ml), $19.95. Travel-sized

dry shampoo to leave hair refreshed

and volumised.

18. Aspect Starter Kit, $129. This

excellent travel companion contains

four of Aspect’s key products to keep

your skin in tip-top condition. Contains

a cleanser, Vitamin C serum, exfoliator

and 4-in-1 moisturiser.

19. Pevonia Flight Essentials

Collection, $121. This pack includes all

the necessities for keeping skin healthy

from head to toe and is conveniently

packaged in an airline-approved, clear

ziplock bag. 99













The half-up half-down hairstyle combines the best of

both (hair) worlds. Here’s how to get on board with

the latest look. Words by erin docherty

We’re all familiar with the messy, too cool/

too busy topknot which has been the

easiest go-to hairstyle for the past couple

of seasons. However, a new version of

the classic topknot has surfaced and it

offers yet another way to get your hair

out of your face, create an appearance of

an up-do and avoid washing your hair.

It’s the trusty half-up half-down.

Pantene Hair Ambassador Remington

Schulz says, “The half-up half-down

look is super functional – it works to

keep your hair off your face whilst still

looking free-flowing and full. It can

also be an edgy ‘sport luxe’ look to wear

while you exercise.”

The half-up half-down is the sort

of magical hairstyle achieved from

indecision and we simply can’t get

enough of it. It’s flexible and can be

used to achieve any look, anytime. You

can rough it up at the roots for an easy

daytime look or slick it back for a classy

evening moment.

The more hair you have to play

with, the more experimental you can

get with your style. “You need enough

hair to be able to create the illusion of

volume on both the top and bottom

layers,” says Schulz. “There are plenty

of tricks to achieve extra volume if

you don’t have it though. Dry shampoo

is a trusty and effective way to add

body at the base of your half-up bun

or pony.”

So, how do we nail the look, à la

Khloe Kardashian, Ariana Grande

and Alicia Vikander? It’s all in

the knot.

“The best way to achieve this

style is lots of beach spray and to dry

your hair upside down. Then create

a half top knot wrapped around and

secured with U pins. Avoid bobby pins

because they leave a line in your hair,”

says Schulz.

“An iron straightener is my absolute

essential. Depending how you use it, a

straightener gives you the flexibility to

create an ultra-sleek or a completely

undone and messy look.

“As for products, look for those that

add body and texture as this will make

styling a whole lot easier. Try washing

with Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin Sheer

Volume Shampoo and Conditioner as

this will ensure the hair is weightless

from the get-go.” CBM 101





1. Curious Grace The Delightfulness Dryer,

$99.95. Keep your mane tame with this

new range of styling tools and brushes,

including this super-cool hairdryer.

2. MoroccanOil Beach Wave Mousse,

$28. For long-lasting tousled texture and a

natural windswept look.

3. MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine Spray, $38.

Finish your look with this invisible veil of

pure luminous shine, while also protecting

hair against the elements.

4. De Lorenzo Afterglow, $22. Reignite

shine with this lightweight trigger spray

that leaves a greaseless finish to relax and

tame the hair.



5. De Lorenzo Sandstorm Dry Texture

Spray, $24. Sculpting spray for medium

control and maximum fullness.


6. TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Hair

Maximiser, $7. Fleximax volumisers create

volume while fibre-polishing actives

smooth the cuticles

7. m a k e Protected Spray, $22. Style your

hair, don’t fry it! This thermal protector will

keep your hair smooth and shiny, not dry

and frazzled.


8. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak

Refreshing Dry Shampoo, $16.95. Instantly

absorbs excess oils and refreshes, adds

volume and leaves no chalky residue.

9. Pantene Pro-V Volume Booster Dry

Shampoo, $10. This Sheer Volume variant

contains Pantene’s new SMART Pro-Vitamin

Formula and gives your hair plenty of

added volume and shine – perfect for

constructing the ultimate topknot or halfup

half-down style.

10. EVY Professional iQ One Glide Styler,

$299. This styling superstar infuses hair with

hydration and moisture while it straightens

and styles hair.


7. 8. 9.

11. Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium

Straightener, $199.95. Unruly hair has met

its match. Features adjustable heat as well

as surround heat for creating waves.









12. Remington Silk Ceramic Ultra

Straightener, $99.95. The silk ceramic

technology in the straightener helps

achieve silky and smooth results

and effortless glide and provides

consistent heat.

13. Halo The Marilyn Curler, $139.95.

The perfect curler to achieve beautiful

classic open curls or waves, without

the lines caused by clip curlers.

14. Keune Mineral Hairspray, $21.

Flyaways and misbehaving hair be gone

with this weightless hairspray! Like an

invisible force, it gives hold without ever

making hair sticky, heavy or stiff.




15. Keune Salt Mousse, $30. Your hair

will be lifted to new heights with this

just-released hydrating mousse that

gives volume and texture to hair.

16. Pure Elements Rosewood

Polishing Spray, $32. This heavenly

scented super glossy shine spray

also controls and eliminates frizz

and flyaways.

17. Head & Shoulders 3 Action

Formula Dry Scalp Care Shampoo and

Conditioner (not pictured), $12.49 each.

Cooler temperatures can bring about

a dry, flaky scalp. Contains luxurious

almond oil to leave you with super-soft

locks that are 100% flake-free.



18. REF. Weightless Volume

Shampoo, $33.50. Sulphate-free

shampoo with botanical extracts to

protect, strengthen and boost

structure of fine or thin hair for

fullness and shine.

19. REF. Weightless Volume

Conditioner, $33.50. Formulated for

fine and thin hair, this lightweight

conditioner seals in volume for a hair

boost while strengthening, hydrating

and detangling hair.


20. REF. Thickening Spray 215, $37.50.

Watch fine and thin hair transform into

noticeably more voluminous hair. 103






The beauty of a

good night’s sleep can

never be overstated.

Here are some of our tips

and favourite products

to help you enter the


riedrich Nietzsche once said, “Sleeping is no

mean art. For its sake one must stay awake all day.”

Maximising slumber can be tricky in today’s rat race,

which can poach the possibility of the fabled eight

hours of dream time faster than you can say ‘toss

and turn’.

Research unswervingly shows that some serious

shuteye is essential for your health and wellbeing, with

lack of sleep associated with everything from weight

gain to cancer, research has also proven that there’s

a link between inadequate sleep and signs of ageing,

with lack of sleep doubling the signs of skin ageing,

including fine lines.

One study, conducted by University Hospital Case

Medical Centre in Ohio and commissioned by Estée

Lauder, investigated the process of catabolysis in skin

and cellular synchronisation and purification, and their

connection to sleep.

Catabolysis is a natural purification process that

helps skin cells eliminate internal debris that can

cause cellular damage. Getting older, coupled with

environmental factors, generates internal debris within

cells which can cause cellular damage and prevent cells

from functioning efficiently. Skin cells have a natural

24-hour rhythm, repairing themselves at night and

protecting themselves in the day. Catabolysis is at its

peak at night in line with the circadian rhythm of your

body. With age the process becomes less efficient and

desynchronised, contributing to the appearance of aged

and dehydrated skin.

The researchers found that poor quality sleepers lost

30 percent more water 72 hours after a skin barrier

disruption, such as exposure to UV light, than those

who regularly have good quality sleep. The poor

sleepers also showed twice the amount of intrinsic

signs of ageing such as fine lines, reduced elasticity and

uneven pigmentation.

If you’re tormented by hours spent staring at the

ceiling while the rest of the world slumbers (or so you

imagine), take heed of these sleep-inducing tips and

twilight beauty treats. 105


6tips to get

a good night’s



Have a warm

bath before


Normal body temperatures play

off your body’s circadian rhythm.

Temperatures are low during

sleep and at their highest point

during the day. A drop in body

temperature can be a trigger for

drowsiness, and the cooling down

that occurs after a warm bath

facilitates feelings of sleepiness.


Avoid caffeine

and alcohol

Caffeine products such as coffee,

tea, colas and chocolate are

stimulants. They usually remain

in your body from three to five

hours but some of us can still feel

their effects up to 12 hours later.

It’s best to avoid caffeine within

six to eight hours of going to bed.

And, dare we say it, but a glass

or two of alcohol as a nightcap

can make for a very restless night,

not to mention a pesky hangover

the morning after. Alcohol can

also restrict airflow into the lungs

which reduces oxygen in your

blood and can lead to snoring

(and no one likes a snorer).


Get active

We’re not going to be the

thousandth person in your

lifetime to tell you to get more

exercise – but we are going

to warn you about achieving

balance. We all know that overresting

leaves us sluggish and

lethargic, but if you over-exercise

it could cause muscle strain and

burnout, too. Eight hours staring

at a computer screen is standard

these days, and it can wear out

your brain. Just like your brain

shutting down when it needs

to, exercise makes sure your bod

winds down when the moment it

needs to arrives.

Exercise also triggers those

much-heralded endorphins.

Produced by the brain, they

bolster your mood and aid the

production of the hormones that

help you fall asleep.


Choose the right


All those old wives’ tales about

eating before bed are on the

mark, but less important than

you’d like to think. Eating at

the right time, your ‘metabolic

window’, conditions your body’s

metabolism to wake up and wind

down. Within this timeframe you

can give your body an important

message: in your world there is an

adequate supply of food, so it can

sit back and relax into sleep mode

when it feels the need.

Different types of food can

affect how you sleep. Meals rich

in carbohydrates set off a chain

reaction which makes you sleepy.

Carbs trigger the release of

insulin, which increases the level

of the chemical tryptophan in the

brain. From there, it’s turned into

serotonin, and serotonin is a sleep

inducer. Eating proteins has the

opposite effect to carbohydrates

and can make us feel more alert.

A lunch rich in protein may well

prevent the 3pm slump, while

eating carbohydrates at dinner

should help you to sleep.


Chill out

Take some time out to unwind.

Reading a book, meditating or

simply focusing on your breathing

should do the trick. Creating a

calm bedroom environment is also

a must. Televisions are a definite

no-no and put your phone down

already – your bedroom is for

sleep, it’s not an entertainment

centre. Fragrance the air with

a botanical room spray, light a

candle or practise the gentle art

of aromatherapy. Herbs such as

lavender can help you get a full

40 winks.

Humans are hunter-gatherers

and instinctively need to feel safe



Napoleon, Florence Nightingale and Margaret

Thatcher got by on four hours’ sleep a night.

The record for the longest period without

sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes (during a

rocking-chair marathon).

before nodding off. We all have

our own little sleep aids, whether

this be an open window, heating,

a fan, white noise or a sleeping

mask. Make sure you have a good

set of blinds and earplugs handy if

you need them. We use these aids

to reduce distractions and tell our

brains it’s safe to chill out.


Go to bed at the

same time (and

don’t hit the

snooze button

in the am!)

Creating a habit of going to bed

and waking up at the same time

each day works to anchor your

body clock and helps your body

balance both sleep time and wake

time. Some experts recommend

that you sleep for between seven

and nine hours every night, while

others say the amount of sleep you

require is what you need to not be

sleepy in the daytime. AMP

The body’s ‘natural alarm clock’ is caused by a

burst of the stress hormone adrenocorticotropin.

Researchers say this reflects an unconscious

anticipation of the stress of waking up.

A Harvard study found that the less

people sleep, the more likely they are to suffer

from a major illness.

It’s possible there may not be a single moment of

our sleep when we are actually dreamless.

The only thing Marilyn Monroe wore to

bed was a splash of Chanel No 5 (so they say).

Premature babies have 75 percent REM sleep,

10 percent more than full-term bubs

A new baby typically results in 400 to 750 hours

lost sleep to parents in the first year.

Several studies have found that sleeping less

than eight hours a night leads to obesity.

Seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness

leads to a decrease in performance equivalent to a

blood alcohol-level of 0.05%. 107



1. MOR Cosmetics Correspondence

Fragrance Candle in Kashmir

Petals, $39.95. Relax and unwind

with essence of rose petals and

bergamot, blended with orchid and

magnolia blossom on top of base

notes of sandalwood and geranium.

2. Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist, $45.

With Vitamin B3, ginseng, green tea

and licorice root, this relaxing mist

deeply hydrates and calms the skin.

3. Biology No.352 Oil-Infused Bath

Soak, $40. A blend of steam-distilled

essential oils – bergamot orange,

rose geranium and tangerine –

designed to cleanse and balance

the skin while relaxing the senses.

Enhanced with beneficial minerals

and trace elements to cleanse, purify

and restore skin hydration.

4. Biology No.353 Ultra Hydrate

Body Butter, $45. High in skinloving

oils from avocado and sweet

almond, this readily absorbed skin

butter promotes skin elasticity and

suppleness, while shea butter further

locks in moisture and nourishes the

skin. Smells like a dream too.

5. Jurlique Rose Body Cream, $40.

A luxurious body cream enriched

with rose, jojoba oil, shea and cocoa

butter that leaves dry skin feeling

hydrated, soft and smooth. Perfect

for use after an indulgent bath.

6. Jurlique Calming Blend

Aromatherapy Mist, $35. Relax your

senses anytime, anywhere with this

calming aromatherapy mist. Contains

lavender and grapefruit pure

essential oils to promote wellbeing

and help you calm down.


2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7.





12. 13.


7. Jurlique Lavender Shower

Gel, $28. Gentle body cleanser

contains clarifying rosemary, nettle,

lemon balm and thyme, balancing

horsetail, hydrating lavender and

soothing birch.

8. The Body Shop Almond Milk &

Honey Soothing & Restoring Body

Butter, $27.95. Essential winter

body care, this creamy body butter

comforts, protects and restores

sensitive, dry skin for 48 hours.

9. Pevonia “Anti-Stress” Bath &

Shower Gel, $83.50. Rinse the stress

away with this relaxing and soothing

aromatherapy foaming gel.

10. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin

Cream, $14.99. Instantly hydrates,

illuminates skin and conceals

imperfections. The cream is sheer

when applied, then adjusts according

to your skin tone.

11. Cosmedix Purity Detox Scrub,

$69. Detox your skin and prime it

for sleep with this exfoliating skin

polisher containing poppy, jojoba

and date seeds plus salicylic acid

and coconut.

12. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep

Restore, $5.25. A staple body

moisturiser, this non-greasy lotion

restores the appearance of dry skin

and leaves skin feeling smooth

and hydrated.

13. Pure Fiji Coconut Milk Bath

Soak, $39.95. Luxuriate in this

creamy and hydrating coconut milk,

containing a bounty of nutrients for

smooth and supple skin.

14. Phytomer Oligomer Wellbeing

Sensation Essential Minerals Relaxing

Bath, $50. Slip into this blue, foaming,

delicately fragranced remineralising

bath to restore the skin’s trace

elements and release tension.


Nicole’s Beauty Salon offers only the very best treatments available,

including the International Body Wrap which improves the appearance

of cellulite, stretch marks and scar tissue and is guaranteed to take 15

centimetres off your entire body size - or your money back!

With highly trained aestheticians and stunning surroundings, any

treatment you have at Nicole’s Beauty Salon will be a luxurious

experience you’ll long for time and time again.

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Double Bay NSW 2028





in a


The world of fragrance has its own

history and language, evoking memories

and seducing our sense of smell.

Words by AimÉe Rodrigues

Coco Chanel described the appeal of perfume beautifully when she said,

‘It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds

your arrival and prolongs your departure.’

Undeniably the most powerful of the five senses, our sense of smell is

heavily intertwined with our emotions – a quick whiff has the ability to conjure

anything from a nostalgic childhood flash to strong food cravings. Have you

ever wondered why you can’t stand your ex’s signature scent? It has nothing to

do with musk or sandalwood. In fact, emotional associations are the driving

force behind our favoured fragrances and this is deeply affected by life events.

Funnily enough, the most powerful of all scents is actually odourless. Sex

pheromones might seem like an urban legend (and a bad pickup line) but

scientists have since found receptors in the nose that pick up these hormones, 111


triggering an innate animal

attraction between certain people.

You’re probably repulsed by the

idea of smelling someone else’s

BO but science says that both

men and women fall powerless

against the scent of our

counterpart’s sweat when sexualattractant

pheromones are at play.

Middle Eastern countries

are known for their cultural

fascination with different

fragrances, dabbing scented oils

on areas of the body that excrete

pheromones to signpost them

to their partner. Even though

our pheromones are already

individually unique, there is

defi nitely something sexy about

customising our glandular

excretions for our lovers.

But it’s not just humans

pouncing on each other at the

allure of signature scents. A

study in the Guatemalan jungle

has seen scientists successfully

use Calvin Klein’s Obsession

for Men as a lure to make the

usually elusive jaguar linger long

enough to be photographed and

observed. Whether these big cats

have a genetic inclination towards

bergamot, lavender, mandarin,

clove, nutmeg and amber is not

known (and a tad unlikely), but

the research gained from this

experiment has proved invaluable

for perfume houses. CBM











The art of

The basic combination in any

perfume is called an accord, where

two or more fragrances or notes

are combined to make a seamless

third composition in which the

originals are undetectable. This

provides the skeleton of the perfume,

with all the other elements added

to harmoniously flesh out this

fragrance framework.

The process uses ‘bridges’ that

connect the different notes and

harmoniously add to the perfume’s

character (floral, oriental, citrus,

gourmand and so on) to create a

balanced result.

Accords are often created to

evoke a scent that doesn’t produce

one single odour, such as the

warm, fleshly amber or heady mellis

accords. Every perfumier has their

own combination of ingredients

for creating an accord, although

some, such as oak moss in a chypre

accord, are regarded as elemental.

A soliflore is a composition built

around one note.
















All the elements combine to

create three periods of evaporation

during which we can discern the

different layers of the perfume.

First are the top notes, usually

bright and penetrating but light

in character and often composed

of citrus or aldehydes, then the

body, heart or middle notes which

classifies the ‘type’ of perfume

and can be smelled as soon as

the perfume settles. Finally, there

are the bottom or base notes that

provide depth and solidarity as well

as lasting power, or diffusion.

What a perfume smells like

after a couple of hours is called

the dry down.

Modern chemical processes

have enabled the separation of the

fragrant essences into components

such as esters, aldehydes ketones

and indoles, which can be further

broken down into subtle scent

molecules and reassembled in

combinations – to make each final

product utterly unique.





Single florals are fragrances

dominated by the scent of one

flower, although other notes

make up the perfume.

Floral bouquets combine

several floral scents.

Bright florals fuse both categories

and are characteristically

modern scents.

Amber fragrances use animalic

ingredients to create voluptuous,

earthy and sometimes spicy scents.

Oriental fragrances are usually

both woody and spicy.

Gourmand fragrances smell

edible, often of vanilla, tonka

bean or chocolate.

Wood fragrances are resinous

and aromatic.

Leather fragrances have a savoury

complexity in the middle notes.

Chypre evokes the scent of moss

and soil.

Fougère conjures the scent of ferns,

with woody and herbaceous notes.

Green fragrances are a fresher,

more modern version of chypre.

Citrus or fruity fragrances are

sharp and clean smelling.

Oceanic fragrances are fresh, tangy

and slightly salty.

Accords &


Amber contains balsamic notes like

benzoin, tolu and labdanum as well

as vanilla and spicy notes.

Ambrein has more woody notes,

combined with rose.

Chypre balances bergamot with oak

moss, vetiver, wood and floral notes.

Fougère uses lavender, oak moss

and the fragrance of hay from


Mellis blends spices, wood notes

and coumarine together with

balsamic notes.

White floral accord combines

gardenia, jasmine, orange blossom

and tuberose.

Aromatics are mainly composed of

sage, rosemary, thyme and lavender. 113


Salvatore Ferragamo

Signorina in Fiore

EDT (50ml), $140. This

new interpretation of

Signorina bursts with

top notes of nashi pear

sorbet and pomegranate

leading to a heart of

cherry blossom and

jasmine and a soft

base of white musk

and sandalwood for a

positively pretty olfactory


Mugler Angel Eau Sucree

Limited Edition EDT

(50ml), $89. In 2017 the

house of Mugler

re-releases its new limited

edition of Angel Eau

Secree. This flirty and

fruity fragrance opens

with red berry sorbet

and sweet citrus before

morphing into a heart of

scrumptious caramel with

base notes of patchouli

and vanilla.

Jurlique Essence of Rose

Roll-On Fragrance Oil,

$28. Jurlique’s signature

fragrance captures the

essence of 10,000 rose

petals, with notes of rose

oils, shea butter and rosa

gallica – all in a handy

on-the-go roll-on.

Hugo Boss BOSS THE

SCENT for Her (50ml),

$140. Opens with juicy

and velvety shades of

peach and top notes

of the heavenly freesia

blossom with a heart

of apricot-scented

osmanthus, while drying

down with warming

roasted cocoa.









Parfum/Perfume This is the richest concentration

of the pure fragrance, at least 20 percent, and will

last on your skin for up to six hours.

Eau de Parfum This is around 15 percent of the

pure fragrance and lasts around five hours.

Eau de Toilette This is around 12 percent of the

pure fragrance and lasts around four to five hours.

Eau de Cologne This is around three percent

of the pure fragrance and lasts about two hours.

L’occitane Terre De

Lumiēre EDP (90ml),

$150. Zesty and aromatic

at first, this signature

fragrance unexpectedly

melts into an infinitely

gourmand heart,

before settling into

sensual balsamic and

musky base notes. The

sparkling aromas of

top notes are like fresh

bursts of sunlight on

the skin.

The Body Shop Nigritella

EDP (50ml), $59.95.

Floral oriental fusion

of red vanilla orchid

blended with opulent

notes of tuberose and

vanilla for a deliciously

heading finish.

Sisley Izia EDP (50ml),

$175. This beautiful

scent opens with top

notes of white bergamot,

freesia and tea. The

d’Ornano rose, only in

bloom for two weeks a

year in the French Loire

Valley, is at the heart,

enhanced with notes of

pear, jasmine, peony, lily

of the valley and green

angelica. The base

notes are highlighted by

powdery musk and warm

cedar and amber. Truly

captivating, feminine

and sensuous. 115




It’s only natural to want the best

for your baby. We bring you the

mother of all baby-friendly bath and

skin products for your little ones.









Bioderma Atoderm Preventive,

$32.99. Formulated for babies

from birth to three years of age

with very dry skin. It limits the

aggravation from cutaneous

dryness by forming a protective

moisturising barrier.

Jurlique Baby’s Soothing

Moisturising Cream, $33.

Lightweight cream that absorbs

easily into baby’s delicate

skin leaving it protected

and moisturised. The cream

contains soothing calendula

and witch hazel, as well as aloe,

honey, glycerine and vitamin E.

Jurlique Baby’s Calming

Bath Oil, $22. Paediatrician

dermatologist tested, use this

relaxing massage oil to keep

baby’s skin soft, moisturised and

calm. Use from one month old.

Jurlique Baby’s Gentle

Shampoo and Body Wash, $22.

A gentle transparent gel that

gently foams to cleanse baby’s

skin, leaving it feeling refreshed,

calm and soft.

WOTNOT Baby Wash, $16.99.

Gentle enough for newborns,

this top to toe calming wash is

free from any nasties.

Natralus Essential Paw Paw

Ointment, $6.95. Free from any

nasties, this Aussie made and

owned multi-purpose balm

soothes and protects skin.

And for the mums

Sisley Paris White Ginger Contouring Oil for Legs, $220. This justreleased

leg treatment oil specifically targets infiltrated cellulite, which is

associated with water retention, mainly visible on the legs, and generally

accompanied by sensations of heaviness and tiredness in the legs.

Bio-Oil (200ml), $34.95. What pregnant woman hasn’t used Bio-Oil? The

multi-purpose oil helps reduce the possibility of stretch marks forming

during pregnancy, as well as helping to improve uneven skin tone and

pigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations. 117



The lust-WORThy products we’re

currently coveting.



1. Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick, $75.

This celestial illuminating palette is a

heaven-sent combo of shimmery bronzer

and pearlescent blush housed in Bobbi

Brown’s signature compact.


2. Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara,

$46. A layerable mascara so each new

coat remains clean and buildable. Lashes

stay separated and soft as the tapered,

two-fibre brush grabs even small,

hard-to-reach lashes.

3. Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15.

Fifteen hours of flawless coverage in a

formulation that glides onto skin and

evens out skin tone to minimise fine

lines and imperfections.



4. Benefit Roller Lash Super-Curling

and Lifting Mascara, $42. Our new

favourite mascara! Works on even the

finest of lashes to lift, curl and make your

eyes look bigger and bolder.


5. Benefit Sugarbomb Blush, $51. Oh, so

sweet! Rose, shimmering pink, soft plum

and peach blend together for a sugar-rush

flush of colour and subtle shimmer.



B eauty



6. Sisley Paris Eyeshadow Quartet in

Mystery, $110. Silky and vibrant, this

beautifully crafted palette is housed in

Sisley’s signature harlequin-design case.

7. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer, $37.

Seamless, natural-looking finish while

providing industrial-strength camouflage

to conceal under-eye circles.

8. Sisley Paris PhytoLip Gloss in Shade 3

Rose, $65. Lip-smacking coral-rose

high-shine gloss with a 3D effect for a

va-va-voom pout.




9. Sisley Paris Hydrating Long Lasting

Lipstick in L32 Rose Cashmere, $65. The

mother of all lipsticks, this hydrating, highly

pigmented lipstick protects lips all day

long, drying to a satin finish that won’t

feather or bleed.

10. Sisley Paris Phyto-Blush Eclat in

Pinky Berry, $98. Soft powder meets

skincare with this treatment makeup

that offers free radical protection while a

Mother-of-Pearl micro sheath illuminates

cheekbones for an iridescent glow.


11. Napoleon Perdis Couture Brow Kit,

$49. This triple-threat brow kit has two

shades plus shaping wax to help tame,

define and shape the brows.

12. Rimmel London Glam’Eyes

Professional Liquid Eyeliner, $11.95. A

tried and trusted smudge-proof eyeliner

for max glam with minimal effort.



13. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Flawless Long-lasting overage SPF 15,

$65. This Holy Grail of foundations truly

is a miracle in a bottle: full yet weightless

coverage to look and feel like a second

skin while covering redness, blemishes and

uneven skin tone. Great colour matches.


14. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

Long-Lasting Lipstick in Birkin Brown,

$49. The “it” colour of the season, this

warm reddish-brown will have your lips

appearing fuller and bigger, thanks to 3D

glowing pigments that appear to light up

lips from within. 119

B eauty





1. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Intense Deluxe Edition 2017, $79. Transport

yourself to ‘Jurlique Farm’ in the rolling

Adelaide hills with this annual limited edition

version of Jurlique’s cult Rosewater Mist.



2. Sisley Paris Express Flower Gel, $160.

In three minutes this soothing gel mask

smooths away fatigue, stressed out and dry

skin. Features a high concentration of waterretaining

ingredients so skin feels firmer,

more toned and hydrated.


3. L’unico Neuropeptide Firming Eye

Therapy, $160. Hand formulated with

European-engineered peptides, it provides

instant 100% absorption to significantly

decrease puffiness around the eye area,

while helping to improve skin elasticity.


4. Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil, $120.

The feather-light formula strengthens the

skin’s natural protective barrier, shields

against environmental stressors, smooths

visible lines and locks in moisture.

5. Medik8 Glow Oil, $89. Containing 12

essential oils with Vitamin C and Omega

3 and 6, this silky dry oil gives an instant

youthful glow and radiant skin texture.





6. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, $129.

This gel hydration booster is like a drink of

water for the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E,

which is known to help with tissue repair, and

hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural hydrator

to bind moisture to the skin.


7. Ella Baché Tomate Granule-Free Micro

Exfoliant, $72. Gentle grain-free exfoliant has

all the benefits of an exfoliator without that

gravel-like feel.


B eauty

8. Doctor Babor BTX-Lift Serum, $162.

Part of the Lifting Cellular range, this

smoothing serum with BTX peptides

helps to reduce muscle contractions

and relieve microtensions in the skin for

improving the appearance of crow’s feet

and frown lines.

9. Doctor Babor Dual Face Lift Serum,

$384. This German-made cosmetic

procedure in a bottle visibly firms and

contours ageing, wrinkled skin by

improving skin elasticity and stimulating

collagen synthesis.

10. Aspect Dr Resveratrol Moisturising

Cream, $93. This rich yet lightweight

emollient moisturiser contains Resveratrol,

a powerful antioxidant to nourish and

hydrate skin. Leaves skin silky to touch.

11. Ella Baché Eternal+ Replenishing

Day Cream, $135. The new cream includes

a powerful assortment of heavyweights

in the anti-ageing skincare world,

including anti-free radical molecules

and encapsulated diamond powders.

Pair it with the Night Cream for

optimum results.

12. Mesoestetic Proteoglycans

Ampoules (10 ampoules), $98. For

intensive repair of dry skin, these singleuse

vials fight signs of photo-ageing,

helping prevent the occurrence of

expression lines and promote skin

elasticity and smoothness.



1. Essano Ocean Minerals Volumising Shampoo and

Conditioner, 15.99 each. New to Essano, Ocean Minerals

is rich in vitamins and amino acids to give life to fine hair –

delivering weightless gloss and body to hair.

2. De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 Shampoo and Conditioner,

$25 each. Softens and nourishes while strengthening and

protecting hair. Antioxidants, amino acids and natural

blackberry and bilberry extracts detangle and protect

from UV fade.



12. 121




up to the




The Zone 21 Challenge

guarantees exACTLY THAT.

It’s been said that it takes just 21

days to make or break a habit.

Enter the Zone 21 Challenge by

leading fitness guru, Bondi Vixen.

It’s an innovative training program

tailored to women who want to look,

feel and function more athletically.

The question is: can you really

achieve noticeable weight loss,

increased strength and higher energy

levels in just 21 days? Vix Erber, the

original Bondi Vixen who has more

than 25 years’ experience specialising

in creating bikini bodies via her

female-only functional fitness classes

on Bondi Beach, answers with an

emphatic “yes”.

“With the right training for the

female body, correct and regular

nutrition to fuel your body and a

positive mindset to move your body,

anything is possible,” she says. “I have

the tools for success with a proven

formula that works, all you need to do

is have an open mind and willingness

to make a change.”

In fact, she’s so confident with

the 21 Day Program she offers a

100% money back guarantee if you

don’t achieve the goals set out from

the start – so long as you strictly follow

the steps required over the 21 days,

including diet plan and daily training.

Vix attributes the program’s success

to a combination of three significant

areas: exercise, diet and mental focus.

Her program’s holistic approach

takes the best elements of what has

revolutionised the fitness industry

over the past few years and reshapes

it to perfectly suit a woman. Designed

for women aged from mid to late-20s

to mid-50s.

The Zone 21 Challenge combines

three areas:

1Effective and intense functional

training workouts specifically

designed for the female body.

2Bondi Vixen’s SHRED Plan,

created specifically for the 21 Day

Challenge, plus Athletix Whey

(Protein Powder) and Athletix

Lean (Natural Fat Burner).

3Personal attention in a group

environment, including a

goal-setting session, technique

workshop, daily mindset work plus

fitness assessments and tracking.

The next ZONE 21

Challenge starts on

June 5 and includes

Pre-challenge seminar

(what to expect plus Q&A time)

15min nutritional consult

Access to unlimited classes

Mindset overhaul to change

self-sabotaging behaviour

Exclusive 21 Day SHRED Plan eBook

Fitness assessments Day 1 and 21

Private group forum

24/7 support

ready to get in the zone?

Head to

or call Vix Erber on on 0403 111 188. For some fitness inspo, check

out the before and after pics on the Bondi Vixen Facebook page.





RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) ®



For stockists or to buy online go to


00 633 830 *the syringe shown in the picture is a Medical Device Class 3 manufactured by TEOXANE Laboratories and is not included

Email in the skincare range.

or call 1800 63

Find a clinic at:

Worlds No.1

Ultrasound lift

Tightening and Contouring

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