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National Conference 2017 10

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By the time you read this our National Conference at King’s Park may be a fading memory, although

I hope that the spiritual refreshment our delegates received will continue well into 2017. With Gavin

Calver’s humour and dynamic delivery, his challenging messages on Epaphroditus and Jesus overturning

tables stick in the memory – which is fine, as long as they also influence us to Live Out Loud as well!

“the mark of

success is an


with God that

has a lasting


With the buzzing trade show, practical seminar

programme and times of sharing, there was plenty

of opportunity to engage with the theme during

the conference. As with any of our residential

ministries, the mark of success is an engagement

with God that has a lasting impact. The centre

spread photos and comments will give you a taste

of the experience, as will the Volunteering article

opposite, from one of our seminars, but there’s

nothing like coming to find out for yourself next

year at Hothorpe Hall!

So much effort goes into running such an event, as

centre and summer camp staff will know only too

well. When it is over in only a few short days we

can sometimes wonder whether all the effort was

worth it. If that’s you, I encourage you to listen to

the main sessions and guest speaker downloads

available in the Member Zone of our website.

With our theme of Living Out Loud, encouraging

us to live out our faith in all of life’s circumstances,

there is plenty to reflect on for the year ahead.

The new conference planning team under Rosie

Knott’s direction is already meeting to plan for

2018 at Hothorpe Hall. As ever, we are always

willing to hear thoughts from members for

seminars and activities, so whether you attended

this year or not, do get in touch if you have some

inspiration to offer.

We are already well into what promises to be

another busy year, with Easter just around the

corner. Our challenge is to remain relevant and

present in all our activity, not swept along by the

next urgent or important task as we dash through

the year, but making a Kingdom impact every day

in every opportunity God grants us. That is at the

heart of Living Out Loud.

I hope to see many of you at the various

regional meetings around the UK in the next

few months. They are great times of fellowship

and encouragement, well worth the investment

of time. So do make every effort to get to your

closest one, especially if you haven’t been before.

With every blessing,


Keith Hagon

Executive Director

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of Christian Camping

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the magazine which aims

to serve its members with

news and views from across

the UK and the world.

CCI UK is an association

of Christian organisations

and individuals involved

in residential holidays,

camps, conference and

outdoor centre ministries.

It provides benefits that

enable them to accomplish,

more effectively, the

unique work to which God

has called them. CCI UK

promotes the benefit of

the Christian residential

experience and provides

the public with associated

services and resources.

CCI UK is a registered

charity no. 326637 and

a limited company

registration no: 1822565



Bidvest full page

www.cci.org.uk PAGE 3

Membership News

New members

Greetings and a warm welcome to our

latest recruits:

• Jez Du Puy from Sandyholme in

Studland, Dorset

• Debbie Sandels from Shallowford

Farm, Newton Abbott, Devon

• Joshua Thompson from Windmill

Christian Centre in Arbroath Scotland

• Rosemary Sowden from Bernard’s

Acre, Okehampton in Devon

Regional Meetings this Spring

Become a Regional Rep! Contact Keith at the office on 01908 477951.


• North East 7th March - The Old Mill Centre - Richmond

• North Wales 10th March - CMC Adventure - Llanbedr (TBC)

• South Central 26th April - Windmill Farm - Bampton

• Northern Ireland w/c 8th May – date and venue TBC

• Lakes/North West 18th May – venue TBC

• South Wales date and venue TBC

• South East date and venue TBC

Get in touch with your regional rep (details in the Members’ Directory online,

or call the office). If your region doesn’t run a meeting at present, contact your

nearest region - we are sure they will warmly welcome you.

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CSC Corner

Many members raved about the trade show at the conference

in January where we had more suppliers than ever and a lot of

follow up is happening with many seeing the savings through

buying group negotiated terms.

Many of you particularly enjoyed the food samples from Cobbs cakes,

Crisps from Walkers and entering the Passport prize draw with members

walking away with new power drills and the winner of the grand prize of a

basket of Prosecco donated by Bidvest was Anna Jarvis of Fellowship Afloat.

Christian Supply Chain Buying Group

• More than 200 now seeing benefits of the buying group and generating significant

savings in time and money which enables them to put more back in to their main

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The Power of Working Together

UA are an ethical consultant in the energy sector. We would like to discuss

energy related matters with you and offer sound advice on how we can help

your organization.

Our objective is to provide you with sound advice which will enable you

to reduce your core costs as we have done recently for the following CSC


Sizewell Hall

Dunfield House


Hothorpe Hall

Hill House Christian Centre

Keswick Ministries

UA are here to help, so please take the time to tell us what your energy

challenges are so we can DO MORE GOOD.

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Billy Campbell

Commercial Director UA

Billy Campbell

Commercial Director UA

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0808 178 8170

As soon as you can




Some thoughts on


CYE is heavily reliant on its volunteers from on the water to in the kitchen. We don’t have a perfect system

but we do have lots of experience and at the CCI conference we shared some thoughts on how to recruit

and manage our volunteers.

Top Tips for recruitment:

• Pray - God provides. All through the Bible He

sends the right people at the right times and our

experience of recruiting volunteers testifies to that

too, so trust that He will

• Start small - get a few volunteers in, learn to

manage them and how to make the best use of

them before you recruit

• Word of mouth – it’s is the most effective way to

spread the word

• Be specific - it’ll save a whole heap of time if you

advertise for the skills you need

• Invest - if a volunteer goes away feeling valued

and like they’ve helped every time they come, then

they are more likely to come back (maybe even

bringing someone with them). Take some time to

invest in them

• Plan - our volunteers start as young as 14 and

are still going well into their retirement! What’s

the long term plan and how can we keep people


Top Tips for management:

• Don’t hold back! - they’ve come because they

want to help, so make good use of them

• Prepare - make sure you’ve taken the time to

prepare the jobs that need doing so that you can

hand them over with ease

• Invest - if you find an excellent volunteer, be

prepared to invest in them so they can be equipped

to serve your centre even further

• Play to their strengths - volunteers bring such

a wide and varied skill set beyond what we often

look for in our employed staff. Make sure you find

out their passions and skills and then put those to


• Feedback - don’t shy away from providing

opportunities for feedback. Volunteers want to be

useful and do the job well and any feedback will

only help them to fulfil their purpose

• Vision - volunteers choose to help out because

they believe in what you do, so share the vision and


• Share the fruit - this is crucial, not because

volunteers want to see what they’ve achieved, but

because if they’re on board with the vision, then

they want to hear about the fruit

Without a doubt the key to recruiting, managing

and motivating volunteers is community. We

asked our volunteers what made them come back

time and time again and 100% of them said it

was being part of a team of like-minded people

focused around sharing the Good News. To build

our volunteering community we hold a weekend

annually where we update them on our news,

take them out on the water for fun, worship and

pray together and focus on CYE’s vision ahead of

another season.

“The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.

Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest

to send out labourers into His harvest.” Luke 10:2

Lou Callaghan, Jon Bennetts & Norman Doney

“if you find

an excellent

volunteer, be

prepared to

invest in them

so they can be

equipped to serve

your centre even


www.cci.org.uk PAGE 9

‘Great teaching, plenty of good information to encourage and support’

CCI UK National Conference 2017:

Living Out Loud

‘Thanks again for a great

conference! Counting the

days till Hothorpe Hall!’

‘Gavin Calver was excellent’

‘Good to have

so many new


For the second year running we returned

to King’s Park Conference Centre for the

conference and were really well served by

Tim Dixon, the new centre director, and his

team. From the lively and challenging main

sessions with Gavin Calver to the buzzing

trade show with more suppliers than ever and

plenty of prizes, there was plenty going on.

As usual, the small groups and discussions

over meals or refreshments were a highlight

for delegates, and the wide range of seminars

meant there were some hard choices to

be made. Our special guest, Mark Davies,

certainly gave plenty to think about with his

experience as a new Christian in the Special

Forces, prompting some lively discussions

after hours.

‘The centre was very well run – superb value for money’



and a joy

to attend’

We were thrilled to have so many new faces

this year and to receive such good feedback

from delegates. We hope you will aim to join

us next year at Hothorpe Hall on 9-11 January

for rich fellowship, biblical teaching and

practical equipping



‘Well done to you

and the CCI team

for arranging such a

successful conference.

It was certainly well

worth attending!’

‘A very good conference, one of the

strengths is all the networking and

information sharing over meals.’

‘Trade show absolutely


‘A life-saver in a

ministry in which I feel

very alone’

‘Small groups were


‘Bible teaching was relevant,

applicable, encouraging, challenging,

refreshing and a wonderful

opportunity for God to minister’

‘Another brilliant conference, a

well-balanced programme. Really

helpful & inspiring sessions.’

‘Enjoyed the


– what I

needed as

a spiritual


thank you’

www.cci.org.uk PAGE 11

During the conference delegates had the opportunity to look at a number of capital projects being pursued by CCI members.

Here is an exciting one we didn’t see.

The Derwent Project

Preparing for the next generation of Christians

This will enable

us to fulfil

our vision of

an expanded



plus a more


programme of

teaching events

at other times

of the year

Below: thevicarage lawn

in 1875

Right: Keswick

Convention now

For more than 140 years Keswick has united God’s people and strengthened the churches around the

Word of God. The Keswick Convention has grown from a small gathering on the lawn at St John’s Church,

Keswick in 1875, to become a global movement for spiritual renewal and growth. We now welcome close

to 15,000 Christians from across the UK and beyond each year.

Both our sites are nearing capacity. As a result,

we have launched a £10m initiative, the Derwent

Project, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to

integrate and expand our ministry through the

purchase and development of the former Derwent

Pencil Factory site in Keswick. The purchase of this

site and the construction of a new conference

facility will see the Convention on one integrated

site, allow us to provide Biblical training

throughout the year and expand our vision to

share the life-changing power of the gospel with

future generations.

We are grateful for all the support we have been

given so far. Many people here in the UK and

abroad have already given to the Derwent Project,

which is fantastic. We now still need to raise £4m

to see it completed. There is much to be done,

architect plans to be signed off, the site prepared

for building work and much more. Please join

us as we pray for this generational initiative! If

you would like to find out more or would like to

support this project, contact us at

partners@keswickministries.org or find out

more at www.keswickministries.org/derwent.

We have been able to acquire the site through the

help of a Christian Trust, and our next challenge is

to raise the money to pay the Trust back, as well

as to develop the newly-integrated site.

This will enable us to fulfil our vision of an

expanded summer Convention plus a more

substantial programme of teaching events at

other times of the year, encouraging God’s people

around the rock solid certainties of the gospel.

The carefully planned integrated site will be more

than twice the size of our existing Rawnsley site,

with improved access and greater integration of

our programmes.

The Derwent Project will enable us to:

• Host our children’s and young people’s work

and missions exhibition alongside our adult


• Expand our teaching and training programmes at

other times of the year.

• Offer training for youth workers, preachers,

leaders, pastors and mission workers.

• Encourage and resource local churches in

Cumbria and the North.

• Strengthen and resource our UK and

international partnerships.



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Visit www.cscgb.org.uk today and click on their logo to get in touch!

Or call the CSC office on 01908 663958 with urgent requests

www.cci.org.uk PAGE 13



Christianity and the Dilemma

of Ethical Purchasing

Is it possible on a limited budget to purchase ethically sourced products or

services that are good for people and the environment?

During my first year as Business Manager at Christian Supply Chain I have had many of our members ask

about our purchasing policy. For us, ethical purchasing can be defined as: The practice of buying products

and services produced in a way that minimises social and/or environmental damage.

This means ensuring that each purchase is a positive

vote towards actively benefiting other humans,

animals or the environment. Recognizing that the

cheapness of a purchase has a cost implication down

the producer line is an important aspect to ethical

purchasing. A Fully Screened approach involves

looking both at the product and the company. How

do you know if a product or service is ethical? There

is no universal ethical logo to provide guidance but

there are numerous standards and logos, such as:

Organic; Fairtrade; Red Tractor Assurance; Forestry


“How can I claim to live like Christ if I continue

to buy into labour practices that exploit and

dehumanize the poor?”

The fact is that the global manufacturing system is

broken. In the cutthroat world of retail, demand for

low prices paired with increasing raw materials costs

mean companies seek to cut costs in the only place

with a bit of wriggle room: labour. And labourers

often have to take what they can get, ultimately being

cornered into wage slavery by distant corporations

who pretend not to know what they’re buying into. In

the best case scenario, entire families go to work and

barely scrape by. In the worst case, such as the tragedy

at Rana Plaza, Bangladesh in 2013, over 1000 people

died when their workplace collapsed.

How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the

world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need

and yet refuses help? – 1 John 3:17 ESV

We have a duty as Christians to protect the poor,

the widowed, and the orphan by demanding

manufacturing transparency and redirecting our

spending to companies and organizations that treat

people with the dignity they deserve.

Where to begin?

It starts with using your ‘LOAF’:

Local, Organic, Animal-friendly and Fairtrade.

Wherever possible, we seek suppliers for CSC Buying

Group who provide products and services that fall

within these criteria. So, whenever possible you

have an option to buy items meeting one or more of

these production standards. For example:

Bidvest Foodservice

They set up Plate2Planet (www.plate2planet.co.uk) to

bring sustainability to the food sector, being awarded

Green wholesaler of the year 3 times running,

primarily through improving management of food

waste through their ‘Food to Field initiative. They

promote and support local and regional businesses

and have Organic, Red Tractor and FairTrade ranges.

Kingdom Coffee – www.kingdomcoffee.co.uk

They have a simple mantra of continually striving to

source quality products from ethical sources, carrying

a large range of brand leading products that don’t

cost the Earth. For example, they were one of the first

to introduce 100% biodegradable paper cups.

Finally, instead of concluding that convenience

always acts as justification for compromising our

ethical standards, remember the principle that there

is no such thing as ‘convenient Christianity.’ The

challenge of seeking ethical products means we rely

on God and show commitment to Him in the way we

discipline ourselves practically in our daily lives. That’s

what we hope to achieve as a Christian Buying Group.

So when you are ‘making do’ on a limited budget, be

encouraged that it is not beyond your reach to be

ethical whilst saving money!

Steve Hallett

How can I

claim to live

like Christ if

I continue to

buy into labour

practices that

exploit and


the poor?

www.cci.org.uk PAGE 15

Bidvest Catering full page



PBS Group full page

www.cci.org.uk PAGE 17

On the road again

It has been an active few months since my last CORE report on the Polish Centres road trip. At

the beginning of October I travelled with Ann Baker to Tirana, Albania to meet with the remaining

members of the CCI Albania (RrKK) steering group. Rachel Wilson, who visited the CCI conference in

2015, stepped down from the group due to the growth of her children’s ministry. We went to support

Anila and Asim in making plans for the future and organising a conference for May in Erseka.

We battled

through rain

and snow,

abandoning the

car on route up a

steep hill to one

centre (Le Tabor),

trekking the rest

of the way!

All photos: French

centres and leaders

Following that, Robin Morris & I met the French

CCI group at Leibfraumberg, near Strasbourg

from 9th- 10th October. We spent time with

the steering group and others, encouraging them

in their plans to develop the area network and

reporting on the International Summit, which they

were unable to attend. We also continued the

conversation about a possible CCI Europe-wide

gathering in France in 2018 (more about this later).

Not long after, I was in Warsaw again to take part

in the CCI Poland conference from 14th – 17th

October. There were 40 delegates, including

some from Ukraine & Belarus. My Polish road

trip will bear fruit as others join the CCI network


In January I attended the CCI UK conference,

where I gave an update on Europe work and

introduced Peter & Sarah Madern from CCI

Netherlands and the CCI Worldwide director

Dan Bolin. From there, Dan and I went directly

to France, to tour six centres and meet

representatives of CCI France. This was Dan’s

first visit since CCI France was established in the

Alsace area.

We battled through rain and snow, abandoning

the car on route up a steep hill to one centre (Le

Tabor), trekking the rest of the way! Going down

the mountain in a foot of snow from another

centre (Landersen) was also interesting. It was a

great time. We were warmly welcomed by those

we met and very impressed by the work the

centres are doing.

We took the opportunity to discuss with

our French hosts the idea of a Europe-wide

conference to be held in France in 2018. Having

European delegates attend the UK conference in

the past has been very beneficial, both in showing

a CCI association in action and exposing UK

members to European contacts

We wish to develop this concept of a European

CCI gathering, in between international summits,

incorporating delegates from Ukraine & Russia,

who have not joined us before. We also plan to

invite nations where CCI is not yet established,

such as Hungary & Portugal. We hope for around

50 delegates from 10 or more nations, which



would overload a national conference! So, it

would be separate, extended to 4 days and hosted

in France, partly to expose French centre directors

to a wider European context of centres and

camps. Details are still being worked out and, as

you might imagine, there will be a lot of logistics!

Dan Bolin went on to join the CCI Spain

conference near Madrid from 18-22nd January.

Also looking ahead, I hope that some contacts can

be developed in Hungary and Southern France this

year, with a view to encouraging developments


I have a wonderful European support team

comprising of Richard Jackson, Susie Cooke, Ann

Baker & Keith Hagon. Please pray for us as we

consider these exciting opportunities.

Norman Doney

CCI Worldwide representative - Europe.




Available in a choice of sizes and divan options

Kenilworth Hathaway Kielder

Lewis Aquarest

All products conform to contract specification BS7177: 2008 Source 5

Contact: Christian Supply Chain Buying Group UK

Tel: 01225 779101 · Fax: 01225 779120

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www.cci.org.uk PAGE 19

with Andrew Wooding-Jones, Board member of CCI UK.

Who are you?

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And

that is what we are!” 1 John 3:1 NIVUK

Meeting new people means a dialogue of

discovery in order to establish a bit about who

we are. Often in our CCI world of meeting many,

many new people through work and ministry,

we can find ourselves wondering whether

answering the question “who are you?” means

we have to consider whether identity is about

who we are or what we do?

At the recent CCI gathering ‘who are you?’ may

have been around whether we are an instructor

or a trustee, a centre manager or a housekeeper,

or whether we find ourselves working in the

grounds or in the dining room or the office -

and sometimes all of them at once!

For some, our identity is much more about our

relationships - whether it’s about friendships

or as a parent, child, grandparent or sibling. In

different phases or seasons of life these may

take greater priority in our thinking.

Alongside our day to day sense of identity, with its

priority between our activity and our relationships,

there are some spiritual questions we might

consider and which I unpacked a little at my

seminar at the CCI national conference in January.

One question is around the deeper challenges

of balancing doing and being. In the busyness

of the activity of many of our ministries, do

we find quality time for rest? Is our identity

only defined by what we do, or is there a sense

in which quality weekly Sabbath prepares us

for what we do? This week I was at a seminar

in which the speaker not only encouraged

quality weekly Sabbath but he went further

and challenged us about having a daily time of

Sabbath too - to rest, renew and remember and

relate to God. We all know that ‘too busy to

pray is too busy’, but many of us can too easily

find ourselves celebrating a lifestyle of busyness.

Another challenge is our struggle to recognise

that identity in God is about who we are far more

than what we do, or even how others see us. As

the Father affirms Jesus at His baptism before

the beginning of His ministry - “And a voice came

from heaven: ‘You are my Son, whom I love; with

you I am well pleased.’” (Mark 1:11), so God affirms

you as His child and not for what you do.

He loves you not for your identity or your

activity, but because you belong to Him.


challenge is

our struggle to

recognise that

identity in God

is about who

we are far more

than what we

do, or even how

others see us.”

This is the last Back Page by Andrew for the time being. We are thankful to him for his relevant contributions

and spiritual insight over past editions. We are pleased to welcome Dave and Pat Wilmot to the Back Page,

who provide pastoral and prayer support to CCI members.


T 01908 477951 WWW.CCI.ORG.UK


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