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City Matters Edition 036

City Matters Edition

Ma ters. Turn to Page 4 Turn to Page 4 CITY MATTERS CITY LIVING Usually so focussed on artefacts, the Museum of London i switching focus to the future and how cities may look in 100 years Page 10 HEATING UP Warmer weather is taking over and meat is hitting grill everywhere; find out how one South African joint has turned around its fortunes Page 11 CITY MATTERS Force: We’re prime target for terrorists 10 - 16 May 2017 The City of London’s FREE hyperlocal newspaper Edition 032 EXCLUSIVE THE Square Mile’s police chief admits the City wi l always be a target for terrorists but stressed tha the force is using every available resource to counter the threat of an attack. With recent terror-related incidents in Westminster and across the globe dominating headlines, City of London Police is working harder than ever to make the Square Mile a safe a place as possible for people to live, work and visit. Commander Jane Gyford, who led the force’s a tack, when five people were murdered during an a tempted assault on Parliament, is at the forefront of counter terrorism policing in the UK. She understands innately the responsibility on the police to keep the public safe, suppor the City’s business community, and ensure that police officers are prepared for any eventuality. “It’s a sad fact that, as an area of historical, cultural and economic significance, the City of London wi l always be a target for those intent on causing high-profile disruption,” she told City “That’s why we use everything at our disposal to tackle these threats and work closely with other police forces and security services to identify parts of the Square Mile which may be particularly sensitive to any attempt to cause harm, including vehicle-borne a tacks such as the one seen in Westminster last month.” When the incident took place near the Palace response in the aftermath of the 22 April Westminster Security BUT COMMANDER SAYS SQUARE MILE WILL NOT COWER MYANMAR leader Aung San Suu Kyi was awarded an Honorary Freedom of the City of London on Monday amidst a storm of controversy that saw members of the Corporation’s common council boycott the ceremony and protesters picket Guildha l. The Nobel laureate was presented with the accolade by former Lord Mayor Sir Alan Yarrow, acting in the absence of current Lord Mayor Dr Andrew Parmley, who was overseas. The City of London said the award was in recognition of her “non-violent struggle over many years for democracy and her steadfast backlash: protesters opposed the ceremony FREEDOM FIGHTERS dedication to create a society where people can live in peace, security and freedom.” It is the highest honour the City can bestow on an individual, and puts Suu Kyi in the company of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Florence Nightingale, and Princess Diana. But the decision sparked anger amongst Burmese rights activists who say Suu Kyi does not deserve the award because of her refusal to speak out over a legations of crimes by Myanmar’s security forces against minority Rohingya Muslims. Suu Kyi has seen her Fresh face takes over: introducing the Corporation’s new policy chief PAGE 3 From the residents: Bi ly Mann pens the first Golden Lane Gazette PAGE 6 Made in Clerkenwe l creatives prepare to pitch up for the final time PAGE 12 Terrace now open for morning coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks Chamberlain’s Leadenhall Market RESTAURANT COCKTAIL BAR TERRACE EVENTS 23 - 25 Leadenhall Market EC3V 1LR | 0207 648 8690 |