Slipstream - June 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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http://mav.pca.org<br />

<strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

Published by the Maverick Region, Porsche Club of America<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

• Father’s Day Picnic<br />

• Sunday Drive<br />

• Rally School<br />

Past Events<br />

• Wild Wildflowers<br />

• May at Mayo’s<br />

• Results<br />

<strong>June</strong> 2007 - Published by the Maverick Region<br />

Porsche Club of America

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www.plano.porschedealer.com<br />

©<strong>2017</strong> Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

http://mav.pca.org<br />

Volume 55, Issue 6, <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

Find event updates at http://mav.pca.org, follow on Instagram at http://instagram.com/MaverickPCA<br />

and join our Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/mavpca/<br />

Features<br />

PCA Tours: The Bluebonnet Tour....................................... 7<br />

Kruder’s Cars & Conversation........................................ 12<br />

The Lost Easter Egg Rally................................................ 14<br />

May at Mayo’s.............................................................. 18<br />

All British and Europen Car Day..................................... 20<br />

Porsche of the Month..................................................... 21<br />

Porsche Trivia................................................................ 21<br />

May Mavs & Mochas Retrospective................................. 23<br />

Monthly Social at Hard 8 BBQ....................................... 25<br />

Historicizing Porsche..................................................... 28<br />

Maverick Region Social Media....................................... 31<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

<strong>June</strong> Board Meeting........................................................ 7<br />

Maverick Lunch Series.....................................................7<br />

Poker Rally...................................................................16<br />

Movie Night Rescheduled..............................................16<br />

<strong>June</strong> Social: Uncle Buck’s...............................................17<br />

Autocross Schedule.......................................................17<br />

Mavs & Mochas............................................................17<br />

Departments<br />

Sprockets (President’s Column)......................................... 2<br />

Maverick of the Month..................................................... 2<br />

List of Officers and Board Chairs...................................... 4<br />

Zone 5 Presidents............................................................4<br />

Maverick Minutes............................................................ 6<br />

New Mavericks and Anniversaries.................................... 9<br />

Unclassifieds................................................................. 34<br />

Advertiser Index............................................................ 34<br />

Around the Bend (Editor’s Column)................................. 36<br />

See more details and check for event updates via<br />

the QR code here or our online calendar at<br />

http://mav.pca.org/go/calendar<br />

Plano area lunch (each Monday)................ 5, 12, 19, 26<br />

Board Meeting..................................................... (Wed) 7<br />

Mavs & Mochas: Starbucks @ Las Colinas Village... (Sat) 10<br />

Autocross #5 at Mesquite High School...................(Sun) 11<br />

Lewisville area lunch............................................. (Tue) 13<br />

Mav Social: Uncle Buck’s in Grapevine..................(Thu) 15<br />

TENTATIVE: Movie Night Rescheduled.................... (Fri) 16<br />

Richardson and Southlake area lunches.................(Thu) 22<br />

No Board Meeting in July<br />

Plano area lunch (each Monday).........3, 10, 17, 24, 31<br />

PCA Parade <strong>2017</strong> in Spokane, WA........................... 9-15<br />

Lewisville area lunch............................................. (Tue) 11<br />

Mavs & Mochas: Stonebriar Community Church..... (Sat) 15<br />

Mav Social: TBD...................................................(Thu) 20<br />

Richardson and Southlake area lunches.................(Thu) 27<br />

Autocross #6 at Mesquite High School...................(Sun) 30<br />

20 Years of the Boxster<br />

was the featured display<br />

at this year’s May at<br />

Mayo’s event. Here’s<br />

Michael B hamming<br />

it up in front of the<br />

Spyders. Read about<br />

the event on page 18.<br />

Photo by Bob Molyneux<br />

Event Dates<br />

<strong>June</strong><br />

July<br />

On the Cover<br />

Captured during a recent Mavs & Mochas<br />

event, “Blue Kicks and Hips” features an<br />

unusual combination of blue suede shoes<br />

and wide Porsche hips.<br />

Photo by Paul Moseley<br />

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artist and <strong>Slipstream</strong> are credited. <strong>Slipstream</strong> is printed by Ussery Printing Company in Irving, Texas.<br />


Sprockets: Porsches Loved and Lost<br />

By David Robertson, Region President<br />

e recently held our 26th May at Mayo’s<br />

W<br />

event. I was unaware that this event was<br />

such a long-held tradition with the Maverick<br />

Region until Ed Mayo told me the story<br />

of its humble beginnings with an impromptu gathering<br />

in his shop with some unused rental tables and chairs<br />

from another member’s employee party that weren’t<br />

due back until after the weekend. Eventually one year<br />

the rental tables and chairs were no longer available<br />

but by then the party had become a tradition. The tradition<br />

that was started in May of 1991 continues to this<br />

day. Somewhere along the way a concours was added<br />

and now May at Mayo’s is one of our most popular<br />

events. We just have many more tables and chairs for<br />

those attending!<br />

I always enjoy the conversations when we all get<br />

together, and at this year’s May at Mayo’s, it seemed<br />

that many people were lamenting over Porsches they<br />

had owned at various points in history that, in hindsight,<br />

should never have been let go. I imagine that<br />

the collection of classic Porsches on display stoked the<br />

memories of those that were no longer owners of such<br />

cars. Tennyson said it is better to have loved and lost<br />

than to not have loved at all. I am not sure if this holds<br />

true when that sweet air-cooled 911 you traded in for a<br />

minivan all those years ago has gone up in value 500 or<br />

600 percent along with its coolness factor. For me that<br />

would be just a little hard to swallow. There were also<br />

a couple of stories about cars that were taken without<br />

permission and never seen again. This is a scenario that<br />

would be especially heartbreaking. One individual I<br />

was speaking with had the interior door panel removed<br />

for some work when his Porsche was borrowed, never<br />

to return. That cherished door panel has occupied a<br />

prominent place in his home since that day.<br />

Until now, I have never owned a car that I might<br />

possibly regret not owning someday in the future. I can<br />

only imagine what it would be<br />

Did you know<br />

that we have<br />

a monthly<br />

Maverick<br />

trivia contest?<br />

Enter and<br />

bring out<br />

your inner<br />

Porschephile!<br />

like to have possessed a special<br />

car many years ago with the realization<br />

for all the years since<br />

that you should have never<br />

parted ways. Is it really better to<br />

have loved and lost? I am sure<br />

there are plenty of you that<br />

could weigh in on that discussion<br />

with me at our next event.<br />

Did you know that we have<br />

a trivia contest? Fabulous prizes<br />

and your claim to know more<br />

about Porsches than anyone<br />

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor<br />

1235 William D. Tate Ave<br />

Grapevine, TX 76051<br />

817-329-6995<br />

else in the club are on the line each month. Jerry De-<br />

Feo creates and administers this friendly competition<br />

and you can find it right on the Maverick website at<br />

http://mav.pca.org/trivia/.<br />

This is the time of year when I envy all of you with a<br />

convertible. Put that top down, and if you notice that I<br />

am coupe-bound, please take me for a spin!<br />

MAV OF THE MONTH: Rose Gohlke<br />

Our Mav of the Month is one of the many unsung<br />

heroes of the club. It is a unanimous opinion that Rose<br />

Gohlke makes DE<br />

events more enjoyable<br />

for every participant.<br />

Rose<br />

makes sure that everyone<br />

stays hydrated<br />

with ice cold water<br />

and always has a<br />

great lunch on<br />

hand. She also does<br />

countless little nice<br />

things to brighten<br />

everyone’s day.<br />

Thank you, Rose,<br />

and we appreciate<br />

everything that you<br />

do for the DE<br />

events!<br />

2 <strong>June</strong>


<strong>2017</strong> Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs<br />

President<br />

David Robertson<br />

617-797-0516<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />

Autocross Chair<br />

Mark Schnoerr<br />

ax@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Pat Heptig<br />

214-649-7907<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

Vice President<br />

Jim Falgout<br />

vp@mavpca.org<br />

Time Trial Chair,<br />

(AX/TT Rules)<br />

Travis Howard<br />

214-616-6152<br />

tt@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race Co-Chair<br />

Joel Nannis<br />

cr@mavpca.org<br />

Secretary<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

972-977-9821<br />

secretary@mavpca.org<br />

TT Registrar, AX/TT<br />

Schools, Swap Meets<br />

Robyn Howard<br />

214-991-0873<br />

drivingschools@mavpca.org<br />

Club Race/DE Registrar<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

crreg@mavpca.org<br />

deregistrar@mavpca.org<br />

Treasurer<br />

Richard Solomon<br />

903-530-8281<br />

treasurer@mavpca.org<br />

Charity Chair<br />

Chris Hamilton<br />

hope@mavpca.org<br />

Concours Chair<br />

Andy Kay<br />

817-948-8538<br />

concours@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chair<br />

ChrisTabor<br />

817-371-4888<br />

de@mavpca.org<br />

DE Chief Driving Instr.<br />

John Sandusky<br />

817-777-0421<br />

cdi@mavpca.org<br />

DE Equipment Mgr.<br />

Hunter Allen<br />

deequip@mavpca.org<br />

DE Hospitality<br />

Rose Gohlke<br />

de@mavpca.org<br />

DE Sponsorship<br />

Daren Kirbo<br />

254-396-2973<br />

desponsorship@mavpca.org<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

Brian Scudder<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Email List Moderator<br />

Matt Platts<br />

mrpca-owner@<br />

yahoogroups.com<br />

Goodie Store<br />

Chris Flaugh<br />

214-288-5300<br />

goodiestore@mavpca.org<br />

Histographer, Tenured<br />

Charlie Davis<br />

historian@mavpca.org<br />

Membership Chair,<br />

Past President<br />

John Hamilton<br />

817-907-7823<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Monthly Social Chair<br />

Stephanie Ho<br />

hh@mavpca.org<br />

Online Calendar<br />

Karl Poulsen<br />

calendar@mavpca.org<br />

PCA Tours Co-Chair,<br />

Social Media<br />

Bill Orr<br />

tours@mavpca.org<br />

PCA Tours Co-Chair<br />

Mark Pitarresi<br />

817-715-7156<br />

tours@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

Don Sebert<br />

214-613-6900<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Rally Co-Chair<br />

George Luxbacher<br />

rally@mavpca.org<br />

Safety Co-Chair<br />

Wayne Elliott<br />

safety@mavpca.org<br />

Safety Co-Chair<br />

Bob Kramer<br />

safety@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Advertising,<br />

Coffee Meets<br />

Bill Kruder<br />

214-497-0711<br />

ads@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Event<br />

Ad Design<br />

Kurt Scaggs<br />

eventads@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor<br />

Jim Hirsch<br />

972-740-7377<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Content Ed.<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

817-422-3480<br />

editor@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Mailing<br />

Andy Mears<br />

214-394-5857<br />

mailing@mavpca.org<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Printing<br />

Fran Ussery<br />

972--438-8344 (W)<br />

817-481-8342 (H)<br />

printing@mavpca.org<br />

Social Chair<br />

Tracy Robertson<br />

817-944-5490<br />

social@mavpca.org<br />

Tech Sessions Chair<br />

Nikolaus Klemmer<br />

469-531-5314<br />

techcorner@mavpca.org<br />

Trivia Chair<br />

Jerry DeFeo<br />

972-240-5800<br />

trivia@mavpca.org<br />

Volunteers Chair<br />

Jim Gallegos<br />

214-697-0792<br />

volunteers@mavpca.org<br />

Web Site Chair<br />

James Shoffit<br />

972-786-6246<br />

webmaster@mavpca.org<br />

ARK-LA-TEX<br />

Ken Chandler<br />

bad968@bellsouth.net,<br />


Bryan Kerrick<br />

bksailspadre@<br />

sbcglobal.net<br />

<strong>2017</strong> PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative<br />


Steve Bukoski<br />

president@lsrpca.com<br />


Scott Spradley<br />

swsprad@bellsouth.net<br />

OZARK<br />

Jim Woolly<br />

jim.carol_NOSPAM@<br />

sbcglobal.net<br />


Mike Hamza<br />

mikehamza944@<br />

gmail.com<br />


Joy Jones<br />

presidentcmr@gmail.<br />

com<br />


Tracey Gross<br />

president@hcrpca.org<br />


Charles Bush<br />

president@longhornpca.org<br />


David Robertson<br />

president@mavpca.org<br />


Randal Goodman<br />

drtoys42@aol.com<br />


Leonard Zechiedrich<br />

whiteriverregionpca@<br />

gmail.com<br />

ZONE 5 REP<br />

Jon Jones<br />

zone5rep@pca.org<br />

www.zone5.pca.org<br />

4 <strong>June</strong>


Gimme a Minute: May Board Meeting Minutes<br />

By Wendy Shoffit, Region Secretary May 3, <strong>2017</strong><br />

P<br />

resident David Robertson<br />

began the meeting at 7:04<br />

pm. He announced we<br />

would be moving forward<br />

with printing <strong>Slipstream</strong> in full color<br />

starting in September. He mentioned<br />

that the Austin Schnellfest at Drivers’<br />

Ed event at COTA is coming along.<br />

Blue and Green groups are full with<br />

a waiting list and White and Yellow<br />

groups are still open. We will try to<br />

encourage registration. Bill Orr has a<br />

license plate prototype that he will be<br />

moving forward with. Reporting for<br />

Social Chair Tracy Robertson, May at<br />

Mayo’s (M@M) has 98 RSVPs already<br />

and needs more from board members.<br />

DE Chair Chris Tabor reported<br />

that we had a good weekend of driving<br />

in April without the forecasted<br />

rain. The event financials should be<br />

in the black. He has received requests<br />

to add another event in the spring<br />

next year, which he will consider. He<br />

mentioned that corner workers are<br />

getting harder to recruit and he’ll be<br />

finalizing details for a Work/Drive<br />

program and other incentives, as well.<br />

Several other suggestions were made<br />

around the room to consider.<br />

Safety Chair Bob Kramer was<br />

pleased with the results of the “refresher”<br />

document sent to DE drivers<br />

prior to this event. It reminded all<br />

about car number requirements, particularly<br />

2-driver cars. There was one<br />

on-track blown motor incident that<br />

had some complications. He will work<br />

to improve these issues to make future<br />

events safer.<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> Editor Jim Hirsch clarified<br />

that we will not have a board meeting<br />

in July. Reporting for Membership<br />

Chair John Hamilton, we have 37 new<br />

members for the month (lost ~29).<br />

For the first five months, we’ve had<br />

135 new members join, reiterating his<br />

point for keeping event information<br />

fresh and available. He worked hard<br />

to put together the 20 Years of the<br />

Boxster display at M@M, securing 13<br />

of the 15 models produced!<br />

Tour Chair Bill Orr showed the<br />

license plate prototype and is ready<br />

for the next step. TXDOT is taking<br />

6 <strong>June</strong><br />

a public survey about the design and<br />

will officially vote in <strong>June</strong>. We need<br />

200 prepaid orders to go into production<br />

and we have over 400 people<br />

who expressed an interest. He is also<br />

working on license plate frames with<br />

Goodie Store Chair Chris Flaugh. He<br />

also showed alternative name badge<br />

options for members with the new<br />

logo. He reported that the Movie<br />

Night will be May 19 and is looking<br />

for people to sign up. He purchased a<br />

bunch of Hot Wheel Porsches to give<br />

to kids at events to encourage them<br />

to attend.<br />

Advertising Chair Bill Kruder has<br />

the new ad rate structure to go with<br />

full color printing. He will be highlighting<br />

the benefits for advertisers<br />

with bullet points. He is also offering<br />

quarterly payment plans as an option,<br />

as well as PayPal (and maybe autopayment).<br />

He reported that PCA had<br />

about 30 cars show up at the British<br />

and European Car show.<br />

Volunteer Jim Gallegos has 5-7<br />

“cone heads” to help with parking<br />

and set up for M@M.<br />

Phyllis Gallegos is working with<br />

Tracy Robertson for M@M and has<br />

catering all set up from Desperados.<br />

Monthly Social Chair Stephanie<br />

Ho said the event at Hard 8 BBQ was<br />

very well attended. The crowds kept<br />

some attendees from eating, as they<br />

didn’t know they could order from<br />

the dining room rather than stand<br />

in the long line. The May event will<br />

be the Drive-In Movie. She is looking<br />

for a location for <strong>June</strong> that would be<br />

indoors, expecting hot temperatures.<br />

Vice President Jim Falgout suggested<br />

that we once again should try<br />

to host a Street Survival course, like<br />

the BMW club has.<br />

Content Editor Carey Spreen has<br />

been researching options for hosting<br />

an off-road event for SUV owners.He<br />

is working with Jeff Sebert, who has<br />

come up with a location in Bridgeport.<br />

They are looking at September.<br />

Concours Chair Andy Kay has<br />

everything set for the car show at<br />

M@M. He has 100 placards and<br />

ballots and has his timeline finalized.<br />

Rally Chair Don Sebert reported<br />

he had a successful Rally with about<br />

27 cars starting and 24 finishing. The<br />

event ended at a German restaurant<br />

in Muenster and everyone had a good<br />

time. He will send out complete results<br />

to competitors.<br />

Goodie Store Chair Chris Flaugh<br />

is working on license plate frames<br />

and has samples coming from local<br />

vendors, which he will display. He is<br />

ordering more logo window stickers,<br />

as he found a cheaper source. He also<br />

has three new merchandise items on<br />

the PCA website that are some lower<br />

priced hats and polos to offer as an<br />

option.<br />

Tour Co-Chair Mark Pitarresi mentioned<br />

he wanted to get shirts for tour<br />

group leaders or organizers. Cost per<br />

is $35 or $45 (with Porsche logo on<br />

back). Discussion ensued. David Robertson<br />

made a motion to approve six<br />

polo style shirts for event organizers<br />

(two Tours, two Rally, and two Concours)<br />

that the region would pay for.<br />

The motion was seconded by Karl<br />

Poulsen and approved unanimously.<br />

Others will be able to purchase similar<br />

polos.<br />

Tech Session Chair Nikolaus<br />

Klemmer passed out business cards he<br />

had printed for those who requested<br />

them. He is having difficulties finding<br />

a location for a tech session. He’s<br />

been collaborating with the Lone<br />

Star Region Tech Session chair who is<br />

having similar issues. Several location<br />

ideas were discussed.<br />

Webmaster James Shoffit said our<br />

web hosting is up for renewal at the<br />

end of the month. The cost is $400 for<br />

three years and is looking for a better<br />

alternative that is also cheaper.<br />

David Robertson announced that<br />

Rose Gohlke was Maverick of the<br />

Month for her great hospitality work<br />

at the Drivers’ Education events.<br />

Treasurer Richard Solomon<br />

reports we have roughly $135K<br />

including the April DE and expenses<br />

paid for COTA Club Race. Sponsorship<br />

money for DE and Drive In Movie<br />

Nigh is still due.<br />

The meeting adjourned at 8:40.

PCA Tour Recap: The Bluebonnet Tour<br />

By Mark Pitarresi, PCA Tours Co-Chair<br />

ur second tour for <strong>2017</strong> kicked off Saturday<br />

morning April 15. This was Bill Orr’s<br />

O<br />

and my first tour since Tom Martin handed<br />

the reins to us. It turned out to be perfect<br />

weather, with temperatures in the high 70s and just a<br />

few white fluffy clouds. Great for top-down/sunroofopen<br />

driving! We had 73 Porsches that carried 126<br />

people on this Bluebonnet Tour.<br />

We started<br />

our tour in<br />

Hutchins at<br />

an old Bank<br />

of America<br />

parking lot.<br />

By the time<br />

Drivers’ briefing at the start of the Tour<br />

we started,<br />

the parking<br />

lot was completely<br />

full, with a wide range of Porsche models. Our<br />

tour traveled 86.2 miles through the cities of Ferris,<br />

Palmer, Crisp, Chatfield, Rice, Alma, and Ennis. Ennis<br />

is one of the more popular places to view the Bluebonnets<br />

in Texas. It has been said that they have over<br />

100,000 visitors that come to see their famous bluebonnet<br />

trails in the spring. Ennis even has a Bluebonnet<br />

Festival to celebrate Texas’ state flower.<br />

This year spring came early and so did the bluebonnets.<br />

Even though we were a few weeks late for the<br />

prime blooming, they were still out waiting for us to<br />

complete the tour. It was the perfect setting for country<br />

scenery and spirited driving with our great members!<br />

The tour ended at Bubba’s BBQ and Steakhouse, which<br />

has been a staple in Ennis for over 25 years. They are famous<br />

for great food, and after a spirited drive through<br />

the countryside it was a good ending to the tour.<br />

PCA’s guidelines for the Tours program have<br />

changed a little. Our Drive Leaders are now called<br />

Group Leaders. If you have been on a tour this year,<br />

you probably also noticed we<br />

started using wrist bands to<br />

indicate that you have signed<br />

the insurance waiver. We will<br />

also have a Sweep dedicated<br />

to each group. The Sweep is<br />

the driver of the car at the end<br />

of the group, and is responsible<br />

for notifying the Group<br />

Leader about cars in trouble,<br />

unsafe driving, or for occasions<br />

where cars get separated<br />

from the group.<br />

Group Leaders ready!<br />

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the number of<br />

volunteers we need for the Tours. If you would like volunteer<br />

as a Group Leader please email us at tours@<br />

mavpca.org. H.P.D.E. Experience is preferred but not<br />

mandatory.<br />

I have lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over<br />

25 years (with the last two years in the PCA) and had<br />

no idea that within just a short drive we have so many<br />

great roads to exercise our Porsches’ abilities. Maverick<br />

Tours are a great way to get<br />

out and explore North Texas!<br />

A special thank you to all<br />

the Group Leaders! We had a<br />

total of six, including Tom<br />

Martin, Karl Poulsen, Peter<br />

Wen, Jason Bouque, Bill Orr,<br />

and myself. The Tour program<br />

cannot exist without<br />

our Group Leaders. They did<br />

a great job making sure that<br />

our tour was safe, spirited,<br />

and conviction-free.<br />

Photo by ‎Sudhi<br />

Ranganathan<br />

Specializing in all years and models<br />

of Porsche exclusively for more than<br />

30 years.<br />

The only certified installer for the "IMS Solution"<br />

in Texas and surrounding states!<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Photos by Tom Martin<br />

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817 540 4939<br />

www.mayoperformance.com<br />

email: mike@mayoperformance.com<br />


8 <strong>June</strong>

Welcome Our New Mavericks!<br />

By John Hamilton, Region Membership Chair<br />

Carlos Allen<br />

Allen<br />

2016 911 Turbo S<br />

John Anderson<br />

Hurst<br />

2007 Cayman<br />

Josh Bannerman<br />

Lewisville<br />

2014 Boxster S<br />

Chris Brown<br />

Lucas<br />

2015 911 Turbo<br />

Michael Calderone<br />

Rockwall<br />

2003 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet<br />

Roddy Chim<br />

Frisco<br />

2007 Cayman S<br />

Steve Conlin<br />

McKinney<br />

2000 Boxster<br />

Yann Cortina<br />

Euless<br />

2013 911 Carrera S<br />

Mike Dupre<br />

Denton<br />

1996 911 Carrera 4<br />

Michael Durovick<br />

McKinney<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Macan S<br />

** 40 Years **<br />

John Fulton (Janet Tyson)<br />

Barbara Smith<br />

35 Years<br />

30 Years<br />

Werner Foltz (Jacqueline Fitch)<br />

Steven White (Suji)<br />

Graham Lane<br />

20 Years<br />

15 Years<br />

Brian Amond<br />

Robert Bahash (Janice)<br />

Daniel McKay (Mary)<br />

Mike Farrell<br />

Bedford<br />

2014 Cayman<br />

John Gersic<br />

Frisco<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Macan Turbo<br />

Raj Gill<br />

Grapevine<br />

1996 911 Turbo<br />

Andrew Golden<br />

Carrollton<br />

2013 Boxster S<br />

Ambrocio Gutierrez<br />

Argyle<br />

1984 911 Carrera<br />

Chris Hanna<br />

Dallas<br />

2008 911 Carrera S Cabriolet<br />

Relle Howard<br />

Dallas<br />

1985 944<br />

Alex Kosarow<br />

Dallas<br />

1963 356 cabriolet<br />

Richard Lindsey<br />

Mansfield<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Macan GTS<br />

Richard Meszaros<br />

Westworth Village<br />

<strong>2017</strong> 718 Boxster S<br />

Anniversaries: <strong>June</strong><br />

Spring Lake, MI<br />

Dallas<br />

Bartonville<br />

Tyler<br />

Trophy Club<br />

Keller<br />

Plano<br />

Arlington<br />

Peter Milleson<br />

Allen<br />

2012 911 Turbo Cab<br />

Anthony Mitchell<br />

North Richland Hills<br />

2013 Boxster<br />

Trevor Peterson<br />

Frisco<br />

2011 Panamera S<br />

Anh Pham (Duy Tran)<br />

Garland<br />

2016 Cayenne S<br />

Ford Phillips<br />

Fort Worth<br />

1970 914-6<br />

John Polousky<br />

Prosper<br />

2016 911 Carrera S Cabriolet<br />

Chad Pudwill<br />

Plano<br />

2007 911 Turbo<br />

Michael Ridgeway<br />

Sachse<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Cayman S<br />

Eric Robinson (Kristi)<br />

Desoto<br />

2003 911 Targa<br />

Darren Ruotolo (Aura)<br />

Lewisville<br />

2015 Macan S<br />

Maverick Membership Totals<br />

Members ~ 1,709<br />

Affiliate Members ~ 856<br />

Total Membership ~ 2,565<br />

Brent Ruppi<br />

Dallas<br />

2014 911 Carrera 4<br />

William Shirk (Cynthia)<br />

Plano<br />

2007 Cayman S<br />

John Shofner<br />

Allen<br />

2015 911 GT3<br />

Sean Tyson<br />

Flower Mound<br />

2010 911 Carrera 4S<br />

Paul Wilhide<br />

Arlington<br />

1982 911 Turbo<br />

Philip Young<br />

Dallas<br />

2002 911 Carrera Cabriolet<br />

Faisel Zaman<br />

Dallas<br />

2015 Macan Turbo<br />

Transfers In<br />

None<br />

10 Years<br />

Roger Briggs (Heather)<br />

Douglas Koeppen (Cheryl)<br />

Richard Lyschik (Becky Broussard)<br />

Charles Perricone (Laurie)<br />

Sheldon Thomson<br />

5 Years<br />

Mason Chevaillier (Laurin)<br />

David Fox<br />

Livio Galanti (Paula)<br />

Paul Hoch<br />

John Keir (Patti)<br />

Jeff Klaumann (Ronda)<br />

Rosemary Moore (Ronald)<br />

James Parker<br />

Peter Roberts<br />

Brad Rodgers (Jeanette)<br />

Bryceon Sumner<br />

If you have any changes that<br />

you would like to make to the<br />

MRPCA membership guide,<br />

contact John Hamilton at<br />

membership@mavpca.org<br />

Highland Park<br />

Sanger<br />

Dallas<br />

Henderson<br />

Arlington<br />

Fort Worth<br />

Fairfax, VA<br />

Southlake<br />

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Irving<br />

Frisco<br />

Dallas<br />


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During Installation<br />

Owner Installed<br />

Highest Quality Guaranteed<br />

2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100<br />

Carrollton, TX 75006<br />

10 <strong>June</strong>

Like a Personal Trainer for your Porsche!<br />

• Expert maintenance and repair services • Track day preparation<br />

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We Also Buy, Sell and Consign Quality Pre-owned Porsches<br />

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PCA Special - Oil Change $199 00<br />

Plus Sales Tax<br />

Oil change with Mobil 1 for 996/986/997/987/991/981. Offer includes complimentary car wash and vacuum.<br />


Kruder’s Cars & Conversations<br />

By Bill Kruder, Region Advertising Chair<br />

Photos courtesy of the Author<br />

hen I first heard of this<br />

W<br />

guy Voy it was right<br />

here in <strong>Slipstream</strong> when<br />

he wrote a two-part<br />

article entitled “First Porsche.” Voy<br />

“Mitch” Mitchell and I then had a<br />

close encounter about a year ago at<br />

a Porsche Cars & Coffee on a cold<br />

blustery day in Addison as he drove<br />

by the rest of us standing in the<br />

drizzle. Since then Mitch has come<br />

out with us several times for coffee<br />

and a chat. Then some time went by<br />

without us seeing him as he battled<br />

cancer. I would hear some updates<br />

on him and then he and Marie<br />

attended Mavs & Mocha recently<br />

at Zims. As what often happens,<br />

someone said (this time it was Jim<br />

Hirsch), “you know, we really need<br />

to find out how this guy seems to<br />

get a different Porsche every few<br />

months.”<br />

So here is the next in my series<br />

of “conversations” I would like to<br />

share with you…<br />

Voy “Mitch” and Marie (MA-ree)<br />

Mitchell, owner of a 2015 911<br />

Turbo S , founding member<br />

of PCA West Germany Region<br />

in 1963 (disbanded in 2004)<br />

Bill Kruder: Ok, I have to ask: where<br />

is the name Voy from? Sounds like it’s of<br />

European descent?<br />

Mitch: Oh no. I don’t think my<br />

mom had any idea of where the<br />

name might have originated, but<br />

in those days everyone had two<br />

names, and I guess she liked Voy<br />

Jerome, so that’s what I was called.<br />

BK: Can’t say I ever met a Voy before.<br />

Mitch: Well I hadn’t either until<br />

I went into the service and met<br />

another; he was an officer so we<br />

didn’t really speak, but about five<br />

or six years ago I was able to look<br />

him up and we finally spoke.<br />

BK: So what branch of the military<br />

were you in? Did you stay in long?<br />

12 <strong>June</strong><br />

Mitch: I was in the Air Force for<br />

20-plus years and retired as a Master<br />

Sergeant in 1978.<br />

BK: After you retired what did you<br />

do?<br />

Mitch: I got a job with H-E-B in<br />

the meat processing plant, on what<br />

we would call today the IT side of<br />

things.<br />

BK: So you were kind of an IT guy<br />

in the Air Force?<br />

Mitch: No, I just kind of said I<br />

could do it and learned. We used<br />

a new system developed by Digital<br />

Equipment Corporation (DEC),<br />

who at that time was a leader in what<br />

was then called “Mini-Computers.”<br />

Taking courses through the GI Bill<br />

helped fill in the areas I couldn’t<br />

learn on my own.<br />

BK: And are you from here?<br />

Mitch: No, I grew up in a small<br />

oil patch town called Eldorado,<br />

Texas about 45 miles south of San<br />

Angelo. Our last assignment found<br />

us in San Antonio and we lived<br />

there for about 28 years. In 2004<br />

moved to Celina.<br />

BK: So I understand you two just<br />

celebrated a milestone?<br />

Marie: Yes we did! In December<br />

we had our 50th wedding anniversary.<br />

Fifty years of marriage looks<br />

pretty good on these kids<br />

BK: Where did you two meet? With<br />

your accent you are not from “these<br />

parts”?<br />

Marie: I’m from Ireland, but as it<br />

turned out, I was going to nursing<br />

school near London, and Mitch<br />

was stationed near London.<br />

Mitch: I was stationed at Chicksands,<br />

about 50 miles north of<br />

London. A friend I knew from assignment<br />

in Germany threw a party<br />

so that I could meet some girls and<br />

Marie was there. This was February<br />

of 1966, and we married in December<br />

of 1966.<br />

BK: Wow! That must have been a<br />

whirlwind relationship.<br />

Marie: I guess you could say<br />

that; we both worked crazy shifts<br />

too. When I was working nights,<br />

Mitch would be working days and<br />

vice versa, so we hardly saw each<br />

other.<br />

Mitch: I think we probably spent<br />

the equivalent of two weeks together<br />

in all that time from meeting to<br />

getting married.<br />

BK: Ok so let’s talk cars. How did<br />

you get interested in Porsches?<br />

Mitch: Well I was stationed in<br />

Siegelbach, West Germany in about<br />

1962 and a good friend had a ’62<br />

or ‘63 356 1600 Super cabriolet. Together<br />

we would hit all the Grand<br />

Prix tracks and I guess that just<br />

hooked me.<br />

BK: And what was your first then?<br />

Mitch: Well before I bought my<br />

first Porsche, in 1963 I bought a VW<br />

1200 Beetle, and drove it for about<br />

six months. I sold it and saved up so<br />

I could buy a 356.<br />

BK: How did that work out?<br />

Mitch: Good. I saved enough<br />

money and put down $200 on a<br />

1964 Signal Red 356C coupe. As<br />

I recall, I think they stickered at<br />

about $3600, which was a huge sum<br />

for a 22-year-old Staff Sergeant, but<br />

heck, I was single. So in October<br />

1963, I took the train to the factory<br />

in Stuttgart to take delivery of my<br />

new coupe. After a tour of the factory<br />

I was off on my journey.

BK: How long did you have it?<br />

Mitch: Well I had it for about<br />

two years, driving it all over West<br />

Germany, and shipped it back to<br />

the states, I sold it in 1965 I believe.<br />

BK: I understand you tracked the<br />

car down in later years?<br />

Mitch: I did. That car represented<br />

a special time and to this<br />

day I’ve always admired the 356. It<br />

changed hands several times over<br />

the years and even spent time in<br />

San Antonio; currently it’s in Long<br />

Island.<br />

BK: And what was next?<br />

Mitch: Well, we had a pretty big<br />

gap between our first and second<br />

Porsche. It wasn’t until 2014 that<br />

we bought our second and that was<br />

a 2007 Carrara White on Black Boxster.<br />

We took that out on several<br />

Sunday Drives (now Tours). After<br />

driving it several months something<br />

with the engine just wasn’t right.<br />

We had Al Zim check it out and decided<br />

before we put any money in it<br />

we would get rid of it.<br />

Marie: This is where it gets interesting<br />

(laughing).<br />

BK: And how’s that?<br />

Mitch: One day I traded it in at<br />

Park Place for a 2015 Carrara White<br />

Metallic on Black Boxster.<br />

Marie: He leaves in one and<br />

comes back in another; it’s white<br />

and black looked nearly the same<br />

to me (laughing again)!<br />

BK: And?<br />

Mitch: The 2015 was fun but just<br />

not fast enough for what I wanted<br />

as we took more drives . . . there was<br />

a “need for speed” happening. So<br />

one day I traded it for a 2014 Carrera<br />

S, Pure White on Black again.<br />

Marie: I’ve gotten pretty used to<br />

having a white and black Porsche in<br />

the garage!<br />

BK: But this isn’t what you are driving<br />

today?<br />

Mitch: No, I was on a drive and<br />

the guys kidded me that there was a<br />

Turbo S in Austin available, knowing<br />

that I had a “need for speed.”<br />

So last November I picked up the<br />

Pure White on Espresso Turbo S<br />

down in Austin.<br />

Marie: Now this one I noticed<br />

(laughing). It has such a lovely interior<br />

color and matching top.<br />

BK: And Marie, all the time you<br />

were really ok with all these cars coming<br />

and going?<br />

Marie: Oh yes! Mitch has always<br />

been such a good provider, husband,<br />

and father -- he deserves this<br />

and more.<br />

And once again to think that after<br />

a few chance meetings I would<br />

uncover yet another great personal<br />

story of a guy, his girl of 50-plus<br />

years, and a handful of “white” cars.<br />

And always remember we are “driving<br />

friendships.”<br />

Mitch’s next to last Porsche; I promise<br />


The Lost Easter Egg Rally: A First-Timer’s Perspective<br />

By Beckie Gomer<br />

Photos by George Luxbacher and Bill Orr<br />

om and I have been<br />

T<br />

PCA Mav members for<br />

almost four years. We<br />

have participated in<br />

Saturday and Sunday drives that<br />

took us touring the bluebonnets,<br />

the country roads of Granbury,<br />

and some wonderful stops at North<br />

Texas wineries. We have enjoyed<br />

several cups of coffee with friends<br />

all over the Metroplex. We have<br />

attended luncheons and happy<br />

hours. We have even driven the<br />

Texas Hill Country with 100 other<br />

Porsches, twice! So why have we<br />

not ever participated in a Maverick<br />

Region rally? I had no real answer<br />

to that question. When the notice<br />

came out to register for the Second<br />

Annual Easter Rally to Muenster, I<br />

made the executive decision that<br />

the Gomers would participate.<br />

On Saturday, April 22, we<br />

headed out to meet the group at the<br />

Exxon parking lot in Corral City.<br />

The weather called for no more<br />

storms or rain with much cooler<br />

temperatures for Texas springtime.<br />

The sky was overcast at 7:45 am<br />

but I was hopeful for sunshine by<br />

departure time. We arrived at the<br />

parking lot around 9:00 am with<br />

several cars already ahead of us. I<br />

have some idea of who attends the<br />

drives, the Mavs & Mochas, and<br />

the lunches. The rally group was<br />

a mystery to me. Who would be<br />

there? Would I know anyone? How<br />

difficult would the questions be<br />

for the rally? Would we be able to<br />

The starting point in Corral City<br />

14 <strong>June</strong><br />

manage the instructions and answer<br />

the questions? Would our marriage<br />

survive the fact there would be an<br />

official navigator and driver? These<br />

were all questions in my mind when<br />

we drove up. Being that this was<br />

our very first gimmick rally, I was<br />

excited to learn about this process.<br />

I knew that the gimmick portion<br />

meant it was not a timed event, and<br />

more of a fun event. Sort of like a<br />

scavenger hunt for Porsches.<br />

Rallymeister Don Sebert providing<br />

instructions to the rally participants<br />

There were about 27 cars which<br />

meant about 54 people. Wendy<br />

Shoffit had her bunny ears on and<br />

was the only person “dressed” up<br />

for the rally. Or so she thought. Little<br />

did she know, the Gomers had<br />

Mad Hatter hats with bunny ears<br />

attached to their fronts. We were<br />

prepared; we just couldn’t drive<br />

with the hats on and the top up!<br />

We all signed in, we listened to<br />

the instructions, and the navigators<br />

got the rally book. The book consisted<br />

of the questions, the numbered<br />

instructions for the route,<br />

and a bunch of pictures to look for<br />

on the route. I had read the general<br />

instructions from home, yet I<br />

was still unsure of what to expect<br />

with the numbered instructions,<br />

which was essentially our map.<br />

GPS, Google, and other electronic<br />

help was off limits during the rally,<br />

which meant we had to rely on<br />

these instructions entirely.<br />

The first numbered instruction<br />

began segment one, which included<br />

five questions that we had to answer<br />

along the route. For example, one<br />

question was “If you were to “B” the<br />

Judge, this is where you might live!”<br />

The answer was somewhere along<br />

the route on a sign, partial sign, or<br />

somewhere visible. I finally saw it<br />

halfway through the segment as a<br />

road sign, “B Judge Lane.” We saw<br />

two of the eight pictures in this segment<br />

as well. We missed one question<br />

entirely and just did not see<br />

the answer. However, we were told,<br />

when we got to the next segment,<br />

to move on to the other questions.<br />

There were nine segments in all,<br />

with about two to five questions in<br />

each segment. There were eight<br />

pictures total along the route and<br />

we had to identify which pictures<br />

belonged in which segment. One<br />

of the pictures was a large, metal<br />

rooster next to a fence. We couldn’t<br />

miss that one!<br />

The numbered instructions<br />

were actually very easy to follow,<br />

making the need for our ever-ready<br />

GPS not necessary. Tom was listening<br />

to my navigation and directions<br />

without any comment, which was a<br />

miracle. On the route, we saw just<br />

a few other Porsches which made<br />

the drive more like one of our own<br />

Sunday drives than a Porsche Maverick<br />

event. Again, we were used<br />

to the spirited drives with 10 – 16<br />

The Gomers sporting the Mad Hatter<br />

look with bunny ears

Porsches together. Even though we<br />

were competing, my anxiety and<br />

stress levels were low, allowing me<br />

to enjoy the scenery while looking<br />

for answers to the questions. We<br />

saw parts of North Texas we had<br />

never driven, pretty green fields,<br />

Texas wildflowers, and many herds<br />

of cattle. In fact, one of the questions<br />

on the route had us choosing<br />

which ranch was NOT seen during<br />

the segment. That one was a trick<br />

question because they were all seen<br />

on the route, just the spelling was<br />

different to throw us off.<br />

We finished the rally in about<br />

two hours which was what our Rallymeisters<br />

had suggested as the estimated<br />

time. The finish line was at<br />

Rohmer’s Restaurant in Muenster.<br />

Our ending mileage said we drove<br />

74.6 miles but it didn’t seem like it<br />

at all. Tom and I had so much fun<br />

on the route -- it felt like the time<br />

flew by. We were able to use our two<br />

type-A personalities to focus on answering<br />

the questions, look for objects<br />

in the pictures, and follow the<br />

numbered instructions. After we<br />

ate our schnitzel plates, the award<br />

ceremony began with winners in<br />

the first, second, and third places,<br />

as well as DLBF (dead last but finished).<br />

We were shocked and excited<br />

to hear that we won second<br />

place! As first timers! And we won<br />

the best costume as well with our<br />

Mad Hatter hats!<br />

In the end, we loved participating<br />

in our first gimmick rally. Our<br />

marriage survived, we got second<br />

place, we saw beautiful parts of<br />

Texas we had not seen before, and<br />

we met new friends in the Club.<br />

The only question remaining, when<br />

is the next one?<br />

Editor’s Note - Rally award winners<br />

included:<br />

First Place:<br />

Driver James Shoffit and navigator<br />

Wendy Shoffit<br />

Second Place:<br />

Driver Tom Gomer and navigator<br />

Beckie Gomer<br />

Third Place:<br />

Driver Sue Crimm and navigator<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

(David and Trish Nark actually tied<br />

for third, so the standings were determined<br />

by the tiebreaker, elapsed mileage<br />

closest to the official mileage)<br />

The coveted DLBF (Dead Last But<br />

Finished) award:<br />

Victor and Ericka Anderson<br />

Rally awards: Carey Spreen, Sue<br />

Crimm, Wendy Shoffit, Beckie and Tom<br />

Gomer, Victor and Ericka Anderson<br />


Brake fluid flush $125<br />

includes one liter of Motul RBF600<br />

"Get the most out of your braking system with this essential regular maintenance"<br />

We are the automotive experts who service your car<br />

with personal attentiveness and care.<br />

2520 Tarpley Rd, Suite 100<br />

Carrollton, Texas 75006<br />

972-418-1996<br />

innovativeautosportstx@gmail.com<br />


16 <strong>June</strong><br />

Upcoming Maverick Region Events

Upcoming Maverick Region Events<br />


May at Mayo’s: Multiple Perspectives<br />

By Carey Spreen, Debi Gibson, and Bill Kruder<br />

Photos as noted<br />

Carey Spreen<br />

I have been attending May at Mayo’s<br />

since at least 2001 (see the July 2001<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong> online for the incriminating<br />

evidence), and I have to say that<br />

the <strong>2017</strong> edition was a standout! The weather<br />

for the first weekend in May can be really hot,<br />

really wet, really windy, or some combination<br />

thereof, but the weather this time was just about<br />

perfect. Add to that a significant turnout of just<br />

about every flavor of Boxster that Porsche has<br />

produced, an enthusiastic crowd, and great<br />

Mexican food . . . well, I’ll just say that it’ll be<br />

tough to top this one. Thanks to Tracy Robertson<br />

and her team for organizing the dinner, to<br />

Concours Chair Andy Kay, to Jim Gallegos and<br />

his merry band of volunteer “coneheads,” and<br />

to the Mayo Performance crew for hosting the<br />

whole thing again for the umpteenth time!<br />

20 Years of the Boxster was celebrated with a featured display area<br />

Photo by Andrew Barber<br />

Andrew Barber on the<br />

ladder to capture the<br />

Boxster group photo<br />

Photo by Landon Stogner<br />

The crowd for dinner and awards filled the Mayo garage area<br />

Photo by Landon Stogner<br />

Debi Gibson<br />

This year was my first<br />

time “behind the scenes”<br />

at May at Mayo. What<br />

amazing preparation<br />

and effort . . . from the 2 Margarita<br />

machines, to the 130 beers, to the<br />

countless waters and full plates of<br />

Desperado’s delicious Tex-Mex,<br />

nothing happened by accident, but<br />

rather by the faithful effort of our<br />

Mav’s Social Chair Tracy Robertson!<br />

Andy Kay brought the gold too --<br />

that’s medals of course, for Best in<br />

Class -- and managed the ballots for<br />

concours voting and awards. And<br />

did I mention parking? Well-thoughtout<br />

concours staging showcased 20<br />

years of Boxsters and grouped<br />

Porsches to show off the best of what<br />

the brand offers. What would we do<br />

without our faithful volunteers, Phyllis<br />

and Jimmy Gallegos, Bill Kruder,<br />

Bill Orr, Jim Hirsch, Michael Baynton,<br />

Mike O’Hare, Mike Barnett,<br />

Peter Wen, and Robert Kendrick?<br />

Want to enjoy the next event even<br />

more? Get behind the scenes, serve,<br />

and you and your Porsche will have<br />

the ride of your life! I know I did!<br />

All four Boxster Spyder<br />

models were displayed<br />

front and center<br />

Photo by<br />

Andrew Barber<br />

Shade was welcome<br />

wherever you could<br />

find it on this sunny<br />

afternoon<br />

Photo by<br />

Andrew Barber<br />

18 <strong>June</strong>

Our youngest Porsche enthusiasts are drawn to the oldest Porsche model on display<br />

Photo by Bob Molyneux<br />

People’s Choice Car Show Results<br />

Division/Model 1st Place Class Winner<br />

356 All Years Bill Kruder<br />

914/4 and 914/6 Rob Wallace Cody Sears<br />

911 and 912 (1965-1973) (no entries)<br />

911 and 912 (1974-1989) Rob Pritchett Mike De Jong<br />

964 and 993 (1989-1998) Hamp Williams Jay Moore<br />

996 and 997 (1999-2012) Peter Wen Robert Kendrick<br />

991 (2012-on) Gordon Graves Preston Dyer<br />

924, 944, 968, and 928 (1977-1995) Andy Kay<br />

Boxster and Cayman (1997-2012) Warren Bischoff Fred Stubbs<br />

Boxster and Cayman (2013-on) Mark Liniado John Szysh<br />

Cayenne, Panamera, and Macan Jon Hamel Sue Crimm<br />

Special Interest<br />

Tom Cundari<br />

Bill Kruder<br />

This only being my<br />

second May at<br />

Mayo’s and kind of<br />

a newbie here,<br />

though I have been a customer<br />

on and off for years, this is always<br />

one of the most anticipated<br />

events of the year. What amazes<br />

me is the variety of cars that<br />

show up. This year it seems we<br />

had more water cooled than air<br />

cooled. This might be due to<br />

the “showcasing” of the select<br />

group of Boxsters. Think my favorite<br />

group of cars was the 914s<br />

that ranged from a pristine show<br />

car to a daily driver to a track<br />

car. Also what was really nice this<br />

year was the organization of the<br />

cars which made it great for<br />

comparing models and years.<br />

And did I mention the people? I<br />

think again this is the most diverse<br />

group of members to attend<br />

that we don’t see on a regular<br />

basis.<br />

The most unique Porsche on display<br />

Photo by Anthony Mitchell<br />

People’s Choice Winners include (L-R): Rob Wallace, Hamp Williams, Fred Stubbs,<br />

Sue Crimm, Tom Cundari, Jon Hamel, Warren Bischkoff, Belinda Bush, Rob Pritchett,<br />

Jay Moore, Preston Dyer, Angelia Szysh, Mark Liniado (Photo by Andrew Barber)<br />

1936 Triumph Gloria Southern<br />

Cross drew a crowd<br />

Photo by Anthony Mitchell<br />


AKA ABCDE: All British & European Car Day<br />

By Michael Baynton<br />

Photos by Andrew Barber<br />

t would take a lot more than a weekend of<br />

I<br />

inclement weather to deter nearly 30 members<br />

of the Maverick Region, Porsche Club<br />

of America from the 33rd annual All British<br />

& European Car Day in Dallas. The event, held April 30<br />

at White Rock Lake Park, included an official count of<br />

240 vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, three-wheelers,<br />

and other eclectic automobilia.<br />

The stormy weather Saturday<br />

brought cool brisk<br />

winds, downed trees, and<br />

a quick change of parking<br />

location on event day.<br />

Despite these unforeseen<br />

changes, PCA members<br />

kicked off the day early<br />

Sunday morning with the<br />

now customary pre-meet<br />

at Starbucks in Casa Linda<br />

Pre-meet underway<br />

Plaza to load up on caffeine<br />

and a nice selection<br />

of donuts and kolaches.<br />

For participants, the chilly temps meant adding an extra<br />

layer of clothing after fueling up (the drivers, not<br />

the cars) for the short drive to the east side of the lake.<br />

Several PCA members have entered as individual<br />

contestants in past years, and Porsches have even won<br />

awards (Hello, Jack Griffin!). However, this year marked<br />

the first time PCA members from the Maverick region<br />

registered as an official group. This meant a passel of<br />

Porsches added<br />

a decidedly<br />

German<br />

flavor to the<br />

wide range of<br />

modern and<br />

vintage machinery<br />

that<br />

dotted the<br />

picturesque<br />

setting along<br />

the shores of<br />

A portion of the Porsche passel<br />

White Rock<br />

Lake.<br />

While the car show welcomed all years of participating<br />

models, only cars at least 25 years old were eligible<br />

for judged awards. More specifically, based on quick<br />

“Porsche math,” the requirement eliminated all watercooled<br />

Porsches in attendance (minus one Porsche<br />

928) and shone the spotlight squarely on the small<br />

but proud air-cooled contingent. When the votes were<br />

tallied, Rob Wallace’s perfectly-presented 1973 Porsche<br />

914S took top honors in the vehicle class. Runner-up<br />

went to Bill Kruder’s honest and unmolested 1964<br />

Porsche 356C, while the 1974 Porsche 911 owned by<br />

your humble author snuck onto the short step of the<br />

podium.<br />

Best of all, PCA entry fees generated $750 in charitable<br />

contributions to the RPM Foundation. The nonprofit<br />

organization supports the growth of the next<br />

generation of automotive restoration and preservation<br />

craftsmen. In short: a beautiful venue, a terrific cause,<br />

and a great time had by all who attended this year. Let’s<br />

go even bigger in 2018!<br />

Maverick members trying for a perfect group pose<br />

20 <strong>June</strong>

Porsche of the Month<br />

Selected by Bill Orr<br />

For instruction on<br />

how to submit your<br />

Porsche photos in the<br />

POTM contest go to:<br />

http://mav.pca.org/<br />

photos/POTM/<br />

2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, 1 of 1 Polar Silver / Lipstick Red (Photo by Peter Wen)<br />


It’s Easy to Play!<br />

Play here for fun and find the answers below<br />

OR<br />

Play for prizes on the web at http://mav.pca.org.<br />

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this together.<br />

The Winner for this month is<br />


getting all 5 of 5 Correct.<br />

Congratulations Jim.<br />

Thanks to all that played this month,<br />

and we will see you next month.<br />

Jim, please contact Kirk at Zim’s<br />

to claim your $25 Gift Certificate.<br />

Thanks to all for playing!<br />

1. The first Porsche 911 Slant Nose rolled out on July 16, 1981. It<br />

later became an official option # M506 for the ____ model year.<br />

a. 1982 b. 1984 c. 1985 d. 1987<br />

Source: Porsche 911 Red Book, p 62<br />

2. Starting in 1975, to comply with Federal 5 mph bumper laws,<br />

USA-bound cars had to be raised to comply. But it was in ____<br />

that the USA came back in line with the rest of the world.<br />

a. 1977 b. 1979 c. 1981 d. 1983<br />

Source: Porsche 911 Red Book, p 62<br />

3. In the 1998 and 1999 Porsche 996 Carrera Options List there<br />

was an optional paint-to-sample color that could add some three<br />

to six months to the delivery time. The cost was a cool ______?<br />

a. $2,785 b. $3,395 c. $3,990 d. $4,230<br />

Source: Porsche 911 Red Book, p 139<br />

4. In December of 1993 Porsche ended production of the 964<br />

and began the 993 in January of 1994 with virtually no carryover<br />

parts other than the roof and trunk lid. There were many<br />

upgrades to the 3.6L engine, raising the horsepower to 272.<br />

Which of the following seemed to be most welcome on the new<br />

engine?<br />

a. Lighter rods and pistons b. Upgraded engine management<br />

c. Direct Port FI d. Hydraulic valve lifters<br />

Source: Porsche 911 Red Book, p 118<br />

5. Porsche, in the beginning, did not feel an automatic<br />

transmission was anything that needed to be in a proper sports<br />

car. However, customer demand necessitated the 4-speed<br />

Sportomatic that was a _ extra cost item in 1968 on US models.<br />

a. $280 b. $295 c. $330 c. $385<br />

Source: Porsche 911 Red Book, p 13<br />

Answers: 1) d 2) d 3) a 4) b 5) c<br />



So Your Part is NLA!<br />

• Rebuild, Restore or Totally Recreate<br />

to OEM Quality<br />

• We Manufacture Custom Pieces for<br />

Modified or Racecars.<br />

• We Work With Most Materials<br />

• We Specialize in Accurate Replication of Parts<br />

R A N D A L L<br />

RKT<br />

K A R A<br />

T E C H N I Q U E S<br />


817-624-1322<br />

Porsche/Ferrari/Exotic<br />

Service/Tuning/Restoration<br />

30 Years of Service<br />

22 <strong>June</strong>

May Mavs & Mochas: Frisco Rail Yard<br />

By Bill Kruder and Debi Gibson, Region Coffee Meet Co-Chairs, Photos by Andrew Barber<br />

hat better way to start celebrating Mother’s<br />

W<br />

Day weekend than with over 100 of your<br />

closest friends. Yes, that’s what we had Saturday<br />

at the Frisco Rail Yard. The morning<br />

was perfect, with clear skies, hardly a breeze, and 60<br />

degree temps. The “crew” crossed the tracks at 7:30 am<br />

to find a few Mavs already there; mind you, this doesn’t<br />

Barn find 1965 Porsche 356C<br />

Porsche Cayman GT4 and the Frisco Rail Yard<br />

sporting their very own Mavs & Mochas T-shirts! And<br />

to my continued amazement I had the chance to meet<br />

a half dozen or so first-time attendees. Seems every<br />

month we pick up new members.<br />

start till 8:30 am. By start time, we had well over 50 cars<br />

and the paved parking was full. The “crew” quickly diverted<br />

cars to the “grassy knoll” with the first row about<br />

8:45 am, followed by the second, the third, and yes, the<br />

fourth row of cars. Speaking of<br />

cars, I think we had every model<br />

covered, from a barn find 1965<br />

356C coupe to a stunning Panamera;<br />

water cooled to vintage<br />

air cooled.<br />

Of course, there’s the people.<br />

We had seven-month-old Lucas<br />

attending his first M&M with<br />

mom and dad in tow. Corbin<br />

(10) and Brady (8) Stogner<br />

were our official “junior Mavs” The Stogner “crew”<br />

and “crew” members, even<br />

The always smiling crew member Peter Wen (1 of 1)<br />

Crew members pointing, “the grass parking is that way”<br />

Now let’s talk about the venue. Greg McDonald and<br />

his staff at the Frisco Rail Yard had the place ready to<br />

go as we rolled in. The 5th Street food truck was serving<br />

their breakfast tacos, the Caboose had coffee and<br />

donuts, and the Patio Bar was ready with Bloody Marys<br />

and mimosas.<br />

So if you have<br />

not been out with<br />

us to enjoy a good<br />

cup of coffee with<br />

100 close friends,<br />

you might just<br />

want to give us a<br />

try this month...<br />

Driving<br />

Friendships.<br />

Here’s Macy, yet another new<br />

participant in this popular event<br />

Photo by Bob Molyneux<br />


©<strong>2017</strong> Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.<br />

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the Porsche-certified technicians you trust.<br />

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24 <strong>June</strong><br />

Park Place Porsche<br />

6113 Lemmon Avenue<br />

Dallas, TX 75209<br />

214.525.5400<br />


Maverick Monthly Social: Hard 8 BBQ<br />

Photos by Stephanie Ho, George Luxbacher, Steve and Brenda Cloutier<br />

H<br />

ow IDYLLIC!! On a perfect sunny and breezy spring evening, enjoying<br />

seasoned pit Texas BBQ with 80+ Porsche friends on the charmingly rustic<br />

patio and surrounded by dapper Porsches!<br />

Come join us at our Flag Day and Father’s Day Party on <strong>June</strong> 15!<br />


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26 <strong>June</strong>

We Buy, Sell & Trade the World’s Finest Timepieces<br />

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6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas 75205 214.522.2400 deBoulle.com<br />


Historicizing Porsche: The Russian Connection<br />

By Ash Seidl-Staley<br />

Photo courtesy of the Author<br />

ne can hardly turn on the news, regardless<br />

O<br />

of the partisan outlet, without seeing Russia<br />

boldly displayed in the headline, or, at<br />

the very least, shimmying across the banner<br />

at the bottom of the television screen. Lt. General<br />

Michael Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s National<br />

Security Advisor and his subsequent plea for immunity,<br />

as well as updates on the mountain of evidence<br />

stacking against Russian President Vladimir Putin take<br />

center stage of this coverage. It’s crazy to think about,<br />

but this pattern of attention, conflict, and speculation<br />

is cyclical. It has been occurring for decades. I’m not<br />

sure how many people actually remember, but the Cold<br />

War, the political witch hunts/trials based on radical<br />

McCarthyism, and Reagan’s surprising admiration for<br />

Gorbachev steered us through most of the twentieth<br />

century.<br />

In the 1990s, headlines really switched gears when<br />

they started describing a broke and socially conflicted<br />

Russia. Having just risen out of the ashes of the Soviet<br />

Union, Russia was forced to lean on the U.S. and the<br />

International Monetary Fund (IMF) for economic,<br />

social, and even political support. But this never garnered<br />

mutually beneficial relationships. Russia always<br />

distrusted the West, and the West always doubted Russian<br />

sincerity. No matter which side of the political<br />

spectrum you find yourself on, you can at least agree<br />

that Russia is important, that Russia is here to stay, and<br />

that both the U.S. and Russia will continue to meddle<br />

in each other’s’ affairs for decades to come.<br />

Russia’s international meddling stretches far back<br />

into history, but for our intents and purposes we<br />

should really just start in the 1930s. In his autobiography<br />

entitled We at Porsche: The Autobiography of Dr. Ing.<br />

h.c. Ferry Porsche, Ferry Porsche, the son of Ferdinand<br />

Porsche, describes when Joseph Stalin came knocking<br />

on his father’s office door in Stuttgart. In 1932, Stalin<br />

sent a delegation with hopes of wooing Porsche into<br />

adding his expertise to the goals and aspirations of the<br />

Soviet Union. “At first we though the invitation was so<br />

improbable that we had trouble taking [the encounter]<br />

seriously,” noted Ferry. After breaking the ice with an<br />

impromptu visit, Stalin then offered Ferdinand Porsche<br />

an invitation to go on a tour of the Soviet Union.<br />

Porsche accepted the offer and was subsequently<br />

conducted around Russia, stopping mostly to admire<br />

and view Soviet aircraft and automobile factories. Once<br />

Porsche had a general idea about how Stalin’s automobile<br />

and military vehicle industry operated, Stalin<br />

offered Porsche a prestigious position as his Chief Construction<br />

Director, a station that would basically make<br />

Porsche the director of the research and development<br />

arm of the Soviet auto industry. The job included a<br />

hefty sum of money, a villa in the mountains, and even<br />

the ability to transfer all of his Stuttgart staff to a new<br />

Soviet located workshop.<br />

Ultimately, Ferdinand decided to distance himself<br />

from Stalin. Many historians and Porsche fanatics believe<br />

that Ferdinand declined because the European<br />

Grand Prix did not race in the Soviet Union. Ferdinand<br />

loved to race his cars, especially against rival European<br />

car manufacturers, so moving to a place where that was<br />

not possible was simply just not an option. Ferdinand’s<br />

son Ferry describes<br />

his father’s choice,<br />

likewise, in simplistic<br />

terms. “After much<br />

consideration,” Ferdinand<br />

turned down<br />

the Soviet courtship<br />

because he felt that<br />

learning the Russian<br />

language would have<br />

been far too difficult.<br />

Running a nation’s<br />

Ferdinand Porsche with son Ferry<br />

automobile industry was a hard enough task; Porsche<br />

could not imagine running the foreign industry when<br />

he could not even communicate with his subordinates<br />

and supervisors.<br />

Ferdinand’s decision to snub the Soviets demarcates<br />

one heck of a “what if” scenario in the historical timeline<br />

of the Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi automobile<br />

brands. Had Porsche said yes to Stalin, would a derivative<br />

of the iconic Volkswagen have been produced in<br />

Russia? Would a Russian made car have launched Ferdinand<br />

and his successors to the top of the global market<br />

for exotic race cars? Or, would the Russian collaboration<br />

have been a flop, and the Porsche name forgotten<br />

by the year 1960? That’s the fun of causational what ifs:<br />

we just don’t know. What we do know, thankfully, is that<br />

two years after the Soviet invitation, Porsche opened a<br />

contract with Reichsverband der Automobilindustrie, initiating<br />

the production of what has come to be known as<br />

Hitler’s “people’s car.”<br />

But that, my good Mavericks, is a topic best saved for<br />

another article, in another edition of <strong>Slipstream</strong>. Remember<br />

to check out what’s going on with our amazing<br />

club this summer both by checking the pages of<br />

<strong>Slipstream</strong>, and by visiting the Maverick website or one<br />

of its social media platforms. As always . . . stay safe in<br />

the heat and Wrench On Mavs!<br />

28 <strong>June</strong>

Parts or Service, We Deliver Excellence.<br />

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Expert service and repair.<br />

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www.allzim.com<br />

zimips@allzim.com<br />

1804 Reliance Pkwy. Bedford, TX 76021 M-F 8am to 5:30pm<br />

Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.<br />

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competitionmotorsport.com<br />

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30 <strong>June</strong>

Maverick Region Social Media: Our Online Presence<br />

By James Shoffit, Region Webmaster<br />

averick Region PCA (many thanks to the<br />

M<br />

tireless Bill Orr!) now provides updated information<br />

across a wide variety of platforms<br />

to inform you, our customers, of upcoming<br />

events and club information.<br />

Your first stop for information should be our website:<br />

http://mav.pca.org (note there is no” www” at the<br />

front). But if you would rather receive information<br />

rather than having to look for it, you can subscribe to<br />

our calendar feed from our website, or use one of the<br />

following methods to get the info you need!<br />

Nearly every member receives our email blasts, or<br />

has the opportunity to. As of May 1, we have 1,960 valid<br />

email addresses for primary and associate members<br />

(out of a total of 2,675 active members). If your email<br />

address changes or you want to add your associate<br />

member’s email address, you can do so through www.<br />

pca.org, or by calling the PCA national office at (410)<br />

381-0911.<br />

The second most used resource is our Facebook<br />

group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mavpca/.<br />

It has about 1,200 members, though you don’t<br />

have to be a region member, or even a PCA member<br />

to join. It is a CLOSED group, though which means<br />

membership requests must be approved by an admin,<br />

and anything you post to the group will ONLY be seen<br />

by group members – not by employees, coworkers, or<br />

snoopy friends from high school.<br />

Another popular Facebook group is Mavs and Mochas<br />

: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MavsAnd-<br />

Mochas/<br />

It has only a little over 600 members, and is an<br />

OPEN group, meaning friends or sometimes the general<br />

public can see what is posted there. You must still<br />

be approved by an admin to join, and membership in<br />

PCA is not required.<br />

There are very lively discussions on both of our Facebook<br />

groups, and I would encourage everyone who has<br />

a passing interest to check them out.<br />

If you are only interested in event updates, and not<br />

group discussions, you may simply “Like” our Facebook<br />

page at https://www.facebook.com/MaverickPCA/.<br />

No discussion there, just event notifications and information.<br />

We do try to keep our Facebook groups advertiserfree,<br />

and there is a Social Media Policy there which<br />

goes into more detail about what Board Members and<br />

vendors can do and/or say. You can read the Social Media<br />

Policy at http://mav.pca.org/go/SocialMedia.<br />

If you have any questions, you can always reach the<br />

web team via email at webmaster@mavpca.org.<br />


Since 1971<br />

Providing personalized service<br />

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• Complete servicing and repairs<br />

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results<br />


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32 <strong>June</strong>

Body repair experts as<br />


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v<br />


Unclassifieds<br />

Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 for all others (contact editor@mavpca for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3<br />

issues, after which they will be removed unless you request that they be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to classifieds@mavpca.org by the 10th of the month to have your ad run in the<br />

following month’s <strong>Slipstream</strong>. Be sure to include year, make, model, color, mileage, and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and/or email address. All parts will be advertised<br />

on our website. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included. No dealers please!<br />

For Sale: 1987 Porsche 924S. Guards Red exterior<br />

with black interior featuring cloth Porsche script<br />

seats. Extremely original car with no accidents or<br />

paint work ever. 2.5 liter engine with 5 speed manual<br />

transmission. 78k documented miles. Timing belt<br />

and water pump replaced within the past 5k miles.<br />

Radiator and fuel pump replaced within the past 1k<br />

miles. Recent tires on original phone dial wheels. The<br />

924S was produced for 3 years and only sold in the<br />

U.S. for two model years: 1987 and 1988. This is a<br />

very early U.S. version, based on its production date<br />

and original purchase date. I am the second owner and<br />

have complete service records and documentation back<br />

to the original purchase on July 18, 1986, including<br />

all manuals, window sticker, invoice, warranty card,<br />

dealer newspaper ad, 2 complete sets of keys, original<br />

wheel locks with both keys and all 4 plastic caps,<br />

original dealer-installed Blaupunkt Monterey cassette<br />

deck with manuals, original Porsche car cover, etc.<br />

Sold new in Little Rock, AR, but has lived here in the<br />

DFW area since 1989. This is a base model 924S with<br />

no sunroof; it has no factory installed options. A/C<br />

was a standard feature on this model; it is ice cold on<br />

this car and still runs R-12 as intended. Everything<br />

works on this car as it should, and I wouldn’t hesitate<br />

to drive it anywhere. It is probably one of the most<br />

original and documented 924S models you are likely<br />

to find. $12,000. Contact Chris Flaugh at chrisflaugh@<br />

hotmail.com or 214-288-5300. (06)<br />

For Sale: 1984 944. Light Bronze Metallic exterior<br />

with Brown interior. 71k miles, excellent condition,<br />

well maintained, no deferred maintenance. Original<br />

paint and interior. 3rd owner, bought in CO 3 1/2 years<br />

ago. Maintenance receipts back to 1st oil change,<br />

much recent work including the usual 944 items.<br />

Needs nothing, everything works, no leaks. Many<br />

more pictures available. $6700. The car is in Katy, TX<br />

and I am a LSR-PCA member there. Contact Peter<br />

Allen at pha_19831@hotmail.com or 832-846-0641.<br />

(06)<br />

For Sale: 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo. Graphite metallic<br />

exterior. One owner since new - MAV PCA instructor<br />

- always professionally maintained with all receipts.<br />

DE/Track/Street/Antique - never raced. Mostly stock.<br />

No engine mods except performance chip. No leaks.<br />

Original paint with no major body work and no rust.<br />

Full track/street adjustable coil-over suspension with<br />

heavy duty springs, 944T Cup sway bars, and Silicone<br />

bushings. TRG race A-arms. Auxiliary Mocal oil<br />

cooler and oil temp gauge. Big Black front brakes -<br />

944TS/964/928S4 with vented discs and newer Pagid<br />

pads all around. Front brake cooling kit. Recaro<br />

5-point sport seats. Autopower roll bar with 5 -point<br />

harnesses. Patrick Motorsports lightweight flywheel.<br />

Two sets of 8x16 “phone dial” wheels. 100K miles.<br />

Priced for quick sale - $9,500.00. Contact Daniel<br />

Amado at amadodp@aol.com or 732-939-7013. (06)<br />

For Sale: 2015 Boxster S. Dark Blue Metallic<br />

exterior with Agate Grey/Pebble Grey interior. 34K<br />

miles. Options include: Premium Package, PDK, 19”<br />

BBS CH-R wheels on MPSS, roll bars in exterior<br />

color, PDLS, Power Steering +, Multifunction<br />

steering wheel, Leather package, 14-way power sport<br />

seats, Infotainment package with BOSE audio, center<br />

console trim painted, rubber floor mats, tint, clear<br />

side markers. New front brakes with CPO Warranty<br />

until Jan 2021 or 100K. In very good condition<br />

w/ all maintenance up to date. $52,981. Contact at<br />

MIKEHLEE69@hotmail.com or 917-613-0426. (05)<br />

For Sale: 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 Ltd. Edition. Light<br />

Ivory/Black/Black. Original owner, purchased new<br />

09/74. Body straight, never bent. 90% original paint.<br />

Set up for DE. Blueprinted and balanced “killer”<br />

fuel injected engine by Ed Mayo. Race seats and<br />

harnesses (also have originals). Remote oil cooler.<br />

Polished Fuchs wheels with Bridgestone street tires<br />

plus Mahle track wheels with NEW Hoosier R1’s. All<br />

records. Many extras. $25,000. Contact Bill Dawson<br />

at boxsterbill@sbcglobal.net or 214-415-1102 (05)<br />

For Sale: 2000 Porsche 911 C4 Millennium Edition.<br />

A chance to own the most attainable, one year only,<br />

limited production 911. #4 of 911 built worldwide,<br />

less than 300 brought to U.S. ChromaFlair violet<br />

exterior, with natural brown leather and Dark Burr<br />

Maple trim interior. Paint appears black, hunter green,<br />

brown or deep violet depending on the light. Every<br />

available option including full leather interior: seats,<br />

dash, shifter, hand brake, center console, even the A, B<br />

and C pillars. 6-speed manual with factory short shift<br />

and factory sport suspension. New Porsche battery,<br />

plugs and ignition coils. 98K miles with less than<br />

5,000 miles on $24K engine rebuild. Replaced IMS,<br />

rear main seal, A/C compressor, clutch, water pump,<br />

shocks, struts, and more. A/C blows cold. No oil leaks.<br />

$23,999. Contact Shane Altman at saltmancreative@<br />

gmail.com or 214-564-3790 (05)<br />

For Sale: 2007 Porsche Cayman S. Black exterior<br />

with black interior. Full track car with lots of<br />

modifications. Race intake, exhaust, light weight<br />

flywheel, short shift, racing clutch, Moton shocks,<br />

GT3 fully adjustable suspension setup, bolt in roll<br />

cage, Trackmate system, Custom graphics, Fikse<br />

wheels, racing brake pads and rotors. Always garaged.<br />

$35,000. Extra set of Fikse wheels with lightly<br />

used Hoosier tires added for $1500. Contact Brian<br />

Krajcirovic at briankraj@gmail.com or 817-729-<br />

1007. (04)<br />

For Sale: 2011 Cayenne. Automatic, leather seats,<br />

heated and cooled seats, satellite radio, nav, and more.<br />

All scheduled maintenance completed with all service<br />

records available. Excellent condition. Looks & drives<br />

great. 91,500 mostly highway miles. $24,500.00.<br />

Contact Jose Barrios at jwbarrios@yahoo.com or<br />

504-982-1525. (04)<br />

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