Moving Office Spaces? Avoid these 4 Mistakes


Be cautious while moving office spaces and avoid these 4 common mistakes. Check out this presentation for more details. Visit

Do Not Commit These 4

Mistakes When Moving Offices

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Mistake 1: Not Finding the Right Building

Are you planning on leasing an office space? Make sure

you choose the right building. Ensure you find one that’s on

budget and has the necessary amenities for less. Simply

put, find a building that suit your business needs.

Mistake 2: Not Inspecting the Space before Moving in

Before moving in, take a tour of the office space and if all

the necessary facilities are kept intact such as HVAC

systems, finished bathrooms, wiring of electricity and

internet, and so on.

Mistake 3: Not Doing Furniture Liquidation

As soon as you move your company to a new office space,

make sure that you resell the old furniture to a liquidator.

Utilizing old furniture is a costly affair. However, be informed

that the process shall be time consuming, hence plan the

liquidation few months in advance of the move date.

Mistake 4: Not Evaluating the Lease Agreement


Go through the terms described in the contract or get a

lawyer who can help you with the same. See if the document

enlists everything as agreed by you & the property owner,

and that you get the space for the required time period.

Moving office spaces is a

big step for your business,

and avoiding these

common mistakes can help

prevent other complexities

down the road.

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