CPT International 04/2014


The leading technical journal for the
global foundry industry – Das führende Fachmagazin für die
weltweite Gießerei-Industrie

Foundry technology for green sand castings

6 pages, English

This brochure provides an overview of plants and equipment supplied by Küttner

for serial production of green sand castings. The range of technology includes

systems for charging, melting and iron treatment, for separating castings and sand,

for finishing and sand reclamation, as well as secondary dedusting and filtering



Cast, forged and welded parts and constructions

16 pages, English, German

A company brochure featuring Cast-Con Engineering, an engineering office and

trading house specialized in the construction, optimization and supply of castings,

welding constructions and forgings. As a full-service partner, the company consults

on the choice of materials and design, develops optimized solutions and produces

the parts in cooperation with production plants.


Solutions and products for the foundry industry

24 pages, English

This brochure presents the range of products and services provided by Drache for

aluminium as well as steel and iron casting. In addition to the full line of ceramic

foam filters, the company offers filter boxes, launder systems, precast shapes, fused

silica and other refractories.


Mobile metals analyzer

6 pages, English

A product brochure featuring the Q4 Mobile spectrometer developed by Bruker

Elemental. The 24 kg unit, with its patented optical system, source generator and

orthodonal plasma observation, provides an analytical performance close to laboratory

instruments. Even applications like carbon, sulphur or nitrogen determination

are possible.


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