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“Accelerate progress together –

with open innovation“

AMAP GmbH (Advanced Metals and Processes) is a common foundation of Aachen university

institutes and companies of the non-ferrous industry, set up in 2012. Its main purpose is research

and development in close collaboration between industry and university institutes - no

matter whether from Germany or abroad. In an interview with CP+T International, founding

member and Advisory Board Chairman Prof. Wolfgang Schneider from Hydro Aluminum Rolled

Products GmbH in Bonn, Germany, and the two AMAP Managing Directors, Dr. Rolf Weber and

Dr. Peter von den Brincken, explain why open innovation plays such a key role

What is open innovation?

Prof. Wolfgang Schneider: It is a collaboration

to create innovations within

horizontal and vertical networks.

Competitors, suppliers, customers

and, for example, universities participate.

Anyone who can make a contribution

is included in open innovation.

Like crowd-sourcing, what matters is to

obtain as much information as possible

from all sides and then make the

most of it. It is important to generate

a lot of ideas. Open innovation is the

opposite of closed innovation, where

companies develop their ideas behind

closed doors. Only ideas already existing

in companies are worked on. With

closed innovation nothing is released

to the outside because the employees

are obliged to maintain confidentiality.

With open innovation, on the other

hand, many are involved and they

mostly have already committed themselves

to joint development objectives.

Why is AMAP pushing the open innovation


Schneider: The background to this is

that the markets now force companies

to create innovations in ever-shorter

time periods. There are many who in

the past and today exclusively bet on a

closed innovation process. This is, how-

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