Global Reggae Charts - Issue #2 / June 2017


Inside you can find the latest reggae album and single charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

issue # 2 | june 2017

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Don Wackie

& Jah Rebel

from Back 2 Bass

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Inna de

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global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017


Welcome to the second edition of the Global Reggae Charts. As is the case with every new service

in beta, we are still experimenting and optimizing all aspects of the charts. I believe we made significant

progress over the last month.

Before I go into details, allow me a general remark: charts are only valuable if you can trust them.

An essential ingredient to that trust is understanding how they work. Therefore, transparency is

very high on our priority list. Thus, I’ll use this space to update you about changes we’ve made and

challenges we face. So, what’s new since last month?

First, we adjusted the maximum age of songs and albums that qualify for the charts. New entries

mustn‘t be older than six months (as indicated by the official release date), releases already in the


charts can remain there up until one year after their release. In the first voting round, we encountered

several considerably older releases. Since the charts are intended as a guide based on contemporary

relevance - not all time greatness - we think the change will help. We are aware the decision

might come with its own set of implications. It’s for instance possible to have a sleeper tune that

gains significance over time. We are going to monitor the situation closely and adjust when necessary.

We also made an update in the usability area. Voters now see a list of all the songs from past votings

that qualify (see point above). It is a long list of all the songs that received at least one vote.

It makes voting easier. The risk is that we create a bias towards using songs from that list. But we

think that’s negligible: we list every qualified song, regardless of the number of votes it received.

Again: it’s a long list. It contained 183 songs - after only one month of voting, with a limited number

of voters. We think it’s a fair trade-off between usability and equal opportunity.

The results so far seem to support that: singles voting this month had roughly 100 new entries -

which equates to 54% of first-time songs. And we had 20 first-time albums (34%). This trend is also

reflected in the actual charts: the album charts have four new entries - a 30% turnover rate - and

the single charts have 12 new entries (60%). Three top 20 singles didn’t receive any votes before.

It’s a higher turnover than we expect in the long-run, once the voter base has reached a decent


This leads to the final point: While voter turnout increased by 52%, we are still talking about a far

from representative sample. That said, thanks to the support of our media partners and several

radio stations, the charts are “on the map” now. We are looking forward to increased voter participation

over the next months and are very optimistic that we are working on a very useful service

for the global reggae community. I hope you are too. As always: any feedback is much appreciated!



Thomas Euler is founder of the German reggae & dancehall blogazine


global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017

Album single Charts | top 20

Period Ending 31/05/2017

Contributing voters: 45


# LM Artist Song Label

1 - Damian Marley


feat. Stephen Marley

Universal Music

↑ 2 8 Jah Sun Guess Who Sugar Cane Records

3 - Protoje Blood Money Mr Bongo

4 - Morgan Heritage

↑ 5 19 David Lion

We Are feat. Kabaka Pyramid

& Dre Island

Peaceful Warrior

feat. Anthony B

Cool To Be Conscious

Music Group

Sugar Cane Records

6 - Chronixx Skanking Sweet Soul Circle Music

7 - Chronixx Likes Soul Circle Music

8 - Hempress Sativa Rock It Ina Dance Conquering Lion Records

9 1 Talisman Relijan Sugar Shack Records

↑ 10 16 Hempress Sativa Fight For Your Rights Conquering Lion Records

11 2 Havana meets Kingston

Carnival feat. Solis

& Randy Valentine

Baco Records

12 - Dactah Chando AfroCanario Achinech Productions

13 - Mungo‘s Hi Fi

Rain Keeps Falling

feat. Johnny Clarke

Scotch Bonnet Records

14 - Chronixx Majesty Universal Music

15 14 Don Carlos Peace and Love Jus Time Records

16 - Csavi War Chant Joy Achinech Productions

17 4 Samory I Rasta Nuh Gangsta Rorystonelove / Black Dub

18 14 Jah9

Hardcore (Remix)

feat. Chronixx

VP Records

19 - Dreadzone Mountain Dubwiser Records

20 - David Lion Don‘t Let Love Die Sugar Cane Records

Damian Marley Dreadzone Protoje


Jah 9

global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017


Album Charts | top 10

Period Ending 31/05/2017

Contributing voters: 35


# LM Artist Album Label

1 1 Nattali Rize Rebel Frequency Baco Records

↑ 2 5 Inna De Yard The Soul of Jamaica

Wagram Music /

Chapter Two Records

↑ 3 6 Hempress Sativa Unconquerebel Conquering Lion Records

↑ 4 7

Meta and the




5 - David Lion Mandala Sugar Cane Records

6 - Kingston All Stars Presenting Kingston All Stars Roots & Wire

7 3 Queen Ifrica Climb VP Records

8 2 Spiritual Awakening VP Records

9 - Busy Signal Fresh from Yaad

Turf Music Entertainment /

Digiwaxx Media

9 - Jah Sun Between the Lines Sugar Cane Records

↑= signifies upward movement # = this month’s position on the chart LM = last month’s position on the chart


David Lion

Nattali Rize

Queen Ifrica

Jah Sun

As a DJ or music director at a radio station you are

invited to vote for your favorite reggae & dancehall

singles and albums once a month!



global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017





In every issue of our magazine, we talk to one of

our voters. This time we talked to Tim ‚Jah Rebel‘

Ianna and Kenneth ‚Don Wackie‘ Oyen from Back 2

Bass, a bi-weekly radio show at Belgian local radio

station Radio Centraal in Antwerp.

Global Reggae Charts: Can you please introduce

yourself and your radio show?

Kenneth ‚Don Wackie‘ Oyen: Back 2 Bass radio show

started back in 1987, founded by Don Wackie (Kenneth

Oyen) and Principal One (Ivo Lodewijckx). These days

the show is hosted by Don Wackie, Jah Rebel (Tim

Ianna), Crucial P (Peter Piessens) and Missing Link

(Kevin Welslau).

Tim ‚Jah Rebel‘ Ianna: I joined the show in 2006 after

the sudden demise of long time host Jan ‚Smokey

Joe‘ Geldolf.

GRC: You are doing this radio show and I know that

Tim is involved in as well. What is your

motivation to support Reggae the way you do?

KO: I‘ve been enjoying reggae music since the early

nineteen eighties and instead of just playing my

record collection in my living room at

home, doing radio gives me the

opportunity to spread and share the

music I love with a wide audience.

TI: It‘s a bit of a cliché, but reggae

is truly a way of life. I wake up and

go to bed with the music and, apart

from playing an instrument or producing

music myself, I‘m involved

in every aspect of the business from

hosting on Back 2 Bass to writing

reviews and concert/festival reports

and doing interviews for

global reggae charts

featured voter

short FACTS

Station: Radio Centraal -106.7 FM

Location: Antwerp - Belgium

Show: Back 2 Bass

Hosts: Kenneth ‚Don Wackie‘ Oyen,

Tim ‚Jah Rebel‘ Ianna

On air: Sunday 14:00 - 15:00 CEST (UTC-2)

KO: At one stage it was just a radio show aimed at

the local Antwerp massive, but since the rise of the

internet we‘re now able to reach audience around

the world.

TI: Even though I‘m the editor in chief of, the Belgian reggae portal website,

and love writing, radio allows the music to come

GRC: What do you feel are the

advantages of radio to promote

the music you love?

Kenneth ‚Don Wackie‘ Oyen & Tim ‚Jah Rebel‘ Ianna

global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017


global reggae charts

featured voter

alive. It‘s a combination of sharing the music you

love and enjoying listening to it at the same time.

GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your

show and which artists have you found most inspiring


KO: We try to play the latest releases from reggae artists

all over the globe, with all subgenres and styles

from old school roots and re-releases over ragga and

dancehall to new roots, dub and roots revival represented.

I take a pass on that, but artists that have pleasantly

surprised me recently are Hempress Sativa, Mark

Wonder and Longfingah. I‘m already looking forward

to check out both Chronixx‘ and Kabaka Pyramid‘s

debut albums.

KO: Some of the artists that sparked my interest

recently are roots revival artists like Protoje, Micah

Shemaiah, Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid, and

Belgium‘s finest band: Asham Band.

GRC: Thank you for the interview!

TI: As a journalist and critic for I

get sent most album and EP releases out there. I‘ve

always had a natural dislike for dancehall music, so


global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017




Cedric Myton & Kiddus I


The Soul Of Jamaica

Text: Thomas Euler | Photos: Baghir & Bernard Benant

What happens if you ask some legendary reggae

musicians and some talented youngsters to come

together in a Kingston yard and make some music?

“The Soul of Jamaica“. That’s the title of the newest

Inna De Yard album which is the result of gathering

an illustrious group of Jamaican artists in Kiddus I’s

(of Rockers fame!) yard. The list of involved artists

reads like an impressive lineup, particularly if you

have a taste in roots reggae from the early days.

“The Soul of Jamaica“ features contributions from

legendary singer Ken Boothe, the famous vocal trio

The Viceroys, or The Congos’ Cedric Myton. Lloyd

Parks - who’s primarily known as a bass player and

among others backed Dennis Brown, John Holt or

Justin Hinds - makes an appearance as a singer. As

does Winston “Bo-Pee” Bowen who played the guitar

for Gregory Isaacs and Horace Andy. Last but not

least there is Winston McAnuff.¹ The veteran roster

is complemented by some talented singers from

the young guard of roots artist: McAnuff’s son Kush,

Steve Newland, Derajah and Var.

They all came together for four days and recorded an

album which is full of acoustic goodness and a lot of

soul. What’s particularly special about the recording

is the fact that Kiddus I’s yard doesn’t resemble a

traditional studio. It’s truly a yard, located in the hills

surrounding Kingston. Thus, much of the recording

was actually done outside. Luckily, photo- and videographer

Bernard Benant accompanied the process.

The result is a brief documentary which you can

watch on YouTube. If you look at the pictures there,

the album’s organic, natural vibe won’t come as a

surprise. The release almost feels like the antidote

global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017


global reggae charts

featured artist

to today’s fast-moving music business, which often

appears more concerned with popcultural relevance

than the actual music. That’s definitely not the case


It’s not a stretch to say: Inna De Yard is a rare kind

of project. It contradicts pretty much all the usual

assumptions we have about how music is produced

in 2017. Naturally, one wonders how such a thing

can exist. Well, if you want to put it in simple terms:

It takes passion, dedication and - I suppose - a good

network around Jamaica. And that’s exactly what

Romain Germa and Nikolas Maslowski provided.

The two are the founders of the french label Chapter

Two that’s responsible for the creation and release of

“The Soul of Jamaica”.

The duo’s history in reggae goes several years

back. In the early 2000’s they founded the label

Makasound. This was also where the idea of Inna

De Yard - outdoor recordings with some of reggae’s

great singers - was initially perceived. Between 2007

and 2011 they released eight albums in the series.

Then, the label was shut down. “The Soul of Jamaica”

is the revitalization of the concept on their

follow-up label Chapter Two. The initial spark for it

was provided by the Philharmonie de Paris: when

the latter decided to dedicate an exhibition to Jamaica,

they approached Chapter Two and “The Soul of

Jamaica”. idea was born.

In the following month, Germa and Maslowski not

only managed to assemble the artists, they also

made sure that some of Jamaica’s finest instrumentalists

provided the acoustic backdrop for the voices.

The credits contain some notable names. The aforementioned

Bo-Pee plays the guitar on all tracks. The

man at the piano is Robbie Lyn who played, among

Kush McAnuff


global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017

Winston McAnuff

others, with Sly & Robbie and Peter Tosh. Ruel “Pot A

Rice” Ashburn from The Uprising Roots chips in the


When asked about the details of the recording

process, Gurvan Hervet from Chapter Two describes

it as follows:

“Some rehearsals have been done for selected

songs, before going to the house up on the hill to

record. Then in 4 days, singers would come and go to

perform and record depending on who was around

at the time. They recorded the selected songs as well

as other tunes from Kush McAnuff, Steve Newland,

Var, Lloyd Parks that were not planned. The only

schedule was to be here the day of recording but

some songs have been recorded at night, others in

the morning.”

It sure sounds like a project that brought together

the best of both worlds: Jamaican vibes and musical

excellence and some European planning (and marketing

infrastructure). The result is a remarkable album.

When veteran German reggae blogger Nils Kersten

reviewed it for, he declared (in the

opening sentence no less!):

“I commit myself: Inna De Yard’s ’The Soul of Jamaica’

is the best reggae album that will be released in

2017. Period.”

He wrote these words on March 5th. They are a

testament to an exceptional musical endeavour.

¹ There’s a nice Winston McAnuff twist here: The singer

recorded his first album in 1978. In Jamaica, he enjoyed

some success through the mid-eighties. However, it took

two decades for his work to reach a global audience: only

in 2002, McAnuff’s music was released internationally for

the first time. By, you guessed it, Makasound.

upcoming Festival Dates:

09.07.17 Terres De Sont - Monts (FR)

13.07.17 Le Mas Des Escarvatiers - Puget Sur Argent (FR)

14.07.17 Les Nuits De Fourviere - Lyon (FR)

15.07.17 Nuits Du Sud - Vence (FR)

20.07.17 Paleo - Nyon (CH)

21.07.17 Zik Zac - Aix En Provence (FR)

22.07.17 Mozaique - Le Havre (FR)

27.07.17 Summer Vibration Reggae Festival - Selestat (FR)

28.07.17 Womad - Malmesbury (UK)

29.07.17 Les Escales - St-Nazaire (FR)

30.07.17 Les Nuits Secretes - Aulnoyes Aimeries (FR)

global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017 8



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global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017

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global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017


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global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017

global reggae charts | issue 2 / june 2017

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