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Watch These Films

Top Movies Alex F 1.)

Top Movies Alex F 1.) The Dark Knight Trilogy a. How superhero movies should be done b. They get better every time you watch them c. Nolan’s approach to visual effects make the films look believable (compared to recent superhero movies) 2.) Goodfellas a. Great long take at the beginning of the film b. Incredible acting from a star studded cast c. A Scorsese Classic that captures his filmmaking style 3.) Memento a. A great example of the narrative possibilities of film b. Shows how editing really does create the meaning c. A thinker that can be watched multiple times to pick up on things you might have missed 4.) Citizen Kane a. Incredible to see how influential this film is b. Stands the test of time to the point that some modern films feel basic and outdated c. Filmmaking techniques are used that enhance the story and character development 5.) Hacksaw Ridge a. Based on an unbelievable true story that inspires you to do more with your life b. Shows the true horrors of war and does not hold back c. Acting is believable and the relationship between the characters portray a sense of comradery that could only be developed in such a terrible situation 6.) The Departed a. An interesting premise that was influenced by Hong Kong cinema b. Fantastic acting from a star studded cast (DiCaprio’s best role imo) c. A Scorsese masterpiece that is a more modern take on the style of his classics 7.) Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) a. Presented in one long take which is very uncommon b. The music is relatively simple but is a crucial part of creating moods and tension c. Cinematography and mise en scene are done surprisingly well considering the one long take d. Most people probably haven’t seen anything like it 8.) Primer a. A great example of what aspiring filmmakers can accomplish on a very low budget ($7000) b. More complex and thought provoking than many big budget films c. Takes quite a bit of analysis to understand but clues are presented to the viewer through mise en scene 9.) Mad Max: Fury Road a. Many different techniques used to create a very chaotic mood (cutting out frames, interesting camera movements, changing colors) b. An action movie that knows exactly what it is and does not waste any time before the action starts c. Proof that modern action movies don’t have to be full of obligatory clichés to be successful critically and commercially

The Best film I Watched so Far Alex P 1. Jason Bourne series I chose this series as my top choice because it has action and the plot is interesting idea and how the series is a continuation of each movie and I like Matt Damon as Bourne in the movie as it is really good and how it helps the films go well. 2. Guardian of the Galaxy I love the unique style of superhero movies that I enjoyed a lot because of the sense of humor that the characters bring to the table and Chris Pratt's acting in the film. Also the special effects in the film shows how far we have gone in these effects and the plot is decent as well. 3. Transformer series This series of films are ok but just because the plot was ok and not good doesn’t mean that the series was bad. I actually enjoyed the film as the actions and Michael Bay’s signature move of a lot of explosions. These parts and the fact that I watched the animated version of transformers when I was younger makes this film one of my favorites. 4. Avengers The start of of a universe of characters coming together and a unique way of showing superhero movies as they were able to show the power and the film was able to have humor and action in the film that worked really well. This was the reason why I chose this movie as number four because it had a lot of different aspects that were great. 5.Star Wars Force Awakens This film was great as I enjoyed the reboot of this series and the plot was great and the action was pretty good as well. I liked how they used a defector as one of the main character in the story as it showed the strength of the resistance and the new Republic. The plot is good as it has a some mysteries that are not answered yet and you will need to think about your answer until the next film.

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