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Watch These Films

What is your favorite

What is your favorite snack food? Hot Cheetos Popcorn Chips Chips Cherry Bomb Goldfish Spicy Cheetos Toffee or hard caramel Cheetos Toast & peanut butter Fruit Falafel Goldfish Crackers Cool Ranch Doritos Berries Popcorn

What I am most looking forward to this summer is... Sleeping. Visiting Korea. Working on my film EE! My own sleep schedule. Getting ready for college. The sun (hopefully). Spending time with friends before we all leave. Sleep. Going to Belize. Sleep… Going to Finland. Relaxing and preparing for college. Hanging out with friends. Friendship. Going to Europe! More film :) Watching the movies the class recommended ;) No stress and seeing people before we all go our separate ways . Going to college! Relaxing. Relaxing and maybe making a short film. Getting ready for college. Travelling, fun with friends and movies. Spending time with family before I go to college. Being with my people.

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