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Choral Catalogue

Choral music has always been an important part of our publishing output and we’re delighted to be able to highlight these publications in our Choral Catalogue. We hope that this resource will help you find out more about the titles you already know, and highlight those hidden gems or new publications that you may not have come across before.

Carol Collections Howard

Carol Collections Howard Goodall’s beautiful Enchanted Carols is an exciting collection of 6 original Christmas carols, as well as interpretations of traditional carols, arranged for upper voices. Enchanted Carols is the second dedicated album from the Classic FM composer in residence, and follows the chart-topping CD, Enchanted Voices. 0571535615 Howard Goodall's Enchanted Carols Howard Goodall £9.99 € 13.97 The Essential Carol Singer provides the solution to the endless problem of too many books and not enough hands. It includes thirty of the most popular carols in one book, all SATB, unaccompanied, with no divisi. This pocketsized, lightweight volume is easy to read and the short score layout allows for optional accompaniment if required. 0571525121 The Essential Carol Singer Ben Parry £3.99 € 5.56 The Faber Carol Book is an exciting volume of Christmas carols and songs with an original, contemporary twist, designed to breathe fresh air into Christmas concerts. It contains 40 pieces, expertly edited and arranged by Gwyn Arch and Ben Parry, capturing a variety of moods and styles through time. 0571520073 The Faber Carol Book SA(B) Gwyn Arch & Ben Parry £10.99 € 14.91 0571521274 The Faber Carol Book SATB Gwyn Arch & Ben Parry £10.99 € 14.91 The Manchester Carols is a collection of 12 carols, linked with a gentle, entertaining narration, which reshape and modernise the Christmas story. Its creators wanted to write something that is relevant to and reflects modern society, and which acknowledges the fact that even though someone might not subscribe to the religion behind the Nativity story, they can still appreciate it as an inspiring, magical tale. 0571521215 The Manchester Carols Duffy & Manning £10.99 € 14.91 The Naxos Book of Carols is collection of both the very old and the very new. Commissioned by the leading international classical music label, Naxos, these twenty-four arrangements of traditional and original carols tell the Christmas story – from the hope of Advent and the message of the Angels, to the humble birth of the baby in Bethlehem and the coming of the King of kings. 0571523250 The Naxos Books of Carols Anthony Pitts £9.99 € 13.97 26 Faber Music Choral Catalogue

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