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3 Welcome

Peter Mangan, Founder and CEO of The Freebird Club

Welcome to the first edition of

The Freebird Times. This digital

magazine is our way of

engaging more fully with both

our members and those

interested in learning more

about The Freebird Club.

For the uninitiated, The

Freebird Club is a new

travel-based social network for

those over 50. It is a

membership-based club,

whereby members can travel

and stay with each other in the

context of a trusted social

community of peers.

It offers a whole new way of

travelling for mature adults, a

potential new source of income

for hosts and a fun and

accessible way to meet new

people and enjoy social and

cultural interaction in later life.

Our mission is to connect and

enrich the lives of older people

through meaningful travel and

to foster an age-friendly and

inclusive world in the process.

This Club is designed to be a fun

place to hang-out with

like-minded people who share

the view that life and the world

around us are to be embraced

and enjoyed regardless of age.

As you will see in our member

profiles, people share their

interests and passions on the

website so they can get to know

a little bit about each other in

advance of potential stays and

connect through commonalities

and shared interests. This Club

is about people, not just places

to go. We already have Freebird

members in 36 countries

worldwide and membership is

growing daily.

Here in our digital magazine,

you will find all kinds of

interesting articles chosen to

appeal to the more mature

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