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TFC volunteer Dave Ryan brings us on a journey through the South of England.

The counties of southern England

are recognised as a

mouth-watering combination of

rural tranquillity, coastal cliffs,

nestled coves, forests full of

intrigue, national parks and

desolate moorland ? all

complemented by a rich historical

and cultural heritage. If your

travels ever take you to the South

of England there is a wide variety

of things to do all fuelled by a

variety of gastronomic options

showcasing the best of English

food. A good meal is often followed,

of course, by a trip to one of the

many hundreds of lovingly

preserved versions of the

traditional English pub! They vary

greatly in style and character and

many serve local tipples, such as

the scrumpy (a type of cider) that

the county of Somerset in

particular is famous for.

There is also a wealth of regional

cultural festivals to enrich your

experience across many fields

including music, food, literature,

drama and the arts. In terms of

gathering information on the

options available, you?ll find that

each county/town has its own

official tourist information website

as do the events themselves. The and websites are

also handy for information for your

trip. There are so many choices ?

but here are a few examples to

whet your appetite.

Minack Theatre

If you are spending time enjoying

the considerable charms of Devon

and Cornwall, look out for the

remarkable Minack Theatre hewn

out of the cliff-face above the

waters of Porthcuron Bay in the

1930s. It has seating for 750

people and presents plays, operas


View of Pulteney Bridge in Bath, England

Photo Above: Tintagel Village, Cornwall, England

Rainforest Biome, Eden Project, Cornwall,

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