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tee out - Djursland

W W W . V I S I T D J U R S L A N D . C O M

GB 2008

If you want to relax and get away from a hectic everyday life with wonderful nature experiences and pampering of

mind and body. An educational and active holiday, lots of entertainment or culture and history. Djursland is the place

that makes everything possible.

Geographically, Djursland is on the nose of Jutland in amazing nature and with short distance to the second-largest city in Denmark, Aarhus.

There are no noisy highways here, but a web of small, windy roads that together connect the 50 km x 50 km of Djursland in all directions.

Environment and renewable energy are important to the municipalities of Syddjurs and Norddjurs.

Djursland is a magnet for experiences for children and adults. The area is the place in Denmark with the shortest distance between attractions.

This means that no matter where you are, there are experiences waiting for you right around the corner. The activities range from amusement

parks to wildlife parks, activity centres, museums and much more.

The coast is always nearby with some of Denmark’s most child-friendly beaches, where bathing is a must. Djursland has the ocean on three

sides and the long stretch of coast is a haven all year round for active nature experiences.

Djursland speaks to your senses. If you like moving around in nature, Djursland is an El Dorado of beautiful hiking, riding and bicycle trips in a

varied and green landscape. For example, you can visit the future national park, Mols Bjerge, and experience a unique piece of Danish nature.

Unwind and load up on new energy

Djursland is perfect for unwinding from a hectic everyday life. The area offers wellness, restaurants of a high standard and accommodations

within all categories. Djursland has charming towns with historic nostalgia and modern comfort. All of it located in some of the most beautiful

nature in Denmark. If you want to enjoy your hobbies, Djursland can for example offer six golf courses as well as a future one of international


For people interested in culture and history, Djursland is a gem because of the unusually large amount of castles and manors as well as

pre-historic relics that you will find here. There is also an abundance of arts and crafts, where the town of Ebeltoft is the centre with regard

to glass. Grenaa, Djursland’s largest town, also has a rich cultural life.

find more information on www.visitdjursland.com

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to Djursland


Welcome to Djursland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

Djurs Sommerland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

Djursland – up to your knees in water . . . . . .6

Kattegatcentret . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7

Djursland is a mecca for yachting enthusiasts 8

Fregatten Jylland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Djursland – a world of animals . . . . . . . . . .10

Skandinavisk Dyrepark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Lübker Golf Resort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

Culture & glass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

Museerne på Gl. Estrup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Active experiences for everyone . . . . . . . . .16

Ebeltoft/Mols Turistbureau

S.A. Jensens Vej 3

DK-8400 Ebeltoft

Tel. +45 8634 1400

Fax +45 8634 0528


Rougsø Turistbureau

Hovedgaden 4

DK-8961 Allingåbro

Tel. +45 8648 0477

Fax +45 8648 0888


Grenaa Turistbureau

Torvet 1

DK-8500 Grenaa

Tel. +45 8758 1200

Fax +45 8758 1212


Mystery & adventure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18

Wandering through the past . . . . . . . . . . . .19

Shopping, nostalgia and cosy surroundings .20

Djursland – always within easy reach . . . . .22

Tee out in Djursland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24

Out in nature all year round . . . . . . . . . . . . .26

Denmark’s best child-friendly beaches . . . .27

Anholt – a paradise in the middle of Kattegat .28

Djursland – with practically everything

children need . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Facts & Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

Djurs pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42

Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Djurs pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45

Rønde/Rosenholm Turistbureau

Hovedgaden 10

DK-8410 Rønde

Tel. +45 8637 2366

Fax +45 8637 0366


Anholt Turist

Østervej 12

DK-8592 Anholt

Tel. +45 8631 9133

Fax +45 8631 9207

turist@anholt.dk, www.anholt.dk

The picture on the back

shows Grenaa Marina

The picture on the front shows the

quirky inhabitants of Mols in the

streets of Ebeltoft in the summer

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Come on and go on a pirate raid in this year’s new amusement,

Piraten, which is Denmark’s largest and fastest roller coaster! You

will be lifted to a height of 32 metres and will really get wind in your

sails when going downwards with a top speed of crazy 90 km/h.

The country’s scariest roller coaster is not for squeamish landlubbers!

And if there are a few of those in your crew anyway, they can go

exploring in the new Piratland for the duration of the ride.

With more than 60 amusements for children of all ages and a giant

waterworld, Djurs Sommerland is the best place to spend a great

summer day with the whole family.

The beautiful theme lands make the park an experience for all senses,

with everything from tickling in your stomach in Thors Hammer and

Ørnen to the imaginative activities in the gigantic playland Western

Playland, surrounded by gun smoke and gold diggers. If you prefer

to get wet, you can take the plunge over the giant waterfall on

Colorado River or visit the Waterworld, where The Wave puts

young surfers to the test and where the water slides have

dizzying rides for any water freak – adult, in-between or little.

For the smallest children, there are plenty of offers around the park

and a whole Lilleputland with fun amusements like Karlo’s Taxi and

Karoline’s Helicopter.

4 2008

On a lovely summer day for the whole family, there should also be

time and space to unwind and enjoy a quiet moment. You can easily

find this in the park’s large, green oases, where you can barbecue

and enjoy the food that you have brought along or let yourselves be

tempted by the park’s eating venues and restaurants.

You should also remember that a visit to Djurs Sommerland is as

easy as a walk in the park. When you have paid the entrance fee,

all amusements are free. Here, you do not have to spend time or

money on trip cards, you just have to play, experience and have

fun together.

djurs sommerland

– we love children off all ages!

Season 2008 from May 1 to September 13. Waterworld opens May 31.

See opening hours and book accommodation including admission

on www.djurssommerland.dk


Denmark’s largest

roller coaster!


Djursland – up to your


in water

Owing to the extensive coastline, Djursland is a popular spot for

anyone fond of water activities. Djursland boasts long, child friendly,

silver sandy beaches; a perfect playground for the entire family. And

the many Blue Flags guarantee clean and clear water for bathing.

Djursland offers innumerable opportunities for the experienced

angler as well as the novice. The sea fishing in Kattegat is excellent

– and just on our doorstep – and there are fishing boats to take you

to the best fishing grounds. If you feel more at ease on solid ground,

there are countless good – and scenic - spots for fishing along the

coast, as well as fresh water fishing from streams. What more could a

seasoned angler wish for? In the tourist offices the staff will be happy

to help you with information on fine fishing waters, the fish in season

at any given time and the resident species in the local waters.

6 2008

Bathed in the colours of the weather, Kattegatcentret is a brilliant

example of pure Scandinavian architecture all year round. With its

maritime blue-white lines, it integrates beautifully and simply with

the coast line – and at the same time, it sticks effectively out in the


Kattegat, which practically laps upon the foundations of the building,

and the ocean in general, is the theme of the building’s architecture.

The house opens up towards its surroundings: Ocean, sky and coast,

which all form a whole.

The exiting experience centre at the coast of Kattegat is inhabited

by domestic as well as more exotic water-living species. Right from

seals to rays and the 2.5-metre sharks – an experience beyond the

ordinary. It is also quite time-robbing when the children lie on their

stomachs to fish for crabs with the biologist on a summer day.

You can smell the ocean here – and the screams of the seagulls

fill the air. Take your family on an exiting, active and educational

experience. www.kattegatcentret.dk

watch out

for sharks!

At Kattegatcentret, you will get in close contact

with sharks. In the tunnel through the shark tank,

there are only 6 centimetres between you and the

sand tiger sharks. You can also dive among Danish

sharks and fish in the Oceanarium. In the diving

bell, you will be sent on a journey several thousand

metres below the surface of the ocean! A journey

that will take you through coral reefs and close to

whales and sharks – not to mention the close

encounter with the amazing creatures

of the deep sea. A little scary – but very exiting.

Outside in the lagoon, the seals play around –

experience them during feeding and see how well

you can train a seal. At the new experience tanks

of Kattegatcentret, you and your family can learn

more about life in the ocean. You can also get an

”up-close and personal experience” with a diving

suit, a mask, flippers and a snorkel and go on a

snorkelling trip in Kattegat and see the current fish


We look forward to showing you everything. You

can learn a lot. Maybe you will become a little wet

and very tired. But we are certain that you will

enjoy it.

Welcome to an ocean of experiences.



a mekka

for yachting enthusiasts

Djursland is so small that you are never far from the ocean. Or you

can travel to the ocean in a very short time. The wide horizon of the

ocean and its amazing force and beauty have great influence on

your mental state. An ocean close by for gazing at, and for sailing,

diving and swimming in.

Djursland has ocean on three sides. Thus, it is easy to visit Djursland

by boat. If you sail here in your own boat, there are several excellent


Complete with bathing and toilet facilities, the frigate’s wooden

ships’ harbour is the ideal port of call for yachting enthusiasts. Here

you can enjoy the unique atmosphere under the masts of the frigate

and see what is going on onboard the ship and in the shipyard. The

harbour is an official free harbour of the Wooden Ships’ Association

entitling members to spend the first two days at the harbour for free.

From the wooden ship’s harbour, it is only a walk of a few hundred

metres to Ebeltoft, the ancient medieval town with its cobbled

streets, its quaint rustic houses and its famous landmark, the old

town hall. If that is not atmosphere... Not only that, but Ebeltoft is

the only Danish town and port on the east coast that is, in fact,

situated on a western shore!

The marinas in Grenaa and Bønnerup have all the facilities that

yachting enthusiasts need. Both marinas are situated near excellent

beaches as well as shops, restaurants and playgrounds.

Furthermore, both places have holiday homes for rental, situated

directly in the marina.

8 2008

The marinas are connected to fishing harbours and Grenaa also has

a ferry harbour and an industrial harbour. The environment is

bustling with life – especially in the summer months – where many

choose the exiting and idyllic harbour environment for their walks.


– angling for everybody!

The “nose of Jutland” is dripping with one good angling spot after


The good thing about Djursland is that it offers angling opportunities

for everybody all year round. Whether you are an experienced

angler with a penchant for fly fishing and sea trout or you prefer to

tempt the flatfish with a juicy lugworm, you will literally find a sea of

good angling spots. To the north is Randers Fjord with its silvery sea

trout and fat fiord flounders and to the east you have the classic sea

trout sites such as Gjerrild, Fornæs and Glatved.

If you would like to try your luck at freshwater angling, the

Kolindsund canals offer some of the best sea trout angling in

Denmark. Ebeltoft Bay is not just a great place for tourists in the

summer. The rest of year, the bay is also full of flatfish and sea trout

that swim above the sandy ocean bed, which is high in feed. The

same is true for the waters off Kalø Bay where the glossy sea trout

flock. If you want to try your luck along the beautiful coast of

Djursland, then visit the website with detailed descriptions in

Danish, English and German of all the best angling sites.


Fregatten Jylland

life on the frigate

The 144 years old war ship has become the site of a modern tourist

attraction. Every day during the peak season, you can experience

how the canons weighing several tons were handled when the

frigate was in war. You can also experience spindrift from the

frigate’s three-masted cargo vessel Barkassen, which could carry

100 soldiers at full speed.

bullets, cannons and crinolines

Learn more about the armouring of the frigate; from the smallest

pistols to the 44 30-pound cannons. Fregatten Jylland was

Denmark’s largest war ship. It was the home of a whole arsenal of

deadly weapons. In the hall Prinsgemal Henriks Hal, you will get

really close to the life onboard when the frigate worked as a royal

yacht for the father-in-law of Europe, King Christian 9.

a complete maritime environment

On Frigate Island, you can experience how wooden ships are placed

on stocks, repaired and sent to sea again at the Fregatten Jylland’s

own shipyard for wooden ships. The shipyard’s carpenters, smiths

and painters also maintain the frigate and it is a pleasure to see the

beautiful workmanship everywhere onboard. The maritime

atmosphere is completed with the frigate harbour that different

wooden ships constantly moor at and sail from.

celebrate in a maritime environment,

baptism, confirmation,

wedding, milestone birthday...

On Fregatten Jylland, you can give your guests an experience that

they will not soon forget. For any small or large occasion, we can

offer lovely surroundings for small as well as large parties. With the

café and restaurant manager in front, the staff of Fregattens Café

& Restaurant is ready to combine food and wine, from light

arrangements to gourmet gastronomy. From Fregatten Jylland’s

maritime and modern buildings, there is a fantastic view of the

wooden ship’s harbour, the Fregatten Jylland and to the other side

of Ebeltoft Vig, where Mols Bjerge form the background. You will

not find a more beautiful sunset. We can accommodate parties of

up to 300 guests. www.fregatten-jylland.dk

Experience polar bears up close at Skandinavisk Dyrepark There is a daily falconer show at Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari Seal training at Kattegatcentret


– a world of animals

Djursland is nothing short of a world of wildlife where animals

are well looked after. In harmony with nature and in the right

surroundings. In addition to the animals in nature, Djursland has

3 exciting wildlife parks and Kattegatcentret with its sharks and

other exiting creatures of the sea.

skandinavisk dyrepark

Skandinavisk Dyrepark is located near the town of Kolind in the

middle of Djursland. The park is well-known for the many individual

parks it has laid out for polar bears, brown bears, wolves and moose.

All the parks have been assessed by experts as being some of the

largest and best in the world. So good in fact that the concept is

being copied by other zoos and wildlife parks. Watching polar bears,

brown bears, wolves and moose roam free is a unique experience,

but the wildlife park also offers many other exciting wildlife experiences.

The park has approximately 300 animals, distributed across more

than 20 different Scandinavian species.

At Skandinavisk Dyrepark, time flies by as you watch the animals,

join in the activities, play at the playground – or visit the café and

shops. www.skandinaviskdyrepark.dk

ree park – ebeltoft safari

Get close to the animal world at Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari. During

the summer of 2008, we look forward to welcoming giraffes on the

African savannah. Together with a guide, you can go on a jeep safari

all the way into the savannah. You can enjoy the view of black bears

and bison on the North American prairie, take a walk among llamas

on the South American pampas, ride Asian camels or experience the

large moose on the European plain. Every day, there is a fascinating

falconer show and many feedings and activities where you and your

family can get close to rare and wild animals from 5 continents.

10 2008

Many of the animals at Ree Park are endangered species that we are

making a particular effort to preserve.

Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari is situated between Ebeltoft and Tirstrup in

a scenic part of Djursland. The hilly landscape creates plenty of

space and exiting natural environments for the wild animals of the

safari park. You and your family can easily spend a whole day among

animals, activities and nature at Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari.


kattegatcentret grenaa

Go exploring among large sharks – try it, if you dare.

There is the thrill when you move into the tunnel and are only a few

centimetres from the rays and the large, intimidating sand tiger

sharks. It is fascinating to have a closer look at the sharks and rays in

the large shark tank. And you get a nice feeling of these terrifying

predators when you stand on the revolving sidewalk and let it

transport you through the tunnel under the tank.

The decoration of the shark tank has been made as realistic as

possible and shows the environment around a tropical lagoon

bounded by a barrier reef with beautiful corals and the sudden

drop into the open, deep sea.

The construction with two water depths means that the shark tank

can accommodate grownup sharks as well as baby sharks and the

beautiful, richly coloured fish of the coral reef.

Kattegatcentret has found the very best story to tell about life at sea.

That is the story of the sharks. Extremely fascinating animals!

It is always a guaranteed success to watch the sharks.


munkholm zoo

Visit Munkholm Zoo as well. The place where there are animal

experiences at eye level. Read more on page 16 or at


Chill out at Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Skandinavisk Dyrepark

animals having a wild time!

Our polar bears are the luckiest in the world – because they live in

the world’s largest and best polar bear facility. We call it Polar Bear

Park and it takes up 26,000 square metres – as much as 5 soccer

fields. Obviously, polar bears need ice, so we have built an ice

factory for our polar bears. They get 5 tons of ice every day to play,

dig and rest in – and they LOVE IT!!!

As our guest, you can experience the polar bears from a 220-metre

walkway that winds through the Polar Bear Park – right at eye level

and without glass or fences to disturb you when you lose yourself in

the swimming and playing happy polar bears. It does not get any

better than that!

Our wonderful brown bears, wolves, moose and all the other animals

also live in enormous natural facilities that ooze of animal welfare.

You can experience the animals up close, and you will get a good and

happy feeling in your stomach from watching the animals display lots

of natural behaviour that you have never seen before.

animal welfare and good


With us, the animals come first. Therefore, we have chosen to give

the animals plenty of room, which allows them to live a good life with

plenty of animal welfare. Skandinavisk Dyrepark contains 450,000

square metres of wonderful Djursland countryside, and all our animal

species have plenty of room to roam around in.

But there is also plenty of room for you, you family and your friends.

Room to calm unwind while enjoying your day in the middle of nature,

surrounded by unique wildlife experiences. Our happy and committed

staff is always ready to share the experiences of the day with you.

Ask us about anything you want to know and participate in the daily

feedings of the animals.

look forward to it from home on


Visit our website before visiting us. Read about the animals and the

daily feedings, play a bear game, or order one of our popular picnic

baskets, filled with delicious food.

Skandinavisk Dyrepark has 4 stars, was awarded with the Tourism

development prize in 2000 and was company of the year in Djursland

in 2007.

Come and visit us – we look forward to showing you Skandinavisk


Loads of fun with your friends Quality time with your family

Family outing to the forest lake Engage in a competition with your friends

Close to the animal kingdom

Ree Park - Ebeltoft Safari is an exceptional safari park filled with rare

and wild animals that you can get really close to. In the amazing

nature of the safari park, more than 800 animals and 89 species from

5 continents are living as close to their own premises as possible.

The animals have plenty of room, and lakes, streams and forests

form natural fences around them.

new in the summer of 2008:

giraffes to djursland

Ree Park’s savannah is filled with exiting animals from Africa. Rare

zebras, grey gnus, large antelopes, jumping springboks and curious

ostriches are all gathered on a large, scenic savannah. In the summer

of 2008, the animals on the savannah will be given the company of

large and charming giraffes. Go on a Land Rover safari and experience

the savannah’s African atmosphere face to face with the wild animals.

lots of activities for children

and adults

Throughout the day, the keepers tell visitors about the animals

during feedings. You can see rare cheetahs hunting at 70 km per

hour, feel the falconer’s birds of prey whistle by, ride a camel and go

12 2008

all the way in to meet the monkeys on the monkey islands. You can

find black bears together with large American bison on the North

American prairie and experience black bears and white arctic wolves

devouring their lunch.

Within Ree Park, you and your family are also taken good care of.

You will find interesting playgrounds, an obstacle course by the

forest and rowboats in the lake. There are many cosy areas where

you can eat your packed lunch. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the

shade of the Madagaskar bar while watching the monkey islands or

visit the atmospheric Café Bush Camp. The café is also happy to lay

the tables in a festive way for large groups. Family and friends can

sleep on the prairie in a tipi and have unique evening safari experiences.

ree park – a genetic bank for

endangered species

Ree Park is a genetic park that places great emphasis on animal

welfare. Each time you visit Ree Park, you support the safari park’s

extensive work with animal breeding and endangered species from

all over the world. It is important for us that you leave the safari park

with a good feeling in your stomach. Read more on www.reepark.dk

Easy Living on


lübker golf resort – welcome to

easy living on djursland

In the middle of Djursland, there is a 200-hectare area with a very

unique and spectacular nature. Here, one of the world’s best golf

course architecture firms, Robert Trent Jones II, has created one of

Northern Europe’s best golf facilities – so anyone with a passion for

golf, self-pampering and luxurious experiences can look forward to

a unique experience. Lübker Golf Resort is not just going to be one

of Northern Europe’s most unique and exclusive golf resorts. It is

going to be an experience mecca for the whole family – here, you

will feel that you are living a little more.

lübker square – an experience

mecca in 3 storeys – opens in

the spring of 2008

Subtropical pool area for the whole family. Here, you can amuse

yourselves with a hot-water pool, a splash pool, a children’s pool

and a water slide. Furthermore, there is a hot tub/spa and a nice

resting area with loungers and a soothing fountain.

Self-pampering to the extreme. Treatment room, massage, therapy

room, exclusive resting area with loungers with built-in heat, where

you can enjoy the view of the golf course. You will find a Canadian

wilderness bath and Finnish sauna at the top of the Square.

lübker lodge – opens during the

summer of 2008

The exclusive golf club house will in several ways be the heart of

Lübker Golf Resort. Located in the centre of three 9-hole loops and

a 9-hole Golf Academy Course. All in all, 36 holes that make the

long house a natural gathering place – before as well as after a

challenging golf match. Here, you will find reception, proshop, café

and restaurant as well as state-of-the-art meeting and conference


lübker golf academy

Quite extraordinary training centre with the best possibilities for

fine-tuning strokes and technique. Own 9-hole golf course. The

actual stroke training takes place in the usual way or from covered

driving spots with heat elements, which means that neither bad

weather nor low temperatures can keep you from becoming a better


rent accommodations at lübker

village or lübker lodge

It is possible to rent an exclusive golf apartment with 4-6 beds or

one of the many detached individual golf holiday houses, which are

privately owned. www.lubker.com

art and culture

Djursland abounds with exciting artwork. Regardless of whether

your main interest is painting, sculptures, graphic art, ceramics,

textile or glass works, there are plenty of choices. This beautiful

area has attracted a multitude of artists who find inspiration in the

surrounding landscape. Most of them are delighted to open their

workshops to the public by appointment. You can also visit a

weaving workshop or a candle maker or watch the production of

ceramics. Furthermore, the numerous intimate galleries and other

exhibitions of the area offer lovely art experiences.

A large part of Djursland’s history is closely linked to the many

castles and manors in the area. There are actually seven of them.

Visit them and experience stepping into the noble olden times of


Djursland is also blessed with an extraordinary number of churches.

No less than 80 churches can be found in the area. A large number

of them hold interesting murals, altarpieces or pulpits. In Thorsager,

you will find the only round church in Jutland. In many of the

churches, church concerts are held. The concert programme is

available in the porches and at the tourist information centres.

14 2008

Culture &


glasmuseet ebeltoft

The glass museum Glasmuseet Ebeltoft houses a fantastic collection

of contemporary international glass art. Moreover, the museum

stages between six and nine special exhibitions each year which

shed light on current trends on the international glass scene.

The museum, which consists of three buildings that have been

designed by well-known, Danish architects, is situated at the water’s

edge at Ebeltoft Bay.

The museum shops stock a wide selection of glass design produced

by Danish and international craftsmen.

In the museum’s open workshop, visitors can watch glassblowers at

work and follow the spellbinding process of creating finished pieces

from molten lumps of glass.

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft is a living museum and organises lots of

exciting activities for the whole family. For example, visitors to the

museum can even try their hands at working with the hot glass. Visit

www.glasmuseet.dk for the latest news on exhibitions, activities and

cultural events.

noblemen and peasants

in Djursland

The manor of Gammel Estrup houses two separate museums,

“Gammel Estrup Manor House Museum” (Gammel Estrup

Herregårdsmuseum) and “The Danish Agricultural Museum”

(Dansk Landbrugsmuseum).

Together, the two museums allow you to get a feel of the stark

contrast between the lives of noblemen and peasants throughout

the centuries.

gammel estrup

Gammel Estrup is located beautifully in hilly Djursland and is one of

Denmark’s best preserved renaissance manor houses. The history of

the manor house can be dated back to the 1300s, and for 600 years

– up to 1926 – the house was never traded, but was transferred

from father to son/daughter. The two mighty noble families Brock

and Scheel lived here, and for a long time, they were among the

largest and richest estate owners.

All year round, Gammel Estrup offers activities and exhibitions about

the manor house environment in Denmark. Through the luxurious

halls and the large kitchen – from squires to servants – visitors are

given insight into the life on manor houses through the ages.

Visit Gammel Estrup and see the large interior exhibition, enjoy

the blooming baroque garden or participate in some of the many

interesting activities that are held at the manor house all year round.

For example, there are classical concerts, an 18th-century market,

Holberg plays and enjoyable Christmas preparations for four

weekends, and there are obviously also special exhibitions of

cultural history. See www.gammelestrup.dk for the latest news

about exhibitions, activities and cultural events.

dansk landbrugsmuseum

- offers great experiences for adults as well as children. At the

museum, more than 6,000 years of exciting history are on display,

from the birth of agriculture in Denmark in the Tool Age to the

modern industrial agriculture today. History becomes alive through

interesting exhibitions and a unique collection of agricultural

machinery and tools in open storehouses. The agricultural botanical

garden is also worth a visit with its more than 400 vegetable plants

and ornamental plants as well as the beautiful hop garden and the

apple orchard with 230 different varieties of traditional Danish

apples. In the fields and the stables, you can see old Danish

livestock breeds of cows, sheep, goats and chickens. For children,

there is a large indoor playground designed as a miniature farm.

Outside, there is a nature playground with goats and rabbits for

petting. The old smithy has a working workshop each afternoon

from April to November.

The museum has excellent facilities for the disabled and is classified

as a four-star attraction of national significance.

Dansk Landbrugsmuseum is the national museum of agriculture,

bee-keeping, slaughterhouses, dairies as well as the farming

community. Find out more about the events and news of the

museum on www.gl-estrup.dk.


experiences for everyone

Joy of driving, excitement and drama - Auning Kart Park Nostalgia and enjoyment on cycle trolley - Djursland for fuld Damp

Djursland has many great leisure-time activities for all ages. Fun with

go-karts, canoes, animals, playland or railway cycling can make you

sweat and give your dirty hands as well. Great experiences where

you use your body. Outdoors as well as indoors. You decide the


auning kart park

If you like speed and excitement, Auning Kart Park is well worth

a visit. The go-kart track is an experience track that will put your

driving skills to the test. A place that oozes fun, excitement and

drama. Auning Kart Park is not just a flat track; it is the only outdoor

track in Denmark with a hilly terrain and challenging corners – but it

doesn’t compromise on safety.

Located in beautiful natural surroundings, the go-kart track offers

excellent facilities for those who just prefer to watch the excitement

from the sidelines. Auning Kart Park also has go-karts for children

and a two-seater go-kart for 1 adult and 1 child (or 1 disabled

person). Children must be more than 8 years old and taller than

120 cm.

Feel the atmosphere and book your ticket at

www.auningkartpark.dk or on +45 8649 2749.

16 2008

djursland for fuld damp

Experience the friendly atmosphere and nostalgia at the old railway

station in Allingåbro. Take a trip back in time on the 21 km long

stretch of closed railway. Invite your family on a cycle trolley trip

along the inlet and bring a picnic basket. You can also rent a canoe

and row down the stream Allingåen, or take a trip in one of our red

vintage busses from the 1950s. At the railway station, there is a

fascinating automobile museum, which can bring back memories.

You can also spend the night in a wagon-lit and maybe get up and

watch the steam train arriving from the tropical zoo Randers

Regnskov. Let the children go for a ride on the mini train.

We would be happy to organise special arrangements for parties

and companies wanting something out of the ordinary while

experiencing a part of Danish history.

At the railway station, we sell nostalgic toys etc. and serve coffee in

the atrium.

Please call for further information on +45 8648 0444 or visit our

website www.dffd.dk

The beginning of an unforgettable day – dry or wet! - Fjordcentret Fun, excitement and physical activity - Jump’n Fun Lots of experiences for smaller children - Munkhom Zoo

fjordcentret – voer færgested

With us, you can get wet, get your hands dirty, or end up smelling

of reed, wool, smoke and fish. You can splash through the water in

waders, spray water on your dad or son with a water rocket. Get

blisters from using fire steel, go on a canoe trip through the local

jungle, shake hands with a crab, bake pancakes in the inlet…

We can fill a whole day with fun, untraditional and enjoyable family

experiences in and with the Danish nature.

If you feel like a day full of experiences where you are the centre of

attention and where you do not just have to watch, Fjordcentret is

the obvious choice, for small as well as large family groups. Bring a

packed lunch – use our barbecue or order from Fjordcentret’s café.

You can get more information on tel. + 45 8648 9685 or on


jump’n fun

Jump’n Fun is a large, 1,200-square-metre indoor playground

offering lots of fun and excitement, togetherness and physical

activities. Jump’n Fun is full of lots of challenging activities for all

ages. Pirate ship, activity track, Daisy Dino, climbing wall, gigantic

sea of balls (50,000 balls), slide, air hockey, pool tables, playhouses,

free play amusement machines, Counterstrike and lots, lots more.

Once admission has been paid, all the amusements are free.

In Jump’n Fun, all children are happy.


munkholm zoo

Animal experiences at eye level.

Munkholm Zoo is located in peaceful surroundings on Djursland.

The zoo offers full-day experiences for the whole family. We have

many offers for animal-loving children, who can for example pet a

rabbit, touch a goat, stroke a wild serval on its back, feel a snake or

go for a ride on a pony.

With more than 85 different species distributed on more than

400 animals, you are sure to have an interesting day. Go with the

keepers on their round when they feed the animals and hear about

what it is like to work with animals. You should also be there when

the keepers show off the “tame” wild animals and talk about them.

Munkholm Zoo is a zoo with modern facilities that meet the needs

of the animals.

When you walk through our more than 6 acres of land, there are

plenty of opportunities to study the many different animals up close.

Relax at the ”Serval Grill” while the children play on the playground.

You can also enjoy your packed lunch at some of our roofed lunch


New in 2008. Squirrel facility and a new free-flying facility for the

many different bird species in the park. www.munkholmzoo.dk


& adventure

Rosenholm Slot is a beautiful location for many events The beautiful garden room at Clausholm Castle Sculpture garden at Det jydske Haveselskab

rosenholm slot

In April 1559, Jørgen Rosenkrantz acquired the farm Holm outside

Hornslet from the King. In the following years, he built a castle on

that spot and named it Rosenholm after his family. The family

Rosenkrantz has owned the castle ever since, and today Rosenholm

is the Danish house which has been in the possession of the same

family for the longest time. During the period 1740-45, the castle

was rebuilt and the large park covering approx. 5 hectares was laid

out complete with lime tree avenues and bowers and beech hedges.

The rose garden surrounding the fountain is an enchanting place.

The castle is fully furnished with hundreds of items of furniture,

paintings and tapestries, which provide the visitor with a fascinating

view of a noble family’s life through centuries. Today Rosenholm

Castle unites past and present culture as the organiser of exciting

tours, conferences, company parties, weddings, etc. The castle is

one of the biggest and most beautiful Danish manors from the

Renaissance. www.rosenholmslot.dk

clausholm slot

“With its heavy and serious-looking exterior behind the wide moats

and surrounded by tall lime trees, Clausholm seems to be brooding

on a well-preserved secret or hiding treasured memories from a

distant past”. This is how Clausholm Castle is described in the old

books, and it may be so. The history of the castle is long and

chequered, and comprises both royal grandeur, endless love and

tragic destinies. Clausholm makes its first appearance in the history

books at the beginning of the 14th century, but it was the Chancellor,

Count Conrad Reventlow who built the manor as we know it today.

While Count Reventlow made his distinctive mark on the exteriors

of Clausholm, the atmosphere and the many stories about life inside

its heavy walls must primarily be ascribed to his youngest daughter

Anna Sophie, whom King Frederik IV married morganatically.

18 2008

The king bought Clausholm and introduced several changes, which

can still be seen. As something new, you can now be wed at the

castle chapel of Clausholm Castle and then have a wedding

reception in the beautiful garden room. And you can use the castle

and the large castle park with its impressive cascading water as a

photo location at weddings as well as in connection with fashion

and advertisement photography. www.clausholmslot.dk

det jydske haveselskab

– is housed in the historical main building from 1860 at the home

farm at Clausholm Castle. The building has now been turned into an

atmospheric café, a gallery, a green garden shop selling gardening

books, tools and exclusive English porcelain. The café serves a

wonderful buffet lunch - or simply a cup of coffee with the best pie

in the neighbourhood, which can be enjoyed on the atmospheric

patio with views of the themed gardens and parkland.

Enjoy a stroll through Clausholm Park and its famous Baroque gardens

as well as the Danish Garden Society’s five lush themed gardens:

The Sculpture garden’s wooden walkways meandering through

green foliage, fragrant honeysuckle and sculptures; The Flower garden’s

play with shapes and colours to reflect the changing seasons; The

Water garden’s evocative silence and exotic grasses as tall as a man,

water plants, frogs and insects; to the Shady garden with its peace

and quiet and trees shading the plants which thrive in just such

an environment; And the Inspiration garden’s beautiful range of

perennials and herbs, its orangery, greenhouse and experimental

kitchen as well as ornamental garden environments.


wandering through

the past

Det gamle Rådhus – the country’s smallest town hall Djurslands Museum’s characteristic half-timbered houses in the middle of Grenaa “Tørvegrisen” at Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

Djursland is one of Denmark’s most abundant areas for relics from

the past. Here, you will find the largest round barrow in Denmark,

one of the longest and best preserved passage graves and Kalø

castle ruins and many burial mounds with the most exquisite view


the museum of syddjurs

- ebeltoft museum

Amid the beautiful, quaint houses in Ebeltoft, you will find Ebeltoft

Museum with the old town hall – the well-known landmark

symbolising Ebeltoft. It is definitely the most prominent feature in

the old and unique market town environment. Denmark’s smallest

town hall offers exhibitions on Ebeltoft’s history and visits to the old

dungeon. The museum also houses a Siamese Exhibition, a curious

and unique ethnographic collection from ancient Thailand. On the

busy high street, there is also the charming dye-works Farvergård,

which was an active company around 1925 where the local peasants

had their wool and woven cloth dyed. The dye-works and its intact

workshops and interiors is the only provincial dye-works in Northern

Europe that has been preserved. During the high season, dyeing

activities are organised at the dye-works. The vicarage at Helgenæs is

a department of the museum with an exhibition about the history of

Helgenæs, an old classroom and a model of at pit house from the

Viking Age. www.ebeltoftmuseum.dk

djurslands museum

dansk fiskerimuseum

In the heart of Grenaa is the old merchant house with timber

framing and crooked walls that provides the setting for the

interesting collections of the museum. Here, you can see the coin

finds from Kirial and Balle, ancient finds from Djursland’s rich past,

and interiors from the 19th and 20th centuries. On a trip through

time, you can see the history of clothing from the Middle Ages until

now, while the close past can be studied at the exhibitions about the

weaving mill Grenaa Dampvæveri and the history of radio and

television. The fishery museum Dansk Fiskerimuseum exhibits

parts of the varied history of fishing, and at Kattegatcentret with an

exhibition about the difficult conditions that the fishermen of the

past had to endure. ”Open boats at open sea” shows models of small

boats that braved the elements as well as common sense when it was

time to catch the fish. www.djurslandsmuseum.dk

stenvad mosebrugscenter

The bog – its mysteries, people and machines.

At Stenvad bog cultivation centre (Stenvad Mosebrugscenter)

you sense the bog’s mystery, and the memories of working in the

summer securing warmth inside for the winter can be relived.

You will find models of various types of bog and both original

and reconstructed implements and machinery for peat-digging

next to ingenious tools like the million spade and the blacksmith’s

rail moped. Local weavers have portrayed the area’s and the

peat bog’s history on a tapestry that is 7 m 2 in total.

The exhibition also houses a model of the living-quarters that the

peat cutters had out in the bog. During the high season a kneading

facility is kneading peat soil in the „children’s bog“. The small train

„Tørvegrisen“ carrying tipping wagons takes its passengers on a

2.5 km trip along the old tipping wagon track to the bog. Half-way

there is a picnic area where you can enjoy your own picnic basket.


Shopping, nostalgia and

cosy surroundings

During the summer, you can meet the quirky inhabitants of

Mols depicted by a theatre group in the streets of Ebeltoft

The towns in Djursland have a special charm. They are towns with

history, nostalgia and a rich business life. The most important and

well-known towns are Ebeltoft, Grenaa and Rønde.


Ebeltoft’s old town centre oozes of nostalgia. The square and the

old town hall, Det gamle Rådhus, are at the very heart of Ebeltoft,

where bumpy cobbles, half-timbered buildings, watchmen and

market stalls form a uniquely picturesque scene. Here, many tourists

enjoy the weekly jazz concerts, which are held every Saturday at

midday from May to August – see the programme and much more

about Ebeltoft at www.ebeltoftby.dk.

Ebeltoft earned back its municipal charter in 1301, and today it is

both an old and new town with its modern luxury buildings at the

beach and a dynamic business life. In 2006, Ebeltoft was nominated

the fourth best shopping town out of 24 towns in Denmark.

Furthermore, Ebeltoft has achieved the title as the cleanest town

in Denmark. As a tourist town, Ebeltoft is no. 1 in Djursland.

Ebeltoft is home to the frigate Fregatten Jylland - the longest wooden

ship in the world and one of the top attractions of the town. A stone’s

throw from the frigate is the glass museum Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, which

is known throughout the world for its unique collection of international

glass art. The museum has also become known for its beautiful

architecture that unites new and old building traditions, which

includes a café with a magnificent view of the ocean. Ebeltoft also

has many specialty shops, fine restaurants, and a cosy marina.

20 2008

sail there yourself

If you come to Ebeltoft by boat, you may dock in the new wooden

ships’ harbour or the marina. You can fish along the beach or from

one of the cutters sailing out from Ebeltoft.

Ahl Strand and Ebeltoft Vig strand are both child-friendly beaches.

On the east coast, you will also find the beaches Dråby Strand and

Boeslum Strand.

the old town hall in ebeltoft

The first town hall was originally built in 1576, but in the late 18th

Century, it was in such a bad state that it had to be demolished. The

old town hall as it looks today was completed in 1789. In earlier

times, the courtroom has been used to host public meetings and

trials and as a banqueting room. Today, citizens and visitors of the

town can use the old town hall for weddings. Couples from all over

Denmark and abroad come to Ebeltoft to get married in this old and

charming town hall.

watchmen patrolling the

streets of ebeltoft

Watchmen go back a long time in the history of Danish market

towns. This is also the case in Ebeltoft, where they were first

mentioned in the late 15th century. When an obligatory fire brigade

was introduced in 1761, it was decided that market towns should

have watchmen and that part of their duties would be to turn the

street lighting on and off as well as maintaining peace and quiet.

On the hour, every hour, they were to patrol the streets and sing out

what hour it was. Nowadays, the watchmen are merely a quaint and

colourful tourist attraction. In the summer season, the watchmen do

their rounds in Ebeltoft, starting out from the steps in front of Det

gamle Rådhus. In December, the watchmen can also be heard as

they patrol the old streets.


Gourmet market in the square in Rønde

Grenaa has been a market town since 1445 and is the biggest town

in Djursland. The town is a well-equipped shopping and business

town with more than 200 specialty shops. In the shops, you will

find a wide selection of brand-name clothes, shoes, arts and crafts,

flowers etc. Three pedestrian streets meet at the town square

around the tourist office and from here, the shops are located in a

closed environment of pedestrian streets. Furthermore, the town

includes a number of beautifully preserved half-timbered houses.

Nederstræde is one of these picturesque environments of

half-timbered houses. On a walk through town, you can see many

different sculptures, and you can regularly see art exhibitions

around town. Grenaa Kirke is also located in the town square.

The church underwent complete refurbishment in 2001, and today

it houses one of the finest organs in northern Europe and a famous

chime with 21 bronze bells.

harbour and town

The path Å-stien starts close to Grenaa Havn and connects the town to

the harbour. Grenaa Havn consists of 4 harbour environments, for

example a fishing harbour, a modern marina as well as ferry services

to Varberg in Sweden and the small island of Anholt. At the marina,

there are holiday homes, restaurant and shops. From the marina,

you can enjoy the view of Grenaa’s 7-kilometer beach. Grenaa

Strand is the best beach in Jutland, family-friendly, has good facilities

and the blue flag that guarantees clean bathing water. Close to

Grenaa town centre, nature starts with forest and heath and an

extensive network of paths for hikers, bike riders and horse riders.

Grenaa is also home to Kattegatcentret, Djurslands Museum and

Dansk Fiskerimuseum. The mill Baunhøj Mølle is a symbol of Greena

and hosts weddings as well as regular art exhibitions. The old mill

was destroyed by fire in May of 2002, so it is a newly established

mill that is now placed on top of Baunhøj.

Art in the mill Baunhøj Mølle

dronningens ferieby

Kalø castle ruins (Kalø Slotsruin)

with the town of Rønde

on the top of the hill

Grenaa Kirke seen from Lillegade

Dronningens Ferieby is a specialist holiday centre for the

walking-impaired and wheelchair users. The centre has

44 houses designed in every detail to cater for disabled

visitors as well as a communal house with among other things

kitchen and conference rooms, an activity centre and a large

function room that seats 150. In addition, it has its very own

bathing jetty designed for wheelchairs. The ideal holiday centre

and meeting place for people with any kind of physical disability.



Rønde is a business town with specialty shops, good supermarkets

and restaurants. The new town square in the middle of the main street

of Rønde has a gourmet market with delicious organic specialties

during the summer months. The town is beautifully located as the

entrance to Mols Bjerge with a great view of Kalø Vig and Kalø

Slotsruin. Close to Rønde, you will also find an attractive golf course.

There are excellent bus connections to Aarhus and Randers and

other towns in Djursland.

Kalø Slotsruin was built by King Erik Menved following a peasants’

revolt in Jutland in 1313. In the following years, the castle went

through a turbulent time until in 1407 it became base and support

for the king and his royal vassals who governed Kalø fief, which is

to say the entire Djursland. Today only the castle ruins are left.

Djursland – always within

22 2008


– with ferry, plane, car and bus.

your shortcut within denmark

Mols-Linien sails to and from Djursland via Odden-Ebeltoft with the

high-speed ferries Mai Mols and Mie Mols. It only takes approx.

45 minutes from Sealand.

Mols-Linien also operates a high-speed ferry service between Odden

and Århus, crossing time is approx. 65 minutes. There is also a

conventional ferry service between Kalundborg and Århus, crossing

time is approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes.

to sweden and norway

Stena Line operates a ferry service from Jutland to Norway and

Sweden. Stena Line departs four times a day and the crossing takes

approx. four hours. If you take the night ferry from Grenaa, you can

spend the night in cosy cabins. The Grenaa-Varberg route is the

perfect travel solution with special prices for tall private vehicles,

motor homes and caravans.

quicker by plane

Aarhus Airport, situated by Tirstrup right in the centre of Djursland,

has daily services to cities such as Barcelona, London, Oslo,

Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

across kattegat

We recommend a trip to the island of Anholt. The crossing from

Grenaa takes approx. 3 hours after which you will find yourself

in an entirely different world. This is where you find the only desert

in Northern Europe.

During the summer months, the island is alive with fun and laughter.

Outside the season, the island is inhabited by only 160 people living

in quiet country lanes and enjoying the peace. A visit requires an

overnight stay on the island before returning home.

cross randers fjord

Over a stretch of a bit more than 20 km, Randers Fjord is crossed by

two small ferry services: At Mellerup-Voer, the fjord is crossed by

Ragna, Denmark’s smallest car ferry. The ferry service has the privilege

of being Denmark’s oldest royally privileged service. At the entrance

of the fjord, between Udbyhøj North and South, you can cross the

fjord on board Denmark’s only cable-drawn ferry, Udbyhøj Kabelfærge,

which started services in the summer of 2006. The ferries sail in idyllic

surroundings with a view of the fjord, beach meadows, fields and

steep Stone Age cliffs. Both ferries sail continuously during daylight

hours, all you have to do is show up! The crossing time is only 3 to 5


oute 888

With Abildskou buses, you can travel quickly and conveniently from

Sealand to Ebeltoft, Rønde, Grenaa, Tirstrup and Randers. We take

the high-speed ferries via Odden-Aarhus or Odden-Ebeltoft, where

you can enjoy the pleasant trip and decide whether to grab

something to eat or drink. Abildskou bus lines use ultra-modern

buses with facilities such as air-condition, toilet, reclining seats,

individual radio and much more. See the timetable for other

destinations in Denmark.

The trip from Copenhagen to Ebeltoft only takes 3 hours.

See the route plan for other destinations in Denmark.


by sea (crossing times)

Mols-Linien: Ebeltoft Aarhus

Odden 45 min. 65 min.

Kalundborg 2 h 40 min.

Stena Line: Varberg (Sweden)

Grenaa 4 hours

Anholt ferry: Grenaa

Anholt 3 hours

Ferry services across Randers Fjord:

Udbyhøj Nord-Syd 3 - 5 min.

Mellerup – Voer 3 - 5 min.

by land (distance in km)

Distance: Danish/German border Aalborg Copenhagen Aarhus

Djursland 240 km 124 km 145 km 44 km

around djursland in 45 minutes

Not many places in Denmark offer so many opportunities for

experiences within such a manageable area as Djursland does.

Therefore, it is easy for you to get to attractions as well as

accommodation places.

The bus services are also good and there are plenty of bus stops.

Get many good ideas for car trips in Djursland at the tourist


It is easy to get to Djursland by car. Take exit 44 on the northbound

motorway, signposted to Grenaa/Ebeltoft, and take exit 42, also

signposted to Grenaa/Ebeltoft, on the southbound motorway.

Stena Line Denmark A/S, Stenaterminalen, Færgevej 1, DK-8500 Grenaa

Tel. +45 96 200 200, Fax +45 8632 0118, danmark@stenaline.com, www.stenaline.dk

I/S Grenaa-Anholt Færgefart, Stenaterminalen, Færgevej 1, DK-8500 Grenaa

Tel. +45 8632 3600, Fax +45 8632 0118, grenaa@anholt.dk, www.anholt.dk

Randers Fjords Færgefart I/S, Kirkestien 1, DK-8981 Allingåbro

Tel. +45 8647 3188, Fax +45 8647 3184, post@randersfjord-faerger.dk,

www.randersfjord-faerger.dk, Mellerup-Voer & Udbyhøj Nord – Udbyhøj Syd

Aarhus Lufthavn A/S, Stabrandvej 24, DK-8560 Kolind

Tel. +45 8775 7000, Fax +45 8775 7030, info@aar.dk, www.aar.dk

Mols-Linien A/S, Hovedkontor, Færgehavnen, DK-8400 Ebeltoft

mols-linien@mols-linien.dk. Reservation: www.mols-linien.dk

or Tel. +45 7010 1418

Abildskou A/S, Graham Bellsvej 40, DK-8200 Århus N, Tel. +45 70 210 888

mail@abildskou.dk, www.abildskou.dk

tee out

in Djursland

Djurs Golf – Pay & Play og Klub Ebeltoft Golfclub Grenaa Golf Klub and Pay & Play

Djursland’s 7 golf courses offer challenges for the experienced

golfer as well as the beginner. The new Lübker Golf Resort with a

36-hole course opens in 2008. See more on www.djurspakken.dk

djurs golf – pay & play and club

2-par 4-hole, 7-par 3-hole golf course situated in a lovely area

with a slightly hilly terrain, woods and lakes. The golf course

challenges you as a player. Rental of golf equipment. Good

parking facilities close to the golf course. We are located at

the Randers/Grenaa highway A16, only 400 m from Djurs

Sommerland. Dogs must be kept on a leash. From sunrise till

sunset. No booking necessary. Indoor training centre, which is

open all year round.

ebeltoft golfclub

Ebeltoft Golfclub, close to the hills Mols Bjerge, probably has

the most beautiful view over both Kattegat and Ebeltoft Vig.

The course is hilly and an exciting challenge both to the elite

golfer and the handicap player. The club has a driving range,

putting green and approach area. Play on summer greens all winter

in Ebeltoft every weekend.

24 2008

grenaa golf club and pay & play

Golf just west of Grenaa. The golf course has been laid out in

a very diverse and historically interesting area where you

play on what was formerly the seabed, the foreshore, and

along a glacial coastline where Vikings once had their

headquarters. The area is slightly undulating and provides a

good experience for players of all levels. The picturesque lakes

are features that need to be taken into account at five of the

holes. It is always nice visiting the Golf Café. With good view to the

golf course from the terrace and through the café’s large landscape

windows. The Par-3 course has been laid out in 2005 and the

training facilities is avaible to all greenfee players. The par-3 course

and the training facilities is also open as a Pay & Play basis for guests

who are not members of a golfclub.

The view from holiday homes and

apartments at Lübker Golf Resort

Norddjurs Golfklub Fuglsøcentret Proark Golf Kalø

lübker golf resort

– soft opening ”for members only” May 2008 and grand

opening late summer 2008

In the large, varied nature area, the world-renowned golf course

architecture company Robert Trent Jones II has designed three

9-hole loops in a clover formation, which together form a 27-hole

golf course in championship quality – plus a 9-hole Academy


norddjurs golfclub

The golf course is an 18-hole medium-hard course, partly

planted and partly open countryside. New and impressive

clubhouse from 2006 with views of the course from the terrace

and from inside the building. It is possible to buy sandwiches,

beer, wine, water etc. and different types of coffee. The course

is open with summer greens all year. The par-3 course and

Djurs Golf – Pay & Play and Klub. Greenfee weekdays. Senior DKK 150/junior and bambino

DKK 100. Weekend DKK 175/junior and bambino DKK 100 (Allows you to play

on the golf course all day). Distance from: Århus 40 min. drive. Randers 30 min. drive.

Ebeltoft 30 min. drive. Grenaa 20 min. drive. Club membership 2007 DKK 2,300.

Kolstrupvej 6c, DK-8581 Nimtofte, Tel. +45 8639 6141, mobil +45 4018 1102

info@djursgolf.dk, www.djursgolf.dk

Ebeltoft Golfclub. Greenfee DKK 250/adults, juniors halv price. 18 holes. Buggies

DKK 200/round,Trollies DKK 25/round. Club house pro-shop. Galgebakken 14,

DK-8400 Ebeltoft, Tel. +45 8759 6000, post@ebeltoft-golfclub.dk, www.ebeltoft-golfclub.dk

Grenaa Golf Club and Pay & Play. Greenfee, weekdays: Seniors DKK 250, Juniors

DKK 125, valid for a whole day. Pay & Play costs DKK 100 for a full day. On the Pay &

Play course, 9 holes out of 12 are always open. The golf course has 18 holes, par-71, max.

handicap 54.Vestermarken 1, DK-8500 Grenaa, Tel. +45 8632 7929, fax. +45 8630 9654,

info@grenaagolfklub.dk, www.grenaagolfklub.dk

training facilities are open to all green fee players and also

open on a Pay & Play basis for guests who are not members

of a golf club.

the par-3 course at fuglsøcentret

Par-3 course with 9 holes – the two longest holes are in excess of

160 m. Incredibly beautiful situation with views across Ebeltoft Bay

and to the hills of Mols Bjerge.

proark golf kalø

Proark Golf Kalø is beautifully situated in the hills offering a grand

view over the Kalø Vig, Aarhus bay and Kalø Slotsruin. The 18-hole

course is laid out in the hilly terrain with scattered vegetation and

lakes. Open all year. Our 9-hole “Pay & Play” golf course is beautifully

situated in a gently undulating orchard.

Lübker Golf Resort. For information on greenfee prices and booking, go to www.lubker.com or contact

us on +45 8639 8886, Lübker Allé 121 (former Ramtenvej 51), DK-8581 Nimtofte, info@lubker.com

Norddjurs Golfklub. Greenfee weekdays: Seniors DKK 250 and juniors DKK 125.

The par-3 course every weekday DKK 75, 18 holes/par-72, Men/yellow: CR: 71.4130/Slope:

130 – Ladies/red: CR: 77,6/Slope: 134. Nordkystvejen 10, DK-8961 Allingåbro,

Tel. +45 8648 0744, sekretariat@norddjursgolf.dk, www.norddjursgolf.dk

The par-3 course at Fuglsøcentret , Price for playing one or two rounds – day card

DKK 100. Dragsmurvej 6, 8420 Knebel, Tel. +45 8635 1355, www.mols.nu

Proark Golf Kalø. 18-hole course - par 72 – max. handicap 36. Weekdays: DKK 290 weekend:

DKK 340 junior half price. P & P course – 9-hole par 3 – everyone is welcome. Price for 18 holes:

Weekdays: DKK 175 weekend: DKK 195 junior half price. Possibility for renting gear: 1/2 set DKK 65.

Århusvej 32. DK-8410 Rønde, tel. +45 8637 3600 – Remember to book ahead on all days.

kgc@proarkgolf.dk, www.proarkgolf.dk.

out in nature

all year round

26 2008

The Trehøje burial mounds in Mols Bjerge

Hiking in Mols Bjerge The cliffs in the north of Djursland

The landscape in Djursland is quite unique as you will be able to

experience nearly the entire natural diversity in Denmark within an

area of 50 km x 50 km, such as open heath, hills, dense forest, lakes

and approx. 150 km. of beach.

Djursland is an obvious choice for trips where you can experience

nature up close – by foot, on a bicycle, on a horse or in a canoe.

Go canoeing on Randers Fjord or on Alling Å stream. Walking route

maps describe routes in different types of nature and of varied

length. At the tourist offices, you can pick up guides and get help

renting a canoe, bicycle, horse etc. Or get help putting together

your own trip with detailed descriptions of nature and historical

background knowledge. Furthermore, we can help you put together

bicycle packages that fit your needs.

mols bjerge and helgenæs

Mols Bjerge is characterised by its remarkable landscape of hills,

forest and heath. The landscape was formed during the last ice age

approx. 12,000 years ago. The highest point is Agri Bavnehøj with

its 137 metres. There is a beautiful view of the landscape from the

area’s many burial mounds. These relics of the past are part of the

marked hiking routes. Through preservation, acquisitions and focused

care, Mols Bjerge has become such an attractive and scenic area

that it will probably have status as a national park in the future.

There are guided tours through the area with stories about the

history, myths, nature and plant life of Mols Bjerge. Mols Bjerge is

an obvious choice for hiking, bicycle rides and riding.


View from the Stabelhøje burial mounds over Kalø Bay

Nearby is the scenic Helgenæs peninsula with the lighthouse

Sletterhage Fyr positioned on its southern tip. This stormy place

is ruled by nature – the wind, the sea and the rugged, rocky coast.

A magnificent area that is also ideal for angling.

rugged nature on the northern


The northern coast of Djursland is home to the steep calcareous

cliffs near Karlby, Sangstrup and Gjerrild. The cliffs are popular

destinations when hunting for fossils. Here, you can find sea

urchins, belemnites and, if you are lucky, fossilised shark’s teeth.

The waters off the cliffs are an ideal spot for angling.

On Gjerrild railway’s old, closed section of railway you can follow

the landscape by foot or on bicycle into the countryside from

Stokkebro to Stenvad. A trip of 16 kilometres. If you want to go

along the coast, you can place the trip on the path Nordsøstien and

experience how the sea and the wind have shaped the landscape

and the village environments there through several generations.

Nordsøstien (North Sea Trail) is a path for walking, horse riding and

bicycle riding.


In the heart of Djursland, you will find Kolindsund, which was the

largest lake in Jutland until 1874. Today, the canals of Kolindsund

run from Kolind to Grenaa. The lake has become a scenic area with

a rich bird life and the water-filled canals offer plenty of opportunities

for catching a fish or two.



child-friendly beaches

Grenaa Strand at Katholm Strandvej

Djursland is surrounded by the sea in three directions, making it

the perfect destination for a seaside holiday. The shores of

Djursland are renowned for their shallow water and endless,

white, sandy beaches – they are ideal for families with young

children. Moreover, the shallow water invites activities of all

sorts – playing ball or beach tennis, tossing Frisbees or simply

lazing in the water’s edge, enjoying the sensation of the water on

your body. Whether you go for a long walk along the beach with

the brisk wind in your face, or take your family to the beach on a

hot summer’s day, the seaside is a hit all year round, since every

season has a charm of its own.

Grenaa Strand, a 7-km-long white, sandy beach, was in 2006

elected Jutland’s best beach with, among other things, the best

facilities, the best sand, the best water and for being the most

child-friendly. Find your own private spot in the dunes, settle

down in the hot sand and enjoy the warmth of the sun

The coves of Ebeltoft and Kalø are surrounded by superb scenery.

The coves are obvious destinations for sailors, surfers and divers.

On the east coast, you also find the beaches, Dråby Strand,

Boeslum Strand, Ahl Strand and Ebeltoft Vig Strand - all child

friendly beaches.

Fjellerup, St. Sjørup, Lystrup and Rygård Strand are situated on the

north coast of Djursland. Those beaches are more diverse though

certainly suitable for having a good time and taking part in beach

activities. Further east is Bønnerup Strand, and at Gjerrild Strand,

there are long sandy beaches with pretty sand dunes and a large

unspoilt wasteland behind.

Those are but a few of the extremely fine, sandy beaches in

Djursland, but wherever you are, you could do worse than cycling

or walking to a small cove to go for a swim regardless of the time

of day.

Many of Djursland’s beaches have been awarded EU’s Blue Flag,

which is awarded to beaches with very clean waters and fine

amenities including good toilet and swimming facilities. Most

beaches also have good parking facilities, as well as kiosks and

restaurants nearby. Grenaa beach also has a lifeguard tower which

is manned throughout the summer.

Anholt – a paradise in

the middle of kattegat

– simple island life

Halfway between Sweden and Denmark lies the island of Anholt,

home to Denmark’s most isolated island community. As soon as

you board the ferry, you will feel yourself being drawn into the peace

and tranquillity that pervades the island. The countryside and the

people living on Anholt have adapted themselves to the fact that

water surrounds the island as far as the eye can see in every

direction. The island community lives in harmonious coexistence,

as it has done for generations. The population of the island numbers

about 150 residents, who are self-sufficient with their own school,

post office, doctor and vicar. Regardless of whether you are looking

for company or solitude, what characterises Anholt is absorption,

nature and simplicity.

stress is a foreign word

The island’s unique landscape is nurtured and cared for, and

something quite special and rare is the fact that the island is kept

free of organised tourist attractions. Nevertheless – or perhaps

herein lies the reason – a trip to Anholt will leave strong

impressions. There is plenty of space for undisturbed sunbathing or

taking a dip along the 25-kilometre-long coastline. There is lots to

28 2008

explore on the more than 22-square-kilometre-large island, and it will

be on foot as most of the island is kept wonderfully free of cars.

Furthermore, the fishing village is often visited by yachts, fishing

boats and dinghies. During the summer, the restaurants are open,

and all year round, you can buy a large selection of fish and shellfish.

unforgettable anholt

Most of Anholt is a designated conservation area, and the island is

also a designated IBA(Important Bird Area) and an area of special

geological interest. There are three types of landscape: glacial

landscape, coastal landscape with beach ridges and a dune landscape.

The unique countryside is extremely varied with large areas of flat

terrain and dramatic dunes, and with dense vegetation interspersed

by wild, open expanses.


Hele året


the desert

The most distinctive natural feature on the island is the desert, which

consists of dunes, heathland areas and Northern Europe’s biggest

low heath. There are 3-400 different species of lichen on Anholt. The

desert was created after the population felled large numbers of trees

in the 17th century when large quantities of timber and firewood

were needed for heating, salt-making and fuelling the island’s

lighthouse. There is public access to the desert, which is today a

designated nature preservation area.

See pictograms at page 33.


- j P r y

V Q S x

Anholt camping

Nordstrandvej 150, DK-8592 Anholt

Tel. +45 8631 9100



Wonderful, scenic campsite on Denmark’s most beautiful island. The campsite has direct access to the lovely

sandy beaches of the island, which have been chosen as some of the best bathing beaches in Denmark. The

campsite rents out caravans and camping cabins. We have open as well as more closed spots for tents as

well as caravans. In the area in front of the campsite, there is a small convenience store with a varied

selection of everything you need.


the seals

A feature of the island is its large population of common seals. In fact,

Anholt is one of the biggest and most important habitats for the common

seal in Europe, as well as having a small population of grey

seals. A seal reserve has been established at Totten, the only place in

Denmark where seals can be seen at close quarters from land. In the

past, the seals helped to ensure survival for the population of the

island. Today, however, they are the focus of extensive research, with

many, for example, being fitted with chips so that researchers can

track their behaviour by satellite.




All year 500 m 5


1,5 km


The inn is traditionally run and opens every day at 8.00 am when we serve a breakfast buffet. Everything revolves around

the bar, café and patio at the inn, where guests can check their emails in the Internet café or play a round of billiards in the

public bar. The kitchen serves traditional Danish cuisine based on fresh raw ingredients and shellfish from the sea around

the island and which, despite its simplicity, is lauded by both summer visitors and Anholters. The hotel’s rooms always

include a full breakfast with the option of preparing a picnic if you are setting out on a walk through the desert or along the

beach. We also offer accommodation with all meals, outside the season at discounted prices.

l u 1 n V (

11/3-31/12 8-23

j R x I q S

Anholt Bed & Breakfast

Nordstrandvej 11B, DK-8592 Anholt

Tel. +45 8631 9111, Mobile +45 3029 9111



Anholt Bed&Breakfast is located in Arnen, a charming old house in the town of Anholt, 2.5 kilometres from

the harbour. There are 5 cosy double rooms, joint shower and bathrooms, dining and living room on the

ground floor and access to a large garden with old trees. Accommodation includes a large breakfast buffet.

We arrange celebration of red-letter days, team building courses and nature hikes for large or small groups.

Wedding receptions can be ordered and the wedding can be arranged in co-operation with the priest of

Anholt Church.

Anholt Bed & Breakfast is open all year

Anholt Kro

Nordstrandvej 19, DK-8592 Anholt

Tel. +45 8631 9080

Mobile +45 4018 5032



Reasonable prices with dish of the day

for DKK 90 daily.




Djursland – with

practically everything

children need

1. Aktiv i naturen

Nordic Walking, mountain bike trips,

family teambuilding events,

fitness boxing.


2. Auning Kart Park

Go-karts for children. Two-seater Twin go-kart.


3. Blushøjgård Kursus-

og Feriecenter



4. Djursland for fuld Damp

Cycle trolleys, canoe hire.


5. Djurs Sommerland

More than 60 amusements for

children of all ages.


6. Fjordcentret

– Voer Færgested

Waders walking, angling trips,

rope-making, canoeing.


30 2008

7. Fregatten Jylland

Firing canons, sailing, sleep on board.

Ship building for children


8. Fuglsøcentret

Golf for everyone and

various activities.


9. Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

Working glass studio,

Children activities.


10. Jump’n Fun

1200 sq. m. indoor playland.


11. Kattegatcentret Grenaa

Test diving and shark feeding


12. Lübker Square

Indoor subtropical pool area


13. Munkholm Zoo

Pony riding, animal feeding,

showing of tame animals.


Here is a selection of the activities you can

find in Djursland for the whole family.

Find the numbers on the map

in the back of the brochure.

14. Dansk Landbrugsmuseum

Indoor playground, outdoor nature play

area with rabbits and goats. Feeding of the

animal during the summer season.


14. Gammel Estrup, Herregårdsmuseet

Playing with old playground equipment etc.


15. Naturcenter Fjellerup

Living marine animals, touch pools,

sea kayaking, bathing platform.


16. Naturcenter Norddjurs

Sea kayaks, nature walks, angling trips,

the ‘Sun cabin’, canoeing, cabins, nature playground.


17. Ree Park - Ebeltoft Safari

Close to animals, petting zoo, camel riding,

hold a bird of prey, visit the monkey islands,

jeep safari, obstacle course, sleep in a tipi


18. Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Feeding of polar bears, brown bears

and wolves daily.


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