NetDoc for Sharepoint

NetDoc for Sharepoint

Empower your Sharepoint

with tools from DataAssist

Tools to get more out of Sharepoint and

know what is in YOUR Sharepoint

DataAssist e.K.

Founded in 1991

Located in Berlin, Germany (formerly Munich, Germany)

Strong expertise in Sharepoint 2003 since the initial release

Many consultancy and implementation projects worldwide at

customers from mid-size to multi-national customers

Consulting partner for Microsoft Visio for Microsoft Corp since 1996

(1996: Visio Corp, since 2000 as Microsoft corp)

Strong visualisation knowledge and expertise

Empower your sharepoint experience

Sharepoint is a great platform

You can store literaly all that is necessary to make your team more

productive and enhance communication

Different functions and functionalities help you to empower your

team and optimize the flow of communication


Do you know how your portal REALLY looks like ?

Do you know how your workflows look alike ?

Do you know how to help your users to plan and document their

workflows ?

Wouldnt it be great to give your users the possibility to use Visio

locally but work on files in the portal ?



NetDoc for Sharepoint

Document your sharepoint installation

NetDoc for Sharepoint

A member of the NetDoc product family

Provides even remote documentation facilities

Visualizes the real structure of your sharepoint installation in Visio


Marks critical factors in Visio through DataGraphics (Visio 2007 only)

Sharepoint Platform support :

Windows Sharepoint Services (2.0 and 3.0)

Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server 2003

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007

Data is stored in custom properties - > all vital information is in your

shapes - >easy report creation

Each shape contains a hyperlink to the corresponding site in


Codename „Visio workflow designer“

Cooperation between DataAssist and maguro:agentur Berlin

Tool for the documentation of workflows

REAL „reverse engineering“ of workflows into Visio diagrams

REAL „forward engineering“ of workflows into Sharepoint

So the real roundtrip is there

1. Import from Sharepoint into Microsoft Visio

2. Modify in Visio

3. Export to Sharepoint from Microsoft Visio

visPortal: Embed Microsoft Visio in your

Sharepoint Portal

visPortal is a native Sharepoint Webpart

It encapsulates the Microsoft Visio drawing control in an easy to use

webpart solution

Your users work INSIDE of Sharepoint with Visio diagrams

The webpart switches between the Drawing control ActiveX and the

Visio Viewer ActiveX either automatically or through configuration

Your Visio solutions and diagrams stay at the safest place – the portal

The users get the functions you want to give them

Nothing gets lost, no unwanted „children“ of your files

Supports Visio 2003 and 2007, Sharepoint 2003 and 2007 (WSS and


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