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New church company at Corryong

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Attendees of Corryong SDA Company

On Sabbath May 13, Calvin Drinkall our General Secretary and myself visited

our church group in Corryong that has been established over two

years ago.

The group had recently approached our Conference Board of Directors with

the application for company status and as this request had been granted we

had reason to celebrate with the members of the newly established church

company in Corryong.

It was a beautiful Sabbath day with blue sky and sunshine with the autumn

leaves in full colour. After the welcome and a lovely song service I had the privilege

of taking the sermon focussing on the parable of the mustard seed. In the

parable, Jesus tells us that the mustard seed being smaller than all the seeds

on earth (about 1 mm in diameter) when it grows up becomes greater than all

herbs (up to 3 meters in height) and shoots out large branches. What a beautiful

illustration of what God can do for a small company like Corryong.

After the sermon, the status of Corryong company was officially recognized

and Calvin Drinkall presented a prayer of dedication, followed by him leading

out in the lesson study. Following the church service a delicious fellowship

lunch was served and all present enjoyed each other’s company.

The Corryong company that is presently meeting in the church hall of the Uniting

Church has now about 20 people in regular attendance and has the desire

and plans to grow into a good size church. May God richly bless them as they

reach out to their community.

- Pr. Mike Faber


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Conference News

From the General Secretary

As you read this edition of Imprint, consider that

2017 is …. insert the appropriate word or words

that describes this moment in 2017 for you. For me,

its half over. How have the first six months passed by

so quickly? Has the time been used wisely? Have we

achieved what we set out to do? I recognise that time

ticks by at the same rate each day, however the busyness

of schedules, priorities, commitments and balancing

work – life, seem to make the days & weeks pass


Visiting the regional areas during the first quarter of

this year, following our visits in the last part of 2016,

provided opportunity to worship and fellowship with

our members and determine the top priorities for our

conference vision. The priorities that have been determined

by our church members are Community Involvement,

Training, Mentoring Young Leaders, Small

Groups and Evangelism with Prayer as the overarching

theme. These priorities will form part of our upcoming

Constituency meeting later this year.

Yes 2017 will be the 85th Constituency meeting for

the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South New South

Wales. Delegates, nominated by their local church, have

accepted the responsibility to represent their church at

the constituency meeting, which will be held on Sunday

17th September in Canberra. I would ask you to keep

this meeting in your prayers, that God will continue to

bless His conference so that we all can continue to “Be

and grow flourishing followers of Jesus”.

As you reflect on the ‘fill in the blank’ at the beginning of

this article, I’m reminded of the text, “Be still and know

that I am God”. Psalms 46:10 NLT. As we continue working

for Him, let’s not get distracted by the busyness of

life that we forget the mission God set for us. Take time

to be still with Him daily, seeking His guidance and wisdom

for our lives.

- Calvin Drinkall

General Secretary

Safe Churches

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Safe as

Churches 8 conference. This conference is organised

by the National Council of Churches in Australia

(NCCA). The aim of NCCA is focused on helping local

church leaders and congregation leaders to fulfil their

pastoral, legal (i.e. duty of care, child protection, due

diligence), insurance, risk management, denominational

and ethical roles which includes responsibility for

the spiritual, emotional and physical safety of all people

within their ministry.

This year the conference had an update by The Hon.

Justice Peter McClellan AM, Chair of the Royal Commission

into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

In his address, Justice McClellan shared some facts, including,

Fifty seven Public Hearings have been conducted by

the Royal Commission. Public Hearings concluded in

March 2017. Six thousand seven hundred private sessions

have been held with survivors of child sexual

abuse 6305 have been analysed 59% of those sessions

that have been analysed, have occurred in Faith based


The question that the Royal Commission is asking once

it was revealed that the ‘majority of offences’ have occurred

in faith based organisations is, Why? 0.4% of reported

cases to the Royal Commission have occurred in

the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Yes, you read correctly, 0.4% of the responses made to

the Royal Commission have occurred within our church.

That’s sad. Our responsibility is to ensure survivors and

their family are cared for properly, and that we do all we

can to keep our churches and institutions safe.

If you’re reading this and need advice or want to report

a sexual abuse matter, contact AdSafe on 02 9847 3499.

AdSafe have also advised they will be reviewing the

training modules, and once completed I will notify you

of ‘Face to Face’ training opportunities for our conference.

- Calvin Drinkall

General Secretary

Conference News

Bible School SPARC to commence in SNSW Conference

Jesus says in Matthew 9: 37&38: “The harvest truly is

plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore, pray

that the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into

His harvest.” (NKJV)

During 2016, the conference leadership was approached

by two business men who have a dream to

establish a bible school within our conference with the

intent to train people in the bible, evangelism, health,

prayer, media & technology. The aim is to equip church

members to better service for God and to even offer

opportunities to do full time bible work within our conference

and in other areas.

The business concept of the company sponsoring the

bible school will allow the students to have their tuition

and course fees covered and to receive financial sponsorship

for full time bible work.

After initial conversation, a meeting was called between

the Board of Directors of our Conference and the other

party. It so happened that on the day of the meeting

the officers from the AUC were also present and received

full information of the proposal. Pastor Geoff

Youlden has been invited by the team proposing the

bible school to advise and guide them in their plans.

The SNSW Conference is excited about this opportunity

and fully supports the program.

At present, it is envisaged that the bible school will start

operating early 2018 with its first 12 students. If this is

something that you would like to consider then please

contact the President of the SNSW Conference in order

to receive more information and to have your interest


- Pr. Mike Faber


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Tonga Mission/ADRA

Tonga Mission Project

While visiting the local pastors I was shocked about the

poor state of housing conditions the pastoral families

have to live in. The houses rot away, are full of mildew,

have water leaks in almost every room and the floor is

not safe to walk on.

Pastors One Bedroom House for a family of five

As you know Tonga Mission is our partner

conference. Since the establishment of the partnership

I was able to visit the kingdom of Tonga 3 times

in order to support the Mission in various matters.

Tonga Mission/ADRA

Reopening of ADRA Op Shop in Wodonga

During our 2017 annual camp meeting, we took up an

offering in order to help rebuilt the two most effected

parsonages but were only able to raise about $8,000.

The estimated cost for the project is $30,000. Two

builders from our Conference have committed to conduct

the construction of the buildings but because of

the lack of funds we were not able to start with the building


If you would like to donate money toward the “Tonga

Project” please contact our CFO or donate online

by visiting our website.Thank you very much for your

support given to our Tonga Mission Conference.

- Pr. Mike Faber

Anna Robertson & Pr. Hamilton cutting the ribbon Mr Calvin Drinkall (R), offering a prayer of dedication Wodonga Op-Shop

The excitement mounted as the local newspaper

reporter and cameraman arrived just ahead of the

10 am deadline on Friday, the 12th of May. Prior to this,

three hectic weeks OP Shop volunteers and church

members had toiled in readiness were now over.

Finally, the shop was re-opening with modifications

completed - a new entrance and decking.

After the welcome by local Church Pastor Andrew

McCrostie, Pastor Mike Faber, President of the SNSW

Conference gave a short and well thought out

devotional while General Secretary Mr. Calvin Drinkall

offered a prayer of dedication for the Op Shop and its

staff members.

OP Shop Manager, Anna Robinson very proudly cut the

ribbon with ADRA’s Regional Support Officer in SNSW,

Pastor Dave Hamilton.

Amongst the visitors who had come to witness the

re-opening of the Op Shop was ADRA Emergency

representative, Janice Frey, ADRA Support person Bec

Rachou and Albury Church Pastor Ben Galindo.

OP Shop takings for the week, including the opening

day, totalled $530.15. Opening days will be Monday

and Tuesday, and it is planned to involve school youth

to give them retail experience and to provide them with

a certificate of achievement for their efforts.

- Sue James

Communication Secretary, Wodonga Church

Mens Ministries

Band of Brothers Big Weekend

Men from all over the

SNSW Conference

came together for an

AWESOME weekend at the

Adventist Alpine Village

from the 19th – 21st of May.

It was a great time for relaxing,

worship, fellowship and

heaps of fun. You might

be reading this wondering,

what is Band of Brothers?

I am glad you asked.

Driving the Go Carts

Band of Brothers is the SNSW men’s ministries. It has been designed

to bring men together on neutral ground, developing

their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We make every effort

to provide an environment where men can talk to mates, without

the fear of judgement. If you missed the Big Weekend just

gone, don’t worry there is another BIGGER weekend on the 17th

– 19th of November. Put this date in your diary, it will be $135 for

all food and accommodation. Call the Adventist Alpine Village on

(02) 6456 2738 for all bookings and payment. - Ben Gillett

Food fit for Kings

Support to victims of domestic violence in PNG

Ladies from Bowral Church

What a Difference a Day Makes! Nineteen ladies gathered

in Bowral on the 2nd of April in support of “They’re Not

Alone.” The guest speaker, Dr. Brad Watson, presented the confronting

subject of Domestic Violence in PNG. There is great suffering

for women and their families due to destructive traditions

of brutality. The Bowral church ladies have been made aware of

the great need for this to stop. They see the need to fund raise for

the enlightenment of these victims, for them to receive aid and be

educated about how to stand against this destructive behaviour.

The ladies have committed to prayer on behalf of these families

and those reaching out to intervene. They explored ways to work

further to raise funds for this needy cause by tapping into their

many different local talents. Suggestions included filling a hand

bag with essential toiletries for women who have had to flee their

homes. A local Family Support representative is happy to assist in

this matter.

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Succulent with encouraging note

The afternoon raised over $100 by making

donations for handcrafted cards. The ladies

had fun as well. High tea was enjoyed

by them all. This was followed by planting

a succulent in a tea cup that they’d brought

along. Once completed a message was written

on a tag, attached to the cup, ready to

give to someone in need of encouragement.

The afternoon was very encouraging for

all who were there together. Reaching out

certainly is a fulfilling way to live.

Reach Up! Reach Across! Reach Out!

- Wendy Hergenhan

Women’s Ministries Director

Womens Ministries

Womens Retreat 2017

All attendees of the Womens Retreat weekend

Ladies from around South NSW have again enjoyed

a wonderful retreat at the Adventist Alpine Village.

Under the leadership of Heather Buchanan, the Wagga

Wagga ‘girls’ had a special time for all. Sherryn Kieltyka,

who works with ADRA, came all the way from Ethiopia to

share insights from The Word around the theme JOY! Her

messages touched lives.

Guest Speaker Sherryn Kieltyka

Prayer, praise, fellowship, good food and fun all contributed

to this being a time of spiritual nurture. Looking beyond

ourselves and seeing needs led to the generous

giving of $2,360 in an offering for New Hope Orphanage,

which is supported by ADRA Ethiopia.

Of the 133 registered, a large number were first-time

attenders. Teens shared the time with the more experienced

ladies and added a special energy to the weekend.

From all reports everyone thoroughly enjoyed the 2017


South NSW ladies are invited to save the date for our retreat

next year, 2018. The South Canberra ladies with the

support of some from Canberra National are preparing a

special time for the last weekend in May, 25-27th.

- Wendy Hergenhan

Sherryn in Ethiopian dress

Partners in Ministry Attendees

Wagga Wagga organising team for Womens Retreat 2017

SNSW Youth

Ascending at JET Camp 2017

Geena being baptised by Pr. Mike Faber (R) supported by Pr. Phil Yates (L) and Jamison (C)

Community Service proj

This year’s JET Camp ascended to new

heights! 96 Juniors and Teens and

over 40 staff gathered together for what

was a sold out camp at the AAV in April.

Guest speaker Jermaine Wong joined us

all the way from the UK, presenting nightly

sermons of inspiration as well as powerful

spoken word poetry.

Making a decision for God

A nightly drama told the story of a young

man facing the struggles of standing up

for God in the face of pressures and each

night the Juniors and Teens joined together

to praise God in worship. Tuesday night

saw a banquet take place to the theme of

“Jetlympic Games” where a whole heap of

games and mini-sports were involved.

One of the highlights of the week came

courtesy of local helicopter pilot Colin

de Pagter who kindly donated 10 minute

helicopter joy flights to our campers who

were thrilled to go on a short flight over

lake Jindabyne. For many this was the first

time being in a helicopter and everyone

reported thoroughly enjoying it. Other activities

included white water rafting, inflatable

Laserforce, Watersports, Go Karts and

Thredbo Aquatic Centre.

Jetlympics Games

Page 8 | 9 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

It wasn’t just fun and games during the

day however as teams of JET Campers hit

the streets of Jindabyne to show the local

community that they were there to serve.

Chocolate frogs were taken to local businesses,

the local school was cleaned up

and a team of campers went and planted a

whole heap of trees for a very grateful local.

SNSW Youth

ect to remove rubbish

Driving Go Carts

The highlight of the week however was

without doubt when the whole group

gathered down at the lake on sunset

to witness Geena Elliot commit her life

to Jesus in baptism. This camp was a

powerful memory event for our young

people with many of our JETs standing

up to make full commitments to Jesus.

At one point during the week when

Jermaine made the invitation to stand

for Jesus, every single person in the

room stood unified in Christ.

A huge thankyou to an amazing team

of volunteers and pastoral staff, with

special mention to Raewyn Knopper

for her high level of commitment and

passion to this ministry. Next year we

are going to be running two camps to

minister to the Juniors (aged 10-13)

and Teens (aged 13-16) separately.

More information about these camps

coming soon!

Watersports at Lake Jindabyne

- Hayden Petersen

SNSW Youth Director

Helicopter flights

SNSW Youth

Southern Youth Rally



hosted the

2017 Southern

Regional Youth Rally

on May 20th. The

worship was led by

music ministry group

Iron and Clay who

have been running

for 25 years and take

their ministry to high

schools around the


Southern Youth Rally led by music group Iron and Clay

Disney talent night

The church was completely full with young people from around Albury, Tumut, Young, Griffith,

Yass, Canberra and other places coming together to worship God. After church the catering team

provided a wonderful lunch, which allowed the young people to develop friendships that will last

well into eternity.

The day finished with an awesome evening of fun with the Disney Talent night. Notable

performances included the Snow White story, complete with Seven Dwarves by the Tumut

Youth, singing items by Geena, Wandi, Georgia & Georgia, as well as a spontaneous and totally

unplanned *cough* rendition of “A whole new world” from the movie Aladdin by the Wagga Youth

to finish off the night! Big thanks to the youth of Wagga and Tumut as well as ministers Tharren

Hutchinson and Jeremy Taituave for organising the Rally!

- Hayden Petersen

Youth Director

Quiz Champion

Stephen Hobson

Adventurer Camporee

Meeting some of the animals at the Alpine Village Children engaged with program Hobby Horse Competition

God has made so many amazing creations that testify of his love and creative power! This

was the focus of our recent Adventurer and Family Camp at the Adventist Alpine Village

in May. Guest speaker Matthew Moore (Chaplain from Gold Coast Christian School) shared

with the young and the young at heart a great variety of different animals and explored the

unique ways in which God designed them to give glory to Him.

The weekend was filled with games and crafts, one of which involved making a hobby horse

which was used for a hobby horse show jumping and dressage circuit in the lounge. This was

a real highlight with some of the smiles on the faces of kids being so wide! Mothers were

pampered Friday night and Dads had some time to hang out on the Saturday night. What

a wonderful time to come together and praise God and spend time growing closer to Him

and each other.

- Hayden Petersen (Youth Director)

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Mothers being pampered

Church News



Albury church is delighted and blessed again by celebrating the

baptism of 5 wonderful youth.

On Sabbath March 18, Kellie Nixon, Bailey Nixon, Tara Gadowski, Adam

Gadowski and Amy Goddard went into the waters of baptism at Ebden

Reserve, Hume Weir.

A beautiful occasion with both sides of the border coming together to

celebrate such a special event as Albury and Wodonga church shared the

joy of the baptism followed by a picnic dinner by the waters.

- Damian Cox

Friday Night Basketball


Benten Salazar of the Bathurst Church has been playing

basketball with a group of school friends for the last six years.

When the coach position became vacant this year, Raymon

Paletua – the local Adventist Church Pastor - stepped into

that role. The boy’s high school competition is played on

Friday nights. When the winter competition starts Benten has

missed out on playing, as the games are on Friday nights well

after Sabbath has begun.

Five baptisms at Ebden Reserve, Albury

The team wanted Benten and their Coach not to miss out and

approached the competition managers to negotiate their

games to be scheduled before sunset as games are usually

rotated at different times from 4:00 - 9:00 pm. The team

was thrilled when management agreed to have their games

permanently at 4:00 pm each week, which allows Benten to

play, and “coach” to be present.

Benton Salazar (No.13) with his team, match referee

(green shirt) and team coach Raymond Paletua.

Due to speaking out and asking for the games to be played before sunset has opened up questions about the

Sabbath from team members and the parents who come to watch the games. Having a pastor as a coach has also

allowed the boys to have a positive role model. It has changed their view of what a pastor can look like in today’s

community. This has been a positive experience. It shows that standing up for your belief opens up opportunities to

share with others. - Melissa Lane


- BEGA -

Elaine Venables baptised by Pr. Kanazir

Page 12 | 13 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Bega and Wallaga Lake Church members gathered on Sabbath the

11th of March at Corunna Lake, south of Narooma, to witness Elaine

Venables’ baptism. Pastor Dragan Kanazir officiated the baptism after

having studied with Elaine in recent months.

Elaine shared the story of her spiritual journey, commencing with her

christening as an infant and describing her search for a spiritual home.

Friendship with Kerry Markham proved to be a stable influence in her

life. An invitation to attend a Women’s Retreat led to an invitation to attend


Later at the 2016 Women’s Retreat, quietly in her own mind, Elaine

decided she wanted to become part of the Seventh-day Adventist

church family.A highlight for Elaine on the day was to have her daughter

and family with her. There was rejoicing all round, the sun shone brightly

as we witnessed Elaine’s commitment. Three folk responded to the invitation

to be baptised in the future. - Wendy Hergenhan

Church News

Baby Dedication


On May 20, Dubbo Church had a special day with the

dedication of little baby Shekhinah. Her parents,

Nathan and Clearly Hinze are new members of the Dubbo

SDA Church. Nathan and Clearly were joined by their

parents which made that day very special.

Clearly also wrote a beautiful song especially for Shekhinah

and performed it at the ceremony. Our day was truly


Jump Start in Canberra


On Sabbath 18th March, Canberra National Church

received a Jump Start. About 25 church members

went into the community for one hour with copies of

Steps to Christ and a new DVD entitled “Questions for

God” with the aim of finding hot spiritual contacts.

The IMPACT Sabbath afternoon program aims to equip

the church family with opportunities for service, and many

willing church members were grateful for the simple and

effective door knock approach which has been successfully

modelled by the Jump Start Team since 2010.

God at work in Griffith


Dedication of Shekhinah Hinze at Dubbo Church

On Sabbath, March 25 Griffith Church witnessed

the baptism of 4 new church

members. Then starting the 23rd of April,

Pr. Asofitu Leatuavao from Greater Sydney

Conference ran a two-week reaping program

focusing on local Samoan’s who are living in

the Griffith area. God blessed and each night

about 100 people attended of which over half

were guests from the community. On the final

Sabbath, 8 youth were baptised and another 4

stood up and made a commitment to be baptised

at a later date. Presently the members of

the Griffith Samoan Branch Sabbath School

are following up with others who attended the


- Marryanne Bonney

Many were pleasantly surprised with the open

reception they received while offering free copies of

a life changing book and thought provoking DVD.

Mirjam Allen received practical on-the-door Jump

Start Literature Evangelist training on two days prior

to the group door-knock event by the Australian

Jump Start Team Leader, Andrew Kochanski, and the

Jump Start South NSW Conference Leader, Roger


Pr Justin Lawman and Pr Rajko Celic were very

thankful for the boost that Jump Start provided to

the church as they prepare for a prophecy public

evangelism program, Prophetic Code, in August.

Youth week in the Park

On Wednesday the 5th of April, the youth of Griffith Church in partnership with Government agencies (Local, State

and Federal Government) ran a youth week event in the park in the suburb of Pioneer. This is an area of Griffith that

is struggling with social issues. About 250 people were in attendance and the aim was to help bring encouragement

to the area and to develop community pride. The youth organised events like volley ball, jumping castle and Sumo

wrestling. Others provided face painting, food, and games and in all of these events our youth were involved.

(Continued on next page)

Church News

God at work in Griffith


Griffith Mayor John Dal Broi & councillor

Anne Napoli presenting Fusi Fidow with a

check of $1,500

The following Sunday with the support of our SNSW Conference Youth

Director Hayden Petersen, Laser Tag was organised by the church.

Because of the ongoing involvement and support of our Griffith youth in the

local community the combined Government agencies have asked the church

youth to be on a local council committee that focuses on combatting social

issues in the area. The committee has seen our young people as a key group

who could help with the needs in the local area.

On May 16, the Griffith City council gave us a donation of $1500 towards the

purchase of a trailer. Under the leadership of our church youth leader Fusi

Fidow our young people have been faithfully cleaning up yards in the community

for over one year. This trailer will greatly help their efforts. In the beginning

the youth cobbled together mowers and tools and have been cleaning 4 to 6

yards a week. Later a local business gave them $2000 to buy new mowers and

equipment and they were also given fuel cards by others. We have never asked

anyone for money and when the Griffith City council invited us to make the

application for the trailer to carry the equipment they actually filled in most of

the paper work.

In 2015, under the General Conference initiative “Give Them Keys”, our youth

applied for $5,000 for the purchase of a Church Bus. Thanks to further donations

from church members we were able to buy a 21-seater bus for $ 6000.

We were still short of about $ 3800 in order to register the vehicle, fit a tow

bar and to do some needed repairs. We prayed and God blessed again and

we received a donation from outside our conference that covered those costs.

This vehicle is greatly appreciated to pick up visitors from the community and to

transport our young people to events like youth camps, pathfinders and regional


We have agreed to call it “God’s bus.”

- Pr. Jim Tonkin

Mothers Day at the Moruya Markets


Giving away flowwers at the Market

New Church Bus

new annual tradition, inspired by Service Projects at the

A recent JET camp in Jindabyne, has begun in Moruya. Young

people from Moruya Adventist church visited their local Hospital

and the busy Saturday markets, to give away flowers and cupcakes.

The flowers were from the garden of local church family,

the McTernans, and each JET baked then decorated a batch of


Recipients were full of delight and praise. One lady had tears

in her eyes as she realised this would be the first Mother’s Day

alone as her last child had recently moved away to University.

Another recalled that her family were far away and was grateful

to be acknowledged.

It was wonderful to see the smiles of JETs as they shared Jesus’ love in this simple act of kindness. The young people

are busy planning for their next Service Project, and look forward to engaging with their local community again.

- Nikki McTernan

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Church News



Tara Watts being baptised by

Pr. Dragan Kanazir

Briony Floreani being baptised by

Pr. Jimmy Watanabe

Jaden McTernan being baptised by

Pr. Jimmy Watanabe

Kate Pendlebury being baptised by

Pr. Dragan Kanazir

It is always a special Sabbath when the church

family witnesses a baptism. Moruya church has had

that privilege on three occasions recently.

The first high day was the baptism of Jaden

McTernan and Tara Watts. The service was held at

Moruya Heads in an outdoor setting. It was a glorious

sunny day and the service was shared by Pastor

Dragan Kanazir and Pastor Jimmy Watanabe. We

have seen Jaden and Tara grow up in our church

and both Pastors mentioned, have faithfully studied

with them over several years. The two young people

gave moving testimonies before their baptisms

in the nearby ocean. Both parents and grandparents

are faithful members of our church and rejoiced to

see Tara and Jaden take this step.

Our second baptism was that of Briony Floreani.

On this occasion, we hired the Community Hall at

Tomakin so that Briony could be baptised at nearby

North Broulee beach. A beautiful programme was

prepared by Briony’s mother Heather and again Pastors

Dragan and Jimmy shared the service.



Pastor Jeff Webster and his wife Else (nee Attinger)

celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary

with family members on the 4th of February 2017.

Briony gave a heartfelt testimony about her decision to

take this step, mentioning pastoral studies, programmes

at Big Camp and Jet Camp that she has faithfully attended

over the years. It was so gratifying to see so many family

members and young friends come from some distance to

witness this special day for Briony. Although the weather

was inclement, the rain cleared as we made our way down

to the beach for the actual baptism.

Our third baptism was that of Kate Pendlebury and what

a high day that was for all of us. Kate’s brother was the

first member of her family to join the church and Kate

has studied for a long time before making the decision

to be baptised. She has been an avid student of the Bible

and her contributions in Sabbath School show a deep

understanding of her faith in Jesus. The baptism was held

in the afternoon at the home of a church member where

a beautiful lap pool was available in lieu of a font. A very

large group of family and friends were present to witness

the occasion. The service and baptism were conducted by

our Pastor Dragan Kanazir.

- Eunice Clack

Jeff and Else first met while students at Avondale

College in 1956. They were married in Adelaide,

S.A. by Pastor Lock on the 4th of February 1957.

Jeff went on to pastor churches in Victoria, Queensland,

North New Zealand and New South Wales. The

happy couple had 3 children, Jennifer, Mark & Bettina.

Sadly Mark died at the age of 22. Jeff and Else

enjoy the blessing of having 6 grandchildren. Else

is a gifted singer and musician and they have both

shared their talents through their ministry together

over many happy years.

Else and Jeff Webster

Jeff retired from the ministry in 1996 and the couple

moved to the country town of Nowra on the NSW South

Coast. Nowra church has been blessed with their continued

active participation in church worship since that time.

- Vicki Chalain

Church News



Emily Dillon (aged 12), daughter of Sue and Mal

Dillon, was baptised by Pastor Tony Moala on

her family property at Parma, south of Nowra, on the

25th of March 2017.

Emily had attended a JET Camp program in 2016

where she had made a decision to give her heart to


Pastor Moala visited the family home for regular Bible

studies and commented that he had seen Emily’s

personal spiritual understanding and commitment

grow steadily over a period of several months.

Emily Dillon being baptised by Pr. Tony Moala

Most of the members from Nowra church attended a fellowship lunch at Emily’s home followed by her baptism in

their backyard pool. Even though the weather was cold and wet Emily was happy to be led into the cool water for her

baptism in an acknowledgement of her heartfelt desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

On April 22, Emily was welcomed into church membership at Nowra. Her mother Sue stated how thrilled she

was that Emily had made the decision to be baptized and encouraged the church membership to continue to be

supportive of Emily in her Christian growth over the coming years.

- Vicki Chalain

Easter Service


Nowra SDA church members letterboxed homes

in the streets surrounding the church with

invitations to attend a special Easter Service on Sabbath

the 15th of April. The special program focusing

on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

was followed by a fellowship lunch


Church member, Geoff Bennett used his wood

working skills to construct one large cross made

from Oregon wood and one smaller cross made

from a fig tree. On the day two families were also

welcomed into church membership.

Samantha and Warren Hobson with their two sons

Warren and Samantha Hobson with their two sons

Liam and Noah, transferring from Bundaberg SDA

church in Queensland and Palmer and Natsai

Cheweshe with their 3 boys transferring from the

Griffith SDA Church.

Samantha Hobson presented some beautiful musical

items while husband Warren took a very informative

and inspiring service that gave the death and

resurrection of Jesus a more personal meaning for

each of us.

- Vicki Chalain

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Samantha Hobson and Jeff Bennet

Church News



Afternoon tea on a Sunday

Guests enjoying their tea

Christine Johnson (R), with Ashley & Josh Page

As Nowra SDA Church we recently held our first

car boot sale on the 26th of March in the church

carpark and Devonshire teas on the cottage deck to

raise money for some much-needed church building

maintenance projects. We used street signs to advertise

the event and were blessed with a beautiful sunny

Sunday - after several on-going days of wet weather.

Church friends and neighbours, donated various

articles for sale, ranging from large items of furniture

- including two dining tables, to smaller items such as

clothes, books and toys. We even had one neighbour

from across the road donate a very large item. He told

us that if we sold it, we could keep all the money for our

church purposes. As our Church Pastor Tony Moala was

helping him to move the item across the road he told

him that he was an atheist - so this may have been the

very first time he had set foot on a church property.

Another neighbour also came across to purchase several

items and to have a friendly chat with us.

We wanted the event to be a friendly community outreach

and with each purchase we included a Signs of

the Times Magazine. The cottage deck was tastefully

decorated with small clusters of tables and chairs. A

delicious board menu including hot and cold drinks

and various choices of savouries and slices were provided

by Christine Johnston with Ashley & Joshua Page

assisting as the serving waiters.

Including the donations of some generous church

members we raised a total of $850.

- Vicki Chalain



God is blessing South Canberra

Adventist Church with new

members. You might be aware that

Geena Elliot was baptised at JET

camp in 13th of April and welcomed

into membership on the 15th. On

the 26th of May, Sergio Avellaneda

and Cristina Mosquera made the

same commitment to Jesus Christ.

They were both welcomed into

membership on the 26th May. Let

us all pray for reformation and revival,

with the pouring out of the Holy

Spirit in this conference.

- Pr. Phil Yates

Baptism of Sergio Avellaneda

Baptism of Cristina Mosquera

SNSW Schools

To Be and Grow Flourishing Followers of Jesus / Pastoral SNSW Moves Youth

Canberra Christian School is Growing

Happy Students

Some of the many things students do at Canberra Christian School

Through answered prayers Canberra

Christian School (CCS) is experiencing

exciting growth!

Over the past month, CCS has been featured

in the Canberra Times and the Record

all due to the exciting growth it is experiencing

over the past 2 years. This growth

is well above all other private schools in

the ACT with over a 40% increase in enrolments

in 2016 alone. This advertising and

spotlight on our Adventist education has

been amazing for both our SNSW schools

and churches.

Many people are asking ‘how is this

happening’ and ‘what makes it possible’

and the core answer is through answered

prayer and a clear focus on ensuring

Jesus is a part of everything we do, from

the classroom to interactions with others.

In 2014 when the school was in a tough spot and looking to possibly close, with 28 enrolments, the SNSW

Conference chose to revise the schools staffing and leadership. It was with this insightful change that the school was

able to refocus and redevelop itself into the growing school it is today.

The new team was able to create a clear definition of the school’s focus: a school that specialises in individualised

education in a Christian environment that cares for the whole child. It is with this clear focus, answered prayers and an

amazingly energetic and passionate staff that has seen so much interest grow in the school. The school has also been

blessed with an extremely supportive conference and church family that have provided unmeasurable assistance

and prayers throughout the past few years.

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SNSW Schools

Baptism of two students from Border Christian College

Two outstanding students from Border

Christian College, now members of Albury

Church, made a decision to follow Jesus at

WOW (Week of Worship) 2016.

After many faithful years of quality family faith

and guidance, care and support from their local

Churches and their Adventist School, the

collaboration of faith in the home, school and

church led Lachlan Green and Braden Sinclair

to choose faith in Christ Jesus for themselves.

They were baptised with their fathers (Brad

Green and Graham Sinclair) standing beside

them and their mothers (Michelle Green and

Lynette Sinclair) close by also. The day was

perfect, the water cool, the joy of fellowship of

Albury/Wodonga and Bega/Moruya together

at Nelsons Inlet long remembered as a special

occasion for all- especially Lachlan and Braden!

Baptism of Lachlan Green and Braden Sinclair (Centre)

- Pr. Andrew McCrostie

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