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Fah Thai Magazine July/August 2017


HAPPENINGS MALAYSIA KUALA LUMPUR MYANMAR YANGON / NAY PYI TAW SPOTLIGHT Catching the Poké Trend It’s got nothing to do with the Pokémon game, but it’s just as phenomenally popular. Poké, the traditional Hawaiian dish of seasoned fresh fish has become a trendy food in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia with long lunchtime queues a common sight for a poke bowl. And it is Malaysia’s turn to catch poké fever. Opened in August 2016, the Fish Bowl is the first restaurant in Malaysia that serves this satisfyingly delicious poké. This Hawaiian classic recipe requires chunks of raw ahi tuna tossed with shoyu or soy sauce, topped with green and white onions and sesame oil. It’s served over a bowl of warm rice, preferably vinegared sushi rice. But there are several variations of the dish you can choose. Healthier toppings can be added to the bowl such as corn, quinoa, cucumber, seaweed, etc. At The Fish Bowl, Poké is considered a comfort food that you can go enjoy at any time of day. It’s possible that a drop in for this healthy sustenance that’s all the rage may create a poke addiction that can reach Pokémon Go levels! A CLASS-Y TAKE ON BATIK A beautiful batik clothing or product is always a smart acquisition, but add some fun and consider making it a DIY project to create a unique piece. All that’s needed is just four hours. At Batik Boutique, there’s a batik class that explores the process of batik and tie-dye making which everyone can learn. Not only can personalised batik pieces be made, but one also takes part in supporting local female artisans since Batik Boutique aims to help in lessening poverty in Malaysia and help women utilise a sustainable skill and gain a fair income. For those in Kuala Lumpur or bound for a Malaysia getaway, engage in a class and have fun creating multi-coloured designs on cloth but more importantly, be part of a good cause. YANGON OASIS In mid-rainy season, it’s goodbye to hanging out in the Yangon outdoors. Social meetups and mellow moments with friends in the ambiance of café are but a distant memory. But then again – maybe it’s still possible. Situated among vintage buildings in the corner of Nawaday and Boyar Nyunt Street in busy downtown Yangon, Craft Café is like the oasis in town. Now popular among Yangon’s youth and tourists, the draw is the inviting décor, friendly atmosphere and delicious food. The three storeyed Singaporean-style café opens early from 7am until 11pm; offering traditional coffee as well as an Asian or Western breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, however you like it. Highlight dishes are Singapore Chicken Rice, Laksa, Kaya Toast, Eggs Benedict, a Beef Burger and the BBQ Chicken Chop. Free and fast wifi makes this an ideal café to sip a favourite cup of coffee while working on your laptop, or simply to take a break from the heat or rain. Tel: +95 9 960 608333, open daily CAFETERIA COMFORT It may not be as popular a destination as its original location in Yangon, but Shwe Pu Zun café offers its comforting presence at Nay Pyi Taw. Having expanded its business there, Shwe Pu Zun caféteria is the familiar face you see upon arrival in the capital city that’s just right for a casual meal. The bakery-cum-eatery is tastefully decorated and separated into two main sections. One offers selections of homemade breads and pastries, while the other space offers indoor or outdoor seating. Here is where one can sample delicious and classic Myanmar favourites such as Mohinga or Shan noodles. Try their coffee too, as the beans come from their plantation. Tel: +95 67 417 100, open daily DWELLINGS SMALL YET GREEN Could we really live in a house without having to pay for monthly electricity and water bills? The GreenMan Tiny Home is Malaysia’s first ever extreme zero energy, completely off-grid, carbon neutral and affordable house. This selfcontained home is comfortable despite its small size and environmentally friendly though its biodegradable materials and waste management system. This unique home is the brainchild of Matthias Gelber, known internationally as “The Green Man” and his mission is to start a green revolution in Malaysia. The GreenMan Tiny Home design gets its inspiration from Kampung houses, the traditional Malaysian village house. It was built with eco-friendly materials and raised above the ground to keep the interior cool. It is proof how Malaysian people and others around the world can reduce environmental impact on local surroundings and the earth while still living comfortably and in style. See it yourself and get inspired by this GreenMan Tiny Home at the Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM) in Kuala Lumpur. SPOTLIGHT Food and Drinks Allowed YGN Bus Café is Myanmar’s first ‘pit stop on wheels’ located in the ever-popular Kandawgyi Park where Yangon locals usually take a relaxing stroll. The sitdown eatery is a well-restored red city bus that’s been transformed into a vintage-style café. YGN Bus Café has quickly become the town’s favourite spot to hang out with friends and family after it opened at the end of 2016. Expect nostalgic touches in the décor, complete with one-of-a-kind memorabilia. Beyond its attractive looks, the café also serves tasty cakes, coffee with signature latte art, non-caffeinated drinks and food. Consider having a bite with the Charcoal Chicken Burger – a signature dish one shouldn’t miss. Jump on the local café scene and get on the bus. Tel: +95 9 772 625086, open daily from 10am - 09.30pm 108 109