2013-2014 MIR Annual Report





Annual Report



The Journey:

Montessori in Redlands is an environment where

children begin a life journey of self-realization, love

of learning, and global responsibility.

Reflections from the

Head of school 4

Living the

Montessori Journey 5

Key Metrics 6

Our Authentic

Montessori Practice 8

Statement from the

Board of Trustees 9

Preparing the Environment 10

Our Changing Landscape

Staff Development

Serving the Whole Child 13


Practical Life




Cultural Subjects

Applied and Performing Arts

Moral and Character Development

Student Services

Health and Physical Development

Building Community 24

PTM Report

PTM-Sponsored Community


Parent Education

Test Results 28

MIR Summer Program 29

Childcare 29

Financial and Giving Report 30

Overall Financial Results


Annual Fund

MIR Spring Gala and Auction

Testimonials 36


“The teaching/supporting staff is great.

The philosophy of community building is

great. The campus is beautiful. My child

is a happy student!”

—Comment from 2013-14 Parent Satisfaction Survey


Reflections from the Head of School

This Annual Report is a reflection of all the work that goes into one school year. Our students continue to teach and

amaze the adults around them with all that they are and all that they accomplish. They take quite the journey from late

August to early June, and behind the scenes, the Board, administration, staff, and parents are there to support them.

This past year, MIR focused on increasing ways to bring the parents along on their child’s Montessori journey. The school

accomplished this in several ways:

Parent Education

• The addition of “Beginnings,” a 2-part program for parents of Toddler and early

Primary (up to age 4) students that focuses on typical child development and promoting

independence in the home.

• Our full day Journey & Discovery experience was moved to a Sunday in February to allow

for more parents to attend, and we had our largest response to date.

• A “Life after Montessori” Parent Education Night provided parents with an opportunity

to meet and ask questions of MIR alumni about their experience with transitioning to a

new school.

Parents and Teachers of Montessori

• PTM began providing childcare for enrolled students during PTM meetings, which

encouraged more participation from parents.

• PTM introduced topic discussions at their regular meetings, providing a forum for parents

to dive deeper into the ins and outs of “why we do things the way we do” at MIR.

• PTM added more community Skate Nights to encourage both MIR and Grove School

students to socialize outside of school.

SchoolCues Communication System

MIR launched the SchoolCues calendar and event system to improve the communication

between school and home. SchoolCues also provided online and mobile sign-ups for events,

special classes, and Parent/Teacher conferences.

Board of Trustees

The work of the Board is done largely through committees. Several members of our parent

community were invited to join and participated on the Long Range Planning, Marketing,

and Facilities committees.

Maura Joyce

Head of School




Living the Montessori Journey is MIR’s strategic


MIR strives to exemplify Dr. Maria Montessori’s holistic vision of education, from birth to adulthood.

We believe that children possess a natural desire to learn and have the ability to absorb all aspects of their culture and

civilization without effort or fatigue.

We also believe that, if given the freedom to explore and make choices, children will be self-motivated to learn. This

desire to learn through self-discovery will continue through their lifetime.

Trusting in the child’s abilities to develop to their full potential through activities that support physical, intellectual,

and emotional growth, the school provides an educational program to support its community of students, families,

staff, board, and alumni in understanding and respecting the needs of the child.

Through our core values, the school community, both students and adults, fosters the development of global citizens

aimed at creating a peaceful world.

The school provides carefully prepared environments in which the academic, social, and spiritual needs of children

are fulfilled. Through purposeful activity, students are encouraged to follow their inner rhythms and thus enhance

their capacity for exploration and learning. With this learning experience, children become individuals who are more

responsible, caring, and respectful.

We call our community’s work to achieve this vision “Living the Montessori Journey.”

The school has three core values through which we Live the Montessori Journey. These values are the Whole Child,

the Prepared Environment, and the Community.







Enrollment Trends






Hawaiian/Pacific Isl


Program Level

Whole School








Retention Rate















“It’s a great school and has served

my child well. Nothing is perfect,

but MIR comes close.”

—Comment from 2013-14 Parent Satisfaction



Student Enrollment

248 Families Total





Families with

multiple children




Global Reach

MIR is an international community,

with families from every continent

except Antarctica.

Black/African American

Hawaiian/Pacific Islander




4% 8% 15%

Hispanic Origin (any race)

Decline to State

20% Asian

MIR’s student body is diverse,

reflecting our international


49% White



milies Total




17 Students come from local cities spanning

Beaumont to the east; Riverside and Moreno Valley to

the South; Ontario to the west; and Upland, Rancho

Cucamonga, San Bernardino, and Highland to the north.




Montessori in Redlands provides a Montessori education based on the principles and practices of the Association Montessori Internationale

(AMI). Classroom teachers hold AMI diplomas and the school meets the standards set by AMI.

Additionally, MIR is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Currently MIR is in the middle of a

6-year accreditation cycle and will have a visiting team on campus in February 2015.


“We have a magnificent board.”

—Comment from 2013-14 Parent Satisfaction Survey



When my older son (now 26) started in Aedín’s Toddler class, MIR was situated next to the New York Street post office. When he started

in Primary, MIR had moved to its current location. It has always been the work of the MIR Board of Trustees to make strategic

decisions to build the school as we now know it.

Our entire campus serves a much more robust student body than in the 1990s. The Board of Trustees has the responsibility of planning

to ensure that buildings and playgrounds, parking lots and utilities, and other physical details can serve these students well and

maintain a Montessori community for years to come. You see evidence of that planning and implementation as you tour the campus


Although there are many improvements, detailed in this report, the Board was particularly proud that MIR is converting the north

campus to solar energy. This will allow us to save money on utility bills and invest more in student education, while also taking an

action that demonstrates to our children that we care about the environment of their adulthoods.

Let me share with you an overview of some of the activities carried out by the Board this past year:

• We supported participation by the Head and Assistant Head of School in international Montessori organizations. Maura Joyce is

president of the Montessori Administrators Association, and Peter Davidson serves on the AMI board. This increases MIR’s international

reputation and profile.

• We made budget decisions based on the recommendations of the Finance Committee that allowed for facilities improvements over

the year, especially in the summer.

• Our budget decisions allowed MIR to keep tuition changes to a minimum, especially when compared to other independent schools.

Members of the MIR Board of Trustees are responsible for the future direction of MIR. We talk about our visions, we share our concerns,

we serve on MIR committees, we listen and observe, and we work to ensure that MIR will be physically strong and financially

stable for many years to come.

Pam Ford

President, Board of Trustees

2013-14 Board of Trustees

Pam Ford, President

Trevor Norton, Vice President

Robert Dawes, Treasurer

Dean Silliman, Secretary

Lorraine Slattery-Farrell

Michele Vercoski

Treva Webster

Kendall McCarthy




Our Changing Landscape: A Decade of Facilities

Enhancements, 2004-2014

The cornerstone of our learning environment is the beautiful campus. Nestled into 11 acres of grapefruit trees, our

buildings, play areas, natural features, gardens, sports field and courts, and quiet spaces for observation and reflection

provide the children with a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences.

2004: The bridge over the

Morrey Arroyo is installed.

2008: New skylights are

installed on the Main Campus.

2009: Our quiet native plants

community garden is planted by

the MIR community on a Parent

Work Day.

2007: MIR

purchases the



The new


track is


2005: Calvert Court is built. The new basketball

and play court is named in memory of facilities manager

Phil Calvert, who was killed when on his way

to a rescue as part of the San Gorgonio Search and

Rescue organization.


2014: MIR is installing more

than 2000 sq. ft. of solar panels.

2013: Classrooms are reconfigured

to accommodate more

students, and new kitchen

spaces are created.

2012: Students

of MIR and The

Grove School come

together to build the


2014: A “natural playscape” is installed with the

help of summer school Elementary students. A natural

playscape is a landscape designed for play that uses natural

materials like plants, boulders, logs, earth mounds,

and more to provide a highly creative, interactive play


2014: Exterior improvements

in progress include expanding

outdoor classroom spaces.


“Terrific individuals that work hard to

make it a great place for everyone to

feel welcome. Thank you.”

—Comment from 2013-14 Parent Satisfaction Survey

Staff Development

Assistants make an important contribution in each classroom. Whereas teachers may benefit from

offsite workshops and seminars, assistants receive most of their continuing education in-house,

primarily during in-service days. Often these days begin with an educational and/or inspirational

experience for the whole staff, teachers and assistants alike.

In 2013-14, several topics were covered in Assistant Meetings that provided a variety of strategies

and theory to aid them in their work in the classroom.

• Assistants learned the benefits of concentrated effort of the children, or what psychologists call “flow.”

• They revisited Montessori’s writings on the preparation of the teacher where she stressed the

importance of adult expectations and that we must constantly be looking for the true nature of each

child to appear.

• With the help of video, staff watched the extraordinary capabilities of even the youngest children,

which led to a discussion of ways they could better encourage choice, independence, and responsibility.

• Teachers presented the progression of Montessori mathematics activities to the assistants, showing

the work of the children and how it changes with their developmental stages.


“I have experience with many independent schools

and you continue to be a leader in that world. Keep

up the great work. We are very happy we chose to

send our son here.”—Comment from 2013-14 Parent Satisfaction




“Before elaborating any system of education, we

must therefore create a favorable environment

that will encourage the flowering of a child’s

natural gifts. All that is needed is to remove the

obstacles. And this should be the basis of, and

point of departure for, all future education.”

—Maria Montessori



Sensorial work helps the child refine his or her

senses to be able to acquire clear, accurate information

from his environment through observation,

and to classify that environment.

“We cannot create observers

by saying ‘observe,’ but by

giving them the power and

the means for this observation

and these means are procured

through education of the

senses.”—Maria Montessori

Practical Life

Practical life activities teach children how to take

care of themselves and their environment (home,

classroom, community). These activities are vital

to help them achieve personal independence and a

sense of responsibility to himself and others.

“If a child does not set a table

for a group of people who are

really going to eat, if he does

not have real brushes for cleaning,

and real carpets to sweep

whenever they are used, if he

does not himself have to wash

and dry dishes and glasses, he

will never attain any real ability.”

—Maria Montessori


2014 Field Trips

Field trips provide students with experiences in the world. Trips are appropriate to their age

level and are related to what they are learning in school. They may be traditional field trips,

overnight trips, short trips to local places (Elementary “goings out”), or service trips such as

to local retirement homes to visit with residents.





Field Trip

Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch

San Bernardino County Museum (summer students)

Aquarium of the Pacific

Brookside Park (walking trips)

Bridges Auditorium

California Theater of the Performing Arts

Claremont Folk Music Center

Greenspot Farm

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

Kidspace Children’s Museum

Lewis Family Playhouse

LifeHouse Theater

Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Planes of Fame Air Museum

Precision Gymnastics

The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

Riley’s Farm

Sturges Center for the Fine Arts

Theron’s Frozen Custard (walking trips)

Aquarium of the Pacific

Braswell’s Chateau Villa

California Theatre of the Performing Arts

Claremont Folk Music Center

Crystal Cove State Park

George F. Beattie Planetarium

The Getty Villa

Heritage Tour of Redlands (4th years)

La Brea Tar Pits

The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Morton Peak

Riley’s Farm

Sturges Center for the Fine Arts

Overnight Trips

Class camping trips

Pali Adventure Camp (4th and 5th years)

Washington, D.C. (6th years)

“When the child goes out, it

is the world itself that offers

itself to him. Let us take the

child out to show him real

things instead of making

objects which represent

ideas and closing them up in

cupboards.”—Maria Montessori



“Language is the central point

of difference between the

human species and all others.

Language lies at the root of that

transformation of the environment

that we call civilization…

Language is an instrument of

collective thought…Hence,

language is truly the expression

of a kind of super intelligence.”

—Maria Montessori



“This system in which a child is constantly moving objects with his hands and actively exercising

his senses, also takes into account a child’s special aptitude for mathematics. When

they leave the material, the children very easily reach the point where they wish to write out

the operation. They thus carry out an abstract mental operation and acquire a kind of natural

and spontaneous inclination for mental calculations.”—Maria Montessori



“What is a scientist?…We give the name

scientist to the type of man who has felt experiment

to be a means guiding him to search out

the deep truth of life, to lift a veil from its fascinating

secrets, and who, in this pursuit, has felt

arising within him a love for the mysteries of

nature, so passionate...”—Maria Montessori

Cultural Subjects and Humanities

Students study cultural and physical geography, history, and philosophy. From the earliest ages, they develop a sense of

historical perspective, an understanding of their place in the world, and gratitude for the accomplishments of those who

came before.






members attended the

HOLIDAY SING, filling most of the

University of Redlands Memorial Chapel

Students participated in our fall

DANCE class, which performed at


25Students took on-site

extracurricular PIANO

and VIOLIN lessons with

music teacher Yang Chen

Applied and Performing Arts



Elementary students performed

19 in the spring CHOIR

classes held TALENT SHOWS

or MUSICALS at Glenn Wallichs Theater,

University of Redlands

Students at all levels create and

perform to express what they

are learning. Formal art instruction

is part of each classroom.

Many classes studied

a specific artist and recreated

works in the style of that artist.

Students displayed their work

for the Spring Gala, class art

shows, and at the Montessori

Gallery at the Spring Carnival.

Musical Instruction

Every MIR classroom includes musical instruction such as ear training, music

theory, rhythm training, instruction on musical notation and note value, the

rudiments of reading and playing simple tunes, movement and music, music

history, and more.

All classes performed in the Holiday Sing and many held in-class musical



Applied and Performing

Arts Student Gallery

“We cannot teach a person to be an artist but we

can help him develop an eye that sees, a hand that

obeys, and a soul that feels.”—Maria Montessori

Toucan by Garen Zakarian

Emily’s class talent show

Diorama by Colin Garcia

Cool Cat with Shades by Maddie Tilton

Margaretann and Kristen’s class

performs Aladdin

Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo

by Emmet Asker


Finger Prints Grow by Maria’s class

Self Portrait by Miele Ladson

Fractal Tree by Teesie’s class

Self Portrait by Aidan Spangrud

Backstage at Nicole’s musical

performance, Tweet!

Zuni Rainbird by Aninditha

Keshavan and Sanjana Fernando

Kelly’s Talent Show

Flowers by Alexandra Burke and

Ava Mabudian

Self Portraits by Sara’s class


“We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence,

but we rather have those because we have

acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence,

then, is not an act but a habit.”—Aristotle

Moral and Character Development

Maria Montessori echoed Aristotle when she said “Character

formation cannot be taught. It comes from experience and not

from explanation,” and moral and character development are core

components of Montessori education.

There is a strong focus on responsibility to self and others built into

the classroom environment. At all levels, older students assist and

mentor younger students, developing empathy, patience, and leadership.

Primary and Elementary classes participate in formal acts

of community service both within the school and in Redlands.

In the self-directed design of Montessori education, and through

the guidance of teachers, self-discipline is strongly emphasized every

day, helping students develop the ability to make good choices.

A student reads to a resident at

Braswell’s Chateau Villa

Student Services

MIR’s Student Services team includes an

Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist,

Educational Consultant, Resource

Specialist, and the Head of School.

Students served:

37 Toddler/Primary – 58 Elementary


Health and Physical Development

Physical Education: MIR welcomed a new P.E. teacher, Katie Prior

(“Coach Katie”) and continued to offer yoga under the tutelage of certified yoga

instructor Angela Brenchley.

Nutrition: All students learn about proper nutrition as well as food preparation in

the classroom starting from the earliest ages.

“Watching a child

makes it obvious that

the development of his

mind comes through

his movements.”

—Maria Montessori


Extracurricular Sports




Students took SOCCER over 3

sessions offered by English

Premier Soccer Camps

PRIMARY Students



Our summer P.E. program included

Outdoor Field Games, Dance, Camping,

and Circus classes in Elementary

summer school; swimming and Sportball

for Primary summer students;

and Sportball for Toddler summer


Elementary students took CRICKET

over 3 sessions offered by

English Premier Soccer Camps




MIR strives to be a safe, welcoming, and enriching environment that students and families consider to be like a second

home. This is developed through a shared sense of purpose and the many rituals and activities we participate

in each year, and through the work of the Parents and Teachers of Montessori (PTM).

PTM Report

The Parents and Teachers of Montessori (PTM) strengthen the mission of Montessori in Redlands by helping to

create a sense of community among administration, parents, and staff. We comprise all parents, many of whom

volunteer to support individual classes with a number of activities throughout the school year by being a classroom

representative or volunteering at PTM events. The PTM Executive Committee takes this level of commitment one

step further by managing the organization through parent-elected officials.

PTM sponsors several events to bring the MIR community together at all levels. In 2013-14, PTM

• Provided refreshments for Back to School night

• Organized Halloween and Spring carnivals

• Held “Skate Nights” throughout the school year and into the summer to which The Grove School

community was also invited

• Sponsored Camp Montessori events

• Funded the Bluebird Running Club

PTM also supports the MIR Spring Gala & Auction, as well as supporting staff through various acknowledgements.

Money for these events was raised through Innisbrook fundraising, ticket sales to Skate Nights and the Spring Carnival,

food sales at the carnivals, and the collection of Box Tops for Education coupons.

More importantly, the PTM bridges the gap between the parents of MIR and the MIR Board of Trustees. Issues

that are important to the long term success of the school are brought to the PTM and discussed during PTM meetings.

Through lively discussion points, attendees at PTM meetings have the opportunity to ensure that their voices

are heard.

The PTM Executive Committee is thankful to the entire school and Board of Trustees for their support, participation,

and donations throughout the year. It is only through parent involvement that the PTM will thrive and grow

year upon year, building a stronger community one event at a time.

Jennifer Burrows

PTM President

Parents work in

small groups to

identify what they

want for their

children from

their education.


2013-14 PTM Executive Committee

Jennifer Burrows, President

Christie Pleiss, Vice President

Lisa Oliver, Treasurer

Jill Scholz, Secretary

Jean Bonner-Drinkwine, Staff Liaison

“Love the school and what it offers

to my children. It’s an extension of

our family.”—Comment from 2013-14

Customer satisfaction survey

Classroom Representatives (“Room Reps”)





Jean and Maryhelen

Kara and Marie







Margaretann and Kristen



Molly Leidtke

Edie Punt

Margaret Ohayon

Stefanie Tieman and Yvette Singleton

Jessica Brockardt and Uma Harano

Jessica Kytola-Yang and Tara McFann

Sharon Stewart and Adam DeLeon

Victoria Hobson

Melissa Walker

Allison Pate, Tara McFann, and Rika Minami

Rika Minami

Rachel Mickelson

Vanessa Leslie and Joanne Parkinson


PTM Financial Report:

PTM Dues

Spring Carnival


Skate Nights

Halloween Carnival

Camp MIR–Fall

Camp MIR–Spring

Bluebird Shirts










Total Income











Community Events


Donations to MIR



Community Activities

Camp Montessori

Twice a year staff, parents, and students camp

overnight under the trees of the Montessori campus.

148 students and parents camped in September

2013. 104 students and parents camped in

June 2014.

Halloween Carnival

Each fall, families gather to enjoy a Halloween

celebration complete with game booths, fairy

gardens, haunted mazes, and a costume parade.

The carnival was sponsored by PTM and entry

was free.

Spring Carnival

The MIR Spring Carnival is held the first Saturday

in May. In addition to games and rides, this

year’s Carnival included a book fair hosted by

local children’s book store Frugal Frigate. It also

included a Montessori Gallery featuring parent,

student, and staff art and a Montessori Marketplace

offering merchandise from local entrepreneurs.

Admission was $10 per family, which

covered all activities.


Parent Education

MIR offered a variety of parent education options in 2013-14:

Parent Education Nights

“Love, love all the parent education

events. Thank you for having

them.”—Comment from 2013-14 Parent

Satisfaction Survey

• “Montessori Outcomes,” about MIR’s stated Student Learner Outcomes

• “Process vs. Product,” about the process of education vs. the work children produce while learning

• “Assessment in the Montessori Environment,” about the many assessment tools used in Montessori

• “Life after Montessori,” where MIR alumni shared how their experience at MIR prepared them for the “real world”

We also held two Parent Education Nights especially for parents of 1-4 year olds. Called “Beginnings,” these nights focused on

typical child development and promoting independence in the home.

New Parent Orientation

Assistant Head of School Peter Davidson provided new MIR families with information to help make their child’s first experience

with the school as comfortable and successful as possible.

Classroom orientations helped parents understand the daily rhythms of the class as well as the rules and policies

they need to follow to ensure a consistent, joyful experience for their child.

Orientation to Primary and Elementary Transitions

Parents whose children were ready to move to the next program level (Toddler to Primary, Primary to Elementary) attended

orientations to help them understand and support the transition.

Coffee, Tea, & M.E.

(Montessori Education)

Hosted by Assistant Head of School

Peter Davidson several times throughout

the year, Coffee, Tea, and M.E. is a

forum for conversations about Montessori

theory and practice.

Journey & Discovery

Held twice-yearly in conjunction with

The Grove School, this event gives adults

a first-hand experience with the Montessori

curriculum from 18 months to

18 years.

Parent/Child Night

Children took their parents to school at one

of their favorite activities of the year. Parents

were guided by their child through classroom

activities, with teachers on hand to advise the

children as necessary.


Testing Results

MIR administers standardized tests annually to grades 3 through 6 that mimic the experience of the tests administered

by the state of California to public schools. As the state switches to the Common Core for 2014-15, MIR has begun to

research alternatives that will give our students a testing experience that will better prepare them for tests they will have in

the future.

test scores

With 84 total test takers in grades 3 through 6 combined, numbers per grade level are statistically insignificant. However,

MIR teachers look at test results by individual student in each grade to look for curricular areas that need attention and

places where there is room for improvement.

Teachers do not “teach” to the test, but include test-taking skills as part of practical life. Overall our students do well, and

teachers use the test to inform how well the children adapt to the testing process.



Percentage of students, in

grades 3 through 6 combined,

who scored at or above

grade level, based on the top

3 quintiles of the National

Percentile Rank.

An Elementary student

works on a geometry



Social Studies










“I love MIR and feel good about my children

receiving their education here.”—Comment from

2013-14 Parent Satisfaction Survey



The MIR summer program offered a variety of academicand

experience-rich activities for students. Toddler and

Primary students supplemented their Montessori day with

summer activities and field trips. Elementary students

explored new life and academic skills in a fun “summer

camp” atmosphere.


Elementary Summer Classes



Outdoor Playscapes

Music Fun

Recreating Masterpieces

Woodcarving and Printmaking

Spanish Arts

Outdoor Field Games

Ooey Gooey Science



Number of Children Served

The Elementary program is open to the public. Among the





who attended was a family of siblings

from China on a summer holiday in the U.S., returning for

Toddler 13

a second year to our program.

Primary 39

Elementary 72


Celebrations around the World

Circus Acrobatics

Camping Skills and First Aid

Jr. Chef Cooking Skills

Quilting and Fabric Number Arts of Children Served

Exercise and Nutrition

Simple Machines


Crafts with Household Items




On-site childcare is convenient for parents and provides consistency in environment for students. MIR also

offers childcare for select non-school days, including some holidays and Parent/Teacher Conference days.

Program Level





Number of

Children Served








3,919,584.00 Revenue

3,886,102.00 Expenses

33,482.00 Net Income

3,769,102.00 Operating Expenses

95,000.00 Loans

- 22,000.00 Capital Improvements

3,886,102.00 Total Expenses


MIR is grateful to The Norman and Joan Kinsey Foundation

for awarding the school a grant for $15,000. This

grant funded professional development for MIR’s Student

Services Team along with the purchase of new adaptive

technologies to ensure all students flourish and excel to

their full potential.


“We love the school. We think it has

been the best decision and investment

we have made for our son.”

—Comment from 2013-14 Parent Satisfaction Survey


Annual Fund Building the Future

MIR had the good fortune of achieving 100% school-wide participation for the second

year in a row. Individual donations totaled $45,705. We are deeply grateful for the commitment

of the MIR community to the current students and future generations.

Annual Fund Donors

Patron $2,000-$4,999

Roberto Argentina and Maura Joyce

Ismael Chivite and Alejandra Merino

Deane and Lisa Kensok

Babak and Leila Khazaeni

Benefactor $1,000-$1,999

Jeffrey and Kristen DeVito

James Hitchcock and Terrance Flynn

In honor of Donald and Gwenna Hitchcock

Michael Larrance and Jo Lynn Lambert

In honor of the dedicated teachers, staff, and volunteers

Bryan and Shawnda Zook

Contributor $500-$999

Ken Alford and Pamela Ford

Damon and Stephanie Bogan

Ryan and Angela Brenchley

In honor of Karina and Hannah Brenchley

Ellen Camarillo

In memory of CeCe Svenson

Mark and Vanessa Causley

Jack and Hannah Copeland

Debra C. Meade Family Fund Foundation

for Roanoke Valley

Evan and Laura Houck

Shyam Kishan and Sharmila Roy-Chowdhury

William and Anna Mansfield

Kendall and Shelley McCarthy

In memory of Jordan McCarthy

Tim Ormsby

James Stewart and Christina Bennett-Stewart

In honor of Morgan and James Stewart

Joel and Holly Stillings

Berj Zakarian and Nairy Sarkis

Associate $250-$499

Anonymous (1)

Wally and Yuko Barker

Wesley and Elizabeth Bernardini

Chad and Jessica Brockardt

Charlie Cutler

Ross and Natalia Dunn

Matias Farre and Jacqueline Gimenez

Eric and Melissa Hanson

John and Dinesh Imbriani

Mohsen Mabudian and Michele Vercoski

Edward Murphy and Karen Derris

Sivabalan Muthukrishnan and Sentha Sivabalan

Trevor Norton and Jennifer Brainerd

Gregory and Christie Pleiss

Dean Silliman and Kylene M. Mason Silliman

Greg and Stefanie Tieman

Friends $1-$249

Anonymous (30)

Feroz Abdul-Kadar and Naila Khan

Gregory and Susan Abt

Arun and Misty Agrawal

Wachira Ampaanpenrot and Chajchawadee


Ramtin Anousheh and Mozhgan Mousaeian

Aedín Artigue

Farbod Asgarzadie and Allie Blackburn

Oscar Asker and Blue Calderilla

Jen Avegno

Nitin Bajaj and Nimisha Lotia

Carlos Balarezo and Sharon Stewart

Stefan and Virginia Balbo

Matthias and Katherine Barden

Robert and Sophie G. Basseri

David and Michel Bellefeuille

John and Sharilyn Berry

James Blee and Siow Wann Chew

Stephen and Camilla Bodnar

In honor of Heather and Brooke Bodnar

Jean Bonner-Drinkwine

Leo and Karen Brandon

David and Sha Brennan

Chantelle Brown

Michael Burke and Valerie Seabaugh-Burke

Michael and Jennifer Burrows

Molly Butler

Paula Buyak

Pablo Cabrera and Susana Crespo

Mark and Julie Camero

In honor of Pauline Mackzum

Maryhelen Campa and Melanie Hanson

In honor of Kalie Hanson-Campa

Silvia Casas

G. Alan Cassidy and C. Andrea Nieto

Pankaj Chandak and Pragya Jaiswal

Jacqueline Chandler

In honor of Trent and Darik Chandler

Chen-Yu (Rick) Chang and Bich


Andrew Chen and Yang Steinke-Chen

Peter and Kim Cherniss

Mehul Choksey and Mital Shah

Eddy Chue and Evelyn Choo

Sheila Church

Doug and Amber Claflin

Susan Clark-Johnson

Sara-Frances Clemens

In honor of Jackson and Joshua Clemens

Donte and Dominique Cooper

Tamara Coyle

In honor of Madeline Coyle

Frank Coyle

Faith Cristall

Jennifer Cristall

Steven and Daria Cross

Matt Crowder and Jennifer Cadkin

Prakash Darbhamulla and Durga A. Gonella

Peter Davidson

Christopher and Alisa Davies

Robert Dawes

Nicole Delgado

Denis and Anne Desmarais

Jacob and Anuradha Diekmann

Shad and Leah Dixon

Peter Dow and Melissa Cardenas-Dow

Linda Dwight-Buel

In memory of Lesley Dwight-Cochran

Thomas Emge and Teesie Szubert-Emge

Bruce and Gena Engelfried

English Premier Soccer Camp

Ryan and Alisa Evans

Nikki Farooq

In honor of Uzair and Najia

Glenn Fearon and Andrea Ray

Nicole Fedorow

Bill Feld


Thomas Ferland and Ann Kasunich

In honor of Maura Joyce

Josh and Melissa Fisher

In honor of Cole and Alanna Fisher

Emily Fitzgerald

Rosario and Heather Floridia

Michael Gaigg and Jessica Bello

Sara Garcia

Robert Garrity and Maria Marta Saldanha

Claudia Gates

Stephen Gervais and Nancy Inouye

Baljit and Mina Gill

Philip and Marina Glukhovsky

Vivek and Kusum Gupta

Samir and Samar Hage

Jean-Claude and Katia Hage

Kelvin and Eleanor Haire

James and Uma Harano

Travis and Lindsey Harp

Russell Harris and Nataya Korirat

Margaretann Harrison

Jeanette Hattan

Robert Hennings and Charity Plaxton-


Pamela Henry

Mark Henry

Travis and Brandy Henson

Jimmy and Maria Hernandez

Eric and Jennifer Hill

Kara Holzinger

Michael and Kymberly Howo

Carol Hudson

Robin Im and Kimberly Izvernari-Im

David Jassby and Jennifer Griffin

Antony Jayaprakash and A. Monica Joseph

Gaurav and Amishi Jobanputra

Cameron Johnson and Irene Ciovica

Anand Kannan and Lavanya Thiyagarajan

Michael and Victoria Karalun

Angela Keller

Venu and Swarnalata Keshavan

Kyo Sung (Shawn) Kim and Susan Kim

Frank Kish and Edie Punt

Maryanne Klenske

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Ken and Jennifer Konior

John Kothapalli and Shara Suhasini

Douglas Krahn and Flor Urrea-Krahn

Dmitry Kudinov and Anna Kudinova

Nitin Kulkarni

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Geetha Sivalingam

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Egor Podgornov and Kasia Tuszynska

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Southern California Edison

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Javed and Seema Siddiqi

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Dave and Gabrielle Singh

Yusuf and Yvette Singleton

Roger Smart and Allison Pate

Jack and Mara Smith

Dallas and Coby Smith

Salvador Soriano and Mona Jazayeri

Damian and Meena Spangrud

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Christian and Andrea Staack

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Alex Valenzuela and Maria Serena Villalobos

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Jeff and Teresa Wickstrom

Robert and Monique Willis

Patrick Wing and Gonca Baskici-Wing

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Ryan and Ruthie Youngman

ZhiQian Yu and Li Lin

Xingdong Zhang and Gang Zhong

Alexander Zouros and Leigh-Erin Zouros

“I am so grateful that my child

can go to this school.”—Comment

from 2013-14 Parent Satisfaction Survey


MIR Spring Gala & Auction

We had a great turnout and an AWESOME night at the 80s-themed MIR 17th Annual Spring Gala & Auction.

Everyone who attended agreed that this was one of the most fun ever.

People really got into the 80s spirit, with costumes ranging from Care Bears and Devo, to Marty McFly and Michael

Jackson, to fabulous “vintage” prom looks. The DJ entertained with 80s tunes and videos, and the dance floor was

busy until midnight. There was an appearance by 80s SoCal celebrity DJ/VJ Richard Blade, who created a special

video to introduce the evening’s financial aid “cyberdash.”

Auctioneer Sam Neely led the live auction, helping MIR raise $31,750 through sales of beautiful items created by

each class. A new mobile bidding system helped raise silent auction totals to $9,039, $2,000 more than previous

years. Total proceeds for the evening, including the live auction, silent auction, sponsorships, and donations came to


Proceeds were used to bring MIR’s second phase of the “Green School Initiative” to reality, including installing

solar panels and re-landscaping our campus to be more drought-tolerant and accessible to the children. These

improvements significantly reduce our energy and water usage to allow us to invest more of our funds directly into

student education. Proceeds from our financial aid cyberdash were used to provide financial help to current MIR

families with an immediate need for tuition assistance.

MIR thanks the Gala committee chairs, Jill McDermott and Lisa Oliver, for their energy, hard work, and creativity

in organizing this event. Thank you to Green Acres Advertising Design for creating the beautiful artwork, advertising,

and programs. We also greatly appreciate all of the families, business donors, underwriters, and volunteers who

generously donated the time, goods, and services that made this an unforgettable evening.


Gala Committee

Jill McDermott, Chair

Lisa Oliver, Administrative Coordinator

Gala Volunteers

Victoria Hobson

Lisa Kensok

Kathleen Liess

Shelley McCarthy

Andrea Ray

Rena Rice

Coby Smith

Gabby Symmes

Shawnda Zook

Thank you to our sponsors:

“Like, Awesome” Sponsors

Totally Rad Sponsor

Tubular Sponsors


Business Donors and Underwriters

Adam Hall’s Plant Nursery

American Girl

Aquarium of the Pacific

Archangel Printing

Augie’s Coffee House

Ayres Hotel Redlands

Ben D. Bollinger’s Candlelight Pavilion

Benjarong Thai Cuisine

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Blackstone Magik, Gay Blackstone

Breathe Redlands Yoga Studio


CalSkate Grand Terrace

Chez Sabine

Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

CrossFit East Redlands

Daryl’s Pet Shop

Deane and Lisa Kensok

Desert Adventures Eco-Tour & Events


Dream Dinners

Empire Bowl


Evans & Co.

Farm Artisan Foods, Roberto Argentina

Fiesta Village

Fitness 19

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Fox Dance Studio

Frugal Frigate

Gourmet Pizza Shoppe

Grochowski Chiropractic

Grove Certified Farmers Market

Grove School PTG

Hangar 24

In-N-Out Burger

Inland Empire 66ers Baseball

Interactive TTC

International Day Spa

Intuitive-Attentive Yoga with Angela Brenchley

Isabella’s Ristorante Italiano

J.D. Myers

Jeff and Kris DeVito, JD Logistics Inc.

Jose’s Mexican Food

Krikorian Premiere Theatres

L.A. Zoo

Lango Redlands

Lasting Impressions

Legoland California Resort

Living Root Cellar

Loma Linda University Department of

Plastic Surgery

Marcelo Romero

Medieval Times

Mike’s Fitness Equipment

Mon Amie Salon

Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts, Inc.

Nails by Lisa at Hot Locks Salon

Nature’s Select Super Premium Pet Products

Ontario Improv

Oscar’s Mexican Restaurant

OutBack Physiotherapy Centre

Pali Adventures

Pappy & Harriets

Party Plus Rentals

Pro. Massage & Skin Care Therapy by

Angelina Faith

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes

Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

Redlands 4th of July Committee, Inc.

Redlands Conservatory of Arts and Sciences

Redlands Gymnastics Club

Redlands Paint, Inc.

Redlands Spine and Sport

Redlands Symphony

Richard Nixon Presidential Library

and Museum

Ritual Brewing Co.

San Diego Zoo

Sanrio, Inc.

Scandia Ontario

Seed Kids

Shop Suey Boutique

Simpler Life

Sparrow Studios

Sportball – Sports Instruction for Kids

State Street Winery

Stater Bros. Markets, Redlands

Stell Coffee & Tea Co.

Stone Wheel Olive Oil Co.

Styles by Staci at Hot Locks Salon

Sweet Memories Candy & Toys

The Cheesecake Factory, Victoria Gardens

The Children’s Museum at La Habra

The Home Depot Redlands, CA #1013

The Ice House Comedy Nightclub & Restaurant

The Living Desert

The World Famous Laugh Factory

Theatrical Arts International

Tortuga Salon

Trader Joe’s

Traveler Guitar

Victoria Gardens

Washington Produce

Wilson’s Classic Barber Shop

World Discoveries

Yang Chen


“At a time when creativity is being

driven out of our schools, MIR plays

an important role in preparing children

for the future…One of my children

said that he has millions of questions

about everything in the world and MIR

allow[ed] him to answer some of those

questions, even when they are of interest

only to him; for example, ‘why do

mollusks only have one foot?’…I work

at a university so I spend a lot of time

thinking about the characteristics that

employers say they want to see in future

employees. I am amazed at how thoroughly

and completely a Montessori

education addresses these concerns.”

—Dr. Leela MahavaRau, former President

of the Board of Trustees and alumni parent

“At Montessori they teach you how to

challenge yourself. If I was really strong

in a subject, the teachers would give me

more work [in that area]. I would be

very proud of myself and work harder.

That’s been something I’ve always kept

with me and I really love Montessori

for that…Montessori will always be

with me.”

—Jennifer Williams, MIR alumni and current

student at Vassar College in New York

MIR has helped me so much with

becoming who I am…I love my amazing

teachers and assistants, as well as

all of the others who have helped me

throughout my years here.”

—Strawberry Wroolie, 2014 MIR Graduate


“When I spent a year on exchange in

Germany, I really found out how well

Montessori had prepared me for everything.

It taught me how to embrace

new experiences and how to problem


—Rohan CarterRau, MIR alumni and

current student at McGill University in

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“The overall educational program itself

is amazing. The growth we’ve observed

in our daughter over this past year has

been incredible and we attribute that

to the structure of the program, the

fostering of responsibility and independence

in the children, and the qualified

staff/teachers who really seem to care

about the children and actually enjoy

their jobs!”

—Comment from 2013-14 Parent Satisfaction


When Barbara Walters, who interviewed

Google founders Messrs. Page

and Brin in 2004, asked if having parents

who were college professors was a

major factor behind their success, they

instead credited their early Montessori

education. “We both went to Montessori

school,” Mr. Page said, “and I

think it was part of that training of not

following rules and orders, and being

self-motivated, questioning what’s going

on in the world, doing things a little

bit differently.”

MIR has taught me how to be

independent and responsible. It has

helped me find out what my strengths

and weaknesses are so that I can work

on them more and develop a better

understanding. The staff are awesome

and nice.”

—Daniel Larrance, 2014 MIR Graduate


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