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WEMERT<br />

Unfortunately, our team<br />

does not service rental<br />

requests at this time.<br />

However, as a courtesy to<br />

you, we have put<br />

together this guide to<br />

help make nding a rental<br />

an easy process. If we can<br />

be of any further help, or<br />

answer any questions for<br />

you, please let us know.<br />


AVOID<br />


A lease commits you for an extended amount of time and money, before signing it’s smart to make a<br />

final check. Call the management office directly and beware of scams.<br />


If the monthly rent for<br />

an apartment or singlefamily<br />

home in your<br />

area averages $2000,<br />

be wary if the place<br />

you’ve found costs half<br />

that. This is especially<br />

true if you’re<br />

conducting a longdistance<br />

search and<br />

haven’t seen the home<br />

in person. While it<br />

would be nice to save a<br />

lot of money on rent,<br />

you don’t want to be<br />

snared by a scam.<br />


Take a careful look<br />

around the property. Is<br />

there damage to the<br />

roof or windows? Any<br />

sign of water damage or<br />

mold? Look past decor<br />

and charm and see if<br />

things are being cared<br />

for. If you see something<br />

that raises a question,<br />

talk to the landlord or<br />

property manager<br />

before you sign the<br />

lease. If they avoid the<br />

problem or dance<br />

around the subject, you<br />

may want to keep<br />

looking.<br />


Noticed frequent and<br />

multiple online openings<br />

for the building? It could<br />

mean the building is<br />

more suited to shortterm<br />

tenants. but highturnover<br />

could also be a<br />

sign the tenants aren’t<br />

happy.<br />



If a prospective landlord<br />

or property manager is<br />

tough to contact before<br />

you sign a lease, it could<br />

be an indication that<br />

calls may be dodged<br />

after you’ve moved in.<br />



Take time to read<br />

through the rental<br />

lease and ask about<br />

anything you think<br />

might be<br />

unreasonable or<br />

excessive. And a<br />

landlord who<br />

doesn’t want a lease<br />

should be<br />

considered very<br />

suspect. A lease or<br />

rental agreement<br />

protects you as well<br />

as the property<br />

owner, so it’s best<br />

not to hand any<br />

more without one.<br />


Renting a great home usually means you have to move fast, so it’s smart to assemble documentation<br />

that confirms who you are and shows you’re the best applicant. Landlords and property managers will<br />

also run credit and background checks, so many sure nothing will trip up by checking your credit score<br />

for free online.<br />


Driver’s license, passport or another<br />

form of government-issued<br />

ID with a picture and date of birth<br />

Social Security number<br />

Month of pay stubs to verify income<br />

A letter of employment<br />

Name and contact information for<br />

anyone co-signing your lease<br />

<strong>Rental</strong> History: 2-3 previous addresses, names, and<br />

contact information for previous landlords or property<br />

managers<br />

A couple of additional references attesting to your good<br />

character and their contact info<br />

Application fee (usually ranges between $50-$100)<br />

Detailed paperwork if you have declared bankruptcy or<br />

are subject to leans on debt. These will help a landlord<br />

or property manager understand the circumstances.


TO RENT A<br />


Typically speaking, we know you will have<br />

the most success finding a rental if you<br />

contact the listing agent directly for the<br />

rental you are interested in. Unfortunately<br />

our team does not service rental requests<br />

at this time.<br />

RENTAL<br />

However, as a courtesy to you, we would<br />

be more than happy to forward your<br />

information to the top rental property<br />

managers in the Central Florida Area.<br />

We will provide you with the names and<br />

contact information for the agencies as<br />

well and believe it may be in your best<br />

interest for you to reach out personally.<br />

You can nd those on the back of this<br />

brochure!<br />

We wish you the best of luck in your search<br />

as we aim to connect you with those who<br />

truly can service your needs.<br />

Find the rental inquiry<br />

form on our website at<br />




In this market, homes are moving so quickly the inventory may not even make it on to<br />

MLS. We believe it is best to network with each company listed above for the best chance<br />

of finding a home.<br />

Greater Orlando <strong>Realty</strong><br />

407-774-9858 (Chris)<br />

http://www.gorent123.com<br />

CF <strong>Realty</strong> Partners<br />

http://www.CF<strong>Realty</strong>partners.com<br />

407-463-0221<br />

All County<br />

http://www.allcountyc .com<br />

*fill out their online form<br />

Central Florida Property Management<br />

http://www.407Properties.com<br />

407-429-4834<br />

Invitation Homes<br />

http://www.invitationhomesforrent.com<br />

Verandah Properties<br />

http://www.verandahproperties.com<br />

Real Source Property Management<br />

http://www.4rentorlando.com<br />

407-298-9777<br />

Jander <strong>Group</strong><br />

http://www.jandergroup.com<br />

407-628-2500<br />

Hampton and Hampton<br />

http://www.leasingorlando.com<br />

407-253-9324 (Scott)<br />

Wilson Management <strong>Group</strong><br />

http://www.wilsonmanagementgroup.com<br />

407-896-1200<br />

The <strong>Realty</strong> Medics<br />

http://www.therealtymedics.com<br />

321-947-7653 (Tiffany)<br />

FREE<br />

This coupon entitles you to a rent vs own consultation<br />

Many folks are unaware of the vast resources available to them which<br />

may make homeownership attainable. Let us talk with you about 100%<br />

financing and down payment assistance at a no obligation<br />

consultation. Homeownership may be closer than you think!<br />

TO REDEEM & SCHEDULE - call 407-412-8488

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