PPMA Gear Up Issue 2

PPMA Gear Up Issue 2

PPMA Gear Up Issue 2


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Members Magazine<br />

Expand your<br />

horizons<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 2 / Summer 2017<br />

Perfect<br />

partnerships<br />

How finding the right global<br />

partners helped two SMEs<br />

achieve export success<br />

Tom Brake MP<br />

talks Brexit

Members Magazine<br />

The export issue<br />

Editorial<br />

Summer 2017 / <strong>Issue</strong> 2<br />

3 View from the top<br />

Tom Brake MP discusses the impact of Brexit on UK manufacturing.<br />

Plus, <strong>PPMA</strong> CEO Dr Andrew Mint unveils the Global Packaging<br />

Report 2017.<br />

4-5 Business intelligence<br />

Which territories offer the greatest export potential? What’s the value<br />

of UK exports? And which sectors are set for the largest growth?<br />

6-7 Success stories<br />

How exports have taken one SME into the big league. Plus, the<br />

importance of local knowledge when expanding overseas.<br />

8-9 Industry events<br />

Focus on Gulfood Manufacturing, plus all the essential dates for your<br />

diary over the next 12 months.<br />

10 Seminars, training and networking<br />

Training and seminars covering everything from sales skills to<br />

project management. And don’t miss our first ever digital marketing<br />

networking event.<br />

11 Linked <strong>Up</strong><br />

Conveying firm seeks overseas agents. Plus, how you can connect<br />

with like-minded members.<br />

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2017 editorial schedule<br />

To contribute to any of our<br />

forthcoming issues, contact our<br />

editorial team via the details<br />

above.<br />

Autumn<br />

The recruitment issue<br />

(copy deadline 22 July)<br />

Winter<br />

The green issue<br />

(copy deadline 13 October)<br />

12-13 Member benefits<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Group Insurance provider Sutton Winson outlines the<br />

importance of credit insurance when exporting.<br />

14-15 New members<br />

Meet the newest additions to the <strong>PPMA</strong> family.<br />

15 Get in touch<br />

Contact the <strong>PPMA</strong> team.<br />

© 2017 <strong>PPMA</strong> Ltd<br />

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints<br />

expressed by the various authors and<br />

forum participants on this publication<br />

do not necessarily reflect the opinions,<br />

beliefs and viewpoints of the <strong>PPMA</strong> Group<br />

of Associations.<br />

2 www.ppma.co.uk

View from the top<br />

Knowledge is power<br />

By Dr Andrew Mint, Chief Executive<br />

Officer of the <strong>PPMA</strong> Group<br />

Writing this the<br />

morning after the<br />

General Election, it’s<br />

clear that we are<br />

once again faced with<br />

political uncertainty.<br />

Irrespective of our political<br />

allegiances, I’m sure we would all<br />

have preferred certainty and stability<br />

as we enter the crucial Brexit<br />

negotiations, but there will now be<br />

more business challenges ahead at a<br />

time when we perhaps least<br />

wanted them.<br />

For many of our members,<br />

exporting is crucial to the success<br />

of their business and while the<br />

weakened pound may have helped<br />

in the short term, we will need<br />

strong trade agreements with<br />

our partners to deliver long term<br />

security. As we look to the future,<br />

the <strong>PPMA</strong> will try to listen, adapt and<br />

look at ways we can better support<br />

our members in this area.<br />

So, how can we help? One new<br />

initiative is the Global Packaging<br />

Report, which gives a fantastic<br />

overview of the state of the<br />

global packaging market, region<br />

by region, and should provide a<br />

valuable insight into current market<br />

trends and growth areas. For<br />

SMEs in particular, accessing this<br />

type of information individually<br />

can be financially restrictive, so<br />

the collaborative power of an<br />

association is of real benefit here.<br />

The Global Packaging Report is<br />

available free of charge to all our<br />

members via the login area of our<br />

website – if you have not yet read it,<br />

I would encourage you to do so.<br />

Brexit – why now is the time<br />

for answers<br />

By Tom Brake MP<br />

Trade is part of our DNA. From the<br />

creation of the Company of Merchant<br />

Adventurers of London in the 15th<br />

century and the birth of private<br />

enterprises, to pioneering new<br />

machinery like the steam engine,<br />

inventing the railways and becoming<br />

the world’s first industrial economy, to<br />

becoming one of the biggest financial<br />

centres, our entrepreneurial spirit and<br />

belief in free trade transformed our small<br />

island into one of the most prosperous<br />

countries on earth.<br />

The benefits of exporting are<br />

obvious; simply put, exports accelerate<br />

growth, increase domestic employment<br />

and raise standards of living. For<br />

businesses, exports can offer a huge<br />

economic potential, increased exposure<br />

to more clients and security as risk<br />

can be spread across a wider range of<br />

customers.<br />

Today, our country faces uncertain<br />

times. The decision last June to leave<br />

the world’s largest trading block and our<br />

most important trading partner poses<br />

a monumental challenge to the future<br />

prosperity of our nation. Due to the<br />

failure of the Leave campaign and the<br />

government to articulate a consistent<br />

vision for Britain’s future relationship<br />

with the EU, no one knows what comes<br />

next. Will we stay in the single market,<br />

or become like Norway, Switzerland, or<br />

Canada? Will British companies still be<br />

able to operate freely across European<br />

borders? Will British businesses be<br />

subject to more red tape and more<br />

paperwork? British businesses, small and<br />

large, deserve answers to these looming<br />

questions.<br />

As the Brexit negotiations start<br />

and policymakers like me get on with<br />

disentangling these complicated issues,<br />

let’s remember that our prosperity<br />

has always been built on our unique<br />

entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit has<br />

made us the envy of the world and<br />

succeeded in opening up new frontiers,<br />

conquering new global markets, and<br />

breaking down barriers to trade. The<br />

business community is united in calling<br />

for this approach and for a smooth exit<br />

from the EU and a soft landing.<br />

That’s why my party, the Liberal<br />

Democrats, will continue to make the<br />

case for membership of the single<br />

market and the customs union, and<br />

put our economic interests front and<br />

centre in these negotiations. If British<br />

manufacturing is to prosper in the years<br />

ahead, we will need to listen and work<br />

closely with the business community.<br />

Together we will succeed.<br />

www.tombrake.co.uk<br />

3 www.ppma.co.uk

Exporting<br />

by numbers<br />

business intelligence<br />

With the General Election<br />

behind us (at least for<br />

now), the UK’s withdrawal<br />

from the European Union<br />

is once again at the top of<br />

the political agenda. What<br />

effect will Brexit have on<br />

the export activities of<br />

Britain’s manufacturers?<br />

Will the falling value of the<br />

pound make our products<br />

more attractive to overseas<br />

markets? And outside of<br />

Europe, which territories offer<br />

the greatest export potential?<br />

“It is vital that we remain open for business and negotiate new<br />

trade agreements with the EU and other key markets so that<br />

international markets remain open and accessible as soon as<br />

Brexit is completed.”<br />

Tom Lawton, Partner, BDO<br />

Money matters<br />

£31.4bn<br />

Value of UK exports for March 2017, an<br />

increase of £6.7bn (27%) compared with<br />

March 2016<br />

(HMRC Trade Statistics)<br />

$479.2bn<br />

Value of total UK exports<br />

(New Statesman)<br />

£4.9bn<br />

Value of UK food & drink exports in Q1<br />

2017, up 8.3% on 2016<br />

(Food and Drink Federation)<br />

Opportunity knocks<br />

63<br />

Percentage of global growth in<br />

packaging (2015-2020) that will be<br />

made up by Asia Pacific<br />

(Global Packaging Trends 2017)<br />

40.3<br />

South Korea’s percentage growth in<br />

value during Q1 2017 for UK food &<br />

drink – the highest figure for any UK<br />

export market<br />

(Food & Drink Federation)<br />

7.5<br />

Forecast growth rate as a percentage<br />

for bottled water (2015-2020); the<br />

category with the largest packaging<br />

growth opportunity<br />

(Global Packaging Trends 2017)<br />

4 www.ppma.co.uk

“The UK accounts for 4% of<br />

global GDP. That leaves 96%<br />

of the world to aim for.”<br />

Department for International Trade<br />

Don’t miss…<br />

The Global Packaging Trends report, delivered in collaboration with the PMMI,<br />

is now available to <strong>PPMA</strong> members via the login area of our website. Providing<br />

in-depth analysis of the key packaging trends across the world, the report provides the<br />

information you need to make an informed choice about the international marketplace<br />

and will help you shape your export strategy.<br />

www.ppma.co.uk/private/logon.asp<br />

Big players<br />

Brexit – threat or<br />

opportunity?<br />

Global growth<br />

$2.4trn<br />

Total value of goods imported into the<br />

US, the world’s leading importer<br />

(World Trade Organization)<br />

44<br />

Percentage of everything the UK sells<br />

abroad that is bought by the EU<br />

(UK Government EU Referendum leaflet)<br />

9The UK is the ninth largest export<br />

economy in the world, behind France<br />

and Germany<br />

(Economic Complexity Index)<br />

64<br />

Percentage of respondents who said<br />

European political uncertainty was<br />

having an adverse effect on their<br />

business<br />

(Annual Manufacturing Report 2017,<br />

Hennick Research)<br />

13<br />

Percentage that the pound is lower<br />

against the dollar than it was on the<br />

day of the Brexit referendum<br />

(Q2 2017 Industrial Trends Survey, CBI)<br />

28<br />

Percentage more of respondents who<br />

said they expect growth in foreign<br />

orders rather than contraction<br />

(Q2 2017 survey, EEF)<br />

$64.4bn<br />

Value of export sales attributed to the<br />

UK’s industrial machinery sector (the<br />

biggest UK export sector) in 2015<br />

(World Trade Organization)<br />

6The top six fastest-growing<br />

manufacturing nations are all in Europe,<br />

led by the Netherlands<br />

(JPMorgan Global Manufacturing PMI)<br />

47<br />

Brazil’s manufacturing PMI – the<br />

country is suffering the steepest<br />

downturn in manufacturing conditions<br />

of 28 countries covered<br />

(JPMorgan Global Manufacturing PMI)<br />

5 www.ppma.co.uk

success stories<br />

Taking UK<br />

packaging<br />

into the<br />

big league<br />

A focus on building<br />

relationships has<br />

helped this British<br />

manufacturer’s export<br />

sales to soar<br />

At a glance<br />

Challenge: How to double the<br />

size of a business in just five<br />

years<br />

Solution: Build and nurture<br />

relationships with key<br />

overseas partners<br />

Outcome: 57% increase in<br />

export sales sees firm named<br />

in Sunday Times Lloyds SME<br />

Export Track league table<br />

When Packaging Automation set itself the<br />

goal of doubling the size of the business<br />

in just five years, it was clear that it<br />

would need to look beyond the UK for its<br />

customer base. At the time, the company<br />

was only dipping its toe into the exporting<br />

waters; in 2013, exports made up just 5%<br />

of its sales. Since then, a commitment to<br />

build and nurture relationships with key<br />

partners across the world has seen it<br />

ranked number 47 in The Sunday Times<br />

Lloyds SME Export Track 100 league table.<br />

The league table ranks Britain’s small and<br />

medium-sized (SME) companies with the<br />

fastest-growing international sales and<br />

Packaging Automation, which appears for<br />

the first time, achieved an impressive 57%<br />

increase in export sales to take it straight<br />

into the top 50.<br />

Product innovation<br />

Packaging Automation supplies packaging<br />

technology to a number of markets,<br />

but predominantly the food industry.<br />

Innovation and the introduction of unique<br />

patented technology has been key to the<br />

company’s success over the last two years,<br />

and has seen it leapfrog its competitors<br />

by offering the highest speed tray sealing<br />

machinery in the world. The increasing<br />

popularity of packaged goods in northern<br />

Europe, North America, the Middle East<br />

and Australia has fuelled the rapid growth<br />

in export sales and by working with<br />

a number of key distributors in these<br />

territories, the firm has been able to share<br />

its technology and packaging knowledge<br />

with food manufacturers and fresh<br />

produce packers around the globe.<br />

Getting to know you<br />

Choosing the right distributors has been<br />

key to Packaging Automation’s overseas<br />

success. “We already had a few established<br />

agents but when we made the decision<br />

to increase our export sales, we identified<br />

the key markets and began to develop<br />

those relationships,” explains Sam Ashton,<br />

Commercial Director. “We targeted markets<br />

where we knew we either already had<br />

relationships with people that were selling<br />

tray sealing equipment, or where we knew<br />

there was going to be demand based on<br />

changes in trends in food packaging.”<br />

However, there have been some<br />

challenges along the way. “The biggest<br />

challenge for us was – and still is –<br />

logistics,” says Sam. “That’s to say, being<br />

able to get large pieces of machinery to<br />

our export markets to hit the lead times<br />

that our customers there require. It’s an<br />

ongoing issue for us – not only being able<br />

to build the equipment quickly enough,<br />

but also factoring in the shipping time. For<br />

example, sending machinery to Australia<br />

incurs a six-week shipping time.” But Sam<br />

is in no doubt that targeting exports was<br />

the right decision for the company: “From<br />

a starting point of just 5% in 2013, exports<br />

now account for 33% of our total sales,” she<br />

reveals.<br />

6 www.ppma.co.uk

An award-winning<br />

export strategy<br />

The importance of innovation and strong relationships<br />

when doing business overseas<br />

At a glance<br />

From left to right:<br />

A shipment of machines ready for the Dutch market<br />

Packaging Automation exhibiting with Australian<br />

distributor Perfect Automation at Auspack 2017<br />

The company supplies packaging technology to<br />

the food industry and has seen a 57% increase in<br />

export sales<br />

Do your homework<br />

Sam has some words of advice for<br />

any other SMEs considering exporting:<br />

“Rather than just looking at markets per<br />

se, it’s more important to consider the<br />

relationships you’ve got with people<br />

in those markets. We’ve had the most<br />

success in territories where we already<br />

knew our distributors through local<br />

networks, or through them approaching<br />

us because they were already aware<br />

of our products and our reputation. If<br />

you simply select an agent who looks<br />

attractive on paper, without already<br />

having a relationship with them, then<br />

you’re probably doomed to fail. I would<br />

recommend building the relationship first,<br />

before trusting anyone to start marketing<br />

your products.”<br />

Sam adds: “We are proud to be a<br />

British manufacturer and our ambitious<br />

young management team has set its<br />

sights on growing the business through<br />

product innovation and new overseas<br />

markets. Export sales are an important<br />

aspect of this strategy and we are<br />

delighted to have been identified as one<br />

of the top 100 SME exporters in the UK.”<br />

www.pal.co.uk<br />

Exporter of the Year<br />

2017 to be named at<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Group<br />

Industry Awards<br />

To find out who will take over from<br />

Russell Finex as this year’s Exporter of<br />

the Year, secure your place at the <strong>PPMA</strong><br />

Group Industry Awards 2017. Tickets now<br />

available from<br />

www.ppmashow.co.uk/awards<br />

Challenge: How to maintain<br />

continued growth in export<br />

activity over several decades<br />

Solution: Build a global<br />

customer base via local<br />

subsidiaries combined with<br />

investment in R&D<br />

Outcome: Significant growth<br />

in export sales recognised at<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Group Industry Awards<br />

Sieving and filtering solutions provider<br />

Russell Finex cites three main reasons<br />

for its exporting success: extensive<br />

knowledge of the sector; long-standing<br />

relationships with other leading<br />

manufacturers; and investment in R&D.<br />

With the majority of its sales coming<br />

from overseas markets, the company has<br />

targeted new opportunities as well as<br />

expanding in existing territories, and saw<br />

its efforts rewarded at last year’s <strong>PPMA</strong><br />

Group Industry Awards ceremony, where<br />

it was crowned Exporter of the Year.<br />

“We were delighted to be recognised<br />

by the <strong>PPMA</strong> with the Export Award,”<br />

states Hemal Adalja, Export Sales<br />

Manager. “We have continued to invest<br />

in our export efforts, illustrated by the<br />

opening of a new facility in China, as well<br />

as by increased growth in other territories.<br />

We are also committed to developing<br />

innovative new products, and invest<br />

heavily in research programmes, in order<br />

for our products to keep us a step ahead<br />

in the industry.”<br />

The Russell Finex team receiving their Exporter<br />

of the Year award at the <strong>PPMA</strong> Group Industry<br />

Awards 2016<br />

Investment in R&D has helped the company to<br />

expand overseas<br />

Local presence, UK support<br />

For over 80 years, Russell Finex has<br />

enjoyed steady, strategic growth of its<br />

export activity, with subsidiaries in the<br />

USA, Belgium, India and China, supported<br />

by a UK headquarters and factory.<br />

Part of the company’s success can be<br />

attributed to building and maintaining a<br />

global customer base, supported by local<br />

sales and after-market teams. With an<br />

increasing number of sales coming from<br />

export markets, Russell Finex continues<br />

to target new opportunities, as well as<br />

expand into existing territories. Each<br />

territory is extensively researched and<br />

local knowledge fully exploited, alongside<br />

direct salespersons and targeted<br />

marketing materials.<br />

With innovation at the core of the<br />

company, Russell Finex also invests in<br />

research. Part of this involves maximising<br />

relationships with major global customers,<br />

and consulting them when developing<br />

new machines. For example, the Russell<br />

Screen Changer, winner of the <strong>PPMA</strong><br />

Group Industry Award for the Most<br />

Innovative Ancillary Equipment in 2016,<br />

was developed in response to the needs<br />

of customers. The development team<br />

applied the latest in pneumatic technology<br />

to provide a safe and compact quick<br />

screen change system, which solves<br />

previous challenges experienced during<br />

the maintenance of large industrial<br />

separators.<br />

www.russellfinex.com<br />

7 www.ppma.co.uk

Key industry events<br />

Forthcoming<br />

Later on<br />

12-14<br />

Jul<br />

19-21<br />

SEp<br />

21-23<br />

SEP<br />

25-27<br />

sep<br />

26<br />

SEP<br />

26-28<br />

SEP<br />

ProPak China 2017<br />

Shanghai, China<br />

Now in its 23rd year, China’s premier trade exhibition for<br />

processing and packaging technologies attracted over<br />

17,000 buyers in 2016. The event also incorporates BevTek,<br />

DairyTek, FoodTek, PharmaTek and CosmeticTek China.<br />

www.propakchina.com<br />

ProPak West Africa<br />

Lagos, Nigeria<br />

The largest packaging, food processing, plastics,<br />

labelling and print exhibition in West Africa, with an<br />

anticipated 3,000 visitors and 150 exhibitors.<br />

www.propakwestafrica.com<br />

ProPak Myanmar 2017<br />

Yangon, Myanmar<br />

The 4th international processing and packaging<br />

exhibition for Myanmar. Last year’s event featured 233<br />

exhibitors from 24 countries, five international pavilions<br />

and over 4,500 visitors.<br />

www.propakmyanmar.com<br />

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017<br />

Las Vegas, USA<br />

Registration is now open for the continent’s premier<br />

packaging event, which will feature over 2,000 top<br />

industry suppliers and attract more than 30,000<br />

packaging professionals. Incorporating 875,000<br />

square feet of exhibition space, the event also<br />

includes Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2017.<br />

www.packexpolasvegas.com<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Group Industry Awards<br />

National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham<br />

Taking place on the first night of the <strong>PPMA</strong> Show,<br />

the Industry Awards celebrate the finest examples of<br />

excellence across all facets of the industry. Tickets are<br />

now on sale for this gala event, featuring a three-course<br />

dinner and comedy from host Stewart Francis.<br />

www.ppmashow.co.uk<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Show 2017<br />

NEC Birmingham<br />

See the latest machinery in action at the number one event<br />

for the processing and packaging, materials, automation,<br />

robotics and vision industries. Featuring over 300 exhibitors,<br />

a Learning Hub, and a packed seminar programme, the<br />

show attracts thousands of targeted end-users.<br />

www.ppmashow.co.uk<br />

Exporter<br />

of the Year<br />

Award<br />

Registration<br />

now open<br />

3-6 Oct 2017<br />

Japan Pack 2017<br />

Tokyo, Japan<br />

www.japanpack.jp<br />

24-26 Oct 2017<br />

ProPak Cape 2017<br />

Cape Town, South Africa<br />

www.propakcape.co.za<br />

31 Oct-2 Nov 2017<br />

Gulfood Manufacturing 2017<br />

Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE<br />

www.gulfoodmanufacturing.com<br />

janette.lane@ppma.co.uk<br />

1-3 Nov 2017<br />

World Food Kazakhstan<br />

Almaty, Kazakhstan<br />

www.worldfood.kz<br />

15-18 Nov 2017<br />

Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2017<br />

Jakarta, Indonesia<br />

www.plasticsandrubberindonesia.com<br />

20-23 Mar 2018<br />

Anuga Food Tec 2018<br />

Cologne, Germany<br />

www.anugafoodtec.com<br />

8-11 May 2018<br />

Hispack 2018<br />

Barcelona, Spain<br />

www.hispack.com<br />

29 May-1 June 2018<br />

Ipack-Ima 2018<br />

Milan, Italy<br />

www.ipack-ima.com<br />

11-15 June 2018<br />

Achema 2018<br />

Frankfurt, Germany<br />

www.achema.de<br />

25-27 Sept 2018<br />

Fachpack 2018<br />

Nuremberg, Germany<br />

www.fachpack.de<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong><br />

UK pavilion<br />

bookings now<br />

being taken<br />

8 www.ppma.co.uk

Feature events<br />

Gulfood Manufacturing –<br />

secure your place for Dubai<br />

Join the 25 companies already<br />

signed up to exhibit as part of<br />

the <strong>PPMA</strong> UK pavilion at Gulfood<br />

Manufacturing 2017 (Dubai World<br />

Trade Centre, 31 Oct-2 Nov).<br />

The event attracts over 1,500<br />

exhibitors from more than 150<br />

countries around the world, and additional sectors added to<br />

this year’s show include ingredients, processing, packaging,<br />

automation and controls, and supply chain solutions.<br />

The cost for a walk-on stand package in the UK pavilion<br />

(located at the front of Za’abeel Hall, within the processing<br />

and packaging machinery area) is £535m 2 plus £500 <strong>PPMA</strong><br />

management fee and £390 compulsory DWTC venue<br />

insurance and DWTC Internet Media Fee.<br />

To secure your place, contact<br />

janette.lane@ppma.co.uk<br />

www.gulfoodmanufacturing.com<br />

Who will be crowned<br />

Exporter of the Year?<br />

Deadline now extended<br />

Entry for this<br />

year’s <strong>PPMA</strong><br />

Group Industry<br />

Awards has<br />

been extended to Friday 14<br />

July. Taking place on Tuesday<br />

26 September (the first night of<br />

the <strong>PPMA</strong> Show) at the National<br />

Motorcycle Museum Birmingham,<br />

the 2017 awards comprise 11 categories and cover every facet<br />

of the industry, from processing and packaging to automation<br />

and vision. There is also the Exporter of the Year award, which<br />

recognises manufacturers or service providers who have<br />

achieved substantial export sales growth or major expansion<br />

into export markets in the last 12-18 months. Tickets are now<br />

on sale for this gala event, which attracts over 400 industry<br />

professionals and comprises a three-course dinner and<br />

comedy from host Stewart Francis.<br />

To book your place, contact<br />

zoe.crockett@ppma.co.uk<br />

To submit your entry, go to<br />

www.ppmashow.co.uk/awards<br />

Success for <strong>PPMA</strong> members<br />

at ProPak Asia<br />

Asia’s biggest show for the<br />

continent’s rapidly expanding food,<br />

drink, pharmaceutical and FMCG<br />

markets was attended by over 40,000 delegates last month.<br />

ProPak Asia 2017 (14-17 June) expanded into a new hall at<br />

the BITEC venue in Bangkok, giving exhibitors the chance to<br />

display more machines and attracting more companies than<br />

ever before. The show boasted eight industry zones, from<br />

processing technology to logistics and warehousing.<br />

Almost 2,000 exhibitors from 50 countries showcased their<br />

products and services, including the following companies<br />

who exhibited as part of the <strong>PPMA</strong> UK pavilion: Deighton<br />

Manufacturing, Durham Duplex, FPE Global, Jacob White Packaging,<br />

Newsmith Stainless, and Wolstenholme Machine Knives.<br />

www.propakasia.com<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Show 2017<br />

targets overseas visitors<br />

Following exhibitor feedback,<br />

we have invested more<br />

resources into attracting a higher proportion of overseas<br />

visitors to the <strong>PPMA</strong> Show 2017. A tailored marketing<br />

campaign has seen potential visitors from different countries<br />

targeted with different messages, specific to the trends in their<br />

territory. In addition, we are introducing a new campaign, the<br />

Visitor Registration Drive, which will see the exhibitor who<br />

invites the most visitors to the show receive a £500 discount<br />

on next year’s stand prices.<br />

To find out more, contact<br />

zoe.crockett@ppma.co.uk<br />

www.ppmashow.co.uk<br />

UKIVA Machine Vision<br />

Conference to return in 2018<br />

Following the success of this year’s<br />

inaugural event (27 April 2017, Arena MK,<br />

Milton Keynes), we can confirm that the<br />

UKIVA Machine Vision Conference & Exhibition will return in<br />

2018. Date, venue and features will shortly be confirmed –<br />

check the website for latest details.<br />

www.machinevisionconference.co.uk<br />

Follow MVC on Twitter @UKIVAconfex<br />

9 www.ppma.co.uk

Seminars, training and networking<br />

Forthcoming<br />

Later on<br />

27<br />

jul<br />

2<br />

aug<br />

8<br />

aug<br />

31<br />

aug<br />

Digital Marketing Networking Event<br />

– invitation from Mark Williamson,<br />

Chairman of the <strong>PPMA</strong><br />

Williams F1 Facility, Grove, Oxfordshire<br />

This full-day membership networking event will<br />

explore the answers to the question ‘what is digital<br />

marketing’, before providing a hands on look at how<br />

to implement a digital marketing strategy in your<br />

business. Covering areas such as social media, search<br />

engine ranking, and even podcasts and streaming, the<br />

day also includes a networking lunch and concludes<br />

with a tour of the Williams F1 facility.<br />

Free for <strong>PPMA</strong> members.<br />

Effective Sales Skills for<br />

Non-Sales People<br />

Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club,<br />

Birmingham<br />

This one-day sales training workshop is designed to<br />

help boost your sales effectiveness, covering topics<br />

including: conversation openers; ways to increase trust<br />

and rapport; ensuring confidence when presenting<br />

price; and effective follow-up. It will also look at the<br />

most common reasons why businesses do not reach<br />

their sales potential, such as ineffective planning and<br />

poor questioning.<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> member rate £95 +VAT.<br />

Introduction to Project Management<br />

Marriott Hotel, Northampton<br />

This practical course offers tools and techniques to<br />

those who have never been trained in running a<br />

project, are working in a project support office, or are<br />

new to the role of project manager. Areas covered<br />

will include: applying and understanding the use of a<br />

lifecycle approach; clearly defining a project’s purpose;<br />

avoiding ambiguity or unrealistic expectations;<br />

understanding the importance of risk management<br />

and change control; and much more.<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> member rate £95 +VAT.<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Golf Day<br />

The Oxfordshire, Milton Common, Oxfordshire<br />

The perfect opportunity for members to entertain<br />

clients and take part in a thoroughly enjoyable day of<br />

27 holes of golf and four competitions, at one of the<br />

most exciting courses in the country. The day will finish<br />

with a three-course dinner and trophy presentations.<br />

£495 per 4-player team or £130 per person.<br />

Dates and venues to be confirmed.<br />

Introduction to Operational Excellence<br />

This one-day introductory course will look at how to<br />

make improvements and efficiencies to help your<br />

business remain competitive.<br />

CE Audit<br />

Aimed at machinery purchasers as well as<br />

manufacturers, this course will cover what<br />

information is reasonable to share and will<br />

explain what to check in a Technical File and the<br />

documentation required.<br />

Machinery Directive<br />

Providing an overview of recent changes and the<br />

process involved in CE Marking to the Machinery<br />

Directive, this course also includes practical<br />

suggestions on how to cope with changes and<br />

what they mean to both the manufacturer and the<br />

end-user.<br />

Machine Guarding<br />

This one-day seminar will provide an overview of<br />

the changes to Machine Guarding, as well as the<br />

latest regulations.<br />

Functional Safety<br />

An overview of the standards and how to apply them<br />

will be covered during this one-day seminar.<br />

Stay up to date<br />

Knowledge is power – stay one step ahead of the<br />

competition by attending our informative seminars,<br />

training and networking events. To book your<br />

place on any of these events, or for questions and<br />

comments, call 020 8773 8111 or contact<br />

christine.jordan@ppma.co.uk<br />

10 www.ppma.co.uk

Linked <strong>Up</strong><br />

Belt conveyor firm seeks<br />

overseas agents<br />

UPM Conveyors is looking to expand its<br />

exports of belt conveyors, primarily in<br />

Europe but also worldwide. The company<br />

has enjoyed success in Germany but its<br />

agent is now retiring, and has also been<br />

active in France, Holland and Belgium.<br />

With installations further afield in Mexico,<br />

Russia, Vietnam and India, UPM already<br />

has the infrastructure to cater for exporting.<br />

Founded over 40 years ago, UPM Conveyors<br />

specialises in providing conveying equipment<br />

for the world’s packaging industry. Since then<br />

it has expanded extensively to include the<br />

conveying of food and hygiene-related products,<br />

whilst still manufacturing all of its range at its<br />

UK factory near London’s Heathrow Airport.<br />

With over 100 major installations worldwide and<br />

1,600 clients using UPM products, the company<br />

has key accounts with many brand names and<br />

serves the following sectors: injection and blow<br />

moulding; contract packing; personal healthcare;<br />

pharmaceutical; bakery; fish; fruit; meat; ready<br />

meals; pet food; fresh and frozen produce.<br />

Could you be UPM’s perfect overseas partner, or do you know someone<br />

who could? If so, contact: T +44 (0)1753 548801<br />

roy.fowler@upm.co.uk<br />

www.upmconveyors.co.uk<br />

Find export opportunities<br />

Find and apply for overseas<br />

opportunities from businesses looking<br />

for products or services like yours via the<br />

Exporting is Great website:<br />

http://bit.ly/2rv3ktw<br />

Get finance<br />

Want to access finance for your<br />

exporting needs? Export finance<br />

managers are regional representatives<br />

of UK Export Finance and can help you<br />

get the finance or insurance you need to<br />

compete and grow as an exporter.<br />

Complete a short online form to request<br />

a consultation – make sure you tick the<br />

‘Get finance’ help button.<br />

http://bit.ly/2sw0h4r<br />

Start the search for your overseas partner with<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Trade Exchange<br />

The <strong>PPMA</strong> Trade Exchange is an online meeting place where machinery and equipment<br />

suppliers can exchange information. Whether you’re an agent or distributor searching<br />

for a manufacturer, or a manufacturer looking for an agent or distributor, start your<br />

search here:<br />

www.ppma.co.uk/export/services.htm<br />

Can you help build the next<br />

generation of engineers?<br />

The next issue of <strong>Gear</strong> <strong>Up</strong> will focus<br />

on recruitment, training and building<br />

for our future. Do you have experience<br />

of employing apprentices? Could you<br />

share top tips of what to do (or what not<br />

to do!) when recruiting new staff? Or<br />

perhaps you’re thinking of taking on an<br />

apprentice but are unsure of your legal<br />

requirements or H&S responsibilities?<br />

Whatever your advice or query let us<br />

help you reach out to those in the know<br />

– or those who want to know.<br />

Send your comments to:<br />

kate.oreilly@ppma.co.uk<br />

11 www.ppma.co.uk

Exporting with confidence<br />

Member benefits<br />

By Stuart Austen, Head of Trade Credit<br />

for Sutton Winson, one of the UK’s<br />

leading independent insurance brokers<br />

and risk management providers<br />

A business may face greater<br />

risks when exporting<br />

overseas than when it sells<br />

within the UK, as exporting<br />

brings new commercial,<br />

political and economic considerations.<br />

The company may have little or no<br />

previous experience of dealing with<br />

either overseas customers or the political<br />

or economic uncertainties in those<br />

countries.<br />

Credit insurance offers security and<br />

comfort to enable companies to export.<br />

It also provides access to an extensive<br />

information network, which acts as an<br />

effective early warning mechanism for<br />

adverse customer trends. Once credit<br />

insurance is taken out, the relationship<br />

between the insurer and the business<br />

remains fluid until a claim is made, as the<br />

credit provider will be there to support<br />

the business. Throughout the lifetime of<br />

the policy, the credit insurer will inform<br />

the business of any changes that might<br />

impact the financial health of their<br />

customers, and therefore their ability to<br />

pay for goods or delivered services. The<br />

business can then establish a plan with<br />

their customer to mitigate the risk.<br />

As a provider of credit insurance,<br />

Sutton Winson brings experience and<br />

expertise to help <strong>PPMA</strong> members<br />

mitigate the risk of exporting. As we<br />

understand the local customs and legal<br />

environment, we can help you to export<br />

with knowledge and confidence.<br />

T +44 (0)7469 855815<br />

stuart.austen@swib.co.uk<br />

www.suttonwinson.com/ppma<br />

Sutton Winson is the<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Group’s insurance<br />

provider. The <strong>PPMA</strong> Group<br />

has partnerships with<br />

various service providers,<br />

covering insurance, H&S<br />

and employment law,<br />

recruitment, training,<br />

litigation, technical advice<br />

and driver training. To access<br />

any of these services at a<br />

preferential <strong>PPMA</strong> member<br />

rate, contact<br />

membership@ppma.co.uk<br />

DIT – useful links<br />

The Department for International Trade offers a wealth of support for UK firms looking<br />

to export, from free webinars and local advisors to grant funding and trade show<br />

support. The following links provide a great starting point:<br />

www.great.gov.uk<br />

www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-export-finance<br />

www.contactus.trade.gov.uk/office-finder<br />

www.gov.uk/guidance/tradeshow-access-programme<br />

12 www.ppma.co.uk

Helping you do<br />

business overseas<br />

Making the<br />

right connection<br />

By Sidiqa Hazara, Membership Relations Executive<br />

The International Services section of our<br />

website (www.ppma.co.uk) includes a<br />

host of information to assist members<br />

looking to export for the first time, as<br />

well as for experienced exporters, such<br />

as:<br />

• Free ‘Exporting is Great’ webinars,<br />

from the Department for<br />

International Trade (DIT)<br />

• Contact details for local DIT advisors<br />

• Open to Export, a free online<br />

information service dedicated to<br />

helping UK SMEs<br />

• FCO political economic updates<br />

• Information from the British<br />

Chamber of Commerce<br />

• UK Export Finance links<br />

It’s been a busy second<br />

quarter for me. As usual, I<br />

have been up and down the<br />

country visiting members<br />

including: Thermal Printer<br />

Support, Simmatic Automation<br />

Specialists, Iconsys, Wago, Camau,<br />

Astech IT Solutions, Trescal, Matcon,<br />

Tapflo, Integrated Glueing Technology,<br />

Marel, FT Systems, TM Robotics,<br />

Newman Labelling, Smurfit Kappa<br />

Machine Systems, Lenze, ICE and Turbo<br />

Vacuumenation. It will be no surprise to<br />

learn that the main topic of conversation<br />

has been Brexit and how this is going to<br />

affect the industry.<br />

We are currently working on our<br />

summer programme to deliver more<br />

localised networking events where<br />

members can meet and liaise with each<br />

other. After the successful launch of<br />

our first networking event in April, the<br />

next one will take place on 27 July at<br />

the Williams F1 Facility. The focus of this<br />

event will be digital marketing – see p10<br />

for full details.<br />

Other upcoming events include the<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Golf Day on 31 August and two<br />

more networking events specifically for<br />

BARA members (details to be confirmed,<br />

please keep an eye out for our emails).<br />

I’d also like to encourage members to<br />

enter the <strong>PPMA</strong> Group Industry Awards.<br />

The deadline for entries has been<br />

extended to 14 July and this is a great<br />

opportunity to get your name out there<br />

in front of 400+ industry leaders and<br />

end-users (see p9 for full details).<br />

Finally, we will be carrying out a<br />

comprehensive membership survey<br />

at the end of this year to get a better<br />

understanding of our members’ needs<br />

and wants. Please make sure you take<br />

part and provide your honest feedback,<br />

as this will help us to enhance our<br />

member services and help us shape the<br />

future of your trade association.<br />

In addition, the <strong>PPMA</strong> is a<br />

government-approved Trade Challenge<br />

Partner (TCP), which enables us to obtain<br />

grants for selected overseas exhibitions<br />

and trade missions. The Tradeshow<br />

Access Programme (TAP) provides grant<br />

support of between £1,500-£2,500<br />

towards the cost of exhibiting at an<br />

overseas tradeshow.<br />

The <strong>PPMA</strong> is also a member of the<br />

Sponsors’ Alliance, an independent<br />

alliance of member-based, not-forprofit<br />

trade associations and chambers<br />

of commerce, who engage in export<br />

promotion activity in conjunction with<br />

the Department for International Trade<br />

(DIT).<br />

For more information on any of our<br />

international services, contact:<br />

janette.lane@ppma.co.uk<br />

Get in touch<br />

Our Membership Relations Executive,<br />

Sidiqa Hazara, regularly visits <strong>PPMA</strong><br />

members. To invite Sidiqa to visit your<br />

business or find out how to make the<br />

most of your membership, contact:<br />

sidiqa.hazara@ppma.co.uk<br />

T +44 (0)20 8773 5521<br />

Is your business profile<br />

up to date?<br />

The <strong>PPMA</strong> Online Directory is a powerful<br />

tool for export, averaging 10,000 hits per<br />

quarter (including 6,000 unique visitors),<br />

with 35% of this traffic coming from<br />

overseas. Don’t miss out on business<br />

opportunities – make sure your profile is<br />

up to date!<br />

13 www.ppma.co.uk

Welcome new <strong>PPMA</strong> Group members<br />

Advanced<br />

Handling<br />

Advanced Handling has 40 years’ experience<br />

in providing purpose-built materials handling<br />

equipment to a wide range of packaging<br />

facilities. Their product range extends from<br />

intuitive scissor lift tables and stackers to<br />

lightweight lifting trolleys and impressive<br />

overhead lifting solutions. The company’s<br />

speciality is bespoke solutions matched to<br />

each unique customer’s requirements.<br />

For more information, contact Rachel<br />

Rodgers:<br />

rachel.rodgers@advancedhandling.co.uk<br />

T +44 (0)1778 381112<br />

www.advancedhandling.co.uk<br />

Agrimech<br />

Agrimech manufactures weighing, sack<br />

closing, bag placing and palletising systems<br />

for a wide range of products. The company<br />

can fully automate the production process,<br />

incorporating its own bespoke machinery<br />

systems as well as those from third party<br />

machinery suppliers. Its dedicated team of<br />

engineers provides service and support for<br />

machinery in the field.<br />

For more information, contact Belinda Smith:<br />

belinda@agrimech.co.uk<br />

T +44 (0)1354 638222<br />

www.agrimech.co.uk<br />

AMS<br />

AMS is an independent supplier of poly<br />

and shrink wrapping systems, delivering<br />

expert advice and bespoke solutions for<br />

all packaging needs. The company offers<br />

reliable systems that provide the most up<br />

to date technology. AMS is committed to<br />

customer service and has a reputation based<br />

on quality products, flexibility and excellent<br />

service.<br />

For more information, contact John<br />

Mathews:<br />

john.mathews@ams-gb.com<br />

www.ams-gb.com<br />

Apex Supply<br />

Chain Technologies<br />

Apex Supply Chain Technologies is a leading<br />

innovator of cloud-based, automated<br />

lockers, cabinets and dispensing solutions<br />

for industry, retail and the service sector.<br />

Its solutions replace inefficient manual<br />

processes with security, control, automation,<br />

proximate availability and 24/7 data<br />

accessibility, resulting in lower inventory<br />

costs, increased productivity and valuable<br />

competitive advantages.<br />

For more information, contact Steve Dell:<br />

steve.dell@apexsupplychain.com<br />

www.apexsupplychain.com<br />

COLOP UK<br />

COLOP UK is the official UK distributor of<br />

COLOP and REINER stamping and marking<br />

products, providing a range of solutions<br />

from industrial handheld inkjet printers to<br />

domestic rubber stamps. The company has<br />

supplied solutions from stamping aircraft<br />

parts to marking eggs, and has the expertise<br />

to help its customers choose the right<br />

product.<br />

For more information, contact Andy Warmer:<br />

andy.warmer@colop.co.uk<br />

T +44 (0)121 622 8910<br />

www.colop.co.uk<br />

Formers<br />

International<br />

Formers International has over 40 years’<br />

experience in designing and manufacturing<br />

forming sets for all VFFS requirements. A<br />

family-owned business, Formers prides<br />

itself on its long lasting relationships with<br />

customers. Be it OEM or end-users, the<br />

company will design and build formers to<br />

individual requirements.<br />

For more information, contact Jed<br />

Chamberlain:<br />

jed@formers.com<br />

www.formers.com<br />

GEA<br />

GEA is one of the largest suppliers of<br />

packaging and processing equipment for a<br />

wide range of industries. The group generates<br />

around 70% of its revenue in the food and<br />

beverages sector and enjoys long-term,<br />

sustainable growth. As of March 2017, the<br />

company employed about 17,000 people<br />

worldwide.<br />

For more information, contact:<br />

sales.unitedkingdom@gea.com<br />

service.unitedkingdom@gea.com<br />

T +44 (0)1908 576500<br />

www.gea.com<br />

Henderson<br />

Food Machinery<br />

Henderson Food Machinery supplies a wide<br />

range of new and used food processing<br />

and packaging equipment, from primary<br />

processing through to end of line packaging.<br />

Providing quality service at competitive<br />

prices, the company works closely with most<br />

manufacturers so is able to offer the right<br />

advice, giving customers peace of mind.<br />

For more information, contact David<br />

Henderson:<br />

sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com<br />

www.hendersonfoodmachinery.com<br />

Hikvision<br />

Hikvision is a provider of video surveillance<br />

and industrial cameras, offering wide<br />

product ranges including area scan cameras,<br />

line scan cameras, smart cameras, 3D<br />

cameras, vision boxes, vision software and<br />

accessories. With innovative technology,<br />

Hikvision is able to bring value to its partners<br />

and meet customers’ needs.<br />

For more information, contact Kane Luo:<br />

luokang@hikvision.com<br />

www.hikvision.com<br />

14 www.ppma.co.uk

Get in touch<br />

HMK Automation<br />

& Drives<br />

HMK Automation & Drives believe that<br />

products + expertise = success, for your<br />

business and theirs. Using their 35-year<br />

history of supplying leading products with<br />

over 500 years of combined in-house<br />

experience and knowledge, the company<br />

delivers successful automation solutions<br />

across every industry.<br />

For more information, contact Chris Nelson:<br />

chris.nelson@hmkdirect.com<br />

T +44 (0)1260 279411<br />

www.hmkdirect.com<br />

MUSK<br />

Engineering<br />

MUSK is a provider of process engineering<br />

to blue chip companies in the food,<br />

beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare and<br />

chemical sectors. The company delivers<br />

full turnkey process projects to the value<br />

of £20m and undertakes in-house process,<br />

software, electrical, control and mechanical<br />

engineering design, fabrication of vessels/<br />

pipework systems, installation and system<br />

commissioning.<br />

For more information, contact Keith Watson:<br />

k.watson@musk-eng.co.uk<br />

www.musk-eng.co.uk<br />

Neopost<br />

RAX<br />

Industries<br />

RAX provides automated and robotic<br />

storage and retrieval solutions to a large<br />

range of industries, ensuring the highest<br />

quality systems are provided with the<br />

highest quality services. Dubbing itself the<br />

‘automatic choice’ the company promises<br />

quality, speed, reliability and a quick return<br />

on investment.<br />

For more information, contact Tom Simcox:<br />

tom.simcox@raxrobotics.com<br />

www.rax-solutions.com<br />

Translyft<br />

Lifting<br />

Technology<br />

Translyft Lifting Technology is a fast-growing<br />

supplier in the lifting equipment sector,<br />

providing bespoke and standard lifting<br />

solutions for all commercial environments.<br />

The company’s solutions range from<br />

turbo lifts for high intensity and specialist<br />

workplaces, to Hovmand Lifters with<br />

multiple accessories for busy packaging,<br />

processing and operating environments, plus<br />

full service and support.<br />

For more information, contact George<br />

Scholes:<br />

T +44 (0)870 904 7775<br />

www.liftingtechnology.co.uk<br />

ppma.co.uk<br />

ukiva.org<br />

bara.org.uk<br />

ppma-group<br />

https://www.linkedin.com/company/ppma-group<br />

https://twitter.com/<strong>PPMA</strong>_Group<br />

@<strong>PPMA</strong>_Group<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> TV<br />

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW0hgEalJv1jSjjpf-eoJUA<br />

Membership Relations<br />

membership@ppma.co.uk<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> Show<br />

scott.mckenna@ppma.co.uk<br />

International Services<br />

janette.lane@ppma.co.uk<br />

Publishing and Advertising<br />

david.chadd@ppma.co.uk<br />

Marketing and PR<br />

marketing@ppma.co.uk<br />

<strong>PPMA</strong> BEST Charitable Trust<br />

ppmabest@ppma.co.uk<br />

The CVP-500 Automated Packing Solution<br />

from Neopost aims to build the best box<br />

around the contents, scanning the order<br />

contents and configuring a fit-to-size box in<br />

seven seconds. It enables clients to reduce<br />

package volume, and use less corrugated<br />

material and void fill, to create the perfect<br />

environmentally friendly parcel every time.<br />

For more information, contact Jo Bradley:<br />

jo.bradley@neopost.com<br />

T +44 (0)7715 084108<br />

www.cvp-500.com<br />

Join today!<br />

For a <strong>PPMA</strong> Group membership<br />

pack contact<br />

christine.jordan@ppma.co.uk<br />

15 www.ppma.co.uk

Actively helping our<br />

members through<br />

services, tools and<br />

initiatives to thrive in an<br />

increasingly competitive<br />


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