KwaDukuza Visitor's Guide 2017/2018

KwaDukuza Visitor's Guide 2017/2018


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Welcome to the Heartbeat of the North Coast 2

Villages and Towns 4

Beguiling Beaches 6

The Home of Surfing 10

Legacy of Legendary Leaders 12

Vacation Station 16

Eating Out 20

Shop, Drop and Rock ‘n Roll 23

Not all Business 26

Chasing a Little White Ball 28

Venture Outdoors 30

Parks, Farms and Orchards 34

Natural Wonders 36

To Thee I Wed 38

Keep the Faith 42

Service Excellence 43

What’s Happening 44

KwaDukuza Directory 46

Useful Information 52


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Sikhumbuzo Hlongwane, Nombuso KaMaphanga Mzobe and Sphelele Ngubane

Cover photographs: Samora Chapman, Venture Group, Ballito Lifestyle Centre, Kelly Cestari

Text, compilation & update: Gaylene Jablonkay | Layout & design: Phindile Mantantana

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all information with the various establishments themselves or call Sangweni Tourist Information Centre on +27 (32) 437 5021/437 5183.

Salt Rock Beach

Golden light at Clark Bay.

Welcome to

the Heartbeat of the


If there ever was a patch of earth to capture the imagination,

transfix the beholder or enchant the explorer, the KwaDukuza

region is it. Come and fall in love with its warm, rocky coastline

and rolling fields of sugar cane, its heady heritage and friendly

residents, its fiery cuisine and first class facilities. You are

guaranteed to not leave the way you came…


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

The KwaDukuza region enjoys a warm subtropical

climate for the most part of the year.

Visitors flock to the area in summer (between

November and February) when temperatures

vary from 24 0 C to a balmy 30 0 C, and winter

temperatures rarely dip below 20 0 C. Sea temperatures

vary from 25 0 C in summer to 18 0 C in winter, making

its waves a prime surfing attraction all year round. The

shoreline also attracts water sport fanatics, fishermen,

snorkellers, spear fishermen and sunbathers on its

long stretches of golden sands. Further inland, sports

and adventure are synonymous with horse riding, golf,

paddling, cycling, as well as animal and crocodile farms.

The KwaDukuza region is young, vibrant and fastgrowing,

with a unique offering for visitors. Its municipality

was only established in December 2000 and is one of four

municipalities of the Ilembe District. This spectacularly

beautiful region covers 623 square kilometres. It stretches

along 50km of exceptional coastline from the uThongathi

River in the south to the tranquil Zinkwazi River in the

north, and 14km inland from the sea.

The population of KwaDukuza Municipality has grown

by 37.8% since 2001 from 167 805 to 231 187 in

2011. Furthermore, it has been speculated that during

peak season, KwaDukuza region’s population reaches

approximately 320 000 people because of holiday

makers. You just have to look at the overwhelming natural

beauty, myriad accommodation options and crowddrawing

events to realise why.

The key feature of the KwaDukuza region is the bustling

N2 Development Corridor. The Dube Trade Port and

King Shaka International Airport have also impacted

significantly on the economic growth of the region in the

past decade and a half. The KwaDukuza region is located

between the two major ports of Durban and Richards Bay,

which gives it an advantage for strategically aligning itself

into a competitive and attractive investment destination.

The history of the region is rich. The town of KwaDukuza,

formerly Stanger, is a must visit for anyone interested

in the history of South Africa. The Zulu Kingdom has its

roots deeply ingrained here, with one of the strongest and

fiercest leaders, King Shaka, having lived in KwaDukuza.

King Shaka’s settlement was burned down after his death

but the British later established KwaDukuza on the exact

same location. The region was also home to the first

African to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Chief Albert John

Mvumbi Luthuli. His house is now a national monument

in Groutville and the church in which his body lay in state

has been restored.

The people of the KwaDukuza region are highly diverse due

to a rich settlement history. Originally the home of the Zulu

people, it was later settled by Europeans. The region has

a distinct eastern flavour due to the settlement of Indian

families, many of whom were recruited as indentured

labourers for the big colonial sugar cane farms.

This melting pot of cultures has also led to a smörgåsbord

of culinary options. Boasting some of the best curries

and seafood dishes in the world, the region’s food

establishments will undoubtedly satiate your palate with

flavoursome dishes of exotic names and origin.

Two game reserves border the region in the north: the

Harold Johnson Nature Reserve and the Amatikulu

Nature Reserve, both treasure troves of natural beauty

and countless bird and animal species. To the south of

the region lies the pulsating metropolis of Durban with a

population of over three million.

In between lies the heartbeat of the North Coast...


heartbeat of the north coast 3

A road in KwaDukuza (formerly Stanger).

Villages and Towns

Enjoy a laid-back journey through swaying sugar cane, lush natural

forest and spectacular coastline to discover quaint coastal villages

and industrial towns.

All main towns but three are found along the

coast. Starting in the south, Zimbali is home

to a luxury coastal resort, five-star luxury hotel,

eco-estate and championship golf course.

The name Zimbali means ‘valley of the flowers’ and the

estate serves as a conservancy to protect threatened

indigenous species.

Just a few minutes north, you’ll find the ever-expanding,

bustling coastal town of Ballito, home to numerous

luxury hotels, self-catering apartments, caravan parks

and a burgeoning business district. It hosts the famous

annual Ballito Pro surfing competition and festival on

Willard Beach, and a pumping nightlife and delectable

eating can be enjoyed here. A 2.5km promenade along

its beachfront allows for walking and jogging.

Shaka’s Rock has a village atmosphere and is home to

Thompson’s Bay, Charlie’s Pool and the awe-inspiring

natural rock formation,‘Hole in the Wall’. Some say it was

named after a rocky outcrop from which Shaka looked

out, while others say it was where Shaka encouraged his

men to jump to their deaths. Fit and adventurous visitors

can tackle a rugged cliff-side walking trail between

Shaka’s Rock and Willard Beach at low tide.

Salt Rock has a relaxed atmosphere, offers abundant

holiday accommodation, and is popular year-round. It

derives its name from the days of King Shaka’s reign when

his handmaidens collected dried salt from the rocks at

low tide for trading purposes. Sheffield Beach’s claim to

fame is its good fishing and diving location. Some spots

provide dramatic views of the coastline and sightings of

dolphins and the migratory whale population.

Tinley Manor is bordered on the south by a lagoon and

also offers accommodation for those who enjoy quaint,

unhurried village life. It is a bird-lovers’ paradise and soughtafter

fishing spot. Blythedale Beach offers B&Bs, selfcatering

cottages and conference facilities. It is now also

home to the world-class Blythedale Coastal Resort.

Zinkwazi, the Zulu word for ‘white-headed fish eagle’,

is situated halfway between Durban and Richards Bay.

This holiday village is the site of archaeological evidence

of ‘strandlopers’, a nomadic people who were drawn by

the natural sweet water springs near the lagoon mouth.

Indigenous forests provide a wonderful backdrop for

fishing, birding and walking trails along the lagoon.

KwaDukuza, formerly Stanger, was built on the original

site of Shaka Zulu’s great palace. It is now a busy town that

serves as the commercial, magisterial and communication

centre for the mainly sugar producing district.

Groutville, named after the missionary Aldin Grout,

is a little less than 10km outside Umhlali and close to

KwaDukuza and Umvoti, and was home to Chief Albert

Luthuli and his family. Nearby is the grave of Chief Luthuli,

his statue, and the site of his fatal train accident.


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

Walkers on a quite road in Clark Bay, Ballito.

The main street in Shakaskraal.

Shakaskraal, once the site of King Shaka’s royal military

homestead, KwaHlomendlini, combines the influences

of East, West and Africa into a one-street town full of

character. A Muslim mosque and Hindu temple are open

to visitors.

English and Scottish settlers established the farming

village of Umhlali in 1850. It was the original site for Fort

William and was later called by the Zulu word ‘umhlali’,

which means ‘the place in which a person resides’. It is a

genuine colonial sugar town and features diverse gift and

curio shops, fresh produce stalls and coffee shops.

A quiet street in Ballito. Above: the highway next to the industrial side

of Ballito.

heartbeat of the north coast 5

The tidal pool at Tinley Manor.



Build sand castles, collect shells, soak up the sun and swim in the

warm ocean – the KwaDukuza coastline has beaches with all the

makings of a memorable beach holiday.

Salmon Bay beacH: Close to the

Zimbali Coastal Estate, this beach is popular

with surfers and deep sea anglers, and the

Ballito Inflatable Boat clubhouse is located

here. The sands are golden and there are

two parking lots to accommodate day

visitors’ vehicles. Surfers love the prevailing

easterly swell, left-break, and long,

running left-hand walls – great for

setting up big turns off the top.

Shark nets protect swimmers and

lifeguards are on duty. The beach

is perfect for picnics and has the

right balance between ‘civilisation’ and nature. The annual

Ballito New Year’s Eve Street Party is held here.

Clark Bay beacH: Perfectly located, Clark

Bay offers restaurants for every appetite and vibrant

nightclubs just off the beach. With rocky tidal pools,

lifeguards, shark nets and undulating wooden walkways,

this beach is perfect for swimmers and families. The Bay

is within walking distance of the massive lagoon in Ballito.

Clark Bay is simply perfect if you and your family want a

peaceful day at the beach.

6 KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

Willard Beach: This is Ballito’s main beach,

often referred to as the ‘Pearl’ of the KwaDukuza Coast.

It is where the world famous Ballito Pro surfing event is

held annually. Surrounded by luxury hotels and holiday

apartments and dotted with sheltered coves, this beach

is perfect for surfing, fishing, scuba diving or frolicking

in the waves. A 2.5km promenade along the beachfront

allows for walking and jogging. Lifeguards are on duty

and there are shark nets installed.

Thompson’s Bay beacH: A narrow

pathway leads to the ‘Hole in the Wall’, a natural rock

formation popular for photo shoots, and onto a private

rocky beach. It is considered one of the safest swimming

beaches along the KwaDukuza Coast, with lifeguards and

shark nets. Swim in an Olympic-sized tidal pool called

‘Charlie’s Pool’, which the early settlers of KwaZulu-Natal

built, or explore captivating rocky coves and shallow rock


Willard Beach, Ballito.

la montagne RESORT

Salmon Bay, Ballito.

Clark Bay, Ballito, is bordered by an extensive walkway.

Thompson’s Bay Beach.

heartbeat of the north coast 7

Salt Rock beach.

Shaka’s Rock BEACH: This beach boasts

spectacular cliffs and shallow tidal pools encrusted with

coral. It is also a popular boat launch site. Enjoy a swim

in the Olympic-sized tidal pool, watch ski boat anglers

and waterskiers on the glistening waves, or explore the

tropical sea life by guided tour – day or night.

Salt Rock BEACH: This beach hosts annual

free music concerts during the Ballito Pro surfing festival.

It is known as the ‘gem’ of the KwaDukuza Coast and is

reputed to be where Zulu maidens collected salt off the

rocks at low tide during Shaka’s time. Feel privileged to

swim or snorkel in a huge series of tidal pools originally

built for guests of the Salt Rock Hotel, or swim at the

beach, safe in the knowledge that there are both shark

nets and lifeguards. Fishing opportunities abound and

you can enjoy a scuba or spearfishing expedition along

its exciting offshore reefs.

A lifeguard at Salt Rock Beach.

Blythedale Beach.


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

Aerial view of Shaka’s Rock.


Christmas Bay: Christmas Bay has no swimming

beaches, but the beach area is accessible, with almost

every house having a breathtaking view of the ocean. The

beach closest to Christmas Bay has white-golden sands

surrounded by rocks and is within walking distance of

Ballito’s massive lagoon. The wreck of the Phoenix can be

seen as you travel closer towards Salt Rock.

Tinley Manor beach: This quaint beach,

with elevated viewing and picnic decks overlooking a

tidal pool, was a well-kept secret fishing spot for years.

It offers some of the world’s best spearfishing and you

can enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving over the reef. The

lagoon on the southern boundary offers safe waters for

paddle skiers and windsurfers. It is reputed to be the

closest beach to Johannesburg.

Dorado Bay: Dorado Bay, close to Tinley

Manor, is one of the most peaceful beaches in the

KwaDukuza region. Countless houses are available for

rent mere metres away from the ocean.

Blythedale Beach: Blythedale Beach offers

idyllic fishing, surfing and swimming. It is a place of peace

and quiet and is ideal for whale- and dolphin-spotting.

It does, however, get a little rowdy once a year during

the KwaDukuza New Year’s Eve bash and beach festival!

Fire up a braai and watch your kids frolic in the children’s

play area while casting your eye along this pretty strip of


Zinkwazi Beach: A nature-lover’s paradise,

Zinkwazi offers 7km of lagoon, indigenous forest and

golden beaches, shallow rock pools and sought-after

fishing spots. Zinkwazi attracts jet-skiers, paddlers, birders

– and anyone hankering for a glimpse of paradise.



Sheffield Beach.

Zinkwazi Beach.

heartbeat of the north coast 9


The Home of


SWith water temperatures ranging between 20 0 C and 25 0 C year

round, an annual world-class surfing event and top-notch waves,

the KwaDukuza coastline is a burgeoning surfers’ mecca.

Ballito Pro surfing event

Willard Beach in Ballito has hosted the world’s longest

running professional surfing competition since 2009 –

the Ballito Pro – along with the biggest beach festival on

the continent, the Ballito Pro Festival. For one temperate

winter week in June/July, approximately 130 000

festival-goers have an opportunity to soak up non-stop

entertainment, watch the world’s best surfers in action

and witness first hand why KwaDukuza is fast becoming

KwaZulu-Natal’s home of surfing.

In 2017, surfing’s elite performers will return to compete

in this QS10 000 rated event on the World Surf League

(WSL) Qualifying Series (QS) for the ninth consecutive

year. Two years ago saw the return of women to the

surfing contest for the first time since 2008, with the

internationally rated Ballito Women’s Pro, presented by

Billabong. Those competing in the Ballito Women’s Pro

earn prize money and points on both the international and

regional rankings, while the competitors 18 and under

in the Billabong Junior Series strive for the prestigious

event titles and selection for the WSL Africa squad that is

invited to the annual WSL World Junior Championships.

The third of nine events that carry the highest ranking on this

year’s QS, the Ballito Pro offers a US$260 000 prize purse. It

will feature a 120-man field of the world’s best surfers from

around the globe, all striving to qualify for a spot on next

year’s WSL Championship Tour (CT). Competitors will also

be competing for valuable speciality prizes in the Monster

Energy Expression session and the Wave of the week,

presented by Zig Zag.


Men’s Ballito Pro 2016 winner Connor O’Leary.

U16 Girl winners at

the 2016 Ballito Pro.


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018


A smooth acrobatic move for the Ballito Pro crowds.


Crowds watching the Ballito Pro action on Willard Beach.

Individual surf spots

Besides surfing in the Ballito Pro, local surfers love

surfing at Ballito, which sports deep tube sections that

break on a shallow sandbank beyond the rocks. You can

sometimes catch a swell of up to six feet in light winds.

Also popular when the swell is ‘cooking’ are Surfers

Beach (just north of Willard Beach), Salmon Bay (which

features one of the few easterly swells and left break),

Tiffany’s (north of Salt Rock’s main beach) or Salt Rock’s

main beach itself. Thompson’s Bay is also popular for its

sick barrels when there’s a moderate south swell, land

breeze and low tide. Shark nets protect the main beaches

but locals tend to not worry so much about sharks unless

they are near a river mouth.



heartbeat of the north coast 11

Legacy of Legendary


If you are attentive, you’ll hear voices from long past eras whispering of Zulu

battles and betrayal, back-breaking labour and restless settlers, all heralding

a rich heritage of a region forever impacted by multi-cultural influences.

Retrace the steps of famous figures of the region by

following established heritage routes. The King Shaka

Heritage Route follows the life and death of King

Shaka, mighty king and architect of the Zulu nation.

Shaka, King of the Zulus

Shaka, a son of King Senzangakhona, became one of the

greatest military leaders in history. Shaka honed his

military skills as a youth with the Mthetwa clan under

Inkosi Dingiswayo. Following the death of his father, he

returned to take on the leadership of the small Zulu clan,

which soon became a powerful regional force. After the

death of Dingiswayo, King Shaka extended the boundaries

of the Zulu Kingdom by defeating numerous clans and

incorporating these into the Zulu nation. Integral to his

successful military campaigns were the short stabbing

spear and effective ‘horns of the bull’ attacking formation.

King Shaka built his palace and capital, Dukuza, in the

current area of KwaDukuza. Shaka is regarded as the Zulu

nation’s builder and unifier and he is celebrated by Zulus

in traditional dress every year on the public holiday of 24

September (the anniversary of his death), referred to as

uMkhosi weLembe. According to the 2011 census, isiZulu

is the most common home language, spoken by just over

20% of the population. King Shaka International Airport is

named after him.

Shaka Visitor Centre

The Heritage and National Liberation Routes feature this

centre. Shaka was killed in 1828 by two of his half-brothers,

Dingane and Mhlangana. They later dumped his body in an

empty grain pit, over which a memorial was built in 1932.

Next to the memorial is the rock believed to be the one on

which he was sitting when he was assassinated. The Centre,

first opened in 1998 by AmaFa Heritage KZN, draws as

many as 1 000 visitors a month in peak season, who are

treated to a 20-minute slide show in English and isiZulu

about Shaka’s life and death. You can arrange a tour of all

popular Shaka sites along the heritage route for your group

by a knowledgeable guide who is employed full-time, but

you must book first. Books and curios are on sale and you

can sample the wares of crafters on the veranda. Entrance is

R10 and the centre is open seven days a week from 08h30 to

16h00. Tel: 032 552 7210.

12 KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

Left: A statue to commemorate King Shaka’s grave at KwaDukuza.

Far left and above: Traditional Zulu animal skins, headdresses,

shields and loin coverings as well as curios are sold outside the

King Shaka Visitor Centre.

Below: A replica of a traditional Zulu hut at the centre.

Below left: The KwaDukuza Museum.

Above: What is on display inside and outside the King Shaka Visitor Centre. Below: The King Shaka Memorial outside the King Shaka Visitor Centre.

Inset: The bust and inscription on the front of the memorial.

heartbeat of the north coast 13

KwaDukuza Museum

Formerly known as the Natal North Coast Museum (opposite

the Shaka Visitor’s Centre), this museum focuses on Zulu

culture, the sugar cane industry and early settler history in

the region. It provides a celebration of the cultural fusion

within the region, with a collection of artefacts that offer

insight into the Zulu empire and its workings. It also gives a

comprehensive overview of the early days of Stanger (now

KwaDukuza) and its subsequent development. The museum

is open from Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm and is closed

over weekends. Entrance is free. Tel: 060 795 3807.

Chief Albert Luthuli

Chief Albert John Mvumbi Luthuli, Nobel Peace laureate

(the first African to receive it in 1961), liberation struggle

icon, lay preacher, teacher and politician, was born near

Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, and brought up in his mother’s

ancestral home in Groutville near KwaDukuza. He became

chief of the AmaKholwa in 1936 but was removed from his

office by the apartheid government in 1952. He was elected

President-General of the ANC in 1952 and worked tirelessly

for liberation, non-violence, non-racialism, democracy and

human rights. In 1956, Chief Luthuli – along with 145 other

leaders – was arrested on a charge of high treason. He was

released in the early stages of the trial and was re-elected

as President General in 1955 and then again in 1958. He

was repeatedly banned and arrested until his death at the

age of 69 in 1967, reportedly by a train near his home. The

Chief Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC)

and the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital in Durban are

named after him.

Luthuli Museum

This museum forms part of the National Liberation

Route. It is located in the small mission station town of

Groutville, named after missionary Aldin Grout, and is the

original home of Chief Albert Luthuli. Take a tour of the

house, named after his wife, and built in 1927, and listen

to his 1961 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, or view

a documentary of his life, walk through the garden where

he spoke with the late US Senator Robert Kennedy in 1966

and met with top ANC leaders like Nelson Mandela, and

tour temporary exhibitions. Some 37 000 visitors – school

children, dignitaries, tourists and community members

– visit every year, among the most famous being Nelson

Mandela, the late motivational speaker Dr Miles Monroe,

President Jacob Zuma and musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

Entrance is free and every visitor is given a guided tour and

educational tours are extended to student groups. Hours are

8.30am to 4pm Monday to Saturdays, 11am to 3pm on Sundays

and public holidays. Call 032 559 6822 for more details.


luthuli museum


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

luthuli museum

Music at the museum

The Museum brings live performances featuring different

genres of jazz as well as different artists to KwaDukuza –

the likes of Mbuso Khoza, Heels Over Head, Zoe The Seed,

Nduduzo Makhathini and many others. The concerts are

supported by Concert SA and iSupport Music Business. They

are in two parts – the day and the evening sessions. The

day session is educational and is attended by learners from

schools in KwaDukuza; the evening session is for the general

public. Concerts take place once a month on a Friday. Like

the museum’s Facebook page for all the updates.

Kennedy family’s visit to the museum

Kerry Kennedy (right)‚ the daughter of assassinated US

Senator Robert F. Kennedy‚ commemorated 50 years since

her father’s historic visit to Chief Albert Luthuli in June 1966

by visiting the Luthuli Museum. Dignitaries at the event

included Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa‚ Inkatha

Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi and US

ambassador to South Africa‚ Patrick Gaspard. Two statues of

the historic meeting are planned for erection in Groutville in

time for the anniversary in 2017.

luthuli museum

luthuli museum

Above: The house (front view), now

the interpretative centre, which is used

as a multi-purpose centre, was under

constant police surveillance when

Chief Albert Luthuli lived there.

Left: The back of the house. Although

Chief Albert Luthuli was banished

to his home by the apartheid

government, many people travelled

there to seek his counsel. United

States Attorney-General Senator

Robert Kennedy arrived by helicopter

for an unofficial visit in 1966.

Below: Daughter of former US Senator Robert Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy (in red), Kwadukuza Mayor Cllr R. Mthembu (third

from right) and daughter of the Chief Luthuli, Albertina Luthuli (to his left), officials from the US Consulate and members of the

Luthuli family, lay wreaths as a mark of respect at the gravesite of the late Chief Albert Luthuli in Groutville.

luthuli museum

Below: The bust of

Chief Albert Luthuli

found in the Luthuli


heartbeat of the north coast 15

luthuli museum



Where you stay may well make or break your holiday, so choosing

wisely is paramount. And what a choice you have in the KwaDukuza

region: from swanky five-star hotels to cosy B&Bs, from upmarket

guesthouses and timeshare to caravan parks – all budgets and tastes

are well catered for here.



La Montagne Resort offers luxury terraced apartments with breathtaking

sea views in Ballito.

The Fairmont Zimbali Hotel and the Zimbali

Lodge will both blow you away with their fivestar

luxury, personalised service and ocean

paradise ambiance. Tennis, swimming, a health

and beauty spa, mountain biking, forest walks, bird and

butterfly watching are all conveniently offered within the

borders of the Zimbali Country Club. Or opt for the simple

elegance of the eBandla Hotel and Conference Centre,

ensconced in the hills near Ballito for a taste of understated

African elegance, or Vineyard on Ballito, for Italian-style

al fresco dining, luxury suites and superb sundowner

ocean views from the terrace. Sea Forever Cottage &

Tours offers cosy open-plan, self-catering cottages set in

peaceful, quiet, shaded tropical gardens above a private

beach and world famous surf spot.

Rain Farm Game & Lodge in Umhlali offers romantic treetop tents

and self-catering accommodation.

Rain Farm Game & Lodge in the rustic area of Umhlali

gives you the option of staying in either a tree-top tent

or the main farmhouse complex. View giraffe, zebra,

wildebeest and ostrich on a game drive or indulge in a

day of pampering at the spa.

Travelling a little further north to Salt Rock will deposit

you into either the spectacular Canelands Beach Club

(featured in O! The Oprah Magazine), literally a step away

from the beach, or the well-established Salt Rock Hotel,

both renowned for their impressive sea views, culinary

fare and spa treatments. Or visit La Montagne Resort for

glorious spa pampering and sizzling nightlife or Meander

Manor, with its elegant guesthouse ambience.





Ayer Rock in KwaDukuza. Chaka’s Rock Chalets’ self-contained units. The iconic Salt Rock Hotel. Wellvale Guest Lodge is

a rustic-chic lodge on the

Mvoti River.

KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018


Fairmont Zimbali Resort’s impressive pool area.

fairmont zimbali resort

heartbeat of the north coast 17

coco de mer

Coco de Mer is a boutique hotel that is distinctively Afro-Bali styled, boasting a fusion of creative interior design and natural elements.

If you prefer to be closer to nature, why not opt for the

affordable and rustic Salt Rock Caravan Park, Dolphin

Resort Caravan Park in Ballito, or self-catering Chaka’s

Rock Chalets in Shaka’s Rock? Zinkwazi Lagoon

Lodge in the north is a must for those who really want to

get away from it all, go birding or paddle on the peaceful


Ayer Rock in KwaDukuza is a little piece of B&B luxury

surrounded by tranquility. The Wellvale Guest Lodge

borders the peaceful Mvoti River and has spectacular

views of the Nsikeni mountain. Accommodation options

range from campsites to luxury lodges.

Further north, you’ll be enchanted by the charm and

olde worlde feel of Kearsney Manor. Palm Dune Beach

Lodge has direct access to the beautiful beach in

Blythedale Beach and is frequented by the famous.

Prince’s Grant is a luxury lodge that has four-star

accommodation and self-catering villas bordering one of

South Africa’s best golf courses and 2kms of deserted

beach. The Ocean Reef Hotel in Nkwazi is directly

linked to the beach via its own private boardwalk that

leads into the lagoon surrounded by indigenous coastal

dunelands and forests. Casa Di Cattleya is a brand new

B&B in Zinkwazi Beach with relaxing seaviews and Italianstyled

elegance. The wide wooden deck is perfect for

sundowners prior to retiring to one of the five themed and

tastefully decorated en-suite bedrooms. See the directory

on page 46 for comprehensive listings.



The Dolphin Resort Caravan Park in Ballito.

Mediterranean-styled Ocean Reef Hotel, Nkwazi.


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018


Meander Manor gives visitors an opulent feeling through their careful selection of quality furniture and fittings.

Palm Dune Beach Lodge in Blythedale Beach.


casa di cattleya


Chantilly Resort was once an old homestead in Zinkwazi Beach.

Casa Di Cattleya, Zinkwazi Beach.

B&B by the Sea, Sheffield Beach.

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A holiday without exotic food is a wasted experience, so why not

sample the culinary fare of a region rich in seafood, spice and

diverse cultural influences?

From takeaways and simple pub fare to bountiful

buffets and gourmet dining extravaganzas, you

can have your pick of gastronomic delights. With

most towns dotted along the coastline, it is no

surprise that seafood is a central feature.

Curries are famous here too, and although toned down to

suit Western palates, they are the finest outside of India.

Dishes represent the entire range of eastern cuisine, from

mild Malay to Bombay’s killer curries.


Unwind at the Vinum Lounge, Fairmont

Zimbali Resort.

Quaint coffee shops, cafés and scenic tea gardens

abound, as well as sea-facing restaurants with wooden

decks and breathtaking views. All dietary persuasions are


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018




Enjoy a hearty breakfast at the

Vineyard on Ballito.

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Above: Fiamma Grill at Coco de Mer Boutique Hotel.

Above right: BBM Cafe at Tiffany’s Shopping Centre, Salt Rock.

Left: Enjoy the spicy cuisine from Mozambique at Moz-am-bik. Left below: Enjoy a sundowner at the Ma

Khaza Bar at the Fairmont Zimbali Lodge.


catered for in these parts, from vegan salads

and veggie platters to veritable carnivorous

fare offered fresh off the braai to passing trade.

Why not try traditional African food, or go for

Mexican, Italian, German or even Mozambican




Setting is everything for a memorable meal,

and if you are fortunate enough to have

booked into a classy hotel, you can custommake

a romantic dinner-for-two on the beach

at dusk, or if you stay in a quaint B&B, you

can enjoy your breakfast al fresco on a patio or

deck overlooking the sea.

Gorge yourself on the buffet at the Salt Rock Hotel.

Left: Enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere at Salt Café in

Shaka’s Rock.

Below: Fig Tree Restaurant at the Clubhouse, Simbithi


Above: The Galley in Salmon Bay. Below: The Palm

Terrace at La Montagne Resort in Ballito.




KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018


Shop, Drop and

ock Roll ‘n

After indulging in a day of retail therapy at

one of the many superb malls, drop into

a spa for a bit of personal pampering to

ready yourself for a night out on the town.

The main shopping centres and malls of Ballito and KwaDukuza

offer plenty of options. Ballito has its own mega mall as of

2017: The newly expanded Ballito Junction Regional Mall.

It is home to KZN’s biggest cinema complex, in addition to

offering three levels of shopping at over 200 stores, a hugely expanded

fashion offering and an exciting diversity of food outlets. Shopping

hours extend to 7pm during the week.

The development of a civic centre and shopping mall (KwaDukuza Mall)

is to take place this year on the golf course and recreational grounds in

KwaDukuza. The plans make provision for a 30 000m² shopping mall,

a new civic centre, a one-stop centre for government services and an

amphitheater to be opened by 2018.

The Ballito Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) was established in

2015 as the business retention and expansion strategy initiated by the

private sector in partnership with KwaDukuza Municipality. Its aim is

to support tourism sustainability and growth. The UIP has a proactive

approach to security by identifying possible criminal intent before it

occurs and taking corrective action.

Crafters can be found on streets near the beaches of Ballito selling

everything from commercial hats, flip flops and towels, to beaded

necklaces made from local materials such as reeds, clay, wood and

shells. Zulu beadwork is world renowned, and plays an important role in

Zulu culture. You may also find good quality Ilembe crafts at Sangweni

Tourism Centre WOW-ZULU outlet.

The Ballito UIP security team.


The Well Shopping Centre in Ballito.


Dance till you drop at Crush Coastal Bar & Entertainment Venue

in Ballito.


Below: The extended Ballito Junction Regional Mall (65 000m 2 ), now more than six times its previous size, features a world-class restaurant and entertainment


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Fresh fruit and vegetables are on sale at roadside stalls

and spices, colourful Indian clothes and curios are to be

found at the Indian Market in KwaDukuza. Traditional

African arts and crafts are also available at stores along

the coast.

Health and beauty

Enjoy a massage right on the beach at a mobile spa, or

visit one of the many day spas that pride themselves

on top-notch service and killer sea views. Most of the

hotels offer a plethora of spa treatments for guests, such

as La Montagne Resort and Coco de Mer in Ballito,

Canelands Beach Club in Salt Rock, the Fairmont

Zimbali Hotel in Zimbali or the Calendon Boutique

Hotel and Spa in Umhlali.


Book a VIP table or hire out the Sky Lounge at the

Crush Coastal Bar and Entertainment Venue in Ballito.

This is the official afterparty venue for the Ballito Pro

surfing event, the flagship venue for the Matric Rage in

December, and regular host to top DJs from around the

country in the Battle of the Bands. Or let your hair down

at Shakers Nightclub and Bar in Ballito.

The Pumpkin Theatre Club in Ballito is a world-class,

state-of-the art supper theatre staging lively shows with

infectious music and buffet-style meals. The theatre is

open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with dinner at

6.30pm and the show at 8pm.

Traditional crafts such as beadwork as well as hats, bags and beach

paraphernalia can be found on the streets and beach walkways.

Party all night long at the Crush Coastal Bar & Entertainment Venue

in Ballito.


Sibaya Casino and Entertainment World, with its Africaninspired

entertainment and architecture, is just 12.6km

from the airport to the south and is surrounded by worldclass

restaurants, the iZulu Theatre, the Mangwanani

Spa, conference centres and the Krakatoa nightclub.

Tiffany’s Shopping Centre, Salt Rock, offers convenient shopping.

Visit Ballito Lifestyle Centre for an al fresco

shopping experience, all on one level.


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

ZEN’JU DAY SPA fairmont zimbali resort

Relax outdoors at Zen’Ju Day Spa in the Coco de Mer Boutique Hotel in Ballito (above), at the La

Vita Spa at La Montagne Resort in Ballito (below right), or pamper yourself at sophisticated

Symbiosis Spa within the Simbithi Eco-Estate (below).



Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Zimbali Resort.

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Not all

Whether you are attending a corporate conference or team

building outdoors with colleagues, this region offers the

perfect options for mixing business with pleasure.

With an estimated 66% growth in GDP over

the decade ending in 2013, an 83% increase

in disposable income and an annual retail

trade sales increase of 212% over the

same period, KwaDukuza is exploding with business

possibilities. Add to that the 17% projected economic

growth rate in the next five years, with a significant average

of 3.4%, and you have a business powerhouse. The region

features a wide variety of conference venues, both in

size and facilities, including five-star hotels, golf clubs,

lodges and guesthouses. Many offer free WiFi facilities,

a computer network and audio-visual support. Team

building specialists in the area offer comprehensive and

exciting packages to groups, no matter how big or diverse.

Of special note is the Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge, which

specialises in hosting intimate workshops, seminars and

conferences. It is set in a bird-rich subtropical forest on

a magnificent lagoon. Delegates can enjoy sundowner

cruises on the lagoon, canoe trails, beach or forest hikes,

birdwatching trails, marine excursions or wildlife and game

fishing trips. Specialised adventures like ‘paintball’ and other

team building activities can be arranged. Also in Zinkwazi,

Ocean Reef Hotel also offers conference facilities. The hotel

is connected to the beach by a private boardwalk and guests

can enjoy long walks along the coastal dunes and forests.

The Wellvale Private River Resort also caters for ecofriendly

conferences on the banks of the Mvoti River and

boasts breathtaking gardens and spectacular views of

the Nsikeni Mountain.

The Fairmont Zimbali Hotel & Resort will certainly give

your conference a touch of ‘celebrity’: world-class service,

five-star accommodation and facilities, breathtaking views,

team building options and an idyllic setting.

The Boathouse in Ballito regularly hosts a range of

corporate events, such as team building, strategic meetings,

motivational events, year-end functions and product

launches. Their large halls are perfect for driving right in and

setting up displays.


the boathouse



Zimbali Conferences has a variety of options.

The Boathouse in Ballito has a nautical theme.

Princes Grant Golf Estate.


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018


Doing business in

South Africa

Simbithi Eco-estates have three versatile and sophisticated rooms

on offer for conferences/meetings and can incorporate a round of

golf into your conference package.

Team building specialists Club Venture, near the picturesque Mhlali

River, have a mind-boggling selection of outdoor activities that include

scuba dive training, zip-lining, paintball and The Amazing Race, all within

the confines of their property boundaries. Fax Traxx provides guided

quad bike trails, team building packages, conference facilities, corporate

incentives, business client entertainment and tours for overseas guests.

The Pumpkin Theatre Club in Ballito offers conference and team

building with a difference. The supper theatre can be configured to

suit the style of any conference and performances can be arranged if

entertainment for your event is required. Dining is usually buffet style

and conference equipment is available.

Business hub: Ballito

Ballito is just 22 minutes (22km) from King Shaka International Airport

and 38 minutes (43.6km) from the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International

Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban, one of the most advanced

conference facilities in the world. Ballito is the true business hub of

the KwaDukuza region. Its business sector has grown significantly

in recent years, with a large commercial business park bordering the

N2 freeway. With a full service industry in this commercial business

park, Ballito now caters to a growing business community in the

KwaDukuza region. King Shaka International Airport and Dube City

to the south have contributed significantly to its growth.

South Africa has kept up to date with international

regulations that enable effective control to compete

in the global market. Among others, laws regulate

business practice, patents, copyright, minerals, all

transport taxes, intellectual property and banking.

Equitable labour and employment laws have also

been developed.

South Africa has signed a number of Bilateral

Investment Treaties (BITS) with other countries for

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Foreign investment

in KwaZulu-Natal is welcomed. All business sectors

are open to investors – no government approval is

required – and there are almost no restrictions on

the form or extent of foreign investment.

A wide range of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives

are available to foreign and domestic South Africanbased

companies investing in sectors and activities

that encourage investment in certain targeted

sectors of the economy.

Since 1994, South Africa has negotiated a host

of regional and bilateral, general and preferential

trade agreements to normalise trade relations

with trading partners, and the country is an active

member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Established trade agreements include the United

Kingdom, United States of America, Japan,

Germany, China, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, and

France. Detailed information is available from the


Contact the iLembe Chamber of Commerce: 087 354 6343


The Chief Albert Luthuli

International Convention

Centre (ICC) in Durban.


la montagne resort

Head to La Montagne Resort’s Pumpkin Theatre Supper

Club for concerts, comedy shows and supper theatre.

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Chasing a Little


Undulating fairways, spectacular sea

views, world-renowned clubhouses and

unmatched scenery – all these perks are

sure to motivate you to grab your golf

gear and get on the green.

Zimbali Country Club

Conveniently located just 1km from Ballito, Zimbali Country

Club has one the most prestigious golf courses in South Africa.

Designed by Tom Weiskopf on the Zimbali estate, this 18-hole

course has been rated in the top 250 golf courses in Golf Digest

magazine and is one of the top five finest golf courses in South

Africa. The clubhouse provides raised decks with a hard-to-beat

view of the sea and surrounding forests and sumptuous food. All

the necessary conveniences such as golf carts, a halfway house,

putting greens and a driving range are available.

Simbithi Golf Club

The Peter Matkovitch-designed 18-hole executive golf course in

the heart of the Simbithi Eco-estate features 13 par threes, four

par fours and one par five well-paced greens and convoluted

fairways. Simbithi is one of the two KZN courses to be rated the

Volvo five-star Golf Experience winner. The 3 500m² Simbithi

Country Club clubhouse sports a large deck under a huge wild fig

tree, a large multi-purpose hall that opens up onto the top level

and swimming pool, and a lounge, restaurant and bar area.

Darnall Country Club.


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

Prince’s Grant

The Prince’s Grant Golf Estate boasts one of the best

golf courses in South Africa. The ocean views are simply

amazing. Peter Matkovich designed this course too, with

a links/parkland layout, which has helped it to regularly

receive the Complete Golfer five-star Golf Experience

Award as well as the Best Golf Development in South Africa

reputation by the World Property Awards. All 18 holes are

situated on four ridges, making your golfing experience

one of the most relaxing in South Africa.



Above: Tee off on the rolling fairways of Simbithi Eco-estate golf

course, near Ballito.

Main photo: The top-notch 11th hole on the Zimbali Estate golf


Umhlali Country Club

Also designed by Peter Matkovich, this 18-hole course

near Ballito has long, magnificent greens in great

condition. Tennis courts, squash courts and bowling

greens are also available.

Darnall Country Club

Darnall is home to a challenging nine-hole golf course set

on tranquil, rolling green hills. The second nine of an 18-

hole round is played from different tee boxes.




Prince’s Grant has unbeatable sea views from the clubhouse and fairways.

Umhlali Country Club.

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holLa trails

Cycle meandering trails, quad bike through sugar

cane fields, explore an eco-estate on horseback

or pilot a microlight over a shimmering seascape

– if you’ve never indulged in one of these

activities, what are you waiting for? Step outside

and explore!


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018


Embark on an eco-trail from Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge:

follow the 60km John Ross Trail, or paddle, cycle or flyfish

in and around the lagoon. Take a lagoon cruise, a

night drive or enjoy a bush picnic. The Zulu Roots Eco-trail

provides access to many ecological, historical and cultural

treasures where you can see birds, forest buck, whales,

dolphins and a variety of insects and indigenous flora. The

Zulu Roots Birding Route includes diverse habitats such as

coastal, forest, wetlands, and gorges. Local site guides are

available for access to some of the areas. The GlenShaka

Trail, on the Glenariff sugar farm in Shakaskraal, offers

indigenous forest, shady streams and open grassland.

Enjoy spotting abundant birdlife, bushpig and red duiker.

Or spot giraffe on a game drive at Rain Farm Game &

Lodge in Umhlali. The Waterberry Coffee Shoppe in

Ballito offers patrons a forest walk, a popular relaxing

stroll before or after your meal through the magnificent

indigenous forests that surround their property.

rain farm game & lodge

club venture


Ballito Microlight School and Microlight Flights, based

outside Ballito, not only afford you the opportunity to view

rolling fields of sugar cane and a shimmering coastline,

they give you an experience you will never forget. They

operate seven days a week, weather permitting, and

flights are either 15 or 30 minutes long. Who knows? You

might spot dolphins, turtles, manta rays or whales as you

fly over the Indian Ocean and back again!

KWADUKUZA municipality


heartbeat of the north coast 31

Horse riding

Zimbali Horse Rides allow you to enjoy an invigorating

day out on the golden beaches of Zimbali on horseback,

whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner. Just

15 minutes from Ballito, Redwoods Riding School is

a friendly, intimate stable yard. They offer livery as well

as lessons and outrides to people at all levels of riding –

including relaxing champagne breakfast rides.


Holla Trails are a system of marked, scenic mountain

biking trails among the farms in the Ballito area. Only

riders with a Holla Trails permit are allowed access to

the farmlands in the Ballito, Compensation and Upper

Tongaat area. Those without permits risk prosecution.

The trails consist of more than 340km of marked and

signed trails for both novice and experienced mountain

bikers. Riders can shower after their ride at the Holla

Trails Centre, hosted by Collisheen Estates, and enjoy

drinks and a light meal on weekends. Bikes and helmets

are available for hire.

Set in half an acre of tree-laden Eden Village in Salt Rock,

a BMX and mountain bike track called HAVOC Bike Park

launched in late 2015. If not keen to cycle, you can enjoy

free WiFi and an epic coffee, ablutions with showers, and

a comprehensive bike service and maintenance setup

with bike wash. A fully fledged Giant Bike Store with a

fully stocked product offering from bikes to helmets to

accessories is available for the serious rider. You can also

hire bikes and helmets from the shop.

Adventure offerings

Fat Traxx offers one- to three-hour guided quad bike

trails through the rolling sugar cane fields near Ballito

– an opportunity of a lifetime to visit areas where the

general public are prevented from seeing places of

spectacular beauty in a thrilling way. Choose a trail that

meanders across four private sugar estates or an off-road

ride customised to suit your needs, whether you are a

beginner or intermediate rider. They operate from Monday

to Saturday. The age requirement is 16 years and older –

younger children can ride on the back, free. Packages

include bike hire plus a lead bike, helmets, goggles,

petrol, instructors with 12 years’ experience, and tuition.

Just round the corner from the HAVOC Bike Park is the

Mamba Skate Park. A track 450m long winds through

a jungle of trees and thick coastal bush and past two

Early Learning Centres in Eden Village to provide a safe

and relatively controlled environment where kids (and

adults) can meet, connect and experiment in the sport.

An Academy is held every Wednesday and Friday and

runs on a one-pro-to-five-kids ratio. There is also a shop

that sells skateboards and refreshments.

Club Venture, near the Mhlali River, provides everything

you need for a fun-filled adventure – zip-lining, paintball,

scuba diving in a pool, The Amazing Race and basic life

support training.


ventureS group


Redwood riding school



KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

Family outings

The Jump Park, a 700sqm facility covered with wall-to-wall

trampolines, opened last year in the Sugar Rush Park in Ballito.

Jump in comfort in the main court or try free-running over

obstacles, and challenge yourself on the wall tramps. Join in

Dodgeball daily challenges or compete in a league. Launch from

trampolines and shoot some hoops, dive from a trampoline into

the foam pit, jump yourself fit at a jumpFIT session, joust in the

Gladiator Zone, or tumble down the 10m tumble track.

Tidal Tao in Salt Rock offers a two-hour beginner’s safari that

is perfect for first-timers, families and children (children under

10 are free if accompanied by an adult). Advanced trips include

exploring secluded pools, and a two-hour-long night snorkeling

safari almost guarantees sightings of octopus, crabs, shrimps

and unusual fish species. Or go on a guided 8-9km morning

walk from Christmas Bay to Willard’s Beach where you can eat

a beach breakfast, explore rock formations, and view migrating

whales or frolicking dolphins.


tidal tao

THE JUMP PARK MAMBA SKATE PARK rain farm game & lodge

holLa trails


heartbeat of the north coast 33

Parks, Farms and


Take a day to explore the sun-dappled, slow pace of farm life, pick

litchis, feed the animals, feel the slither of a snake around your

neck, or buy strawberries straight from an estate.

The Litchi Orchard

The orchard is located within driving distance of Sheffield

Beach, where you and your family can pick your litchis

from the trees. Discover local, sustainably produced,

seasonal farm-fresh food in their food market, and a

selection of top-quality furniture, antiques, fine art,

photography, pottery, stoneware, jewellery and wood

carvings in their art market. Market days are held every

second Saturday and a night market every last Friday of

the month. Sample the wares at Delish Sisters Café, visit

the Driefontein Garden Centre, bean-to-cup Beanstruk

Coffee Roastery, Lemon Canary Bespoke Bakery, Home

Grown Farm Store and Rustic Monkey Country Pub. The

venue is available for functions and is both dog and child

friendly, with ample open space and play facilities. Your

children will love interacting with the resident mongooses!

Strawberry Farm

Cappeny Estates is five minutes’ drive from the Ballito

CBD and sells fresh and frozen strawberries to the public

throughout the year. It is South Africa’s first black owned

commercial strawberry farm. Pick-your-own, held every

last Saturday of the month from 9am to 3pm, is run on a

first-come-first-served basis. Fill your strawberry punnet

till it closes – but no eating while picking is allowed. Make

The rustic and laidback Litchi Orchard.

a day of it by bringing your own picnic or savouring coffee,

tea, waffles with strawberries, or strawberries and cream/

ice cream, which are sold just outside the farm. Due to

its success, the Strawberry Festival is planned again

during peak strawberry season. It has featured bands, a

best strawberry-themed hat contest, a strawberry eating

competition, fitness challenge, food and food artistry

demonstrations, a beer garden and food hall, strawberry

and wine pairing, and rides, activities and shows for

children. Cappeny Estates’ strawberries are export ready

and are sold to all major retailers in South Africa.

Reptile parks

If reptiles are your passion, don’t miss out on a visit

to Crocodile Creek, mid-way between Ballito and

Tongaat. During regular tours, visitors can see some

7 000 Nile crocodiles as well as West African dwarf crocs,

slender-snouted crocs and American alligators. There are

also deadly mambas and other snakes on display. Other

species to enthrall include tortoises, rabbits, wild monkeys

and banded mongoose. Sections are well connected by

walkways, decks and paths and there are plenty of viewing

spots. The venue also offers several covered learning and

party areas and a café/restaurant for simple, budgetfriendly

food (including crocodile!) and a craft shop.

Picking strawberries at

Cappeny Estates.

litchi orchard

litchi orchard

litchi orchard



KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018




School children listen attentively to a talk on crocodiles and other

reptiles at Crocodile Creek.

The Flag Animal Farm is a worthwhile outing for the whole family.

For a more personal experience of reptiles, the Ndlondlo

Reptile Park offers guided tours and hands-on

demonstrations, giving visitors a chance to interact with

the creatures. Learn the difference between venomous

and non-venomous snakes, how to react in a dangerous

situation, how to avoid a perilous encounter, and first aid

for snake bites. Or relax in the seating and play area, rich

in trees and birdlife, while your little ones enjoy a tour.

Animal Farms

Close to Ballito/Sheffield Beach is Flag Animal Farm,

an entertaining outing for families. Children can enjoy

pony and train rides, feed chickens, ducks, rabbits,

cows, goats, sheep, pigs, geese and birds, play on a

jumping castle, jungle gyms or in sand pits, or attempt

an obstacle course. Milking shows take place daily at 12

and 3pm, when children can milk a cow and bottle feed

a calf – and sing, dance and win sweets. Bring a picnic

or enjoy a braai, or there’s a coffee shop/tea garden

on-site. Flag Animal Farm also offers 36-bed dormitory

accommodation, complete with a boma for camp fires.

Just a few minutes from Salt Rock is Burnedale Centre,

a beautiful farmhouse and outbuildings now transformed

into a collective of quirky, attractive shops in a lovely

country setting. Here you can saunter through a fresh

produce market and artists’ studio shops, while the

children can enjoy petting animals at an animal farm or

play in a supervised area. Or you can gather with other

mums at the café, happy in the knowledge that the little

ones are safely occupied.


Sugar Rush Park offers families wide open spaces,

secure parking, refreshment facilities and a host of

activities to keep visitors occupied and entrance is free.

There’s a playground big enough for adults and children

– relax in the spacious farmyard setting or cycle along

a network of more than 100km of safe, well-maintained

and scenic MTB trails geared for children, beginners,

intermediate and advanced riders. A pump track is

not only suitable for mountain bikes but skate boards,

scooters, rollerblades and especially BMX bikes. Try a

segway tour, laser tag, the jump park or a tractor-drawn

mini train. Mums can even enjoy a pampering at the

beauty salon while the kids have fun!

Sugar Rush Park hosts the popular 5km Park Run every

Saturday at 8am and have started hosting a variety of

different events and fun evenings out, including their

monthly open air movie nights, themed dinners and live

music events.

sugar rush park

heartbeat of the north coast 35


welLVALE resort





Natural Wonders

Hear the haunting cry of the fish eagle on a trail in Zinkwazi, hook a

squaretail kob off Salt Rock, or paddle offshore from Ballito – feel

the environment enfold you in a glorious embrace in this scintillating


The natural vegetation of the KwaDukuza region

comprises three biomes: forest, savannah

and grassland. This very special environment

includes coastal dune forest, swamp forest,

numerous pockets of coastal scarp forest, natural

grasslands and areas of valley bushveld. There are two

statutorily declared nature reserves north of the area – the

Amatikulu and Harold Johnson nature reserves, managed

by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.


Visit Zinkwazi, home to some 450 bird species and the

majestic fish eagle. It is a prime habitat for African finfoot,

wattle-eyed flycatcher, grey and olive sunbirds, goldenrumped

tinker barbet, brown-throated and forest weavers,

crested guinea fowl, white-eared barbet, green twinspot,

square-tailed drongo, scaly-throated honeyguide, and

spotted ground thrush. If you love birds, you’ll also love

the Umvoti River Mouth, a protected estuary that lists the

African spoonbill, chestnut-branded plover, lesser sand

plover, scaly-throated honeyguide, and blue-mantled

crested flycatcher among its birdlife.


If fishing is your passion, why not cast your line from

the rocks to catch shad, slinger or snapper kob? Highly

recommended fishing spots include Tinley Manor for line

fishing, and Sheffield’s reefs, Tiffany’s reef and Blythedale

further north for spear fishing. Squaretail kob is found

primarily from Salt Rock to the Tugela Banks, and the dusky

kob is the premier inshore angling species. Geelbek is also

an important line fishing species, while red steenbras are

generally found in deeper water. Surf fishermen and spear

fishermen target spotted grunter while ski boat, spear and

rock and surf anglers catch king mackerel. Commercial

and leisure deep sea fishing boats launch at Tinley Manor

Beach. Umhlali Ski Boat Club runs the site for those

wanting to launch their own boats. Fishing charters can

also be arranged for you and your buddies.

Angling and fishing licences are required, as are

permits to collect shellfish such as crayfish, mussels

and oysters. You can obtain them from the post office

and the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife offices.

Whale and dolphin spotting

Although dolphin sightings can occur daily, several

licensed operators are available to take you out to see

these magnificent creatures up close. Humpback and

southern right whales can be seen close to shore while

journeying north to breed off Mozambique during June

and July. They return in September and October to their


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

tidal tao




feeding grounds in the southern ocean. Tour guides are

knowledgeable about marine life, including sharks, turtles

and manta rays. What are you waiting for? Charters are

available any day of the week and there is also the option

of kayaking tours either out at sea or on the various river



If you are fortunate to be able to rent short-term

accommodation at an eco-estate, you will be treated

to idyllic lifestyle-orientated facilities with conscious

eco-friendliness. The Zimbali Coastal Resort, the

most well-known of the golfing eco-estates, boasts

unparalleled natural resources, diversity of game and

marine experiences. Within the estate is Nature’s Valley,

a 50-hectare reserve with an aerial boardwalk. All primary

dune areas have been declared conservation areas.

Birds, butterflies and indigenous plant life, as well as

bushbuck, blue duiker, bush-baby, vervet monkey and

banded mongoose can be seen. In the estate’s Valley

of the Pools, you can sunbathe and swim in a secluded,

protected environment. The Zimbali Lakes Resort &

Estate is now under construction. It will include a 30ha

lake, a lifestyle retirement village, residential area, a lakes

resort node, retail outlets, cafés, Ocean Club Zimbali and

the Zimbali Office Estate.

Simbithi Eco-estate, between Ballito and Salt Rock,

offers swimming pools, tennis courts, an 18-hole

executive golf course, clubhouse, restaurants, equestrian

centre, beach access, an adventure golf playground,

and 24-hour security, all in a carefully balanced, ecofriendly

environment. The Blythedale Coastal Resort, 20

minutes from Ballito and set in a strip of clean beaches,

forests, rivers and estuaries, was launched in October

2015. Whether you are looking for a timeshare unit,

world-class water and theme park activities or to invest

in an upmarket home, you will find it here. Other facilities

include an adventure centre, environmental education

centre, equestrian centre, 18-hole executive golf course,

various sporting facilities, a spa and wellness centre,

boutique hotel, resort and professional film studios.

BLYTHEDALE coastal resort

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To Thee I



Ensure unforgettable photographs at the Zimbali Country Club.

The KwaDukuza region offers

couples spectacular scenery,

fastidious wedding planners,

first class facilities and memorymaking

honeymoons for every

time of year, preference and


Fairmont Zimbali Lodge, Fairmont Zimbali

Resort, Zimbali Beach and Zimbali Country

Club – take your pick, whether intimate

ceremony or grand wedding, with every

requirement catered for and astute attention to

detail. The lodge offers five-star holiday accommodation

and its country club restaurant and other facilities have

become synonymous with stylish, luxurious weddings fit

for a queen.

Palm Dune Beach Lodge also offers romantic beach

weddings, with fine dining and luxurious accommodation

to complement barefoot beach elegance. Palm Dune

has its own spa, offering massages and treatments in

preparation for the big day. A variety of menus cater for

every taste, and an in-house wedding coordinator can

work magic with the bride to create a memorable and

flawless occasion.

Simbithi Country Club’s picturesque pavilion

accommodates between 100-180 guests in banquet

style and 200 delegates in theatre-style, all within a quiet

and idyllic eco-estate setting.

Collisheen Estate has earned a reputation as a top class,

professional wedding and functions venue. The Boma

venue has a bridal salon, chapel, full reception facilities,

picturesque gardens, water feature and extensive parking.

The chapel at The Boma can seat 100 people and blinds

can be unrolled should the weather be inclement. The

Orchid House can accommodate from 40 to 140 guests

and a gazebo is erected for bad weather. The Orchid

House venue offers a B&B room as a bridal salon, and

there’s an outside gazebo wedding service option, even

more picturesque gardens, reception facilities and plenty

of parking.

Maroupi Weddings & Functions offers a family-owned

venue outside Umhlali, tucked away in rolling sugar

cane fields and surrounded by a gorgeous manicured

garden. Twelve stack doors create a flow onto the natural

surroundings while the interior design allows for multiple

configurations. The structure offers a fully equipped

kitchen, restrooms and a spacious bar area, which

extends onto a deck.

eBandla Hotel & Conference Centre, situated in a cozy

hollow, offers cushioned seating for 400 guests, who are

perfectly able to see all proceedings and hear everything

because of great acoustics, and bask under African skies on

terraced levels. The venue has 250 reserved parking bays.

Braeside Weddings & Functions, set in tranquil gardens

and amid spectacular columns of 80-year-old Norfolk

pines, offers a perfect mix of olde worlde charm and new

age elegance. The traditional garden gazebo, classic

new 300-seater reception hall, mouth-watering cuisine

and warm, family hospitality, great atmosphere, all-night

dancing and fond memories will last you a lifetime!

Kearsney Manor’s beautiful stone chapel is more than

100 years old and is surrounded by beautiful views and


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018

heartbeat of the north coast 39

maroupi weddings & events


a tranquil country setting with tremendous character and charm. The

chapel comfortably seats 100 people. For larger weddings, the ceremony

can be held in neatly manicured gardens. Wedding packages are based

on selected menus and in-house chefs prepare all meals.

Umhlali Golf Club is located on seven acres of luscious fairways –

perfect for photographs – and prides itself on personalised service with

the flexibility to tailor-make a wedding that suits individual requirements.

An outdoor gazebo is available for the ceremony and in-house catering

provides delicious meals.

Rain Farm Game & Lodge has a stone chapel flanked by beautiful

views of a game farm with animals like zebra and giraffe making an

appearance. The boma lends an ethnic feel and the main hall and terrace

have breathtaking views of a glistening rock feature. Meals are gourmet

or buffet style and a wellness spa and beauty salon is available for the

bride. Stay in either a lovely tree top tent or the main farmhouse complex,

which can accommodate up to 12 people.




prince’s grant

Chantilly Resort, just 7km from Zinkwazi’s flawless beaches, caters for

custom-made weddings of almost all sizes and provides the options of

a beach wedding through to outdoor garden weddings or a classical

chapel wedding. They offer six luxury chalets on site if you wish to spend

your honeymoon in a one-of-a-kind destination away from the hustle and

bustle of everyday life.

Prince’s Grant specialises in beach weddings as this premier golfing

estate borders 2kms of deserted beach. Wedding nuptials are also

performed in the lodge, which has 15 rooms and can accommodate

extra guests in self-catering villas on the estate. Up to 150 guests can be

catered for at a reception with cuisine that meets the highest standards.



KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018






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Going on holiday doesn’t

mean you have to leave

your faith behind. The

KwaDukuza region provides

visitors of every persuasion

with places of worship as

well as venues for camps to

rejuvenate body and spirit.

Keep the



Most denominations are represented in the main towns

and you can visit any number of churches on a Sunday.

Or why not visit the Groutville Congregational Church,

the renovated church in the small town of Groutville where

Chief Albert Luthuli lay in state and is buried?

Sunbury Christian Camp (pictured above) is located

about 10km inland from Zinkwazi Beach. The camp is open

for any evangelical/Christian organisation for camps and

one-day events. Facilities include two dormitory buildings,

a conference room, two en-suite VIP rooms for speakers

or camp leaders, a 150-seater dining hall with an outdoor

braai area, and a recreation area that includes a games

room. Volleyball, soccer, rugby, cricket, netball, squash,

swimming and a children’s playground are also available.

Alongside the Harold Johnson Nature Reserve 10km from

Zinkwazi Beach lies the Seula Zimbili Campsite, run

by the Ventures Group and available for church camps.

Up to 180 students can sleep in bungalows under the

supervision of instructors around the clock. Facilities

include a large swimming pool, dining hall, boma and

various accommodation units. Adventure activities

include abseiling, kayaking, a climbing wall, zip-lining,

quad biking and ropes courses, among others.

Set in 16 acres of fun-filled facilities with private access

to Zinkwazi lagoon and endless beaches, Sugar Bay

Holiday Camp offers church, school and holiday camps

for children aged 7-17, with quaint wooden cabins and

restful lagoon views. Facilities include a full-sized soccer

field, paintball arena, five-sided climbing tower, obstacle

course, three ropes courses, animal farm and a 25m

swimming pool. There is a grand hall, dining room, arts

and crafts complex, health centre, indoor sports hall, airconditioned

theatre and tuckshop.


Why not visit KwaDukuza’s masjid, which was officially

opened on 12 September 1974? Stanger’s first masjid, a

wood and iron structure, was built around 1903. This was

replaced by a substantial building in 1910. This masjid

was also used for madrasah education until about 1930,

when the Lindley Street madrasah was built.


There are two Hindu temples in KwaDukuza: the Stanger

Siva Temple and the Hindu Shri Sanathan Mundai

Temple. The Tinley Manor Shiva Temple dates back to

1913 and is home to more than 150 loosely interpreted

and idiosyncratically rendered sculptures of deities. The

entire community contributed to making the bricks and

mixing and casting the concrete.

Shembe Religious Sect

Every January, around two million members of Shembe

(followers of the Zulu prophet Isaiah Shembe), walk

nearly 60km barefoot over a period of three days to the

Holy Mountain of Nhlangakazi, west of Tongaat. The

Nhlangakazi pilgrimage is the most important event on

the Shembe calender and represents a quest for spiritual

upliftment. Isaiah Shembe, the founder of the church,

was the first to complete the pilgrimage in 1916, after

God summoned him to the mountain. It is said that God

spoke to Shembe as he did with Moses at Mount Sinai.

A mosque in KwaDukuza.

The Stanger

Siva Temple in


The Groutville Congregational Church

where Chief Albert Luthuli and family

are buried.


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018




One of the self-catering units at 171 Marula Drive Zimbali Coastal Resort & Estate.

The area of KwaDukuza is renowned for

its beauty, attractions and world-class

establishments. In order to keep up this

extremely high standard, the Sangweni

Tourism Centre was established where

information can be verified, accommodation scams and

poor service reported, and top notch establishments


One such establishment is the 171 Marula Drive Zimbali

Coastal Resort & Estate, which won the national and

provincial Lilizela Tourism Award in 2016 in the selfcatering

category. The Lilizela Tourism Awards are the

ultimate reward for service excellence, sustainable

tourism and entrepreneurship that set global benchmark

standards and raise the winners’ profile in South Africa

and abroad.

Former Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom told the

finalists that “you are the golden thread that holds our

industry together: you have gone beyond excellence.”

The KwaDukuza tourism sector is a subscriber to

responsible tourism, which minimises the negative

social, economic and environmental impacts, generates

greater economic benefits for local people, supports

green businesses, and enhances the well-being of

host communities. Broadly speaking, here are some

responsible tourism guidelines that the KwaDukuza

tourism sector adheres to:

• Avoid waste and overconsumption;

• Use local resources in a sustainable way;

• Maintain and encourage natural, social, economic

and cultural diversity;

• Be sensitive to the host culture;

• Involve the local community in planning and


• Assess environmental, social and economic impacts

before embarking on tourism developments; and

• Ensure that communities are involved in, and benefit

from, tourism.

Please only use accredited service providers – check if

they are registered with the Sangweni Tourist Information

Centre before making use of their services.

To complain, report or rate an establishment in the area,

please contact the Sangweni Tourist Information Centre

Tel: 032 437 5021/437 • Fax: 086 614 3513

Email: sphelelen@kwadukuza.gov.za


Complaints: complaints@tourismkwadukuza.co.za

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Ballito Pro

The Ballito Pro, presented by Billabong, will be heating

up the shores of KwaDukuza’s Willard Beach in late June/

early July. Visitors can witness the best international

surfers competing for the top title in the globe’s longest

continually running professional surfing event with nonstop

festival-related activities providing even more

entertainment throughout the Ballito festival site.

South Africa’s hottest musical acts appealing to all

tastes – rock, pop, hip hop, kwaito, electro and dance –

will be performing live on Salt Rock Beach over the last


Beach and extreme sports, culinary contests as well as

quality retail and food stalls will captivate visitors to this

coastal holiday highlight.

EASTER Beach Festival

The Vodacom Easter Beach Festival is held in Ballito

and Margate (on KZN’s South Coast) annually during

the Easter Weekend. Fun activities include the Vodacom

Miss Easter Fever Pageant, the Vodacom Treasure Hunt

as well as beach rugby and soccer tournaments. Prizes

are also up for grabs.

Soapbox Derby

Hosted by the Lions Club Ballito, the annual Soapbox

Derby in April sees the bottom end of Ballito Drive

cordoned off to allow young (and not so young)

participants to race. There is a street carnival vibe, lots to

do, plenty to eat, a host of giveaways, music and racing.

King Shaka Day Celebration

Shaka Day, or uMkhosi weLembe, celebrated on 24

September, is a day that the Zulu nation gathers en

masse in traditional dress to honour the legacy of their

Zulu King Shaka. This event remains the pinnacle of the

Zulu nation’s cultural heritage celebrations and features

His Majesty the King, King Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu, Zulu

royal families, other royal families, representatives from

the continent, amakhosi, representatives of different

spheres of government, Zulu warriors (amabutho) and

members of the general public. This commemoration

consists of the keynote address by His Majesty the

King, and the performance of war songs and dance by

amabutho. The Zulu nation also displays its rich culture

during these festivities, which attracts a number of foreign

and domestic tourists.



KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018





Above left: King Shaka Day Celebrations in KwaDukuza. Above, second from left: KwaDukuza Beach Festival. Above: Youngsters racing in the

Soapbox Derby, Ballito. Above far right: Participants in the Chief Albert Luthuli Commemorative Walk.

Chief Albert Luthuli

Commemorative Walk

In 2016, hundreds of people outside KwaDukuza

participated in the inaugural commemorative walk

organised to celebrate the legacy of Chief Albert Luthuli.

It took place on the week that Chief Luthuli passed on; he

tragically died on 21 July 1967. This year commemorates

the 50th year of his passing and the walk will form part of

a week’s activities to celebrate the farmer, priest, teacher,

leader, Nobel Peace Laureate and community builder.

There will also be a half-marathon as part of the activities.

For further information on this annual event, please check

the Luthuli Museum and Tourism KwaDukuza websites.

rage festival

Rage Festival is South Africa’s biggest and longestrunning

youth music and lifestyle festival, drawing

thousands of school-leavers over ten days at the end of

November. Each year, the festival hosts top international

superstar DJs and phenomenal local talent from around

the country – and across a variety of genres. Party to a

massive lineup at Rage’s purpose-built festival epicentre,

The Sound Factory at King’s Park Stadium, or in various

night clubs across Umhlanga and Ballito.

New Year’s Eve Party

This event achieved the undisputed status as the largest

New Year’s Eve party in South Africa, with an annual

attendance of some 13 000 people, but last year saw a

more intimate event, with only a 5 500 people limit. The

List of events


Easter Beach Festival, Willard & Salt Rock Beach

Lions Club Soap Box Derby, Ballito


Deloitte Challenge


Ballito Pro, Willard Beach, Ballito

KwaDukuza Winter Fair

Luthuli Legacy Walk


King Shaka Day Celebration, KwaDukuza

Strawberry Festival, Ballito


Rage Festival, Ballito

Summer Festival, Ballito

New Year’s Eve Street Party, Ballito

KwaDukuza Beach Festival, Willard & Salt Rock Beach

Blythedale Beach Festival

* Music festival at Sugar Rush Park held four times a year

event (now in its 14th year) boasted three dance floors,

music from the best Deep Techno, House and Electro DJs,

artisanal food trucks, longer, more decorative bars for

quicker service, a new craft beer offering, independent craft

gins, a cocktail bar, exclusive Red Square Vodka Bar ,and

the Caribbean Twist slushi bar! End the year with a bang

as Ballito becomes electric with the energy of thousands

of like-minded souls sharing in one unforgettable party!

G&G productions

Below: Rocking out at the New Year’s Eve Party in Ballito.

Right: The Rage Festival in full swing.

G&G productions

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*Canelands Beach Club 2 Shrimp Lane, Salt Rock 032 525 2300 info@canelandssaltrock.co.za www.canelandssaltrock.co.za

*Coco De Mer Boutique Hotel

63 Compensation Beach Rd,


032 946 1034 info@coco-de-mer.co.za www.coco-de-mer.co.za

*Collisheen Estate 032 815 1107/8/9 info@collisheen.co.za www.collisheen.co.za

*Ebandla Hotel & Conference Ballito – inland 032 947 2550 info@ebandlahotel.co.za www.ebandlahotel.co.za


*Hampshire Hotel Moffat Drive, Ballito 032 586 6000 sales@hampshirehotel.co.za www.hampshirehotel.co.za

*Ocean Reef Hotel 17 Magai Drive, Zinkwazi 032 485 3776 083 402 0485 gm@oceanreefhotel.com www.oceanreefhotel.co.za

*Prince's Grant

1 Babu Bodasing Ave, Prince's 032 482 0005 082 478 5702 functions@pglodge.co.za www.princesgrant.co.za


*Regal Inn Ballito Saayman Close, Ballito 032 946 0789 regalinnballito@gmail.com www.regalinnballito.co.za

*Salt Rock Hotel 1 Basil Hulett Dr, Salt Rock 032 525 5025 073 031 3883 hotel@saltrockbeach.co.za www.saltrockbeach.co.za

*Zimbali Lodge Zimbali Estate 032 538 1007 zimbali@fairmont.co.za www.suninternational.com

*Fairmont Zimbali Resort Zimbali Estate 032 538 5000 zimbali@fairmont.co.za www.fairmont.co.za


Ayer Rock Guesthouse 74 Geranium Str, Stanger 032 551 6503 082 562 3676 tickoayer@telkomsa.net www.ayerrock.co.za


Al Marrakesh 83 Hilary Dr, Ballito 032 946 0523 073 153 4451 bookings@al_marrakesh.co.za www.al_marrakesh.co.za

B&B By the Sea/Blue Waters 16 Summit Rd, Sheffield 032 525 8079 083 235 7716 bbsue@iafica.com www.bbbythesea.com

Baobab on Sea 15 Minerva Rd, Ballito 076 680 0001 baobab.guests@gmail.com www.baobabonsea.co.za

Baroque B&B 14 Dolphin Cres, Blythedale 032 551 5272 083 962 6800 leonklopper@telkomsa.net www.wheretostay.co.za/


Beachwood Cabin 5 Boundary Lane, Salt Rock 032 525 8601 084 080 9705 beachwoodcabin@gmail.com

Bethany Country Lodge Bethany Farm, Darnall 032 486 1047 082 928 8154 bethany@iafrica.com

Cecelia's Hol. Manor 139 Nkwazi Dr, Zinkwazi 032 485 3086 082 874 9596 cecelial@mweb.co.za www.cecelias.co.za

Christmas Bay 99 Colwyn Dr, Sheffield 032 525 5347 082 558 7921 m.starr@mweb.co.za

Casa Di Cattleya Guest House 65 Glen Drive, Zinkwazi 032 485 3039 083 601 0653 info@casadicattleya.co.za www.casadicattleya.co.za

Comfort House 27 Dolphin Cres, Chakas Rock 032 525 5575 082 556 9795 comfort@iafrica.com www.comforthouse.co.za

Dolphin Rock Guesthouse 1 Cuyler Rd, Sheffield 032 525 6777 083 279 0850 info@dolphinrock.com www.dolphinrock.com

Entendeni 15 Ballito Drive, Ballito 032 586 0423 082 561 1336 bookings@entendeni.co.za www.entendeni.co.za

Ezulwini Guest House 1 Allen Place, Ballito 032 586 3806 076 111 9336 mamah@webmail.co.za

Holland Farm Farm 7, Esenembi 032 942 9042 083 252 9596 guesthouse@hollandfarm.co.za www.hollandfarm.co.za

Howela Trust 13 Little Maritsburg 032 947 9000

Jubula B&B 1 Dolphin Cres, Blythedale 032 552 2448 083 599 1854 trihunt2004@yahoo.com

Kasia's 7A Marion Place, Ballito 032 946 2340 083 776 2340 skoryl@email.com www.southafrica.co.za.pl

Kearsney Manor Plot1, R74 032 552 8100 kearsney@mweb.co.za

Kufara 1 Goshawk Place, Zinkwazi 032 485 3473 076 651 2650 kufarasafari@mweb.co.za www.wheretostay/kufara

KwaEden B&B 82 Gles Dr, Zinkwazi 032 485 3934 084 555 1500 mark@kwaeden.co.za www.kwaeden.co.za


25A Dolphin Cres, Chaka's 032 525 5789 lalaria@iafrica.com


La Peng 14 Lotus Street, Deseinagar 076 680 3626 lapengkzn@telkomsa.net www.la-peng.com

Le Papillon 15 Patricia Rd, Ballito 032 946 1839 info@lepapillon.co.za www.lepapillon.co.za

Magugwane's B&B

House No. 52, Gibixhegu Str, 032 552 1793 078 209 8610 magugwanesbnb@gmail.com


Mawendi 19 Elizabeth Dr, Ballito 032 946 3204 info@mawendi.co.za

Mdoni Sunspot 1 Mdoni Rd, Salt Rock 032 525 5610 082 344 6993 stay@mdonisunspot.co.za www.mdonisunspot.co.za

Nalson's View 10 Fairway Dr, Salt Rock 032 525 5726 083 303 1533 nalsonsview@3i.co.za www.nalsonsview.co.za

Palm Land B&B

Lot 832, Moyeni Smakadeni 032 559 6902 083 484 0810 jsmkhwanazi@palmland.co.za www.palmland.co.za


Petite Provence 7 Mdoni Rd, Salt Rock 032 525 5316 082 445 5366 info@petiteprovence.co.za www.petiteprovence.co.za

Ridge Crest Salt Rock 032 525 5168

Sak ‘n Pak 49 Compensation Rd, Ballito 032 946 1585 082 493 9188/ hettie@saknpak.co.za/


082 462 7606 lizelle@saknpak.co.za

Seaforth Farm Umhlali 032 525 5217 082 770 8376 info@seaforth.co.za www.seaforth.co.za

Seascape Villa Sheffield 032 525 8527

Seaside Lodge 33 Peter Hullet Dr, Salt Rock 032 525 4103 072 240 5230 seajun@mweb.co.za www.seasidelodge.co.za

Scent from Heaven Global

6 Panorama Drive, Zinkwazi


032 485 3162 083 809 3366 scentfromheavenglobal@



Shangri La 32A Compensation Rd, Ballito 032 946 3665 071 850 1415/ brizet@futurenet.co.za



The Ballito House 14 Eland Rd, Ballito 032 586 1021 032 586 1025 info@theballitohouse.co.za www.theballitohouse.co.za

The Beach House 3 Osborne Rd, Salt Rock 032 525 8309 084 581 5573 beachhouse@saltydolphin.co.za www.saltydolphin.co.za

The Boat House 33 Compensation Rd, Ballito 032 946 0300 reservations@boathouse.co.za www.boathouse.co.za

The Guesthouse 17 Iphlala Lane, Chakas Rock 032 525 5683 083 700 0519 info@theguesthouse.co.za www.theguesthouse.co.za

*The Royal Meander Manor 627 Main Rd, Chakas Rock 032 525 8107 office@meandermanor.co.za www.meandermanor.co.za

* These venues host weddings/conferences


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018



The Saffron House 15 Robbins Rd, Salt Rock 032 525 8707 079 494 0283 info@thesaffronhouse.co.za www.thesaffronhouse.co.za

Thistle Guest House 33 Dunkirk Road, Salt Rock 032 525 6020 073 160 2120 info@thistleguesthouse.co.za www.thistleguesthouse.co.za

Tinley Manor Tinely Manor 082 572 0993

Vetho House 10 Edward Pl, Ballito 032 946 0687 082 355 2351 vethoapartments@vetho.co.za www.vethoapartments.co.za

Villa Capri 22 Marion Rd, Ballito 032 946 1681 083 379 7947 capri_villa@yahoo.com www.villacapri-ballito.com

Villa Jaime Ballito 032 946 0831 082 442 2080 stay@villajaime.com www.villajaime.com

Villa L'Apparita 2 Valley Rd, Salt Rock 032 525 7487 072 054 4569 info@lapparita.co.za www.lapparita.co.za

The Vineyard on Ballito 11 Ashley Rd, Ballito 032 946 1204 076 734 2839 info@vineyardonballito.co.za www.vineyardonballito.co.za

Wellvale Guest Lodge Wellvale Farm, Dendethu Area 032 551 9900 info@wellvale.com www.wellvale.com

Zimbali View 47 David Place, Ballito 032 586 0303 083 252 1575 stay@zimbaliview.co.za www.zimbaliview.co.za

Zuider Zee 55 Fairway Dr, Salt Rock 032 525 5012 083 412 6347 zuiderzee@worldonline.co.za www.zuiderzee.co.za

64 Ocean Drive 64 Ocean Drive, Chakas Rock 032 525 8343 082 450 0843 sbevolo@telkomsa.net www.64oceandrivebnb.co.za


Chantilly Resort Old Main Road, Darnall 083 640 0021 info@chantillyresort.com www.chantillyresort.com

Chakas Rock Chalets 68 Ocean Dr, Chakas Rock 032 525 5008 084 585 5008 beverlyn@firstresorts.co.za www.chakas-rock-chalets.


Dolphin Holiday Resort Cnr Compensation & Dolphin


032 946 2187 info@dolphinholidayresort.co.za www.dolphinholidayresort.


*La Montagne Resort 100 Compensation Rd, Ballito 0860 333 666 lamontagne@firstresorts.co.za www.lamontagne.co.za

Mini Villas

48-52 Umvoti Dr, Blythedale 032 551 1277 minivillas@mweb.co.za www.minivillas.co.za


*Palm Dune Resort 9 Umvoti Dr, Blythedale Beach 032 552 1588 stay@palmdune.co.za www.palmdune.co.za

Rain Farm Game & Lodge

Farm 9, Rain Farm, Esenembe

Rd, Umhlali Rd

032 815 1050 info@rainfarmgameandlodge.com www.rainfarmgameandlodge.com

Club Venture Esenembe Rd 032 942 8014 082 414 2448 clubventure@mweb.co.za www.clubventure.co.za

Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge 1 Mangrove Pl, Zinkwazi


032 485 3344 info@zinkwazilagoonlodge.co.za www.zinkwazilagoonlodge.


Letting Agents

AJ & J Letting 032 946 0831 083 386 3960 jprop@ballitoproperty.co.za www.ballitoproperty.co.za

A Place to Stay Ocean Dr, Chakas Rock 082 893 6952 insam@mweb.co.za www.aplace2stay.co.za

Ballito Accommodation Sandra Rd, Ballito 032 946 0180/1/2 082 788 0603 bookings@


Ballito Estates

Shop 24, Boulevard Centre,

Jack Powell Rd



032 946 2055 info@ballito-estates.co.za www.ballito-estates.co.za

Ballito.Net Shakas Rock 032 946 1678 alicia@ballito.net www.ballito.net

Bell Letting 33 Dolphin Crescnt, Blythedale 032 551 6077 082 336 6238 lisajomant@mweb.co.za www.bellacommodation.co.za

Coastal Holiday Letting Ocean Dr, Chakas Rock 032 946 2897 clubten@mweb.co.za

Cyber View Letting

18 Compensation Beach 032 946 0538 083 468 2206 cyberview@mweb.co.za www.cyberview.co.za

Road, Ballito

Driftwood Estates 1 Glen Dr, Zinkwazi 032 485 3314 082 378 3546 ewium@mweb.co.za www.driftwoodestates.co.za

Holiday at its Leisure/ 30 Challon Avenue, North 086 123 4652 0860 456 456 info@holaworld.travel.co.za www.holaworld.travel

Hola World Travel

Croft, Phoenix

Lighthouse Property Group 2 Adam Park, Garlicke Rd, 032 586 0154 lauren@lighthouse.co.za www.lighthouse.co.za


Ocean & Earth Letting Compensation Beach Rd, 032 946 1671 info@oceanandearth.co.za www.oceanandearth.co.za


Pam Golding Properties Shop 5A, Lifestyle Centre, 032 946 3430 ballito@pamgolding.co.za www.pamgolding.co.za


Paradiso Hol. Homes 17 Stella Rd, Ballito 032 946 2639 083 300 7406 holidays.m@absamail.co.za

Parsons Letting Ballito Dr, Next to Caltex 032 946 2140 letting@parsonsletting.co.za www.parsonsletting.co.za

Property 8 Seaward Estates 032 586 0814 076 515 1357 rushton.karen8@gmail.com

Family Getaways Shop 16, Balvista Centre 032 946 0737 074 587 0600 enquiries@familygetaways.co.za www.familygetaways.co.za

Sea Sun Holidays Ballito 032 946 2137 076 980 6249 seasunaccom@telkomsa.net www.seasun.co.za

Zimbali Homes Shop 10, The Well, Ballito 086 242 538 074 584 6999 rentals@zimbalihomes.com www.zimbalihomes.com

Westbrook Beach Lodge 55 North Beach Rd, Westbrook 032 943 1683/



Aloestone Lodge

117 Southward Rd, Prince's


078 999 0828/

082 821 4086



032 525 4245 083 779 9775 bridgewater@absamail.co.za www.wheretostay.co.za/


Betta Accommodation 1A Sandra Rd, Ballito 082 963 5724 harveyworldsa@gmail.com

Colwyn House

47 Colwyn Drive, Sheffield


032 525 8957 082 550 3738 vdb@ireneestate.co.za www.dolphin-coast-beachhouse.com

Dolphin Crest Accomm 246 Seaview Dr, Tinley Manor 032 554 4070 072 178 8981 dolphincrest@telkomsa.net

Dolphin View Beach House 15 Hotel Rd, Salt Rock 032 946 1459 083 375 9539 carrera@iafrica.com

Ezulweni – Simbithi

10 Ezulweni Simbithi, Chakas

082 874 9596 cecilial@mweb.co.za


Goldamer House

20 Evergreen Estates, Salt 012 991 4191 082 453 1251 goldamer@mweb.co.za


* These venues host weddings/conferences

heartbeat of the north coast 47



Howela Trust 13 Little Maritzburg, Salt Rock 032 947 9000 082 577 2072 howarde@saol.com www.howela.co.za

Kingfisher Villa 22 Ocean Dr, Chakas Rock 033 447 2434 074 196 1761 louisehill@umvoti.co.za

Linton House Shakaskraal 032 947 1459 083 255 1459 annesandybell@webmail.co.za

Nautil House 4 Seagull Rd, Zinkwazi 034 983 2610 083 423 8339 alain@princeimperial.co.za www.epictours.co.za

Sheffield Beach Boat House Sheffield Beach 032 525 4754 083 441 5083 sharrock@icon.co.za www.wheretostay.co.za/


Siyamdumisa Kearsney 032 552 8600 082 320 1894 amasuperco@telkomsa.net

Ronald Tweedie

7 Chantilly Lane, Nkwazi


Ridge, Zinkwazi Beach

Thompsons Bay Beach House 99 Ocean Dr, Shakas Rock 032 586 0167 083 628 4723 jbirch@absamail.co.za www.northcoastproperties.


Tranquility 7B Marion Pl, Ballito 033 503 1515 083 975 9058 piglet77@webmail.co.za www.wheretostay.co.za

Tropical Paradise 14 Uluwatu Village, Zimbali 011 318 3914 082 929 6726 vin@8thgreen.co.za www.seventy8.co.za

Villa Cascada Sheffield Beach 032 525 8591 rgrantham@mweb.co.za


Aah Milkwood Cottage 33 Colwyn Dr, Sheffield 032 525 5727 082 372 4291 wendi4@telkomsa.net www.wheretostay.co.za/


A-Blue Haven 1 San Tropez, Seaward Estates 082 449 8815 doreenbyres@gmail.com

African Wave Cottages 2 Osborne Rd, Salt Rock 032 525 8128 082 804 6252 sonja@africanwavecottages.co.za www.africanwavecottages.


Aggies Accommodation 39 Ocean Dr, Chakas Rock 032 525 5007 083 595 3733

Aloepoint 59 Colwyn Dr, Sheffield 032 525 5666 082 554 1466 butchermr@mweb.co.za www.wheretostay.co.za/


Alize 33 Umvoti Dr, Blythedale 032 551 3473 alize10@telkomsa.net www.wheretostay.co.za/alize

Andre van Niekerk

Alcrotiri 26, Santorini, Chakas 032 525 4335 083 291 2399 ilsa@ballitointeriors.co.za


Ballito Penthouse 7B Adrienne Rd, Ballito 032 946 0831 082 442 2080 jaime.london.co.za

9 Bay Ridge on Ballito Bay Ridge, Ballito 031 578 4812 084 578 4811 salochnee.aaron@ehhc.co.za


Lot 121, Prince's Grant, 011 477 7027 082 336 8734 bradley@northernprinters.co.za


Beach Haven @ Prince's Grant 291 Sanhills, Prince's Grant 032 482 0085 082 855 1642 pgr@iafrica.com www.beachhaven.co.za

Beach Lodge 55 North Beach Rd, Westbrook 032 943 2070 083 711 9616 beachlodgewestbrook@gmail.


Bells Bass Lodge Hillhead Farm, Shakaskraal 032 947 0929 083 449 7808 windyview@mweb.co.za

Bemuda 304

Compensation Beach Rd,


083 445 1018 taylor101268@discoverymail.co.za www.wheretostay.co.za/


Blue Waters 16 Summit Rd, Sheffield 032 525 8079 083 253 7716 bbsue@iafrica.com www.bbbythesea.com

Brizet Cottages 32A Compensation Rd, Ballito 032 946 3665 082 499 3682 brizet@futurenet.co.za www.shangri-la.com

C-Flats 12 Flamboyant Ave, Westbrook 032 943 3156 082 920 2188

Catfish Ocean Dr, Chakas Rock 083 448 0931 elitza.marais@lgnet.org.za

Chrissy's Ocean Watch Wild Waves 11, Blythedale 032 551 6077 082 336 6238 lisajomant@mweb.co.za


96 Colwyn 96 Colwyn Drive, Sheffield 032 525 4785 078 765 6623 cvoysey72@gmail.com


Cowrie Sea Cottage 22B Ashley Rd, Ballito 032 946 1255 083 268 1620 houseofjade@telkomsa.net www.cosmicwhirled.co.za

Doreen Coetzee

33 Malibu Beverley Estate, 032 946 3424 082 786 3130 timdor@telkomsa.net


Elegance by the Sea

47 Maliby, Beverley Hills, 035 901 3298 084 330 1910 bothmasnr@telkomsa.net


Gills Accommodation

102A Compensation Beach 032 525 4056 083 461 6286 gillcam@telkomsa.net

Rd, Ballito

Golden Rewards 56 Umvoti Dr, Blythedale Beach 032 946 3869 083 270 9181 javic@telkomsa.net

Fig Tree Cottage/Wild Fig 17 Robbins Rd, Salt Rock 032 525 5123 082 377 8529 hutchison@iafrica.com

Fig Trees Lodge 10 Short Rd, Chakas Rock 032 525 4020 083 344 2000 figtrees@webstorm.co.za

Fisherman's Rest 22 Salmon Pl, Blythedale 032 551 1862 083 453 6230 fishrenald@telkomsa.net

Idwala Lodge 1 Wetherley Cres, Zinkwazi 031 563 0028 082 377 0541 mail@edstan.com www.wheretostay.co.za/


Lala Ilanga 7 Roger Pl, Ballito 032 946 1068 078 524 4690 joeleen@lalailanga.co.za www.lalailanga.co.za

12 Kallisti Santorini, Ocean Dr, Chakas


Lobster on Sea

32 Lobster Crescent, Seatides,


Manor Beach

Compensation Beach Rd,


011 706 2767 083 656 2196 jshochs@iafrica.com www.sa.venues.com/


072 227 2871

032 946 0538 083 468 2206 cyberview@mweb.co.za www.manorbeachballito.co.za

Michael's Nook 7A Sandra Rd, Ballito 032 946 2353 082 374 1448 jgross@absamail.co.za www.wheretostay.co.za/


100 Nkwazi 100 Nkwazi Dr, Zinkwazi Beach 082 447 9563 cfp@vodamail.co.za www.wheretostay.co.za/


Ocean Blue 12 Minerva Rd, Ballito 032 946 1411 072 062 5543 admin@oblue.co.za www.oblue.co.za


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018



Ocean Gorge 53 Ocean Dr, Chakas Rock 032 525 5760 082 798 3522 leon@oceangorge.co.za www.oceangorge.co.za

Plumbago Cottage 17 Iphlala Lane, Chakas Rock 032 525 5683 083 700 0519 info@theguesthouse.co.za www.theguesthouse.co.za

Polonez Accommodation 57 Hilary Dr, Ballito 032 946 0268 032 946 3587 polonez@mailbox.co.za

206 @ Sabuti Block J, 206 Sabuti, Tamboti 051 991 0477 082 799 1900 prashant@pi-media.co.za

Dr, Simbithi Eco Estate

16 Sea Haven 16 Seahaven, Giselle Rd,


039 747 4752 082 568 3659 kromdrift@gmail.com www.wheretostay.co.za/


Sea Cottage Zinkwazi 083 265 9651 wendy@seacottage.co.za

Sea Cove Lodge 10 Bonito Rd, Blythedale 032 552 5798 083 307 0211 seacovelodge@gmail.com www.wheretostay.co.za/


Seascape Villa 3 Sheffield Rd 032 525 8527 082 569 7242 dijon@seascape.co.za

Sentosa Cottage 14 Garden Rd, Salt Rock 082 411 4156 julieb1@gmail.com

Siyaphola Lodge Zimbali Beach Estate 031 266 5205 082 886 0486 russell@siyapholalodge.co.za

Ssum Accommodation 10 Protea Rd, Warrenton, 032 551 2840 082 928 9245 sue@dcr.co.za


Sugarberry Accommodation 53 Oceanview Dr, Tinley Manor 082 456 8821 treasureisland@absamail.co.za www.wheretostay.co.za/


508 The Boulders Compensation Beach Rd,


082 651 2837 rianamaritz58@gmail.com www.wheretostay.co.za/


The Cottages 67 Townsend Rd, Ballito deenaafricansun@aol.co

The Golf House 7 Plantation Pl, Prince's Grant 032 482 0079 079 291 1477 info@thegolfhouse.co.za www.thegolfhouse.co.za

The Grange 3

92B Compensation Beach Rd, 035 450 5000 082 321 3631 thegrange3@gmail.com


The Royal Quarter 4 Lindsay Road, Ballito 032 946 0334 084 511 9365 kasia@theroyalquarter.co.za www.theroyalquarter.co.za

Thira Santorini

Santorini, Ocean Dr, Chakas


032 538 1047 076 480 2565 rbryant@iafrica.com www.ballito/accommodation.


Vallen Lodge

Compensation Beach Rd, 033 394 3775 083 445 1018 walzy@discovery.co.za www.oceanandearth.co.za


Villa Rand 2 Club Rd, Salt Rock 032 525 5381 082 442 903 villarand@yebo.co.za

Villa Sea'Esta 9 Sandra Rd, Ballito 032 946 0785 082 825 4890 bruac@yebo.co.za

Zuider Zee 55 Fairway Dr, Salt Rock 032 525 5012 083 412 6347 zuiderzee@worldonline.co.za www.zuiderzee.co.za


Ballito Backpackers Sandra Rd, Ballito 032 946 2680 082 822 7119 ongers@iafrica.com www.ballito.net

Dolphin Holiday Resort Dolphin Cres, Ballito 032 946 2187 info@dolphinholidayresort.co.za www.dolphinholidayresort

Monkey Bay Backpackers 9C Jack Powell Rd, Ballito 071 348 1278 monkeybaybackpackers@gmail.




Salt Rock Caravan Park 1 Basil Hulett Dr, Salt Rock 032 525 5025 hotel@saltrockbeach.co.za www.saltrockbeach.co.za

Secret Spot Surf Camp Farm Z4, Chakas Rock 082 495 9811 info@secretspot.co.za www.secretspot.co.za

Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge 1 Mangrove Pl, Zinkwazi


032 485 3344 info@zinkwazilagoonlodge.co.za www.zinkwazilagoonlodge


Name Tel Cell Email WeBsite

Coastline Cabs 083 621 6181 umhlangacoastline@gmail.co.za

Cobecha Tours, Transfers & Safaris 032 525 4524 082 879 0102 info@cobechatours-safaris.co.za www.cobechatours-safaris.co.za

DGM Coach Tours 032 551 2274

Dolphin Coast Tourist Services 032 946 1013 083 431 2749 dolphincoasttouristservices@kznmail.co.za

Dream Safaris 032 946 1013 083 497 5274 norma@dreamsafais.co.za www.dreamsafaris.co.za

Easy Rainbow Safaris (Bike Tours) 032 946 3271 073 482 5017 brigitte@easyrainbow.co.za www.jointeffort.co.za

Flamingo Cabs 079 763 2081 kenneth@flamingocabs.co.za

Fever Tree Tours & Shuttles 032 552 3454 083 303 2568 info@fevertreetours.co.za www.fevertreetours.co.za

Golfrica (Golf Tours) 032 586 0375 072 879 9699 chris.sayer@golfrica.com www.golfrica.com

HW Ngidi Tours cc 082 488 0594 hlakaniphani.ngidi@gmail.com www.zulu.org.za

Indigo Travel 084 207 8441

Lephalo Trading and Tours 071 059 9187 lephalotrading@outlook.com

Lighthouse Cabs 083 440 8650 lighthousecabs@telkomsa.net

Madiya Tourism and Travel 073 193 6815 083 988 3491 nnonkwelo@deloitte.co.za

Maharaj Coach – Taxi Tours 032 551 6280 083 235 8462 maharajcoach-taxitours@mtnloaded.co.za

Ntombilele Travel 082 868 7376 ntombilele@polka.co.za

Ndlovini Tours & Transfers 079 519 2262 info@ndlovinitours.co.za www.ndlovinitours.co.za

Phumthe Tours and Travel 074 532 0616 phumthe.holdings@gmail.com www.phumthetours.co.za

heartbeat of the north coast 49




Crocodile Creek Tongaat 032 944 3845

Flag Animal Farm Umhlali 032 947 2018

Ndlondlo Reptile Park Ballito 082 561 4969/079 453 3557

Pottery Gallery/Burndale Umhlali 032 947 1230


Bings Birding North Coast 083 540 3344

Tranquility Bird Hide KwaDukuza 032 437 2222

Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge Zinkwazi 032 485 3344


Redwoods Riding School Esenembe 083 301 5532

Zimbali Horse Rides Ballito 032 538 5000


Luthuli Museum Groutville 032 559 6822

KwaDukuza Museum KwaDukuza 060 795 3807

King Shaka Visitor Centre KwaDukuza 032 552 7210


*Darnall Country Club Darnall 032 486 1207

*Prince's Grant Estate KwaDukuza 032 482 0005

*Simbithi Golf Club Chaka’s Rock 032 525 4632

*Umhlali Country Club Umhlali 032 947 1181

Zimbali Golf Estate Zimbali 032 538 5000


Ballito Microlight School Ballito 082 659 5550

Microlight Flights Ballito 084 266 3359



Name Tel Cell Email WeBsite

Sabona Africa Safaris 082 938 3509 sabonaafrica@gmail.com www.sabonaafrica.com

Sheriffs Shuttle Services 032 947 2283 078 687 3177

Sibusiso Ngubane Tour Services 082 561 9090 sbu.ngubane@gmail.com

Sunbird Tours 082 256 0006 bowditch@mweb.co.za

Tourism Planning Africa 032 525 8246 082 924 5774 mike@mikemac.org www.beachreservations.org

Ubuntu Adventure Tours 079 505 3099 073 854 8776 info@ubuntuadventuretours.co.za www.ubuntuadventuretours.co.za

Ulwandle Travel, Tours & Shuttles 079 479 6373 076 494 2930 ulwandletoursandshuttle@vodamail.co.za

Zulu Sun Safaris 032 946 0265 082 552 5745 zulusun@absamail.co.za

Shaka Zulu Shuttle Services 032 947 2225 083 355 1998 subaan@hotmail.co.za

Makabongwe Tours 032 559 8015 072 941 6099/

084 409 5964

Durban Shuttle Service 082 831 4503

Jisaka 032 551 5698 084 655 6605 jisakatravel@gmail.com www.jisakatravels.webs.com

King Shaka Airport Shuttle 074 790 7505

Shalom Shuttle 082 220 7538 errol.kleingeld1@gmail.com

Zulu Sun Safaris 032 946 0265 082 552 5745 zulusun@absamail.co.za

Ollies Shuttle Services 032 586 0768 082 857 7488 ollieolivier@mweb.co.za


Name Tel Cell Email WeBsite

Alpha Car Rental 084 463 8463 sabashen@alphacarrental.co.za www.alphacarrental.co.za

Avis Rent a Car 032 946 1055/6 073 211 3720 avisballito@telkomsa.net

Boss Vehicle Hire 032 551 4904 083 786 4299 bosshiring@webmail.co.za www.coastallimos.co.za

Coastal Limousine Hire 032 945 3475 073 524 7814 vireshen@coastallimos.co.za

Citi Rent Car Hire 032 525 8490/92 084 879 8917 info@citicarhire.co.za www.citicarhire.co.za

Palm Dune Beach Lodge Blythedale 032 552 1588

Sugar Rush Park Ballitoville 079 528 4665

* These venues host weddings/conferences


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018



Holla Trails Ballito 079 528 4665


Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge Zinkwazi 032 485 3344


Club Venture Ballito 082 414 2448

Segway Gliding Tours Durban 083 456 8507


Secret Spot Surf Camp Ballito 073 268 4085


Cappeny Estate (Strawberry) Esenembe Road 032 815 1168

Litchi Orchard Umhlali 032 525 5118


iLembe Arts and Craft Ballito 032 946 1256

Leanne’s Fine Art Umhlali 032 947 1165

The Pottery Gallery Umhlali 073 079 7315/082 940 3399


Sappi Paper Mill KwaDukuza 032 437 2222


Dirty Harry Hunting Tours Ballito 082 579 3878



Carlson Wagonlit Travel Ballito 032 946 3400

Chandini Travel & Tours KwaDukuza 032 551 2800

Flight Centre Ballito 032 946 3058

Harvey World Travel Ballito 032 946 2176

Home & Away KwaDukuza 032 551 1161

Macomber Incentive and Travel Sheffield Beach 076 7805 327

iTravel Smart Salt Rock 032 525 6660



Lifestyle Centre Ballito 032 946 3923 www.ballitolifestyle.co.za

Tiffany’s Salt Rock 032 525 8032 www.saltrockshopping.co.za

Ballito Junction Ballito 032 586 1130 www.ballitojunction.co.za

Boulevard Shopping Centre Ballito 032 946 2680

Sage Centre Umhlali 032 525 8059 www.sagecafe.co.za

The Well Ballito 082 448 6449

Gateway Theatre of Shopping Umhlanga 031 514 0572 www.gatewayworld.co.za

UShaka Mall Stanger 032 947 1749

Ballito Bay Mall Ballito Drive 032 946 3905

The Quarter Ballito 031 539 1036 www.thequarterballito.co.za

sangweni tourist infoRMATION CENTRE

Being a tourist in unknown territory needn’t be daunting if you

know where to go and who to ask. The Sangweni Tourist

Information Centre is just the place to get your bearings and put

your mind at ease. You can find information on accommodation

options, activities and attractions in the area and beyond – as

far as the borders of KwaZulu-Natal. Two helpful information

officers are on hand to show you where you are on an enlarged

map and give you directions to get to where you want to go.

Ask them for advice, guidance, travel tips, translators and tour

operators – you name it, they can hook you up! You will also

have access to local newspapers and magazines, brochures

and pocket maps, as well as route information, entertainment

offerings, tides timetables and directories. Or browse through

the new curio shop for an authentic taste of local craftsmanship

and afterwards enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the new

coffee shop next door. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here!

Useful Information

The dialling code for the region is 032. THE INTERNATIONAL DIALLING CODE IS (+27)

Sangweni Tourist Information Centre

Tel: 032 437 5021/437 5183

Corner of Ballito Drive and Link Road, Ballito

Email: sphelelen@kwadukuza.gov.za



Tourism KwaZulu-Natal

Ithala Trade Centre, 29 Canal Quay (Signal) Road, Point,

Durban, 4001

Tel: 031 366 7500

Email: info@zulu.org.za



Ilembe District Municipality: KwaDukuza/Stanger

Tel: 032 437 9300



KwaDukuza Local Municipality

Tel: 032 437 5000



The North Coast enjoys a warm, subtropical climate for

most of the year. Summer (Oct-Apr) temperatures are hot,

from 24-30 0 C and winter temperatures average 20 0 C. Sea

temperatures vary from 25 0 C in summer to 18 0 C in winter.

The average rainfall for the year is in the order of 900mm.

Approximate Distances from Ballito





Richards Bay









The KwaDukuza region has a population of 231 187 (2011).


Banking hours are Mon-Fri 09h00-15h30 and Sat 08h30-

11h00. Automated teller machines (ATMs) operate 24/7 and

can be found in most shopping centres.


To exchange cheques for cash at foreign exchange dealers,

you must present a valid passport. Thomas Cook and

American Express travellers’ cheques can be cashed at all

banks, bureaux de change and at some hotels. Remember

that all money transactions that involve foreign exchange

must be done by authorised dealers. In terms of exchange

control regulations, it is illegal to buy or sell foreign currency

to anyone except an authorised dealer.

Standard Bank (Ballito, KwaDukuza) 0860 101 341

Bidvest Bank Rennies (Ballito)

(King Shaka Airport)

Travelex (Ballito)

(King Shaka Airport)

Absa (King Shaka Airport)



032 946 3815

032 436 2625

032 586 0052

011 390 1610

031 408 1408

032 946 5200

031 551 9600

SARS customs services 0800 00 7277

Credit Cards

Most department stores, shops, hotels and restaurants

accept international credit cards, i.e. American Express,

VISA, Diners Club, Mastercard.


The currency in South Africa is the Rand. Bank notes are

R200, R100, R50, R10 and coins are R5, R2, R1, 50c, 20c,

10c and 5c. There are 100c in R1.


14% tax is charged on most purchased goods and services.

However, foreign tourists are able to reclaim this money on

their departure from the country provided that the goods

purchased exceed R250. Ask for more information at the

King Shaka International Airport: 032 436 0035.

Official Languages

English and Zulu are the most widely spoken languages.


Stanger Provincial 032 437 6000

Alberlito (Ballito) 032 946 6700

Umhlanga Hospital 031 560 5500


Ballito Library 032 437 5569

Umhlali Salt Rock Library 032 525 4487

Shakaskraal Library 032 947 2190

KwaDukuza Main Library 032 551 3959

Stanger Manor Library 032 437 5076


Crime Stop 086 001 0111

Ballito Control Room 032 946 2711

Emergency Call Centre (Enquiries) 032 946 3188


Ballito 032 946 2711/3188

KwaDukuza 032 437 5080


Ballito 032 947 9900

KwaDukuza 032 551 8200

Umhlali 032 947 9900

Ballito UIP 086 111 1588

crime stop toll free

08600 10111



Ballito, Stanger, Blythedale,


10 177

Life Guards Ballito 032 946 8029/

032 946 8000

Weather Office 082 233 9500


KwaDukuza Visitor’s Guide 2017/2018


Virginia Airport, Durban for

helicopter charter/rides

031 563 7101/

031 563 9513/1543

King Shaka Aviation 031 563 7226

King Shaka International Airport 032 436 0035

airport shuttle services

See page 50

Post Offices

Ballito 032 946 0155

KwaDukuza (Stanger) 032 551 2900

water issues

Siza Water 032 946 7200

iLembe Water & Sanitation 032 437 9379

electricity 032 437 5000


The region is free of Malaria. It is, however, advisable

to take precautions when visiting the low-lying areas of

coastal Zululand and Maputaland, especially close to the

Mozambique and Swaziland borders.

Requirements for entering South Africa

You will need the following to visit South Africa:

• A valid passport or travel document for your intended stay;

• At least one blank page in your passport for endorsements;

• A valid visa, if required;

• Sufficient funds to pay for your day-to-day expenses during

your stay;

• A return or onward ticket;

• Yellow fever certificates if your journey starts or entails

passing through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South


• Amended allowances now require South African children

travelling through South African borders to have their

parents’ identification and citizenship details printed in

their passports, doing away with the requirement to carry

unabridged birth certificates on entry or exit;

• For inbound travellers, the proof of original birth certificates

or certified copies is only be required during the visa

application process; and

• Travellers from visa-exempt countries travelling with children

are strongly advised to bring with them proof of the relation

and consent from the absent parents or guardians.

Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more

information: www.dha.gov.za.


A visa will allow you to travel to a South African port of entry where

an immigration official will then determine if you are allowed to

enter and for how long you may stay. Visitors are restricted to the

activity or reason for which their visas were issued. On entry, a visa

is considered to be a visitor’s permit. The permit’s period of validity

is calculated from the date of entry. You must ensure that you apply

for the correct visa/permit. Entry into the country may be refused if

the purpose of the visit was not correctly stated. Each application

is treated as an individual case and you should make enquiries with

your nearest South African mission, consulate abroad or any office

of the Department of Home Affairs. Chinese tourists travelling

to South Africa can now have their visitor’s visa applications

submitted by certain accredited tour operators, and no longer have

to do so in person. A visa waiver has been granted for ordinary

passport holders of the Russian Federation for a period of 90 days.

In 2016, the Department of Home Affairs approved the granting

of 10-year multiple entry visas to business people and academics

from Africa. Those looking to renew their visa while in the country

must do so 60 days before the current one expires. Fines will no

longer be charged for overstaying. Persons who overstay for a

prescribed number of times will be declared as undesirable. Is it

no longer possible to change from a Visitor’s Visa to another visa

category within South Africa.

For more information, please contact the Home Affairs

Office in KwaDukuza: 032 551 9203 or visit: www.dha.gov.za

King Shaka International Airport


Sangweni Tourist Information Centre

Tel: 032 437 5021/437 5183

Corner of Ballito Drive and Link Road, Ballito

Email: sphelelen@kwadukuza.gov.za



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