FS Austria Event Programme 2016

Official event programme containing information on the competition, site plan and competing teams.

Official event programme containing information on the competition, site plan and competing teams.


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Foreword 4<br />

The <strong>FS</strong>A Team 6<br />

Our partners 8<br />

Formula Student 13<br />

Disciplines 14<br />

<strong>Event</strong> Schedule 16<br />

Competing Teams 17<br />

Site Plan<br />

32 (Centerfold)<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 3



Attention all teams,<br />

Dear friends of Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong>,<br />

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome all of you to this<br />

years’ Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> (<strong>FS</strong>A) event.<br />

Oh, how time flies...this year <strong>FS</strong>A is already<br />

held for the 8th time, and for the 6th time at our<br />

current location, the Red Bull Ring. Many of the<br />

<strong>FS</strong>A organizers have been in the <strong>FS</strong> game for<br />

10 years or more, but the great atmosphere and<br />

spirit of <strong>FS</strong> and <strong>FS</strong>A especially still makes it an<br />

enjoyable and unique experience every year.<br />

This year we have again implemented many<br />

gradual improvements at the event, most of<br />

them behind the scenes where they make the<br />

vent run more smoothly. Much more apparent changes are<br />

the embiggened areas for the statics (Design & Cost) which<br />

should provide you with a less cramped experience during<br />

judging and also the much roomier scrutineering box.<br />

Another <strong>FS</strong>A first is the availability of an on-site welding<br />

service kindly provided by SLV.<br />

There was also a change in the management of <strong>FS</strong>A, Martin<br />

Matzer, who led the organizing team for the past three<br />

seasons retired and handed the lead to Christoph Hirt.<br />

Speaking of the steering committee, if you look at the following<br />

pages you will notice that <strong>FS</strong>A seems to be run by<br />

just 6 people. This is only partly true. Indeed, for most of<br />

the year the steering committee keeps <strong>FS</strong>A running, but it<br />

would be utterly impossible for us to run an <strong>FS</strong> <strong>Event</strong>, let<br />

alone one like <strong>FS</strong>A without the support of lots and lots of<br />

helping hands from all over the world. Therefore we would<br />

like to thank all of the reviewers, judges, scrutineers and<br />

other staff members who sacrifice their free time and<br />

bring their experience, expertise and passion to <strong>FS</strong>A and<br />

make this event possible (and awesome!).<br />

Another big „Thank you“ has to go out to all the teams<br />

(you!) who chose to come to <strong>FS</strong>A and make it<br />

one of the most competitive <strong>FS</strong> events in the<br />

world. Especially in a season like this, with an<br />

<strong>FS</strong> event every week from July, 14th till the<br />

28th of August this cannot be taken for granted<br />

and is a big honor for us,<br />

But since making <strong>FS</strong>A happen on good spirits<br />

and motivation alone is not possible, we also<br />

teamed up with partners and supporters in the<br />

industrial sector. They not only help make <strong>FS</strong>A<br />

a reality, they can also offer you the possibility to graduate<br />

from <strong>FS</strong> into an interesting and fulfilling job in engineering,<br />

Many of them are on-site so go talk to them and see what<br />

carreer options they can offer you!<br />

That leaves little more to say than wishing you good luck<br />

for the event; have fun; and maybe find some new friends!<br />

Best regards and keep on racing,<br />

Lukas Raschendorfer<br />

& The <strong>FS</strong>A Team<br />

For live timing & coverage<br />

of the event go to<br />

> fsaustria.at/live<br />

„As a former formula student team member it<br />

is great to see the world from the other side.“<br />

4 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

www.avl.com/racing<br />


THE <strong>FS</strong>A TEAM<br />

Formally known as the <strong>FS</strong>A Steering Committee<br />

Christoph Hirt | <strong>Event</strong> Manager<br />

Christoph HIRT<br />

Taking the torch from former lead Martin Matzer Christoph<br />

Hirt is determined to further <strong>FS</strong>As lead in the „small but<br />

mighty“ class of <strong>FS</strong>AE events. He hit the [<strong>FS</strong>AE] ground<br />

running during the formation of an <strong>FS</strong>E Team 2009 and<br />

joined <strong>FS</strong>A in 2013.<br />

Christoph Lorenzutti | Sponsor Relations, Scoring<br />

Part of the <strong>FS</strong>AE circus since 2005, Christoph can look back<br />

on a lot of experience in the series. Working on aquiring<br />

new supporters for <strong>FS</strong>A throughout the year, his main responsibility<br />

at the event is the scoring system.<br />

Christoph LORENZUTTI<br />

Ralph Moser | IT, Timing, HR<br />

Ralph MOSER<br />

As <strong>FS</strong>A‘s tame IT professional, Ralph makes sure that all<br />

the electronic systems at the event, from timing to team<br />

internet, play nice. During the rest of the year his responsibility<br />

is recruiting the staff and judges, without whom <strong>FS</strong>A<br />

would not be possible.<br />

Michael Müller | Dynamics<br />

Former <strong>FS</strong>AE Team Manger and powertrain guy, Michael<br />

has the oversight over all of the dynamics. During the night<br />

you may catch a glimpse of him placing cones and making<br />

the very special <strong>FS</strong>A course a reality.<br />

Michael MÜLLER<br />

6 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

Lukas Raschendorfer | Rules, International Relations<br />


After multiple years as "Sparkie" for both C&E <strong>FS</strong>AE cars,<br />

Lukas joined <strong>FS</strong>A and is now responsible for the rules,<br />

also taking <strong>FS</strong>A‘s chair in the <strong>FS</strong>AE world committee.<br />

A racecar engineer by day, a designer by night he also creates<br />

most of <strong>FS</strong>A‘s graphical designs.<br />

Benjamin Möller | Rules, Head Scrutineer<br />

With several years of experience as C- and E-car team<br />

captain as well as <strong>FS</strong>G & <strong>FS</strong>A scrutineer, Benjamin joined<br />

the <strong>FS</strong>A Steering Committe for the <strong>2016</strong> event. He is responsible<br />

for the interpretation of the more technical parts<br />

of the rulebook as well as the technical inspection at the<br />

event.<br />

Benjamin MÖLLER<br />

A whole lot of Volunteers | Making <strong>FS</strong>A happen<br />

Six guys may be enough to organize the event, but to actually<br />

run the event a much greater number of people is<br />

needed. This is where all of our red-shirted volunteers<br />

step in and take over all the tasks from scrutineering to<br />

fetching the cones that were ungently removed from their<br />

positions.<br />

Like the steering committee, they are all volunteers, dedicating<br />

their free time and holidays to providing you a great<br />

experience.<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 7

Our partners<br />

AVL is the world’s largest privately owned company for development,<br />

simulation and testing technology of powertrains (hybrid,<br />

combustion engines, transmission, electric drive, batteries and<br />

software) for passenger cars, trucks and large engines.<br />

Currently operating 6.200 employees in 45 locations worldwide,<br />

with a turnover of Eur 1.015 million, the proportion of company-financed<br />

research is approx. 12.5%.<br />

Every day AVL is developing cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We are pushing ahead to realize visions and set new standards.<br />

We are looking for people who have the drive for excellence and the ambition to become part of an advanced team of<br />

professionals. For those who join us, the opportunities are endless.<br />

www.avl.com/career<br />

Mentor Automotive engineering software tools enables<br />

the global automotive industry, as well as making software<br />

grants to Formula Student teams. Established in 1981, Mentor<br />

has sales of $1.2 billion and global R&D sites including in Germany.<br />

Mentor tools are available in these categories:<br />

VeSys & Capital for Electrical Systems, Cabling & Harness<br />

• Flowmaster for 1D CFD (fluid and thermal, excellent for EV cooling analysis<br />

• FloEFD for 3D-integrated CFD integrated inside popular 3D CAD SW.<br />

• PADS for PCB design - excellent auto-routing capability<br />

• Hyperlynxfor PCB Reliability Checking -, lowers risk of endurance event failures<br />

• SystemVision for Electrical Systems Simulation - for electrical simulation, ties to Simulink®<br />

• CodeBench Embedded Software - tools- for coding/debug support for ARM-core ECUs<br />

• Nucleus RTOS for Embedded Software automotive-grade RTOS with CAN support<br />

• Volcano for Automotive Networking tools - simulation for CAN vehicle networks)<br />

www.mentor.com/automotive<br />

www.mentor.com/company/higher_ed<br />

8 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

Driving excellence. Inspiring innovation.<br />

Magna is one of the most diversified automotive suppliers in<br />

the world and designs, engineers and manufactures a variety of<br />

products including body, chassis, exterior, seating, powertrain,<br />

electronic, vision, closure and roof systems and modules, as well<br />

as complete vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing. Our<br />

diverse product expertise makes us an ideal partner for young<br />

engineers and enables us to share best practices on all aspects of the vehicle development process. With more than 300<br />

locations across 29 countries, we invite you to network with our global team and learn more about the fast-paced nature of<br />

the automotive industry.<br />

JOHAM & Partner GmbH<br />

You are an engineer and searching for a job?<br />

We can help you to find the job you love. We are a job agency<br />

located in Graz-Seiersberg and find jobs for engineers in areas<br />

such as: IT, mechanical engineering, automation, and electrical<br />

engineering. Our cooperation with many international companies<br />

located in Styria offers you a wide range of jobs, which<br />

gives you a good chance to find the one you are happy with. 15<br />

years of expert knowledge distinguish us from our competitors and make us your reliable partner in your job hunt.<br />


Our services:<br />

• CV checks<br />

• Advocate and bridge-builder for attractive jobs<br />

• Job mediation<br />

• Consulting and orientation aid<br />

• Our service is free of charge for you<br />

Get more information and find our jobs on johampartner.at and like us on Facebook<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 9

KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG, with its headquarters in Mattighofen,<br />

is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motorsport<br />

vehicles.<br />

Our product portfolio ranges from race-ready offroad and<br />

street motorcycles to ATVs and the lightweight X-Bow sports<br />

car, as well as PowerParts and PowerWear.<br />

Qualified and highly-motivated employees are our most important success factor.<br />

So if you share our passion and would like to accomplish your own aims with KTM, visit<br />

www.ktm.com.<br />

DEWESoft® is one of the most innovative total solution<br />

data acquisition companies on the market. The vision of the<br />

company is to have single easy to use software package with<br />

highly integrated hardware capable of doing any kind of measurements.<br />

With having the whole chain in hands from hardware<br />

design, manufacturing and software design to global<br />

sales, marketing and technical support we are covering many different applications in Automotive, Aerospace & Defence,<br />

Power, General Industry, Transportation and Civil engineering. Our motivation and inspiration for the future comes from<br />

great relations established with our customers worldwide.<br />

We are really proud to say that people are the biggest asset of the company. Our team consists of highly educated and motivated<br />

people, who are passionate about their work and share the same vision. Due to extremely fast grow and gaining big<br />

market recognition, we are always looking for bright talents to join our global team.<br />


http://www.dewesoft.com/<br />

Grazerstrasse 7<br />

Social media:<br />

8062 Kumberg https://www.facebook.com/DEWESoft-184975818205514<br />

<strong>Austria</strong><br />

Tel: +43 3132 2252<br />

Mubea Carbo Tech’s main focus is on complete consistency<br />

from the projection through to construction, strength design,<br />

model building, mold making and final testing. In this way the<br />

customer has a partner for a cost-efficient total solution, whether<br />

it’s the manufacture of a single prototype or a whole series. In<br />

order to manufacture high-end composites, extensive hardware<br />

and software solutions are required. That´s the reason why we<br />

are a “Tier 1” supplier.<br />

10 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

Measuring and testing: the guiding principal is the basic need for<br />

safety. Questions regarding current, voltage, resistance and energy<br />

are essential for the reliable evaluation of electrical processes.<br />

Our products, system solutions and services are conceptualized<br />

and developed for the fields of:<br />

• Electrical measuring and test technology<br />

• Energy management<br />

• Measuring transducers<br />

• Control technology<br />

• Power supply technology<br />

• Recording technology<br />

• Customer service<br />

Consistent alignment to our customers’ requirements has resulted in our positioning as a worldwide market leader. This has<br />

made many things easier for our customers. A broad spectrum including consulting, project engineering, products, training<br />

and services: We offer everything from a single source. We’re well known all over the world for successful implementation<br />

of customer-specific solutions. We’d like to make work easier for you in the future as well with innovative products, system<br />

solutions and services.<br />

office@gmc-instruments.at<br />

www.gmc-instruments.at<br />

Riedel Communications was founded in 1987 and today employs<br />

over 350 people spread over 12 locations in Europe, Australia, Asia<br />

and the Americas. The company operates in three business fields:<br />

Manufacturing: Riedel designs, manufactures and distributes the<br />

most sophisticated intercom, fiber, audio and radio technology for<br />

customers worldwide in the broadcast, pro-audio, event, sports and<br />

theatre industries.<br />

Rental Service: The rental service provides wired and wireless intercom solutions, IT infrastructure for events, accreditation<br />

& ticketing systems as well as radio and fibre-based audio and video transmission systems. Riedel offers extensive services<br />

including project planning, logistics, set-up and operation.<br />

Radio Distribution: Riedel is one of the biggest authorized Motorola business partners in Europe and operates one of the<br />

biggest radio rental businesses worldwide.<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 11

Advanced Engineeering Software for Industry &<br />

for Formula Student Teams Worldwide<br />

www.mentor.com/automotive<br />

12 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>


Scope and Martin History MATZER<br />

„The Formula SAE ® Series competitions challenge<br />

teams of university undergraduate and graduate students<br />

to conceive, design, fabricate, develop and compete<br />

with small, formula style, vehicles.“<br />

Formula SAE Rule A1.1: Competition Objective<br />

The roots of formula student lie in 1970s Texas, as a<br />

variant to the already existing Mini Baja (competition<br />

for lawnmower-powered offroad vehicles). The idea<br />

resonated well and after a few establishing years, Formula<br />

SAE was introduced as a design competition with a very<br />

open ruleset and also much more "race" appeal since the<br />

cars were allowed to have engines with siginficant power<br />

comapred to the spec‘d single cylinders in Baja.<br />

The event quickly picked up momentum, and in 1998 it<br />

made the jump over the big pond when Formula Student<br />

UK was the first non-US competition to be held. Soon other<br />

followed and today there are eight official competitions all<br />

over the World:<br />

• Formula SAE Michigan<br />

• Formula SAE Lincoln<br />

• Formula SAE Australasia<br />

• Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong><br />

• Formula SAE Brazil<br />

• Formula Student Germany<br />

• Formula SAE Italy<br />

• Formula Student (UK)<br />

Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> was founded in 2009 by alumni<br />

of both UAS and TU Graz. The European Formula Student<br />

Scene has been growing rapidly since around 2007 and<br />

there was not only room but need for another competition<br />

besides UK, Germany and Italy. The reception of the event<br />

was quite good, so over the years it grew to its present<br />

size of 42 participants, also necessitating the move from<br />

the Wachauring in Melk to the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.<br />

Also, it was one of the first events to allow the 2010-introduced<br />

Formula student vehicles to compete, for some<br />

years even against each other. Starting <strong>2016</strong>, however,<br />

this was dropped and replaced by a split scoring with two<br />

classes (Combustion/Electric) due to the big development<br />

advances seen in electric vehicles, making them all but<br />

impossible to beat in some aspects.<br />

So what is it all about? Formula Student is an engineering<br />

Design competition that should teach engineering<br />

students some real-world skills relevant to the automotive<br />

and other industries. To sucessfully compete, a team<br />

has to delve into research, design, manufacturing, testing,<br />

developing, marketing, management and finances - this<br />

favors or even requires the formation of multi-disciplinary<br />

teams. This and the fact that Formula Student is as much<br />

a project management exercise as it is an engineering<br />

challenge, it teaches the competitors a valuable and industry-appreciated<br />

combination of soft- and hard skills.<br />

The vehicle itself is governed by a set of internationally<br />

agreed upon rules. The rules have grown pretty complex<br />

over the years (the rule book is now larger than the one for<br />

F1), so here are the defining characteristics:<br />

Vehicle:<br />

• Open-Wheel, Open-Cockpit, Formula-style body<br />

• four wheels<br />

• aerodynamic devices are limited in size<br />

C - Powertrain:<br />

• max. 610 cc four-stroke piston engine<br />

• 20mm Air restrictor (19mm for E85)<br />

• turbo/supercharging is allowed<br />

E-Powertrain:<br />

• any number of motors and driven wheels<br />

• 80kw peak system power<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 13

Disciplines<br />

The first of the so-called Dynamic Disciplines is the Acceleration.<br />

The car has to accelerate from a standstill and cover<br />

a distance of 75 meters a quickly as possible. Due to a high<br />

power to weight ratio, <strong>FS</strong>AE cars can do this in well below<br />

four seconds with terminal speeds of well over 100 kph, outrunning<br />

almost all road-going sportscars. Each team can<br />

have two drivers, each of them doing two runs.<br />

Maximum Score: 75<br />

2014 Winner C: CAT Racing (UAS Coburg)<br />

2014 Winner E: AMZ Racing (ETH Zürich)<br />

In the Skid Pad event the lateral ability of the car is tested on<br />

a figure-eight course. After entering the course, the driver<br />

he has to go round the right circle (right turn) two times, then<br />

round the left circle (left turn) two times - the time for the second<br />

lap of each circle is used to determine the score. Again,<br />

each team has 4 runs split among two drivers.<br />

Maximum Score: 75<br />

2014 Winner C: Global Formula Racing (Oregon/Ravensburg)<br />

2014 Winner E: AMZ Racing (ETH Zürich)<br />

The Autcross track is a handling course consisting of turns,<br />

hairpins, straights and slaloms and is roughly 1000 meters<br />

long. Each car enters the track on its own and will do a single<br />

“hot lap“ of the course.<br />

The track is marked using small traffic cones which will,<br />

when hit, result in a two-second penalty.<br />

Each team has two runs for each of their two drivers.<br />

Maximum score: 100<br />

2014 Winner C: Global Formula Racing (Oregon/Ravensburg)<br />

2014 Winner E: GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart<br />

The Endurance race takes part on a closed autocross course<br />

over a distance of 22km. At half-time a driver change is performed<br />

and the car has to perform a hot restart. This event<br />

is driven with multiple cars on the course but overtakes are<br />

performed in special two-lane overtaking zones.<br />

The fuel/energy consumption as well as the laptimes during<br />

the Endurance are used to calculate the Efficiency score.<br />

Maximum Score: 325 (Endurance) / 100 (Efficiency)<br />

2014 Winner C: GFR / FaSTTUBe (TU Berlin)<br />

2014 Winner E: AMZ Racing / Racetech (TU Freiberg)<br />

14 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

The most important one of the Statics is the Engineering<br />

Design <strong>Event</strong>. During the judging the team has to present<br />

their car to a group of automotive and racing experts. These<br />

judges will check if the design goals have been met, if the<br />

team members understand their design and if it has been<br />

executed well.<br />

Maximum Score: 150<br />

2014 Winner C: Global Formula Racing (Oregon/Ravensburg)<br />

2014 Winner E: AMZ Racing (ETH Zürich)<br />

For the Cost <strong>Event</strong>, the teams have to submit a detailed Bill of<br />

materials up front. At the event, their correctness and completenessis<br />

checked an the team is presented with an additional<br />

cost-related task.<br />

During the Presentation <strong>Event</strong>, the teams have to present a<br />

business plan for selling their design to fictional investors.<br />

Maximum Score: 100 (Cost) / 75 (Business)<br />

2014 Cost Winner C: High Octane (TU Erlangen)<br />

2014 Presentation Winner C: Global Formula Racing<br />

2014 Cost Winner E: Racetech (TU Freiberg)<br />

2014 Presentation Winner E: GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart<br />

When all the events are over, the scores are added up and<br />

the Winner Over All is determined. Additionally, prices are<br />

given to the best teams in each discipline. From 2014 on, the<br />

scoring was split between cars with electric and combustion<br />

powertrain.<br />

Maximum Score: 1000<br />

2014 Winners C: 2014 Winners E:<br />

1. Global Formula Racing 1. AMZ Racing<br />

2. CAT Racing (UAS Coburg) 2. DUT Racing (TU Delft)<br />

3. High Octane (Erlangen) 3. Global Formula Racing<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 15


Martin MATZER<br />

Daily operations<br />

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break (no engine running anywhere)<br />

18:00 – 08:00 no engine running anywhere<br />

20:00 Official closing of the site<br />

-Preliminary-<br />

Sunday, 31 st of July <strong>2016</strong><br />

15:00 Camping badges @ RBR ticket counter<br />

16:00 Campsite officially open<br />

20:00 - 24:00 Registration open @ Red Bull Ring ticket counter<br />

Monday, 1 st of August <strong>2016</strong><br />

09:30 Site opens<br />

09:30 – 17:00 Registration open<br />

09:30 – 17:00 <strong>Event</strong> control open<br />

10:30 – 18:00 Tech inspection (in the scrutineering pits)<br />

13:00 – 18:00 Tilt, noise and brake open<br />

13:00 – 18:00 Fuel station open<br />

18:15 Team photo<br />

18:45 Team welcome (at the pits)<br />

Afterwards Team captain and faculty advisor meeting<br />

Tuesday, 2 nd of August <strong>2016</strong><br />

07:00 Site opens<br />

07:30 – 08:00 Driver’s briefing<br />

08:00 – 18:00 <strong>Event</strong> control open<br />

08:00 – 18:00 Tech inspection<br />

08:00 – 18:00 Fuel station open<br />

08:00 – 20:00 Cost event<br />

08:00 – 20:00 Engineering design<br />

08:30 – 20:00 Business Presentation<br />

09:00 – 18:00 Tilt test<br />

09:00 – 18:00 Noise test<br />

09:00 – 18:00 Brake test<br />

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break (no engine running)<br />

13:00 – 18:00 Practice area open<br />

Wednesday, 3rd of August <strong>2016</strong><br />

07:00 Site opens<br />

07:30 – 08:00 Driver’s briefing<br />

08:00 – 18:00 <strong>Event</strong> control open<br />

08:00 – 18:00 Fuel Station open<br />

08:30 – 17:30 Practice area open<br />

08:30 – 12:00 Skid pad<br />

08:30 – 12:00 Acceleration<br />

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break (no engine running)<br />

12:30 – 13:30 Engineering design finals<br />

14:00 Driver’s Course Walk Autocross<br />

15:00 – 18:00 Autocross<br />

18:00 Team photo (alternate date)<br />

19:00 – 19:50 Business presentation final<br />

20:00 – 21:00 Award ceremony part 1 (statics)<br />

Tech / brake / tilt / noise on appointment until 12:00<br />

Thursday, 4th of August <strong>2016</strong><br />

07:00 Site opens<br />

07:30 – 08:00 Driver’s briefing<br />

08:00 – 16:00 <strong>Event</strong> control open<br />

08:00 – 15:00 Fuel station open<br />

08:00 – 08:30 Driver´s course walk endurance<br />

08:30 – 14:00 Practice area open<br />

09:30 – 15:00 Endurance<br />

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break (no engine running)<br />

17:30 Pits closing<br />

19:00 Award ceremony part 2<br />

– 22:00 Beer and music @ campsite<br />

Friday, 5th of August <strong>2016</strong><br />

14:00 Closing of Camping Site<br />

16 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

Competing Teams<br />

Car # Country University Team Name<br />

1 United States Oregon State University Global Formula Racing<br />

2 <strong>Austria</strong> TU Graz TUG Racing Team<br />

E3 Germany DHBW Ravensburg Global Formula Racing<br />

E6 Germany UAS Nuremberg Strohm + Söhne<br />

7 Germany KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KA-RaceIng<br />

8 Germany UAS Kempten Infinity Racing - Rennteam der Hochschule Kempten e.V.<br />

11 <strong>Austria</strong> FH Campus Wien Os.Car Racing Team<br />

E12 Germany University of Bayreuth Elefant Racing e.V.<br />

12 United Kingdom Cardiff University Cardiff Racing<br />

E13 Germany UAS Munich municHMotorsport<br />

13 Germany UAS Munich municHMotorsport<br />

16 <strong>Austria</strong> U.A.S. Graz joanneum racing graz<br />

E16 Germany KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KA-RaceIng<br />

17 United Kingdom Loughborough University LUMotorsport<br />

E26 Germany Universität Stuttgart GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart<br />

28 Germany University of Kassel Herkules Racing Team<br />

29 Germany Universität Stuttgart Rennteam Uni Stuttgart<br />

31 Germany Technische Universität München TUfast Racing Team<br />

E31 Germany Technische Universität München TUfast e-Technology<br />

E33 Switzerland ETH Zürich AMZ Racing<br />

E34 Germany Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt Schanzer Racing Electric<br />

39 Germany Hochschule Heilbronn HHN Racing e.V.<br />

E40 Netherlands Technische Universiteit Eindhoven University Racing Eindhoven<br />

E41 <strong>Austria</strong> TU Vienna TUW Racing<br />

E42 Germany TU Clausthal Green Voltage Racing<br />

43 Germany HTWG Konstanz Bodensee Racing Team<br />

E44 Germany Deggendorf Institute of Technology Fast Forest<br />

44 Germany Hochschule Ulm Einstein-Motorsport<br />

E45 Germany Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg BRS Motorsport<br />

53 Germany Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe OWL Racing-Team<br />

60 Germany UAS Weingarten Formula Student Team Weingarten<br />

E61 Germany UAS Aalen E-Motion Rennteam Aalen<br />

62 Germany Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg Dynamics e.V.<br />

E63 Norway Norwegian University of Science and Technology Revolve NTNU<br />

66 Australia Monash University Monash Motorsport<br />

69 Germany HAW Hamburg HAWKS Racing e. V.<br />

E69 Germany UAS Augsburg Starkstrom Augsburg e.V.<br />

E76 Germany TU Bergakademie Freiberg Racetech Racingteam TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V.<br />

E78 Germany Hamburg University of Technology e-gnition Hamburg<br />

E96 Germany Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau WHZ Racing Team<br />

E99 Germany RWTH Aachen University Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V.<br />

99 Germany UAS Karlsruhe High Speed Karlsruhe<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 17

Oregon State University<br />

Global Formula Racing<br />

1<br />

Global Formula Racing is an international<br />

collaboration in Formula Student. In 2010 the<br />

former US based Beaver Racing Team from<br />

Oregon State University (OSU) and EU based<br />

BA Racing Team from Duale Hochschule<br />

Baden-Wurttemburg-Ravensburg (DHBW)<br />

Germany joined forces to create one Team.<br />

Both schools share physical and intellectual<br />

resources to create highly competitive racecars<br />

worthy of international recognition. Design,<br />

manufacturing, and testing occurs at both<br />

schools simultaneously throughout the year,<br />

over nine time zones and more than 8600<br />

kilometers away.<br />

We are looking forward to meeting you in the<br />

pits and on track in Spielberg!<br />

Vehicle Specs<br />

BRAKE Brembo AP calipers, Tilton<br />

master cylinders, student<br />

designed rotors<br />

BSCD 96mm bore / 62.1 mm stroke /<br />

1 cylinder / 449cc<br />

COOLING Rear mounted oil and water<br />

coolers / 625 cfm 9" fan<br />

DRIVE<br />

Chain drive<br />


ENGINE Honda CRF450X<br />

FR/RR TRACK 1125 mm<br />

FRAME CFRP monocoque<br />

MATERIAL Carbon, steel, aluminum,<br />

plastic<br />

MPD<br />

10,000RPM<br />

MPT<br />

8,000RPM<br />

OLWH<br />

2835 mm long, 1345 mm wide,<br />

1200 mm high<br />

SUSPENSION Direct acting shocks<br />

WHEELBASE 1535 mm<br />

WEIGHT w/ 150 lb driver: 480<br />

18 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

TU Graz<br />

TUG Racing Team<br />

2<br />

The TU Graz Racing Team has participated in Formula Student<br />

<strong>Event</strong>s for quite a long time and our newest car is the 13th<br />

iteration of the TANKIA family. Although we built great cars in the<br />

past there is always room for improvement. This years model, the<br />

TANKIA <strong>2016</strong> or ‘Gitte’ as we decided to call her, was designed to be<br />

even faster, lighter and more reliable than her predecessors. For more<br />

detailed information please refer to the table below.<br />

With that in mind, we are highly anticipating the season and are poised<br />

to achieve great results at our home race in Spielberg, just about 85 km<br />

away from our workshop. Until now it’s one of the few race tracks in<br />

Europe where we haven’t managed to take the top spot so far. The<br />

team behind the TANKIA <strong>2016</strong> consists of around 40 students. Although<br />

most of us are engineers there are also members form different facilities helping the team with their<br />

experience and expertise, creating a great mixture unified by chasing after one common goal: getting the<br />

best result for Gitte during the <strong>2016</strong> season.<br />

Technical Data<br />

Chassis Type one-piece carbon Suspension<br />

pull rod/push rod<br />

fibre monocoque front/rear<br />

Engine KTM 510 EXC Tires Hoosier 10” LC0<br />

Fuel RON 100 Wheelbase 1550 mm<br />

Max. Power 45 kW @ 9500 rpm Track front/rear 1197 mm/1167 mm<br />

Max. Torque 52 Nm @ 7000 rpm Weight front/rear 50.5%/49.5%<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 19

KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology<br />

KA-RaceIng<br />

7<br />

This team didn’t bother to submit a team page, so the <strong>FS</strong>A social media cats team created one for them.<br />

You’re welcome.<br />

Lacking a wind tunnel as well as proper prototype parts, the<br />

significance of early aero tests was seriously doubted<br />

By the end of the testing phase we hope to consistently outrun<br />

the guy with the computer<br />

Some Formula Student experts argue that teams have<br />

taken the recent trend of engine downsizing too far<br />

Informed sources tell us that the KIT16 loves to party<br />

All Images ©KA raceIng facebook page<br />

In case of electronics troubles you sometimes have to resort<br />

to unconventional mehods like laying on hands and chicken<br />

sacrifices<br />

20 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

UAS Kempten<br />

Infinity Racing - Rennteam der Hochschule Kempten e.V.<br />

8<br />

About US<br />

The Infinity Racing Team was established in 2007<br />

by five innovative students. Since then, Infinity Racing<br />

gives students the unique opportunity to put their<br />

theoretical knowledge into practice.<br />

The Team changes some of its members year by year so every year we are looking for<br />

some new motivated young engineers who wants to be part of<br />

Infinity Racing.<br />

The team around Infinity Racing is constantly growing and now includes 58 students from<br />

all faculties of the University of Applied Sciences Kempten. Original, innovative ideas,<br />

teamwork and our constant urge for improvement assures our success within the Formu-<br />

la Student. In <strong>2016</strong> we present out our 8th car: TOMSOI VIII !<br />

Some Facts about THE CAR<br />

Engine power: 63 kW/ 85 HP, max. 13.900 U/min<br />

torque: 59 Nm<br />

weight: 229 kg<br />

acceleration: 0 – 100 km/h: 3,9 s<br />

engine: Yamaha R6 DOHC in-line four-cylinder RJ09<br />

engine displacement: 600 ccm<br />

Motor control unit: Bosch MS 4 SportLaunch Control<br />

Hybrid-Monocoque<br />

tyre temperature sensors<br />

Powercontroller<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 21

FH Campus Wien<br />

Os.Car Racing Team<br />

11<br />

vast quantityies of beer<br />

40 teammembers<br />

4 girls<br />

8 modules<br />

1 year<br />

anti-roll bar<br />

pushrod suspension<br />

Honda Hornet 600 - 79 hp<br />

350 m electrical wiring<br />

polyamide airbox<br />

ultra light lealther seat<br />

carbon fiber steering wheel<br />

Continental 510/205-R13<br />

245 kg weight<br />

www.facebook.com/os.car.racing www.campus-racing.at www.twitter.com/CampusRacing<br />

22 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

Cardiff University<br />

Cardiff Racing<br />

12<br />


RACING<br />

Cardiff racing<br />

@CardiffRacing<br />

About Cardiff Racing<br />

Cardiff Racing is the Formula Student team based at Cardiff University, Wales, UK. We like to pride<br />

ourselves on our high quality engineering design and professionally built cars that don’t cost a<br />

fortune to produce! Using well chosen materials and refined techniques we build a car that is<br />

capable of competing with the very best as is proven by our top ten result at <strong>FS</strong>UK (2014), top 4 at<br />

<strong>FS</strong>CZ (2015) and top 42 at <strong>FS</strong>A (<strong>2016</strong>).<br />

We have enjoyed an excellent pre-season including many hours of hard work in the design studio<br />

and the fastest combustion <strong>FS</strong>A quiz time! Furthermore, strong performance in testing leaves us<br />

hopefull of a good result at <strong>FS</strong>UK, <strong>FS</strong>A and <strong>FS</strong>H.<br />

Key Data:<br />

Engine: Aprilia SXV 550<br />

Drivetrain: Chain final drive, Drexler Formula<br />

Student Differential<br />

Chassis: Aluminium honeycomb/steel spaceframe<br />

hybrid<br />

Suspension: Unequal length A-Arm (steel)<br />

Electronics: Motec ECU, National Instruments<br />

powered data logging, wireless telemetry and<br />

communication system<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 23

13<br />

UAS Munich<br />

municHMotorsport<br />

24 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

U.A.S. Graz<br />

joanneum racing graz<br />

16<br />

Since at least last season, everybody knows<br />

that the Weasels are speedy. With the cars<br />

before they had very successful seasons. But<br />

their newest member, the jr16, is ready, hungry<br />

for the competition and fast. Very fast.<br />

The team worked extremely hard, day<br />

and night for months, to build a even<br />

better car than last season. The jr16 is<br />

light, agile and a joy to drive. During the<br />

very successful phase of testing it already<br />

proved its power and strength.<br />

The Weasels are the members of joanneum<br />

racing graz and located at the University<br />

of Applied Sciences JOANNEUM at Graz.<br />

Their studies in Automotive Engineering<br />

equip them with the skills to<br />

build a state-of-the-art race car, which<br />

rules the tracks of Formula Student.<br />

The <strong>FS</strong>A is a very important competition<br />

for joanneum racing graz, as it takes<br />

place in their home country <strong>Austria</strong>.<br />

The beautiful Styrian setting makes it<br />

easy to have a great time at the event.<br />

The team is also looking forward to the<br />

upcoming Formula Student events in Germany<br />

and Japan, which will be the first<br />

Asian event for the team. With their motto<br />

“Never stop pushing” always in mind<br />

there is nothing stopping them now.<br />


Engine: self-developed 2-cyclinder<br />

engine<br />

Power: 16,25 Weasels<br />

Duct tape used: at least 1,2 kilometers<br />

Aerodynamic level: Eurofighter<br />

Weight: enough<br />

Sleeping Time: zero<br />

Working time per team member: all<br />

Coffee per day: 3,2 hectoliter<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 25

17<br />

Loughborough University<br />

LUMotorsport<br />

LUMotorsport is a team run entirely in their spare time, competing<br />

successfully in the UK and Europe since 2004. <strong>2016</strong> starts a new chapter in<br />

the team’s history, with a change of engine from the common Honda<br />

CBR600RR to a Stroked and Turbocharged version<br />

of the Triumph 675 Daytona.<br />

#BestOfBritish<br />

Engine<br />

ECU<br />

Wheels and<br />

Tyres<br />

Suspension<br />

Fuel<br />

Wings<br />

Differential<br />

Max. Power<br />

Dimensions<br />

Weight<br />

Frame<br />

L<strong>FS</strong>16<br />

Turbocharged<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Triumph<br />

675 Daytona<br />

short stroked to<br />

607cc<br />

MoTeC M800<br />

with PDM, TCMux<br />

and EDL3<br />

Hoosier R25B<br />

20.5 x 7.0 – 13<br />

Braid Formrace<br />

16 Wheels<br />

Double Unequal<br />

length A-Arm, Pull<br />

Rod Actuated<br />

98 Ron<br />

4 Element Front<br />

Wing<br />

3 Element Rear<br />

Wing with Flap<br />

Valleys<br />

Drexler LSD<br />

100bhp @<br />

10000rpm<br />

80Nm @<br />

5500rpm<br />

1535mm<br />

Wheelbase<br />

1300mm/1181mm<br />

Track F/R<br />

205 kg without<br />

driver<br />

T45 and CDS<br />

Steel Spaceframe<br />

with Composite<br />

SIS<br />

The Team would like to thank all<br />

of our sponsors, team members and the<br />

University for allowing the hard work and dedication<br />

of the team members to be put into action here at <strong>FS</strong>A this year.<br />

Follow what we get up to on Social Media at the links below:<br />

www.lumotorsport.com www.twitter.com/lumotorsport www.facebook.com/lumotorsport<br />

www.youtube.com/lumotorsport<br />

26 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

University of Kassel<br />

Herkules Racing Team<br />

28<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 27

29<br />

Header<br />

Universität Stuttgart<br />

Rennteam Uni Stuttgart<br />

Car#, Country, University, Teamname<br />

Europe is ready for the F0711-11! After a successful season with<br />

the F0711-10 and the successful comeback to the top of the world<br />

ranking list before the summer competitions <strong>2016</strong> (second place<br />

after <strong>FS</strong>AE Michigan <strong>2016</strong>) the F0711-11 and its team is<br />

determined to continue the positive results to get to the absolute<br />

top.<br />

Therefore the F0711-11 combines both, approved systems and a lot of innovations. The developments of<br />

the new car are based on a realistic laptime simulation and on our three main goals complete, finish and<br />

win. Therefore the Chassis consists of the approved hybrid design made of the CFRP monocoque and the<br />

steeltube rearframe. This is made for a better serviceability and also to guarantee maximum testing time.<br />

The F0711-11 has a modular heave-spring-system to keep the performance at this high level. This year<br />

especially the revolutionized aerodynamic package attracts the attention of the eyes. Compared to last<br />

year’s aero package the F0711-11 generates over 30% more downforce and big steps forward were also<br />

taken at downforce while cornering. We also rearranged some engine components to allow a very high<br />

aerodynamic efficiency. But also the engine was optimized especially for better fuel efficiency and for a<br />

constant torque output which results in a better driveability. The external design with the white and blue<br />

chassis parts and the sharp nose show immediately that the car belongs to the Rennteam family.<br />

For this season the Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> competition is our second after <strong>FS</strong> United Kingdom. We will as<br />

well go to Formula Student Germany and Spain and we look forward to a great performance at every single<br />

competition to – according to our philosophy – keep up with the successes of the last<br />

seasons.<br />

The most important feature of any<br />

fast car definitely is a great team<br />

with the ability to work together<br />

even in difficult situations. Again<br />

our association says thanks to all<br />

the team that put everything it had<br />

into this car and the Formula<br />

Student competitions.<br />

Technical Data<br />

Engine Yamaha YZF-R6<br />

ECU MotecM800<br />

Wheels 4<br />

Electronic Gadgets Electronic what?<br />

Suspension Heave Spring System<br />

Fuel E85<br />

Wings Many of them<br />

Differential Drexler<br />

Max. power 85hp<br />

Dimensions 1630 WB/ 1120-1140 Track<br />

weight 255 kg /w driver<br />

Frame type Hybrid<br />

Driver Fast<br />

Best Feature Moody<br />

28 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong><br />


Technische Universität München<br />

TUfast Racing Team<br />

31<br />

吀 栀 攀 渀 戀 㘀 椀 猀 琀 栀 攀 アパート 琀 栀 挀 愀 爀 椀 渀 愀 氀 漀 渀 最 琀 爀 愀 搀 椀 琀 椀 漀 渀<br />

漀 昀 吀 唀 昀 愀 猀 琀 挀 漀 洀 戀 甀 猀 琀 椀 漀 渀 挀 愀 爀 猀 ⸀ 䤀 渀 琀 栀 攀 搀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 漀 瀀 洀 攀 渀 琀<br />

瀀 爀 漀 挀 攀 猀 猀 眀 攀 甀 琀 椀 氀 椀 稀 攀 搀 猀 琀 爀 攀 渀 最 琀 栀 猀 漀 昀 琀 栀 攀 瀀 爀 攀 搀 攀 挀 攀 猀 ⴀ<br />

猀 漀 爀 氀 椀 欀 攀 琀 栀 攀 愀 攀 爀 漀 搀 礀 渀 愀 洀 椀 挀 愀 氀 氀 礀 漀 瀀 琀 椀 洀 椀 稀 攀 搀<br />

䘀 甀 氀 氀 ⴀ 䈀 漀 搀 礀 䌀 䘀 刀 倀 䴀 漀 渀 漀 挀 漀 焀 甀 攀 愀 渀 搀 琀 栀 攀 娀 䘀<br />

匀 愀 挀 栀 猀 䘀 漀 爀 洀 甀 氀 愀 䘀 アパート 䐀 愀 洀 瀀 攀 爀 猀 洀 漀 甀 渀 琀 攀 搀 椀 渀 猀 椀 搀 攀 琀 栀 攀<br />

䌀 栀 愀 猀 猀 椀 猀 ⸀ 䴀 愀 樀 漀 爀 椀 洀 瀀 爀 漀 瘀 攀 洀 攀 渀 琀 猀 愀 爀 攀 愀 挀 栀 椀 攀 瘀 攀 搀<br />

琀 栀 爀 漀 甀 最 栀 猀 甀 戀 猀 琀 愀 渀 琀 椀 愀 氀 眀 攀 椀 最 栀 琀 ⴀ 爀 攀 搀 甀 挀 琀 椀 漀 渀 漀 昀 琀 栀 攀<br />

挀 愀 爀 㨀 圀 攀 栀 愀 瘀 攀 戀 甀 椀 氀 琀 愀 氀 椀 最 栀 琀 攀 爀 Ⰰ 洀 漀 爀 攀 瀀 漀 眀 攀 爀 昀 甀 氀<br />

攀 渀 最 椀 渀 攀 Ⰰ 眀 栀 椀 挀 栀 搀 爀 椀 瘀 攀 猀 琀 栀 攀 挀 愀 爀 戀 漀 渀 昀 椀 戀 爀 攀 爀 椀 洀 猀<br />

渀 戀 㘀 䘀 䄀 䌀 吀 匀 㨀<br />

䬀 吀 䴀 猀 椀 渀 最 氀 攀 ⴀ 挀 礀 氀 椀 渀 搀 攀 爀 攀 渀 最 椀 渀 攀 眀 椀 琀 栀 椀 渀 琀 愀 欀 攀 洀 愀 渀 椀 昀 漀 氀 搀 愀 搀 樀 甀 猀 琀 洀 攀 渀 琀<br />

匀 攀 氀 昀 ⴀ 䐀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 漀 瀀 攀 搀 猀 瀀 漀 漀 氀 眀 椀 琀 栀 椀 渀 戀 漀 愀 爀 搀 戀 爀 愀 欀 攀<br />

匀 攀 氀 昀 ⴀ 䐀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 漀 瀀 攀 搀 刀 攀 愀 爀 ⴀ 䄀 砀 氀 攀 猀 琀 攀 攀 爀 椀 渀 最 猀 礀 猀 琀 攀 洀<br />

䘀 甀 氀 氀 ⴀ 戀 漀 搀 礀 䌀 䘀 刀 倀 䄀 攀 爀 漀 ⴀ 䴀 漀 渀 漀 挀 漀 焀 甀 攀<br />

䤀 渀 搀 椀 瘀 椀 搀 甀 愀 氀 䌀 愀 爀 戀 漀 渀 䘀 椀 戀 爀 攀 猀 攀 愀 琀 愀 渀 搀 猀 琀 攀 攀 爀 椀 渀 最 眀 栀 攀 攀 氀<br />

䌀 氀 䄀 㸀 㘀 ⠀ 一 漀 昀 䐀 漀 眀 渀 昀 漀 爀 挀 攀 䀀 㘀 欀 洀 ⼀ 栀 ⤀<br />

琀 栀 爀 漀 甀 最 栀 愀 猀 瀀 漀 漀 氀 眀 椀 琀 栀 愀 渀 椀 渀 戀 漀 愀 爀 搀 戀 爀 愀 欀 攀 ⸀ 吀 栀 攀<br />

愀 攀 爀 漀 搀 礀 渀 愀 洀 椀 挀 猀 瀀 愀 挀 欀 愀 最 攀 瀀 爀 漀 搀 甀 挀 攀 猀 洀 漀 爀 攀 搀 漀 眀 渀 ⴀ<br />

昀 漀 爀 挀 攀 愀 琀 愀 戀 攀 琀 琀 攀 爀 攀 昀 昀 椀 挀 椀 攀 渀 挀 礀 愀 渀 搀 渀 漀 眀 愀 氀 猀 漀 椀 渀 ⴀ<br />

挀 氀 甀 搀 攀 猀 愀 䐀 刀 匀 ⸀ 䘀 甀 爀 琀 栀 攀 爀 洀 漀 爀 攀 眀 攀 爀 甀 渀 愀 猀 攀 氀 昀 ⴀ 搀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 ⴀ<br />

漀 瀀 攀 搀 刀 攀 愀 爀 ⴀ 䄀 砀 氀 攀 匀 琀 攀 攀 爀 椀 渀 最 猀 礀 猀 琀 攀 洀 愀 猀 眀 攀 氀 氀 愀 猀 愀 渀<br />

攀 氀 攀 挀 琀 爀 椀 挀 椀 渀 琀 愀 欀 攀 洀 愀 渀 椀 昀 漀 氀 搀 愀 搀 樀 甀 猀 琀 洀 攀 渀 琀 Ⰰ 洀 愀 欀 椀 渀 最 琀 栀 攀<br />

挀 愀 爀 攀 瘀 攀 渀 昀 愀 猀 琀 攀 爀 ⸀ 圀 攀 眀 愀 渀 琀 琀 漀 琀 栀 愀 渀 欀 愀 氀 氀 漀 甀 爀 猀 瀀 漀 渀<br />

猀 漀 爀 猀 昀 漀 爀 洀 愀 欀 椀 渀 最 渀 戀 㘀 瀀 漀 猀 猀 椀 戀 氀 攀 愀 渀 搀 椀 渀 瘀 椀 琀 攀 攀 瘀 ⴀ<br />

攀 爀 礀 漀 渀 攀 琀 漀 瘀 椀 猀 椀 琀 甀 猀 椀 渀 漀 甀 爀 瀀 椀 琀 漀 爀 愀 琀 琀 栀 攀 挀 愀 洀 瀀 猀 椀 琀 攀 ℀<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 29

39<br />

Hochschule Heilbronn<br />

HHN Racing e.V.<br />

Technical Data<br />

Vmax.: 105kph<br />

Max. Torque: 42 Meowtonmeter<br />

Max. Power: 46 PS/34 kW<br />

Engine Husqvarna 530ccm<br />

(modified)<br />

Weight: 190kg<br />

Frame Type: Steelframe<br />

Electronic Gadgets: Launch<br />

Control, Traction Control<br />

Bose-Soundsystem<br />

Fuel: Kerosene<br />

The Team<br />

The new Formula Student Team of UAS Heilbronn<br />

was established in the Season 2014/15, and changed<br />

its name from KÜHN Racing to HHN Racing.<br />

Our current team is put together by 40 members<br />

out of 10 different Studies.<br />

We worked over the Season with the highest<br />

motivation to reach one goal: 4<br />

Pure Happiness<br />

Getting through Endurance and still being the happiest<br />

Team at the contest. In order to reach that we<br />

refined our engineering and made our second car,<br />

the HNR16, about 80kg lighter than the first one.<br />

Engineering<br />

This huge step was possible due to a strict diet and<br />

the intelligent use of carbon fibre. We also kept the<br />

modified Husqvarna one-cylinder engine.<br />

Nevertheless, we didn’t waive the Aeropackage this<br />

Season, we actually improved it to get a more effective<br />

one.<br />

Also the steelframe is completely new developed<br />

and saved one or another kilogramm.<br />

Anticipation<br />

Throughout the year we were all looking forward to<br />

this great event with great competitors in <strong>Austria</strong>.<br />

Hopefully we are able to compete successfully on<br />

this event with the support of our new<br />

mascot “Heilbrumm”.<br />

30 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

HTWG Konstanz<br />

Bodensee Racing Team<br />

43<br />

Located directly at the lake of constance, we are heading towards our 11th Fomular Student<br />

season. We are very happy to be part of Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> <strong>2016</strong> and to compete with<br />

great teams from all over the world. After a very disappointing season in 2015 we are highly<br />

motivated to give our best to achieve the most succesful season in our team‘s history!<br />

With the ILTIS16 we built a completely new car. We focussed<br />

on lightweight design, centralization of the mass, a low<br />

center of gravity and to ensure good ergonomics.<br />

Furthermore we put lot of effort into the aerodynamic<br />

package to increase the downforce<br />

to it‘s maximum. The needed<br />

power is provided by a<br />

modified Suzuki GSX-R<br />

600cc engine.<br />

Where are<br />

the kangaroos?<br />

Did somebody<br />

say kangaroo?<br />

A big thanks to all of our sponsors! Without your ongoing support we<br />

would not be able to be part of the great <strong>FS</strong> familiy year after year.<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 31


Martin MATZER<br />

32 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

1 Registration<br />

2 Fuel Station<br />

3 <strong>Event</strong> Control, <strong>FS</strong>-Lounge, Business 1 & 2<br />

4 Team Pits & AVL Booth<br />

5 Scrutineering, Design and Cost <strong>Event</strong><br />

6 Team Truck Parking<br />

7 Tilt, Noise, Rain and Weighing<br />

8 Practice Area<br />

9 Brake Test<br />

10 Visitor Area / Business 3<br />

11 Dynamic Area – Skidpad, Acceleration, Autocross & Endurance<br />

12 Additional Parking<br />

13 Scrutineering Area (Dynamic Passes required)<br />

14 Tilt/Weighing<br />

15 Scrutineering<br />

16 Design & Cost<br />

17 AVL Booth<br />

18 Charging Area<br />

19 Track Access – Keep clear at all times!<br />

20 Welding Station / Powertool Area<br />

Warmup / Engine Test<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 33

44<br />

Hochschule Ulm<br />

Einstein-Motorsport<br />

The Einstein Motorsport Team was founded in 2006. The first car built by<br />

students from Ulm started at Hockenheim in 2006. The actual car for <strong>2016</strong> is<br />

car number ten in the team's history. Starting with the Al'06 (ALbert), every<br />

car was a continuous development with adoption of the parts which were<br />

proved in former cars. With a new developed carbon monocoque and a<br />

Husaberg single-cylinder engine the Al'16 will be the first car with a ten inch<br />

kinematics. The Al´16 is the lightest car we have ever built and hopefully the<br />

most competetive.<br />

Technical Data<br />

Engine Husaberg FE570, 1 cylinder Differential GKN, student built<br />

housing<br />

ECU Bosch MS6.2 Max. power 34kW/ 7100rpm<br />

Wheels 195/65/ZR15 Dimensions 1535 WB/ 1180 Track<br />

Electronic Wi-Fi Telemetry, PDS, shift Weight<br />

175kg<br />

Gadgets<br />

control unit<br />

Suspension Double unequal length A- Frame type Monocoque<br />

Arms, Pull rod<br />

Fuel Unleaded Fuel 98 ROZ Driver Korbinian Beckert<br />

Wings Front and rear wing Best Inovation 30kg lighter than last<br />

year<br />

34 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe<br />

OWL Racing-Team<br />

53<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 35

60<br />

Header<br />

UAS Weingarten<br />

Formula Student Team Weingarten<br />

Car#, Country, University, Teamname<br />

The Formula Student Team Weingarten (<strong>FS</strong>TW) is the racing team of UAS Weingarten, established in 2008.<br />

The <strong>FS</strong>TW relies on more than 50 students and a considerable number of sponsors. Together with our university and<br />

sponsors it was possible to build our 8 th car this year.<br />

Our „Stinger 16” is based on 13” wheels, has an adjustable<br />

aerodynamic package consisting of front, rear and side<br />

wings, is powered by a Honda four-cylinder engine and<br />

merged to a hybrid chassis with CFRP floor and panels<br />

bonded to a steel space frame.<br />

Thanks to all our supporters who helped us<br />

making our dream come true.<br />

Powertrain<br />

- Engine: Honda CBR600RR PC40 /4 cyl.<br />

- Fuel: ROZ 98<br />

- Fuel system: CFRP fuel tank<br />

- Lubrication system: Dry sump<br />

- Differential: Drexler <strong>FS</strong> differential<br />

#<strong>FS</strong>TW #ussefahre<br />

#Stinger<br />

Chassis:<br />

- Frame: welded tubular steel space frame,<br />

reinforced with CFRP sandwich panels<br />

Aerodynamics:<br />

- Adjustable front and rear wing<br />

- symmetric side wings and cooling<br />

system<br />

36 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong><br />

Footer<br />

Dynamics:<br />

- Suspension: pull-rod activated<br />

spring and damper system with<br />

double A-Arms (steel) attached to<br />

a welded steel sheet upright<br />

- Wheels: 4 bolt connection with<br />

13” OZ magnesium rims and<br />

Hoosier tires

Header<br />

Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg<br />

Dynamics e.V.<br />

62<br />

#62, Germany, Ostbayerische Technische<br />

Hochschule Regensburg, Dynamics e.V<br />

AWAKE THE BEAST! This is not just our slogan, this is the pulsative heartbeat that<br />

drives the whole team to maximum effort! And yes, this year we created a Beast<br />

– the RP16c.<br />

Goal for the season of <strong>2016</strong> is to reach the Top 5 at <strong>FS</strong>A to become one of the<br />

German top teams. With a highly motivated and strong<br />

team and a reliable concept of our combustion race car<br />

RP16c we are able to meet our target. Last season<br />

we made a big leap and learned a lot. All the won knowledge and<br />

experience was used to deliver this RP. Last but not<br />

least we would like to thank all of our<br />

sponsoring partners for their great<br />

support this season!<br />

Engine Honda CBR600RR PC37<br />

Technical Data<br />

Differential self-designed semiactive limited<br />

slip, quick adjustment<br />

ECU Bosch MS4<br />

Wheels C16 205 / 470 R13<br />

Electronic<br />

Gadgets<br />

self-developed<br />

MainControlUnit for cooling,<br />

shifting, logging and live<br />

telemetry<br />

Suspension Double unequal length A-<br />

Arms with pushrod actuated<br />

heave- roll-system, torsion<br />

bar and self-designed roll<br />

damper.<br />

Fuel 98 octane unleaded<br />

Max. power 70 kW @ 10500 RPM<br />

Dimensions 1610 WB/ 1215 Track<br />

Frame type Full CFRP monocoque,<br />

separated front monocoque and<br />

engine carrier<br />

Aero Full aerodynamic package<br />

including Front and Rear Wing<br />

as well as Undertray and<br />

Sidepod<br />

Weight 189.5 kg<br />

Footer<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 37

66<br />

Monash University<br />

Monash Motorsport<br />

The Team<br />

Monash Motorsport is a student-run organisation based at Monash University’s largest campus in Clayton, Victoria, and<br />

comprises of a variety of students ranging from first year to post graduates.<br />

Competing since 2000, the team has steadily improved in its performance. The culmination of this work has been seven<br />

consecutive Australasian victories, strong performances in the European competitions and, for a two-year stretch, a ranking of<br />

second in the world. This has been a result of a culture of strong fundamental engineering understanding, innovative concept<br />

developments and a passion to perform at our highest level.<br />


Mass w/ 68kg driver<br />

Suspension<br />

Wheels<br />

Tires<br />

Shift Actuator<br />

Clutch Actuator<br />

Chassis<br />

Engine<br />

Induction<br />

270 kg<br />

A-Arm, push rod<br />

Mode separated ‘Hydro’ suspension<br />

3 piece carbon<br />

18×7.5-10 R25B Hoosier<br />

Pneumatic, paddles on steering wheel<br />

Hydraulic, pneumatic assist<br />

Lever located on steering wheel<br />

Steel spaceframe<br />

Bonded composite panels<br />

Aluminium rear bulkhead<br />

2015 KTM 500EXC<br />

Exhaust driven turbocharger<br />

60 kPa max boost pressure<br />

E85<br />

Drexler clutch pack limited slip<br />

Fuel Type<br />

Differential<br />

Aerodynamics Package Front (triple element)<br />

Rear (four element)<br />

Undertray & Bodywork<br />

Total Downforce & Drag Downforce = 116 kg<br />

Drag = 45 kg (at 80 kph)<br />

38 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

HAW Hamburg<br />

HAWKS Racing e. V.<br />

69<br />

HAWKS Racing was founded in 2003 and participated in Formula Student the first time in<br />

2004. Currently we are about 50 students from different specialisations, working on the car<br />

and its related businesses divided in interdisciplinary groups. In <strong>2016</strong>, we will compete our<br />

12th year of <strong>FS</strong>AE competitions with our new car, the H12 aka „Hidaya“. We are looking<br />

forward to the summer of <strong>2016</strong>! #69<br />

Again, this year we are focussing on weigth reduction. The H12 is our second car with a layup and core<br />

material optimized full body CFRP monocoque supported by a CFRP strut brace. The driver has an<br />

improved visual field and a lower driver position of<br />

15mm compared to last year.<br />

We completely reengineered our engine and<br />

drivetrain to improve fuel economy, drivability and<br />

acceleration, e. g. weight reduced crankshaft with<br />

own-manufactured titanium connection rods and<br />

electric shifter, clutch and throttle. For reducing<br />

friction at the engine, some parts are DLC coated.<br />

Our 3D-simulated aero dynamic package<br />

consisting of an undertray as well as front and rear<br />

wings was further optimized and is positively<br />

influenced by the monocoque geometry.<br />

Come and visit us in our pit! #HAWKS #HAWKSRacing #<strong>FS</strong><strong>Austria</strong> #Hidaya #69HAWKS<br />

Technical Data<br />

Engine Kawasaki ZX6R 636B<br />

(cylinders from ZX6R 600J)<br />

ECU Bosch MS4<br />

Wheels 7x13 – 22mm offset, 1pc Mg<br />

Rim<br />

Electronic Gadgets Self designed power hubs,<br />

current measurement and<br />

digital fuses, live telemetry,<br />

WLAN, 2 CAN busses<br />

Suspension Double unequal length A-<br />

Arm with pull rod actuated,<br />

vertically oriented spring and<br />

damper<br />

Fuel 98 octane unleaded gasoline<br />

Wings CFRP shells with spars and<br />

rips (CFRP, foam,<br />

aluminium)<br />

Differential Limited slip (Drexler)<br />

Max. power / torque 10000 rpm / 8500 rpm<br />

Dimensions 1635mm WB / 1200mm Track<br />

weight 194 kg (without driver)<br />

Frame type Full body CFRP monocoque<br />

Driver yes<br />

Best Feature Traction control<br />

DRS<br />

ABS<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 39

UAS Karlsruhe<br />

#99, Germany, High UAS Speed Karlsruhe, High Speed<br />

Karlsruhe<br />

99<br />

40 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

DHBW Ravensburg<br />

Global Formula Racing<br />

E3<br />

This team didn’t bother to submit a team page, so the <strong>FS</strong>A social media cats team created one for them.<br />

You’re welcome.<br />

Somebody leaked this photo to us. This is supposedly<br />

a delivery of a live Stig from Top Gear surplus after<br />

Lapsim suggested it would be the easiest way to beat<br />

Zurich. Image © GFR Facebook/<strong>FS</strong>A<br />

Get your Pokéballs out and …something something …<br />

to overtake it in the designated overtaking zone.<br />

Pokéballs can be bought for €10 at the <strong>Event</strong> Control*<br />

Image © GFR Facebook page<br />

Usually they are well prepared, though.<br />

Image © GFR Twitter<br />

I can haz cat meme? – Editor Cat, a big fan of Pusheen®<br />

“We are GFR!”<br />

-every GFR team member ever<br />

*while supplies last. Pokéballs may actually be fruit. If Pokéball<br />

contains actual Pokémon, do not talk to it.<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 41

UAS Nuremberg<br />

E6, Germany, UAS Strohm Nuremberg, + Söhne Strohm + Söhne<br />

E6<br />

Strohm+Söhne–Noris Motorsport is the Formula Student Electric team of the UAS Nuremberg and was<br />

founded in 2011. We are competing this season with our contender NoRa 4 - what is short for Noris Racing.<br />

We are realising a rear wheel drive concept with an engine from Schaeffler IDAM and an inverter from<br />

Continental and CES. Introducing a carbon suspension and a T-Bar ARB on this car marks an important<br />

step for us in developing the suspension. We are also proud of our self-developed electrical devices like the<br />

AMS and the Smart Sensors.<br />

NoRa 4<br />

Engine<br />

Schaeffler IDAM RDDS RHI4<br />

145x100<br />

Technical Data<br />

Differential<br />

Spur gear differential,<br />

electromechanical locking<br />

mechanism (10-70%)<br />

ECU Continental - EPF2-3 Max. power 80 kW<br />

Wheels 205/470 R13, Continental C16 Dimensions 1670 WB/2960 L/1140 H/1495 W<br />

Electronic Smart Sensor concept, selfdesigned<br />

Gadgets<br />

AMS<br />

weight<br />

271 kg without driver<br />

Double unequal length A-Arm. Push<br />

Steel tube space frame. Add.<br />

Suspension rod actuated horizontally oriented<br />

mountainbike air damper<br />

Frame type carbon braces for reducing weight<br />

and increasing stiffness<br />

Facebook.com/StrohmSoehne strohmundsoehne.de youtube.com/user/ Strohm & Söhne e.V. - Noris Motorsport<br />

42 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

University of Bayreuth<br />

Elefant Racing e.V.<br />

E12<br />

In spring 2004, racing enthusiastic students at the University of<br />

Bayreuth founded „Elefant Racing e.V.“. The name is derived from<br />

the Faculty of Applied Sciences, abbreviation FAN, which shares its<br />

letter string with the clever and powerful animal. Starting into<br />

season 2010/11 we decided to break with our tradition of building<br />

combustion cars and developed our first electrically powered<br />

vehicle. Participating for the 11th time this year, we are very proud<br />

to present you our latest race car, the „FR16 Parsifal“. Our particular<br />

focus was on our new aerodynamic package. For the very first<br />

time our car is equipped with front-, rear- and side-wings.<br />

For further information, you are very welcome to visit our<br />

pit and form your own impression of the „FR16 Parsifal“!<br />

General<br />

Maximum Speed:<br />

Empty Weight:<br />

Acceleration:<br />

FR16<br />

130 km/h<br />

205 kg<br />

3,0 s (0 - 100 km/h)<br />

Suspension<br />

Wheelbase:<br />

Track:<br />

Chassis<br />

Type:<br />

Weight:<br />

Powertrain<br />

Motor Type:<br />

Max. Motor Power:<br />

Transmission:<br />

Battery<br />

Cell Type:<br />

Combined Capacity:<br />

Control & Driver Information<br />

Inverter:<br />

Driver Interface:<br />

1530 mm<br />

1180 mm<br />

CFRP-Monocoque<br />

18 kg<br />

1 x Enstroj Emrax<br />

80 kW<br />

Belt Drive<br />

LiPo<br />

7,25 kWh<br />

Unitek Bamocar D3<br />

HD Display<br />

www.elefantracing.de<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 43

E13<br />

UAS Munich<br />

municHMotorsport<br />

44 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology<br />

KA-RaceIng<br />

E16<br />

16e<br />

Founded by students of the Karlsruhe Institute<br />

of technology in 2006, KA-RaceIng® built<br />

the 16th and 17th car for the formula student<br />

competition in this season. 70 students<br />

designed two cars with self-developed<br />

drivetrains - one powered by a combustion<br />

engine, the other by an electric powertrain.<br />

The KIT16e is the consequent development<br />

of the dual-x-drive, our unique motor-gearbox<br />

concept.We would like to thank all our<br />

supporters for the enormous help throughout<br />

the season!<br />

189 kg<br />

weight<br />

2.5 s<br />

acceleration 0-100 km/h<br />

4x4<br />

4WD<br />

all wheel drive<br />

23 kw<br />

motor power<br />

Dual X Drive<br />

unique motor-gear concept<br />

Find out more<br />

ka-raceing.de<br />

facebook<br />

twitter<br />

instagram<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 45

Header<br />

Universität Stuttgart<br />

Car#, Country, GreenTeam University, Stuttgart Teamname<br />

E26<br />

Seven years full of passion for Formula Student and the aim to always be one step ahead. The<br />

GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e. V. with its almost 40 team members continues last year’s successful<br />

story with the E0711-7, the 7 th generation of electric race cars made in Stuttgart. Our E7 combines<br />

the benefits of its predecessor with new convincing innovations and – as always – by following the<br />

motto GREEN AND SEXY.<br />

The highlights of our E7 are:<br />

- Adjustable aerodynamic package<br />

- Highly optimised battery-management-system<br />

- Hybrid rims<br />

- Oil-cooled accumulator<br />

- Self-developed control units<br />

- Monospring system<br />

- and many more<br />

46 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong><br />


Technische Universität München<br />

TUfast e-Technology<br />

E31<br />

吀 栀 攀 攀 戀 㘀 椀 猀 琀 栀 攀 㘀 琀 栀 攀 氀 攀 挀 琀 爀 椀 挀 刀 愀 挀 攀 挀 愀 爀 搀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 ⴀ<br />

漀 瀀 攀 搀 戀 礀 吀 唀 昀 愀 猀 琀 愀 渀 搀 昀 攀 愀 琀 甀 爀 攀 猀 猀 漀 洀 攀 瘀 攀 爀 礀 爀 愀 搀 椀 ⴀ<br />

挀 愀 氀 挀 漀 渀 挀 攀 瀀 琀 挀 栀 愀 渀 最 攀 猀 㨀 䤀 琀 椀 猀 漀 甀 爀 昀 椀 爀 猀 琀 挀 愀 爀 眀 椀 琀 栀 愀<br />

眀 栀 攀 攀 氀 ⴀ 栀 甀 戀 搀 爀 椀 瘀 攀 猀 礀 猀 琀 攀 洀 ⸀ 吀 栀 攀 眀 栀 攀 攀 氀 ⴀ 栀 甀 戀 搀 爀 椀 瘀 攀<br />

昀 攀 愀 琀 甀 爀 攀 猀 アパート 䐀 氀 愀 猀 攀 爀 猀 椀 渀 琀 攀 爀 攀 搀 甀 瀀 爀 椀 最 栀 琀 猀 Ⰰ 眀 栀 椀 挀 栀 愀 氀 猀 漀<br />

昀 甀 渀 挀 琀 椀 漀 渀 猀 愀 猀 栀 漀 甀 猀 椀 渀 最 昀 漀 爀 琀 栀 攀 琀 眀 漀 ⴀ 猀 琀 愀 最 攀 瀀 氀 愀 渀 攀 ⴀ<br />

琀 愀 爀 礀 最 攀 愀 爀 戀 漀 砀 Ⰰ 洀 漀 甀 渀 琀 椀 渀 最 瀀 漀 椀 渀 琀 昀 漀 爀 琀 栀 攀 攀 氀 攀 挀 琀 爀 椀 挀 愀 氀<br />

洀 愀 挀 栀 椀 渀 攀 愀 渀 搀 愀 氀 猀 漀 椀 渀 挀 氀 甀 搀 攀 猀 漀 渀 攀 栀 愀 氀 昀 漀 昀 琀 栀 攀<br />

戀 爀 愀 欀 攀 挀 愀 氀 椀 瀀 攀 爀 ⸀ 䄀 猀 攀 氀 昀 ⴀ 搀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 漀 瀀 攀 搀 䌀 䘀 刀 倀 爀 椀 洀<br />

攀 戀 㘀 䘀 䄀 䌀 吀 匀 㨀<br />

㐀 砀 䄀 䴀 䬀 䐀 吀 㔀 㨀 アパート 欀 圀 Ⰰ ㈀ 㠀 一 洀<br />

䘀 甀 氀 氀 ⴀ 戀 漀 搀 礀 䌀 䘀 刀 倀 䄀 攀 爀 漀 ⴀ 䴀 漀 渀 漀 挀 漀 焀 甀 攀<br />

匀 攀 氀 昀 ⴀ 搀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 漀 瀀 攀 搀 䴀 漀 琀 漀 爀 䌀 漀 渀 琀 爀 漀 氀 氀 攀 爀 Ⰰ 䈀 䴀 匀 愀 渀 搀 䌀 漀 渀 琀 爀 漀 氀 唀 渀 椀 琀<br />

匀 氀 椀 瀀 䌀 漀 渀 琀 爀 漀 氀 愀 渀 搀 琀 漀 爀 焀 甀 攀 瘀 攀 挀 琀 漀 爀 椀 渀 最<br />

匀 攀 氀 昀 ⴀ 搀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 漀 瀀 攀 搀 刀 攀 愀 爀 ⴀ 䄀 砀 氀 攀 猀 琀 攀 攀 爀 椀 渀 最 猀 礀 猀 琀 攀 洀<br />

䌀 氀 䄀 㸀 㘀 ⠀ 一 漀 昀 䐀 漀 眀 渀 昀 漀 爀 挀 攀 䀀 㘀 欀 洀 ⼀ 栀 ⤀<br />

挀 漀 洀 瀀 氀 攀 琀 攀 猀 琀 栀 攀 眀 栀 攀 攀 氀 瀀 愀 挀 欀 愀 最 攀 ⸀ 吀 栀 攀 攀 戀 㘀 愀 氀 猀 漀<br />

昀 攀 愀 琀 甀 爀 攀 猀 愀 渀 攀 眀 愀 攀 爀 漀 搀 礀 渀 愀 洀 椀 挀 愀 氀 氀 礀 漀 瀀 琀 椀 洀 椀 稀 攀 搀<br />

昀 甀 氀 氀 ⴀ 戀 漀 搀 礀 洀 漀 渀 漀 挀 漀 焀 甀 攀 Ⰰ 眀 栀 椀 挀 栀 渀 漀 眀 栀 愀 猀 琀 栀 攀 昀 爀 漀 渀 琀<br />

愀 砀 氀 攀 搀 愀 洀 瀀 攀 爀 猀 洀 漀 甀 渀 琀 攀 搀 漀 渀 椀 琀 猀 椀 渀 猀 椀 搀 攀 ⸀ 吀 栀 攀 瘀 攀 栀 椀 挀 氀 攀<br />

椀 猀 攀 焀 甀 椀 瀀 瀀 攀 搀 眀 椀 琀 栀 愀 渀 攀 眀 愀 攀 爀 漀 搀 礀 渀 愀 洀 椀 挀 瀀 愀 挀 欀 愀 最 攀<br />

挀 爀 攀 愀 琀 椀 渀 最 洀 漀 爀 攀 搀 漀 眀 渀 昀 漀 爀 挀 攀 愀 琀 愀 戀 攀 琀 琀 攀 爀 攀 昀 昀 椀 挀 椀 攀 渀 挀 礀<br />

愀 渀 搀 昀 攀 愀 琀 甀 爀 攀 猀 愀 䐀 刀 匀 愀 猀 眀 攀 氀 氀 愀 猀 愀 刀 攀 愀 爀 ⴀ 䄀 砀 氀 攀<br />

猀 琀 攀 攀 爀 椀 渀 最 猀 礀 猀 琀 攀 洀 ⸀ 圀 攀 眀 愀 渀 琀 琀 漀 琀 栀 愀 渀 欀 愀 氀 氀 漀 甀 爀 猀 瀀 漀 渀 ⴀ<br />

猀 漀 爀 猀 昀 漀 爀 洀 愀 欀 椀 渀 最 攀 戀 㘀 瀀 漀 猀 猀 椀 戀 氀 攀 愀 渀 搀 椀 渀 瘀 椀 琀 攀 攀 瘀 ⴀ<br />

攀 爀 礀 漀 渀 攀 琀 漀 瘀 椀 猀 椀 琀 甀 猀 椀 渀 漀 甀 爀 瀀 椀 琀 漀 爀 愀 琀 琀 栀 攀 挀 愀 洀 瀀 猀 椀 琀 攀 ℀<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 47

E33<br />

ETH Zürich<br />

AMZ Racing<br />

This team didn’t bother to submit a team page, so the <strong>FS</strong>A social media cats team created one for them.<br />

You’re welcome.<br />

This is not what the ETH Zurich car looks like. Weighing in<br />

at roughly 170kg, it’s actually pretty lightweight.<br />

Image © Asian tribune<br />

The <strong>2016</strong> car is named “Gotthard” after a famous hole in the ground<br />

that connects Swiss cantons Uri and Tessin. Image © AMZ facebook page<br />

AMZ was the best electric car/class winner at <strong>FS</strong>A 5 times in a row!<br />

AMZ currently holds the world record for electric car acceleration with<br />

their 2014 car “grimsel” (1.513 s to 100kph), which got them a lot of<br />

media coverage. Their popularity ratings are, however, still second to the<br />

Toblerone chocolate bar, the other major mountain-themed export of<br />

Switzerland.<br />

A google image search for “swiss cat meme”<br />

was surprisingly fruitful.<br />

48 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt<br />

Schanzer Racing Electric<br />

E34<br />

There is a hard-working team behind every success. According to this<br />

overall concept Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. (SRe) has been able to<br />

achieve great results over the years since its founding.<br />

Due to the skills of every single member,<br />

Schanzer Racing has made a name for itself<br />

in the Formula Student Electric scene. The<br />

team is especially characterized by great<br />

community and team spirit as its first priority.<br />

overall<br />

Due<br />

In this year Schanzer Racing will participate in Formula Student Electric for the fifth time. Within<br />

the last four years the team was able to achieve top ten placements, even 8th place in<br />

worldwide ranking in its first year in 2012, making it the best newcomer team ever.<br />

After a streaky season in 2015 the team now strives for similar results as in the years before,<br />

meaning top ten placements, with an overall optimized car and great team ambition.<br />

Technical Data<br />

Engine 2x Enstroj Emrax 207<br />

ECU dSpace Microautobox +<br />

selfdeveloped PCBs<br />

Wheels Continental 205/407/R13<br />

Electronic Gadgets Torque finding algorithm,<br />

recuperation + ABS, slip control<br />

Suspension Double wishbone, push rod<br />

Battery 100s8p Samsung 18650 cells<br />

Differential Electronic differential<br />

Max. power 80 kW<br />

Dimensions 1550 WB, 1214 F / 1176 R Track<br />

Weight 212 kg<br />

Frame type Full CFRP Monocoque<br />

Best feature The Panther<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 49

E40<br />

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven<br />

University Racing Eindhoven<br />

Self-developed in-wheel motors<br />

so 4wd great torque<br />

very downforce<br />

pls move over<br />

185 kg much light<br />

Full carbon fiber monocoque<br />

cool gears so amaze<br />

such power<br />

Self-developed quad inverter<br />

drive lots<br />

7 kWh battery pack<br />

Custom slicks & rain tires<br />

many grip<br />

Background picture © <strong>FS</strong>A Official<br />

Car picture © Jeroen Knippenberg<br />

50 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

TU Vienna<br />

TUW Racing<br />

E41<br />

Technical Data<br />

Engine<br />

2 x TUWR-E3 self-developed<br />

ECU TTTech TTC 200<br />

Wheels<br />

7.0x10, 25mm offset, one piece<br />

CFRP rim<br />

Electronic Gadgets<br />

Traction Control, Launch Control,<br />

Torque Vectoring<br />

Double unequal length A-Arm,<br />

Suspension<br />

Pull rod actuated horizontally<br />

oriented spring and damper<br />

Wings<br />

Front, rear and side wing<br />

Differential<br />

Max. power<br />

Dimensions<br />

Weight<br />

Frame type<br />

Best Feature<br />

Electric differential<br />

80kW<br />

1575 WB/ 1200 Track Fr<br />

156kg without driver<br />

One piece CFRP monocoque<br />

Self-developed electric motors<br />

TUW Racing participates in Formula Student since<br />

2008 and could already celebrate our first sucess<br />

in our first year. In 2014 we switched from combustion<br />

to electric drive. The edge8 is our third electric<br />

car and an evolution of the edge7, driven by our<br />

self-developed electric motors in the third generation.<br />

Another focus was the light-weight concept,<br />

realised with the use of carbon fibers in the majority<br />

of mechanical parts. We would like to thank all our<br />

sponsors who help us to realise this project.<br />

follow us:<br />

racing.tuwien.ac.at<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 51

Header<br />

TU Clausthal<br />

Car#, Country, Green Voltage University, Racing Teamname<br />

E42<br />

Technical Data<br />

Frame<br />

Motor<br />

welded tubular space<br />

frame<br />

Emrax 228, synchronous<br />

3P AC, external rotor,<br />

80kW<br />

Motor Controller Unitek Bamocar D3<br />

Transmission<br />

Toothed belt<br />

transmission ratio:<br />

4,17:1<br />

With the GV-Racer 5, we follow the successful GV-<br />

Racer 4, our first car that ever raced on an official <strong>FS</strong>-<br />

<strong>Event</strong>. Our goal this year is to finish all the dynamic<br />

events and thereby establishing a reliable car. In<br />

comparison to the GV-Racer 4, we are aiming for a<br />

weight loss of 30kg. A whole new motor concept,<br />

switching from 10" to 13" tires and a fancy new steering<br />

show our ambitious aim to create an innovative race car.<br />

Fuel<br />

Finest, handpicked<br />

electrons<br />

Wheels<br />

Suspension<br />

Continental C16 / 205 /<br />

470 R13<br />

OZ 4H Magnesium Rims<br />

Double unequal length<br />

A-Arm. Pull rod<br />

actuated. vertically<br />

oriented air spring<br />

Weight 299,99kg<br />

Best Features<br />

Self-developed BMS<br />

Ball-screw steeringsystem<br />

52 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong><br />


Deggendorf Institute of Technology<br />

Fast Forest<br />

E44<br />

The Formula Student Team from Deggendorf was founded in 2008. Since our second season we compete in<br />

the Formula Student Electric. After participating with a rear-wheel driven car for 6 years, in this season the<br />

team built its first four-wheel driven formula student car, called Jenny8X.<br />

The car is completely new developed an convinces with a new self-developed speed measuring system and<br />

a battery management system.<br />

Our team consists of about 90 people.<br />

It’s our fourth time at <strong>FS</strong>A and we enjoy it<br />

every time to participate in the<br />

competition.<br />

We were very looking forward to have fun<br />

in <strong>Austria</strong> at the terrific Red Bull Ring!<br />

#170PS #0,8bar<br />

Technical facts for you:<br />

Dimensions<br />

Power<br />

Max. system voltage<br />

Max. battery capacity<br />

Battery cells<br />

Drivetrain<br />

Suspension<br />

2850x1370x1130 mm<br />

80 kW<br />

588 V<br />

7,25 kWh<br />

LiPo<br />

4 planetary gearboxes inside of the wheel hubs<br />

Double wishbone with directly actuated<br />

damping system<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 53

E45<br />

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg<br />

BRS Motorsport<br />

BRS Motorsport is the Formula Student Electric team of UAS<br />

Bonn­Rhein­Sieg with 60 students of all faculties, who share<br />

their love for designing, developing and manufacturing a<br />

single­seater racecar every year. We have built four<br />

combustion and two electric racecars since our first Formula<br />

Student attendance in 2009. This year’s racecar is a tribute to<br />

our fast 2015 racecar: a one motor concept with a full CFRP monocoque with aerodynamics, 10<br />

inch wheels & suspension, our new rear wheel steering for more agility and an overall focus on<br />

reliability ­ all combined in our new car, the G16e (or more beautifully named 'Carola').<br />

With our 2015th car 'Carina', we were able to constantly achieve Top10 results in the Autocross<br />

but it lacked reliability in the Endurance. So we've taken last year as a lesson and incorporated<br />

these experiences in an improved racecar. Thus, this year's goal is to increase the team's<br />

performance in all disciplines and adapt the points to the same high level!<br />



54 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

UAS Aalen<br />

E-Motion Rennteam Aalen<br />

E61<br />

The fifth car of the E-Motion Rennteam comes<br />

along with plenty of premieres. For the first time we are<br />

using two motors to drive the rear wheels, an complete aero kit and a<br />

huge number of self developed electronic components such as the AMS,<br />

ECU or the CAN-bus hardware. As the harder, faster, and better Version of<br />

its predecessor the ERT-05/16 is competing in <strong>FS</strong>A for the very first time.<br />

We are looking forward to see you all at the <strong>Event</strong>s! <br />

Chassis: E355 steel tubular space frame<br />

Motors: 2x Enstroj Emrax 208<br />

Power:<br />

80 kW (restricted)<br />

Weight: 177 kg + 7 kg wings<br />

Suspension: double wishbone with direct actuated air shocks<br />

Accumulator: 100s 2p, LiPo, 6.3 kWh<br />

Aerodynamics: 350N@60 km/h<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 55

E63<br />

Norwegian University of Science and Technology<br />

Revolve NTNU<br />

<strong>2016</strong> sees the 5th entry into the<br />

Formula Student competiton for<br />

Revolve NTNU, with Scandinavias<br />

first 4WD electric race car<br />

- Gnist. Our team consist of 56<br />

students from all five years of<br />

study and several different engineering<br />

disciplines.<br />

The 4WD system opened a lot<br />

of opportunities, like torque vectoring<br />

and regenerating more<br />

energy from breaking. This lead<br />

to a deeper reserch regarding<br />

new battery cells to cobe with<br />

the charging currents.<br />

We wanted to design the TV-algorithms,<br />

planetary gearbox,<br />

carbon fiber rims and suspension<br />

system as well as our own<br />

SiCMOS inverter to lower the<br />

systems weight and increase<br />

efficiency. This alongside improving<br />

our electronics and analysis<br />

software, re-designing the monovoque,<br />

battery, aero package<br />

and cooling system lead to another<br />

year with hard work and technical<br />

improvements.<br />

Frame:<br />

Accumulator:<br />

Motor:<br />

Suspension:<br />

Downforce:<br />

Weight:<br />

CFRP Monocoque<br />

144S2P LiCoO2<br />

AMK / DD5-14-10-POW<br />

Uneven length double<br />

a-arm, push rod actuated<br />

600 N (60 kph)<br />

175 kg<br />

56 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

UAS Augsburg<br />

Starkstrom Augsburg e.V.<br />

E69<br />

This team didn’t bother to submit a team page, so the <strong>FS</strong>A social media cats team created one for them.<br />

You’re welcome.<br />

Image © MAN Ausbildung Facebook page<br />

Well, actually there are a lot more but I no haz picture - edicat<br />

Image © Starkstrom Facebook<br />

This cat really likes Starkstrom<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 57

E76<br />

TU Bergakademie Freiberg<br />

Racetech Racingteam TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V.<br />

Racetech Racingteam was founded in 2005 and enters<br />

<strong>FS</strong>A once again in <strong>2016</strong>. With our fifth electric car, the<br />

RT10, we focused on the development of our first<br />

monocoque, while adjusting well proven systems<br />

like our 2WD powertrain and aerodynamics to<br />

the new chassis. We are looking forward to<br />

a great season with events in <strong>Austria</strong>,<br />

Germany and Spain and are glad to<br />

meet you all there!<br />

#schienenersatzverkehr<br />

Chassis<br />

Aerodynamics<br />

Suspension<br />

Wheels<br />

Drivetrain<br />

Accumulator<br />

Electronics<br />

Magnesium Monocoque + Casted Rear End<br />

Front- , Side- and Rear Wing, DRS<br />

Double A-Arms, Push-|Pullrod, CFRP ARB<br />

Continental 205|470 R13, CFRP Hybrid Rims<br />

2x Bosch SMG 138, two stage spur gearbox<br />

Li-Po Cells, 7.1 kWh, self developed BMS<br />

Self Developed Vehicle Dynamics Control Unit<br />

58 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

Header<br />

Hamburg University of Technology<br />

Car#, Country, e-gnition University, Hamburg Teamname<br />

E78<br />

E-gnition Hamburg, Formula<br />

Student Team of Hamburg<br />

University of Technology, proudly<br />

presents the 5 th developed racecar<br />

of its history. Since the last<br />

participation in Formula Student<br />

<strong>Austria</strong> a lot of visible and invisible<br />

technical steps have been taken.<br />

With CRP-monocoque, aero package and probably<br />

smallest self-developed boardcomputer in the Formula<br />

Student (to name just some steps) the young team of 50<br />

members reduces the technical advantage of longer<br />

participating teams.<br />

This great car would never have been designed without<br />

the support of our sponsors, friends an previous team<br />

members! Thank you for your ongoing support!<br />

Engine 2x Enstroj Emrax 208<br />

ECU self-developed<br />

boardcomputer<br />

Wheels 470 x 205 R13<br />

Electronic<br />

Gadgets<br />

Rooftop Telemetry, SD<br />

Logging, GPS, Selfdeveloped<br />

BMS and DCDC<br />

converter,<br />

Suspension double unequal length a-<br />

arms,push rod actuated<br />

horizontally oriented<br />

spring/damper, anti-roll bar<br />

Fuel #1000Strom<br />

Differential Electronic torque vectoring<br />

Max. power 80 kW<br />

Dimensions 1560 WB/ 1200 Track<br />

Weight 210 kg<br />

Frame type Carbon fibre monocoque<br />

Wings Front wing, rear wing and<br />

side wings<br />

Best Feature Starts and runs everytime<br />

Footer<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 59

E96<br />

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau<br />

WHZ Racing Team<br />

UAS Zwickau - E96<br />


Zwickau? Probably never heard about it! The small<br />

east-saxon city is the birthplace of a famous car company<br />

- later known as AUDI. Due to the fact that there is a<br />

huge tradition in building cars, a small group of students<br />

decided to build their own racing car. That<br />

was 10 years ago. While the first four cars are<br />

powered by combustion engines, in 2010 we additionally<br />

built an electric vehicle. Now, with our FPX16e (or called<br />

FPX16e<br />

• Weight: 195 kg<br />

• Wheel base: 1530 mm<br />

• Track width: Front: 1166 mm<br />

Rear: 1244 mm<br />

• Four-wheel drive<br />

• 10-inch carbon aluminium hybrd rims<br />

peak power per motor<br />

• CRFP-Monocoque<br />

• max 19000 rpm<br />

• Capacity 7,0 kWH<br />

„eRnst“), we are able to present our seventh electric<br />

racing car. About 60 motivated students enabled us to<br />

present our new family member as<br />

early as possible – our rollout in April was one of the<br />

first rollouts of an electric Formula Student car<br />

this year. That are all quite nice features, but<br />

what really matter is what is inside the car.<br />

Under a pile of cable ties you can find an<br />

inventive concept, that differs a lot from<br />

last year’s: True to our motto „Back to the<br />

roots“ (thanks to our 10th anniversary) we<br />

built a racing car with a four-wheel drive. Every one of the four<br />

permanent energized motors has<br />

a peak power of 38 kW. With a<br />

revised aerodynamic package and<br />

an integrated cooling system we want<br />

to tie up to our last achievements.<br />

• HV grid: 600 V / LV-System-Voltage 24 V<br />

• 4 permanently enginzed motors with 38 kw<br />

FUN FACT<br />

We just have boy´s names<br />

for our cars, because they<br />

already cause enough<br />

trouble, what would be<br />

even more by having a<br />

car with a girl´s name.<br />

60 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

RWTH Aachen University<br />

Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V.<br />

E99<br />

Ecurie Aix, the Formula Student Team at<br />

RWTH Aachen University, was founded in<br />

1999. The name “Ecurie Aix” is a reference<br />

to the team´s international home base in<br />

the German city of Aachen, which lies<br />

right at the borders to Belgium and the<br />

Netherlands. The word “Ecurie” means<br />

“Racing Stable” or “Racing Team” in<br />

French and has been chosen in respect to<br />

a very successful Belgian motorsports<br />

team named “Ecurie Francorchamps”. The<br />

word “Aix” is derived from Aachen´s<br />

French name: Aix-la-Chapelle.<br />

Until last year our team has built 10 cars<br />

with internal combustion engines and 4<br />

electric powered cars. After having the<br />

most successful season of our history in 2015,<br />

thanks to an vehicle with two electric motors in the rear, we decided to take the next step in terms of technology:<br />

the whole new CFRP chassis, 4WD, the new suspension and improved aerodynamics are expected to<br />

enable us to close the gap to the top teams. Therefore we are looking forward to have a great competition in<br />

<strong>2016</strong>. This year the team will travel more than 4000 km to participate at <strong>FS</strong>UK, Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong><br />

and Formula Student Germany.<br />

197 kg<br />

Spielberg <strong>2016</strong> | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | 61

<strong>FS</strong>A 2015<br />

some impressions...<br />

Check out the <strong>FS</strong>A<br />

flickr for many more!<br />

62 | Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong> | Spielberg <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>FS</strong>A on the intertubes<br />

fsaustria.at<br />

youtube.com/user/fsaustria<br />

flic.kr/photos/fsaustria<br />

fb.com/FormulaStudent<strong>Austria</strong><br />

@fsaustria<br />


Impressum<br />

Herausgeber:<br />

<strong>FS</strong>A Bewerbsorganisation<br />

Plüddemanngasse 39<br />

8010 Graz<br />

Gestaltung;<br />

Lukas Raschendorfer<br />

© <strong>2016</strong> Formula Student <strong>Austria</strong>

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