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Uniform Programs

• Support your brand objectives.

• Provide a professional look.

• Differentiate you from your


• Improve morale.

• Contribute to the bottom line.

You will get an exceptional uniform

that your employees will enjoy

wearing; one that enhances your brand

and conveys your corporate values.

This is important brand real estate.

Use it well by partnering with apparel

experts. Your brand, better.

Righteous Clothing Agency

Uniform Programs

Righteous Clothing Agency





Corporate Identity Programs

Your internal customers – your

employees - want to identify with your

brand and show their corporate pride.

Help them with a robust program of

services to drive employee satisfaction

and morale.

We offer a broad spectrum of apparel

and gear choices, on-trend brand

decoration techniques, an easy to

use online ordering platform,

and fulfillment from two US

based locations.

Do you need an awards program,

an anniversary recognition program,

or a safety program? We can facilitate

those, too. Your brand, better.

Corporate Identity Programs



that work

for you

Merchandise Programs

The great thing about selling branded

merchandise is that your customers

will pay you to wear your brand.

You have raving fans that want to

associate with your brand and will

take your logo out into the community.

Give them great gear to wear and

display for all to see.

We learn your brand, your

demographics, and your vibe, and then

we create awesome gear that is light

years beyond just slapping a logo on

a chest. Coupled with our distribution

system it is a beautiful process.

We stock, you order, and we do

it all over again, and again.

Increase in-store revenue while

simultaneously increasing out of store

brand reach. Your brand, better.

Righteous Clothing Agency

Merchandise Programs

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