GineersNow Construction Leaders Magazine June 2017 Issue 003, Bechtel

GineersNow Construction Leaders Magazine Issue 003 Construction Leaders Magazine: Meet the 36-year-old Chairman and CEO of Bechtel, Brendan Bechtel Exclusive: KONE elevators and escalators, Wirtgen concrete paving, AXA insurance for construction projects, Scopus modular build project, KARAM safety products, Bitzer intelligent CSW compact screw compressor, DOKA formworks, scafolding and shoring for construction Special Feature Stories: BIM, Consultant, Contractor, Design, EPC, Finance, Heavy Equipment, Electro-mechanical, Machinery, Rental Equipment, HSE, EHS, Safety, Tools, Trucks, PMV, Construction, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, MEP, EPC Country Focus: United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Australia, Turkey, China More engineering stories at https://www.gineersnow.com/topics/magazines

GineersNow Construction Leaders Magazine Issue 003

Construction Leaders Magazine: Meet the 36-year-old Chairman and CEO of Bechtel, Brendan Bechtel

Exclusive: KONE elevators and escalators, Wirtgen concrete paving, AXA insurance for construction projects, Scopus modular build project, KARAM safety products, Bitzer intelligent CSW compact screw compressor, DOKA formworks, scafolding and shoring for construction

Special Feature Stories: BIM, Consultant, Contractor, Design, EPC, Finance, Heavy Equipment, Electro-mechanical, Machinery, Rental Equipment, HSE, EHS, Safety, Tools, Trucks, PMV, Construction, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, MEP, EPC

Country Focus: United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Australia, Turkey, China

More engineering stories at https://www.gineersnow.com/topics/magazines


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Brendan<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong><br />

Meet the “36-Year-Old”<br />

Chairman & CEO of <strong>Bechtel</strong><br />


KONE: Making Elevator & Escalator Travel<br />

Easier, Safer and More Convenient<br />

SP 60 Series From Wirtgen:<br />

Three Multi-Talents for Concrete Paving<br />

AXA: Why Is The Insurer a Key Partner<br />

in <strong>Construction</strong> Projects<br />

Scopus Sets Industry Benchmark<br />

on Large-Scale Modular Build Project<br />

KARAM: Protecting People is Priority<br />

BITZER Launches Intelligent CSW<br />

Compact Screw Compressor<br />

DOKA: Forming the Future of <strong>Construction</strong><br />

JUNE <strong>2017</strong><br />

ISSUE NO. <strong>003</strong>

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Biosep TM<br />

An aerobic biological<br />

treatment for<br />

wastewater<br />

treatment and water<br />

reclaim<br />

An innovative solution developed by<br />

Veolia Water Technologies, Biosep<br />

combines two proven technologies:<br />

• Biological treatment using activated<br />

sludge<br />

• Membrane filtration<br />

Biosep produces very high quality water,<br />

fully compliant with the highest standards<br />

for water reuse for irrigation, industrial and<br />

municipal applications.<br />

With more than 120 references worldwide,<br />

Biosep is recommended for:<br />

• Significant reduction of carbon, nitrogen<br />

and phosphorus pollution<br />

• High and simultaneous removal of<br />

bacteria depending on the treated water,<br />

completed by downstream disinfection.<br />

Biosep is sold under the Neosep<br />

trademark in Japan, the United States,<br />

Australia and New Zealand. <br />

Biosep Pack - new standard<br />

membrane filtration units<br />

> Flow rates from 4 to 110 m/hr<br />

> Flexible and modular solutions,<br />

manufacturing in-house in the<br />

Veolia workshops<br />

> Guaranteed performances<br />

identical to those of the<br />

conventional Biosep process<br />

Biosep Pack is added to a biological<br />

aeration tank. The membrane<br />

bioreactor replaces the traditional<br />

settling system and separates<br />

perfectly the purifying biomass<br />

from the treated effluent through<br />

microfiltration. The microfiltered<br />

water is of excellent bacteriological<br />

quality and removal of TSS is<br />

guaranteed at any time. Flow rates<br />

from 4 to 110 m/hr.<br />

Applications<br />

> Small or medium sized industrial<br />

effluent treatment plants (800 to<br />

10,000 PE)<br />

> Temporary solutions during<br />

refurbishment or upgrade work

Sponsored Article<br />

Woodlands<br />

Dairy<br />

Anaerobic Resource<br />

Recovery Facility<br />

The Solution<br />

Veolia Water Technologies proposed a resource<br />

recovery plant (RRP) capable of processing 1.5<br />

MLD, which will later be upgraded to 2 MLD.<br />

The RRP will make use of Biothane’s state of<br />

the art Memthane® technology, capable of<br />

removing >95% of effluent COD.<br />

A piloting study was performed to provide an<br />

effluent specific treatment facility, ensuring<br />

product performance and client satisfaction. <br />

Effluent specifications<br />

Feed rate<br />

pH<br />

TCOD<br />

COD load<br />

1500 m/d<br />

12<br />

10 g/l<br />

15 t/day<br />

Woodlands Dairy, 1000+ people, is<br />

one of the largest manufacturers of<br />

UHT milk in South Africa, marketed under<br />

the brand FIRST CHOICE®. Woodlands Dairy<br />

is a local, Eastern Cape processor of farm<br />

fresh milk, who produces and packages high<br />

quality dairy products. Dairy farming methods<br />

should not only have a minimal impact on<br />

the environment but should also be animal<br />

friendly and boost public support for dairy<br />

farming.<br />

The challenge<br />

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Pty)<br />

Ltd was awarded the contract by Woodlands<br />

Dairy (Pty) Ltd to provide a viable processing<br />

solution for their growing process effluent<br />

stream. The facility contains a milk sterilisation<br />

and packaging plant as well as a cheese<br />

factory. All process effluent is sent to a<br />

combined effluent sump.<br />

Key Figures<br />

• High COD loading:<br />

~15 ton COD/day<br />

• Growing effluent<br />

demand<br />

• Long-chain organics<br />

present in effluent<br />

• Achieving plant effluent<br />

concentrations below<br />

municipal standards<br />

• > 95% conversion


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Veolia Water Technologies provides a full<br />

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HYDREX 7000 SERIES<br />

HYDREX 8000 SERIES<br />

HYDREX 9000 SERIES<br />

⊳AquaVista - Level 3:<br />

manage your automated control and monitoring system via your smartphone<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />


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<strong>June</strong> is an exciting month for this magazine.<br />

In this month’s issue of <strong>GineersNow</strong>: <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong>, we’re<br />

excited to feature <strong>Bechtel</strong> Corporation, the largest construction<br />

company in the United States. Engineering News Record ranks<br />

the company as the number one in several categories such as<br />

the Top US Contractor in <strong>2017</strong>, Top Petroleum Contractor, Top<br />

Transportation Contractor and Top Industrial Contractor.<br />

EDITOR’S<br />

NOTE<br />

What makes this feature exciting is the leader behind this powerful<br />

company: the elected chairman of the <strong>Bechtel</strong> Group Inc., 36-yearold<br />

Brendan <strong>Bechtel</strong>. If you haven’t heard of his name before, you<br />

should! In 2016, he was #1 on their annual 40 Under 40 list. In this<br />

special feature, learn more about the young CEO and his journey<br />

into becoming the company’s elected chairman.<br />

We’ve also featured several companies this month. Read our<br />

exclusive interview with KONE on how the company is making<br />

elevator and escalator travel easier, safe and more convenient.<br />

We’ve also put a spotlight on KARAM on how its helping<br />

several companies protect their people from hazardous work<br />

environments and on AXA on why the insurer is a key partner in<br />

construction projects.<br />

Check out the latest from BITZER as it launched intelligent CSW<br />

compact screw compressor. Get updated on the latest news<br />

on Wirtgen’s SP 60 Series and learn more about how Scopus<br />

is setting the industry benchmark on large-scale modular build<br />

project. We also have a special feature on how Doka is forming the<br />

future of construction.<br />

So sit back and learn something new in this industry today.<br />

Keep up with the latest trends on the <strong>Construction</strong> Industry with<br />

<strong>GineersNow</strong>: <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong>.<br />

Engr. Alice Hernandez<br />

Senior Editor-at-Large

Contents<br />

Brendan <strong>Bechtel</strong> : Meet the “36-Year-Old”<br />

Chairman & CEO of <strong>Bechtel</strong><br />

10<br />

Bulk Kings in the Middle East 18<br />

KONE: Making Elevator and Escalator Travel<br />

Easier, Safer and More Convenient<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> Works Continues For The<br />

World’s Tallest Tower Prince Alwaleed<br />

Why is the Insurer a Key Partner in<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> Projects?<br />

Gold Star For JCB As Machines Take A<br />

Bow In Cult Film<br />

Scopus Sets Industry Benchmark on<br />

Large-Scale Modular Build Project<br />

ACS Successfully Completes Excavation<br />

of Seattle’s Tunnel, A Milestone in<br />

The <strong>Construction</strong> of Large-Diameter<br />

Tunnels<br />

20<br />

26<br />

28<br />

31<br />

32<br />

36<br />

KARAM: Protecting People Is Priority 38<br />

Forming the Future of <strong>Construction</strong> 46<br />

HIMOINSA emergency power in just<br />

7 seconds for the Doha Festival City<br />

SP 60 Series from Wirtgen:<br />

Three Multi-Talents for Concrete Paving<br />

BITZER launches intelligent CSW<br />

compact screw compressor<br />

The MB Revolution Reaches<br />

the Fourth Generation<br />

50<br />

54<br />

56<br />


Brendan <strong>Bechtel</strong><br />

Elected Chairman of<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong> Group, Inc.<br />

Photo courtesy of <strong>Bechtel</strong><br />

10 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • April <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Bechtel</strong>, a global leader in engineering,<br />

procurement, and construction, announced<br />

that Chief Executive Officer Brendan <strong>Bechtel</strong><br />

has been unanimously elected Chairman of<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong> Group, Inc. (BGI) by the company’s<br />

board of directors. Brendan succeeds his father,<br />

Riley <strong>Bechtel</strong>, who served as CEO from 1990<br />

to 2014 and BGI Chairman since 1996. The<br />

younger <strong>Bechtel</strong> now holds the dual titles and<br />

responsibilities of Chairman and CEO.<br />

Brendan <strong>Bechtel</strong> was appointed CEO in<br />

September 2016, after serving in leadership<br />

positions at the company and managing the<br />

delivery of several of <strong>Bechtel</strong>’s megaprojects,<br />

including Queensland Curtis LNG in Australia, the<br />

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and the<br />

Dulles Corridor Metrorail.<br />

“I am deeply grateful to the board for electing<br />

me as chairman, and on behalf of our 50,000<br />

colleagues as well as the four generations of my<br />

family who have held this position before me, I<br />

am committed to leading our company to the<br />

highest ethical standards and always remaining<br />

true to our core values,” Brendan said. “We live<br />

in an increasingly competitive world, and <strong>Bechtel</strong><br />

will continue to meet the needs of our customers<br />

by continuously developing the skills of our<br />

talented colleagues and improving the diversity<br />

of our workforce. We will build on our 119-year<br />

legacy of creating long-term careers, full of<br />

purpose and positive impact, here in the United<br />

States and around the world.”<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />


Brendan <strong>Bechtel</strong> is chairman and chief<br />

executive officer of <strong>Bechtel</strong> Group, Inc.<br />

Prior to being elected chairman in April<br />

<strong>2017</strong>, Brendan was named <strong>Bechtel</strong>’s chief<br />

executive officer in September 2016. He<br />

was <strong>Bechtel</strong>’s president and chief operating<br />

officer from 2014–2016. Previously, he<br />

served in executive management and<br />

operations roles, including president of the<br />

company’s Oil, Gas & Chemicals (OG&C)<br />

global business unit, general manager of<br />

the OG&C Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)<br />

business line, and senior project manager<br />

for the Queensland Curtis LNG project, the<br />

first of <strong>Bechtel</strong>’s four LNG megaprojects in<br />

Australia.<br />

Brendan first began working for the<br />

company during summer breaks in high<br />

school. After joining the company full time,<br />

he took on roles of increasing responsibility<br />

in field construction, project management,<br />

and executive leadership. Brendan is the<br />

5th generation of the <strong>Bechtel</strong> family to lead<br />

the company.<br />

Brendan graduated with a bachelor’s<br />

degree in geography from Middlebury<br />

College in Vermont. He also earned dual<br />

master’s degrees at Stanford University in<br />

business and construction engineering and<br />

management.<br />

Brendan currently serves on the board<br />

of trustees for the National Geographic<br />

Society in Washington, D.C. Brendan is<br />

also a member of the Business Roundtable<br />

and the American Society of Corporate<br />

Executives. In 2016 Fortune <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

named Brendan #1 on their annual 40<br />

Under 40 list.<br />

Source: www.bechtel.com<br />

12 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Riley <strong>Bechtel</strong> will now serve as a non-executive<br />

director.<br />

“There was no greater professional honor<br />

for me than to have led thousands of my<br />

dedicated colleagues as we worked together<br />

to build the best and safest projects in the<br />

world,” Riley <strong>Bechtel</strong> said. “I share with my<br />

fellow directors the utmost confidence in<br />

Brendan’s ability to lead <strong>Bechtel</strong> in its next<br />

chapter as we build the best projects for the<br />

world.”<br />

During his tenure as CEO, Brendan has<br />

spearheaded an initiative to be leaner and<br />

more competitive and implemented a strategy<br />

to infuse innovation into every aspect of<br />

delivering projects. Under his leadership, the<br />

company received its 18th consecutive honor<br />

as the top-ranked contractor by Engineering<br />

News-Record, (ENR) and earned a series<br />

of industry honors including <strong>Construction</strong><br />

Project of the Year Award by S&P Global Platts<br />

and ENR’s Global Best Project Award in the<br />

power/industrial category for its Curtis Island<br />

Liquefied Natural Gas program in Australia, in<br />

which Brendan played a leadership role.<br />

Earlier this month, Brendan launched<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong>’s sustainability goals, which serve<br />

as a benchmark for the entire construction<br />

industry to follow. <strong>Bechtel</strong> also served as a key<br />

delivery partner for the film Dream Big, aimed<br />

at inspiring students to pursue STEM-related<br />

careers.<br />

Before being elected CEO, Brendan held<br />

positions as president and chief operating<br />

officer, improving delivery throughout the<br />

company’s business lines and underscoring<br />

the importance of performing as promised and<br />

consistently delivering value for customers.<br />

Brendan has a bachelor of arts degree<br />

from Middlebury College and earned dual<br />

master’s degrees from Stanford University<br />

in business and construction engineering<br />

and management. He is a member of the<br />

Business Roundtable, the American Society<br />

of Corporate Executives, and serves on the<br />

board of trustees for the National Geographic<br />

Society.<br />

Curtis Island Photo LNG - courtesy Queensland, of Australia <strong>Bechtel</strong><br />

Source: www.bechtel.com<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />


Dulles Metrorail Extension - Virginia, USA<br />

Last April <strong>2017</strong>, <strong>Bechtel</strong> announced a set<br />

of ambitious long-term targets to increase<br />

the company’s contributions to global<br />

sustainability. The goals and targets are part<br />

of <strong>Bechtel</strong>’s ongoing and comprehensive<br />

strategy to further integrate sustainability<br />

within the company.<br />

“How we plan and execute projects today<br />

has a profound impact on the future. As<br />

an industry, we must continue to challenge<br />

ourselves to design, source materials, and<br />

build projects that are more resilient, safer,<br />

smarter, greener, and more cost-efficient for<br />

our customers and society,” said Tam Nguyen,<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong>’s global head of sustainability.<br />

“These goals also make sense from a business<br />

point of view as sustainability measures<br />

can increase the financial bottom-line of a<br />

company.” For example, <strong>Bechtel</strong> created a<br />

patent pending technology for gas-fired power<br />

plants that can reduce the power lost during<br />

carbon capture – the process of removing<br />

of carbon emissions – by almost 65 percent,<br />

while lowering capital costs by more than 30<br />

percent.<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong> established four long-term<br />

sustainability goals where the company’s<br />

experience, technologies, and core<br />

competencies can make a substantial<br />

global impact: support global goals around<br />

energy, infrastructure, water, and worker<br />

welfare; drive sustainability in project<br />

development and delivery; strengthen the<br />

resilience of communities; and leverage<br />

supplier engagements to catalyse sustainable<br />

opportunities.<br />

By 2030, <strong>Bechtel</strong> aims to:<br />

• Contribute 100 ideas to help achieve the<br />

United Nations Global Sustainable<br />

Development Goals.<br />

• Improve the resilience of five million<br />

people to natural hazards through our<br />

voluntary initiatives<br />

• Use sustainable alternatives to reduce<br />

our environmental footprint on 100<br />

percent of our key projects and nonproject<br />

facilities.<br />

• Engage 100 percent of our key suppliers<br />

to promote sustainability in the delivery<br />

of materials and services, and prevent<br />

modern-day slavery, including within<br />

their own supply chains.<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong> has released three annual<br />

sustainability reports, which measure the<br />

company’s sustainability achievements and<br />

successes globally. The fourth report, to be<br />

released in <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>, will start measuring the<br />

implementation progress of <strong>Bechtel</strong>’s 2030<br />

goals and targets.<br />

Source: www.bechtel.com<br />

14 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>


7<br />

View of Riyadh City at night<br />

Riyadh Metro, Saudi Arabia<br />

Moving People<br />

Forward<br />

For decades, <strong>Bechtel</strong> has helped customers bring ambitious urban<br />

concepts to life—from special economic zones to entire cities.<br />

Our projects assist societies in overcoming challenges of growing<br />

populations, connectivity, resiliency, and resource management. Rail<br />

is core to these advancements, enabling mobility, access, industry,<br />

and growth. <strong>Bechtel</strong> has delivered more than 300 major subway and<br />

rail projects, and is at the forefront of building some of the largest<br />

and most sustainable rail systems in the world today.<br />

Transporting Riyadh’s next generation<br />

A <strong>Bechtel</strong>-led consortium, which includes Almabani, CCC, and<br />

Siemens, is designing and building two of six rail lines of the Riyadh<br />

Metro Network. When complete, the 109-mile (176-kilometer) system<br />

will ease congestion and reduce pollution by giving Riyadh’s 6.5<br />

million residents an alternative to driving. Among the sustainable<br />

design aspects, we are incorporating solar panels to power the<br />

depots with renewable energy.<br />

Source: 2016 <strong>Bechtel</strong> Sustainability Report<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />



SCPX Circular Economy & Impact<br />

FUEL:<br />

Saved an average of<br />

371,316 gallons (1.4<br />

million liters) per year,<br />

which equates to<br />

removing nearly 700<br />

cars from the road<br />


Prevented an average<br />

of 3,300 metric tons of<br />

emissions per year<br />

WATER:<br />

Conserved an average<br />

of 100,000 gallons<br />

(378,541 liters) a year,<br />

enough to fill 1 million<br />

12-ounce (.35-liter) water<br />

bottles<br />


Reduced 90 percent<br />

(990 kg/work day),<br />

equal to about 730,000<br />

pounds, or 365 tons, of<br />

waste on average per<br />

year<br />

13<br />

Greening project facilities<br />

The Al Taweelah Alumina refinery is a greenfield project in the<br />

United Arab Emirates that will supply 2 million tons of alumina for<br />

smelting. With our partner, Emirates Global Aluminium, we used<br />

Estidama (sustainability in Arabic) principles and practices at the<br />

refinery’s operation management building to set a high bar of sustainability<br />

compliance. We saved water by using water-conserving<br />

fixtures and fittings, recycled sewage water for irrigation, and<br />

native plants that require less water to maintain for landscaping.<br />

To reduce energy consumption, we added external shading and<br />

installed energy-efficient equipment and lighting systems. These<br />

measures and others contributed to:<br />

∙ 100 percent recycled water for irrigation<br />

∙ 54 percent reduction in internal potable water consumption<br />

∙ 13 percent reduction in energy use<br />

∙ 55 percent of procured steel using recycled content<br />

∙ 70 percent of nonhazardous construction waste recycled<br />


Recovered, reused,<br />

and recycled 40 percent<br />

annually<br />

Source: 2016 <strong>Bechtel</strong> Sustainability Report


1<br />

Engineering the Next<br />

100 Years<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong> delivers the most complex projects in the world for its<br />

customers. These feats are not only modern engineering marvels;<br />

they spur long-term prosperity and growth that transform<br />

countries and lives.<br />

From the Paris climate agreement to the launch of the United<br />

Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we saw the world decisively<br />

shift to a future of cleaner energy, greener infrastructure,<br />

and universal access to clean water.<br />

Amid this accelerating trend, <strong>Bechtel</strong> delivered for its customers,<br />

partners, and society:<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

Clean power for homes, cities, and businesses<br />

Rail networks that ease pollution and congestion while improving<br />

urban mobility<br />

Communities more resilient to extreme weather and natural<br />

disasters through our volunteer programs<br />

Less waste, energy, and water use at our projects and offices<br />

A legacy of sustainability at our projects long after our work<br />

is complete<br />

<strong>Bechtel</strong> also made progress on our strategy to advance sustainability<br />

across our business. We’ve implemented new tools,<br />

procedures, and initiatives to spur innovation, reduce our environmental<br />

footprint, and protect vulnerable workers and communities.<br />

These efforts form the backbone of our ambitious long-term<br />

goals and targets.<br />

The last century was defined and shaped by industrial development<br />

that created generations of prosperity; this century will be<br />

defined by sustainable development. The projects we deliver for<br />

our customers and the world, and the way we deliver them, will<br />

help ensure this century will flourish.<br />


By 2030, <strong>Bechtel</strong> commits to:<br />

Contribute solutions achieving global<br />

sustainable development goals.<br />


100 ideas to help achieve the<br />

United Nations Sustainable<br />

Development Goals.<br />

Increase the resilience of vulnerable<br />

communities to natural hazards.<br />


5 million people are safe from<br />

natural hazards through our<br />

volunteer programs.<br />

Promote environmental sustainability<br />

in our projects and facilities.<br />


100% of our key projects and<br />

non-project facilities to reduce<br />

our environmental footprint.<br />

It’s no longer enough to build the<br />

biggest projects in the world. We will<br />

also be known for building the best<br />

projects for the world.<br />

Source: 2016 <strong>Bechtel</strong> Sustainability Report<br />

Drive sustainability in our global<br />

supply chain.<br />


100% of our key suppliers<br />

have programs to promote<br />

sustainability in the delivery<br />

of materials and services,<br />

as well as within their own<br />

supply chain.

Bulk Kings in the Middle East<br />

Saqr Port Authority recently signed a contract<br />

for two new units LHM 800 in bulk handling<br />

configuration. These two machines will be the<br />

biggest mobile harbour cranes for bulk operation in<br />

the Middle East.<br />

The LHM 800 in bulk handling configuration<br />

comes with a 54 metres boom and a maximum<br />

lifting capacity of up to 144 tonnes. The powerful<br />

hydrostatic transmission and advanced Liebherr<br />

electronics ensure short, productive working<br />

cycles during bulk handling. Both machines for<br />

Saqr Port are equipped with Liebherr’s unique<br />

Pactronic® system. This hydraulic hybrid drive<br />

system achieves increased handling performance<br />

with reduced fuel consumption. By adding an<br />

accumulator as a secondary energy source instead<br />

of a bigger or additional prime mover, Pactronic®<br />

regenerates the reverse power while lowering the<br />

load. The stored energy is transferred back to<br />

the system when the crane requires peak power<br />

during hoisting. In terms of turnover capacity, that<br />

means an increase of up to 30% compared to a<br />

conventional machine with an equal power rating<br />

of the primary energy source. With Pactronic® the<br />

LHM 800 is able to achieve a turnover of up to<br />

2300 tonnes per hour.<br />

Saqr Port committed itself to a strategy<br />

of continually investing in the quality and<br />

modernization of their port facilities. This includes<br />

the creation of additional deep-water berths,<br />

capable of efficiently handling Capesize vessels.<br />

The two new bulk giants LHM 800 will operate at<br />

these new berths and consequently reinforce Saqr<br />

Ports top-position in the Middle East bulk market<br />

even more. Both cranes will start operation spring<br />

2018.<br />

Liebherr - The right choice<br />

Both cranes will be delivered fully assembled<br />

directly from Liebherrs maritime headquarter in<br />

Rostock/Germany to Saqr Port at the beginning<br />

of 2018. The Saqr Port representatives are already<br />

looking forward to welcoming the two new units at<br />

their new berth. “These new mobile harbour cranes<br />

will helps us to improve our bulk handling efficiency<br />

even more. Thanks to its high lifting capacities at a<br />

wide outreach, we are able to expand our service<br />

portfolio up to Capesize class vessels. This is very<br />

important for the future development of our port.<br />

We have been operating Liebherr mobile harbour<br />

cranes for many years and are very satisfied with<br />

the overall performance and the reliability of the<br />

machines,” says Capt. Cliff Brand - Group General<br />

Manager RAK Ports.<br />

18 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Noha Kadora<br />

Regional Marketing and<br />

Communications Manager<br />

KONE Middle East and Africa

KONE:<br />

Making Elevator<br />

and Escalator Travel<br />

Easier, Safer and<br />

More Convenient<br />

What does it take to be considered as one of the<br />

most innovative companies in the world? For KONE,<br />

it’s continuously developing, improving, and refining<br />

one’s approach to innovation. With over a century<br />

of experience under its belt, KONE has shown the<br />

world why it is a global leader in the elevator and<br />

escalator industry. From supplying the best elevators<br />

and escalators, to providing solutions used for<br />

maintenance and modernization. The company’s<br />

clients have trusted KONE to ensure the safety,<br />

convenience and reliability in people’s transportation<br />

systems inside taller and smarter buildings.<br />

In an exclusive interview with KONE’s Regional<br />

Marketing and Communications Manager for its<br />

offices in the Middle East and Africa, Noha Kadora<br />

shares her views on today’s trends in the elevator<br />

and escalator industry, where the company is headed<br />

and how KONE is giving back to the community. She<br />

also gives pieces of advice to young engineers that<br />

differentiating oneself is key to leaving a mark in the<br />

industry.<br />


Noha Kadora completed her Master’s degree in<br />

international migration and ethnic relations at Malmo<br />

University in Sweden, the country where she was<br />

born and raised. In 2012, she then moved to Dubai.<br />

She has been with KONE for the past 4 and a half<br />

years. Prior to working in the elevator and escalator<br />

industry, she also has had experience in event<br />

companies and the IT industry.<br />

Noha is an active person that enjoys cycling, wall<br />

climbing and water sports. When she is not travelling<br />

on her days off, you will find her relaxing on the<br />

beach.<br />


KONE, which was founded in 1910, is known as one<br />

of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />


The KONE UltraRope<br />

industry. “KONE’s objective is to offer the<br />

best People Flow® experience by developing<br />

and delivering solutions that enable people<br />

to move smoothly, safely, comfortably and<br />

without waiting in buildings in an increasingly<br />

urbanizing environment,” Kadora told<br />

<strong>GineersNow</strong>. The company’s services covers<br />

the entire lifetime of a building starting from<br />

the design phase up to the maintenance,<br />

repairs as well as modernization solutions.<br />

In 2016, the company had an annual net<br />

sales of EUR 8.8 billion, and has over 52,000<br />

employees wherein half of the employees<br />

work on-field. KONE class B shares are listed<br />

on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. In Finland. The<br />

company has manufacturing operations in<br />

seven countries worldwide (China, India,<br />

Finland, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico and<br />

USA).<br />

The company embodies their mission to<br />

improve the flow of urban life. “Through more<br />

effective People Flow®, we make people’s<br />

journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in<br />

taller, smarter buildings.” Kadora said. With<br />

the cooperation of their partners together with<br />

their customers around the world, KONE helps<br />

cities to become better places to live in.<br />

“We understand that different buildings have<br />

different purposes which has an impact on<br />

the flow of people and on the surrounding<br />

environment”. That is why KONE’s vision is to<br />

deliver the best People Flow® experience. “It<br />

also means we provide Ease, Effectiveness<br />

and Experiences to our users and customers,<br />

over the full life cycle of buildings,” she adds.<br />

Their strategy lies with the customer. “We can<br />

say that we are the best, we have the best<br />

products, best processes and best people.<br />

At the end of the day, the customer decides<br />

how good we are.” KONE aims to win with<br />

their customers by demonstrating how their<br />

needs are understood, as well as how their<br />

businesses can be improved, and what<br />

solutions can be offered to them. “We want to<br />

show them the value of working with KONE.”<br />


In 1996, KONE revolutionized the escalator<br />

and elevator industry by introducing the KONE<br />

MonoSpace® platform. It’s the first machineroom-less<br />

elevator on the market. Another<br />

innovation from KONE is a Destination Control<br />

System named KONE Destination. It is an<br />

innovative elevator control system which<br />

dramatically increases the elevator system’s<br />

22 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

ability to handle the traffic flow in high rise<br />

buildings. Rather than pressing a traditional up<br />

and down button, the passenger selects their<br />

destination using a destination operating panel<br />

in the lobby and is then intelligently guided to<br />

a designated elevator car, reducing wait times<br />

and unnecessary stops.<br />

In line with this, the company also offers client<br />

support all throughout the manufacturing<br />

process. They work with consultants,<br />

architects, and many stakeholders to be able<br />

to serve the customers’ needs. KONE is a<br />

full solution provider that constantly finds<br />

innovative ways to satisfy their partners.<br />



Through the years, KONE has innovated<br />

groundbreaking technologies that have<br />

redefined innovation and development in the<br />

industry and has shaped the future of city living<br />

and working. “Whatever the future of high-rise<br />

technology might hold, we have the facilities to<br />

test them,” Kadora said.<br />

An example of such is their upgraded high-rise<br />

testing laboratory at Tytyri in Finland and is the<br />

tallest testing facility for elevators in the world.<br />

Its tallest shaft reaches up to 333 meters or<br />

305 meters of travel.<br />

KONE also launched the KONE People Flow<br />

Intelligence solutions (PFI) in 2013, which<br />

covers the key areas that are crucial for<br />

enabling people to move around in buildings<br />

as smoothly as possible. This means, ease<br />

of access control, destination guidance,<br />

equipment monitoring and information<br />

solutions.<br />

The super-light KONE UltraRope technology<br />

provides unrivalled elevator eco-efficiency,<br />

reliability and durability, while also improving<br />

elevator performance. It eliminates the<br />

disadvantages of existing steel ropes and<br />

enables elevator travel heights up to 1,000<br />

meters.<br />

The KONE JumpLift is a self-climbing elevator<br />

that uses the building’s hoist-ways while under<br />

construction, following the formwork as the<br />

building grows higher. The solution provides<br />

faster, safer, and more reliable elevator service<br />

during construction. JumpLift improves people<br />

and material flow efficiency by up to 20%, and<br />

​An escalator being maintained

can consequently shorten overall construction<br />

schedules which means a quicker return on<br />

investment.<br />

In <strong>2017</strong>, KONE has revolutionized the<br />

elevator and escalator maintenance with<br />

the smart 24/7 Connected Services. Their<br />

24/7 Connected Services, as a part of their<br />

KONE Care, makes use of the recent IBM<br />

Watson IoT platform as well as other advanced<br />

technologies to bring intelligent services to<br />

elevators and escalators.<br />


KONE believes that the direction and shape<br />

of their industry in the following years to<br />

come is driven by two megatrends: First is<br />

Urbanization, wherein it continues to drive<br />

growth. Second is Technological Disruption,<br />

which drives change and faster pace of<br />

business as well as new expectations for ways<br />

of working.<br />

It is important to understand the opportunities<br />

of these megatrends, so “we can build<br />

deeper relationships with our customers and<br />

differentiate from competitors, - for the entire<br />

lifecycle of their equipment.” Kadora explains<br />


KONE is committed to making a positive<br />

impact in the whole value chain, as<br />

they contribute directly to the economic<br />

development in the different countries where<br />

they operate. Every employee has a role to<br />

play in reaching KONE’s sustainability targets.<br />

Also, the company works with around 20,000<br />

suppliers who provide them with raw materials,<br />

components and modules, as well as logistics<br />

and installation services.<br />

KONE has between 2008 and 2016 succeeded<br />

to reduce its operational carbon footprint<br />

relative to orders received by over 60%. The<br />

company’s score in CDP’s climate change<br />

program was the best possible A for the<br />

second year running, with only 193 companies<br />

out of thousands achieving the A grade.<br />

Additionally, KONE achieved a position on<br />

CDP’s global Supplier A List 2016 including<br />

the top 2% of suppliers that responded in<br />

CDP’s supplier questionnaire<br />

KONE also has a non-profit organization called<br />

The KONE Centennial Foundation (KCF). This<br />

foundation focuses on innovative programs<br />

that advance and support developmental,<br />

educational, and cultural activities for children<br />

and youth around the world. KCF celebrated<br />

its 100th anniversary in 2010. They cooperate<br />

closely with local partners to plan projects,<br />

ensure efficient resource allocation and respect<br />

for local culture and priorities. As much as<br />

possible, KCF chooses project wherein local<br />

KONE units can contribute practical support,<br />

and KONE volunteers can support the projects<br />

in their spare time.<br />


“Differentiating oneself is the key. For the<br />

most part, our business has been driven by<br />

advances in mechanical engineering for more<br />

than a century. Innovation in today’s world is<br />

much more. It means new processes, new<br />

integrated technologies and connectivity, as<br />

well as new benchmarks for customer service.<br />

We constantly renew ourselves, find new ways<br />

of working and innovate with new solutions<br />

and services for our customers. For instance,<br />

maintenance services can be revolutionized<br />

by combining cloud computing and mobile<br />

solutions. Or real-time data and analytics can<br />

help service technicians translate insights into<br />

meaningful data and keep customers informed.<br />

At KONE we take a collaborative approach to<br />

innovation. That means working together with<br />

customers and partners to innovate together.<br />

By opening up, and by encouraging new ideas<br />

we develop new skills, identify new challenges<br />

to be solved as well as being able to pilot and<br />

commercialize new products and services at a<br />

faster pace. Our collaboration with IBM is one<br />

example of innovation partnership.”<br />

TRIVIA<br />

• KONE was the first company to have<br />

the machine-room less elevators.<br />

• For the sixth year in a row, Forbes has<br />

listed KONE as one of the world’s top<br />

100 innovative companies.<br />

• In 2016, KONE has installed the<br />

world’s first arched escalators at the<br />

new Elbphilharmonie concert hall<br />

in Hamburg.<br />

24 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

<strong>Construction</strong> Works Continues For The<br />

World’s Tallest Tower Prince Alwaleed:<br />

“This colossal project represents the<br />

economic vision of Saudi Arabia’s leadership”<br />

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz<br />

Alsaud, Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company<br />

(KHC) and Chairman of the Board of Jeddah<br />

Economic Company (JEC) visited the project site<br />

that will include the highest tower in the world on<br />

Thursday 11th May <strong>2017</strong>. JEC is the exclusive<br />

owner and developer of the units of Al Inma<br />

Jeddah Economic City Real Estate Fund set for<br />

the development of Jeddah Economic City and<br />

Jeddah Tower Projects. The fund is managed by<br />

Al Inma Investment Company.<br />

Prince Alwaleed’s visit came within the framework<br />

of the scheduled Board meeting and in support<br />

of the Project is progress. HRH inspected the<br />

progress of the construction works on the tallest<br />

tower that has reached the 54th floor. HRH<br />

chaired the Board of Directors meeting of Jeddah<br />

Economic Company on the site of the project with<br />

the Board Members; Mr. Abdulrahman Hassan<br />

Sharbatly, Mr. Saleh Bin Laden, Mr. Samaual<br />

Bakhsh, Eng. Talal Almaiman and Mr. Hassan<br />

Sharbatly. HRH then presided the Board of<br />

Directors meeting of Al Inma Jeddah Economic<br />

City Real Estate Fund attended by Mr. Abdul<br />

Muhsen AlFaris, Dr. Mohamed AlSehiban, Mr.<br />

Fouad AlRashid, Mr. Bandar AlTurki, in addition<br />

to Jeddah Economic Company Board Members.<br />

26 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Following the HRH also held a press conference<br />

on the 28th floor of the Tower, and was attended<br />

by the local and international media.<br />

Prince Alwaleed stated that “The goals of<br />

the project are in total congruence with the<br />

Kingdom’s 2030 Vision in all its aspects;<br />

socio-economical and environmental. We are<br />

supporting a healthy growth of the local economy<br />

by providing the right mixture of business and<br />

services in a new city centre which will attract<br />

local and foreign investment.”<br />

Prince Alwaleed added that “The immense<br />

efforts and huge investments put in this project<br />

are the least we can give back to the Kingdom<br />

of Saudi Arabia and its people, in support of<br />

the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision that has been put<br />

forth through the foresight and wisdom of its<br />

leadership. This will set a new standard of urban<br />

offerings in the entire region.”<br />

Eng. Talal Al Maiman – CEO of Kingdom Holding<br />

and member of JEC Board of Directors – stated<br />

“We have calculated more than 30,000 possible<br />

job opportunities that Phase 1 of the project<br />

will offer, serving all the residential, commercial,<br />

cultural, administrative and recreational activities<br />

taking place in the city. In few months, these land<br />

lots will be ready for developers, complete with<br />

services and supporting amenities.”<br />

Mr. Mounib Hammoud – CEO of JEC –stated that<br />

“This project has been originally designed to be<br />

fully integrated and a smart modern multiuse city<br />

centre using the latest technologies and ideas<br />

that makes this city a truly “walkable place”. We<br />

are offering communities a rich experience of<br />

urban living, with a smart distribution of activity<br />

nodes that will be developed by JEC like the<br />

Central Mall. The remaining parts of Phase 1 will<br />

gradually be developed by local and international<br />

developers according to the regulations set forth<br />

by JEC’s Master plan, and under the company’s<br />

direct supervision.”

Why is the Insurer<br />

a Key Partner<br />

in <strong>Construction</strong><br />

Projects?<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> Insurance and Risk<br />

Management: why is the insurer one of the<br />

corner-stones of complex projects?<br />

The parties at stake in a construction project form<br />

a complex ecosystem indeed! From a developer<br />

and lender point of view, project safeguards and<br />

financial security are fundamental to obtaining<br />

investment. Insurance companies act both as large<br />

investors and as risk transfer partners during the<br />

complex construction phase of a new project.<br />

In line with these needs, the range of insurance<br />

products has never been so wide or indeed<br />

affordable. Along with a programme of proactive<br />

risk management, they form a powerful tool in<br />

reducing the risk to both the insured and the<br />

insurer.<br />

Insurance cover for <strong>Construction</strong> projects:<br />

what does it protect?<br />

Whether it’s a new construction, conversion or<br />

renovation, the main reason why insurance policies<br />

are sought in a construction project is to comply<br />

with the insurance requirements of the contract.<br />

In that view, the cover is usually taken in the joint<br />

names of the contractor and the principal.<br />

It covers the construction project during the entire<br />

construction phase, and also during testing and<br />

after the handover, specific guarantees keep<br />

operating during the maintenance period. ‘All risks’<br />

of material damage are embedded in these tailormade<br />

policies for the construction industry: fire<br />

of course, but also natural events (flood, storm,<br />

earthquake, etc.), accidents during testing and<br />

commissioning, and even handling mistakes or<br />

faults in erection. In fact, 80% of losses originate<br />

from a human error!<br />

But material damage is not the only risk that<br />

contractors and principals face. In particular, during<br />

construction, events for which the contractor or<br />

the principal is liable can happen quickly. For that<br />

reason, construction policies also cover third party<br />

liability arising from damage to third party property<br />

or even bodily injury, occurring in direct connection<br />

with the construction works.<br />

28 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Violaine Raybaud<br />

Regional P&C Underwriting<br />

and Development Manager<br />

AXA Insurance (Gulf)

On top of that, each project is different and<br />

dedicated covers are available case by case:<br />

covering the plant and equipment on site, the<br />

existing property of the principal, delay in startup<br />

consecutive to a loss, specific interests of<br />

lenders and financing parties, project cargo for<br />

parts being transported on the construction<br />

site, temporary storage, or even the workmen<br />

compensation needed by the employer. At<br />

AXA, we offer a construction package, which<br />

covers and protects the needs of the relevant<br />

stakeholders, identified for each contract with the<br />

project team.<br />

It is also worth focusing on ‘Delay in Start-Up’,<br />

also referred to as Advanced Loss of Profit<br />

(ALOP). In essence, the ALOP element covers<br />

clients against lost revenue following a physical<br />

loss under a construction policy. This financial<br />

security, although it is an optional cover which<br />

comes with a certain cost, is viewed as a very<br />

strong security, in particular by financing parties.<br />

Proactive Risk Management: the Insurer<br />

by the engineers’ side to advise and help<br />

prevent incidents<br />

Most insurance companies now provide risk<br />

engineering advice on best practices in health<br />

and safety on site, adherence to engineering<br />

standards, and/or compliance with applicable<br />

standards and regulations related to the<br />

protection of construction sites.<br />

Risk engineers can provide auditing and<br />

testing of project risk management as well as<br />

support customers who require an independent<br />

organization to oversee contractors from a risk<br />

management perspective.<br />

This can range from a small house building<br />

contract to some of the largest and most complex<br />

construction and engineering projects across the<br />

globe.<br />

Risk engineers are highly specialised in<br />

construction projects, and have generally been<br />

involved within the construction industry with<br />

experience in all aspects of <strong>Construction</strong> Risk<br />

Management.<br />

Risk management services provide support and<br />

advice at every stage of a building’s life cycle. It<br />

can support those involved from the conception<br />

stage of a construction project and throughout<br />

its occupation and can play a key role in the risk<br />

management of the project.<br />

Unlike other insurers, we at AXA do not<br />

outsource our risk management services. We<br />

have approximately 160 specialist risk engineers<br />

located worldwide and carry out all risk survey<br />

site inspections including power plants, industrial<br />

building as well as high rise residential building.<br />

Focus on Health and Safety<br />

The construction industry can be a dangerous<br />

place to work, creating many health and safety<br />

challenges. This is why we think it is essential to<br />

work with a dedicated risk management team<br />

who have the expertise to advise on the best<br />

ways to mitigate risk during the construction<br />

process and beyond as the building is occupied.<br />

AXA Risk Engineers can provide:<br />

• The skills in-house to provide support during<br />

the initial discussion with the design team<br />

• Surveys for contract works, whether it’s a oneoff<br />

project, a large phased construction project<br />

or a PFI contract<br />

• Experts who can give advice on problematic<br />

aspects of any building<br />

• Visits to site to suit customer requirements<br />

during the building phase as the site changes<br />

and the risks evolve<br />

• Third Party audits against Joint Code of<br />

Practice requirements<br />

• Advice on Modern Methods of <strong>Construction</strong><br />

(MMC) and BREEAM (the leading design and<br />

assessment method for sustainable buildings).<br />

Methods of construction may be new to<br />

certain clients, but there’s every chance that<br />

we have experience of that method and can<br />

give appropriate advice<br />

• Advise on security if we know that a site will<br />

become vulnerable. We work with our partners<br />

to provide specialist temporary high-security<br />

steel screens, alarm systems and round-theclock<br />

monitoring with an emergency call-out<br />


Gold Star For JCB As Machines<br />

Take A Bow In Cult Film<br />

A fleet of more than 20 JCB machines is playing<br />

a starring role in a cult film following the biggest<br />

product placement project in the company’s<br />

history.<br />

Skid steers loaders, Loadall telescopic handlers<br />

and JS excavators were supplied to 20th<br />

Century Fox for the making of the new Alien<br />

Covenant film which hit UK cinema screens on<br />

Friday.<br />

They star alongside Michael Fassbender and<br />

Katherine Waterston wrapped in stunning gold<br />

– the idea of British film director and producer<br />

Ridley Scott designed to give them a futuristic<br />

look.<br />

JCB Worldwide Marketing Director Michael<br />

Plummer said: “This is the biggest product<br />

placement exercise in JCB’s history and<br />

involved more than £1 million worth of<br />

machines. Ridley Scott’s idea to wrap the<br />

machines in gold delivered a stunning result and<br />

is certainly an eye-catching addition to a film<br />

which will be seen by millions of people around<br />

the world.”<br />

The machines - which appear in the film’s finale<br />

- were supplied with the help of JCB dealer<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> Equipment Australia to the movie<br />

set in Sydney, Australia. Six JCB generators<br />

were also provided for the film makers to use.<br />

The equipment is used in the so-called<br />

‘terraforming bay’, the area which alters the<br />

environment to make it capable of supporting<br />

terrestrial life. Alien Covenant is set almost<br />

100 years in the future and is the sixth Alien<br />

franchise film to be made.<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />


Neil Brady<br />

Scopus Managing Director

Scopus Sets Industry<br />

Benchmark on<br />

Large-Scale Modular<br />

Build Project<br />

In 2015 Scopus began working on a large modular<br />

build of surface facilities for a Middle Eastern<br />

customer. The scale of the project was significant;<br />

incorporating more than 170 structures being<br />

fabricated in 8 locations worldwide, the development<br />

of man-made islands, and support facilities for more<br />

than 2,000 people. We caught up with Neil Brady,<br />

Scopus Managing Director, to find out more about the<br />

project, and Scopus’ role.<br />

Neil, what can you tell us about the overall project?<br />

It is one of the largest oilfields in the world, with<br />

almost 100 existing platforms. The premise of the<br />

multibillion dollar project is to increase the field’s<br />

production capacity by 50%.<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />


The first phase of the project focused<br />

on the creation of the offshore facilities;<br />

which included subsea pipelines,<br />

and fibre-optic cables as well as the<br />

installation of tens of thousands of<br />

tonnes of offshore structures. The<br />

second phase was the construction of<br />

facilities on artificial islands containing a<br />

central complex which will comprise the<br />

processing facilities and satellite facilities.<br />

What was Scopus’ role in this project?<br />

Initially we provided the verification of<br />

primary civil foundations in line with<br />

project drawings for the individual<br />

islands. For the modular build,<br />

we are applying our Dimensional<br />

Control techniques to ensure that the<br />

components of the new infrastructure are<br />

fabricated within specified tolerances.<br />

The components are fabricated in parallel<br />

across multiple locations worldwide and<br />

are then brought to site to fit seamlessly<br />

together.<br />

Put simply, our role is to reduce the<br />

cost and duration of a project, helping<br />

the customer to start the new plant up<br />

sooner. Our process, combined with<br />

our experience and proprietary software<br />

enable us to effectively cut time off<br />

the construction schedule through the<br />

maximisation of pre-fabrication and<br />

minimisation of hot work on site.<br />

So what is Dimensional Control and<br />

how is it being used on the project?<br />

Dimensional control is effectively a way<br />

to capture as-built data via a series of<br />

surveys with millimetre accuracy. These<br />

surveys are used to determine critical<br />

interfaces and tie-in points to ensure<br />

that newly fabricated items fit when they<br />

arrive at site.<br />

Fabricated items are hardly ever built<br />

to the exact design dimensions which<br />

introduces risk into a project. This can<br />

result in large cost premium for additional<br />

engineering, construction man-hours,<br />

and additional steel assemblies. We work<br />

closely with EPC (engineer, procure,<br />

construct) contractors and fabricators<br />

to deliver optimal design solutions for<br />

fabrication and construction. Combined<br />

with Dimensional Control this allows<br />

multiple fabrication facilitates to be<br />

utilised in parallel. The key area of<br />

saving is the indirect costs associated<br />

with longer build schedules; such as<br />

equipment hire, projects teams, and<br />

delayed start-up. For every hour we can<br />

cut off the schedule, the customer saves<br />

massively, particularly within a lump-sum<br />

environment.<br />

Generally speaking the bigger the<br />

project, the more value Scopus can add,<br />

as we carefully and significantly shave<br />

construction times and engineering<br />

man-hours along with a host of other<br />

benefits. We are currently delivering these<br />

benefits to other projects in the oil and<br />

gas industry as well as other sectors<br />

including petrochemical, nuclear and<br />

defence sectors.<br />

How complex were the units being<br />

fitting together?<br />

Pre-assembled units (PAUs) contain<br />

process equipment, steel structure,<br />

pipework, instrumentation, electrical and<br />

telecommunication items and potentially<br />

other equipment such as vessels, heat<br />

exchangers, filters, and pumps.<br />

The strategy for this project was to build<br />

PAUs, as well as pre-assembled pipe<br />

racks (PARs) and modules in offsite<br />

fabrication yards around the world<br />

including Oman, Abu Dhabi, Italy, Dubai,<br />

China, South Korea and Singapore.<br />

These were then shipped to site and the<br />

pipework interconnecting the PAUs, PARs<br />

and modules was then joined together<br />

using our single-weld philosophy<br />

providing a clash-free first-time-fit.

Tell us more about development of the<br />

single-weld philosophy?<br />

We knew that there was a requirement for<br />

a single-weld philosophy on this project,<br />

and this was almost unheard of for this<br />

size of project. The development was<br />

faced with a number of challenges, some<br />

of which included; PARs being fabricated<br />

simultaneously in various parts of the world;<br />

varying ambient temperatures to be managed<br />

and accounted for across the eight yards;<br />

and the lack of weld gap specification. These<br />

issues had the potential to introduce risk<br />

into the philosophy and the project, but we<br />

mitigated these from the outset.<br />

We used the facilities at our in-house Training<br />

Academy to system test mock–ups and<br />

prove survey methods that delivered the<br />

results needed. As part of this process we<br />

identified and actioned additional code<br />

to our proprietary mathematical survey<br />

software. It took approximately six months of<br />

development and testing before we submitted<br />

our proposal, with a fully developed survey<br />

methodology and supporting procedures.<br />

You must be pleased with the progress on<br />

the project to date?<br />

We knew that the development of a singleweld<br />

philosophy will be challenging, but<br />

Scopus is at the forefront of technology, and<br />

we knew that we could do it. We’re delighted<br />

that our input is proving so valuable to our<br />

customer, and very proud that our work on<br />

this project has set a benchmark for our<br />

industry.<br />

For further details, please contact<br />

Rob Hamilton,<br />

Business Development Manager<br />

at +44 (0) 1224 278641<br />

or robert.hamilton@scopuseng.com

ACS Successfully Completes Excavation<br />

of Seattle’s Tunnel, A Milestone in The<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> of Large-Diameter Tunnels<br />

36 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

ACS Group, through its subsidiary Dragados<br />

USA, leads the consortium that has just<br />

completed the works of one of the largest tunnels<br />

in the world in terms of excavation diameter<br />

(17.5m). The tunnel of Seattle, which is nearly 3<br />

km long, runs under the skyscrapers of the urban<br />

and business centre of the main North-Western<br />

city of the United States, a city where companies<br />

such as Microsoft, Amazon or Boeing have their<br />

headquarters based.<br />

For the execution of this ambitious project,<br />

which was commissioned by the Department of<br />

Transportation of Washington and co-financed<br />

by the Federal Government, the consortium<br />

used a Japanese-made Tunnel Boring Machine<br />

(hereinafter, TBM), called “Bertha” in honor of<br />

the first female mayor of a big city in the United<br />

States. This milestone underpins the long history<br />

of Dragados leading the use of large TBMs. At<br />

the time of its assembly, in 2013, this TBM was<br />

considered the largest diameter TBM ever built,<br />

exceeding by 36% the excavation section of the<br />

TBMs used for the construction of the M-30 ring<br />

road in Madrid in 2005, or surpassing by 112%<br />

the ones used in Barcelona 3 years earlier.<br />

The machine, which is 112 meters long and<br />

weighs 7,000 tons, required special means<br />

for its transportation by sea from Japan, for<br />

its unloading at the port of Seattle and for its<br />

assembly on site.<br />

Once the tunnel is commissioned, it will replace<br />

the two-level viaduct that runs parallel to the<br />

seafront of Seattle. This tunnel has been built<br />

achieving record figures by minimizing surfaceinduced<br />

seats. Dragados Technical Department<br />

has actively participated in its control. This,<br />

together with its previous experience in the<br />

construction of large-diameter urban tunnels have<br />

been the two key points for which the consortium<br />

led by Dragados was awarded with the $1,400<br />

million work.<br />

Having completed the excavation works,<br />

efforts will now focus on completing the interior<br />

structure, which will support two roadways at<br />

different levels, the dismantling of the TBM and<br />

the completion of ventilation, fire protection,<br />

lighting and control facilities.<br />

ACS Group, through Dragados and its<br />

international subsidiaries, is now leading multiple<br />

underground works among the most important<br />

ones that are in execution today. In addition to<br />

Seattle’s tunnel and those recently delivered for<br />

the new Crossrail line, in London, and Eglinton<br />

line, in Toronto, the multinational constructor is<br />

now working in projects such as Lima’s subway<br />

Line 2 (Peru) or the Light Rail System in Ottawa<br />

(Canada).<br />

Furthermore, the company is in charge of<br />

building, in Australia, the tunnels for the North<br />

West Rail Link and for the new Westconnex M5<br />

highway, in Sidney.<br />

The company has been recently awarded with<br />

the design and construction of a tunnel under<br />

Chesapeake Bay in Virginia (US

KARAM:<br />

Protecting People Is Priority<br />

Implementing safety measures inside a hazardous<br />

work environment has always been a necessity<br />

for every company to avoid lost time accidents.<br />

But for KARAM, safety is the company’s expertise<br />

and its priority. What started out as a business<br />

with humble beginnings over 20 years ago turned<br />

into a company that has offices in different parts<br />

of the globe and a manpower strength of more<br />

than 2600 people. With a mission to save many<br />

lives inside different industrial environments,<br />

KARAM provides training on “work at height<br />

and rescue procedures” to its customers and<br />

manufacturing and providing them with supreme<br />

quality of Personal Protective Equipment.<br />

In this exclusive interview with Dr. Udaya<br />

Bhanu T.K., the President of Marketing for the<br />

company’s MENA and CIS region, he shares<br />

more details about the company, what KARAM’s<br />

future will be, and his opinions on the trends in<br />

today’s industries and economy. He also shares a<br />

great advice for every millennial engineer working<br />

today.<br />


Growing up in a remote village in Kerala (India),<br />

I did not have much view of what I could do and<br />

be. I am from a village where everyone grew up<br />

to settle down and follow in the same steps of<br />

their fathers. I wanted to break away from that<br />

routine because I knew that there was a world of<br />

opportunities awaiting me.<br />

38 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Dr. Udaya Bhanu T.K.<br />

President Marketing<br />

MENA & CIS Region<br />


Today, I thank God for helping me take the<br />

position of President Marketing (MENA & CIS<br />

region) at KARAM and also blessing me with a<br />

beautiful family of 4 who have always stuck by<br />

me through thick and thin.<br />


KARAM is a company that was established in<br />

the year 1994 with humble beginnings. Today,<br />

it manufactures premium personal protective<br />

equipment conforming to various standards<br />

of the world, like- EN, ANSI etc., having a<br />

manufacturing base in Lucknow, India. KARAM<br />

DMCC is a marketing offshoot from the parent<br />

KARAM Company & is based in Dubai, UAE.<br />

It was established in the year 2012 to reach out<br />

to the customers in the countries of the Middle<br />

East.<br />

The parent company KARAM has its<br />

manufacturing base in Lucknow & in<br />

Uttarakhand, India. The Corporate office is<br />

based in Delhi NCR region. KARAM has multiple<br />

marketing offices throughout India & also has<br />

marketing offices in Australia, USA, Europe, and<br />

South Africa including the one in Dubai. KARAM<br />

boasts of manpower strength of more than<br />

2600 people located all across. KARAM also<br />

has a specialized Training & consultancy center<br />

in Delhi NCR that provides training on work at<br />

height & rescue procedures to the customers<br />

both domestic as well as overseas.<br />

We have very clearly defined Mission and Vision<br />

Statements for our Organization. To summarize,<br />

our Vision is to provide the highest level of<br />

quality in Production and Service, through<br />

sustained effort in the field of Innovation,<br />

process controls, Customer reach and Training.<br />

Our Mission is humane - to save millions of lives<br />

working in hazardous industrial environment<br />

all across the globe. The Mission and Vision<br />

Statements are placed on display all across our<br />

organization, at various places, and also on our<br />

website.<br />

KARAM has strong organizational values<br />

namely- Integrity, Supportive Attitude, Work<br />

Ethics, Active Participation & Execution<br />

Excellence which are constantly communicated<br />

to all so that they can be in bided in the positive<br />

work culture of the organization.<br />

We plan to double up our manufacturing base in<br />

the coming years. With new products in pipe-line<br />

and introduction of new models to the existing<br />

line, we are anticipating a phenomenal increase<br />

in our revenues. For this, we also intend to<br />

increase our Sales force by 30% in the next 3<br />

years. KARAM will also be opening after-sales<br />

service centers in various parts of the country.<br />

Our strategic goal in the next 10 years is to raise<br />

revenues by more than 200% which can be<br />

achieved by both organic as well as inorganic<br />

growth.<br />


KARAM as an organization is distinctly divided<br />

into Manufacturing & Marketing sections. The<br />

Marketing section comprises of more than 260<br />

marketing & sales force who are ably supported<br />

by a small number of administrative staff. At the<br />

manufacturing front, KARAM has close to 2000<br />

work force directly involved in the production of<br />

goods. This team is led by approximately 300<br />

executive staff out of which 40% are engineers.<br />

KARAM also has a dedicated R&D team that<br />

is deployed towards constant innovation in the<br />

field of PPE, including Fall Protection Equipment,<br />

Confined Space Equipment, Safety Shoes, etc.<br />

40 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

A dedicated HR department works towards<br />

providing constant motivation & upholding the<br />

positive spirits in the organization for all. Regular<br />

& timely Performance Managements system<br />

aids in good management of performance of<br />

the executives throughout the year. Employee<br />

friendly policies like grievance handing policy and<br />

maternal & paternal maternity leave policies also<br />

help in adding to the motivational levels of the<br />

employees. Innovative Employee Engagement<br />

Activities held on regular basis keep the general<br />

working spirit of the team high & positive.<br />

KARAM also provides support to the employees<br />

in the form of enrolling them in various policies<br />

like Mediclaim & Group Accident Policies which<br />

allow the employees to work freely.<br />

KARAM reaches out to its customers directly<br />

through its trained marketing force & also<br />

through its extensive dealer & distributor<br />

network. This network is vast in both India<br />

market as well as the Middle East Market,<br />

enabling reach to maximum number of<br />

customers located in these regions.<br />


KARAM specializes in Fall Protection, Personal<br />

Safety and Training. We provide a range of<br />

products within categories like Fall Protection<br />

and Personal Safety Products and also provide<br />

high standard Training Programs on Fall<br />

Protection all over the UAE under KARAM’S CSR<br />

initiative.<br />

Our most successful products are of the<br />

Fall Protection Equipment such as Full Body<br />

Harnesses and Lanyards, Retractable Blocks,<br />

Rescue Kits, and Vertical and Horizontal<br />

Permanent Lifelines. All our products are<br />

designed to withstand extreme weather<br />

conditions and the metal components are<br />

galvanized and put through 72 hours of salt<br />

spray testing to measure the corrosion levels.<br />

They are all tested and certified according to the<br />

latest European and American standard which<br />

meet the industrial standard in the Middle East.<br />

The yarns used in all our webbings are dopedyed<br />

to prevent disintegration due to the effects<br />

of the dangerous UV rays in the region<br />

One of the main things that contribute to<br />

KARAM’S success is our free personalized and<br />

quality Training Programs that have trained<br />

more than 500,000 people in 1000 construction<br />

sites. We teach them how to use Fall Protection<br />

Equipment when working at heights, the<br />

conditions to store the equipment in, what to<br />

do in case of an accident or a fall and also how<br />

to rescue yourself or others from a fall. These<br />

Training Programs educate the construction<br />

workforce and enable them to work at great<br />

heights while also looking after their own and<br />

their co-workers safety.<br />

KARAM has a fully Vertically Integrated plant<br />

for manufacturing its products, wherein all<br />

components of its engineered products are<br />

manufactured from basic raw material like steel<br />

& yarn. Latest machinery is deployed having the<br />

best technology like computerized software,<br />

CNC driven machinery, in the vast manufacturing<br />

units of KARAM. KARAM also follows lean<br />

manufacturing processes like 6-sigma, 5S, etc.<br />

to take out maximum productivity with best<br />

quality output. KARAM also seeks towards better<br />

processes in production, adopting measures like<br />

conveyorized systems & Robotic machinery.<br />

KARAM believes in strong pre-sale & after<br />

sale support to its clients. Our marketing<br />

professionals visit each and every site as often<br />

as possible and when there is a requirement in<br />

fall protection. We survey the site, evaluate the

isks and provide solutions with aspects to fall<br />

protection to personally ensure that every life is<br />

safe in the hands of KARAM.<br />



Every product that we make is an innovation,<br />

in the sense, we were the first in the country to<br />

make CE marked Harnesses, Retractable Fall<br />

Arrester Blocks etc. Criterion for doing business<br />

for us is to center all our activities around our<br />

Customer/End User. Understanding his needs<br />

& doing everything to fulfill his needs, right from<br />

developing the product and delivering it to him,<br />

to after delivery appropriate after sale service<br />

and training...everything is centered around the<br />

Customer. This has given rise to our efficient<br />

KARAM Demo Team, KARAM Training Center,<br />

and a vigilant Customer Care Service Center.<br />

Besides this, we also have a full-fledged Publicity<br />

& Promotion team to make product usage<br />

movies etc. This has made KARAM truly a Safety<br />

Solutions provider for its Customers.<br />

In terms of trends in the safety scenario, we<br />

believe that the future is bright for the Safety<br />

Industry. The market is increasingly perceiving<br />

safety as a mandatory requirement that goes<br />

hand in hand with all processes related to all<br />

sectors. Increase in safety awareness has also<br />

led the market towards acceptance of Safety<br />

as more than just compliance. In the coming<br />

years, the market will look to accepting products<br />

that not only provide safety as per norms but<br />

also those products that offer ease of use &<br />

high ergonomics. In terms of safety service the<br />

market will look towards safety solutions that<br />

are provided in relation to the hazards identified<br />

at work place. Hence, safety will come as a<br />

comprehensive solution to fight work place<br />

hazards.<br />



At KARAM, CSR encompasses a wide variety<br />

of activities, from giving away a portion of a<br />

company’s proceeds to charity, to implementing<br />

“greener” business operations.<br />

Following are a few broad categories of social<br />

responsibility that KARAM is practicing:<br />

• Environmental efforts: One primary focus of<br />

corporate social responsibility by KARAM is<br />

the environment. Significant steps have been<br />

taken by KARAM to reduce carbon footprints,<br />

which are good for both the company and<br />

society as a whole.<br />

• Philanthropy: KARAM also practices social<br />

responsibility by donating to national and local<br />

charities, under its endeavor- “Koshish”. Most<br />

of these charities are aimed towards Health<br />

and Education of the underprivileged sections<br />

of the society.<br />

• Ethical labor practices: KARAM takes pride<br />

in its vast workforce, and treats its employees<br />

fairly and ethically, demonstrating high levels of<br />

corporate social responsibility.<br />

CSR by KARAM through Environmental<br />

Efforts<br />

At KARAM, there is a strong sense of awareness<br />

towards conservation of the environment and the<br />

need for sustainable sources of energy. And over<br />

the years, KARAM has undertaken a vast number<br />

of steps towards this effect:<br />

1. Installation of Solar Plant to harness solar<br />

energy for Production: One of the major<br />

projects undertaken by KARAM in the year

2016-17 is the installation of Solar panels on<br />

the roof of one of the Units of KARAM in<br />

Lucknow, covering a vast span of the area over<br />

its roof top. Not only will this supply sustainable<br />

energy, it has also reduced the effects of heat<br />

as a result of sunlight in the tropical working<br />

conditions. The project is an ongoing one, with<br />

plans for further investments in this undertaking<br />

in the next 3 years.<br />

2. Plantation Drive: KARAM initiated a Plantation<br />

drive in the year 2016-17 by planting more than<br />

200 trees across its various offices and Works<br />

in India, as well as in Dubai. KARAM has also<br />

launched “Plant a Tree” campaign in its<br />

Lucknow Unit for all the Customers who come<br />

to pay a visit there. It is our endeavor, in<br />

KARAM, to work towards a greener<br />

environment.<br />

3. Save Water Campaign: This is an ongoing<br />

drive, which started in the year 2009-10, and<br />

has gained momentum in the year 2016. Strong<br />

effective efforts have been made to conserve<br />

water through initiating processes like recycling<br />

of water, monitoring the water usage and<br />

controlling water wastage. Awareness has also<br />

been created amongst all the members of<br />

KARAM for the importance of conservation of<br />

water. Strong initiatives have also been planned<br />

for the next 3 years, wherein the focus will be<br />

on effective Rainwater Harvesting processes, to<br />

restore the ground Water levels in Lucknow<br />

Unit.<br />

4. Save Paper Campaign: This is also an ongoing<br />

campaign in KARAM, where strong initiatives<br />

are taken to control the usage of paper, and<br />

also to recycle paper wherever possible. At<br />

KARAM, we are aiming for significant reduction<br />

in paper usage by the end of <strong>2017</strong>-18, involving<br />

most of the processes, where possible.<br />

5. Save the Environment Campaign: This ongoing<br />

campaign is dedicated to save the environment<br />

through efforts like treating effluents before<br />

discharge into the soil, putting proper disposal<br />

methods in place, etc. The campaign began in<br />

the year 2013, and since then, effective Effluent<br />

Treatment plants have been set up and proper<br />

waste disposal methods have been put into<br />

place.<br />

General efforts: Other general efforts also include<br />

activities like- installation of Safe Drinking Water<br />

outlets across all Offices of KARAM in India for<br />

passersby during the hot months of the year; and<br />

installation of Bird baths for the birds again during<br />

the hot months of the year. KARAM also launched<br />

Safe-Drive Campaign for all its employees in the<br />

year 2015, where awareness for safety on the<br />

road was emphasized greatly.<br />

CSR by KARAM through Philanthropy:<br />

KARAM has always been in the front whenever<br />

the Society has cried out its needs- whether<br />

in times of Natural disasters, or for long-term<br />

addressing of social issues. Some of the notable<br />

efforts taken by KARAM, under its philanthropic<br />

endeavor “Koshish” are as follow:<br />

1. Education of the Children of the<br />

Underprivileged section of the Society: KARAM<br />

supports the primary education of some of the<br />

children of Acharya Narayan Dev School run<br />

for the poorer sections of the society in<br />

Lucknow. This is an ongoing project, and<br />

KARAM is proud to be associated with the<br />

school for funding for its needs since year 2011.<br />

2. Support to Thalassemics India Society:<br />

KARAM supports the Thalassemics India<br />

Society in its efforts to provide safe blood and<br />

regular iron chelation to the children of the<br />

poorer sections of the society, who are suffering<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />


from the incurable disease of Thalassemia. This<br />

is an ongoing humanitarian project, undertaken<br />

by KARAM since the year 2012. Besides<br />

monetary funding, KARAM has also funded<br />

efforts for creating awareness, and has held<br />

regular Blood Donation camps on innumerable<br />

occasions, across its various offices and Works<br />

in India.<br />

3. Regular Donations to Charitable Trusts, locally<br />

and nationally: KARAM donates regularly to<br />

the Prime Ministers’ Relief Fund and has<br />

actively done so on occasions of floods<br />

in Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and<br />

Earthquake in Nepal. Our Sitarganj Unit has<br />

also locally supported the cause of relief for<br />

earthquakes and floods whenever the need has<br />

arisen its state- Uttarakhand.<br />

CSR by KARAM through Ethical Labour<br />

Practices<br />

At KARAM, the Labour practices are considered<br />

to be of prime importance. KARAM ensures<br />

timely payment of wages, safe working practices,<br />

worker-friendly practices, safe cool drinking water,<br />

and free refreshments during working hours, welllit<br />

ventilated working conditions, regular medical<br />

aid, Provident funds savings, festival bonuses<br />

and a very effective Grievance addressing<br />

system for its large workforce. Constant efforts<br />

are continually made to make the workforce<br />

extremely satisfied in their working. KARAM also<br />

has the following policies in place for ethical work<br />

practices:<br />

• Equal Employment Policy<br />

• Policy against Sexual Harassment<br />

• Policy for Suggestions and Grievance<br />

Addressing<br />

• Prohibition of Child Labour and Prevention of<br />

Forced Labour at the workplace<br />

TRIVIA<br />

KARAM is the only company in the world to<br />

manufacture all components of Fall Protection,<br />

and most other PPE, all in-house, through a<br />

vertically integrated set-up. This gives us the<br />

highest level of control over quality at each<br />

step of manufacturing. Our strong mission and<br />

vision statements also sets our team apart from<br />

the others, since it imparts each one of us with<br />

highest levels of commitment, honesty and<br />

passion for our work.<br />



When you do things with the best of the company<br />

in your heart and with the utmost sincerity<br />

and honesty, you are bound to succeed. As a<br />

company, you should also make sure that you<br />

have the best interest of the people and conduct<br />

your business in such a way that it only adds<br />

value to the quality of life and environment of<br />

others and yourself. Everyone is in a rush to<br />

find success but if you put in enough patience,<br />

hard work, innovative thinking and spend time to<br />

give back to the society in some way or another,<br />

success will come find you.<br />

44 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Forming the<br />

Future of <strong>Construction</strong><br />

While many professionals acknowledge the latency of the E&C<br />

industry to adopt new technologies, both demand and the<br />

requirement to use our resources more sustainably has forced<br />

many industry stakeholders to rethink their approach. In this issue,<br />

Austrian-formwork specialist, Doka, explains how its investment in<br />

R&D and providing a ‘whole project cycle’ is paying dividend.<br />

<strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />


The world’s urban population is increasing by<br />

200,000 people per day; that is according to<br />

‘Shaping the Future of <strong>Construction</strong>’, a report<br />

published by the World Economic Forum in<br />

May 2016 and while many sectors have been<br />

able to efficiently keep pace with demand, the<br />

engineering and construction sector has struggled.<br />

Representing approximately 6% of global GDP<br />

(and growing), ‘the E&C sector is currently the<br />

largest consumer of raw materials including 50%<br />

of global steel production and more than 3 billion<br />

tonnes of raw materials.’<br />

According to the same report, the WEF cited<br />

eight topical areas which need to be addressed,<br />

specifically technology, materials and tools,<br />

processes and operations, strategy and business<br />

model innovation, people, organisation and culture,<br />

industry collaboration, joint industry marketing,<br />

regulation and policies and public procurement.<br />

Over the past thirty years, Doka has been<br />

focusing on how to support and implement these<br />

changes, both through its corporate philosophy<br />

of understanding the market and secondly<br />

through the development its R&D facilities from its<br />

headquarters in Amstetten, Austria.<br />

Arguably, one of the most important disruptors<br />

across most markets in recent years has been<br />

digitalisation. Defined by Gartner as, “the use of<br />

digital technologies to change a business model<br />

and provide new revenue and value-producing<br />

opportunities”, one of Doka’s most popular<br />

products is Concremote; a proprietary technology<br />

that remotely measures the compressive<br />

strength and age quality parameters of concrete,<br />

providing an alternative to early age laboratory<br />

and field-cured test specimens. Accredited by<br />

international quality assurance agencies including<br />

ASTM, DIN, British Standard, Eurocode and<br />

most recently the Dubai Central Laboratory<br />

Department, Concremote’s benefits cover quality,<br />

safety and economy while helping to reduce the<br />

environmental impact made by cement. According<br />

to in-house research, Concremote can provide a<br />

40% increase in business value by reducing time<br />

and cost by 47% and 32% respectively, while<br />

increasing quality by 55%.<br />

Speaking on behalf of the company, Doka Middle<br />

East and Africa Director Peter Vogel, said; “For

us, innovation has always been at the heart of<br />

our corporate ethos. Having established our fully<br />

dedicated R&D department from our headquarters<br />

in Austria in 1990, we’ve been able to work and<br />

develop multiple products and systems that push<br />

the application of technology in the E&C sector<br />

and make the industry a safer and more efficient<br />

place to work. As such, Doka’s performance and<br />

market share has steadily increased since our<br />

arrival in the Gulf region over twenty years ago,<br />

and <strong>2017</strong> is on track to be another record breaking<br />

year.”<br />

In addition to product and system innovation, Doka<br />

has also turned its attention to providing a wholeof-project<br />

consultancy, an approach that aims to<br />

correct ‘the inadequate collaboration with suppliers<br />

and contractors’, as cited in the WEF report.<br />

“While technology has helped the industry to be<br />

more communicative, Doka has been able to<br />

create a lot of value by entering the project at an<br />

earlier phase, thereby providing a number of cost<br />

and time saving solutions. As a result, we’ve been<br />

able to support the timely delivery of projects, and<br />

in turn save our clients money.”<br />

While constantly rethinking its products, systems<br />

and approaches has proven to be a winning<br />

formula for ‘future-proofing’ Doka, its fundamental<br />

success remains in its capacity to train and<br />

educate its team. By providing regular seminars<br />

not only on essential aspects such as safety, Doka<br />

staff are given up-to-date practical and theory<br />

training that allows everyone from warehouse to<br />

top management to remain up-to-speed, a factor<br />

that has almost certainly led to the company’s<br />

estimated 30% market share in the region.<br />

“As a family owned business with over 150 years<br />

behind it, we’ve been able to work on and help<br />

deliver some of the region’s most iconic projects,<br />

including the world’s tallest building, the ‘Burj<br />

Khalifa’, and with $45bn of contracts estimated<br />

to be awarded in <strong>2017</strong> in the UAE alone, we look<br />

forward to continuing our role as the region’s<br />

preferred formwork supplier.”

HIMOINSA emergency power in just<br />

7 seconds for the Doha Festival City<br />

Doha Festival City, a world-class destination in<br />

Qatar celebrating the best in entertainment, retail<br />

and hospitality, has ensured the continuity of its<br />

power supply by installing generator sets that<br />

start up in record time in the event of a failure in<br />

the electricity grid.<br />

Occupying 670,000 square metres in the very<br />

heart of the Middle East, Doha Festival City will<br />

be home to more than 500 stores, including over<br />

100 restaurants, and a world-class entertainment<br />

complex, with both indoor and outdoor<br />

attractions unique to Qatar. This comprehensive<br />

mix of entertainment– from Qatar’s first VOX<br />

4D cinema complex with 18 digital screens, to<br />

four unique theme parks, including “Angry Birds<br />

World”, “Snow Dunes” - Qatar’s first indoor snow<br />

park, “Juniverse” – an edutainment park for<br />

children and “Virtuocity” which has been created<br />

exclusively for teens and adults.<br />

With footfall expected to exceed 1.6 million<br />

people per month, safety and the proper<br />

operation all business units at Doha Festival City<br />

will heavily rely on a system capable of supplying<br />

power in the event of an emergency. Not only<br />

that, such a system must meet the requirements<br />

that the Qatar Civil Defence has envisaged for<br />

public spaces.<br />

To feed such a huge complex and to respond<br />

quickly in the event of a power cut, HIMOINSA<br />

has supplied five generator sets, which each<br />

supply 1.736 kVA of stand-by energy. Thanks to<br />

a detailed programming study of its control units,<br />

and after having subjected the units to multiple<br />

highly demanding tests, HIMOINSA is able to<br />

guarantee a synchronised start-up in just seven<br />

seconds, which in fact exceeds the project’s<br />

technical specifications.<br />

Objective: To guarantee an uninterrupted supply<br />

of electricity with generator sets capable of<br />

starting up in synchronicity with 100% of the load<br />

and in less than 10 seconds in the event of a<br />

failure in the supply of electric power.<br />

Solution: Five HTW-1745 T5 generator sets<br />

that supply a total of 8.7MVA of stand-by power<br />

and respond seven seconds after any power<br />

failure. The units feature Mitsubishi engines and<br />

Stamford alternators that have been oversized<br />

and fitted with sophisticated control systems<br />

that synchronise the gensets. The gensets are<br />

also prepared to work in a maximum ambient<br />

temperature of 55 degrees centigrade.<br />

50 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

“The biggest challenge of this project”,<br />

states Terry McGuire, FAMCO Regional<br />

General Manager, “was to meet the stringent<br />

requirements of Qatar Civil Defence. We needed<br />

to prove that all the gensets would be able to<br />

run from a dead start, synchronise and produce<br />

power within ten seconds. We managed to<br />

show this by the factory witness test, where we<br />

achieved 7.8 seconds and we also proved the<br />

same results on site.”<br />

Quality controls:<br />

HIMOINSA’s technical team subjected the five<br />

generator sets to a stringent test protocol,<br />

pushing the units to the limit of their operational<br />

capacity, to predict and guarantee a suitable<br />

response. Massimo Brotto, HIMOINSA Sales<br />

Engineering Manager, assures us that “we<br />

measured both the synchronisation times and<br />

the quality of the voltage and the current. We<br />

ran single-step load impact tests at 100%,<br />

guaranteeing a stable and rapid recuperation.<br />

We also simulated all the possible combinations<br />

of breakdowns to ensure that the system would<br />

respond in the event of a failure. And we did not<br />

endorse the tests until we had established that<br />

the units were reliable in all these situations”.<br />

Technical Specifications:<br />

• The PI734E alternator has been oversized<br />

to 1900kVA and fitted with a programmable<br />

Digital Voltage Governor capable of<br />

providing an extremely quick response. Also,<br />

at the mechanical level, we guaranteed the<br />

temperature controls in the bearings and the<br />

winding so that they can operate safely and<br />

continuously, even for longer periods of time,<br />

were that to prove necessary.<br />

• The gensets feature Mitsubishi S16R PTA<br />

engines and Japanese technology, fitted with<br />

a Woodward speed control that guarantees a<br />

quick and reliable response.<br />

All the engine’s vital parameters such as the oil<br />

pressure, the temperature of the water or<br />

the oil or the exhaust fumes are measured<br />

continuously and they communicate with a<br />

monitoring system that controls the condition<br />

of the engine.<br />

To ensure a fast response in the event of a grid<br />

failure, a water pre-heating system was added,<br />

as was a battery charger that ensures<br />

maximum efficiency.<br />

• HIMOINSA has used Deep Sea control units<br />

that allow the units to sync directly with a<br />

Dead Bus, thereby saving time manoeuvring<br />

the motorised circuit breakers in each<br />

generator set. The control systems are also<br />

connected to a PLC that handles the running<br />

of the generator sets and their interactions<br />

with the shopping complex’s distribution<br />


Terry McGuire<br />

Regional General Manager<br />

FAMCO<br />

To consider a complex<br />

project like this, we needed<br />

the full support of the<br />

HIMOINSA Engineering<br />

team, as the requirements<br />

are enormous and highly<br />

technical.<br />

Tony Gumley<br />

Senior MEP Manager<br />

ALEC<br />

What we look for is a large<br />

international supplier who<br />

can deliver when we need it<br />

and also work with us with all<br />

the complex issues that arise<br />

during the development.<br />

Kareem M. Shamma<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Bawabat Al-Shamal Real Estate<br />

Company W.L.L<br />

When selecting partners and<br />

suppliers for the project, we<br />

looked for reliability, the ability<br />

to deliver on their promises<br />

and an excellent customer<br />

service. When you have a large<br />

project like this that runs on a<br />

tight schedule, power supply<br />

is extremely important and the<br />

ability to meet the requirements<br />

of the projects at all times to<br />

ensure no power supply cut<br />

offs is essential.<br />

52 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

SP 60 Series from Wirtgen:<br />

Three Multi-Talents for Concrete Paving<br />

When it comes to the precision and costefficient<br />

construction of concrete pavements<br />

and monolithic profiles, Wirtgen’s slipform<br />

pavers are right for the job. With their modular<br />

design, the machines can be configured as<br />

needed, and virtually all conceivable structures<br />

are possible, including special shapes.<br />

The SP 60 series replaces the successful SP<br />

500 – and opens up new possibilities<br />

Thanks to its versatility in inset and offset<br />

applications, the SP 60 series is the new multitalent<br />

for concrete paving. With its SP 61/SP<br />

61i, SP 62/SP 62i and SP 64/SP 64i models,<br />

Wirtgen has developed a new generation of<br />

slipform pavers that combines the diverse<br />

applications of the globally successful SP 500,<br />

with the state-of-the-art technologies of the<br />

next larger SP 90 series.<br />

Engine technology: More power<br />

As part of its modification measures to<br />

comply with new emissions laws, Wirtgen has<br />

equipped the SP 60 series with greater engine<br />

output. The machines that meet EU Stage 4<br />

and US Tier 4 Final emissions specifications<br />

have a 180-KW Deutz engine, or about 40%<br />

more power than the SP 500 (+20% at EU<br />

Stage 3a/US Tier 3). Despite the higher output,<br />

fuel consumption is sustainably reduced by the<br />

Eco Mode, which automatically adapts engine<br />

output to power requirements.<br />

Hydraulic technology: New concept<br />

More features than ever operate hydraulically<br />

in the SP 60 series. Thanks to a new hydraulic<br />

concept, energy is now used significantly<br />

more efficiently, meaning it is available for new<br />

equipment options, e.g. trimmers and a large<br />

delivery screw for offset applications, or the<br />

four swivel arms used to switch the machine<br />

from transport to working mode faster. The<br />

system starts as a basic version, and grows<br />

along with the number of modular equipment<br />

options selected. For customers, choosing<br />

options to meet their needs is highly costefficient.<br />

Machine control technology: Intelligent systems<br />

The machine control system in Wirtgen’s<br />

slipform pavers is likewise state-of-the-art.<br />

Interfaces for the Wirtgen Group’s WIDIAG<br />

service diagnosis and WITOS FleetView<br />

systems support users, as does the optional<br />

Paving Plus package. Combined with this<br />

package, the swivel arms can actively<br />

circumnavigate obstacles during the concrete<br />

paving process.<br />

The option of hydraulic rotational drives,<br />

available for all SP 60 series models, provides<br />

even better maneuverability. With hydraulic<br />

rotational drives, the 90° or 120° steering<br />

angle of the crawler tracks becomes a major<br />

advantage, for example when setting up the<br />

machine at a job site.<br />

Another new development is the option of<br />

choosing between two undercarriage sizes.<br />

Why is such an option necessary? For<br />

professional concrete paving at job sites with<br />

unpaved ground, the lanes for the pavers must<br />

be stabilized ahead of time. However, the larger<br />

crawler tracks exert less contact pressure per<br />

unit area, reducing the pressure on the ground,<br />

thus giving the slipform paver the stability it<br />

needs. This in turn has a positive impact on the<br />

quality of the paving results.<br />

Synergies between series<br />

Apart from integrating the latest technologies<br />

in the development of the new SP 60 series,<br />

Wirtgen also focused on user-friendly operation<br />

of the machines and synergies with the SP 90<br />

series.<br />

Uniform operating and control concept<br />

Various features make the machines both<br />

simple and flexible to operate: a walkway<br />

that now extends across the full width of the<br />

machine for the first time; a standardized

operating and control concept like that in the<br />

SP 90 series, comprising a central control<br />

system and four additional local control<br />

systems as standard. Intelligent interfaces<br />

support the plug-and-play connection of<br />

additional options. For example, remote<br />

controls can be connected to each of the<br />

crawler tracks to simplify and speed up setup<br />

of the slipform paver, such as the positioning<br />

and zeroing of the crawler tracks and swivel<br />

arms.<br />

Inset and offset mold systems<br />

Like the modular system for the SP 94/SP<br />

94i and SP 92/SP 92i, customers can now<br />

choose between different slipform systems<br />

for inset paving. The slipform modules are<br />

fully compatible with the SP 90 series. The<br />

SP 64/SP 64i (four crawlers on swivel arms)<br />

and SP 62/SP 62i (track steering) can thus<br />

pave concrete in widths of up to 6.0 m and<br />

thicknesses of up to 450 mm or more on<br />

customer request. Even widths of up to 7.5 m<br />

are possible if the machine is equipped with<br />

electric vibrators (without DBI).<br />

Also available are various offset molds and<br />

a variety of typical offset options, such<br />

as trimmers, different conveyor belts or<br />

augers. The three- or four-crawler version<br />

of the SP 61/SP 61i can slipform medium<br />

to large concrete profiles to the left or right<br />

of the machine. Contours of almost any<br />

shape – roadway edging, concrete safety<br />

barriers, water gullies and paths up to 3.6<br />

m wide – can be produced cost-efficiently<br />

and in high quality. Thanks to their increased<br />

stroke, the lifting columns can now be raised<br />

1,100 mm, and have 17% more power than<br />

in the SP 500. This gives the user much<br />

greater flexibility particularly in tight job site<br />

situations, for instance when lifting a slipform<br />

for a concrete safety barrier. Thanks to its<br />

higher power reserves, it can now handle<br />

heavier offset slipforms to expand its range of<br />

applications.<br />

SP 60 series: Link between inset and offset<br />

pavers<br />

With the new SP 60 series, Wirtgen has not<br />

only expanded the variety of applications in<br />

its class of machines for widths of up to 6.0<br />

m (inset paving) and increased the range of<br />

offset applications: By introducing the SP 61/<br />

SP 61i, SP 62/SP 62i and SP 64/SP 64i, it has<br />

also extended its line of slipform pavers to 12<br />

models.<br />

The SP 60 series therefore rounds out the<br />

high end of the offset line, comprising the<br />

SP 15i and SP 25i. In terms of inset pavers,<br />

it bridges the gap between the small and the<br />

mid-range models in the SP 90 series, with<br />

paving widths up to a maximum of 9.5 m. The<br />

large slipform pavers with a maximum paving<br />

width of 16 m complete this product family.

BITZER launches<br />

intelligent CSW<br />

compact screw<br />

compressor<br />

• Suitable for R134a, HFO/HFC blends and HFOs<br />

• Four models with displacements of between 1,120 and<br />

2,000 m3/h at 50 Hz in the pipeline<br />

• Integrated IQ module CM-SW-01 for even greater<br />

efficiency and safety<br />

• Meets international energy-efficiency standards<br />

Sindelfingen, 5 May <strong>2017</strong>. With the CSW105, BITZER<br />

presents the new range of its energy-efficient compact<br />

screw compressors. They can be used with R134a, HFO/<br />

HFC blends and HFOs, and offer improved energy<br />

efficiency.<br />

The efficiency requirements for liquid chillers are constantly<br />

rising. This is the case in China, Europe, and the United<br />

States. As the heart of the system, the compressor takes on<br />

a particular role. The CSW105 series is the latest addition<br />

to BITZER’s range of established CSW compact screw<br />

compressors for efficient use in liquid chillers. They were<br />

56 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

Patrick Koops<br />

Head of Public Relations

The intelligent BITZER CSW105 compact screw compressors offer displacements of up to 2,000 m3/h at 50 Hz.<br />

The integrated IQ module simplifies system integration and makes operation efficient and secure<br />

specially developed for low liquid temperatures<br />

and meet the minimum energy performance<br />

standards (MEPS) of the EU. BITZER optimised<br />

the new rotor profile for R134a and alternative<br />

HFO refrigerants. The integrated IQ module<br />

CM-SW-01 enables cost-efficient integration into<br />

existing systems and efficient, secure operation<br />

in the extended map.<br />

Designed for maximum efficiency<br />

The CSW compressor series is setting new<br />

standards in energy efficiency in full- and partload<br />

operation. Thanks to their slider control,<br />

the compact screw compressors achieve a<br />

particularly high level of efficiency at loads of<br />

60 to 100 per cent. At China Refrigeration <strong>2017</strong><br />

trade fair, BITZER presented its new range of<br />

high-efficiency, easy-to-use compressors in the<br />

form of the CSW105 series, specially designed<br />

for operation with refrigerants with low GWP<br />

(global warming potential) for the first time. The<br />

new CSW105 screw compressors are suitable<br />

for use in water cooled liquid chillers and in<br />

air cooled liquid chillers at moderate ambient<br />

temperatures. They can be used in liquid chillers<br />

for cooling and heating as well as for lowtemperature<br />

heat pumps. They are very versatile<br />

due to their compact design and the minimal<br />

weight of their class.<br />

BITZER is planning to launch the new compact<br />

screw compressors in four different models.<br />

They will offer displacement of 1,120 m3/h to<br />

2,000 m3/h (at 50 Hz operation). For example,<br />

the largest CSW105, the first compressor in<br />

the range to be launched, with a displacement<br />

of 2,000 m3/h in conjunction with R134a (at<br />

an operating point of 5°C/38°C and 50 Hz<br />

operation) can achieve a cooling capacity of 1.4<br />

MW. This corresponds to double the capacity<br />

of the largest compressor model at the present<br />

time, the CSW95113. The usage limits were<br />

extended for higher evaporation temperatures,<br />

so as to enable more efficient cooling of data<br />

centres, for example.<br />

Intelligently controlled<br />

The new CSW105 compact screw compressors<br />

from BITZER offer the efficient, infinitely<br />

adjustable capacity control CR (capacity<br />

regulation). The optimised slider concept for<br />

automated Vi adjustment also regulates the<br />

volume ratio independently and efficiently in<br />

a wide range of applications. The integrated<br />

IQ module CM-SW-01 with prewired sensors<br />

and actuators enables the compressors to<br />

be easily integrated into the system controls.<br />

The intelligent module then operates built-in<br />

features such as slider positioning and slider<br />

58 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

position detection or switches on oil heating<br />

if necessary. The CSW105 compressors thus<br />

adapt optimally to operating conditions and<br />

offer maximum efficiency, safety and reliability.<br />

Comprehensive monitoring and recording<br />

options as well as potential remote operation<br />

via the BEST software from BITZER make<br />

operation and maintenance even simpler.<br />

Strong with low-GWP refrigerants<br />

The improved full- and part-load efficiency<br />

of the CSW105 series enables OEM users to<br />

develop liquid chillers which meet the highest<br />

international energy-efficiency standards in<br />

Europe and the United States. A wide range of<br />

compatible refrigerants ensures flexibility and<br />

investment security. The new compact screw<br />

compressors were designed for operation<br />

with the refrigerant R134a which is highly<br />

efficient in climate applications. They are<br />

also HFO-ready and are suitable for the HFO<br />

substitutes R1234ze(E) and R1234yf. The latter<br />

have a GWP of less than 10. The two HFOs<br />

are suitable for air conditioning and mediumtemperature<br />

applications in particular, as well as<br />

for heat pumps. The HFO/HFC blends R513A<br />

and R450A are also approved for the CSW105<br />

compressors. With a GWP of around 600, they<br />

are still part of the A1 safety group.<br />

Simple and compatible<br />

Integrated thermal monitoring for the suction<br />

gas-cooled built-in motor simplifies system<br />

integration. With their integrated oil separator,<br />

the CSW105 compact screw compressors<br />

can also be integrated into direct expansion<br />

systems, or they can be used as primary oil<br />

separators in systems with flooded and diesel<br />

evaporators. The externally accessible oil filter<br />

makes service easier.<br />

Other stand-out features of the CSW105<br />

series include redeveloped rotor profiles for<br />

improved volumetric and isentropic compressor<br />

efficiency, robust axial and radial shaft<br />

bearings with large support areas for reduced<br />

bearing loads, an integrated check valve and<br />

qualification for operation with an external<br />

frequency inverter.<br />

BITZER refrigeration compressors come into operation wherever people spend time and goods are stored

The MB Revolution Reaches the Fourth Generation<br />

MB CRUSHER presents the BF90.3 S4 Crusher Bucket to the construction and recycling market.<br />

The flagship model, more powerful and updated.<br />

Amazing the market with new ideas and<br />

high-performance products is most certainly<br />

synonymous with capacity and professionalism.<br />

Managing to do so for more than 15 years, not<br />

simply amplifying but renewing and strengthening<br />

its range, is only one of the reasons why MB<br />

CRUSHER is the market leader for crushing and<br />

recycling.<br />

BF90.3 S4<br />

Produced and patented, the BF90.3 was the first<br />

crusher bucket in the world ever made.<br />

Designed to resist the most challenging conditions<br />

on any site, the BF90.3 - extremely compact and<br />

versatile - has been updated and made more<br />

powerful over the years. Suitable for all crushing<br />

operations, even the most challenging, it maintains<br />

the same results in terms of performance with all<br />

types of inert material.<br />

In particular, exactly one year on from the last<br />

update, this model has been optimised to allow:<br />

An increase in productivity, thanks to a functional<br />

restyling of the internal structure of the machine<br />

which allows for an increase in productive<br />

performance, strength and improved reliability in<br />

terms of stability and working precision.<br />

Increased options for the regulation of materials in<br />

output.<br />

A reduction in standard maintenance time thanks<br />

to an integrated centralised greasing system.<br />

Increased resistance and performance, even in<br />

the most extreme operational conditions, thanks<br />

to higher levels of power and the strengthening of<br />

parts and sections subject to the most stress and<br />

wear.<br />

“Revolution and innovation are not static factors,<br />

but instead present a continuous challenge for<br />

improvement.” These are the words of DIEGO<br />

AZZOLIN, head of production at MB, who, every<br />

day, together with his team, works to offer a range<br />

of latest-generation products with unmatched<br />

performance.<br />

MBs RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT department<br />

has in fact always aimed to raise the level of<br />

clients’ expectations and move the potential of<br />

their machines towards new goals. Furthermore,<br />

it is thanks to the suggestions of clients who take<br />

advantage and exploit as much as possible the<br />

performance of MB products in the widest range of<br />

applications that MB Crusher studies and updates<br />

its machinery. Because the strength of MB lies in<br />

the satisfaction of its clients.<br />

Founded in Italy in 2001, MB CRUSHER is<br />

globally present via a capillary network made<br />

up of 8 branches, logistic centres, dealers and<br />

authorised workshops. All of the stages of design,<br />

production and sales are handled at the brand-new<br />

headquarters in Fara (Vicenza), for a product that is<br />

100% Made in Italy.<br />

For further information: http://www.mbcrusher.com<br />

60 <strong>Construction</strong> <strong>Leaders</strong> • <strong>June</strong> <strong>2017</strong>

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