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This week in Gay Palm Springs California July 5 to July 11, 2017

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DDG History - Gay edition Will, Adrian and Roger visit the Trail Of 100 Giants Do you remember the last time you played baseball? The feel of the hot summer air in your face, the sound of a bat striking a ball for the long one? This one is gone, home run! Running the worn dusty baseline, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the sound of your buddies slowly disappearing from your mind. To be sure your fading memory may be of some other childhood event. But the feeling is the same, if only you knew it was the last time. I don’t even remember the last day boys calling strikes or balls ended for me. And I was sure I was thinking I will be there tomorrow, but one day that tomorrow would never come again. No more silly jokes and giggles and if your were a certain boy, furtive looks thinking about the sleepover planned for that night. The life of a gay boy is not that much different to anyone when it comes to memories. This year our anniversary comes on a sad note. As we lost our founder Mike Luke and we will bring more in future issues and plans for our 25th anniversary. Because he is gone, that tomorrow will also never come again. Two years or so ago we had a car in the Pride parade and I asked Mike to ride with us. It surely seemed bitter sweet to me and at the end he asked to let him sit for a bit. “Sure, but Why?”, I asked. He said he wanted to let the voices of the people fade. It was the best part of the festival to him, meaning after all the work and effort was done it was time to gather memories and to remember we helped make these happy voices. We did that. Each year at Pride I invite anyone to sit at our booth and watch how happy pride makes people in the moment. It is awe inspiring. The paths we that take make us who we are. Mike started the DDG as a dating service before 1994, as a typical phone dating system of the day. You simply called a number and people Continued on page 29 6 The original Gay Desert Daily Guide. View our Free Digital Version on-line.

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