Club History 1999-2014


The Rotary Club


Bridge of Allan and


A Club


Vol. IV

Into the

21 st Century

inside front cover

Foreword by Nick Rawlings

Club President 2016–17

I hope you enjoy this fourth compilation of the history of the Rotary Club of

Bridge of Allan and Dunblane. Volume 1 – The Chronicles of the First Five

Years – covered the period 1973–78; Volume 2 – Buncombe – revisited

the first edition and went up to 1989 (sadly, these two first editions

are not easily available in print form but can be viewed on the club

website); and Volume 3 – edited and produced by Bob Watson to commemorate the

Club’s 25 th anniversary – covered 1989–99.

This latest edition reflects how the Club has embraced and adapted to the

avalanche of hi-tech innovation – especially in how we communicate with one another

– while still retaining its core values. And how it has successfully risen to the changes in

life-styles and business patterns to keep on attracting new members.

The pages reveal how our numerous events continue to support communities –

young and old – be it locally, nationally or internationally. Of course none of this could

be accomplished without the time, expertise, generosity and resourcefulness of our

members. Fun and friendship are key – and we simply couldn’t achieve as much as we

do, unless we enjoy working, supporting and socialising with each other.

Finally, the next period of our history will undoubtedly witness more change as

Rotary continues to evolve – however I hope you take a little time off the roller coaster of

life to look back and celebrate all our achievements so far.


In particular I should like to thank Graham Russell, who has done such a magnificent job

in pulling this together. Summarising 15 years is painstaking work. Also Liz Balding has

brought her professional expertise to ensure the editing and presentation is of a high

standard. Past President Edward Campbell, now an honorary member, has also lent a

guiding hand as part of the Editorial Board.

Thanks, too, to the 15 Past Presidents, their Councils and every member who has

been a part of the Club during this period. These are the people who created the history.



The format of this booklet provides an overview of a 15-year period of the Club’s

history – as well as recording some of the highlights of the annual programme of

each year from July 1999 to June 2014.

There was an attempt to record the 10-year period from 1999–2009

which did not achieve publication – despite some sterling work by many of

the Past Presidents. However, their efforts were not in vain, and have been

incorporated into this volume, which is presented in a new format (available in

paper form or online). Instead of an annual report approach, I was asked to

look at a different style to present an overview on the Club’s progress during this

15-year period.

The unpublished memoirs of some of the Past Presidents, information from

Council Minutes and the Club website, which was established in 2004, have

enabled this history to be assembled. It very quickly became apparent that the

list of our activities was huge, ranging from on-going events such as the Am-Am,

Duck Race, Doune and Dunblane Show, Burns Suppers and our weekly meetings

– enriched with one-off events or ones that lasted a year or three etc.

I am very grateful for the support of the contributors and everyone who has

offered help and comment.

Graham Russell





1 Evolution 4

2 Weekly Meets 10

3 Major Fundraising 14

4 Challenges 17

5 Community 19

6 Vocational 24

7 Youth 25

8 International Aid 29

9 International Relations 31

10 Fellowship 33

11 Club Sports 35


(i) Annual Reviews 38

(ii) Paul Harris Fellowship Awards 46

(iii) Members Roll 47

A Presidential Citation



Location, location…

As with many organisations, large or small, change can be viewed with some

trepidation and occasionally, suspicion by those affected. Some changes

happen slowly and subtly so there is little upheaval but others are more eventful!

And so it was in 1999, after many years at the Dunblane Hydro, we

had to look for a new venue while the Hydro underwent a major refit, on the

understanding it would be a temporary arrangement. Dunblane New Golf Club

made us welcome but it was clear this

could not be other than short term. We

held our December Special General

Meeting (SGM) at the Westlands Hotel

and were well looked after.

After the Hydro refit was

completed, the new management

seemed unable or unwilling to confirm our previous weekly booking so the

Westlands became our new home from January 2000.

Welcoming women

Another major milestone was the introduction of lady members. It is fair to say

this issue had been the subject of fairly heated discussion on more than one

occasion. The matter was resolved once the

Rotary Council on Legislation voted to admit

women into Rotary Clubs worldwide. And so

it was with great pleasure (and some relief

that we had such a splendid candidate) that

Gillian Weighton, then the minister at Bridge

of Allan Parish Church, was welcomed into

the Club in February 2009.

This followed closely on from another first for the Club, albeit of slightly

less moment. After years of the Club’s Burns Supper giving free rein to the

proposer of the Toast to the Lassies, with no riposte from the fairer sex, we were


treated to a taste of things to come when Janette Russell, wife of then Secretary

Graham, put Alasdair Mackie firmly in his place with a well-delivered Reply.

Attracting members

Over the years, our Club has been enhanced by new members of both sexes,

including, to date, two husband and wife teams. However, as with many similar

organisations, Rotary numbers were slowly reducing with pressures of work,

general ageing and other commitments – leaving less free time available.

A number of initiatives were explored to try to encourage new members.

Attendance rules were relaxed so that members whose work commitments

prevented them from attending as often as used to be considered ‘appropriate’

did not receive a rebuke from the Attendance Officer! Formalities such as dress

code were also relaxed – but members were not slow to make their views known

if they thought standards had moved too far.

We also held a number of open evenings when prospective members

could come along for an informal chat, find out about the work of Rotary in

general and the Club’s wide range of activities. As a result, we were delighted to

welcome several new members.

Marking milestones

One event where standards were not allowed to relax was a Charter Dinner, held

to mark a notable anniversary in the Club’s history. Dinners were held – in 2003 to

mark our 30 th and in 2013 for our 40 th .

In 2003, President

Graham Russell

welcomed all but one of

the Club’s 44 members,

the District Governor, the

Presidents of the Rotary

Clubs of Stirling (our

‘mother club’), Carse of

Stirling, Alloa, Callander and West Perthshire, the IPP of Howe of Fife – and our

guest speaker, John McCormick, then Controller of BBC Scotland.


How times change in a decade… the all-male cast of 2003 was

replaced in 2013 by a guest list which included three lady members and

partners of members where the gender balance was almost equal – surely a

major milestone by any standards?

President Colin Strachan welcomed everyone to this event, held in the

Management Centre at Stirling University where we were well fed and watered

before some interesting after dinner speeches.

As well as our own Charter Dinner

celebrations, 2005 marked the

Centenary of the founding of Rotary

and 80 years of Rotary in this Area.

Stirling Provost and Rotarian Colin

O’ Brien hosted a Civic Reception

and an exceptional evening of

musical entertainment in the Stirling Albert Halls for the five Clubs from this Area.

Succession Planning

While Club office bearers and chairs of Committees are elected annually with no

specified term, there is no such latitude for the President and their successors.

Except in very unusual circumstances, it is a three-year progression from

Junior Vice President (now called President Nominee) to Senior Vice President

(President Elect) then to President.

The process begins in October or November with a letter to all members inviting

them to consider taking up the honour of leading the Club. The letter offers an

‘opt out’ subject to the recipient responding to say they were unable to accept.


Woe betide anyone who forgets to reply as they are likely to receive a phone

call starting with… ‘Congratulations you have been selected etc.’

It is testament to the strength of our Club that, in our 40+ years

existence, we have always managed to ‘persuade’ someone to take up the

reins. Other Clubs have been forced down the ‘recycling’ route and, while we

came close on a few occasions, we have, so far, always had a new name on

the Chain of Office.

Unto the breach…

It is generally considered preferable for incoming Presidents to gain some

experience in the back benches first, however when Allan Macpherson (bottom,

left) joined the Club in September 2005, little did he know he would be proposed

for Junior Vice in December and start the three-year journey the following July!

In 2002, we faced a situation where no candidate had emerged,

willingly or otherwise. President Graham Houston remained calm and assured

the Council that a solution would be found. Sure enough, by an innovative ‘job

sharing’ arrangement, Colin Smith (bottom, centre) and Paul Anderson (bottom,

right) agreed to undertake the role in successive years by arranging to cover for

each other should work demands prevent either from attending.

Despite the pressures of work and other commitments, most of the

Presidents were in full-time employment during their term of office. Their

occasional absence allowed their understudies to gain some ‘coal face’

experience as part of their ongoing preparations for the big day when they were

handed the Chain of Office.


It is generally acknowledged (especially by those who

have held the post!) that Club Secretaries (including

Alasdair Mackie, right) are the ones who really control

the Club. Their role in receiving and disseminating the

masses of information received from District, RIBI and RI

as well as dealing with membership issues, submission

of annual returns, taking minutes at Council etc, ensure

they are kept busy all year round.

One reminder given to all Secretaries at the

District Assembly was that they were to be a conduit for information, not a filter.

Fortunately for the members, most of the post holders exercised a degree of

poetic licence in this respect.

A list of the Secretaries and Treasurers during this review period can be

found in Appendix (iii).

Dark days

After setting up the Dunblane Fund in 1996, following the

tragedy at the Dunblane Primary School, the Club eventually

agreed to wind up the Fund. And in 2000, the balance of

£30,000 was transferred to the Dunblane Primary School

Charitable Trust, marking the close of one of the most

harrowing times in the Club’s history.

George Martin, Club Treasurer, was subsequently

awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of his

unstinting efforts during this period.

Hi-tech communications

As technology advanced and the digital age arrived, the Club adapted to use

the opportunities afforded by the World Wide Web. Our first website was created

in 2004 and, under the control of Rotarian Rod Jones, quickly developed into a

repository of information and reports on Club activities, forthcoming events and

membership information. Digital cameras enabled visual displays of our activities

to be available within hours of them happening.


Following the development of a website template by Rotarian Chris Sweeney

from Conwy Rotary Club, we moved to this new version in 2010. RIBI eventually

adopted the new template and many Clubs

now use this.

In the Rotary Year 2012–13, our Club was

awarded the Silver Salver for Best 1010 District

Website (left) in 2013.

Alongside this, our weekly reports to the local

press became increasingly prominent and we were subject to some comments

by our local colleagues, who thought we were being given too much coverage!

Granting success

The final milestone in this chapter was the Club’s first, and very successful,

involvement in the Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scheme.

In July 2013, a committee of four members and a representative from

the University of Stirling, led and managed by Mary Fraser, was set up to explore

the possibility of a scholarship. They chose the area of Maternal and Child Health

in Malawi and made contact with the Limbe Club in Malawi, near Blantyre.

Following a lot of hard work – including a visit to Malawi – Christina

Mbiza, a professional midwife, was selected and undertook an MSc in Health

Research at the University of Stirling starting in September 2014. After her

graduation in August 2015, Christina returned home to use her newly acquired

skills to improve the standards of Maternal Care in Malawi.


Weekly Meets

Over the years, we have discussed the timing and format of our regular meetings,

held at 6 for 6.30pm. Should we start later to make it easier for members working

away to get back in time; should we revamp the meeting to make it less formal,

cut out some of the traditional aspects etc?

However, one of the aspects which has never been in doubt is the

presence of a speaker. Some Clubs give the task of providing a speaker to each

member, who either speaks themselves or arranges for someone to do so; our

system has been to allocate this responsibility to the Junior Vice President (now

called President Nominee). At first glance, this appears to be a daunting prospect

– however, with a business meeting every month, two weeks off at Christmas and

New Year, Face-to-Face talks by new members and other set pieces such as the

Burns Supper and the Am-Am Golf – the number of speakers to find reduces to

around 30. Still not inconsiderable but certainly better than 50!

Oops! It’s not often our

speakers are stranded after

a meeting (accidentally,

of course!). However in

November 2011, our guest

speaker – Martin Mathers

(centre in pic, left) from

Scottish Power, who had

travelled up from Ayr –

discovered after the meeting that his coat, including car keys, were missing – but

a similar style of coat was still there. Panic ensued with the remaining members

trying to recall who had attended and had a similar coat. After a process of

elimination, we rang new member Peter Holmes, and asked him to check his

coat pockets. He found a set of keys he didn’t recognise and was taken aback

when he realised he had the speaker’s coat. Fortunately, he was not far away

and Martin was soon able to head home with a tale to tell.


Charity ties

Our close links with many of the

charities we support gives us an

opportunity to invite them to talk about

any developments and how the funds

we raise help them to carry on their

good work. Notably, we are updated

regularly by Strathcarron Hospice,

Children’s Hospice Association

Scotland (CHAS), ChildLine, and

Parkinson’s UK to name a few.

We have paid regular visits to Strathcarron Hospice and to Rachel

House (CHAS hospice in Kinross) which members find invaluable in reinforcing the

reasons why our support is so vital to them.

Personally speaking

Prior to the first lady member joining in 2009, we had one or two ‘Ladies Nights’

during the year when wives were invited along to enjoy a special evening and to

thank them for their support and for putting up with us! While the evenings were

all enjoyable, a few of our exceptional speakers include actor/comedian Johnny

Beattie, historian Dr Fiona Watson and Professor John Curtice. Perhaps because

of their availability, we started to hold ‘Breakfast Meetings’ on a Saturday morning

and invited prominent political figures along to address members and invited

guests. Speakers have included Lord George Robertson (formerly Secretary

General of NATO), John Swinney MSP, Bruce Crawford MSP and local Green Party

candidate Mark Ruskell.


Young voices

We are always pleased to

welcome young people

– and have had many

excellent presentations

from Rotary Youth

Leadership Awards (RYLA)

candidates, who have

been sponsored by the


More recently we have

been involved in sending

senior pupils to Strasbourg

to participate in the

Euroscola programme

where students from 22 countries spend five days learning about the workings of

the European Parliament, undertake research and participate in a formal debate

in the Parliament chamber.

In 2012 we were graphically reminded of man’s inhumanity to man when

pupils from Dunblane High School (below) gave us a very moving talk following

their visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau.


And in 2013, we were delighted to welcome students from Stirling University

Debating Society (below) to what has now become an annual event. Students

and members formed teams to debate some topical subjects – not all of which

were taken too seriously like This house believes that the UK has already overexpanded

its production of graduates– but it has proved a very popular and

sociable evening.

About me

The Club has established a tradition of ‘Face to Face’ talks. These are one of

the highlights of any Rotary year when a new member is given free rein to give

a presentation to enlighten members about his or her life, career, family and

anything else which they consider informative. The advent of the digital age

means photos from early years can be scanned and shown on screen, revealing

how fashions (and haircuts) have changed over that time!


Major Fundraising

The Club has a long

and proud tradition of

supporting many local and

national and international

charities on an on-going


Since it first opened in

1978, the Strathcarron

Hospice has been a

beneficiary of the Club.

Buncombe reports that a cheque for £13,360 was presented in May 1979 – from

monies raised primarily from a lottery offering a Ford Fiesta as first prize.

To the fore

In the following years, a number of fund-raising events were held. In 1985, we

launched the annual Am-Am Golf Competition at Dunblane New Golf Club. The

brainchild of Roy Erskine, one of our founder members (and Andy and Jamie

Murray’s grandad!), the Am-Am has been held every year, apart from 2012, when

it was cancelled due to excessive rainfall. The Am-Am has received generous

support from Dunblane New Golf Club, who provide the course and facilities free

of charge, and Farmfoods, who have been

major sponsors since 1999.

As a matter of interest, up to June

2014, the event had raised more than

£320,000 for the Hospice. It is testament

to its success that there are now similar

events being held across the country.

Perhaps even more remarkable is that, of

the original 64 teams who took part in the

inaugural event, many are still playing.


‘Quacking’ idea

Another enduring event is the Duck Race, started in 1997 when we ‘borrowed’ a

few hundred plastic ducks to launch into the Allan Water. Around 13 years later,

the numbers had risen to 4,500. A number of local charities were supported in the

early years; Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) was selected as main

beneficiary from 2001.

Our support for CHAS goes back to November 1994 when we donated

£500. In 2003, ChildLine was added as a main beneficiary as well as some of the

money being set aside to support other good causes.

In recent years, the Duck Race has

been run on the Saturday of the last full

weekend in May alongside the Doune

and Dunblane Fling (now Dunblane

Fling) which put on music and other

entertainment over four days. The joint

venture worked so well that, in 2011, the

Fling committee approached the Club to

see if we could help with the organising of the Fling weekend as they were finding

it difficult to manage with their small group. Five members of the Club agreed to

join the committee and we have been involved ever since, helping the Fling to

attract even bigger audiences. The Fling now attracts crowds of 1,500 + and has

become an established event in the Dunblane calendar.

And it happens – whatever the

weather! On a few occasions, when the

level of the Allan Water has risen too high

(see right), the committee has always found

alternative solutions – ranging from using a

tributary known as the ‘Scouring Burn’ – to

setting up a Bouncy Castle in the Victoria

Hall, filling it with ducks and letting the kids

loose to select the winners.


Sweet success

We have also proved to be modest culinary wizards. We used to concentrate on

serving up strawberries and cream at the Doune and Dunblane Show but in 2009,

we decided to add to our repertoire by selling filled crepes. These proved so

successful that we introduced them

to our menu at the Fling weekend

in 2011.

Crepes were also on the menu

at the Bridge of Allan Highland

Games (left) and at the Dunblane

Centre, to help with their

fundraising. As demand – and our

culinary skills – grew, we invested in

a second griddle.

There have been a number of

other fundraising events, dreamed

up by the fertile minds of Club

members – or occasionally,

‘borrowed’ from other Clubs!

These included one-off events such

as the giant Scalextric car race

middle left); an Art Auction, Bingo

Tea, Fashion Evening – to others

which ran for a few years, such

as the popular Casino Evenings

(bottom left) held for the first time in

2006 at the Golden Lion, in aid of

the Children’s Hospice at Kinross.

And from 2003, Wags Dinners

were held until 2006; and Beat

Beethoven (see page 18) from

2012 to 2014.



Scaling the heights

Some of our fundraising activities have involved fairly gruelling physical

challenges. The Club had a long tradition of involvement in the Rotary Club of

Spey Valley sponsored walk through the Lairig Ghru – a 19-mile mountain pass

through the Cairngorms from Braemar to Aviemore. First records of this were in

1978 when founder member Roy Erskine and Alan Kennedy completed the trek.

In 2006, we signed up to a 3-Peaks Challenge raising funds for

Sightsavers (below), which involved tackling Stob Ban in the Nevis Range,

Helvellyn in the Lake District and Snowdon in Wales – to be completed within a

24-hour period, including travel! Our team managed to complete the Challenge

in 21 hours and 48 minutes and raised £7,000!

Keeping with the hill climbing in 24 hours theme, we took on all the Munros

(mountains over 3,000 feet) in Stirling District for Help for Heroes (below) in 2009.

Eight members split into teams and scaled the 17 peaks well within the timescale

and in some pretty appalling weather – and raised several hundred pounds.


Getting physical

When Club member Tony Ford was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the Club

offered him full support as well as fundraising to try to speed the search for a cure.

Various fundraising events were held, including ones enthusiastically supported by

the Interact Club at Queen Victoria School.

Beat Beethoven

was the brainchild of our first

husband and wife members,

Paddy and Peter Holmes.

It involved completing a

course within the

time it took to play

Beethoven’s 5 th Symphony

(around 32 minutes). With

help from Stirling University

and some great local

sponsorship, more than

£16,000 was raised in three years from 2012 until 2014. All proceeds were shared

equally with Parkinson’s and Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).

Other events included Pedal for Parkinson’s – a gentle 20-mile cycle

around Stirling or a 60-mile route from Stirling to Aberfoyle and back through

Callander via the Dukes Pass – not for the faint hearted!

And to complete the physical section, members Graham Russell, Jim

Gardner and George Morrison entered a CHAS event called ‘Beat the Borders’ in

2013 and 2014. A 40-mile cycle and 18-mile cross country route which attracted

an impressive number of entries – and our teams finished well up the pack.

This section would not be complete without reference to Rotary’s ongoing

efforts to rid the world of the scourge of polio which the Club has consistently

supported. This is covered in more detail under the International Aid section.



Rotary is at the heart of local communities and our Club has been involved in

many events and with many local groups over the years. Our Senior Citizens

are one such group where the Club’s Community Service committee arranged

annual events. In the early days, we held twice-yearly outings for residents of

Aultwharrie Nursing Home.

These outings evolved into a summer Mystery Tour in members’ cars

followed by a High Tea, complete with entertainment and a ‘wee refreshment’ at

a local hostelry – while in November, we held a Winter Concert. Sadly, the final

Mystery Tour took place in August 2006.

However the Winter Concert is as popular as ever. Initially held in the

Victoria Halls in Dunblane, we moved venue in 2010 to the Queen Victoria School.

This added an extra dimension to the event as the pupils at the school were

delighted to welcome the guests and greet them on arrival with pipers and pupils

in full dress uniform.


Guests were then escorted to the school theatre and – during the

break – tea, coffee and biscuits were laid on by the school. Since 2000, local

Ceilidh band, Skelpit Lug, has been our ‘resident band’ and has always provided

excellent entertainment. The pupils also put on a display of traditional dancing

accompanied by pipers from the school.

In 2011 and 2012, we held Christmas Concerts in the magnificent setting

of Dunblane Cathedral. The first concert featured Nicola Cassells (below), a very

talented young singer, supported by local group, the Rosenethe Singers and two

former Rotary Young Musician winners, Andrew McLean and Jennifer Ferguson.

More than £2,000 was raised for Mary’s Meals, the Duncan Hospital in

India and Rotary charities.


The second Grand Christmas Charity Concert was held in 2012 with proceeds

going to Strathcarron Hospice. Pupils from Queen Victoria School assisted with

ticket collection and programme distribution and supplied two pipers to open

the concert. The wonderful sound of the renowned Whitburn Band filled the

Cathedral, followed by the supporting act, The Rosenethe Singers with Musical

Director Matthew Beetschen. Approximately £2500 was raised on the night.

Help needed

We receive many requests for financial support from individuals and local groups

which are always given careful consideration. Unfortunately, not all can be


However we have, over the years, donated thousands of pounds to various

good causes. These include sponsoring local youngsters going abroad to carry

out voluntary work, donating money to local youth groups to help with costs of

sporting kit, contributing to Dunblane in Bloom and Friends of Bridge of Allan

towards the costs of plants and planters.


Community support

In 2012 we joined forces with the Stirling and Carse of

Stirling Clubs and contributed £750 towards the cost of

new play equipment for Cornton Primary School.

The War Memorial in Bridge of Allan (right) was

in need of major renovation and in 2008–9, we donated

£1,000 towards the work. The Dunblane Centre was set

up in 2004 with some of the money donated following

the tragic event at Dunblane Primary School in 1996. The

Club has been an active supporter of the Centre, both

financially and helping with fundraising events.

Club member Tony Ford (seen left, below) was one of a group of local residents

who set up Dunblane First Responders. This voluntary organisation provides a fast

response to local medical emergencies before the ambulance service arrives. In

2009, the Club donated £1,000 towards the running costs.

Not all support we provide is financial; many organisations contact us

when they need some willing volunteers to assist with their events. Strathcarron

Hospice runs several fundraising events and we have been happy to provide

marshals at the Midnight Walk, the 10k Fun Run, Santa Dash and other events.


When Bridge of Allan

hosted the Armed Forces

Day in 2011, our stall was

able to provide a steady

supply of fresh crepes.

We also helped with

the parade – thanks to

the invaluable support

provided by pupils from

Queen Victoria School

(seen here left with

member Ed Campbell).

The things we do…

Bridge of Allan merchants held a number of Fun Days prior to Christmas – and

in 2008 our intrepid team braved the elements by volunteering to have a wet

sponge or three (see below) chucked at them by (over) enthusiastic youngsters.

Slightly less traumatic was a ‘bat the rat’ stall!

Members also helped with collections for Water Aid, jointly with Stirling

Rotary and have supported the Royal British Legion Scotland annual Poppy




The Vocational Committee organises visits to places of interest for members and

partners – which are inevitably well supported.

As a number of members are

involved in construction and related

professions, visits to major construction

projects are always popular. We have

been given guided tours to the Falkirk

Wheel (left), the Clackmannanshire

Bridge, the new Scottish Parliament

building and a Biomass plant in

Glenrothes – where member Rod

Jones was Construction Manager.

Locally, Graham’s Dairy, (left) hosted

a tour of their processing plant in

Bridge of Allan. We have also visited

the BP Refinery in Grangemouth and

Harvey’s Maps and the Pistol Factory

in Doune.

Further afield, we have visited the

BBC Headquarters in Glasgow,

a vehicle wrapping workshop in

Cumbernauld and, with Govan

Rotary, Ibrox Stadium (left).

We have also, purely in the spirit of

furthering our knowledge (!), visited a

number of distilleries over the years.

For some unaccountable reason,

these visits have proved very popular!



Engaging with the younger generation has always been an area of importance

both to Rotary and our Club in particular.

Events such as Young Musician of the Year (YMY) – started in April 1993;

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) – July 1984; and Challenge Enterprise in

1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 have been part of our programme – although the

support from schools has not always generated sufficient interest to participate.

The last YMY was held in 2010 and our last RYLA candidates were in 2007.

However, as one (or two) doors closed, hopefully, many others were opened.

The Rotary Shoe Box Appeal – started in 1994

– was taken up by the Club in 1999 and 2000, then

recommenced in 2007. It has been an annual feature

ever since. Over the years we have had enthusiastic

support from local schools, youth groups and Club

members. Boxes are acquired and distributed in autumn

and filled and returned for onward distribution to Eastern Europe in time for

Christmas. Our members will tell you that one of the highlights of this scheme is

visiting the schools to collect the filled boxes and seeing the efforts made by the

children to decorate and personalise these gifts.

Culinary delights

In 2009, we held our first Young Chef

competition in Wallace High School

(subsequently hosted by the Dunblane High

School) – and while it became an annual

event, it proved difficult to attract wide

support from the schools consistently. Club

members did, however, volunteer to go

along to show support, no doubt enticed

by the prospect of sampling some of the excellent dishes prepared by the pupils.


Attracting support

In 2011, in an effort to engage more closely with local schools, the Club

invited principals along to a meeting where issues around timing, range

of events and staffing were discussed. There was a good response and a

number of useful points raised and while there was no immediate surge in

activity, it did cement working relationships and improve contact generally.

Another new venture in 2011 was

participating in the Primary Schools Quiz

when we were asked to sponsor a team

from Tillicoultry, who won through to the

area heat. In 2012, unable to gain enough

entrants to hold our own event, we entered

two teams in the Carse of Stirling event. Our

team from Bridge of Allan Primary was victorious and progressed to the area

stage where they missed out of a place in the finals by just a single point.

Subsequently, participation by other schools has enabled us to hold our own

event which is always well supported by staff, parents and pupils.

Anyone for tennis?

The popularity of tennis in Dunblane, thanks

to local talent Andy and Jamie Murray,

was the foundation of a new event, begun

in June 2011. Bill Sharpe conceived the

idea of a tennis event for youngsters – and

The Judy Murray Junior Mini Tennis Cups

was developed in conjunction with Judy

Murray and Dunblane Sports Club as a way of getting youngsters aged five–10

involved in tennis. All the entrants had to raise sponsorship – split between

Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and the Sports Club. Roy Erskine

(Judy Murray’s father) – a founder member of the Rotary Club – presented the

prizes on her behalf in 2011, but subsequently, Judy has attended in person

and spent most of her time on court with the children.


In the swing

Our golfers’ success in the 2010 Rotary

Championship (right) provided funding for

Citizenship Awards for pupils at Wallace,

Dunblane and Queen Victoria Schools and

also at Forth Valley College, who provided

us with excellent hospitality and catering at our Russian Evening at Raploch

Campus in 2011. Pupils are nominated by the schools and college to receive the

Award based on outstanding achievement.


Rotary Clubs across Europe participate in a Euroscola event where pupils from across

the member states gather in Strasbourg or Brussels for a series of presentations and

events culminating in a full debate in the Parliament Building. We sponsored a pupil

from Dunblane High in 2013 and from Queen Victoria School in 2014 – and have

been highly impressed by the reports given on their return. It is an initiative which

has provoked some discussion as it is relatively expensive to sponsor and there

are always many other good causes which can benefit from our help – but those

participants have been a credit to themselves, us and their schools.

Interact and RotaKids

The Club’s involvement with Queen Victoria School in Dunblane has been one of

the highlights of our engagement with young people in the community. When Jill

Adams, head of 6 th form at the school, became a member of the Club in 2011,

it was the start of a new chapter, culminating in the formation of an Interact Club

which was chartered in February 2013 (below left), followed by a RotaKids Club in

June 2014 (below right).


From meeting and greeting senior citizens at the annual Winter Concert, to

providing pipers for the Burns Supper, volunteers to help at coffee mornings, the

Duck Race and ShoeBox collections, the youngsters have also undertaken their

own programmes for fundraising and helping out many good causes.

At the annual Volunteering Awards ceremonies held at the school in

2013, just months after the Interact Club was chartered, some six charities had

been supported, over 80 per cent of the 6 th year pupils had achieved Saltire

Awards for the maximum target of 200 hours volunteering – and they received a

Presidential Citation from Rotary International in recognition of their exceptional

efforts during the year.

As well as the above,

and of course, their normal

school activities, there were

social gatherings including one

where they were inducted into

the world of the Rotary Gavel

competition. The Gavel is an

annual event pitting teams

from different Clubs against each other in a series of challenges set by the home

Club. These range from putting, carpet bowls, Giant Jenga and darts to more

cerebral games such as dominoes, Connect 4 and Boggle. It was a huge success

with lots of friendly rivalry between the teams.


International Aid

Rotary’s worldwide influence is exemplified in its support for the Polio eradication

programme. It began in 1979 with a project to immunise six million children in the

Philippines. In 1985, Rotary launched its PolioPlus programme – the first initiative to

tackle global polio eradication through the mass vaccination of children.

The Club’s Foundation Committee has continually supported this through

various fundraising events, notably the Wags Dinners held from 2003 to 2006, Quiz

Nights, Bingo Tea, Auction and the on-going regular raffle for a bottle of Rotary

Malt Whisky, renamed Fellowship Malt after a ruling that alcohol and Rotary

should not be associated!

Disaster strikes

There have been occasions where major disasters have caused such widespread

devastation that members have responded by organising collections to provide

help to those affected.

The Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 caused massive destruction to most of

the landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean. The Club responded quickly by

organising various events, including a sponsored cycle ride and a Bingo Night,

to raise funds to help with the relief efforts. Following much discussion within the

Club, it was decided that we should use the money raised to provide practical

help for one of the affected


Working with a local Rotary

Club, arrangements were made

to purchase three fishing boats –

Dunblane, Bridge of Allan and Allan

Water which were gifted to the

community. Our photograph (right)

shows Graham Kettles handing over

Dunblane in 2006.


When a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, the Club mobilised

an urgent collection the following Saturday outside four local stores in Bridge of

Allan and Dunblane. Thanks to the wonderfully generous support shown by the

community and the four stores, more than £4,200 was collected. This money was

sent immediately to ShelterBox, whose life saving boxes (see below) were already

on the way to provide emergency shelter, tools, cooking utensils and other

essential items.

Fortunately, such major natural disasters are rare, however the Club remains

committed to providing whatever help it can to those whose lives are devastated

by events outwith their control.


International Relations

Rotary’s international activities include sponsoring students to visit different

countries to further their understanding of other cultures. And the Club has

participated in a number of these programmes over the years.

Shortly after its formation in 1973, the Club hosted a Foundation Scholar

in 1976, then a further six until 1987. Subsequently, we hosted five Ambassadorial

Scholars during 1989 to 1998. Since then, there has been a marked reduction in

the uptake by the Club – partly due to concerns about most of the candidates

coming from relatively affluent backgrounds, significantly from the USA.

The first of

five scholars during

this review period was

Ambassadorial Scholar

(AS) Kristine Fahrney

from Iowa specialising in

penology (1999–2000).

She was followed by

AS Hui-Chun Yu (also

known as Stephanie) in


Foundation Scholar, Beth Blackburn, was hosted by Graham and Jenny

Houston in 2000–2002 and in 2003–2004 when AS Lauren Akitake (above centre)

from Hawaii came to study at Stirling University, she was hosted by Glen and

Sheila Montgomery.

Nick and Jan Rawlings were hosts to AS Constantina Popadopolo from

Greece in 2009. This hosting was rather brief as Constantina’s studies were moved

from Stirling to Dundee. We did keep in touch and were delighted to welcome

her back as a visitor in 2011 when she gave an update on her studies.


The Group Study Exchange (GSE) scheme provides opportunities for young

professionals to visit another country and be involved in a programme of activities

related to their own area of work.

The Club first hosted an incoming team from Canada in April 1986 and

has subsequently sent teams to Japan and India. In 2004 we hosted four students

and their team leader from Australia – and in September 2005 we hosted a team

from India.

In February 2012, Peter Farr led a team of four (see below) to Wagga

Wagga in New South Wales.

In 2013–2014, the Club entered into a twinning arrangement with the

Rotary Club of Temora in New South Wales.

For many years, the Club invited first year students at Stirling University

along to an informal evening held at the University. Local historian, Ken Gray was

a regular speaker with tales of the history of Stirling. This event was first held in

1974 in the first year of the club then regularly until 2003.



It is evident from the earlier records of the Club history that social events and

outings have been a feature of the Club programme and this has, and still is,

continuing. There have been visits to the theatre, pantomime, distilleries, the

Edinburgh Tattoo and a nuclear submarine at Faslane! Weekends away in the

Lake District and Pitlochry, trips on boats and barge cruises, to name but a few.

entertainment by the local Russian Kaleidoscope group

In August 2011, we had

a Russian evening where

116 members and guests

enjoyed an excellent

meal at the Raploch

Community Centre,

prepared and served

by the pupils from Forth

Valley College before

Further afield, several members and partners participated in an

International Rotary Friendship Exchange trip to District 5370 in Canada in June

2009. In July 2007, we hosted six Rotarians and their partners from New Zealand

(District 9930) and in 2012 we welcomed a group of Rotarians and their partners

from Oregon (District 5110) who were on an Exchange visit to Scotland (seen

below at Stirling Castle).



It is always a pleasure when a kind act leads to the Club gaining two new

members. In March 2009, Past President Billy Phillips reported that he was asked

to connect a satellite dish at Blair Drummond Caravan Park. Unfortunately there

was no signal so it had to be abandoned. However in conversation, the customer

discovered: (a) that Billy was a Rotarian (b) so were the customer and his wife in

West Yorkshire (c) Billy’s son, Paul, was off to Namibia on a scout trip. The upshot

was the customer said that instead of Billy reimbursing him the £50 installation fee

to donate it instead towards the trip.

Subsequently the customer, Charlie Balding, a Past President of Bradford

West Rotary Club and wife Liz (Keighley Rotary Club), came along to visit in July

during Liz’s Presidential year. Club banners were swapped with Liz but Charlie

could only offer an I.O.U. However he undertook to return in the near future with

his Club banner and was ‘advised’ that he would be held to this promise!

True enough, Liz and Charlie did return on 27 August to honour his

promise. We were delighted when Liz and Charlie eventually became our second

Husband and Wife members in July 2012.

Many Clubs have a ‘Scatter Week’ where members are encouraged

to visit other clubs, both local and further afield. Regular favourites are our

‘locals’ – Alloa, Auchterarder, Callander and West Perthshire, Carse of Stirling,

Stirling and Cumbernauld (visitors pictured above from Cumbernauld with

President Robert Steele).


Rotary encourages Members to visit other clubs and we have had many welcome

visitors from far and wide. Indeed, one of our earliest visitors, in November 1974,

was a curler by the name of Charlie Proctor from Picton, Ontario. He and a

colleague were hosted by Club members during a visit to Scotland for a Rotary

Curling Tour. Charlie left a traditional curling broom with the Club and it has been

a coveted prize in our annual internal competition ever since.

Overseas visitors

In more recent times, we have had visitors from

Nepal, several from Australia and Germany as

well as many from other parts of the UK, some

of whom enjoyed their visits so much, they

decided to join the Club. One such regular

visitor was Bruce Grime from the Rotary Club

of Wahroonga in New South Wales. Bruce had

been a regular visitor when visiting family in

Scotland. Sadly, his last visit in 2009 was to

attend a funeral and he intimated it may be his

last visit but he had thoroughly enjoyed his visits and the welcome he received.

In 2013, we welcomed Andrew and Diane Ross from the Rotary Club

of Towsontowne, Maryland USA, who presented their club banner. They were

holidaying in Scotland and visited the ‘Friends Forever’ sculpture at the Four Ways

roundabout – donated by their Club after the tragic events in Dunblane in 1996.


Club Sports

The annual Gavel competition has seen mixed success for the Club’s dedicated

team members. Our best result was in March 2014, when we progressed to the

second round and enjoyed a trip to Buckie where, sadly, our progress was halted.

Nevertheless, we persevere and if we don’t succeed we try, try and try again.

(Seen here left are

members Jim Gardner,

Bob Watson, Bill Kelso

and Ed Campbell

looking on nervously

as John Anderson

practises his Giant

Jenga skills. The blocks

were made by member

Allan Wallace.)

Oops! On one memorable occasion in mid January 2007, we were due to

travel to Dunfermline. Because it was so cold, Allan Wallace decided to wait

in Jim Gardner’s car (below right) until the rest of the team sorted out transport

arrangements. Unfortunately, unaware of this Jim had already departed in

another car, having first deployed his remote locking device.

Despite frantic efforts, Allan

couldn’t find a way of unlocking the

car. Luckily his plight was registered

by other members of the team and,

thanks to mobile communication, the

recalcitrant Jim was contacted. Allan

subsequently said that the incident was

so traumatic that it directly led to the

team’s narrow defeat!


Other sporting endeavours are our

participation in the Perthshire Rotary

Curling League which has seen

declining participation over a number

of years.

Our first success in winning this league

was in 1991 and it was not until 2010

that we succeeded again. Such is the

fickle nature of sport, our success has

not been repeated. Sadly, in 2013, we were recipients (for the first time) of the

Wooden Spoon.

As well as the Rotary Curling League, we have our internal competiton for

the Charlie Proctor Broom (see Visitors section page 34) – and an annual match

against Stirling Rotary Club for the Christiansen Cup, donated by Lars Christiansen,

who was a former member first of the Stirling Club and then us.

(The photograph right shows

the teams of curlers from

Stirling and Bridge of Allan

and Dunblane Clubs at

the Peak Ice Rink in 2010,

who took part in the Annual

Christiansen Trophy match

– unfortunately we came a

gallant second!)

And honourable mention must go to our golfers, who have taken

part with some distinction in many events, most notably winning the Rotary

Championship in 2010. The prize money was kindly donated to the Club and has

been used to fund our Young Citizens Awards Scheme.


Annual Reviews

1999–2000 Bob Watson

Moved to the Westlands Hotel l Dunblane Fund wound up after

four years and money transferred to Dunblane Primary School

Trust l Alan McKay from BBC Scotland was guest speaker at

Ladies Night – and offered to arrange dates with Jackie Bird and

Heather the Weather! l citation from Princess Anne for

15 years support to Strathcarron Hospice l comedian and actor

Johnny Beattie entertained at the Am-Am prize giving l selected charity for the

year was Crossroads which received a cheque £2,500 l visits to Harveys Maps

and the Pistol Factory in Doune, the BP Refinery and Govan Rotary at Ibrox

Stadium l two students to RYLA and two to Challenge Enterprise l second Young

Musician competition l first time for Emergency Boxes scheme with four boxes

filled and dispatched l record turnout for International Students Evening at Stirling

University l Ambassadorial Scholar, Kristine Fahrney from Iowa l George Martin

awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.

2000–2001 Eric Abell

Changes made to weekly meeting format; two members invited

to top table; meeting opened and closed with a different

grace and suitable quote l talks by Viscount George Younger,

Peter Wordie and Dick Campbell (Football Manager) l SFA

Head of Security, Willie McDougal entertained at Ladies Night l

visits to Glengoyne Distillery and the site of the Falkirk Wheel

under construction l good number of contestants for the Young

Musician Competition l two students to RYLA and two to Challenge Enterprise

again l excellent turnout at the International Students evening l Ambassadorial

Scholar Hui-Chun Yu l weekend visit to Pitlochry, including a visit to the theatre l

played Alloa Rotary at Petanque at the Birds and Bees l JVP Jim Gardner

attended Civic Dinner in Glasgow City Chambers as guest of the Lord Provost

on the occasion of the visit of RI President 2001/02 Richard D King l death of

Founder Members Bobby Littlejohn and Bernard Godfrey l five new members and

two resignations.



2001–2002 Jim Gardner

CADIC (Community against Drugs in Central) fund wound

up, £3,000 passed to Wisecrack l Johnnie Beattie was guest

speaker at Ladies Night l talks from Fiona Watson, Kate

Donegan and International Rescue l Fashion and Beauty

evening at Westlands l Duck Race on Allan Water abandoned

– held in Church Hall instead l start of closer liaison with Fling l

visits to Faslane, RAF Leuchars and Microbrewery in Bridge of Allan l following 9/11,

Club sent money and offer of help l Foundation Scholar Beth Blackburn from South

Carolina l RIBI Conference held in Glasgow.

2002–2003 Graham Houston

Open meeting for prospective new members held l Junior Vice

President role resolved by job-sharing arrangement l

preparations for 30 th Charter Dinner l Health and Beauty

advice from Boots at Ladies Evening l talk on Clyde Steamers

at Ladies Night l Bingo tea and First Wags Dinner l Alexander

Brothers entertained at Am-Am prize giving l

Duck Race rained off for second year – held in ‘scouring burn’

instead l visits to Scottish Parliament building (under construction), Polmont

YOI, Grouse Distillery in Crieff, followed by visit to Crieff Rotary l weekend visit

to Pitlochry l final time International Students evening was held l 21 entries for

Young Musician l two RYLA and two Challenge Enterprise students l Race Night

held l visit by Alloa Rotary l one new member and two resignations.

2003–2004 Graham Russell

30 th Charter Dinner held in Westlands Hotel l start of Family

of Rotary l Presidential Citation awarded l visit to Children’s

Hospice in Kinross l 20 th Am-Am held – £180,000 raised to date

l second Wags Dinner l 15 entries for Young Musician l

Ambassadorial Scholar, Lauren Akitake from Hawaii l won

through to next round in Gavel and went to Buckie! l two

members resigned l Ronnie McIntyre awarded PHF.


2004–2005 Alastair Crawford Rotary Centenary


Club website was set up l Centenary of Rotary International

– trees planted in Dunblane and Bridge of Allan l Civic

Reception held in Stirling l recognition by RI that involvement

was more important than attendance l eight guests at new

members evening l talks on Forensic Science, the Retail Industry

and by local GP Fraser Wright l third Wags Dinner l 20 th Am-Am Celebration

Dinner held, Ryder Cup was on display l four members took part in Lairig Ghru

walk l heavy rain washed out Duck Race l 17 entries for Young Musician l Club

responded to Boxing Day Tsunami – sponsored cycle ride held and over £600

raised l Club hosted incoming GSE Team from Australia l Fellowship weekend at

St Andrews.

2005–2006 Colin Smith

Discussion on changes to attendance rules l new members

were invited to attend Council meetings l review of Club

activities showed support for the Am-Am and Duck race,

less so for Mystery Tour l Fiona Watson was guest speaker at

Ladies Night l fourth and final WAGS Dinner raised £2,000 for

REMIT (Rotarians eliminating Malaria in Tanzania) l £400 to local

Scouts for Gang Show at Macrobert l final total of £720 sent to Sri

Lanka to purchase three fishing boats following Tsunami l table top sale and

prize bingo held l six members plus friends and supporters participated in the

3 Peaks Challenge l Duck Race almost abandoned but went ahead – several

ducks escaped! l further visit to Holyrood following its opening hosted by George

Reid MSP l concerns raised about viability of Summer Mystery Tour l hosted

incoming GSE team from India l heard talk from Ambassadorial Scholar Ted Wold

l Centennial Presentation Award to Doris Littlejohn l two new members from New

Members evening (eight attended) plus two others, and six resignations.


2006–2007 Paul Anderson

Marketing and web site gaining higher profile for Club l new

Club banners and increasing use of photos in local press l

discussions held on Club structure l Open evening held for

new members l talk from Sylvia Jackson MSP about Malawi l

Stirling Camera Club entertained at Partners evening with slide

show to music l first Breakfast meeting with local councillor,

Mark Ruskell l first Casino Evening raised money for CHAS l Quiz

Night held for Kildean School l final time Summer Mystery Tour was held l visit to

Graham’s Dairy in Bridge of Allan l Shoe Boxes recommenced after six-year gap

l visit by Auchterarder Rotary and talk by Alastair Kennedy, Advocate Depute l

three new members and four resignations.

2007–2008 Tony Ford

Discussion held on lady members l new members evening

held l Marketing and PR committee formed l talks from

local author Paul Henke (former bomb disposal expert), Leigh

Sparkes Professor of Retail Studies at Stirling and talk about

Erskine Hospital l breakfast meeting with Bruce Crawford

MSP l Anne Maguire MP was speaker at Ladies Night l joint

collection for Water Aid with Stirling Rotary l met with Fling to

discuss closer liaison for Duck Race l stall at Bridge of Allan Fun Day l visits to

new Clackmannanshire Bridge and BBC HQ in Glasgow l two RYLA students l

Ambassadorial Scholars Lauren Schnabl and Rachael McClure gave talks to

the Club l visitors from New Zealand l visit to Auchterarder, visit from Alloa and

Auchterarder on same night (30+ club members) l one new member; John

Macrae and Archie Ferguson made honorary members.


2008–2009 Allan Macpherson

Fastest promotion to President l introduced more relaxed

meeting format and new structure for committees (Community/

Vocational and Foundation and International) l Club leaflet

produced l Presidential Citation received l first lady member

joined l first Burns Supper with Partners and first time for Reply by

Lassies l first presence at Bridge of Allan Highland Games – selling

crepes l Munro Challenge for Help for Heroes raised £2,000 l stall at Bridge

of Allan Fun Day for Water Aid l provided marshals for first Midnight Walk for

Strathcarron Hospice l Winter Fun Walk with Dunblane Centre, via Bridge of Allan

Brewery! l visit to vehicle wrapping workshop l no RYLA candidates – schools

not interested l talk by Ambassadorial Scholar, Michael Sands l Fish, Chips and

Champagne meeting held in Allan Water Cafe l visits to and from Auchterarder l

five new members, including first lady, one resignation l Bill Kelso awarded PHF.

2009–2010 Robert Steele

Marketing and PR progressing well l new banners for Am-Am l

first time for crepes at Doune and Dunblane Show l stall

at Bridge of Allan Fun Day for PolioPlus l first Young Chef

competition held (five entrants) l Young Musician Andrew

McLean won District finals l collection for Haiti raised £4,400 for

Shelterboxes l Ambassadorial Scholar Constantina Papadopoulou

l Scalextric night l joint collection with Carse of Stirling Club for Thanks for Life

l Fellowship outings to Pitlochry Theatre and Ratho barge cruise and dinner l

Curlers won Perthshire Rotary Curling League for first time in 19 years l four new

members, two resignations and three honorary members, including Eve Isles

McCleerey l Paul Anderson awarded PHF.


2010–2011 Lawrie Orr

Breakfast meeting with John Swinney MSP l December meeting

cancelled due to snow l crepes stall at Bridge of Allan

Highland Games raised £800 l inaugural Judy Murray Junior

Mini Tennis Cups Competition attracted 60 participants l

30 years of Am-Am –£300,000 raised to date l first Teas on

the Green at Fling Weekend l first Prize for stall at Doune and

Dunblane Show l Winter Treat held at Queen Victoria School

for first time l Armed Forces day in Bridge of Allan for first (and last) time l talks

from three S2 Dunblane High pupils, Honorary Consul for Rwanda to Scotland,

Gerda Siann and Stirling Council Chief Executive Bob Jack l Polio eradication

fundraising in District raised £300,000, including funding from Gates Foundation l

Fellowship weekend to Lake District and visit to Bridge of Allan Microbrewery l

Quiz Night held for PolioPlus l visitor from the Rotary Club of Heilbronn – Unterland

in District 1830 l seven new members including three ladies and four resignations

l death of Alastair Crawford.

2011–2012 Rod Jones

Meeting in Doune with 1923 Stanhope three-wheeler car on

show l Am-Am cancelled due to excess rainfall l charity

auction for End Polio Now campaign – over £5,000 raised l

Quiz Night for Parkinson’s held l joint presentation with

Stirling and Carse of Stirling to Cornton Primary School for

play equipment l first Christmas concert was held in Dunblane

Cathedral l presentation of Rotary Cup for Chef’s Award for

Inspirational Commitment made at Forth Valley College l several members

joined Dunblane Fling Committee l visit to Biomass Plant in Glenrothes l Primary

School Quiz team from Bridge of Allan reached Area Final l outgoing GSE Team

to Australia led by Peter Farr l visit to East Stirlingshire Football Club l visitors from

Leeton Central in New South Wales and Langholm l weekend visit to Edinburgh

Tattoo, Russian Evening at Forth Valley College and Jubilee Party at Iain and

Marjory Smith’s l guided tour of Battle of Bannockburn site by Club member

Ranald Shepherd l five new members, including four ladies and first husband

and wife members; two resignations and three honorary members l David

Mackie and Graham Russell awarded PHF (first double award).


2012–2013 Iain Smith

New members evening held in Doune l Information meetings

held with prospective new members l Bridge of Allan Games

cancelled because of weather l £700 raised at Pedal for

Parkinson’s l Art Auction held at Dunblane Hydro in lieu of

cancelled Am-Am and raised over £11,000 for Strathcarron

Hospice l visits to CHAS Rachel House and Strathcarron

Hospice l Quiz Night held l First Beat Beethoven event, £6,000

raised for CHAS and Parkinson’s l Club sponsored award at Forth Valley College

for Hospitality Student of the Year l second and final Christmas Concert at

Dunblane Cathedral l presentation of Charter to Queen Victoria School Interact

Club l first Euroscola student, Sarah Kelly gave talk to Club l Dunblane High

pupils gave talk following their visit to Auschwitz l RIBI President John Minhinick

visited Queen Victoria School and met RYLA, Euroscola and Interact members

from local Clubs l visit to Enchanted forest at Pitlochry l Club hosted RFE visitors

from Oregon l Club team came second in RIBI Golf Championship; £750 prize

money used to provide Community prizes for Dunblane High, Wallace High,

Queen Victoria and Forth Valley College awards l four new members, two

resignations and four honorary members l Tony Ford, Ed Campbell and Jill

Adams awarded PHF.

2013–2014 Colin Strachan

Awarded Global Grant for Maternal and Child Health project

in Malawi (first for club) l received District Award for Best Club

website l 40 th charter dinner held l Presidential Citation

awarded l Professor John Curtice was speaker at Partners

Evening l Breakfast meeting with Lord George Robertson l

second Beat Beethoven Fun Run l visit to Strathcarron Hospice

with cheque for £14,250 from Am-Am l collection held for

Phillipines l sponsored climb of Ben Nevis for Parkinson’s l first Beat the Borders

event held for CHAS l Coffee Morning with craft fair held in Bridge of Allan l visit

to site of Battle of Sheriffmuir for guided tour l presentation of Charter to Queen

Victoria School RotaKids Club l second Euroscola student, Morven Craib gave talk

to Club l Young Chef winner made it to District Final and gained second place l


2013–2014 Colin Strachan (cont)

QV Interact Club President, Rebecca Johnson, made Honorary member l first visit

from Stirling University Debating Society l

due to Judy’s availability, The Judy Murray Junior Mini Tennis Cups Competition

was held in July 2013 and again in May 2014 l Primary School Quiz, Bridge of

Allan Primary School came second in Area Final l visits to Strathearn distillery,

Peak Leisure Centre, new Aircraft carrier being built at Rosyth Dockyard, return

visit to Biomass Plant at Glenrothes and Dunblane Centre l Twinning arrangement

with Temora Rotary Club in New South Wales l visit by member of Towsontowne

Rotary Club, Maryland, USA l Fellowship Cruise on Forth, visit to see the Lion King

in Edinburgh and visit to Strathearn Distillery l Gavel night with Queen Victoria

Interact Club l three new members, four resignations, and one honorary member

l Iain Smith and Rod Jones awarded PHF.


Paul Harris Fellowship Awards

The Club recognises exemplary service given by individual members by

presentation of a certificate in the name of Rotary International Founder, Paul

Harris. It has been a tradition in the Club to only award this to individuals who

have fulfilled and exceeded the Rotary motto ‘Service above Self’ and is seen by

members as a great honour and treasured by recipients.

In the Club’s 40-year history, a total of 19 Awards have been made.

During this15-year period under review, there have been 11 Awards, including the

first double Award to David Mackie and Graham Russell.

George Martin (2000)

Ronnie McIntyre (2004)

Bill Kelso (2009)

Paul Anderson (2009)

Graham Russell (2012)

David Mackie (2012)

Tony Ford (2013)

Ed Campbell (2013)

Jill Adams (2013)

Rod Jones (2014)

Iain Smith (2014)


Members Roll

Membership at 1 July 1999

Roy Erskine HM June 2010

David Mackie

Norman Excell * HM Aug 2010

Iain Davidson HM June 2010

Bob Bomont (R) June 2006

Jim Glen * (R) Oct 2000

Larry Johnston (R) June 2012

Donald Carmichael *

Keith Dingley

John Macrae HM Aug 2007

Tom Ferguson (R) Aug 2002

George Martin HM July 2012

Ronald Baird HM July 1998

Bernard Godfrey *

Arthur Leask (R) July 2005

Les Ferguson

Iain Smith (R) June 1982

Alex Campbell HM July 2012

Billy Phillips

Archie Ferguson HM April 2008

Joe Hawthorne * (R) June 2006

Ian Adam (R) July 2005

Robert Lawrie (R) Nov 2006

Alastair Brown *

Glen Montgomery

Ian McMillan HM July 2011

Eric Abell HM Nov 2012

Allan Wallace HM July 2013

Bill Smith (R) June 2009

Graham Houston

Ed Campbell HM Nov 2012

Bert Rixon *

Bob Watson

Alastair Crawford *

Ronnie McIntyre * HM July 2012

Bill Wilson * (R) Nov 2000

Jim Gardner

Bill Kelso

Paul Anderson HM July 2013

Arthur Law (R) June 2015

Gordon Robb

Stan Mitchell (R) June 2007

Alasdair Mackie

George Martin HM July 2012

Colin Smith

Graham Russell

Iain Fraser

Lawrie Orr

Dan Gunn (R) Sept 2003

Lars Christiansen (R) Nov 2005

Bob Steele (R) Feb 2011

Angus Davison (R) June 2007

HM Honorary Member (R) resigned * deceased

Membership on 1 July 1999 was a very healthy 53 and by June 2014 was down

to 40, albeit we had a further 17 Honorary Members who took an active interest

in the Club activities. The number of lady members was five, having reached 10

in 2012, including one Honorary Member. Sadly, there were quite a few deaths

during this period.


New Members 1999 to 2014

John Anderson

Iain Smith

Roy Nicolson (R) Oct 2003

Andrew Nicol (R) June 2006

Stan Mitchell Snr*

Rod Jones

Tony Ford HM Apr 2014

Derek Young (R) June 2010

Allan Macpherson

George Morrison

Bill Sinclair (R) Nov 2006

Bill Sharpe

Peter Hill

Colin Strachan

Bill Cruickshank

Nick Rawlings

John Marsh (R) June 2010

Gillian Weighton (R) Feb 2014

John Kilby

Russell Wheater

Stuart Brown

Ian MacDonald (R) June 2012

Peter Farr

Mike Glaire (R) Apr 2011

Evelyn Isles McCleerey HM Apr 2010

Kenneth Murray

Derek Collins (R) June 2014

Ranald Shepherd

Alan Lee

Elena Leschen (R) Mar 2013

Jill Adams

Mary Fraser

Claire Reid (R) Oct 2013

Paddy Holmes

Peter Holmes

Alison McLeod (R) June 2013

Audrey Cooper

Liz Balding

Charlie Balding

Wiesiek Chodyniecki

Russell Clarke

Jim Cooper (R) Mar 2014

Andrew Hilley

Iain Galloway

Rebecca Johnson HM June 2014

HM Honorary Member (R) resigned * deceased


1995 –2001 Alasdair Mackie

2001 – 2005 Robert Steele

2005 – 2009 Rod Jones

2009 – 2013 Graham Russell

2013 – present Iain Fraser


1995 – 2000 George Martin

2000 – 2003 Stan Mitchell

2003 – 2007 Arthur Law

2007 – 2010 Derek Young

2010 – 2014 Russell Wheater


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